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ID 60985
From Gad Guard
Media Type anime
Voiced By Michelle Ruff, Georgette Rose, Sophie Roberts
Voiced By Masayo Kurata, 倉田雅世, くらた まさよ
Age 15
Uploaded by deadpool234


Aiko Mary Harmony is a character from the anime Gad Guard.
They have been indexed as Female Teen with Red eyes and Brown hair that is To Neck length.

The adopted daughter of businessman Larry Harmony, the owner of Central Electronics�the biggest electric company in Unit Blue�Aiko is a sweet and loving girl, but very conflicted. Being the only child of a rich and rather famous family, she is constantly under pressure to succeed her father when he steps down from the company, something she, at only fifteen, is not perfectly certain she wants to do.
Unlike the others, Aiko lives in Gold Town, the rich district of Unit Blue, and because she has every luxury, she is not spoiled, but she is very idealistic, carrying the belief that, because all five of the kids in Gad Guard were "given" Techodes, they all have something in common and therefore should all be friends. Unfortunately for Aiko, she is often met with disagreement from the others, but that hardly gets her down, as she dogs each and every one of them with the prospect again and again. If anything, the girl is determined, believing that there is good in every person, and that every person should be given a chance. For this reason, Aiko is the bridge between the other four, acting as friend to Arashi, reassurance to Hajiki and Takumi, and a peacemaker to Katana. The latter two are the ones she is most in touch with, and has the greater impact on.


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Aiko Mary Harmony 愛子メアリーハーモニー Image of Aiko Mary Harmony Anime Character 0 Gad Guard


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