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Riko Kurahashi : There. (0:00:57.87)
Riko Kurahashi : Go kick balls around somewhere else! (0:00:59.08)
Riko Kurahashi : Are you girls all right? (0:01:05.50)
Riko Kurahashi : Later. (0:01:12.55)
Riko Kurahashi : Poor girl. (0:02:13.11)
Riko Kurahashi : People gave her such an
embarrassing nickname.
Riko Kurahashi : It's already been a year since I studied
my ass off and managed to get into Fuji Girls'.
Riko Kurahashi : So what is this feeling? (0:04:11.16)
Katsuragi : Oh, excuse me, Kurahashi-san. (0:04:17.15)
Katsuragi : Could you do me a favor and take these to the student council room? (0:04:21.53)
Riko Kurahashi : Huh? Why me? (0:04:24.99)
Katsuragi : You just need to hand them to Maki-san. (0:04:27.70)
Katsuragi : Pretty please? (0:04:30.41)
Riko Kurahashi : God, what a pain. (0:04:32.04)
Riko Kurahashi : Maki, huh? (0:04:34.25)
Riko Kurahashi : With that crazy overachiever as pres, (0:04:36.92)
Riko Kurahashi : this school's full of tame goody two-shoes. (0:04:39.50)
Riko Kurahashi : Man, it's way too quiet around here! (0:04:42.13)
Riko Kurahashi : I wanna see some, y'know,
exciting stuff happen or...
Riko Kurahashi : l-love in the air. (0:04:49.39)
Riko Kurahashi : I see now. (0:04:56.02)
Riko Kurahashi : I'm bored. (0:04:57.52)
Natsuo Maki : What you just saw was an illusion! (0:05:18.84)
Riko Kurahashi : Then how would you explain that dakimakura with drool all over it? (0:05:20.63)
Natsuo Maki : This is a fairy! (0:05:23.63)
Riko Kurahashi : That's one hell of a fairy. (0:05:25.59)
Natsuo Maki : It's all over! (0:05:29.18)
Natsuo Maki : You saw me practicing kisses! (0:05:30.81)
Riko Kurahashi : Chill out! (0:05:33.02)
Riko Kurahashi : That looked so absurd
I don't think I could even teas—
Natsuo Maki : I'll soon be the laughingstock
of the whole school,
Natsuo Maki : and eventually the story
will be worldwide news!
Natsuo Maki : I won't be able to live
anywhere on the planet!
Natsuo Maki : Then, unable to withstand
the humiliation...
Natsuo Maki : Mother, Father, forgive me for leaving this world before you! (0:05:47.03)
Riko Kurahashi : Calm down, and listen to me! (0:05:50.74)
Natsuo Maki : I have no other choice. (0:05:52.41)
Riko Kurahashi : H-Hey, what are you going to do? (0:05:55.37)
Natsuo Maki : Now that you've found out my secret,
I can't just let you leave.
Riko Kurahashi : Wh-What?! (0:06:03.59)
Riko Kurahashi : You're bribing me with tea? (0:06:07.72)
Riko Kurahashi : I won't tell anyone. Trust me. (0:06:12.64)
Natsuo Maki : Huh? (0:06:14.72)
Riko Kurahashi : Well, y'know, I've done
something similar long ago.
Natsuo Maki : I've always wanted to be in a relationship, so I've been training in secret! (0:06:21.48)
Natsuo Maki : Do you understand how I feel? (0:06:25.11)
Riko Kurahashi : You bet! (0:06:27.90)
Natsuo Maki : Then will you lend me a hand? (0:06:28.95)
Riko Kurahashi : Of course! (0:06:31.16)
Riko Kurahashi : Wait, what? (0:06:32.20)
Natsuo Maki : In love, the first meeting is crucial! (0:06:39.46)
Natsuo Maki : So I want to practice bumping into a guy at an intersection! (0:06:41.42)
Riko Kurahashi : That's so old it almost feels original. (0:06:44.59)
Natsuo Maki : Here I go! (0:06:47.01)
Riko Kurahashi : Okay, okay! (0:06:48.22)
Riko Kurahashi : This is stupid... (0:06:55.39)
Riko Kurahashi : Holy—! (0:06:56.60)
Natsuo Maki : We can't bump into
each other if you dodge!
