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Nanoha Takamachi : In this great big world, (0:00:17.91)
Nanoha Takamachi : there are thousands, millions of people... (0:00:20.45)
Nanoha Takamachi : ...and there are even more meetings and partings. (0:00:25.12)
Nanoha Takamachi : This is the story of a small incident and an encounter. (0:00:32.76)
Nanoha Takamachi : We met in the spring of my third year in school. (0:00:39.85)
Nanoha Takamachi : It was a small encounter but a precious one. (0:00:43.06)
Nanoha Takamachi : This is the story of our beginning. (0:00:46.90)
Yuuno Scrya : You shouldn't be here! (0:01:33.90)
Yuuno Scrya : Go back! To where you belong! (0:01:39.07)
Yuuno Scrya : Enchanting sound, transform into light. (0:01:47.67)
Yuuno Scrya : Trap the abomination into the seal circle! (0:01:50.38)
Yuuno Scrya : Jewel Seed: be sealed! (0:02:04.56)
Yuuno Scrya : I must... chase after it. (0:02:45.56)
Nanoha Takamachi : That was one weird dream. (0:03:17.21)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm Takamachi Nanoha, the youngest of a family of five, and I'm a perfectly average third grader. (0:03:27.10)
Nanoha Takamachi : Good morning! (0:03:36.15)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Nanoha-chan. (0:03:38.53)
Alisa Bannings : Nanoha, over here! Over here! (0:03:40.15)
Nanoha Takamachi : Suzuka-chan, Alisa-chan, good morning. (0:03:42.66)
Alisa Bannings : Morning. (0:03:45.66)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Good morning, Nanoha-chan. (0:03:46.52)
EXTRA : Even something like this is extremely important. (0:03:53.25)
EXTRA : It helps everyone live their lives in safety. (0:03:56.67)
EXTRA : As you can see, there are all sorts of jobs. (0:04:00.13)
EXTRA : What kind of job do you want to have when you grow up? (0:04:03.72)
EXTRA : It might be a good idea if you started thinking about that right now. (0:04:07.18)
Nanoha Takamachi : My future... (0:04:10.60)
Nanoha Takamachi : What I want to do... (0:04:12.56)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm not even sure if I have any dreams for my future. (0:04:16.44)
Nanoha Takamachi : That's what my daily life is like. (0:04:20.57)
EXTRA : It's not safe here, so you should stay out. (0:04:31.95)
Alisa Bannings : Y-Yes, sir. (0:04:35.37)
Nanoha Takamachi : Hey, this was in my- (0:04:38.04)
Alisa Bannings : Excuse me, what happened? (0:04:42.01)
EXTRA : Well, the barge and boat are wrecked. We're cleaning things up now. (0:04:44.43)
Alisa Bannings : Oh, they are? (0:04:48.01)
EXTRA : This is a bit much for a prank. (0:04:50.06)
EXTRA : We had the police come by and take a look. (0:04:53.23)
Nanoha Takamachi : Is this the place I saw in my dream last night? (0:04:55.77)
Yuuno Scrya : Help me... (0:04:59.40)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Nanoha-chan? (0:05:02.53)
Nanoha Takamachi : Suzuka-chan, did you hear something just now? (0:05:04.15)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Hear something? (0:05:06.49)
Nanoha Takamachi : Sorry, excuse me for a bit. (0:05:07.78)
Ai Makihara : Its wounds aren't deep, but the poor thing seems to be fairly weak. (0:05:57.79)
Nanoha Takamachi : Doctor, thank you. (0:06:02.67)
Alisa Bannings : Thank you very much. (0:06:05.17)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Thank you very much. (0:06:05.17)
Ai Makihara : Don't mention it. (0:06:06.42)
Alisa Bannings : This is a ferret, right? Do you think it's someone's pet? (0:06:07.84)
Alisa Bannings : Do you really think it's a ferret? If it is, it's an unusual breed. (0:06:11.93)
Ai Makihara : Anyway, it looks like it could use some rest for a while, (0:06:23.69)
Ai Makihara : so do you want me to look after it until tomorrow? (0:06:27.28)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yes. (0:06:29.49)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Please take good care of him. (0:06:32.07)
Alisa Bannings : Please take good care of him. (0:06:32.07)
Nanoha Takamachi : And... send... (0:06:39.25)
Yuuno Scrya : Can you hear me? (0:06:51.05)
Yuuno Scrya : Can you hear my voice? (0:06:52.93)
Nanoha Takamachi : This voice... (0:06:55.18)
Yuuno Scrya : Please listen to me. (0:06:57.10)
Yuuno Scrya : Whoever is listening to this... I beg of you. (0:07:00.44)
Yuuno Scrya : Please help me. (0:07:04.07)
Yuuno Scrya : Please... (0:07:06.07)
Nanoha Takamachi : There's that sound again! (0:07:21.08)
Nanoha Takamachi : What? What on earth is that thing? (0:08:06.75)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : You came for me. (0:08:11.59)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um, what's going on? What's happening? (0:08:15.68)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I have a favour to ask of you. (0:08:19.64)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Help me. Just for a little while. (0:08:21.68)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Please, I'll definitely repay the favour. (0:08:32.65)
Nanoha Takamachi : This isn't the time to be talking about repaying me, right? (0:08:35.16)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : At my current magic levels, I can't stop that thing. (0:08:39.24)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : But, if it's you... (0:08:43.08)
Nanoha Takamachi : Magic levels? (0:08:44.54)
Nanoha Takamachi : What should I do? (0:08:50.59)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Take this. (0:08:51.67)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Hold it in your hands, then close your eyes and clear your mind. (0:08:59.64)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Admin rights, new user setup functions fully open. (0:09:11.32)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Repeat after me: (0:09:19.66)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Wind in the sky. Stars in the heavens. (0:09:21.37)
Nanoha Takamachi : Wind in the sky. Stars in the heavens. (0:09:24.37)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : An indomitable spirit in my heart. (0:09:28.13)
Nanoha Takamachi : An indomitable spirit in my heart. (0:09:30.63)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Grant your magic upon my hands. (0:09:39.39)
Nanoha Takamachi : Grant your magic upon my hands. (0:09:41.18)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Raising Heart, set up! (0:09:46.02)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart, set up! (0:09:46.02)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : What incredible magic levels. (0:09:59.82)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um, nice to meet you. (0:10:08.29)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um, for now, yes. (0:10:20.89)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : It worked. (0:11:50.98)
