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Masataka Takayanagi : That day... It all started that day. (00:01:34.524)
Masataka Takayanagi : One day in my second year \n as a student at Todo Academy... (00:01:40.594)
Masataka Takayanagi : Nothing special... (00:01:44.364)
Masataka Takayanagi : Cherry blossoms, \n enough to make me dizzy... (00:01:48.804)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...added color to \n the campus in a flurry... (00:01:50.704)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...falling like snow \n onto the main field. (00:01:53.004)
Maya Natsume : Takayanagi! (00:02:20.134)
Masataka Takayanagi : I'm sorry, captain! \n I kept you waiting... (00:02:30.144)
Maya Natsume : You're late! (00:02:33.344)
Masataka Takayanagi : My class has extra long \n homeroom sessions... (00:02:35.184)
Masataka Takayanagi : So is she here already? (00:02:37.984)
Masataka Takayanagi : Our long-anticipated new member, \n the captain's younger sister. (00:02:40.794)
Maya Natsume : Hmph! (00:02:44.294)
Masataka Takayanagi : I'm looking forward \n to this very much... (00:02:46.094)
Masataka Takayanagi : What's she like? (00:02:47.564)
Masataka Takayanagi : Is she really strong, \n just like you, captain? (00:02:49.264)
Maya Natsume : Hmm. (00:02:51.104)
Maya Natsume : Well, from my viewpoint, \n she still has a way to go... (00:02:52.064)
Bob Makihara : So this is Todo Academy... \n our playground. (00:02:57.674)
Nagi Souichiro : If we can take over this school, \n it'll be our 100th. (00:03:01.074)
Nagi Souichiro : A good milestone. (00:03:04.214)
Bob Makihara : But... (00:03:05.384)
Bob Makihara : ...this place isn't like \n what we've faced before. (00:03:06.884)
Nagi Souichiro : That's why it's going to be fun. (00:03:09.254)
Nagi Souichiro : The tougher the opponent, \n the better. (00:03:11.384)
Nagi Souichiro : In any case, no matter who \n we're against, we just kill 'em all... (00:03:14.494)
Nagi Souichiro : ...and put this school \n under our power! (00:03:17.794)
Masataka Takayanagi : And, you know, is your sister \n really pretty, just like you, captain? (00:03:19.794)
Maya Natsume : I don't know about that... (00:03:24.234)
Maya Natsume : From my viewpoint, \n she's still a child. (00:03:25.634)
Masataka Takayanagi : Are you sure? (00:03:28.074)
Nagi Souichiro : We can rule them out. (00:03:30.374)
Nagi Souichiro : Even though I said we're gonna kill \n 'em all, I can't take on kids and wimps. (00:03:32.104)
Bob Makihara : Well, you have a point... (00:03:36.014)
Maya Natsume : In any case, \n don't expect too much. (00:03:42.314)
Maya Natsume : After all... (00:03:46.024)
Maya Natsume : ...she's basically a child \n who's wet her bed until recently. (00:03:47.054)
Masataka Takayanagi : Oh, come on... (00:03:49.424)
Masataka Takayanagi : It was as shocking as getting \n an electrode stabbed into my brain... (00:04:30.094)
Masataka Takayanagi : A feeling much like \n the chills you get... (00:04:34.404)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...when a file rakes \n against your entire body... (00:04:37.044)
Masataka Takayanagi : The pressure felt like my heart was \n being crushed by bare hands. (00:04:39.244)
Masataka Takayanagi : A-Amazing. (00:04:42.914)
Masataka Takayanagi : That was when \n time stopped for me. (00:04:47.154)
Masataka Takayanagi : I couldn't move away \n from her eyes. (00:04:51.424)
Bob Makihara : Well then, as usual, \n we'll go in order. (00:04:57.364)
Nagi Souichiro : Yeah, we're gonna crush the senior \n classes, starting with class A. (00:05:00.194)
Aya Natsume : Oh, you were here, sis? (00:05:06.204)
Maya Natsume : Yes, let me introduce you. (00:05:08.834)