Riko Kurahashi : You call that a bump?! (0:07:02.22)
Riko Kurahashi : You almost killed me! (0:07:03.52)
Natsuo Maki : I thought having a real impact would make it more memorable. (0:07:04.86)
Riko Kurahashi : That would make the guy lose all his memories due to the trauma. (0:07:07.57)
Riko Kurahashi : You've gotta take it easy! (0:07:09.82)
Natsuo Maki : Okay! (0:07:12.07)
Riko Kurahashi : All right, start! (0:07:12.95)
Riko Kurahashi : You sure you're looking
for love and not a fight?!
Natsuo Maki : I didn't mean it! It was supposed to go like... (0:07:20.92)
Natsuo Maki : I bump into the guy, (0:07:24.09)
Natsuo Maki : and my hair gets caught on his button. (0:07:25.42)
Natsuo Maki : Then he whispers to me, (0:07:27.50)
Natsuo Maki : "Your hair is so smooth and silky." (0:07:29.67)
Riko Kurahashi : Even though it's caught on his button? (0:07:31.72)
Riko Kurahashi : Don't be too ambitious! (0:07:35.10)
Riko Kurahashi : Don't overact! (0:07:36.26)
Riko Kurahashi : Just be natural! (0:07:37.81)
Riko Kurahashi : After all, you're pr... (0:07:39.31)
Natsuo Maki : Pr...? (0:07:41.52)
Riko Kurahashi : Provocative. (0:07:45.19)
Natsuo Maki : Provocative?! (0:07:46.52)
Natsuo Maki : You sure don't mince words, but your pointers are really helpful. (0:07:47.90)
Natsuo Maki : You must be a love expert! (0:07:52.28)
Riko Kurahashi : What? (0:07:54.70)
EXTRA : I like the girl on the right. (0:07:58.04)
EXTRA : Riko, don't tell anybody this, (0:08:00.62)
EXTRA : but I'm in love with your friend, Noriko. (0:08:02.54)
EXTRA : You're just like one of the guys. (0:08:06.50)
EXTRA : It's so easy to talk to you since I don't love you or anything! (0:08:09.05)
Riko Kurahashi : G-Great! (0:08:11.47)
Natsuo Maki : Kurahashi-san? (0:08:14.89)
Riko Kurahashi : W-Well, you could say that. (0:08:16.26)
Riko Kurahashi : I mean, of course I've had
a couple of boyfriends.
Natsuo Maki : I knew it! (0:08:20.98)
Natsuo Maki : Then, I hope you can teach me a lot more! (0:08:21.89)
Riko Kurahashi : Sure thing! (0:08:24.85)
Riko Kurahashi : Huh? (0:08:25.90)
Riko Kurahashi : Finally, school's done for the day. (0:08:29.07)
Mika Kiriyama : Hey, Riko! (0:08:31.94)
Mika Kiriyama : Outta my way! (0:08:33.78)
Mika Kiriyama : Look at this! (0:08:37.49)
Mika Kiriyama : I never thought you'd
join the student council!
Riko Kurahashi : What the hell was that?! (0:08:43.91)
Natsuo Maki : Welcome! (0:08:45.92)
Riko Kurahashi : Who said you could just
sign me up for something?
Natsuo Maki : That hurts, Kurahashi-san! (0:08:49.75)
Riko Kurahashi : For God's sake! (0:08:52.26)
Riko Kurahashi : I can't believe you! (0:08:53.76)
Natsuo Maki : I-I won't ask you to do actual work. (0:08:55.26)
Natsuo Maki : I just wanted to talk with you. (0:08:58.72)
Natsuo Maki : Is that too much to ask? (0:09:01.64)
Riko Kurahashi : I-I guess I could do that. (0:09:04.39)
Natsuo Maki : I'm so glad! (0:09:07.23)
Natsuo Maki : Then let's practice holding
hands affectionately!