Nanoha Takamachi : Nothing! Nothing at all! (0:12:14.13)
Nanoha Takamachi : R-Right! (0:12:20.21)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um, what's that? Some kind of creature? (0:12:36.69)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Incredible. She's even better than I expected. (0:12:57.88)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : With your magic levels, you'll be able to stop that thing. (0:13:01.67)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Now, work with Raising Heart to invoke a seal. (0:13:05.22)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um... (0:13:18.69)
Nanoha Takamachi : Don't make it sound so easy! (0:13:22.49)
Nanoha Takamachi : O-Okay. (0:13:53.77)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : It got away. (0:14:16.54)
Nanoha Takamachi : I can't catch up. (0:14:25.97)
Nanoha Takamachi : If those things go near a lot of people, they- (0:14:27.09)
Nanoha Takamachi : That ray I used earlier... Can I make it reach farther? (0:14:32.05)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I don't believe it. A Seal Cannon? (0:15:10.01)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : That girl... (0:15:13.35)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : She called up a barrage mode?{Kanade: To me, Yuuno is probably saying that she is a long range "barrage type?" attacker, hence the gata. But I guess it's fine the way it is.} (0:15:14.49)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : She sealed them... with one blast. (0:15:55.39)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : These are Jewel Seeds. (0:16:04.27)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Touch them with Raising Heart. (0:16:07.07)
Nanoha Takamachi : Like this? (0:16:09.57)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Are you all right? (0:16:40.93)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm okay, I think... (0:16:42.08)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I don't know if you will believe me, (0:16:51.53)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : ...but I'm not of this world. I come from another planet. (0:16:54.20)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : What you used just now was "magic," (0:17:07.84)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : a technology used on my world. (0:17:11.05)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Those creatures you fought for me were dangerous ancient relics from my world, (0:17:14.01)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Lost Logia, "Jewel Seeds." (0:17:19.06)
Nanoha Takamachi : Jewel Seeds? (0:17:21.81)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : They will run rampant at the slightest provocation, and will act violently, just as you saw. (0:17:24.48)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : They are highly dangerous energy crystals...{They've been known to run rampant at the slightest provocation.} (0:17:29.07)
Nanoha Takamachi : You're kidding. (0:17:33.07)
Nanoha Takamachi : What's something like that doing in our neighbourhood? (0:17:34.40)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I'm afraid... I'm the one to blame. (0:17:39.95)
EXTRA : [Caring For Your Ferret] (0:17:43.83)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I was working at an archaeological dig in my home town... and found them in an ancient ruin. (0:17:44.62)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I told the Administration Bureau to take them and keep them safe. (0:17:53.13)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : But it seems that the dimension ship I arranged to transport them... had an accident en route. (0:17:58.01)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Twenty-one Jewel Seeds have been scattered across this world. (0:18:09.86)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I have only been able to recover the three that you helped me with. (0:18:14.36)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself yet. (0:18:18.16)
Nanoha Takamachi : My name's Nanoha, Takamachi Nanoha. (0:18:21.53)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : And I am Yuuno, Yuuno Scrya. (0:18:24.66)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun. (0:18:28.96)
Fate Testarossa : Non-administered planet #97. Local designation: Earth. (0:18:45.31)
Fate Testarossa : The items that Mother is searching for, the Jewel Seeds. They're here. (0:18:50.48)
EXTRA : [Seishou Grade School] (0:18:56.40)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart, can you hear me? (0:19:02.83)
Nanoha Takamachi : All that flashy stuff yesterday... that was all you, right? (0:19:07.96)
Nanoha Takamachi : You must be very powerful. (0:19:14.63)
Nanoha Takamachi : Is there a chance that I'll be able to be your driver? (0:19:28.64)
Alisa Bannings : See ya. Today is practice day for me and Suzuka. (0:19:47.41)
Suzuka Tsukimura : We'll be off. (0:19:50.46)
Nanoha Takamachi : Sure, train hard. (0:19:51.39)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun. Can you hear me? (0:20:22.99)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Yes, Nanoha. (0:20:25.74)
Nanoha Takamachi : You see, about those Jewel Seeds yesterday... (0:20:27.49)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : This signature- (0:20:35.46)
Fate Testarossa : Bardiche. (0:20:53.19)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha... Nanoha! (0:21:58.33)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Don't go yet. Wait until I get there. (0:22:00.34)
Nanoha Takamachi : I can't. (0:22:03.34)
Nanoha Takamachi : People and animals might get caught in the crossfire. (0:22:04.63)
Nanoha Takamachi : I did just fine last night. (0:22:08.14)
Nanoha Takamachi : I have Raising Heart with me again today, so I'm sure that I'll be okay. (0:22:09.93)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart, I'm going to work hard and build up experience. (0:22:20.27)
Nanoha Takamachi : So tell me! What do I need to do? (0:22:25.49)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart. Set up! (0:22:32.29)
Nanoha Takamachi : Jewel Seed: Be sealed. (0:23:12.99)
Fate Testarossa : Jewel Seed: Be sealed. (0:23:25.71)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um... excuse me! Wait. (0:23:42.81)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um... (0:23:52.66)
Nanoha Takamachi : Are you also looking for those? For Jewel Seeds? (0:23:54.41)
Fate Testarossa : Don't come any closer. (0:23:58.29)
Nanoha Takamachi : No, I... (0:23:59.71)
Nanoha Takamachi : I just want to talk. (0:24:02.63)
