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キャル, Karyl, Kiruya Momochi, 百地 希留耶 | Share ▼

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ID 94667
Wealth Sapphires 3 Rubies 12
From Princess Connect! Re:Dive
Media Type video game
Voiced By Rika Tachibana, 立花理香, たちばな りか
Tags cat ears, twintails, multicolour hair, hair streak, tail, detached sleeves, brooch, neko, mask, visor, collar, fur, dress, staff, book, fishnet, boots, curly hair
Birthday September 2
Sign Virgo ♍
Height 152cm
Weight 39kg
Blood Type A
Age 14
Hobbies Playing with cats
Uploaded by rpgguy999

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Kyaru is a character from the Video Game Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

They have been indexed as Female Teen with Green eyes and Black hair that is Past Waist length. They have unique ears.

Appears / (Official)
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Hair Length Past Waist
Apparent Age Teen
Animal Ears Yes
Affiliation: Gourmet Guild


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There's no other choice, so I'll take care of you You better be grateful!

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Jaxkn ( Sapphires 3 Rubies 12)

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