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Sayori Mizushima : A regular council member who doesn't do anything. (0:00:05.55)
Sayori Mizushima : A regular council member who doesn't do anything. (0:00:05.55)
Riko Kurahashi : That really pisses me off! (0:00:07.94)
Riko Kurahashi : That really pisses me off! (0:00:07.94)
Riko Kurahashi : I became an advisor on the condition that I wouldn't have to do actual work! (0:00:10.18)
Riko Kurahashi : I became an advisor on the condition that I wouldn't have to do actual work! (0:00:10.18)
Riko Kurahashi : And it's not like I wanted to join the student council. (0:00:14.00)
Riko Kurahashi : And it's not like I wanted to join the student council. (0:00:14.00)
Riko Kurahashi : Hey, Maki... (0:00:26.17)
Riko Kurahashi : Hey, Maki... (0:00:26.17)
Natsuo Maki : Riko! (0:00:27.69)
Natsuo Maki : Riko! (0:00:27.69)
Natsuo Maki : Now that I know Mizushima-senpai's after me, (0:00:30.30)
Natsuo Maki : Now that I know Mizushima-senpai's after me, (0:00:30.30)
Natsuo Maki : I need to be on the ball. (0:00:33.00)
Natsuo Maki : I need to be on the ball. (0:00:33.00)
Riko Kurahashi : You look off-the-wall stupid. (0:00:34.26)
Riko Kurahashi : You look off-the-wall stupid. (0:00:34.26)
Natsuo Maki : Riko, did Senpai say something offensive to you yesterday? (0:00:37.87)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, not really. (0:00:41.24)
Riko Kurahashi : Huh? (0:00:44.85)
Riko Kurahashi : Her eyes look bloodshot. (0:00:45.86)
Riko Kurahashi : Was she working all night again? (0:00:48.86)
Sayori Mizushima : A vice-president who hogs all the work. (0:00:51.28)
Riko Kurahashi : Just shut it already! (0:00:54.53)
Riko Kurahashi : N-No, I wasn't talking to you! (0:00:58.84)
Riko Kurahashi : Sorry. I won't be coming to the council room today. (0:01:01.24)
Natsuo Maki : H-How come? (0:01:04.50)
Riko Kurahashi : I'm just not feeling it. (0:01:06.42)
Riko Kurahashi : And we can't continue our love lessons until Mizushima-senpai gives up, (0:01:08.31)
Riko Kurahashi : so there's not much point in me being there. (0:01:12.64)
Natsuo Maki : Riko... (0:01:14.55)
Riko Kurahashi : Hey! (0:01:18.76)
Riko Kurahashi : Wh-Whoa! (0:01:19.55)
Riko Kurahashi : Let me go! (0:01:24.02)
Suzune Tanahashi : Oh, Sen— (0:01:26.10)
Riko Kurahashi : You know... (0:03:02.70)
Natsuo Maki : I... (0:03:04.37)
Natsuo Maki : I want to do it too! (0:03:06.86)
Natsuo Maki : I felt so lonely doing it by myself every day. (0:03:10.37)
Natsuo Maki : I felt so repressed! (0:03:13.34)
Riko Kurahashi : C-Calm down! (0:03:16.79)
Riko Kurahashi : Calm down and make the context clear! (0:03:18.36)
Natsuo Maki : So I'm going to do it right here! (0:03:19.84)
Riko Kurahashi : D-Don't get the wrong idea!
We're talking about a marathon!
