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Sebastian Michaelis : If you once reject the Faith, (0:00:06.54)
Sebastian Michaelis : you can never pass
through the gates of heaven.
Ciel Phantomhive : Would someone who
believes in God summon you?
Sebastian Michaelis : I'll ask you again: do you
wish to make a contract?
Ciel Phantomhive : Don't be tedious! (0:00:28.69)
Ciel Phantomhive : Just execute the contract and grant my wish! (0:00:30.19)
Sebastian Michaelis : It's time to wake up, young master. (0:02:32.56)
Sebastian Michaelis : Today's breakfast is
poached salmon and mint salad.
Sebastian Michaelis : To go with it, we have either
toast, scones, or pain de campagne.
Sebastian Michaelis : What would you like? (0:02:55.71)
Ciel Phantomhive : A scone. (0:02:57.05)
Sebastian Michaelis : After breakfast is a visit from Mr. Hugues, (0:02:58.47)
Sebastian Michaelis : the authority on the history
of the Roman Empire,
Sebastian Michaelis : and Mr. Damiano of the Poseidon
Company will be here after lunch.
Ciel Phantomhive : Ah, yes, the man I have manufacturing
stuffed animals at that factory in India?
Sebastian Michaelis : I'm told he's Italian. (0:03:12.77)
Sebastian Michaelis : We will prepare to offer him
the utmost possible hospitality.
Ciel Phantomhive : This aroma... Earl Grey? (0:03:20.49)
Sebastian Michaelis : Yes, from Jacksons of Piccadilly. (0:03:23.57)
Sebastian Michaelis : I shall await you at the dining table. (0:03:27.83)
Sebastian Michaelis : Yes, my lord? (0:03:39.13)
Sebastian Michaelis : Let's save the games for later. (0:03:43.09)
Ciel Phantomhive : Indeed, you're right, Sebastian. (0:03:48.64)
Ciel Phantomhive : My butler is an able man. (0:03:55.48)
Finnian : Ouch! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! (0:04:02.24)
Finnian : Wh-What was that for all of a sudden?! (0:04:06.58)
Ciel Phantomhive : Actually, you should have seen that coming. (0:04:09.29)
Sebastian Michaelis : Finny. (0:04:13.54)
Sebastian Michaelis : Have you finished weeding the courtyard? (0:04:15.00)
Sebastian Michaelis : Mey-Rin, have you washed the sheets? (0:04:18.13)
Mey Rin : Um... (0:04:21.30)
Sebastian Michaelis : Baldo, weren't you supposed
to be preparing for dinner?
Bardroy : Damn. (0:04:26.01)
Sebastian Michaelis : Tanaka... (0:04:27.18)
Sebastian Michaelis : Well, you're all right as you are. (0:04:30.02)
Sebastian Michaelis : Everyone, if you have the time
to dawdle about here,
Sebastian Michaelis : use it to do your jobs! (0:04:40.28)
Mey Rin : Yes, Sir! (0:04:44.40)
Sebastian Michaelis : Honestly... (0:04:46.11)
Sebastian Michaelis : The silver is polished to a mirrorlike gloss, (0:05:07.93)
Sebastian Michaelis : the tablecloth is brand new and wrinkle-free... (0:05:11.93)
Sebastian Michaelis : I've removed all the bruised blossoms (0:05:17.31)
Sebastian Michaelis : from the master's favorite white
roses so that they look beautiful...
Sebastian Michaelis : And I've prepared lavish amounts of
all the carefully-chosen ingredients
Sebastian Michaelis : for the cornerstone of good hospitality: dinner. (0:05:26.36)
Sebastian Michaelis : This is the first-class
hospitality of the Phantomhives.
Sebastian Michaelis : My goodness, calling for me when I'm so busy... (0:05:38.71)
Bardroy : Are guests comin'? (0:05:41.75)
Bardroy : This is our chance! (0:05:44.34)
Bardroy : We won't let him keep
lookin' down on us like this!
Bardroy : We'll provide above-and-beyond service (0:05:49.09)
Bardroy : that'll make Sebastian's jaw drop! (0:05:53.56)
Bardroy : No point in lettin' your own jaws drop. (0:05:56.73)
Mey Rin : But that's a good idea, yes! (0:05:58.60)
Finnian : Right, we can't just depend
on Sebastian for everything!
