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EXTRA : Year 70 of the Cosmic Era. (0:00:08.47)
EXTRA : Due to the Bloody Valentine tragedy... (0:00:10.70)
EXTRA : ...tensions between Earth and the PLANTs... (0:00:13.14)
EXTRA : ...quickly developed
into a full-fledged armed conflict.
EXTRA : No one doubted that the larger Earth Forces
would be victorious...
EXTRA : ...but these early predictions
proved to be wrong.
EXTRA : Almost eleven months passed
since the war began, with no end in sight.
Kira Yamato : Athrun? (0:00:46.91)
Athrun Zala : Kira? (0:00:49.14)
Murrue Ramius : Get behind the seat! (0:01:09.70)
Murrue Ramius : The machine, at least...
Even I should be able to move it.
Kira Yamato : Athrun? (0:01:26.31)
Kira Yamato : No. That's not possible! (0:01:28.22)
Kira Yamato : Gun... dam. (0:01:37.66)
EXTRA : A Level 8 evacuation order has
been issued for all of Heliopolis.
EXTRA : Residents are to make their way
to the closest shelter at once.
EXTRA : What's going on? (0:03:57.03)
EXTRA : - Where are the shelters?!
- Can't go! Try this route!
EXTRA : There are more? (0:04:08.84)
Miguel Aiman : Athrun! (0:04:11.45)
Athrun Zala : Rusty failed! (0:04:12.55)
Miguel Aiman : What? (0:04:14.18)
Athrun Zala : An officer of the Earth Forces
has boarded the other machine.
Kira Yamato : Sai! Tolle! Kuzzey! (0:04:29.50)
Miguel Aiman : Then I'll capture that machine! (0:04:42.31)
Miguel Aiman : You go ahead and leave here with that! (0:04:44.51)
Athrun Zala : Kira? No, it can't be! (0:04:51.05)
Athrun Zala : There's no way he could've been there. (0:04:53.79)
Murrue Ramius : Stay back! Do you wanna die?! (0:05:11.47)
Kira Yamato : I'm sorry! (0:05:13.71)
Miguel Aiman : What? (0:05:32.13)
Kira Yamato : This mobile suit... (0:05:33.83)
Miguel Aiman : Damn! What's going on?
What's with this armor?!
Athrun Zala : They're equipped with phase-shift armor. (0:05:42.10)
Athrun Zala : Once activated, a GINN's saber
is useless against it!
Miguel Aiman : You get outta here now! (0:06:02.59)
Miguel Aiman : There's no reason
for you to stick around forever!
Kira Yamato : Why, this hasn't been... (0:06:22.71)
Miguel Aiman : Superior armor alone isn't gonna save you! (0:06:24.85)
Miguel Aiman : You haven't got the movement! (0:06:35.46)
Miguel Aiman : A Natural piloting a mobile suit?
You're in way over your head!
Murrue Ramius : You...? (0:07:21.00)
Kira Yamato : There are still people here. (0:07:22.34)
Kira Yamato : If you're gonna ride something like this,
try putting it to use!
Kira Yamato : This is nuts! (0:07:33.91)
Kira Yamato : How do they expect to move
complex machinery using this kind of OS?
Murrue Ramius : I-lt hasn't been completed yet!
It can't be helped!
Miguel Aiman : Damn! (0:07:42.66)
Kira Yamato : Please move! Hurry! (0:07:45.39)
Murrue Ramius : This kid... (0:07:55.70)
Miguel Aiman : What? (0:08:03.21)
Kira Yamato : Take the calibrations
and reset the zero moment point and CPG.
Kira Yamato : Then connect the control module
directly to the molecular ion pump!
Kira Yamato : Reconstruct the neural linkage network! (0:08:23.16)
Kira Yamato : Renew meta-active field, reactivate
feed forward controls, convey function!
Kira Yamato : Adjust Coriolis deviation!
Connect to motion routines!
Kira Yamato : System online! Initiate bootstrap! (0:08:30.00)
Miguel Aiman : What happened to that guy?