Yuiko Enomoto : Geez, why did you declare a war on them without even asking me? (0:03:27.64)
Sayori Mizushima : Well, I got carried away with the Baron Dapan Dabadaba stuff. (0:03:31.38)
Yuiko Enomoto : With what?! Who's this baron?! (0:03:34.85)
Sayori Mizushima : But they'd already figured out that I was behind the harassment letters. (0:03:37.32)
Yuiko Enomoto : Huh? Really? (0:03:41.32)
Yuiko Enomoto : Then I bet they were talking about me too. (0:03:45.25)
Sayori Mizushima : Nope, not at all. (0:03:47.54)
Yuiko Enomoto : They must have mentioned me at some point! (0:03:48.66)
Sayori Mizushima : Then let's say you never even crossed their minds. (0:03:51.08)
Yuiko Enomoto : That's even worse! (0:03:52.87)
Sayori Mizushima : Overlooked you? (0:03:54.33)
Yuiko Enomoto : Stop it! (0:03:55.42)
Yuiko Enomoto : That Maki... (0:03:58.96)
Yuiko Enomoto : She always ignores me. (0:04:00.69)
Riko Kurahashi : One, two! One, two! (0:04:03.80)
Natsuo Maki : One, two! One, two! (0:04:03.80)
Suzune Tanahashi : One, two! One, two! (0:04:03.80)
Natsuo Maki : How did we end up doing this? (0:04:08.01)
Riko Kurahashi : I'm as clueless as you are. (0:04:10.06)
Yuiko Enomoto : She can't possibly ignore me if I do this. (0:04:11.48)
Sayori Mizushima : Where were you hiding that? (0:04:13.76)
Yuiko Enomoto : Maki Natsuo! (0:04:15.94)
Yuiko Enomoto : Your dad's in lingerie! (0:04:19.07)
Riko Kurahashi : Why? (0:04:24.13)
Natsuo Maki : She's bringing my parents into this now? Unbelievable! (0:04:26.17)
Riko Kurahashi : Excuse me, but could I ask you more about your dad? (0:04:30.03)
Riko Kurahashi : You can't really see her face because of the sun behind her. (0:04:35.66)
Natsuo Maki : Tell us who you are, you coward! (0:04:38.38)
Yuiko Enomoto : You still can't tell? (0:04:42.78)
Yuiko Enomoto : You really think nothing of me, huh?! (0:04:44.30)
Yuiko Enomoto : You, his daughter, are in lingerie too! (0:04:46.59)
Riko Kurahashi : What? Why?! (0:04:51.07)
Yuiko Enomoto : It's working! (0:04:52.81)
Yuiko Enomoto : You say something too, Sayo! (0:04:54.44)
Sayori Mizushima : Then... (0:04:57.64)
Sayori Mizushima : Your big brother's leeching off his family! (0:04:58.52)
Natsuo Maki : I don't have a big brother. (0:05:02.89)
Riko Kurahashi : I have a little brother, though. (0:05:04.90)
Suzune Tanahashi : My big brother has a job. (0:05:06.72)
Yuiko Enomoto : No! He's just in the process of self-discovery! (0:05:10.17)
Sayori Mizushima : I made that up. (0:05:13.96)
Sayori Mizushima : It had nothing to do with your family. (0:05:15.32)
Yuiko Enomoto : Really? Fine, then. (0:05:17.16)
Yuiko Enomoto : Let's go! (0:05:19.62)
Sayori Mizushima : Where? (0:05:20.66)
Riko Kurahashi : So what's all this about lingerie? (0:05:21.42)
Natsuo Maki : N-No comment. (0:05:23.22)
Riko Kurahashi : Is your dad some retro dirty old man? (0:05:25.63)
Suzune Tanahashi : Lingerie has a real mature ring to it! (0:05:27.46)
Natsuo Maki : I'm not list-e-ning! (0:05:30.56)
Yuiko Enomoto : We'll search the student council room while they're outside! (0:05:33.85)
Sayori Mizushima : Say, what one needs to discover is not oneself, but a job. (0:05:37.69)
Yuiko Enomoto : You were talking about my family! (0:05:41.44)
Sayori Mizushima : I'm just talking in general, (0:05:43.70)
Sayori Mizushima : not about your family. (0:05:45.14)
Katsuragi : The key to the student council room? (0:05:48.41)
Katsuragi : But Maki-san stressed that it should only be given to current council members. (0:05:50.41)
Yuiko Enomoto : S-Sensei, I'm supposed to be the president, (0:05:55.33)
Yuiko Enomoto : but you don't even consider me a council member? (0:05:58.62)
Katsuragi : I-I'll give it to you! So don't cry! (0:06:01.26)
Yuiko Enomoto : How was that? Wasn't my acting realistic? (0:06:05.71)
Sayori Mizushima : Yeah, it was amazing. (0:06:08.52)
Sayori Mizushima : So stop crying. (0:06:12.03)
Yuiko Enomoto : Wh-What is that? (0:06:18.91)
Sayori Mizushima : Baron Dabadaba. (0:06:20.72)