Bardroy : All right then, time to form our strategy! (0:06:03.90)
Bardroy : Let's do it! (0:06:06.45)
Ciel Phantomhive : I'm hungry. I want to eat something sweet. (0:06:10.12)
Sebastian Michaelis : You shouldn't, young master.
You have dinner with your guest tonight.
Ciel Phantomhive : I don't care. Make me a parfait or something. (0:06:18.08)
Sebastian Michaelis : You really should not. (0:06:20.96)
Ciel Phantomhive : Oh, and about the portrait in the hall... (0:06:22.84)
Sebastian Michaelis : Yes? (0:06:25.84)
Ciel Phantomhive : Take it down. (0:06:27.01)
Ciel Phantomhive : I, Ciel Phantomhive,
am the head of the house now.
Sebastian Michaelis : Very good, my lord. (0:06:40.65)
Sebastian Michaelis : So... (0:06:44.19)
Sebastian Michaelis : exactly did this come about? (0:06:45.94)
Finnian : I used undiluted weed-killer.
I thought it would be effective!
Mey Rin : I was trying to get out
the tea set we use for guests,
Mey Rin : but I fell and took the cart down with me! (0:06:56.12)
Bardroy : There was some raw meat on the counter, (0:06:58.33)
Bardroy : so I figured I'd cook it...
uh, with a flamethrower...
Finnian : We're sorry, Sebastian! (0:07:07.55)
Mey Rin : We're sorry, Sebastian! (0:07:07.55)
Bardroy : --But see, raw meat is...
--Our guest will be here a bit after six o'clock.
Sebastian Michaelis : --But see, raw meat is...
--Our guest will be here a bit after six o'clock.
Sebastian Michaelis : --Our guest will be here a bit after six o'clock. (0:07:12.01)
Sebastian Michaelis : At most, we have two hours left. (0:07:14.26)
Sebastian Michaelis : We don't have enough time to
get high-quality meat or tea sets...
Sebastian Michaelis : What shall I do? (0:07:21.94)
Sebastian Michaelis : Calm down, all of you! (0:07:23.65)
Sebastian Michaelis : Now listen to me: take a page
from Tanaka's book and behave like--
Sebastian Michaelis : Everyone, listen carefully to what
I'm about to say, and act immediately.
Sebastian Michaelis : We'll manage with this. (0:07:39.62)
Damian : My goodness... (0:07:53.68)
Finnian : Welcome! (0:08:00.27)
Sebastian Michaelis : This is called a "stone garden."
It's traditional in Japan.
Damian : Prodigioso! Wonderful!
What an elegant garden.
Sebastian Michaelis : We would like to serve dinner here tonight. (0:08:11.95)
Sebastian Michaelis : Please wait inside
the manor until it is time to dine.
Damian : That's the house of Phantomhive for you.
I can't wait until this evening!
Bardroy : W-We made it in time! (0:08:31.80)
Finnian : Who'd have thought the gravel
I rushed out to buy
Finnian : would make such a great garden?! (0:08:35.89)
Sebastian Michaelis : A Phantomhive butler who can't
do this much isn't worth his salt.
Sebastian Michaelis : There's still work to be done. (0:08:43.64)
Sebastian Michaelis : Let's get to it while the young master
is talking business with his guest.
Finnian : Right! (0:08:49.65)
Damian : The progress of spinning technology
in East India is truly astonishing.
Damian : We're also developing quite a top-notch staff... (0:08:59.24)
Ciel Phantomhive : "You are bewitched by the eyes of the dead." (0:09:02.12)
Ciel Phantomhive : Rotten luck. I lose a turn. (0:09:04.16)
Damian : Now is the perfect opportunity! (0:09:08.17)
Damian : We'd like to expand our
company and secure a labor force--
Ciel Phantomhive : It's your turn. (0:09:13.76)
Damian : Ah, yes, then if you'll excuse me... (0:09:15.97)
Damian : All right, five spaces. (0:09:22.93)
Damian : So, if I might ask for your support in
the form of another 12,000 pounds...
Damian : I believe it would be a profitable
venture for you, my lord.