He's suddenly moving better!
Kira Yamato : Weapons! (0:08:52.63)
Kira Yamato : An Armor Schneider? (0:08:56.80)
Kira Yamato : Is this it? (0:08:59.30)
Miguel Aiman : Damn, you pest! (0:09:07.77)
Kira Yamato : Not here! (0:09:09.21)
Kira Yamato : Stop it! (0:09:12.95)
Miguel Aiman : Hydro not responding!
Multi-drive system offline!
Murrue Ramius : This isn't good!
Step away from the GINN!
Natarle Badgiruel : The ship. Where's the Archangel? (0:10:07.47)
EXTRA : I can't steer it! (0:10:17.28)
Mu La Flaga : Can't we do anything
about this difference in firepower?
EXTRA : Olor's suit's been heavily damaged.
He's making an emergency return!
EXTRA : Firefighting unit, to B-Deck! (0:10:41.53)
Fredrik Ades : Olor's been hit?
In a simple battle like this?
Rau Le Creuset : There appears to be
one rather annoying fly buzzing around.
EXTRA : Laser beacon from Miguel Aiman received! (0:10:51.95)
EXTRA : It's an emergency. (0:10:55.12)
Rau Le Creuset : If it's working well enough
to cause Miguel to lose his unit...
Rau Le Creuset : All the more the reason
why we can't ignore the last one.
Natarle Badgiruel : Anybody! Is anyone here? (0:11:21.91)
Natarle Badgiruel : Damn! Aren't there any survivors? (0:11:29.68)
EXTRA : Ensign Badgiruel!
I'm glad you're okay.
Mu La Flaga : They're retreating?
But there's still something...
Rau Le Creuset : Do you sense me,
the way that I sense you?
Rau Le Creuset : Some unlucky karma,
don't you think, Mu La Flaga?
Miriallia Haw : I see you're awake. Kira! (0:12:26.17)
Kira Yamato : Oh, you'd better stay still for now. (0:12:30.81)
Kira Yamato : I apologize. (0:12:38.02)
Kira Yamato : I got kinda carried away in there. (0:12:40.75)
Miriallia Haw : Care for some water? (0:12:43.12)
Murrue Ramius : Thank you. (0:12:46.63)
Tolle Koenig : This is awesome, this so-called Gundam! (0:12:50.20)
Tolle Koenig : Does it move? Or doesn't it? (0:12:53.47)
Sai Argyle : Guys! Stop playing with it! (0:12:55.90)
Kuzzey Buskirk : Why'd it turn gray? (0:13:01.84)
Tolle Koenig : Maybe it's a sign
the main battery's outta power.
Murrue Ramius : Stay away from that machine! (0:13:07.65)
Kira Yamato : What do you think you're doing?
Please stop it!
Kira Yamato : Those are the guys who carried you out
while you were unconscious!
Murrue Ramius : I'm grateful that you saved me. (0:13:27.20)
Murrue Ramius : But that thing is a top military secret! (0:13:30.44)
Murrue Ramius : It's not something civilians
should be allowed to touch thoughtlessly!
Tolle Koenig : Give me a break!
It was Kira piloting it a moment ago.
Murrue Ramius : All of you, this way. (0:13:42.98)
Murrue Ramius : Tell me your names, one at a time. (0:13:50.52)
Sai Argyle : Sai Argyle. (0:13:52.83)
Kuzzey Buskirk : Kuzzey Buskirk. (0:13:54.96)
Tolle Koenig : Tolle Koenig. (0:13:57.00)
Miriallia Haw : Miriallia Haw. (0:13:58.97)
Kira Yamato : Kira Yamato. (0:14:04.37)
Murrue Ramius : I'm Murrue Ramius. (0:14:06.84)
Murrue Ramius : I'm an officer with the Earth Alliance Forces. (0:14:09.14)
Murrue Ramius : I hate to say this,
but I cannot allow you to leave.