Yuiko Enomoto : If I recall correctly, Maki keeps important documents on this shelf. (0:06:29.45)
Yuiko Enomoto : Huh? (0:06:37.48)
Yuiko Enomoto : What's this folder? (0:06:38.37)
Yuiko Enomoto : There's nothing writt— (0:06:40.08)
Yuiko Enomoto : "Love Lesson Summaries"? (0:06:42.42)
Mika Kiriyama : Off to the student council room now? (0:06:53.21)
Riko Kurahashi : Yeah. (0:06:55.11)
Riko Kurahashi : It's such a pain. (0:06:56.32)
Mika Kiriyama : Come on, I know you actually enjoy it! (0:06:58.21)
Riko Kurahashi : Huh? (0:07:00.89)
Mika Kiriyama : You always looked so bored, (0:07:01.48)
Mika Kiriyama : but that went away after you became a council member. (0:07:04.20)
Mika Kiriyama : I never knew you loved working so much! (0:07:08.11)
Riko Kurahashi : Working... Right. (0:07:15.87)
Riko Kurahashi : She's right that I've gotten over my boredom. (0:07:20.25)
Riko Kurahashi : I got dragged into becoming an advisor, (0:07:23.29)
Riko Kurahashi : but I could always not go if I really hated it. (0:07:25.74)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, Maki! (0:07:31.55)
Riko Kurahashi : M-Maki! (0:07:42.87)
Suzune Tanahashi : President Maki! (0:07:45.57)
EXTRA : Overwork and sleep deprivation. (0:07:49.60)
EXTRA : The student council here has their work cut out for them, after all. (0:07:51.73)
EXTRA : She's the kind of person who feels responsible for everything and deals with it all herself, (0:07:55.11)
EXTRA : so please keep an eye on her. (0:07:58.22)
EXTRA : As her advisor. (0:07:59.97)
Riko Kurahashi : I knew it. (0:08:03.32)
Riko Kurahashi : I knew Maki had been pushing herself too hard lately. (0:08:04.81)
Riko Kurahashi : I knew it, (0:08:08.51)
Riko Kurahashi : but I didn't do anything! (0:08:10.33)
Suzune Tanahashi : Kurahashi-senpai? (0:08:15.00)
Yuiko Enomoto : We finally have conclusive evidence! (0:08:16.47)
Yuiko Enomoto : They were working on stuff like techniques to get guys' attention (0:08:19.39)
Yuiko Enomoto : and setting up romantic encounters! (0:08:23.98)
Sayori Mizushima : I can tell you read it really thoroughly. (0:08:26.28)
Yuiko Enomoto : A-Anyway, we'll sneak this into the documents for the committee chair meeting tomorrow, (0:08:32.90)
Yuiko Enomoto : and when people read this and get confused, I'll show up! (0:08:37.82)
Yuiko Enomoto : That way, Maki won't be able to ignore m— (0:08:41.08)
Sayori Mizushima : Hey. (0:08:43.25)
Yuiko Enomoto : Hm? (0:08:44.43)
Sayori Mizushima : Isn't it a good thing they didn't suspect you of sending the harassment letters? (0:08:45.46)
Sayori Mizushima : It means they can't imagine you ever using dirty tactics like that. (0:08:50.13)
Sayori Mizushima : Well, it might be that they just forgot about you, (0:08:55.01)
Sayori Mizushima : but you should think positive. (0:08:57.97)
Yuiko Enomoto : With what you just said, I don't think I can. (0:08:59.98)
Sayori Mizushima : Your plan sounds really nasty. (0:09:03.07)
Sayori Mizushima : Are you sure you want to do this? (0:09:05.90)
Yuiko Enomoto : Of course I am! (0:09:08.43)
Yuiko Enomoto : I'll go make photocopies of this. (0:09:10.95)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, there she is! (0:09:15.45)
Riko Kurahashi : Money-grubber! (0:09:16.24)
Sayori Mizushima : Could you not call me that? (0:09:19.17)
Sayori Mizushima : I won't deny it, though. (0:09:21.69)
Sayori Mizushima : So, what's up? (0:09:23.16)
Riko Kurahashi : Mizushima-senpai! (0:09:26.79)
Sayori Mizushima : Did they find out that we sneaked into the council room? (0:09:28.29)
Sayori Mizushima : I don't think we left any traces behind. (0:09:31.34)
Riko Kurahashi : Could you work as the treasurer again? (0:09:34.41)
Sayori Mizushima : Oh? Are you sure you want a money-grubber like me as the treasurer? (0:09:40.83)
Sayori Mizushima : A money-grubber like me?! (0:09:44.78)
Riko Kurahashi : S-Sorry about that. (0:09:46.22)
Sayori Mizushima : So, why? (0:09:48.73)
Riko Kurahashi : M-Maki collapsed. (0:09:51.12)