Riko Kurahashi : On second thought, I'm quitting. (0:09:11.32)
Natsuo Maki : I won't accept your resignation! (0:09:12.69)
Riko Kurahashi : So just spare me that advisor title. (0:09:15.49)
Riko Kurahashi : I'll help you practice love or whatever. (0:09:18.58)
Natsuo Maki : I-I can't do that! (0:09:21.10)
Natsuo Maki : We're going to practice in this room, (0:09:22.74)
Natsuo Maki : so you need to be a student council member! (0:09:24.41)
Natsuo Maki : If we carelessly went outside
and someone saw us,
Natsuo Maki : my reputation would be completely ruined! (0:09:29.64)
Riko Kurahashi : We were out in the hallway yesterday. (0:09:31.09)
Natsuo Maki : I'm done for! (0:09:33.67)
Riko Kurahashi : Does she even need to practice to find love? (0:09:35.72)
Riko Kurahashi : She's got the looks and the brains. (0:09:38.72)
Riko Kurahashi : Does she lack anything? (0:09:40.22)
Natsuo Maki : Anyway, this was all your fault to begin with! (0:09:42.14)
Riko Kurahashi : What? (0:09:45.14)
Natsuo Maki : This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't seen me practicing kissing with Dakky! (0:09:46.06)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, I guess she has no taste in names. (0:09:50.02)
Natsuo Maki : By the way, this is a rendition
of my ideal boyfriend!
Riko Kurahashi : Not a hint of artistic talent, either. (0:09:54.82)
Riko Kurahashi : I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to see that. (0:09:56.36)
Riko Kurahashi : Also, the dakimakura needs to go. (0:09:59.28)
Natsuo Maki : No way! You said you used to
practice kissing like this too!
Riko Kurahashi : Th-That was a long time ago! (0:10:05.16)
Natsuo Maki : Oh right, you're a love expert! (0:10:08.04)
Natsuo Maki : You don't need to practice
kissing anymore, right?
Riko Kurahashi : I-I still remember that hot summer day. (0:10:20.43)
Natsuo Maki : Incredible! That's incredible! (0:10:24.39)
Natsuo Maki : Please, Master! Show me how to hold hands! (0:10:26.81)
Riko Kurahashi : F-Fine. (0:10:30.81)
Natsuo Maki : Let's say we've been in
a relationship for two weeks.
Natsuo Maki : We began as friends, and we're still too shy to act like lovers. (0:10:36.11)
Riko Kurahashi : That's quite specific. (0:10:40.42)
Natsuo Maki : I-I never thought we'd end up going out. (0:10:43.70)
Riko Kurahashi : We're starting all the way from there?! (0:10:46.37)
Natsuo Maki : Do you remember the ocean we saw that day? (0:10:48.21)
Riko Kurahashi : Like I care. (0:10:50.50)
Natsuo Maki : So mean! That's what kindled the love between us! (0:10:51.79)
Riko Kurahashi : Seriously, I don't care! (0:10:53.34)
Natsuo Maki : You won't hold my hand, (0:10:54.92)
Natsuo Maki : and you don't understand how a girl feels! (0:10:56.30)
Natsuo Maki : You loser! (0:10:58.42)
Riko Kurahashi : Skip the useless skit! (0:11:03.64)
Natsuo Maki : I-I thought it'd help us get into it. (0:11:05.93)
Natsuo Maki : Mood is pretty important, you know? (0:11:08.64)
Riko Kurahashi : What mood? (0:11:10.50)
Riko Kurahashi : It makes no difference to how you hold hands! (0:11:11.56)
Riko Kurahashi : Hold out your hand already! (0:11:13.48)
Natsuo Maki : That was oddly shocking. (0:11:18.65)
Riko Kurahashi : It was for me too. (0:11:20.36)
Riko Kurahashi : Ow! (0:11:29.41)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, was this supposed to be a self-defense lesson? (0:11:31.54)
Natsuo Maki : I'm so sorry! (0:11:34.75)
Natsuo Maki : I thought I'd come across cuter
if I was a little mischievous!
