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ID 7849
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From Inuyasha
Media Type anime
Voiced By Kappei Yamaguchi, 山口勝平, やまぐち かっぺい
Tags traditional dress, swordsman, dog, demon, dog ears
EN Voice Actor Richard Ian Cox

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Inuyasha is a character from the anime Inuyasha.
They have been indexed as Male Teen with Yellow eyes and White hair that is To Waist length. They have unique ears.

Inuyasha (犬夜叉, Inu Yasha) is the title character and one of the main protagonists of the InuYasha series.

Inuyasha is a half-demon, the son of a human mother and the Great Dog Demon. His name means, literally, "friendly dog demon". He was pinned to a sacred tree for 50 years by an arrow shot by Kikyo after he attempts to steal the Shikon no Tama. He falls in love with both Kagome and Kikyo, but has trouble choosing between the two. He wields Tessaiga, a sword forged from his father's fang. Inuyasha's main goal is to defeat Naraku, mostly because Naraku was the one who killed Kikyo.
Inuyasha remained in suspended animation for fifty years until Kagome Higurashi, Kikyo's reincarnation, pulled out the arrow and freed him. The Shikon no Tama, being shattered, Inuyasha and Kagome travel together to retrieve its shards, joined later by Miroku, Sango and Shippō. Initially wary of Kagome's resemblance to Kikyo, InuYasha develops a complicated friendship with Kagome, eventually falling in love with her as he did with her past self, Kikyo. However, he still loves Kikyo and is devastated when she dies. He also forms strong friendships with their other companions, though he rarely admits it. His sword, Tessaiga, was made from one of his father's fangs (and later incorporates one of Inuyasha's fangs as well); its full power could not be unleashed until he learned how to trust in himself and his father's fang; thereby unleashing all of the Tessaiga's power. Tessaiga's sheath has a barrier that protects its bearer from almost any attack, and can repel or reverse many attacks made against the bearer.


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Naraku's Heart. (0:03:28.49)
Hakudoshi! (0:07:06.02)
What's going on, Kagura?! (0:14:04.04)
Prepare yourself! (0:19:47.72)
Next time on Inuyasha the Final Act: (0:23:49.32)
Huh? (0:17:56.32)
I-Is Naraku here?! (0:06:56.40)
Take this! Adamant Barrage! (0:14:16.17)
You're not going anywhere! (0:15:17.54)

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