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ID 22235
From Highschool of the Dead
Media Type anime
Voiced By Leraldo Anzaldua, Ivan Steinhart,
Voiced By Junichi Suwabe, 諏訪部順一, すわべ じゅんいち
Tags spiky bangs, gakuran, sneakers

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Takashi Komuro is a character from the Anime Highschool of the Dead.

They have been indexed as Male Teen with Brown eyes and Brown hair that is To Ears length.

Appears / (Official)
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown (Yellow)
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length To Ears
Apparent Age Teen
Animal Ears No
Takashi Komuro (小室 孝,Komuro Takashi) is the main protagonist of Highschool of the Dead and the leader of the main group of survivors. He used a baseball bat for a while, then recovers a Smith & Wesson Model 37 handgun from a dead cop, and later finds a Ithaca 37 shotgun. Takashi later throws away the Ithaca 37 for a Benelli M4 Super 90 that he finds at the police station.

A 17 year old high school second-year, Takashi is in the same class as Rei Miyamoto whom he has been friends with since childhood. He loved her ever since she made a childhood promise to marry him when they were older. However it was his hesitance and ignorance about her feelings that caused tension in their friendship which led to her starting to date his friend Hisashi. He was one of the first people to notice that something was wrong in the school and quickly took action to escape with his friends. His relationship with Rei was shaken further when he was forced to kill her boyfriend after he was bitten and turned into a zombie. Soon afterwards, their relationship was amended. His resolve to protect Rei and everyone else earns him respect despite his own feelings of inadequacy. He is often brash and risks his life to save someone on a whim. Like Saeko, Takashi confesses that he's found an exhilaration in killing "them". Later in the story Takashi develops feelings for Saeko Busujima and has shown to become very close to her. Interestingly, though Takashi has known Saya Takagi presumably the same amount of time that he has known Rei, he has not shown romantic feelings for Saya.


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