Maya Natsume : This is Masataka Takayanagi, \n 11 th grade. He's senior to you. (00:05:11.044)
Aya Natsume : Oh. I'm Aya Natsume. \n Nice to meet you. (00:05:15.514)
Maya Natsume : Hey! \n Say something, Takayanagi! (00:05:21.954)
Masataka Takayanagi : T-The pleasure is all mine. (00:05:26.954)
Maya Natsume : Hmm? (00:05:29.724)
Maya Natsume : All right. \n Since this is the first day... (00:05:34.234)
Maya Natsume : ...we'll start practice tomorrow. (00:05:36.094)
Maya Natsume : For a welcoming party, \n I suggest we go to a karaoke place! (00:05:38.964)
Masataka Takayanagi : That's a wonderful idea! (00:05:43.004)
Aya Natsume : Sis, I'm going to go \n wash the sweat off. (00:05:44.374)
Masataka Takayanagi : Sweat... (00:05:49.674)
Maya Natsume : You're off guard! (00:05:51.744)
Masataka Takayanagi : Senpai, y-you know \n that's against the rules... (00:05:53.214)
EXTRA : What kinda first-years are you!? (00:06:06.864)
EXTRA : Do you guys know \n what you're doing!? (00:06:09.694)
Nagi Souichiro : Yeah, I know. (00:06:12.104)
Nagi Souichiro : Because we ditched \n the entrance ceremonies... (00:06:14.434)
Nagi Souichiro : is OUR \n entrance ceremony! (00:06:17.974)
Nagi Souichiro : I'm Souichiro Nagi. (00:06:22.414)
Bob Makihara : Bob Makihara. (00:06:24.944)
Nagi Souichiro : This school, as of today, \n will be ruled by us, Knuckle Bomb. (00:06:26.244)
Nagi Souichiro : If you have a problem with that, \n step up right now. (00:06:31.154)
Nagi Souichiro : It doesn't matter if you're \n a first-year or a third-year. (00:06:33.724)
Nagi Souichiro : I'll kill you all! (00:06:37.994)
Maya Natsume : You seem very happy, \n Takayanagi. (00:06:47.534)
Masataka Takayanagi : Eh? (00:06:49.704)
Masataka Takayanagi : Well... (00:06:50.544)
Masataka Takayanagi : We, the Juken Club, are by far \n the weakest martial arts club. (00:06:53.274)
Masataka Takayanagi : It's no doubt that the more \n strong people we have, the better! (00:06:58.014)
Masataka Takayanagi : To serve our purpose... (00:07:01.914)
Maya Natsume : Our purpose, huh... (00:07:03.554)
Maya Natsume : Hmph! (00:07:05.884)
Maya Natsume : I'll let it go as that. (00:07:07.054)
Masataka Takayanagi : No, I really mean it! (00:07:09.524)
EXTRA : Oh, there you are, \n Miss Natsume... (00:07:11.564)
EXTRA : I'm sorry to interrupt \n your club activities... (00:07:15.464)
EXTRA : ...but can you come by \n right now, Miss Natsume? (00:07:16.964)
EXTRA : It's something \n we can't handle. (00:07:19.004)
EXTRA : It's those guys... They suddenly \n picked a fight with us. (00:07:23.234)
EXTRA : It's a huge mess! (00:07:26.574)
EXTRA : Dammit, \n what are they thinking!? (00:07:28.574)
Masataka Takayanagi : Pretty amazing... \n Those two did all this? (00:07:33.314)
Maya Natsume : Hmm. A rather feisty pair. (00:07:36.254)
Maya Natsume : Boys, we can see very well \n that you're powerful. (00:07:44.764)
Maya Natsume : Now hold back those fists. (00:07:48.264)
Maya Natsume : If you don't, I will \n have to face you myself... (00:07:50.534)
Maya Natsume : Let me tell you... \n I'm rather strong. (00:07:57.034)
Nagi Souichiro : Bob, a mysterious grade-school girl \n speaking like a grandpa... (00:08:01.944)
Nagi Souichiro : picking a fight with me. (00:08:04.584)
Nagi Souichiro : What should I do? (00:08:06.444)
Bob Makihara : I dunno. (00:08:08.284)
Maya Natsume : I may look like that, \n but I'm 17 years old! (00:08:09.314)
Maya Natsume : Ah, well. (00:08:12.024)
Maya Natsume : If you say the appearance \n is bothering you... (00:08:13.724)
Maya Natsume : ...I'll make it \n a little easier for you. (00:08:16.394)
EXTRA : Here it comes! \n Oh, the moment (00:08:22.494)
Maya Natsume : Senior at Todo Academy... (00:08:32.404)
Maya Natsume : ...full master of the Natsume \n Goushin Style, Maya Natsume is here! (00:08:34.644)