Natsuo Maki : Who knew holding hands
could be so dangerous?
Riko Kurahashi : Nobody would hold hands if they got their fingers crushed every time. (0:11:45.55)
Natsuo Maki : What was it like when you held hands with your boyfriend for the first time? (0:11:48.43)
Riko Kurahashi : H-How should I describe it? (0:11:52.60)
Riko Kurahashi : I'll tell you when we're here again tomorrow. (0:11:56.27)
Natsuo Maki : Okay! I'll see you here tomorrow! (0:11:58.57)
Riko Kurahashi : Wait, I didn't mean to say that! (0:12:00.53)
Natsuo Maki : Too bad! See you tomorrow! (0:12:02.74)
Riko Kurahashi : The student council president, Maki Natsuo, is one extremely capable girl. (0:12:10.12)
Riko Kurahashi : She plans and runs all sorts of school events, (0:12:13.83)
Riko Kurahashi : keeps tabs on club activities, (0:12:16.17)
Riko Kurahashi : presides over the student council, (0:12:18.50)
Riko Kurahashi : and interacts with the faculty. (0:12:20.38)
Riko Kurahashi : She carries out the immense amount of work with precision and speed. (0:12:22.42)
Riko Kurahashi : She's a super middle schooler, all right. (0:12:26.16)
Riko Kurahashi : I'm her advisor in name only, but... (0:12:29.85)
Riko Kurahashi : All right. (0:12:32.89)
Riko Kurahashi : Hey, do you need help with anything? (0:12:34.06)
Natsuo Maki : What? It's all right. (0:12:36.48)
Natsuo Maki : Please don't mind me. (0:12:38.16)
Riko Kurahashi : But... (0:12:39.48)
Natsuo Maki : I'm just organizing stuff you taught me about love! (0:12:41.11)
Riko Kurahashi : You weren't working?! (0:12:45.28)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh yeah, what are the other
council members doing?
Riko Kurahashi : You should at least make the vice-president come here and help do work. (0:12:50.50)
Natsuo Maki : I can't do that. (0:12:53.41)
Riko Kurahashi : H-How come? (0:12:55.42)
Natsuo Maki : Because I'm also the vice-president! (0:12:57.42)
Riko Kurahashi : What? (0:13:00.13)
Natsuo Maki : The president used to be a third-year, (0:13:01.05)
Natsuo Maki : and I was assisting her as vice-president, but... (0:13:03.36)
Yuiko Enomoto : Hey, got any work for me? (0:13:07.80)
Natsuo Maki : Oh, I already took care of it. (0:13:10.01)
Yuiko Enomoto : I see. (0:13:12.35)
Yuiko Enomoto : Then I can work on that
matter from the other day.
Natsuo Maki : I took care of that too. (0:13:15.06)
Yuiko Enomoto : Oh yeah, a teacher asked us to— (0:13:17.34)
Natsuo Maki : I already took care of everything. (0:13:18.98)
Yuiko Enomoto : Then you be the president! (0:13:20.77)
Natsuo Maki : My efficiency is to blame. (0:13:26.11)
Riko Kurahashi : She might have overreacted a bit,
but that was definitely your fault.
Natsuo Maki : And our treasurer was better than anyone at handling money, but... (0:13:30.99)
Sayori Mizushima : Ybox... (0:13:37.07)
Natsuo Maki : Is that the budget for this semester? (0:13:39.75)
Sayori Mizushima : PressStation 4... (0:13:41.46)
Sayori Mizushima : Ninjindo GS... (0:13:43.84)
Sayori Mizushima : iBat... (0:13:46.04)
Natsuo Maki : That kinda freaked me out, (0:13:49.97)
Natsuo Maki : so I banned her from the council room. (0:13:51.36)
Riko Kurahashi : Do you have anybody who's normal? (0:13:53.35)
Natsuo Maki : We have a first-year as clerk. She's a nice girl! (0:13:55.68)
Natsuo Maki : She's very shy though,
so I've never really seen her.