Riko Kurahashi : She always said you were an efficient worker. (0:09:54.69)
Riko Kurahashi : Maki... Maki needs your help! (0:09:57.82)
Riko Kurahashi : Damn it! I'm just totally useless! (0:10:03.47)
Riko Kurahashi : And it's all my fault! (0:10:06.46)
Sayori Mizushima : You're not the one who should be venting. (0:10:08.97)
Riko Kurahashi : Shut up! I'm just being tsundere! (0:10:10.16)
Sayori Mizushima : Where's the "dere"? (0:10:11.80)
Riko Kurahashi : Who knows? (0:10:12.86)
Sayori Mizushima : All right. I don't mind being treasurer again. (0:10:13.92)
Riko Kurahashi : Huh? Really? (0:10:16.26)
Sayori Mizushima : But on one condition. (0:10:18.14)
Riko Kurahashi : Wh-What is it? (0:10:20.24)
Sayori Mizushima : Could Eno... (0:10:22.47)
Sayori Mizushima : Could Eno be president again too? (0:10:23.60)
Suzune Tanahashi : What?! (0:10:26.31)
Riko Kurahashi : What?! (0:10:26.31)
Riko Kurahashi : Eno as the president?! (0:10:28.69)
Sayori Mizushima : Yeah. (0:10:30.27)
Riko Kurahashi : But who's Eno? (0:10:31.20)
Sayori Mizushima : Whoa, so that's where I have to begin. (0:10:34.65)
Suzune Tanahashi : You mean Enomoto-senpai, the ex-president, right? (0:10:37.48)
Sayori Mizushima : That's right. (0:10:40.62)
Riko Kurahashi : What?! You were conspiring with the ex-president? (0:10:41.62)
Sayori Mizushima : Yeah, we've been friends for a long time. (0:10:44.45)
Riko Kurahashi : Your goal wasn't to return to the treasurer's post?! (0:10:46.74)
Sayori Mizushima : That was part of it, (0:10:49.72)
Sayori Mizushima : but Eno's set on taking back the title of president. (0:10:51.10)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh, please! (0:10:53.28)
Riko Kurahashi : Stop giving us so much new info! (0:10:54.32)
Riko Kurahashi : The fact that Maki collapsed alone is already driving me crazy! (0:10:56.32)
Sayori Mizushima : Well, uh, my bad. (0:10:59.60)
Riko Kurahashi : Why couldn't Maki figure out who was behind it all? (0:11:01.18)
Riko Kurahashi : An ex-president who's friends with the ex-treasurer is so suspicious! (0:11:04.60)
Sayori Mizushima : So, are you fine with my condition? (0:11:07.64)
Riko Kurahashi : I want to help President Maki. (0:11:11.31)
Riko Kurahashi : It'd defeat the purpose if Maki wasn't the president anymore. (0:11:15.55)
Riko Kurahashi : So no deal... I'm afraid. (0:11:18.72)
Sayori Mizushima : You figured that out? (0:11:21.53)
Sayori Mizushima : You're smarter than I thought. (0:11:22.56)
Riko Kurahashi : She really pisses me off. (0:11:24.11)
Sayori Mizushima : But you know, having Maki as the president is wrong to begin with. (0:11:26.83)
Riko Kurahashi : It's because the former president abandoned her post! (0:11:30.30)
Sayori Mizushima : And Maki isn't at fault for stealing all of Eno's work? (0:11:32.71)
Sayori Mizushima : Maki does everything by herself. (0:11:37.30)
Sayori Mizushima : I admit, she has talent, (0:11:40.24)
Sayori Mizushima : but she just doesn't trust other people. (0:11:42.00)
Sayori Mizushima : That's where Eno is different. (0:11:44.18)
Sayori Mizushima : Though, she can be airheaded, childish, selfish, (0:11:45.97)
Sayori Mizushima : and throw the occasional tantrum. (0:11:49.86)
Sayori Mizushima : She takes her anger out on people, jumps to wrong conclusions, (0:11:51.74)
Sayori Mizushima : and is a crybaby. (0:11:53.94)
Riko Kurahashi : Her shortcomings are outweighing her merits. (0:11:54.90)
Yuiko Enomoto : Is someone talking about me? (0:11:58.99)
Yuiko Enomoto : It's organized like a normal document. (0:12:02.43)
Yuiko Enomoto : Even the names are referred to as "President" and "Advisor." (0:12:05.48)
Yuiko Enomoto : No one will notice until they read it if I sneak it in with the other papers. (0:12:08.95)
Yuiko Enomoto : Sayo is right. This might be a really nasty thing to do. (0:12:11.46)
Yuiko Enomoto : It's like exposing her personal diary to the public. (0:12:13.60)
Katsuragi : "Topic: Dropping Handkerchief"? (0:12:16.62)