Nanoha Takamachi : I want to ask if you're also a mage and why you're looking for Jewel Seeds. (0:24:04.84)
Nanoha Takamachi : Wait! I don't want to fight you! (0:24:26.61)
Fate Testarossa : Then stay clear of me and the Jewel Seeds. (0:24:30.90)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm trying to tell you, it's Yuuno-kun who's after those Jewel Seeds, not- (0:24:35.07)
Fate Testarossa : I'm really sorry. (0:25:05.06)
Fate Testarossa : The next time we fight, I might not be able to hold back. (0:25:32.92)
Fate Testarossa : Give up on the Jewel Seeds. (0:25:37.72)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha. (0:25:47.06)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun. (0:25:47.93)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha... (0:26:00.37)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I'm sorry. Are you all right? (0:26:02.70)
Nanoha Takamachi : Thank you, Yuuno-kun. (0:26:04.62)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm... okay. (0:26:07.83)
Arf : Wide area search, quadrant 4 complete. (0:26:18.47)
Fate Testarossa : Arf, thanks for the good work. (0:26:23.93)
Arf : Fate. (0:26:26.90)
Fate Testarossa : Sorry to keep you working so late. How are things on your end? (0:26:28.61)
Arf : I found an unactivated one a while ago. (0:26:31.86)
Arf : I think I can search this whole area tonight. (0:26:35.40)
Fate Testarossa : Thanks. (0:26:39.41)
Fate Testarossa : I only have the one that I sealed this evening. (0:26:40.91)
Arf : I see. (0:26:43.54)
Arf : And what was the idea with these two that you encountered? (0:26:45.16)
Arf : You don't think they're DAB, do you? {gamma- Maybe you want to add a note here saying what DAB is? The line would obviously be too long for the audio here if we changed it to Dimension Administration Bureau} (0:26:49.21)
Arf : I don't think we've done anything yet that would put them on our trail. (0:26:51.80)
Fate Testarossa : I don't think they are. (0:26:55.76)
Fate Testarossa : For one thing, she couldn't even use magic properly. (0:26:57.55)
Arf : I see. (0:27:00.10)
Arf : Anyway, if it comes down to it, I'll knock those two on their butts! (0:27:01.18)
Arf : Don't worry about a thing, Fate! (0:27:06.56)
Fate Testarossa : Thanks, Arf. (0:27:08.69)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha, are you sure you're all right? (0:27:16.28)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm fine, so let me help with your Jewel Seed collecting. (0:27:19.03)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart is giving me all sorts of pointers too. (0:27:23.41)
Nanoha Takamachi : So please, Yuuno-kun. (0:27:32.21)
Nanoha Takamachi : Teach me how. Teach me the best way to use magic. (0:27:35.13)
EXTRA : Mama, what's for lunch today? (0:27:48.94)
EXTRA : Hm, what should we have? (0:27:52.65)
EXTRA : I know, I know! Rice omelets! (0:27:55.61)
EXTRA : What, again? (0:27:58.82)
EXTRA : Aw, but they taste so yummy! Right? (0:27:59.45)
EXTRA : I suppose they are. Oh all right. (0:28:02.49)
EXTRA : Yay! (0:28:05.12)
Precia Testarossa : Thanks for waiting! (0:28:13.75)
Fate Testarossa : Mama! (0:28:15.30)
Fate Testarossa : Do they have lots of jam inside? (0:28:19.30)
Precia Testarossa : You bet. (0:28:21.51)
Fate Testarossa : Yay! Mama, I love you! (0:28:22.47)
EXTRA : {\frz7.105\fnArial Rounded MT Bold\c&HE0DFE9&\bord0\shad3\4c&H635A98&\pos(894,720)}Studying in Progress! (0:28:41.24)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Inside the heart of every mage, including both me and you, (0:28:43.24)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : there is a magic generating organ called a Linker Core. (0:28:46.99)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Imagine that you're breathing in with your Linker Core, (0:28:52.37)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : collecting and condensing the magic in the air. (0:28:54.38)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : That is magic application. (0:29:01.76)
Nanoha Takamachi : The desire to not lose? (0:29:34.83)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um... (0:29:40.51)
Suzuka Tsukimura : You can't come again today, Nanoha-chan? (0:30:19.96)
Nanoha Takamachi : No, sorry! (0:30:22.63)
Alisa Bannings : It's no big deal. It's important, right? (0:30:24.63)
Nanoha Takamachi : Sorry. (0:30:28.39)
Alisa Bannings : If you're going to apologize, it'd be nice if you'd at least explain what's going on. (0:30:31.72)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Alisa-chan... (0:30:35.06)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm sorry. (0:30:37.48)
Alisa Bannings : See you. Come on, Suzuka. (0:30:39.06)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Sorry, Nanoha-chan. See you tomorrow. (0:30:41.32)
Nanoha Takamachi : I think it's around here somewhere... (0:30:57.71)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Yes, the signature is definitely... (0:31:02.46)
Arf : ...coming from around here. (0:31:09.09)
Fate Testarossa : But we can't pinpoint its exact location. (0:31:11.51)
Fate Testarossa : It's a little reckless, (0:31:14.98)
Fate Testarossa : but I'll fire off a magic stream and force it to activate. (0:31:16.52)
Arf : Is that a good idea? (0:31:19.98)
Fate Testarossa : I'll be fine. (0:31:21.90)
Fate Testarossa : After all, I'm tough. (0:31:24.23)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : She's doing a forced activation in the middle of town? (0:31:39.33)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Wide area barrier! (0:31:42.38)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart! (0:31:52.80)
Nanoha Takamachi : Please! (0:31:56.18)
Fate Testarossa : Found it. (0:32:10.07)
Arf : They see it too, Fate! (0:32:10.95)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha, seal it before they can! (0:32:23.54)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart. (0:32:28.72)
Fate Testarossa : Jewel Seed... (0:33:07.05)
Fate Testarossa : Be sealed! (0:33:08.26)
Nanoha Takamachi : Be sealed! (0:33:08.26)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : You did it, Nanoha. Hurry, grab it! (0:33:25.31)
Arf : As if! (0:33:28.32)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : You're a- (0:33:36.62)
Arf : I won't let you stand in Fate's way! (0:33:38.54)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I knew it... A Familiar! (0:33:44.83)
Nanoha Takamachi : I didn't get a chance to introduce myself earlier. (0:33:59.18)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm Nanoha. Takamachi Nanoha. (0:34:03.48)
Nanoha Takamachi : Third grader at Seishou Private University's affiliated grade school. (0:34:07.11)
Fate Testarossa : I thought I told you to give up on the Jewel Seeds. (0:34:22.37)