EXTRA : What? (0:14:16.78)
Murrue Ramius : Regardless of how it happened... (0:14:17.92)
Murrue Ramius : ...the fact is that you have seen
a top military secret.
Murrue Ramius : Until I reach the appropriate authorities... (0:14:23.12)
Murrue Ramius : ...and it is determined
how the situation will be handled...
Murrue Ramius : have no choice
but to remain with me at all times.
Tolle Koenig : - You're kidding!
- Are you outta your mind?
Kuzzey Buskirk : That's ludicrous! (0:14:32.60)
Murrue Ramius : You will do as I say! (0:14:34.07)
Sai Argyle : We're citizens of Heliopolis!
We're neutral!
Sai Argyle : We have nothing to do with the military! (0:14:40.47)
Tolle Koenig : He's right! (0:14:43.84)
Tolle Koenig : Besides, why are Earth Forces
present in Heliopolis in the first place?
Tolle Koenig : That in itself makes no sense! (0:14:48.88)
Kuzzey Buskirk : Right! That's how all this happened
to begin with!
Murrue Ramius : Quiet! You kids don't understand anything! (0:14:59.86)
Murrue Ramius : By declaring that you're neutral
and have nothing to do with this...
Murrue Ramius : can still distance yourself
from what's happening!
Murrue Ramius : You don't really believe that, do you? (0:15:09.80)
Murrue Ramius : The Earth Forces' most vital secret
was here...
Murrue Ramius : ...and you people saw it. (0:15:16.68)
Murrue Ramius : That is the reality
that you people face right now.
Sai Argyle : That's being kinda rough. (0:15:24.58)
Murrue Ramius : It may well be pretty rough! (0:15:26.99)
Murrue Ramius : But we're in the midst of a war here. (0:15:29.19)
Murrue Ramius : Between the PLANTs and Earth.
Between Coordinators and Naturals.
Murrue Ramius : Outside of the world you live in. (0:15:35.43)
Mu La Flaga : Bastard! Is that you, Rau Le Creuset? (0:15:49.91)
Rau Le Creuset : You're always getting in the way,
Mu La Flaga!
Rau Le Creuset : Indeed, you may have
the same opinion of me!
Mu La Flaga : He's gone into Heliopolis! (0:16:07.29)
Arnold Neumann : The only survivors are the few of us who
were aboard the ship during the explosion.
Arnold Neumann : But most of the survivors are factory workers. (0:16:17.20)
Natarle Badgiruel : What's the present situation? (0:16:19.94)
Natarle Badgiruel : What happened to the ZAFT vessels? (0:16:21.67)
Arnold Neumann : I have no idea. (0:16:23.24)
Arnold Neumann : We have our hands full
just confirming things around us.
Natarle Badgiruel : This Archangel is quite the ship. (0:16:35.05)
Arnold Neumann : It'll take more than this to sink it. (0:16:37.42)
Arnold Neumann : However, the harbor exit
is blocked off with a rubble heap.
Arnold Neumann : We're completely trapped. (0:16:43.93)
Natarle Badgiruel : The airwaves are still jammed. But... (0:16:50.90)
Natarle Badgiruel : Then this was a diversion? (0:16:54.34)
Natarle Badgiruel : Then ZAFT's true target is Morgenroete?! (0:16:56.34)
Natarle Badgiruel : Damn! What's the situation over there? (0:16:59.98)
Natarle Badgiruel : What happened to the G-weapons?
This doesn't tell me a thing!
Kira Yamato : 05... rike... here... forces... respond... (0:17:06.45)
Kira Yamato : X105 Strike here, Earth Forces,
please respond!
Kira Yamato : Earth Forces, please respond! (0:17:16.56)
Sai Argyle : The number five trailer you asked for.
That's the one, right?
Murrue Ramius : Yes. Right. Thank you. (0:17:32.55)
Sai Argyle : And? What do you want us to do after this? (0:17:35.41)
Murrue Ramius : Get the Striker Pack.
Once that's done...
Murrue Ramius : ...Kira, try contacting them
one more time.