Yuiko Enomoto : We'll be discussing it at tomorrow's meeting! (0:12:20.10)
Katsuragi : Discuss dropping a handkerchief? (0:12:22.66)
Yuiko Enomoto : Yes! We expect a heated discussion! (0:12:23.80)
Katsuragi : I-I see. (0:12:26.43)
Katsuragi : Here are some extra documents for the meeting. (0:12:27.92)
Katsuragi : Could you make photocopies of them? (0:12:30.49)
Yuiko Enomoto : Oh, sure, ma'am. (0:12:31.90)
Katsuragi : Place the copies on that table when you're done. (0:12:33.40)
Katsuragi : I'll come pick them up later. (0:12:36.02)
Yuiko Enomoto : All right, I'm done. (0:12:42.27)
Yuiko Enomoto : Now I just have to combine the piles. (0:12:44.57)
Yuiko Enomoto : Sayo's not coming. (0:12:47.63)
Yuiko Enomoto : Geez, Sayo! Guess I'll just have to go get her! (0:12:55.77)
Sayori Mizushima : You might be right that she has more shortcomings. (0:12:59.25)
Sayori Mizushima : But Eno yells at me whenever I mess around, (0:13:02.39)
Sayori Mizushima : and then entrusts me with work again. (0:13:05.87)
Yuiko Enomoto : What's going on here? (0:13:08.14)
Sayori Mizushima : I think Eno is a better president than Maki! (0:13:10.34)
Yuiko Enomoto : S-Sayo! (0:13:15.58)
Sayori Mizushima : Well, the numerous demerits that far outweigh her good points are a problem. (0:13:17.69)
Yuiko Enomoto : If you're gonna compliment me, don't ruin it at the very end! (0:13:21.22)
Riko Kurahashi : Who's that? (0:13:23.66)
Sayori Mizushima : Oh, that's Eno. (0:13:24.28)
Yuiko Enomoto : Oh, hello. (0:13:26.74)
Riko Kurahashi : Hello. (0:13:28.34)
Yuiko Enomoto : I don't really know what you were talking about, but basically, I'd make a better president, right? (0:13:29.19)
Riko Kurahashi : You abandoned your job for the sake of your pride, didn't you? (0:13:33.34)
Riko Kurahashi : Well, Maki isn't perfect by any means, (0:13:36.89)
Riko Kurahashi : but she'd never just drop her responsibilities! (0:13:38.97)
Riko Kurahashi : I don't think you're fit to be president! (0:13:42.42)
Suzune Tanahashi : The Woe, you're wonderful! (0:13:46.04)
Suzune Tanahashi : You're so manly! (0:13:47.42)
Riko Kurahashi : W-Woe? (0:13:49.06)
Suzune Tanahashi : I wholeheartedly agree with the Woe! (0:13:50.30)
Sayori Mizushima : You mean, you're feeling woeful? (0:13:52.93)
Yuiko Enomoto : Maki makes a great president? (0:13:54.93)
Yuiko Enomoto : I know that better than anybody else! (0:13:58.26)
Yuiko Enomoto : That's why I was going to get her into a little trouble, (0:14:01.73)
Yuiko Enomoto : and then reluctantly become her advisor when she came to me for help! (0:14:04.16)
Yuiko Enomoto : But you became her advisor instead! (0:14:08.07)
Riko Kurahashi : What?! (0:14:10.03)
Riko Kurahashi : It's my fault? (0:14:10.98)
Riko Kurahashi : So basically, you wanted Maki to depend on you, but she ignored you (0:14:15.95)
Riko Kurahashi : and made me her advisor, so you got mad. (0:14:19.63)
Sayori Mizushima : See? Isn't she childish? (0:14:23.13)
Yuiko Enomoto : Sayo! (0:14:24.82)
Yuiko Enomoto : You! Resign as advisor! (0:14:25.67)
Yuiko Enomoto : Then I won't mess with her anymore! (0:14:28.09)
Riko Kurahashi : Not a chance! (0:14:30.46)
Yuiko Enomoto : What are you, a kid?! (0:14:32.30)
Riko Kurahashi : Look who's talking. (0:14:33.65)
Yuiko Enomoto : Idiot! Dummy! Birdbrain! (0:14:38.52)
Riko Kurahashi : The negotiation failed. (0:14:41.86)
Riko Kurahashi : Suzu, let's work together to make sure Maki doesn't overwork herself again. (0:14:44.23)
Riko Kurahashi : I'll do some work too, so show me the ropes. (0:14:48.18)
Suzune Tanahashi : Okay, Kurahashi-senpai! (0:14:50.92)
Suzune Tanahashi : I'm so happy! You called me Suzu for the first time! (0:14:52.96)
Riko Kurahashi : You can call me whatever you want too. (0:14:56.39)
Suzune Tanahashi : Then I'll go with Woe-senpai! (0:14:58.72)
Riko Kurahashi : Why? (0:15:00.20)
Sayori Mizushima : You're so selfish, Eno. (0:15:01.55)
Sayori Mizushima : First you want to be president again,
and now you want the advisor to resign.