Nanoha Takamachi : You say that, but you also haven't answered my question, have you? (0:34:25.87)
Nanoha Takamachi : You haven't told me your name either! (0:34:31.09)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Why are you collecting Jewel Seeds? (0:34:58.95)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : They're dangerous! (0:35:01.37)
Arf : Quit your yapping! (0:35:03.79)
Nanoha Takamachi : Shoot! (0:35:38.95)
Nanoha Takamachi : If you have a plan for them, then fighting and competing over them will be inevitable. (0:35:48.29)
Nanoha Takamachi : But, I don't want to fight someone without knowing why! (0:35:55.63)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'll tell you my side of the story too. (0:36:00.39)
Nanoha Takamachi : So tell me! (0:36:02.30)
Nanoha Takamachi : Why do you need Jewel Seeds? (0:36:04.85)
Fate Testarossa : I'm just trying to- (0:36:09.31)
Arf : Fate, you don't have to answer her! (0:36:10.40)
Arf : Our job is to bring back the Jewel Seeds, remember? (0:36:14.90)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha! (0:36:26.29)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'll be okay! (0:36:27.51)
Fate Testarossa : I'm sorry. Return form, Bardiche. (0:37:37.65)
Arf : Fate? (0:37:58.63)
Arf : Fate, don't! It's too dangerous. (0:38:04.30)
Fate Testarossa : Stop... Stop... Stop... (0:38:13.52)
Fate Testarossa : Stop... Stop... (0:38:20.03)
Fate Testarossa : Stop. (0:38:24.74)
Arf : Fate! (0:38:37.08)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun, will Raising Heart be okay? (0:39:09.83)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Yes. I'm running her auto regeneration functions at full right now. (0:39:13.33)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm sorry, Raising Heart... (0:39:20.75)
Arf : Sorry Fate. Hang in there a while longer! (0:39:36.69)
Fate Testarossa : I'm fine. Thanks, Arf. (0:39:39.98)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha? (0:39:50.57)
Nanoha Takamachi : Oh, Yuuno-kun. (0:39:51.43)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : What's the matter? Why are you up so early? (0:39:53.91)
Nanoha Takamachi : Oh, I was just thinking... (0:39:56.46)
Nanoha Takamachi : You know, Yuuno-kun. (0:40:00.50)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm... I'm worried about that other girl. (0:40:03.34)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : That girl who was called "Fate?" (0:40:07.47)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yeah. (0:40:11.14)
Nanoha Takamachi : That girl's eyes looked so lonely, somehow. (0:40:12.85)
Nanoha Takamachi : And when she shot me, she said she was sorry. (0:40:18.23)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm sure there has to be some reason. (0:40:23.61)
Nanoha Takamachi : A reason why she's fighting and why she wants Jewel Seeds. (0:40:26.40)
Nanoha Takamachi : I want to talk to her. (0:40:31.62)
Nanoha Takamachi : So to do that, I'll- (0:40:35.62)
Arf : A souvenir? Sweets you mean? (0:40:41.88)
Arf : I'm not so sure that this stuff will put her in a good mood. (0:40:44.88)
Fate Testarossa : Me neither, but it's the thought that counts. (0:40:49.26)
Fate Testarossa : Dimensional transference... Destination: The Garden of Time. (0:40:55.72)
Lindy Harlaown : What's our status, everyone? (0:41:20.08)
Lindy Harlaown : Is the fight going smoothly? (0:41:21.87)
EXTRA : Yes ma'am. We're right on schedule. (0:41:23.92)
EXTRA : There hasn't been any overt activity since that minor dimension quake. (0:41:27.30)
Amy Limietta : It looks like the two mages who are our prime suspects have gone to ground at the moment. (0:41:33.80)
Lindy Harlaown : Even if it was a small one on a non-administered planet, we can't turn a blind eye to someone setting off a dimension quake. (0:41:41.10)
Chrono Harlaown : Yes ma'am. Let's wrap this up quickly. (0:41:46.98)
Precia Testarossa : These are Jewel Seeds all right. No doubt about it. (0:41:56.53)
Fate Testarossa : Yes, Mother. (0:42:00.79)
Precia Testarossa : I'd love to compliment you on a job well done, but... (0:42:02.62)
Precia Testarossa : What did I tell you to do? (0:42:10.63)
Fate Testarossa : Um you... (0:42:14.05)
Precia Testarossa : Did I or did I not tell you to go collect all 21 Jewel Seeds? (0:42:16.89)
Precia Testarossa : They are of vital importance to my research. (0:42:24.44)
Precia Testarossa : And in spite of all the time you've had, you've only managed to collect just three of them? (0:42:28.82)
Precia Testarossa : What's that? (0:42:34.36)
Fate Testarossa : Um, this is for you, Mother. (0:42:35.86)
Precia Testarossa : If you had time to buy this, surely you had time to do as you were told. (0:42:42.16)
Fate Testarossa : I'm sorry! (0:42:46.58)
Precia Testarossa : I'm disappointed, Fate. (0:42:49.04)
Precia Testarossa : You leave me no choice but to punish you. (0:42:51.38)
Fate Testarossa : Yes. (0:42:54.09)
Arf : Why?! Why is she doing this? (0:43:03.73)
Arf : We brought her exactly what she told us to bring. (0:43:07.06)
Precia Testarossa : Those Jewel Seeds are absolutely vital to make my dream come true. (0:43:18.07)
Fate Testarossa : Yes. (0:43:24.29)
Precia Testarossa : Now make sure that you don't let me down. (0:43:25.04)
Fate Testarossa : Yes, Mother... (0:43:28.88)
EXTRA : And so the changing shape of the moon in the sky is the result... (0:43:40.47)
EXTRA : ...of how light from the sun hits it. (0:43:44.89)
EXTRA : This way, we only see the side. (0:43:48.56)
Fate Testarossa : Bardiche, how are you? (0:44:00.78)
Arf : You sense it, don't you? I can, too. (0:44:07.33)
Fate Testarossa : Yes. It's close by. (0:44:11.42)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha. (0:44:25.72)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun. (0:44:26.81)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart, you're all better now, right? (0:44:28.60)
Nanoha Takamachi : Will you work with me again? (0:44:34.61)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um... Fate... -chan? (0:45:29.96)
Fate Testarossa : Fate Testarossa. (0:45:35.50)
Nanoha Takamachi : I just want to talk with you, that's all. (0:45:38.67)
Fate Testarossa : I won't let you have the Jewel Seeds. (0:45:43.01)
Nanoha Takamachi : Neither will I. (0:45:49.73)
Nanoha Takamachi : I want to ask you the reason why. (0:45:51.85)
Nanoha Takamachi : Why are you collecting Jewel Seeds? (0:45:54.19)
Nanoha Takamachi : Why do you have such a lonely look in your eyes? (0:45:58.44)
Nanoha Takamachi : If I win... will you tell me all about it? (0:46:05.53)
Chrono Harlaown : That's enough! (0:46:24.72)
Chrono Harlaown : Officer Chrono Harlaown, Dimension Administration Bureau. (0:46:29.26)