Damian : I would like to become a vehicle
for the Funtom Company
Damian : to make an even bigger name
for itself in South Asia--
Ciel Phantomhive : "You lose a leg in the enchanted forest." (0:09:39.82)
Damian : Huh? (0:09:42.29)
Ciel Phantomhive : It's your turn again. I lost a turn, remember? (0:09:43.20)
Damian : O-Oh, quite. (0:09:47.12)
Damian : Right, six... (0:09:52.92)
Ciel Phantomhive : No, that's three. (0:09:55.05)
Damian : What? But... (0:09:57.01)
Ciel Phantomhive : You lost a leg, remember? (0:09:58.59)
Ciel Phantomhive : From now on, you can only
go half the number of spaces.
Damian : This is quite a severe boardgame. (0:10:04.85)
Damian : Isn't there any way to regain my leg? (0:10:07.89)
Ciel Phantomhive : Once you've lost something,
you never get it back.
Ciel Phantomhive : "Your body is burnt by the raging flames." (0:10:21.07)
Sebastian Michaelis : How are the preparations? (0:10:43.85)
Bardroy : I'm doin' it... but is this really good enough? (0:10:44.76)
Sebastian Michaelis : Yes, that's perfect. (0:10:48.64)
Mey Rin : Sebastian! I found them, yes! (0:10:50.73)
Sebastian Michaelis : I can't believe you... (0:11:00.74)
Sebastian Michaelis : How many times have I told
you not to run inside the manor?
Mey Rin : I'm so sorry, yes! (0:11:06.70)
Mey Rin : My glasses are cracked, and I
can't really see where I'm going!
Sebastian Michaelis : But now we don't have to
worry about the key players.
Sebastian Michaelis : Good work. Leave the rest
to me and take a break.
Sebastian Michaelis : I request you behave very well-- very well. (0:11:19.72)
Bardroy : He said it twice... (0:11:24.14)
Finnian : He just said that twice. (0:11:25.26)
Sebastian Michaelis : Dinner is served. (0:11:31.10)
Damian : Ah, the dinner in the stone garden?
I've been eagerly awaiting it.
Ciel Phantomhive : Then we'll finish playing later. (0:11:38.94)
Damian : I'm not sure we need to finish it;
it's clear that I'll lose.
Ciel Phantomhive : It's not my style to abandon
a game halfway through.
Damian : Child. (0:11:50.66)
Damian : I mean, the flexible heart of a
child is required of a craftsman.
Damian : That must be what made the
Phantomhives the nation's foremost toymakers.
Damian : You certainly impress me! (0:12:03.22)
Sebastian Michaelis : On tonight's menu is a finely-chopped
raw beef donburi from our chef Baldroy.
Damian : "Don"...? (0:12:13.90)
Damian : And this is... dinner...? (0:12:18.69)
Sebastian Michaelis : Yes. Are you familiar with it? (0:12:21.86)
Sebastian Michaelis : A traditional cuisine passed down
in Japan since ancient times!
Sebastian Michaelis : A treat offered to someone
who has done work of note
Sebastian Michaelis : as a sign of gratitude and appreciation! (0:12:29.99)
Sebastian Michaelis : That is the food we call the donburi bowl! (0:12:32.91)
Damian : I'm bowled over! (0:12:37.21)
Sebastian Michaelis : We devised this scheme to show
but a small token of our thanks
Sebastian Michaelis : for your devoted efforts on
behalf of the Funtom Company.
Finnian : That's our Sebastian! (0:12:46.59)
Bardroy : Nice save! (0:12:48.56)
Damian : What a unique idea! (0:12:51.52)
Damian : That's the legendary first-rate
Phantomhive hospitality for you!
Sebastian Michaelis : We've prepared a wine whose bouquet
won't clash with the scent of soy sauce.
Sebastian Michaelis : Mey-Rin. (0:13:02.61)
Sebastian Michaelis : --Mey-Rin!
--Y-Yes, Sir!
Mey Rin : --Mey-Rin!
--Y-Yes, Sir!
Sebastian Michaelis : Don't just stand there;
pour him a glass of wine.