Yuiko Enomoto : I don't wanna hear it! (0:15:07.06)
Sayori Mizushima : I like it when you're being silly and funny, (0:15:08.01)
Sayori Mizushima : but I don't want to see you being just silly. (0:15:11.64)
Yuiko Enomoto : What was that? You're so selfish. (0:15:16.01)
Sayori Mizushima : Not as much as you. (0:15:18.60)
Yuiko Enomoto : I'll stop trying to play pranks on them. (0:15:20.39)
Yuiko Enomoto : At tomorrow's meeting, I'll openly tell them I want to be president again. (0:15:23.40)
Yuiko Enomoto : If they don't support me, I'll gracefully accept defeat. (0:15:27.66)
Sayori Mizushima : So you're fine if Maki still doesn't acknowledge you? (0:15:30.41)
Yuiko Enomoto : Yeah! (0:15:33.56)
Sayori Mizushima : I think Eno is a better president than Maki! (0:15:34.94)
Yuiko Enomoto : I heard something that made me happier than that ever could. (0:15:38.54)
Yuiko Enomoto : If that doesn't work, I'll shoot for the VP position next! (0:15:41.17)
Sayori Mizushima : What happened to gracefully accepting defeat? (0:15:43.98)
Riko Kurahashi : So we won't have more hands helping us... (0:15:46.13)
Suzune Tanahashi : ...but we'll do our best. (0:15:48.95)
Natsuo Maki : I don't want to trouble you. (0:15:51.43)
Natsuo Maki : And Riko, you joined on the condition that you wouldn't have to work. (0:15:53.22)
Riko Kurahashi : Shut it! (0:15:57.10)
Riko Kurahashi : You've gotta count on other people more! (0:15:58.63)
Natsuo Maki : Okay. (0:16:01.34)
Natsuo Maki : Th-Then please come up with ten love lesson topics each! (0:16:02.93)
Riko Kurahashi : Don't count on us for that. (0:16:06.28)
Natsuo Maki : But I'm so glad! (0:16:08.75)
Natsuo Maki : I was worried you'd stop coming because of the continuous harassment. (0:16:10.79)
Natsuo Maki : That was the first time I'd ever hung out with someone. (0:16:15.32)
Natsuo Maki : It was so much fun, (0:16:18.77)
Natsuo Maki : and I never ever want to lose it. (0:16:20.28)
Natsuo Maki : Because I've always been doing it by myself. (0:16:22.67)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh. (0:16:24.79)
Riko Kurahashi : It's not that she can't trust other people. (0:16:25.88)
Riko Kurahashi : She just doesn't know how to count on others. (0:16:28.96)
Natsuo Maki : My, I'm too talented for my own good! (0:16:31.00)
Riko Kurahashi : That personality is part of the reason. (0:16:33.86)
Riko Kurahashi : Oh yeah, why didn't you tell me about the ex-president? (0:16:35.34)
Riko Kurahashi : You must've suspected her right off the bat! (0:16:39.46)
Riko Kurahashi : You knew she was buddies with Mizushima-senpai, right? (0:16:41.52)
Natsuo Maki : But she's... (0:16:45.02)
Yuiko Enomoto : Then you be the president! (0:16:46.73)
Natsuo Maki : Huh? (0:16:50.38)
Yuiko Enomoto : But nobody will follow your lead if you keep doing things that way. (0:16:50.94)
Yuiko Enomoto : You'll come crying to me someday! (0:16:54.21)
Natsuo Maki : I've never had anyone say that to me before. (0:16:57.16)
Natsuo Maki : I didn't want to think Enomoto-senpai was harassing me (0:16:59.62)
Natsuo Maki : since that'd mean she still doesn't acknowledge me. (0:17:03.00)
Riko Kurahashi : You should tell her that when you see her. (0:17:06.58)
Natsuo Maki : Huh? (0:17:09.46)
Riko Kurahashi : They're good rivals. (0:17:10.67)
Riko Kurahashi : Silly girls. (0:17:12.42)
Classroom Teacher : Looks like I won't have to worry about rain today. (0:17:15.97)
Classroom Teacher : Then... (0:17:18.64)
Classroom Teacher : Oops. (0:17:19.85)
Classroom Teacher : Man, they got all mixed up. (0:17:21.99)