Arf : The DAB? (0:46:35.10)
Chrono Harlaown : Now then. Would someone mind explaining what's going on here? (0:46:36.48)
Arf : Fate! We're retreating. (0:46:46.91)
Arf : Fate? (0:47:03.47)
Arf : Fate! (0:47:11.60)
Arf : Fate! Fate! (0:47:15.31)
Nanoha Takamachi : Don't! (0:47:24.28)
Nanoha Takamachi : Don't shoot them! (0:47:26.32)
Lindy Harlaown : Officer Chrono, well done. (0:47:41.46)
Chrono Harlaown : My apologies, Captain. One group got away. (0:47:44.38)
Lindy Harlaown : That's all right. (0:47:47.64)
Lindy Harlaown : I want to know exactly what's going on. (0:47:51.14)
Lindy Harlaown : Bring those two aboard the Arthra. (0:47:53.47)
Chrono Harlaown : Roger. (0:47:56.10)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun, where are we? (0:48:10.74)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : We're aboard a Dimension Administration Bureau dimension ship. (0:48:13.91)
Chrono Harlaown : You there. Disengage your Barrier Jacket. (0:48:19.50)
Nanoha Takamachi : Okay. (0:48:22.92)
Chrono Harlaown : You too. (0:48:31.55)
Chrono Harlaown : That isn't your original form, I take it? (0:48:32.93)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Oh, now that you mention it... (0:48:36.06)
Yuuno Scrya : It's been a long time since I let you see me in this form. Isn't that right, Nanoha? (0:48:48.15)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun, you've been a regular boy this whole time?! (0:48:55.41)
Yuuno Scrya : Huh? What? (0:49:00.21)
Yuuno Scrya : Didn't I first appear to you in this form? (0:49:02.46)
Chrono Harlaown : For the time being, perhaps we could sort out that other matter first? (0:49:05.80)
Yuuno Scrya : Y-Yes, of course. (0:49:10.01)
Nanoha Takamachi : Y-Yes, of course. (0:49:10.01)
Chrono Harlaown : Go on in. (0:49:29.90)
Nanoha Takamachi : Y-Yes, sir! (0:49:30.62)
Lindy Harlaown : Ah, I see... (0:49:32.66)
Lindy Harlaown : So you were the one who uncovered those Lost Logia, the Jewel Seeds, right? (0:49:34.13)
Alisa Bannings : Yes ma'am. (0:49:39.58)
Nanoha Takamachi : Excuse me, but what is "Lost Logia?" (0:49:41.25)
Lindy Harlaown : I suppose it wouldn't help... if I called them remnants of a "lost world," would it? (0:49:43.58)
Lindy Harlaown : You know that many worlds exist in our space-time continuum, right? (0:49:51.47)
Lindy Harlaown : Among those are worlds that evolved too far, and not in a good way. (0:49:57.06)
Lindy Harlaown : When one has science or technology that evolves too far and destroys itself, (0:50:02.44)
Lindy Harlaown : there are dangerous relics left behind afterwards. (0:50:09.82)
Chrono Harlaown : We use the general term "Lost Logia" for them. (0:50:14.11)
Lindy Harlaown : That's right. (0:50:18.12)
Lindy Harlaown : These are items that we of the DAB and the Protective Organization must strictly oversee. (0:50:18.82)
Lindy Harlaown : And you and your friend here are looking for them. (0:50:25.08)
Lindy Harlaown : They are energy crystals of the dimensional interference type. (0:50:31.84)
Lindy Harlaown : This dangerous type is known to use the magic they're infused with as a catalyst to trigger a dimension quake. (0:50:35.68)
Chrono Harlaown : When you and that other girl fought each other, and caused a tremor and flash of light, that was a dimension quake. (0:50:42.02)
Chrono Harlaown : Just a single Jewel Seed has that kind of power. (0:50:49.23)
Chrono Harlaown : The impact of a mass of them triggered all at once would be incalculable. (0:50:53.78)
Lindy Harlaown : If there were a large scale dimension quake, or even worse, a dimensional fissure, it could easily eradicate a planet or two. (0:50:57.78)
Lindy Harlaown : We must prevent that at all costs. (0:51:06.46)
Lindy Harlaown : For that reason, we are hereby taking charge of the Jewel Seed retrieval. (0:51:13.51)
Chrono Harlaown : Both of you should just forget about all this and go back to your respective worlds. (0:51:21.60)
Nanoha Takamachi : But we- (0:51:25.90)
Lindy Harlaown : Now, I don't expect this to sit well with you, coming out of the blue like this... (0:51:26.94)
Lindy Harlaown : So why don't you two talk things over tonight, (0:51:30.94)
Lindy Harlaown : and then we'll get a fresh start tomorrow? (0:51:33.57)
Arf : Don't even think about it if the DAB's got involved. (0:51:38.24)
Arf : There's nothing we can do anymore. (0:51:41.08)
Fate Testarossa : We'll be fine. (0:51:44.87)
Arf : No we won't! (0:51:46.79)
Arf : They might even find this place at any moment! (0:51:49.08)
Arf : That evil old witch. (0:51:52.71)
Arf : She's your mother, but she always treats you like garbage. (0:51:54.30)
Arf : Don't lift another finger to help that crazy- (0:51:58.34)
Fate Testarossa : Don't insult my mother. (0:52:02.35)
Arf : I will! I mean, I'm worried about you, Fate. (0:52:05.39)
Arf : Fate, you're my Master, (0:52:11.40)
Arf : and you're the most important girl in the whole wide world to me. (0:52:14.57)
Arf : You took me in when I'd been abandoned by my pack. (0:52:20.07)
Arf : You made me your Familiar. (0:52:24.29)
Arf : And you've been so kind to me all these years. (0:52:26.58)
Arf : I can't bear to see you cry or even sad! (0:52:29.71)
Fate Testarossa : I'm sorry, Arf. (0:52:36.47)
Fate Testarossa : But... even though that's right, (0:52:39.89)
Fate Testarossa : I still want to make Mother's dream come true. (0:52:43.14)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : And that's why Nanoha and I want you to allow us to assist you. (0:52:49.65)
Chrono Harlaown : Assist "us," eh? (0:52:55.36)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : To say nothing of my own, (0:52:57.19)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : I believe that Nanoha's magical ability will prove to be a most effective asset to you. (0:52:58.78)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : We ought to prove most useful in retrieving Jewel Seeds as well as in countering those girls. (0:53:03.16)
Lindy Harlaown : I see. You've thought this through. (0:53:09.33)
Lindy Harlaown : Sure, why not? (0:53:12.38)
Chrono Harlaown : M-Moth- I mean, Captain?! (0:53:13.79)
Lindy Harlaown : We'll let you help. (0:53:16.42)
Lindy Harlaown : It always pays to have an ace up your sleeve. (0:53:18.22)
Lindy Harlaown : Isn't that right, Officer Chrono? (0:53:20.48)
Chrono Harlaown : Y-Yes, ma'am! (0:53:22.97)
Yuuno Scrya : I've caught it! Nanoha! (0:53:35.02)
Yuuno Scrya : That's right! With the proper use of Bind, you can stop fast moving opponents, (0:53:43.95)
Yuuno Scrya : which also allows you to strike with major spells! (0:53:48.70)
Lindy Harlaown : Both of them are quite elite. (0:53:52.83)
Amy Limietta : It's no use. I just can't find them. (0:54:05.68)