Kira Yamato : Okay. (0:17:45.22)
Mu La Flaga : Why, in a place like this? (0:17:53.80)
Rau Le Creuset : I'd be glad if you'd just disappear
right about now, Mu!
Arnold Neumann : Launch the ship? (0:18:16.56)
Arnold Neumann : That's impossible
with the number of people we have!
Natarle Badgiruel : If you have time to argue,
spend it on finding a way to do it!
Natarle Badgiruel : Morgenroete could still be under attack,
you know!
Natarle Badgiruel : Are you suggesting we remain confined here
and ignore what's happening there?
EXTRA : I brought them! (0:18:33.14)
Natarle Badgiruel : Take your seat!
Just do as the computer instructs you!
EXTRA : Yes, ma'am! (0:18:38.48)
Arnold Neumann : The ZAFT vessels are still out there!
We're in no position to fight!
Natarle Badgiruel : I know that! Prepare to fire assault cannons
as we activate the ship!
Natarle Badgiruel : You can do it, can't you, Chief Petty Officer? (0:18:49.19)
Natarle Badgiruel : Begin takeoff sequence! (0:18:54.36)
Natarle Badgiruel : Due to the urgency,
we'll omit C-30 to L-21 from the process!
Natarle Badgiruel : Main power, online! (0:19:00.90)
EXTRA : Output increase stable.
450 seconds to required rating.
Natarle Badgiruel : That's too long!
What's the status of conduits to Heliopolis?
EXTRA : They're unharmed! (0:19:15.28)
Natarle Badgiruel : Draw power from them!
Conduits online! Relay power to accumulator!
EXTRA : Confirming connection! Flow stable,
twenty seconds to required rating!
EXTRA : Life support systems satisfactory. (0:19:25.83)
EXTRA : CIC online. (0:19:28.03)
EXTRA : Weapon systems online. FCS contact. (0:19:29.60)
EXTRA : Magnetic field chamber
and pellet dispenser idling stable.
EXTRA : Holding external shock damper
at maximum output.
EXTRA : Contact main power. Engine stable. (0:19:41.57)
EXTRA : All Archangel systems online.
Preparations for takeoff complete!
Natarle Badgiruel : Seal all airtight bulkheads! (0:19:49.58)
Natarle Badgiruel : All hands, be prepared for impacts
and sudden damage to the ship.
Natarle Badgiruel : Proceed slowly. Archangel, take off! (0:19:56.32)
Kira Yamato : Which is the power pack? (0:20:35.66)
Murrue Ramius : The weapons and power pack are together
in one unit! Mount the whole unit!
Miriallia Haw : The evacuation orders
are still in effect, I guess.
Sai Argyle : I wonder if my father
and the others evacuated safely.
Kuzzey Buskirk : I wanna hurry up and go home. (0:20:55.01)
Rau Le Creuset : So. That's it. (0:21:08.26)
Mu La Flaga : The final unit? (0:21:10.43)
Murrue Ramius : Mount the equipment! Hurry! (0:21:18.94)
Mu La Flaga : What? (0:21:35.19)
Rau Le Creuset : I'll sink you now while I have the chance! (0:21:38.16)
Natarle Badgiruel : Fire assault cannons
as we reach maximum battle speed!
Rau Le Creuset : What? (0:22:01.75)
Murrue Ramius : I want to protect my friends. (0:23:24.70)
Murrue Ramius : From that feeling alone... (0:23:26.23)
Murrue Ramius : ...Kira faces the enemy appearing before him
to the best of his abilities.
Murrue Ramius : However, the shots fired
do not deliver that message.
Murrue Ramius : All that exists between two guns pointed
at each other is life, death and hatred.
Murrue Ramius : Now the young men are destined once again
to learn why the trigger is pulled.
Murrue Ramius : Next, on Mobile Suit Gundam Seed... (0:23:45.99)
Murrue Ramius : ..."Collapsing Land". (0:23:48.30)
Murrue Ramius : Shoot down the approaching menace, Gundam! (0:23:50.06)

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