Nagi Souichiro : Bob, when that grade-school girl \n turns into a voluptuous chick... (00:08:39.784)
Nagi Souichiro : ...that seems to work in \n a sketchy pub, what should I do? (00:08:43.884)
Bob Makihara : Dunno! (00:08:48.054)
Bob Makihara : Tei, Tei! (00:08:49.094)
Maya Natsume : Natsume Style tough \n chi training, number 23... (00:08:50.124)
Maya Natsume : Physical control of this level \n is a piece of cake... (00:08:53.124)
Maya Natsume : ...for a master of my caliber! (00:08:55.534)
Maya Natsume : I'm rather busy today... (00:08:59.134)
Maya Natsume : I'm sorry, but I will \n end this very quickly. (00:09:01.574)
Maya Natsume : Whoa... She did it! \n O-Oh no, I made a mistake (00:09:18.124)
Bob Makihara : Don't worry. (00:09:23.394)
Bob Makihara : He's not wimpy enough to croak \n just from falling from this height. (00:09:25.164)
Maya Natsume : That's not it! (00:09:28.494)
Maya Natsume : What surprised me... (00:09:29.834)
Maya Natsume : If I recall correctly, \n that's the shower room! (00:09:31.464)
Nagi Souichiro : Dammit, that bitch... \n That was so sudden. (00:09:36.704)
Nagi Souichiro : Hmm? (00:09:40.474)
Nagi Souichiro : This is? (00:09:42.814)
Maya Natsume : Aya is currently using \n that shower room! (00:09:49.684)
Masataka Takayanagi : Captain! (00:09:52.554)
Maya Natsume : Takayanagi! (00:09:53.524)
Maya Natsume : Finish off that foreigner! (00:09:54.654)
Bob Makihara : Finish off, was it? (00:09:56.994)
Bob Makihara : W-What did he just do!? (00:10:06.264)
Masataka Takayanagi : You should stop now... (00:10:08.674)
Bob Makihara : That chick and that guy \n named Takayanagi... (00:10:17.614)
Bob Makihara : It looks like it'll take a lot \n of effort to take this place over. (00:10:21.814)
Maya Natsume : Oh, rats, we're too late. (00:10:26.984)
Masataka Takayanagi : Gah! W-W-W-W-What the... (00:10:54.914)
Aya Natsume : Hello, I'm Aya Natsume. \n Nice to meet you. (00:10:57.954)
Aya Natsume : I would like you to marry me. (00:11:03.964)
Nagi Souichiro : HUH!? (00:11:13.134)
Aya Natsume : Please marry me... (00:11:14.034)
Nagi Souichiro : W-What the hell are you!? (00:11:18.544)
Nagi Souichiro : I-Idiot! (00:11:29.854)
Maya Natsume : Aya... (00:11:37.424)
Maya Natsume : Those eyes of yours... \n Are you serious? (00:11:38.694)
Bob Makihara : What's wrong? (00:11:50.134)
Bob Makihara : Aren't we going to kill them \n all in one sweep? (00:11:51.274)
Nagi Souichiro : Shut up! \n I had lots of interruptions today! (00:11:53.574)
Bob Makihara : But nothing less \n from Todo Academy... (00:11:57.414)
Bob Makihara : It looks like we'll have \n more fun than we thought. (00:12:00.144)
Nagi Souichiro : Yeah! (00:12:03.084)
EXTRA : Tenjho Tenge (00:12:06.384)
EXTRA : Tenjho Tenge (00:12:12.394)
EXTRA : - Hajime Tanaka! \n - Here! (00:12:15.934)
EXTRA : - Taro Tsukino! \n - Here! (00:12:17.404)
EXTRA : Souichiro Nagi! (00:12:18.834)
Nagi Souichiro : Yeah... (00:12:20.034)
Nagi Souichiro : Well, I'm glad I'm not \n in class with HER... (00:12:23.134)
Nagi Souichiro : But you know, she's... (00:12:28.644)
Nagi Souichiro : Ugh! (00:12:36.014)
Nagi Souichiro : She took my first kiss! (00:12:37.754)
Aya Natsume : Good morning. (00:12:42.194)
Nagi Souichiro : Huh? (00:12:43.524)
Aya Natsume : So your name is Souichiro Nagi? (00:12:45.794)
Aya Natsume : It's such a wonderful name! (00:12:48.734)
Nagi Souichiro : W-What the hell \n are you doing right there? (00:12:53.604)
Aya Natsume : Actually, I made lunch \n just for you, Lord Souichiro! (00:12:56.604)
Aya Natsume : Now please eat up. (00:13:03.114)
Nagi Souichiro : I-I don't wanna... (00:13:05.414)
Nagi Souichiro : I don't want that!! (00:13:07.414)
