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You should not carve them up
or tear them out by the roots.

- Oda Nobunaga

Naruto Shippuden - Episode 60

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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Naruto Uzumaki : Whoa, I was about to get flattened... Line ID
Fuka : Fuen's traps are nothing special. Line ID
Chiriku : I can't believe they're this skilled. Line ID
Chiriku : I can't handle him anymore. Line ID
Yamato : Did I get him? Line ID
EXTRA : That won't work! Line ID
Yamato : Damn you! Line ID
EXTRA : It's futile! Line ID
EXTRA : Scurrying about like that... Line ID
EXTRA : Earth Style! Stone Plate Coffin. Line ID
EXTRA : It's over. Line ID
EXTRA : I guess I can at least make him
a grave marker.
Line ID
EXTRA : I had to work up a sweat
on account of that jerk Fuen.
Line ID
Yamato : You place too much confidence
in your own Jutsu.
Line ID
Yamato : You have to make sure
you've finished the job.
Line ID
Yamato : But what are they after? Line ID
Yamato : After stealing the bodies, Line ID
Yamato : they intentionally attract
attention in their escape...
Line ID
Yamato : Are they after one of us
from the Leaf?
Line ID
Yamato : If so, is Danzo involved? Line ID
EXTRA : Impermanence

Line ID
Sakura Haruno : It appears we totally got caught
in the enemy's Jutsu.
Line ID
Sakura Haruno : First, we must join up with the others. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : I bet they evacuated to
some nearby location.
Line ID
Sakura Haruno : Huh?! Line ID
EXTRA : I'm off to find that awful jerk. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : Just a minute! Line ID
EXTRA : There's no point to looking together. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : For crying out loud. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : So in the end,
everyone's scattered all over...
Line ID
Sakura Haruno : I guess it can't be helped. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : It's not like he received
any training on teamwork.
Line ID
Sakura Haruno : Come to think of it,
didn't Naruto flunk that part?
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : What's the deal with her?! Line ID
Fuka : Oh, boy. I hate...manual labor... Line ID
Fuka : And here the plan was to Line ID
Fuka : let the traps do the work
without me having to get involved.
Line ID
Fuka : I guess I have no choice.
I'll take care of this.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : I'll end this lickety-split! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Let's go! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : What?! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : What the heck are you doing
out of the blue like that?
Line ID
Fuka : What?! This taste of Chakra leaking
from your Chakra Network.
Line ID
Fuka : So you've got the rare wind
Chakra nature, huh?
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : So what if I do?! Line ID
Fuka : How about becoming part
of my collection?
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Hm?! Huh? Line ID
Fuka : Do you prefer French or soft? Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Are those foods or something? Line ID
Fuka : They're kisses. Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : In other words...
You mean you're going to kiss me?!
Line ID
Fuka : Yes.
You're such an inexperienced boy.
Line ID
Fuka : You still haven't even
had your first kiss?
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Yikes! What?!
Don't mess with me!
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Even I've had experience kissing! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : It was with a guy, though. Line ID
Fuka : I see. Well, whatever.
How about having lots of fun with me?
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Not a chance!
Who'd want anything to do with you?
Line ID
Fuka : Oh, my... I've been turned down... Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Hey, what's with her?! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm not good with women like that! Line ID
Fuka : You must not turn down a proposition
from a woman, kid!
Line ID
Fuka : I-won't-let-you-get-away. Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : No! C-Cut it out! Line ID
Fuka : Reaper Kiss. Line ID
Fuka : What?! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : You missed! Too bad! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Your kiss was kind of cold, but soft. Line ID
Fuka : Here you could've gone to
the next world comfortably
Line ID
Fuka : if you'd just held still... Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Well, guess which one of us is real! Line ID
Fuka : Now you've made me angry. Line ID
Fuen : This isn't a Genjutsu. Line ID
Fuen : I summoned the terrain
I designed and created
Line ID
Fuen : from a different spatial environment.. Line ID
Fuen : You can't escape now. Line ID
Sai : I'm not so stupid as to fight in
a field created by the enemy.
Line ID
Fuen : It's useless to hide. Line ID
Fuen : You'll never be free from my eyes. Line ID
Fuen : After all, you've already
got my mark on you.
Line ID
Fuen : I can see right through you
no matter where you try to escape to.
Line ID
Sai : Did I lose her? Line ID
Sai : I've got to join up
with the others quick.
Line ID
Fuen : So you chose that path, huh? Line ID
Sai : She shouldn't be able to see me. Line ID
Sai : Why?
Why are there traps wherever I go?!
Line ID
Fuen : I'll bring the playtime
to an end here.
Line ID
Fuen : How unfortunate... Line ID
Fuen : All of your movements appear
on this design drawing.
Line ID
Fuen : Earth Style: Spears of Stone Line ID
Fuen : This is the finishing blow! Line ID
Sai : Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll Line ID
Fuen : Spears of Stone! Line ID
