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Holo, Horo


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ID 8703
Wealth Pearls 1 Rubies 8
From Spice and Wolf
Media Type anime
Voiced By Ami Koshimizu, 小清水亜美, こしみず あみ
Voiced By Brina Palencia, Jasmine Mendigo,
Tags wolf, tail, fur, blunt bangs, vest, leg warmers
Title Holo the Wise Wolf (Holo the Sage Wolf)
Favorite food Apples


Holo is a character from the anime Spice and Wolf.
They have been indexed as Female Adult with Red eyes and Orange hair that is To Waist length. They have unique ears.


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Why don't you go with him? (0:17:22.72)
I don't dislike this appearance, but it's too cold for my liking. (0:12:09.91)
You may be quick-witted, but you lack experience. (0:18:26.79)
And women look their prettiest when viewed from behind. (0:08:54.38)
It is a waste of time going to those places. (0:04:33.04)
The wolf was said to have trampled the wheat when the wind caused it to topple over, (0:01:42.29)
Humans are something to be feared. (0:21:02.03)
Well, in other words... (0:18:34.50)
Do you really want to see it? (0:13:01.17)

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