Chrono Harlaown : Our opponents are pretty skilled, too. (0:54:09.68)
Amy Limietta : With help from those skills, the two Jewel Seeds that "we" located have been taken as well. (0:54:12.14)
Amy Limietta : They're formidable. (0:54:17.98)
Arf : No luck here either, huh? (0:54:23.41)
Fate Testarossa : Looks that way. (0:54:25.70)
Fate Testarossa : But, we can still collect them. (0:54:27.41)
Nanoha Takamachi : And so, this is our tenth day after being brought aboard the Arthra. (0:54:30.70)
Nanoha Takamachi : We've obtained four Jewel Seeds. (0:54:35.71)
Nanoha Takamachi : And our best guess is that Fate and her friend... have got three. (0:54:39.84)
Lindy Harlaown : There's just no sign of the remaining seven, is there? (0:54:47.76)
Chrono Harlaown : We've expanded our search region to non-land areas. (0:54:51.02)
EXTRA : Emergency! (0:54:57.27)
EXTRA : Giant magic signature detected on ocean surface in search region! (0:54:58.77)
Arf : The Jewel Seed is probably in the sea around here. (0:55:12.62)
Fate Testarossa : I can't get a fix on its exact location, (0:55:16.92)
Fate Testarossa : so I'm going to fire a magic stream into the sea to force-activate it, and then capture it. (0:55:19.17)
Arf : But Fate, that's- (0:55:28.35)
Fate Testarossa : Found them. It's the last seven. (0:55:49.28)
Fate Testarossa : Let's go, Bardiche. (0:55:56.42)
Lindy Harlaown : That girl is reckless beyond belief. (0:56:05.93)
Nanoha Takamachi : Fate-chan! (0:56:08.14)
Nanoha Takamachi : Um, I need to go down there right away. (0:56:10.93)
Chrono Harlaown : That won't be necessary. (0:56:13.64)
Chrono Harlaown : If we leave her to her own devices, she'll get herself killed. (0:56:16.06)
Chrono Harlaown : And if she doesn't, we'll hit her when she's used up all her power. (0:56:19.61)
Chrono Harlaown : Prepare for capture! (0:56:24.11)
EXTRA : Roger. (0:56:25.28)
Nanoha Takamachi : But... (0:56:26.65)
Arf : Fate! Fate! (0:56:44.46)
Lindy Harlaown : This may seem cruel to you, but it's our best option. (0:56:54.02)
Nanoha Takamachi : But she'll... (0:56:58.19)
Yuuno Scrya : Nanoha. Go. (0:57:00.10)
Yuuno Scrya : I'll open a gate for you, so you go and save her. (0:57:03.36)
Nanoha Takamachi : But what about you, Yuuno-kun? (0:57:07.28)
Yuuno Scrya : Just go. (0:57:10.24)
Chrono Harlaown : What are you doing? (0:57:15.87)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm sorry. (0:57:21.83)
Nanoha Takamachi : Takamachi Nanoha is hereby disobeying orders and acting on her own! (0:57:22.98)
Yuuno Scrya : Now transporting us inside her barrier! (0:57:27.26)
Nanoha Takamachi : Let's do this, Raising Heart! (0:57:41.02)
EXTRA : All right! (0:57:43.98)
Nanoha Takamachi : Wind in the sky. Stars in the heavens. (0:57:45.27)
Nanoha Takamachi : A shining light upon my arms. (0:57:47.82)
Nanoha Takamachi : An indomitable spirit in my heart! (0:57:50.32)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart, set up! (0:57:55.45)
Arf : Don't get in Fate's way! (0:58:15.60)
Yuuno Scrya : You have it all wrong! (0:58:20.94)
Yuuno Scrya : We didn't come here to fight you two! (0:58:22.27)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun? (0:58:24.56)
Chrono Harlaown : I don't believe it! What do you two think you're doing? (0:58:26.69)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm sorry! (0:58:30.11)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'll apologize properly for disobeying orders afterwards. (0:58:31.36)
Nanoha Takamachi : But I can't just stand by and do nothing! (0:58:34.37)
Yuuno Scrya : For now, we have to stop the Jewel Seeds. (0:58:38.41)
Yuuno Scrya : If we do nothing, they might fuse and this could grow into a situation that we can't cope with. (0:58:41.96)
Yuuno Scrya : We have to stop them. (0:58:47.59)
Yuuno Scrya : You and I have to provide support. (0:58:49.30)
Nanoha Takamachi : Fate-chan! (0:58:54.30)
Nanoha Takamachi : Help me. Let's stop the Jewel Seeds. (0:58:55.76)
Nanoha Takamachi : It's an even split right down the middle. (0:59:15.82)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yuuno-kun and Arf-san are stopping them for us. (0:59:30.67)
Nanoha Takamachi : So now's our chance! (0:59:33.51)
Nanoha Takamachi : We'll seal them all on the count of three! (0:59:35.26)
Nanoha Takamachi : I think I finally figured it out. (0:59:51.15)
Nanoha Takamachi : I know what I want to tell Fate-chan... (0:59:56.28)
Nanoha Takamachi : What I want to talk to her about... (0:59:58.41)
Fate Testarossa : Bardiche? (1:00:08.54)
Nanoha Takamachi : Divine Buster, full power! (1:00:12.59)
Nanoha Takamachi : We can seal them away in one blast, right? (1:00:15.01)
Nanoha Takamachi : One, two... (1:00:33.36)
Fate Testarossa : Thunder... (1:00:34.40)
Nanoha Takamachi : Divine... (1:00:38.41)
Fate Testarossa : ...Rage! (1:00:46.54)
Nanoha Takamachi : ...Buster! (1:00:51.79)
Amy Limietta : Incredible! All seven were completely sealed in one blast! (1:01:02.76)
Chrono Harlaown : That was the most reckless work I've ever seen!{I wouldnt use sloppy. Maybe reckless or a word that means doing something without thinking of the results} (1:01:07.02)
Lindy Harlaown : But, it was amazing though. (1:01:09.19)
Nanoha Takamachi : I finally figured out what I wanted to say to you, Fate-chan. (1:01:25.45)
Nanoha Takamachi : I want to talk about all kinds of things with you... (1:01:29.71)
Nanoha Takamachi : ...and tell you all kinds of things. (1:01:34.05)
Nanoha Takamachi : I want you to be my friend. (1:01:42.80)
Amy Limietta : A dimensional interference? (1:01:56.73)
Amy Limietta : High order magic from another dimension is coming towards this ship and the combat area. (1:01:58.95)
Amy Limietta : Incoming! (1:02:02.90)
Amy Limietta : What? ETA six seconds?! (1:02:03.67)
Fate Testarossa : Mother! (1:02:17.84)
Nanoha Takamachi : Fate-chan! (1:02:23.93)
Arf : Get out... of my way! (1:02:35.31)
Arf : Three?! (1:02:43.41)
Lindy Harlaown : They're escaping! Seize them! (1:02:58.13)
EXTRA : It's no use! The electric shock just knocked all of our sensors offline! (1:03:00.26)
Lindy Harlaown : Obeying instructions and orders is a rule meant to protect the group as a whole. (1:03:16.19)
Lindy Harlaown : By making independent decisions and taking independent actions, you might have put the people around you at risk. (1:03:21.11)
Lindy Harlaown : You understand that, I take it? (1:03:29.08)
Yuuno Scrya : Yes ma'am. (1:03:31.33)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yes ma'am. (1:03:31.33)
Lindy Harlaown : Normally, you would be punished severely for this. (1:03:33.04)
Lindy Harlaown : But in light of the fact that there was a risk of a runaway fusion event, (1:03:36.33)
Lindy Harlaown : I've decided to overlook it just this once. (1:03:40.67)
