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Rikku is a character from the video game Final Fantasy X-2.
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Rikku ( リュック | Ryukku in the Jap. version) is one of the three playable main girls of the PS2 Game Final Fantasy X-2, which is a sequal to Final Fantasy X. She made her first appearance in Final Fantasy X and also appears in Kingdom Hearts 2 in a minor role. In X she was 15 years old and now in X-2 she's 17.
She's bubbly and energetic and even more outgoing than she was in FFX. She's isn't a stereotypical dumb blonde though, being skilled with machinery, two languages and thievery. She's a part of the Al Bhed tribe. Her cousin is Yuna. She is the daugher of Cid, who was the leader of the Al Bheds in FF X. She also has a brother, who's simply called Brother (Aniki in the Japanese version).

Her golden blonde hairstyle has changed and grown from FFX. In FF X-2, she has a high ponytail with several small braids decorated with pink and blue beads. She also wears a blue bandana headband. Her eyes are green with swirly pupils, which are a characteristic feature of the Al Bhed tribe. She's also slightly tanned and 161 cm (5'11) tall, which makes her the shortest of the three main girls.
For the most time in FF X-2 she sports her default dressphere, Thief. For her this outfit is a short army green skirt and long yellow-orange-red gradient knit scarf worn over a yellow bikini and with white ruffly sleeves. When wearing the Thief dressphere, she attacks with Dual Blades, similar claw-like weapons she had in FF X.

In the game you can change her dressphere in the battle, so Rikku has 18 different outfits in total, which of two (Festival-Goer and Psychic) can only be aquired in the Japanese and International+ version of the game. One (Bare) is a "no dresspheres" special status and can only be affected by in Yadonoki tower of the International+ version's Last Mission game disc. Her special dressphere which only she can use is called the Machina Maw.

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