Classroom Teacher : Must be the documents for tomorrow's committee meeting. (0:17:24.86)
Classroom Teacher : Well, whatever. (0:17:27.67)
Yuiko Enomoto : I need to get rid of them so no one finds out! (0:17:39.99)
Katsuragi : Oh, Enomoto-san, isn't that— (0:17:42.14)
Yuiko Enomoto : I-I checked, and this was the wrong document, so I'm throwing them out! (0:17:44.65)
Yuiko Enomoto : The copies you asked for are on the table! (0:17:47.95)
Yuiko Enomoto : Whoa! (0:17:52.87)
Yuiko Enomoto : You don't have to pick them up! (0:17:53.90)
Katsuragi : Enomoto-san's always so enthusiastic, (0:17:56.04)
Katsuragi : but she really needs to calm down. (0:17:58.13)
Natsuo Maki : We will now start the committee chair meeting. (0:18:02.39)
Natsuo Maki : First, please take a look at the document in front of you. (0:18:05.16)
Natsuo Maki : It's a list of the committees' achievements, (0:18:09.15)
Natsuo Maki : goals, and challenges, as well as suggestions from the comment box (0:18:12.85)
Natsuo Maki : that we compiled along with our opinions. (0:18:15.18)
Natsuo Maki : Please save your questions and comments for later. (0:18:18.36)
Yuiko Enomoto : Objection! (0:18:22.17)
Natsuo Maki : Enomoto-senpai? (0:18:24.49)
Natsuo Maki : Um, you're not part of this meeting, so please leave! (0:18:25.96)
Yuiko Enomoto : I am part of it. (0:18:28.54)
Yuiko Enomoto : Officially, I'm still the president, (0:18:30.17)
Yuiko Enomoto : and your job is to assist me as the vice-president. (0:18:32.74)
Yuiko Enomoto : The reason I came here today is... (0:18:35.50)
EXTRA : Um... (0:18:37.38)
EXTRA : What is this stuff about studying love? (0:18:38.88)
Natsuo Maki : What?! (0:18:41.26)
EXTRA : Were you doing things like this, Maki-san? (0:18:46.02)
Riko Kurahashi : Did they do this? (0:18:54.89)
Riko Kurahashi : How evil! (0:18:57.10)
Riko Kurahashi : No, the "president" here refers to her! (0:18:59.90)
Riko Kurahashi : You just said it yourself! (0:19:04.53)
Riko Kurahashi : You're still the president, and Maki's helping you! (0:19:06.94)
EXTRA : You were studying love in the student council? (0:19:11.58)
EXTRA : Huh? What's this about? (0:19:14.07)
EXTRA : Dating isn't allowed, though. (0:19:15.88)
Sayori Mizushima : Wait. (0:19:19.57)
EXTRA : You were seriously working on stuff like this? (0:19:21.55)
EXTRA : Sure looks like it from what's on the paper. (0:19:24.00)
EXTRA : Oh, but I can imagine Enomoto-san doing something like this. (0:19:25.80)
EXTRA : She can be really stubborn sometimes. (0:19:29.98)
EXTRA : Must be tough to be her subordinates. (0:19:32.60)
EXTRA : She was seriously doing this? (0:19:35.84)
EXTRA : No way! (0:19:37.77)
EXTRA : I feel sorry for Maki-san for having to deal with that. (0:19:40.40)
EXTRA : Sounds like an ordeal. (0:19:43.30)
Riko Kurahashi : Maki! (0:19:45.08)
EXTRA : But this is kind of embarrassing. (0:19:46.31)
EXTRA : Disillusioning. (0:19:49.02)
Riko Kurahashi : Shut up! (0:19:51.97)
Riko Kurahashi : Don't make fun of someone who's been working hard for everyone! (0:19:57.87)
Riko Kurahashi : And wanting to have a cool boyfriend or come across as cute (0:20:01.23)
Riko Kurahashi : is something you've all daydreamed about at least once, no? (0:20:06.06)
Sayori Mizushima : I never have! (0:20:08.43)
Riko Kurahashi : Whose side are you on?! (0:20:09.28)
Riko Kurahashi : It's embarrassing to admit, but even I have. (0:20:12.10)
Riko Kurahashi : Isn't that normal? (0:20:15.29)
Riko Kurahashi : Doesn't matter if you're a council member or a talented girl. (0:20:18.08)