Lindy Harlaown : This will not happen a second time. (1:03:44.68)
Nanoha Takamachi : Understood. (1:03:46.55)
Yuuno Scrya : We're sorry. (1:03:48.26)
Lindy Harlaown : Well then, now comes the difficult part. (1:03:50.22)
Lindy Harlaown : Chrono, do we have any leads on the perpetrator? (1:03:52.56)
Chrono Harlaown : Yes ma'am. Amy, put it on the monitor. (1:03:57.36)
Amy Limietta : Sure thing! (1:04:00.02)
Lindy Harlaown : Oh dear! (1:04:04.28)
Chrono Harlaown : Indeed. She's a Midchilldan mage just like us. (1:04:05.32)
Chrono Harlaown : Precia Testarossa. (1:04:09.74)
Chrono Harlaown : And that girl, Fate's- (1:04:11.70)
Nanoha Takamachi : During the fight, I heard her say "Mother." (1:04:14.62)
Lindy Harlaown : Mother and daughter, eh? (1:04:17.46)
Amy Limietta : Precia was employed as the head of development at Midchillda's energy corporation. (1:04:19.96)
Amy Limietta : But it looks like she quit after there was an accident. (1:04:25.47)
Amy Limietta : There are court records from the trial. (1:04:29.47)
Precia Testarossa : How could you have just stood there when you had such a golden opportunity? (1:04:39.31)
Fate Testarossa : I'm... sorry. (1:04:44.82)
Precia Testarossa : Fate, you're so cruel. (1:04:46.57)
Precia Testarossa : Are you that eager to break your poor mother's heart? (1:04:49.03)
Lindy Harlaown : I doubt that Ms. Precia or Fate, after expending magic of that magnitude, (1:04:57.50)
Lindy Harlaown : will be able to do anything for a while. (1:05:02.67)
Lindy Harlaown : You two should get some rest too. (1:05:04.42)
Nanoha Takamachi : But I- (1:05:07.93)
Lindy Harlaown : Go show your family and friends a happy, healthy smile. (1:05:08.93)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yes ma'am. (1:05:14.39)
Arf : Fate! Fate! (1:05:18.10)
Arf : Fate! (1:05:23.69)
Precia Testarossa : Just nine of them... (1:05:30.74)
Precia Testarossa : With just these, I can't reach Alhazard. (1:05:33.24)
Precia Testarossa : I don't have much time left. (1:05:42.71)
Arf : You're her mother and she's your daughter, right?! (1:06:17.37)
Arf : She tries so hard for you! She works herself half to death for you! (1:06:22.08)
Arf : How can you do such horrible things to her?! (1:06:26.05)
Precia Testarossa : You're a nuisance. Disappear. (1:06:39.27)
Arf : I'm sorry, Fate... (1:06:49.53)
Arf : Wait just a little while for me. (1:06:51.28)
Precia Testarossa : Fate. Wake up, Fate! (1:07:02.37)
Fate Testarossa : Yes, Mother. (1:07:05.71)
Precia Testarossa : These nine Jewel Seeds that you got for me... (1:07:08.13)
Precia Testarossa : ...are not enough. (1:07:12.26)
Precia Testarossa : Go collect some more. For your mother's sake. (1:07:14.55)
Precia Testarossa : Will you do that for me, Fate? (1:07:20.14)
Fate Testarossa : Yes, Mother! (1:07:25.81)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Nanoha-chan! (1:07:29.78)
Suzuka Tsukimura : I'm glad you're feeling better! (1:07:30.82)
Nanoha Takamachi : I am. Thanks, Suzuka-chan. (1:07:32.99)
Nanoha Takamachi : You too, Alisa-chan. Sorry for making you worry about me. (1:07:37.66)
Alisa Bannings : Well, I'm just glad that you're feeling better. (1:07:42.12)
Alisa Bannings : I see, so you have to go again. (1:07:48.50)
Suzuka Tsukimura : It must be tough. (1:07:52.47)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yeah, but it'll be okay. (1:07:53.47)
Suzuka Tsukimura : What about after school? Can you hang out? (1:07:56.89)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yeah, no problem! (1:07:59.68)
Alisa Bannings : Want to come over to my house, then? I just got a new game. (1:08:01.56)
Nanoha Takamachi : Wow, really? (1:08:05.14)
Alisa Bannings : Oh, that reminds me. I found a hurt dog last night and took it in. (1:08:06.35)
Suzuka Tsukimura : A dog? (1:08:11.19)
Alisa Bannings : Yeah. It was really big, and its fur was orange. (1:08:12.32)
Alisa Bannings : It was a breed that I'd never seen before. (1:08:16.20)
Alisa Bannings : And it had a red jewel right here, on its forehead. (1:08:18.32)
Nanoha Takamachi : I knew it! It's you, Arf-san! (1:08:28.29)
Arf : You, huh? (1:08:31.00)
Nanoha Takamachi : How did you get hurt like that? Is Fate-chan okay? (1:08:32.13)
Alisa Bannings : Uh-oh. Is she okay? (1:08:36.59)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Her injuries might be bothering her. (1:08:38.85)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Why don't we let her rest? (1:08:40.72)
Alisa Bannings : Yuuno, it's dangerous. (1:08:45.23)
Nanoha Takamachi : It's okay, Yuuno-kun will be fine. (1:08:47.90)
Yuuno Scrya (Ferret) : Nanoha... I'll hear what she has to say. (1:08:51.15)
Alisa Bannings : Come on, let's have a snack. (1:08:56.53)
Arf : If you're here, that means those people are watching as well. (1:08:58.82)
Chrono Harlaown : I'm the Commissioned Officer of the Dimension Administration Bureau, Chrono Harlaown. (1:09:04.33)
Chrono Harlaown : If you are honest with us, we won't do anything to harm you. (1:09:08.58)
Chrono Harlaown : Tell us about yourself. And your mistress. (1:09:12.34)
Arf : I'll tell you. Everything. (1:09:16.47)
Chrono Harlaown : Nanoha, did you hear all that? (1:09:23.06)
Nanoha Takamachi : Yes, I heard everything. (1:09:25.06)
Chrono Harlaown : This makes the capture of Precia Testarossa our top priority. (1:09:26.81)
Chrono Harlaown : What do you want to do, Takamachi Nanoha? (1:09:32.07)
Nanoha Takamachi : Well, I... (1:09:36.69)
Nanoha Takamachi : I want to help Fate-chan. (1:09:39.95)
Nanoha Takamachi : For one thing, I still haven't got an answer yet when I told her that I wanted to be her friend. (1:09:43.45)
Chrono Harlaown : I see. (1:09:49.37)
Chrono Harlaown : Arf, are you all right with this? (1:09:50.21)
Arf : Nanoha, was it? (1:09:54.38)
Arf : You're under no obligation to help me, but I beg of you. (1:09:56.80)
Arf : Help Fate. (1:10:00.47)
Nanoha Takamachi : It'll be okay. You can count on me. (1:10:04.85)
Alisa Bannings : What kept you, Nanoha? (1:10:11.31)
Suzuka Tsukimura : Look, we're about to go to the next zone! We've been waiting for you. (1:10:13.44)
Nanoha Takamachi : Sorry, sorry! (1:10:16.94)
Alisa Bannings : Take that. (1:10:20.41)
Alisa Bannings : Yes! (1:10:22.03)
Alisa Bannings : Here! (1:10:24.68)
Chrono Harlaown : This mission to rescue Fate... What do you have in mind? (1:10:25.08)
Nanoha Takamachi : I have a few ideas about that. (1:10:30.21)
Nanoha Takamachi : It'll be okay if it's here, right? (1:11:04.32)
Nanoha Takamachi : Come out, Fate-chan. (1:11:06.33)
Arf : Fate! Let's stop this! (1:11:15.17)
Arf : If you keep doing everything that woman tells you to do, you'll- (1:11:18.30)
Fate Testarossa : I know that... But even so, (1:11:21.55)