Mey Rin : R-Right! Yes! (0:13:10.74)
Bardroy : Hey... (0:13:12.83)
Bardroy : Isn't Mey-Rin actin' kinda weird? (0:13:14.29)
Mey Rin : S-S-Sebastian, you shouldn't
make that face in public...
Mey Rin : That face... that face...! (0:13:22.42)
Finnian : Mey-Rin, you're spilling the wine! (0:13:27.55)
Damian : Hmm? Where did the tablecloth go? (0:13:56.62)
Ciel Phantomhive : I saw a speck of dirt on the
tablecloth, so I had it removed.
Ciel Phantomhive : Please pay no mind. (0:14:04.51)
Sebastian Michaelis : My deepest apologies, Sir.
Please take your time and enjoy your dinner.
Damian : Well... I'm staggered, Lord Phantomhive. (0:14:13.52)
Damian : What a truly able man he is. (0:14:16.77)
Ciel Phantomhive : He merely did what was proper as my servant. (0:14:19.10)
Sebastian Michaelis : My master is quite right. You see,
I am merely one hell of a butler.
Damian : My, I thoroughly enjoyed that! (0:14:32.16)
Damian : Now then, about the contract... (0:14:35.37)
Ciel Phantomhive : Before that, we must finish our game. (0:14:37.41)
Damian : A-Ah, quite. But I'm afraid I
have another appointment to go to...
Ciel Phantomhive : Children are avid for games. (0:14:46.13)
Ciel Phantomhive : You know that as well as I do. (0:14:48.97)
Damian : In that case, might I ask to borrow
your telephone for a moment first?
Sebastian Michaelis : I've brought tea. (0:14:59.85)
Damian : I'll be right back. (0:15:02.15)
Ciel Phantomhive : What is this? The aroma is so weak. (0:15:05.61)
Sebastian Michaelis : I brought Italian tea in deference to our guest. (0:15:08.78)
Ciel Phantomhive : Italian tea? (0:15:12.28)
Sebastian Michaelis : In Italy coffee is the mainstream drink, (0:15:13.62)
Sebastian Michaelis : so it's difficult to find high-quality teas there. (0:15:16.33)
Sebastian Michaelis : It's not to your liking, my lord? (0:15:19.79)
Ciel Phantomhive : No. I don't like it at all. (0:15:23.29)
Sebastian Michaelis : I'll go prepare the pudding. (0:15:28.63)
Ciel Phantomhive : Yes, let him enjoy the Phantomhive
hospitality to its fullest.
Sebastian Michaelis : Yes, my lord. (0:15:39.18)
Damian : Christ, I can't stand babysitting! (0:15:49.94)
Damian : Yes, the factory is long since sold off. (0:15:52.82)
Damian : Now I just need to pocket all the
cash I swindle out of that brat...
Damian : The employees? Who cares about them? (0:16:01.25)
Damian : Never mind... Anyway, I'll leave
the rest of the formalities to you.
Damian : Sure, it's no problem. (0:16:12.72)
Damian : In the end, he's just a kid. (0:16:16.39)
Damian : That again... It must be my imagination. (0:16:43.21)
Ciel Phantomhive : "You are bewitched by the eyes of the dead." (0:16:47.63)
Damian : Ridiculous. (0:16:53.38)
Damian : Huh? (0:16:59.93)
Damian : This isn't it either... (0:17:04.44)
Damian : Or this one... (0:17:06.98)
Damian : This mansion is huge! I can't find
my way back to the drawing room.
Ciel Phantomhive : "You are bewitched by the eyes of the dead." (0:17:13.19)
Damian : Stay away! (0:17:26.83)
Finnian : Huh? Wasn't that our guest? (0:17:29.34)
Bardroy : Hey! If we don't move this thing
quick, Sebastian'll yell at us again!