Riko Kurahashi : You sure she actually exists? (0:14:02.52)
Natsuo Maki : Yes! (0:14:04.99)
Natsuo Maki : I often find completed
paperwork under the door
Natsuo Maki : and that someone's cleaned the room. (0:14:09.78)
Riko Kurahashi : That sounds like a fairy. (0:14:11.74)
Natsuo Maki : In any case, I can basically manage on my own, so I'd say things are fine the way they are. (0:14:14.24)
Riko Kurahashi : It's not fine! (0:14:18.92)
Riko Kurahashi : You're capable. I'll give you that. (0:14:20.21)
Riko Kurahashi : But what if you get stuck and
can't resolve it on your own?
Natsuo Maki : Kurahashi-san... (0:14:25.71)
Natsuo Maki : I'm so flattered! (0:14:27.93)
Natsuo Maki : You called me capable! (0:14:28.80)
Natsuo Maki : Keep the compliments coming! (0:14:30.72)
Riko Kurahashi : Anything goes for you, doesn't it? (0:14:31.76)
Riko Kurahashi : But you know... (0:14:34.14)
Riko Kurahashi : Guys tend to avoid girls who can do everything by themselves. (0:14:35.42)
Natsuo Maki : Huh? (0:14:40.44)
Riko Kurahashi : You need to mess up every
now and then to get guys!
Riko Kurahashi : That worked so well on her! (0:14:46.74)
Natsuo Maki : Oh no! (0:14:51.45)
Natsuo Maki : I-I really messed up! (0:14:53.49)
Riko Kurahashi : Talk about forced. (0:14:56.45)
Natsuo Maki : The wrong document will
be sent out to all students!
Riko Kurahashi : Yeah, yeah. (0:15:02.13)
Natsuo Maki : I-It's the logs of your love lessons. (0:15:03.38)
Riko Kurahashi : Whoa! (0:15:06.67)
Katsuragi : Maki-san's quick, as usual! (0:15:08.30)
Riko Kurahashi : W-We made a critical mistake! (0:15:11.93)
Natsuo Maki : We'll be taking these back! (0:15:14.51)
Natsuo Maki : We're very sorry! (0:15:19.64)
Katsuragi : She's really quick. (0:15:22.56)
Natsuo Maki : Thank goodness they hadn't read it yet! (0:15:24.61)
Riko Kurahashi : If you're gonna cry about it,
don't do it in the first place!
Riko Kurahashi : What am I going to do with you?! (0:15:30.57)
Natsuo Maki : It's just like you said, Kurahashi-san. (0:15:33.74)
Natsuo Maki : You can mess up if you work alone. (0:15:37.37)
Natsuo Maki : That's why you need somebody to correct you! (0:15:39.71)
Riko Kurahashi : Maki... (0:15:43.21)
Riko Kurahashi : You're not getting away with that! (0:15:46.96)
Natsuo Maki : I'm so sorry! (0:15:49.13)
Natsuo Maki : Ahem. (0:15:51.93)
Natsuo Maki : Back on topic now. Today's theme
will be first meetings!
Riko Kurahashi : We already covered that. (0:15:57.60)
Natsuo Maki : That was wonderful, (0:16:00.73)
Natsuo Maki : but the fact that it only works in the morning is a vital flaw. (0:16:03.10)
Riko Kurahashi : I don't think it'd work in the morning either. (0:16:06.02)
Natsuo Maki : So today we'll work on... (0:16:08.23)
Natsuo Maki : Operation "Drop the handkerchief and have the guy pick it up"! (0:16:10.32)
Riko Kurahashi : Wow! A classic! (0:16:13.82)
Natsuo Maki : First off, drop the handkerchief
in a casual manner.
