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北大路 さつき
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ID 17191
From Strawberry 100%
Media Type anime
Voiced By Sanae Kobayashi, 小林沙苗, こばやし さなえ
Tags school uniform, ponytail, neckerchief
Birthday May 3
Sign Taurus ♉
Star Sign Taurus
Birthyear 1986
Uploaded by oo7565

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Satsuki Kitaoji is a character from the anime Strawberry 100%.
They have been indexed as Female Teen with Brown eyes and Brown hair that is To Chest length.

Athletic and energetic, she loves to be seen with Manaka and is the most confident in her love for him. Completely open with her feelings and not afraid to show her thoughts (or her body for that matter), Kitaouji stands out because of her alluring body. She is a G-cup (the running joke is that her breasts are so big, they weigh her down) and her blouses occasionally pop open when she is emotional. Manaka and Kitaouji have a lot in common (including their tastes in TV shows and manga and their academic records) to the point that Manaka even said that if she were a guy, she would be the boss and he would be her most loyal friend. If any of the girls could be labeled as a tragic figure, it would be Kitaouji; despite her total devotion and physical, almost forceful, advances, Manaka constantly rejects her. His rejections crush her to a moving degree. At the end of the manga, she becomes the hostess of a relation's restaurant. Associated with the North ("Kita").

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