Riko Kurahashi : It's something we all share... so... (0:20:21.15)
Sayori Mizushima : That's why you researched it... (0:20:24.98)
Sayori Mizushima : for a student who wished to remain anonymous. (0:20:28.29)
Sayori Mizushima : We found a letter that asked about stuff like that. (0:20:32.19)
Sayori Mizushima : In here. (0:20:35.59)
Riko Kurahashi : Y-Yeah! (0:20:38.39)
Riko Kurahashi : We were researching it for that girl. (0:20:39.80)
EXTRA : I see! (0:20:42.44)
EXTRA : You're so kind! (0:20:44.04)
EXTRA : They're both always so caring! (0:20:45.39)
EXTRA : I shouldn't have said something so mean. (0:20:47.47)
EXTRA : Yeah. (0:20:49.14)
Riko Kurahashi : You saved us there. (0:20:50.36)
Riko Kurahashi : But you should've said that sooner! (0:20:51.63)
Sayori Mizushima : I only just thought of it. (0:20:53.58)
Riko Kurahashi : I don't believe you. (0:20:55.56)
Riko Kurahashi : Sorry for the confusion! (0:20:56.98)
Riko Kurahashi : We'll discuss this matter later. (0:20:59.88)
Riko Kurahashi : The meeting is adjourned for today! (0:21:01.40)
Riko Kurahashi : And let's be respectful to the anonymous student (0:21:02.69)
Riko Kurahashi : and keep what happened today a secret. (0:21:06.50)
Riko Kurahashi : Please! (0:21:08.17)
EXTRA : Okay! (0:21:09.10)
Riko Kurahashi : We managed to smooth that over somehow. (0:21:13.27)
Riko Kurahashi : H-Hey, I know it must've been shocking, but... (0:21:16.55)
Natsuo Maki : Thanks so much, Riko! (0:21:20.14)
Riko Kurahashi : I didn't do anything. (0:21:22.73)
Natsuo Maki : I was so happy when you yelled out like that! (0:21:25.59)
Natsuo Maki : I'm so glad you saw me that day! (0:21:31.77)
Natsuo Maki : Please continue to be my friend! (0:21:39.15)
Riko Kurahashi : That goes without saying, dummy! (0:21:42.44)
Suzune Tanahashi : Thank goodness! (0:21:44.44)
Riko Kurahashi : Sheesh. (0:21:46.24)
Yuiko Enomoto : I'm really sorry. (0:21:47.61)
Natsuo Maki : It's okay. (0:21:49.57)
Riko Kurahashi : I shifted the blame to you, after all. (0:21:51.24)
Yuiko Enomoto : In apology, I'll work for you! (0:21:53.66)
Yuiko Enomoto : So make me vice-president! (0:21:55.88)
Sayori Mizushima : Then I'll be the treasurer. (0:21:57.55)
Riko Kurahashi : What's that?! (0:21:59.25)
Natsuo Maki : Then we can all study love together! (0:22:01.08)
Suzune Tanahashi : The sessions are gonna get really lively! (0:22:05.03)
Yuiko Enomoto : We didn't agree to that! (0:22:06.59)
Sayori Mizushima : You seemed very interested, though. (0:22:08.84)
Riko Kurahashi : Really? (0:22:10.16)
Natsuo Maki : You were? (0:22:11.02)
Yuiko Enomoto : Wh-What are you saying?! (0:22:11.97)
Yuiko Enomoto : Of course not! (0:22:13.60)
Yuiko Enomoto : I'm Enomoto Yuiko, the student council vice-president at Fuji Girls'. (0:23:58.37)
Yuiko Enomoto : I came back out of concern for my juniors! (0:24:01.57)
Sayori Mizushima : Similarly, I'm Mizushima Sayuri, the treasurer. (0:24:04.38)
Sayori Mizushima : I came back out of concern for the student council budget. (0:24:06.34)
Yuiko Enomoto : Y-Yeah, we can always count on you to manage money. (0:24:08.88)
Sayori Mizushima : Leave everything to me. (0:24:12.54)
Sayori Mizushima : Be it the student council budget or your allowance, (0:24:13.28)
Sayori Mizushima : I manage all funds responsibly. (0:24:15.01)
Yuiko Enomoto : Wait, why my allowance?! (0:24:16.48)
Sayori Mizushima : Your parents asked me to, saying you've been squandering money lately. (0:24:18.44)
Yuiko Enomoto : They need to trust their daughter more! (0:24:21.94)

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