Riko Kurahashi : Dakky again?! (0:16:19.20)
Natsuo Maki : Hey, hold on! (0:16:20.25)
Natsuo Maki : You dropped your handkerchief. (0:16:21.29)
Natsuo Maki : When the guy talks to me, (0:16:22.54)
Natsuo Maki : I run! (0:16:24.25)
Riko Kurahashi : What happened to your "casual manner"? (0:16:25.13)
Natsuo Maki : We innocently run through town. (0:16:26.88)
Riko Kurahashi : Dakky must be really outgoing. (0:16:29.09)
Natsuo Maki : Then we find ourselves at
a flower garden by the cape!
Riko Kurahashi : The hell is this place?! (0:16:32.88)
Natsuo Maki : Natsuo, I finally caught you. (0:16:34.01)
Natsuo Maki : I love you! (0:16:36.39)
Natsuo Maki : I love you so much! (0:16:37.18)
Natsuo Maki : I love you too! (0:16:38.43)
Natsuo Maki : I'll never let you go again! (0:16:39.77)
Riko Kurahashi : Wait a minute! (0:16:41.31)
Riko Kurahashi : Okay, first off, forget
this delusional scenario.
Riko Kurahashi : Why would you run off anyway? (0:16:45.27)
Natsuo Maki : There's no chance for love to develop if I just take the handkerchief back. (0:16:47.77)
Natsuo Maki : But if I run away, love might bloom between us during the chase! (0:16:51.82)
Riko Kurahashi : You're expecting too much
from a complete stranger.
Riko Kurahashi : Running away isn't nice,
and it'd just piss him off.
Natsuo Maki : Right, I can't just run away. (0:17:03.29)
Natsuo Maki : I know! (0:17:06.12)
Natsuo Maki : Like a swan, I'll appear elegant on the surface (0:17:07.21)
Natsuo Maki : but move furiously where nobody can see! (0:17:09.84)
Natsuo Maki : What do you think? (0:17:12.42)
Riko Kurahashi : Everybody can see that! (0:17:13.30)
Natsuo Maki : Now, please chase me! (0:17:14.55)
Riko Kurahashi : No. You're creeping me out. (0:17:16.89)
Natsuo Maki : Why is that? (0:17:18.30)
Riko Kurahashi : Get away from me! (0:17:19.48)
Riko Kurahashi : Are you really the same girl
who always gets top grades?
Riko Kurahashi : Is the Maki everyone knows just
someone else pretending to be you?
Natsuo Maki : That's mean! (0:17:26.90)
Natsuo Maki : Th-That wasn't very nice. (0:17:28.23)
Natsuo Maki : As a capable girl, I'm always prepared for any situations that may pop up. (0:17:30.40)
Natsuo Maki : Look! This is what the back looks like! (0:17:36.03)
Riko Kurahashi : That looks like a call-girl ad. (0:17:38.41)
Natsuo Maki : The postscript in the bottom
corner is the key point!
Riko Kurahashi : That's a dirty tactic. (0:17:44.45)
Natsuo Maki : By the way, my grandmother is alive and well! (0:17:46.46)
Riko Kurahashi : Now that's just fraud! (0:17:48.13)
Riko Kurahashi : Geez, forget the handkerchief. (0:17:49.33)
Riko Kurahashi : Exposing your personal information in public can be dangerous! (0:17:52.09)
Natsuo Maki : God, how is this something
a capable girl would do?
Riko Kurahashi : We'll save the rest for tomorrow. (0:17:58.47)
Natsuo Maki : Okay! (0:18:00.01)
Mika Kiriyama : Riko! (0:18:03.72)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, are you going home now too, Mika? (0:18:05.81)
Mika Kiriyama : Yeah. (0:18:08.02)
Mika Kiriyama : I still can't believe you're in
the student council, Riko!