Fuen : He got away. Line ID
Fuen : I can't believe he made
a fool of me.
Line ID
Fuen : Well, he might just be
on the right track
Line ID
Fuen : since he was actually able
to outmaneuver me.
Line ID
Danzo Shimura : This isn't the time to be
standing guard over an old man.
Line ID
Shizune : A night transmission?! Line ID
Tsunade : What's that? Line ID
Shizune : It's an owl.
Is it a Blakiston's fish owl?
Line ID
Tsunade : I want to know what an owl
is doing here!
Line ID
Shizune : Oh! It's an urgent report from
the Fire Temple.
Line ID
Shizune : It seems Team Kakashi,
in pursuit of the grave robbers,
Line ID
Shizune : has been caught in an enemy trap. Line ID
Tsunade : Why didn't you say that sooner?! Line ID
EXTRA : I took care of one of them. Line ID
Fuen : Unlike your opponent,
mine was a kid with some fight in him.
Line ID
EXTRA : Did he get away? Line ID
Fuen : This is the perfect labyrinth
I have created.
Line ID
Fuen : There's pretty much
no way to get out alive.
Line ID
EXTRA : I wonder. Line ID
Fuen : This is just a precursor
of the traps to come.
Line ID
Fuen : Maybe I'll give them a round
of applause
Line ID
Fuen : if they are able to escape
from my traps.
Line ID
Sakura Haruno : This smell... It's sulfur. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : It doesn't seem to be poisonous. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : Sai! Line ID
Sai : Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll Line ID
Sakura Haruno : Sai! Line ID
Sakura Haruno : Sai, don't move! Line ID
Sakura Haruno : You've got a broken bone. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : This is going to hurt a bit,
but tough it out.
Line ID
Sakura Haruno : That should do it!
Now for the spider poison.
Line ID
Sakura Haruno : It's of low toxicity,
so you don't need to worry.
Line ID
Sakura Haruno : I'll neutralize the poison right away. Line ID
Sai : Umm...were you moved? Line ID
Sakura Haruno : Huh? Line ID
Sai : You were moved, weren't you? Line ID
Sai : That's why you're doing this... Line ID
Sakura Haruno : What're you talking about?! Line ID
Sakura Haruno : "Recommendations
for Self-Sacrifice"?!
Line ID
Sai : Yes. In order to create better
personal connections,
Line ID
Sai : with women in particular... Line ID
Sai : it says it's effective to lay down
your life for someone.
Line ID
Sai : Maybe I'll try this with Naruto, too. Line ID
Sakura Haruno : What? Line ID
Sakura Haruno : Knock it off! Line ID
Fuka : Now that you've made me angry,
your luck has run out, boy.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Now you're serious?! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : That's what I want! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Okay, bring it on. Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Can you kiss all of us at once? Line ID
Fuka : Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu! Line ID
Fuka : You're just a boy, after all. Line ID
Fuka : Now, I wonder where the real one
is hiding.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Did I get her? Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : What?! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Damn it! What's going on? Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : And here,
I'm sure I felt like I hit something.
Line ID
Fuka : Earth Style: Hidden in Stones Jutsu! Line ID
Fuka : It appears you've got
some fight in you.
Line ID
Fuka : Now I want your wind Chakra
even more.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Are you immortal? Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : No way can you be unharmed
after getting hit by my Rasengan.
Line ID
Fuka : Your attacks are still too soft. Line ID
Fuka : More importantly, this time for sure
you will receive my kiss of death.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : I won't let you do that so easily! Line ID
Fuka : First, I'll make it so
you can't talk back.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Shadow Clone Jutsu! Line ID
Fuka : Oh, my. No artfulness at all.
More Shadow Clones?
Line ID
Fuka : Then I'll go with... Line ID
Fuka : Water Style! Mouth of the Serpent! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : What?! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : She has earth, fire and water
Chakra natures.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : She's got three of them? Line ID
Fuka : Lighting Style: Earth Flash! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : What?! Lightning?! Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : She's got four Chakra natures! Line ID
Sora : What the heck is that?! Line ID
Sora : Who're you?! Line ID
Furido : So you're Sora, huh?
I missed you.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Damn it.
Mysteries of the female body, my foot.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Hair is the most important thing
to a woman, my foot!
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : I don't want to know anything
about stuff like that.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : At any rate, earth, fire, water,
lightning, wind...
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : She has all of the Chakra properties. Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : But I'll do my best with
my Wind Style.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Now I'll show the fruits
of my training!
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Hey, wait a minute. Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : I still haven't learned
any Wind Style Jutsu.
Line ID
Naruto Uzumaki : Next time: "Contact"

Line ID
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You should not carve them up
or tear them out by the roots.

Oda Nobunaga
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