EXTRA : Nagi! \n Where are you going!? (00:13:09.654)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro? (00:13:11.224)
Bob Makihara : You didn't have to run away... (00:13:17.254)
Bob Makihara : Well, you've never been the type \n that handled girls well... (00:13:19.624)
Nagi Souichiro : Really, it's nothing but trouble. (00:13:24.204)
Nagi Souichiro : I'm going to start \n taking over this school... (00:13:26.404)
Nagi Souichiro : ...but she's putting me \n out of whack. (00:13:29.074)
Nagi Souichiro : Damn her! (00:13:31.204)
Nagi Souichiro : I have a bad feeling right now... (00:13:34.174)
Aya Natsume : I see. \n You can eat in peace here. (00:13:37.344)
Aya Natsume : Now, please... (00:13:54.194)
Aya Natsume : Your friend can \n join us if he wishes. (00:13:55.694)
Nagi Souichiro : W-What's up with you? \n What are you thinking? (00:13:58.264)
Nagi Souichiro : In the first place, \n why are you wearing a kimono? (00:14:01.734)
Aya Natsume : A girl has to be modest, \n after all. (00:14:04.644)
Aya Natsume : Here, Lord Souichiro. (00:14:06.674)
Aya Natsume : Say "Aah." (00:14:08.744)
Nagi Souichiro : I-I don't wanna! (00:14:11.944)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro! (00:14:14.814)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro! (00:14:16.614)
EXTRA : Infirmary (00:14:18.324)
Nagi Souichiro : Why do I have to hide \n in a place like this? (00:14:20.724)
Nagi Souichiro : Damn her! (00:14:23.794)
Aya Natsume : It's no wonder you didn't \n have an appetite. (00:14:24.994)
Aya Natsume : You weren't feeling well! (00:14:27.534)
Nagi Souichiro : You're kidding... (00:14:28.894)
Aya Natsume : I'll nurse you back to health. (00:14:30.564)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro... (00:14:48.484)
EXTRA : Natsume (00:14:51.954)
Aya Natsume : It's not like you to be thinking \n of something during a match, sis!! (00:14:58.924)
Maya Natsume : It's 100 years too early for you \n to be tossing me around! (00:15:09.134)
Aya Natsume : That hurt... (00:15:11.674)
Maya Natsume : Aya, are you serious? (00:15:13.304)
Aya Natsume : You're so cruel... (00:15:16.144)
Aya Natsume : It's true that I don't have \n talent like you, sis... (00:15:17.884)
Maya Natsume : I'm not talking about the match! (00:15:21.184)
Maya Natsume : "A Natsume girl must \n devote her life... (00:15:23.714)
Maya Natsume : the one she permits \n to see the skin." (00:15:26.054)
Maya Natsume : That rule was set 100 years ago! \n It's stale and moldy. (00:15:29.424)
Maya Natsume : You don't have to \n strictly abide by it! (00:15:33.294)
Aya Natsume : But I heard that both Mother and \n Grandmother got married that way. (00:15:35.734)
Maya Natsume : - Aya! \n - It's all right. Don't worry. (00:15:40.464)
Aya Natsume : - Aya! \n - It's all right. Don't worry. (00:15:40.464)
Aya Natsume : To tell the truth... (00:15:44.604)
Maya Natsume : Huh? (00:15:45.844)
Aya Natsume : Yeah, it's nothing like that. (00:15:46.744)
Aya Natsume : I... When I saw him... (00:15:48.974)
Aya Natsume : My heart felt a slight twitch... (00:15:52.744)
Aya Natsume : And an electrical shock \n raced through my body... (00:15:56.384)
Aya Natsume : And I thought it was finally here. (00:16:02.294)
Maya Natsume : What was? (00:16:04.664)
Aya Natsume : Let's see... (00:16:05.994)
Aya Natsume : How do I put it... (00:16:08.864)
Aya Natsume : Well, I guess you could say... (00:16:10.634)
Aya Natsume : Destiny... I guess. (00:16:12.964)
Maya Natsume : Hmph. (00:16:18.444)
Masataka Takayanagi : That's right... \n Destiny is always cruel. (00:16:19.474)
Masataka Takayanagi : Ma'am, a tanooki \n noodle with egg. (00:16:23.344)
EXTRA : Right up! (00:16:26.044)