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, shut up. (0:18:12.61)
Mika Kiriyama : All right, see you tomorrow! (0:18:16.99)
Riko Kurahashi : Yeah! See ya. (0:18:18.57)
Mika Kiriyama : See you, Student Council President! (0:18:20.24)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, thanks for waiting. (0:18:24.91)
Natsuo Maki : Um, do people always call you Riko? (0:18:26.71)
Riko Kurahashi : Yeah, my buddies all do. (0:18:30.46)
Natsuo Maki : Th-Then can I call you Riko? (0:18:34.59)
Natsuo Maki : Riko-chan... (0:18:38.05)
Natsuo Maki : I mean... (0:18:40.22)
Natsuo Maki : R-Rikopene! (0:18:41.18)
Riko Kurahashi : You calling me a nutrient? (0:18:43.47)
Natsuo Maki : S-Sorry. (0:18:46.93)
Riko Kurahashi : Just call me Riko. (0:18:48.56)
Natsuo Maki : O... (0:18:51.31)
Natsuo Maki : Okay, Riko! (0:18:52.77)
Natsuo Maki : Then you can call me Natsuo too— (0:18:54.78)
Riko Kurahashi : Nope. I'll stick with Maki. (0:18:58.20)
Natsuo Maki : What?! (0:18:59.24)
Riko Kurahashi : It's less syllables! (0:19:00.45)
Natsuo Maki : Oh, come on! (0:19:02.76)
Sakagami : Kurahashi-san! (0:19:07.16)
Sakagami : You're wearing a fancy hair band again! (0:19:09.41)
Sakagami : It's against the school dress code
to wear decorated bands!
Riko Kurahashi : Sorry. (0:19:14.38)
Sakagami : Your skirt's a bit too short too. (0:19:15.74)
Sakagami : You're a student council member now. (0:19:17.78)
Sakagami : Try being more like Maki-san! (0:19:19.34)
Riko Kurahashi : I-I don't think I can do that. (0:19:20.93)
Riko Kurahashi : I know that from the bottom of my heart. (0:19:24.89)
Sakagami : Don't give up without even trying! (0:19:26.56)
Sakagami : Anyway, we're a prestigious institution, so you need to dress properly! (0:19:28.35)
Riko Kurahashi : Nothing wrong with dressing up a little. (0:19:31.73)
Riko Kurahashi : I'm sure Maki wants to too. (0:19:34.23)
Sakagami : Maki-san's nothing like you. (0:19:37.08)
Riko Kurahashi : Well, yeah, Maki's really talented. (0:19:41.70)
Riko Kurahashi : But she didn't have to put it that way! (0:19:44.08)
Riko Kurahashi : She's not all that different
from me on the inside!
Natsuo Maki : Riko, let's study how to reveal the nape of the neck in an alluring way! (0:19:49.50)
Riko Kurahashi : I take that back. She is nothing like me. (0:19:54.29)
Natsuo Maki : Huh? You don't have your hair tied up today. (0:20:00.97)
Riko Kurahashi : It doesn't matter, does it? (0:20:03.50)
Natsuo Maki : But you always do. (0:20:05.35)
Natsuo Maki : Oh, you're working on your nape too! (0:20:07.35)
Natsuo Maki : That hurts! (0:20:10.89)
Riko Kurahashi : It doesn't matter, does it? (0:20:11.31)
Natsuo Maki : It hurts! (0:20:13.40)
Riko Kurahashi : Wait, it's not Maki's fault. (0:20:15.81)
Riko Kurahashi : So what about the nape of the neck again? (0:20:19.53)
Natsuo Maki : You see, they say a man's heart skips a beat when he sees the nape of a girl's neck. (0:20:21.78)
Natsuo Maki : So I thought we'd come up with
ways to show it most effectively.
