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【逆説】 Guild Crest Origami Tobiichi 386 hits

鳶一 折紙(とびいち おりがみ)


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ID 54650
From Date A Live
Media Type anime
Voiced By Misuzu Togashi, 富樫美鈴, とがし みすず
Voiced By Michelle Lee, ,
Tags knee highs, school uniform, hairclip, school crest, bow
Height 152cm
Bust 75cm
Waist 55cm
Hip 79cm
Uploaded by AyumiTsukada


Origami Tobiichi is a character from the anime Date A Live.
They have been indexed as Female Teen with Blue eyes and White hair that is To Neck length.


Appears in

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It's from Itsuka! (0:05:31.14)
For some reason, I'm weird today. (0:10:16.51)
O-Once I know you better. (0:06:39.62)
I-I... Did it happen again? (0:01:45.87)
I don't even remember taking
these clothes off the rack!
Th-This isn't what you think! (0:10:55.88)
I'm only telling the truth. (0:14:54.04)
Huh? (0:12:17.34)
When I lost my parents, I had
no choice... but to cling to you.

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Origami Tobiichi 鳶一 折紙(とびいち おりがみ) Image of Origami Tobiichi Anime Character 0 classmate of Shidou Itsuka in love whit Shidou Itsuka Enemy of Kurumi Tokisaki Enemy and Rival of Tohka Yatogami Enemy of Yoshino teammate of Mana Takamiya in love with and obsessed with Shidou Itsuka teaching seduction to and enemy of Yuzuru Yamai teaching seduction to and enemy of Kaguya Yamai Date A Live


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