Masataka Takayanagi : The cherries had fallen... (00:16:26.844)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...right about when the irises \n bloomed in the school pond. (00:16:28.884)
Masataka Takayanagi : If being dumped on the day \n I fell in love was destiny... (00:16:32.884)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...and everyday life that was \n nothing but annoying to me... (00:16:36.494)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...started to repeat itself... (00:16:40.864)
Masataka Takayanagi : Was this also destiny? (00:16:43.864)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro! (00:17:03.414)
Masataka Takayanagi : Huh? (00:17:04.584)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro! (00:17:07.524)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro, you will eat \n my love-filled lunch today! (00:17:09.524)
Aya Natsume : Even if by force! (00:17:14.494)
Nagi Souichiro : Shut up! (00:17:15.934)
Nagi Souichiro : Each and every day, \n every single day, day after day! (00:17:17.194)
Nagi Souichiro : I told you, I'd rather die \n than eat that thing!! (00:17:22.434)
Aya Natsume : There you go again! (00:17:24.844)
Aya Natsume : It can't hurt for you \n to eat at least one bite! (00:17:26.674)
Nagi Souichiro : - It does hurt! \n - Why? (00:17:30.274)
Aya Natsume : - It does hurt! \n - Why? (00:17:30.274)
Nagi Souichiro : I just feel like it does! (00:17:31.784)
Aya Natsume : It doesn't. (00:17:32.984)
Nagi Souichiro : Oh, shut up. I'm saying it does, \n because it does. (00:17:33.844)
Nagi Souichiro : Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! \n What a disaster. (00:17:40.184)
Nagi Souichiro : Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! \n Please, wait! Lord Souichiro! (00:17:41.194)
Aya Natsume : Please, wait! Lord Souichiro! (00:17:42.494)
Bob Makihara : Sorry about that, man. \n I'll pay for that. (00:17:44.824)
Masataka Takayanagi : He stood behind me, \n yet I didn't notice him... (00:17:48.834)
Masataka Takayanagi : I don't want it! (00:17:51.334)
Masataka Takayanagi : If you're going \n to apologize to me... (00:17:52.734)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...tell him to eat \n Aya's lunch at least once! (00:17:54.434)
Bob Makihara : He's rather innocent... \n He's just being shy. (00:17:57.534)
Bob Makihara : He thinks he's a tough guy... \n Take him with a grain of salt. (00:18:00.944)
EXTRA : Here you go. (00:18:04.844)
Masataka Takayanagi : If you have something to talk \n to me about, hurry up. (00:18:12.584)
Masataka Takayanagi : I don't want to waste \n another second before eating. (00:18:15.224)
Bob Makihara : A question. (00:18:18.894)
Bob Makihara : How many people in this school \n are tougher than you? (00:18:21.864)
Bob Makihara : And who are they? (00:18:25.864)
Bob Makihara : I'm sure that shrimpy girl is one, \n but I don't think she's at the top... (00:18:29.474)
Bob Makihara : It's just a feeling I have... (00:18:34.774)
Bob Makihara : ...but this school seems to be full \n of monsters worse than her. (00:18:36.474)
Bob Makihara : Am I wrong? (00:18:44.284)
Masataka Takayanagi : You know what kind of place \n this school, Todo Academy is, right? (00:18:47.424)
Bob Makihara : Well, the basics, yeah... (00:18:52.164)
Masataka Takayanagi : Tobu School, the school \n that became this academy... (00:18:55.334)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...was created to revive \n the martial arts... (00:18:57.804)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...which had dwindled with \n the collapse of the shogunate. (00:19:02.474)
Masataka Takayanagi : Todo Academy follows \n in the legacy of Tobu School... (00:19:05.644)
Masataka Takayanagi : Well, it's a school built \n to revive the martial arts. (00:19:09.474)