Finnian : Right! (0:17:35.97)
Mey Rin : Oh, I'm so embarrassed! I really bungled that! (0:17:40.26)
Mey Rin : But... (0:17:45.69)
Mey Rin : I got to be so close to Sebastian... (0:17:47.44)
Mey Rin : Oh, how shameful! I'm such a lecherous maid! (0:17:50.36)
Ciel Phantomhive : Lose a turn. (0:17:57.28)
Mey Rin : A-Are you all right?! (0:18:08.04)
Mey Rin : His... His leg is twisted the wrong way, yes! (0:18:11.42)
Bardroy : Hey, what's wrong? (0:18:15.97)
Mey Rin : O-Our guest...! (0:18:17.22)
Ciel Phantomhive : "You lose a leg in the enchanted forest." (0:18:21.39)
Mey Rin : S-Sir...? (0:18:29.44)
Sebastian Michaelis : Where are you going, Sir? (0:18:39.82)
Sebastian Michaelis : We aren't finished entertaining you yet. (0:18:43.28)
Sebastian Michaelis : We still have to serve pudding. (0:18:46.25)
Sebastian Michaelis : If you lose a leg you can only go
half the number of spaces anyway,
Sebastian Michaelis : so why not relax and make yourself at home? (0:18:54.00)
Damian : Damn, I can't see a thing... (0:19:04.97)
Damian : A cupboard? (0:19:13.65)
Damian : Damn... It's so cramped in here! (0:19:24.41)
Damian : What's this? (0:19:28.87)
Damian : It smells sweet... (0:19:30.83)
Sebastian Michaelis : What an impatient guest you are. (0:19:37.34)
Sebastian Michaelis : To think you would try to get
at the pudding in the oven...
Damian : O-Oven?! (0:19:44.39)
Damian : Open up! Please, open the door! (0:19:46.01)
Sebastian Michaelis : Don't Italians know? (0:19:51.89)
Sebastian Michaelis : Plum pudding, mincemeat pie... (0:19:55.31)
Sebastian Michaelis : There are many puddings here in
England that contain animal fat.
Ciel Phantomhive : "Your body is burnt by the raging flames." (0:20:06.08)
Bardroy : What was that scream? (0:20:13.33)
Finnian : No idea... (0:20:14.83)
Finnian : Oh, hi Sebastian! (0:20:16.59)
Sebastian Michaelis : Thank you for your work today. (0:20:18.38)
Sebastian Michaelis : Would you like some lemon meringue pie? (0:20:20.42)
Sebastian Michaelis : Sweet things relieve fatigue. (0:20:24.01)
Bardroy : --Sebastian! You're such a nice person!
--Sebastian! You're not all bad! I'm so moved!
Finnian : --Sebastian! You're such a nice person!
--Sebastian! You're not all bad! I'm so moved!
Sebastian Michaelis : Ah, yes, Baldo--
a tradesman will be coming by later.
Sebastian Michaelis : Have him replace the oven in the kitchen. (0:20:36.81)
Bardroy : Huh? The oven? (0:20:40.40)
Sebastian Michaelis : Mr. Damiano, I hope you
enjoyed the Phantomhive hospitality
Sebastian Michaelis : down to the very marrow of your bones. (0:20:49.33)
Damian : Mamma mia! (0:20:53.62)
Ciel Phantomhive : What an ugly scream. He sounds like a strangled pig. (0:20:58.79)
Ciel Phantomhive : He sells the factory without telling me, (0:21:03.88)
Ciel Phantomhive : and then says he wants
to "secure a labor force"?
Ciel Phantomhive : Did he really think he could keep
that a secret? That stupid trickster...
Ciel Phantomhive : Once you've lost something,
you never get it back.
Sebastian Michaelis : It looks as though we'll have
to redo the wallpaper as well.
EXTRA : Father! Mother! (0:21:55.02)
Sebastian Michaelis : The head of the house of Phantomhive, eh? (0:22:13.91)
Sebastian Michaelis : The young master is also known by
another name: "the Queen's guard dog."
Sebastian Michaelis : That small body houses plenty of fight. (0:24:03.10)
Sebastian Michaelis : Please enjoy the valiant figure of him (0:24:05.69)
Sebastian Michaelis : suffering excruciating pain at
the hands of a drug trafficking ring
Sebastian Michaelis : with a smirk on your face
and a cup of tea in one hand.
Sebastian Michaelis : Also, don't miss my brilliant
display of silverware handling,
Sebastian Michaelis : upon which I will stake my honor
as butler to the Phantomhives.
Sebastian Michaelis : Next time on Black Butler: "His Butler, Strongest." (0:24:20.12)

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