Riko Kurahashi : You can just raise your hair normally. (0:20:29.24)
Natsuo Maki : Oh, normally? (0:20:31.50)
Natsuo Maki : Got it! I'll give that a try! (0:20:32.96)
Natsuo Maki : I don't have anything to tie my hair with. (0:20:35.63)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, I have a— (0:20:37.38)
Natsuo Maki : This is the first time a friend's tied my hair! (0:20:45.76)
Natsuo Maki : I feel kinda happy! (0:20:48.81)
Natsuo Maki : And I've always thought
your hair band looked cute!
Riko Kurahashi : You hear that, Teacher? (0:20:56.02)
Riko Kurahashi : There you go. (0:20:59.52)
Natsuo Maki : Wow! (0:21:01.90)
Natsuo Maki : Do I look lovely? (0:21:03.78)
Riko Kurahashi : You look plenty lovely. (0:21:05.14)
Natsuo Maki : Does the nape of my neck look attractive? (0:21:06.62)
Riko Kurahashi : It sure does. (0:21:08.52)
Natsuo Maki : You know, Riko... (0:21:10.49)
Riko Kurahashi : Huh? (0:21:12.45)
Natsuo Maki : Thanks for joining the student council. (0:21:13.54)
Riko Kurahashi : Forget it. What are we gonna do from now on? (0:21:18.29)
Natsuo Maki : We're going to keep learning about love! (0:21:21.21)
Natsuo Maki : To attract guys' attention to your nape... (0:21:23.88)
Natsuo Maki : You do this! (0:21:26.89)
Natsuo Maki : This way, you can see it from every angle, right? (0:21:28.05)
Riko Kurahashi : Yeah, I sure can. (0:21:31.52)
Natsuo Maki : What do you say, Riko? (0:21:33.12)
Natsuo Maki : Does the nape of my neck look enticing? (0:21:34.28)
Natsuo Maki : Is it shining? (0:21:36.39)
Riko Kurahashi : Yeah, it sure is. (0:21:37.77)
Riko Kurahashi : Too fast for me to see anything, though. (0:21:39.94)
Riko Kurahashi : Hey, are you okay? (0:21:42.19)
Natsuo Maki : I feel sick. (0:21:45.15)
Riko Kurahashi : Seriously?! (0:21:47.11)
Riko Kurahashi : Sheesh, your fangirls would burst
into tears if they saw you like this.
Natsuo Maki : If that ever happened... (0:21:53.66)
Natsuo Maki : I'd burst into tears before they did. (0:21:56.54)
Suzune Tanahashi : I-I'm so sorry! (0:22:04.97)
Riko Kurahashi : Whoa, hey! (0:22:07.84)
Riko Kurahashi : Is she the first-year clerk
you were talking about?
Natsuo Maki : That was... (0:22:12.81)
Natsuo Maki : a fairy! (0:22:13.89)
Natsuo Maki : Definitely a fairy! (0:22:15.39)
Riko Kurahashi : Hey, don't try to escape from reality! (0:22:18.23)
Riko Kurahashi : Come back! Come back, and face it! (0:22:20.28)
Riko Kurahashi : Maki! (0:22:22.15)
Natsuo Maki : So, Riko, I think beginnings are
always really important.
Riko Kurahashi : What are you on about, Maki? (0:24:02.87)
Natsuo Maki : That's what I have a problem with! (0:24:04.25)
Natsuo Maki : I want you to just call me by first name, Natsuo! (0:24:05.24)
Riko Kurahashi : What? (0:24:09.01)
Natsuo Maki : If that's hard to say, how about
something like Nacchan or Nattsu?
Natsuo Maki : Don't they sound cute? (0:24:13.68)
Riko Kurahashi : Then, I'll take the "o" from
"Natsuo" and call you...
Riko Kurahashi : Occhan! (0:24:18.47)
Natsuo Maki : Call me Maki. (0:24:19.87)
Riko Kurahashi : But you said— (0:24:20.73)
Natsuo Maki : Call me Maki. (0:24:21.73)
Riko Kurahashi : Okay, Maki-san. (0:24:23.40)

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