Masataka Takayanagi : Of course there are \n tough people here. (00:19:13.684)
Bob Makihara : So who's at the top, huh? (00:19:17.214)
Masataka Takayanagi : Why are you asking me that? (00:19:21.154)
Nagi Souichiro : We're gonna do 'em... (00:19:23.124)
Nagi Souichiro : ...of course! (00:19:27.264)
Bob Makihara : Nagi, you shook her \n off your tail? (00:19:28.434)
Nagi Souichiro : Somehow. (00:19:31.904)
Masataka Takayanagi : No one here is interested in \n taking over or anything like that. (00:19:33.434)
Masataka Takayanagi : There's no reason for you \n to pick a fight, is there? (00:19:38.774)
Nagi Souichiro : Of course there is, dumbass! (00:19:41.744)
Nagi Souichiro : To be able to fight \n a tough guy is really exciting! (00:19:44.644)
Nagi Souichiro : Don't you get excited? (00:19:49.984)
Nagi Souichiro : I don't know what \n the opponent is like... (00:19:53.154)
Nagi Souichiro : ...but if he's tough, \n that's a reason to fight. (00:19:55.824)
Nagi Souichiro : Isn't that enough? (00:19:59.424)
Masataka Takayanagi : At that point, I realized... (00:20:01.894)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...that my judgment \n of these two had been mistaken. (00:20:04.094)
Nagi Souichiro : Come to think of it... (00:20:08.104)
Nagi Souichiro : ...I have a score to settle \n with you from earlier. (00:20:09.674)
Masataka Takayanagi : The one you have something against \n isn't me, but Miss Maya, no? (00:20:14.074)
Nagi Souichiro : It really doesn't matter \n which, dumbass! (00:20:17.344)
Bob Makihara : Souichiro, even if you're about \n to lose, I'm not going to help you. (00:20:26.354)
Nagi Souichiro : Wha? (00:20:44.544)
Nagi Souichiro : He blocked my punch... \n with half a chopstick!? (00:20:45.374)
Maya Natsume : They're at it already... (00:20:50.514)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro... (00:20:52.144)
Masataka Takayanagi : These two weren't \n just acting tough... (00:20:54.284)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...and pretending to be \n king of the mountain. (00:20:57.384)
Masataka Takayanagi : HAKKA SOUDOUSHOU! (00:21:01.454)
Maya Natsume : Oh, boy... (00:21:09.894)
Maya Natsume : Going full strength against \n basically an amateur... (00:21:11.094)
Maya Natsume : He still has much \n training left to go. (00:21:14.034)
Masataka Takayanagi : Something was \n definitely different... (00:21:16.134)
Masataka Takayanagi : ...from the thugs around town. (00:21:17.634)
Masataka Takayanagi : Ecstasy. (00:21:20.944)
Masataka Takayanagi : These two were hungry for \n the ecstasy one feels in battle. (00:21:23.074)
Maya Natsume : Well, let's have a look... (00:21:28.554)
Maya Natsume : the caliber of the man \n you fell in love with. (00:21:31.254)
Aya Natsume : Lord Souichiro... (00:21:34.384)
EXTRA : Love me more (00:21:43.664)
EXTRA : Love me more (00:21:47.734)
EXTRA : Hey, love me (00:21:51.704)
EXTRA : For the first time, \n I couldn't get to sleep (00:22:01.114)
EXTRA : I want to "see you..." \n right now (00:22:04.924)
EXTRA : The warmth I felt \n when you held me (00:22:09.154)
EXTRA : Keeps on remaining (00:22:13.094)
EXTRA : The love that began that day (00:22:16.894)
EXTRA : Hasn't changed even today (00:22:20.704)
EXTRA : I only want \n to take care of this time (00:22:24.774)
EXTRA : That belongs only to the two of us (00:22:28.744)
EXTRA : Love me more (00:22:33.044)
EXTRA : Love me more (00:22:36.954)
EXTRA : Hey, love me more (00:22:40.884)
EXTRA : Look at only me (00:22:45.524)
EXTRA : Love me more (00:22:48.694)
EXTRA : Love me more (00:22:52.704)
EXTRA : Hey, love me more (00:22:56.474)
EXTRA : More (00:23:01.204)
EXTRA : I only love you! (00:23:03.544)

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