Fate Testarossa : I'm her daughter! (1:11:24.68)
Nanoha Takamachi : You can't stop Fate-chan... and I want to stop her. (1:11:28.22)
Nanoha Takamachi : This is all about Jewel Seeds. (1:11:37.15)
Nanoha Takamachi : So let's make a bet. (1:11:42.70)
Nanoha Takamachi : We each bet all of the Jewel Seeds that we own. (1:11:45.07)
Nanoha Takamachi : After it's over... (1:11:48.33)
Nanoha Takamachi : Everything will start. (1:11:49.74)
Nanoha Takamachi : Our story hasn't even begun yet. (1:11:53.67)
Nanoha Takamachi : So to show you the real me, let's get started. (1:11:58.04)
Nanoha Takamachi : Our first and last, real fight! (1:12:03.80)
Amy Limietta : Looks like a battle is going to start, huh? (1:12:10.47)
Chrono Harlaown : Is the combat zone secured? (1:12:14.39)
Amy Limietta : I've set up a double barrier extending into the sky and layered training structures. (1:12:17.98)
Amy Limietta : They won't be seen, so they can cause as much damage as they want. (1:12:23.90)
Amy Limietta : But, that's kind of unusual for you to agree to such a big gamble. (1:12:29.95)
Chrono Harlaown : Nanoha winning would be the ideal outcome here, (1:12:35.21)
Chrono Harlaown : but it doesn't really matter which of them wins. (1:12:38.21)
Amy Limietta : So when Nanoha's buying us time by fighting Fate, (1:12:41.63)
Amy Limietta : I guess I should get ready to trace her return destination. (1:12:45.05)
Chrono Harlaown : We're counting on you. Don't let her get away. (1:12:49.22)
Amy Limietta : Roger that! (1:12:52.31)
Amy Limietta : But... Are you sure we shouldn't tell Nanoha-chan? (1:12:53.98)
Amy Limietta : About Precia Testarossa's family... (1:12:58.52)
Amy Limietta : ...and the accident? (1:13:01.40)
Chrono Harlaown : Nanoha winning would be the best for us. (1:13:03.57)
Chrono Harlaown : For now, I don't want to burden Nanoha with any distractions. (1:13:05.74)
Yuuno Scrya : Nanoha! (1:13:14.75)
Fate Testarossa : Fire! (1:13:31.10)
Nanoha Takamachi : Shoot! (1:13:45.36)
Nanoha Takamachi : Shoot! (1:13:56.54)
Fate Testarossa : Fire! (1:14:16.47)
Nanoha Takamachi : My wisdom and tactics are going full tilt. (1:14:58.06)
Nanoha Takamachi : I even came here with an ace up my sleeve. (1:15:01.44)
Nanoha Takamachi : All we have to do is to go in there with the desire to not lose. Right? (1:15:04.02)
Fate Testarossa : If I'm beaten here, I won't be able to help Mother. (1:16:17.80)
Fate Testarossa : We won't be able to go back to how things used to be. (1:16:27.86)
Precia Testarossa : I know I've made you suffer terribly... (1:16:38.41)
Precia Testarossa : ...but even now, you are the most precious thing in the world to me. (1:16:41.95)
Precia Testarossa : You are my treasure. (1:16:48.59)
Fate Testarossa : Mama, will you be at work late again today? (1:16:52.38)
Precia Testarossa : I'm sorry. (1:16:56.84)
Precia Testarossa : You've always been so lonely because of me. (1:17:01.39)
Precia Testarossa : But once I'm done with this development work, (1:17:06.60)
Precia Testarossa : we'll be able to take a long vacation, just the two of us. (1:17:09.81)
Precia Testarossa : I promised her that before she started school... (1:17:13.57)
Precia Testarossa : ...we'd spend time together. (1:17:16.36)
EXTRA : Testarossa-san. (1:17:19.91)
EXTRA : The test of the new reactor will be held in ten days. (1:17:21.87)
Precia Testarossa : Wait a minute! The test was scheduled for next month! (1:17:25.91)
EXTRA : It's been decided. (1:17:28.88)
Precia Testarossa : But it's a new design! There's a chance of a meltdown. (1:17:30.34)
EXTRA : The main office is sending extra manpower. (1:17:33.51)
EXTRA : This matter is settled, Chief Testarossa. (1:17:36.26)
EXTRA : Well, we'll be handling the safety protocols. (1:17:47.35)
EXTRA : If this test doesn't go without a hitch, confidence in the company will take a hit. (1:17:49.94)
Fate Testarossa : Mama... (1:18:17.80)
Fate Testarossa : Mama, will you always be working this much? (1:18:21.80)
Precia Testarossa : There's a test next week, honey. (1:18:24.56)
Precia Testarossa : Once that's done, I'll be able to take a little break. (1:18:26.93)
Fate Testarossa : Honest? (1:18:30.31)
Precia Testarossa : You bet. (1:18:31.44)
Fate Testarossa : Can we go on a picnic? (1:18:32.81)
Precia Testarossa : We can go anywhere you want. (1:18:34.65)
Fate Testarossa : You promise? (1:18:37.28)
Precia Testarossa : I promise. (1:18:39.36)
Fate Testarossa : Yes. I was being selfish and caused trouble for Mother. (1:18:58.26)
Fate Testarossa : I remember everything that day to the day of the accident as clearly as if it were yesterday. (1:19:08.31)
Fate Testarossa : The place where mother worked... (1:19:22.66)
Fate Testarossa : ...sparked a flash of light. (1:19:25.70)
Fate Testarossa : The next thing I knew, as I was waking up, I saw Mother looking down at me, crying. (1:19:34.84)
Fate Testarossa : She said that I'd been hurt in the accident and had been asleep for a long time. (1:19:40.80)
Precia Testarossa : Look, this is your room. (1:19:51.39)
Precia Testarossa : Rest for a while, and when you are better, whether it's a picnic or the amusement park, (1:19:56.23)
Precia Testarossa : I'll take you anywhere you want. (1:20:02.95)
Fate Testarossa : But aren't you busy with work? (1:20:05.12)
Precia Testarossa : It's fine. Everything is fine now. (1:20:08.24)
Fate Testarossa : Mama? (1:20:15.08)
Precia Testarossa : It's nothing. It's nothing at all. (1:20:18.30)
Precia Testarossa : Everything is fine, Alicia. (1:20:21.42)
Fate Testarossa : Alicia. (1:20:24.34)
Precia Testarossa : What do you think, Alicia? Is it good? (1:20:27.97)
Fate Testarossa : That's not my name. (1:20:32.14)
Fate Testarossa : Mother, I'm Fate. (1:20:34.10)
Precia Testarossa : You're so adorable, Alicia. (1:20:37.56)
Fate Testarossa : I'm not- It doesn't matter. (1:20:45.53)
Fate Testarossa : I'll win! (1:20:51.16)
Fate Testarossa : I'll win, and I'll go back... (1:20:53.66)
Fate Testarossa : Mother! (1:20:56.25)
Yuuno Scrya : A Grounding Bind... and it looks like she's- (1:21:21.61)
Arf : Fate! (1:21:25.41)
Fate Testarossa : Phalanx... (1:21:35.16)
Fate Testarossa : Smash her to pieces! (1:21:40.38)
Fate Testarossa : Spark... (1:22:07.86)
Fate Testarossa : ...End. (1:22:11.58)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm good to go, Raising Heart. (1:22:54.20)
Fate Testarossa : A Bind? When did she-? (1:23:10.09)
Nanoha Takamachi : Divine... Buster! (1:23:24.31)
Fate Testarossa : She has to be at her limit as well... (1:23:41.58)
Fate Testarossa : If I can just endure this, I can- (1:23:49.51)
Nanoha Takamachi : I will gather all the unused mana that we've been scattering around... (1:24:39.43)
Fate Testarossa : A focus bombardment... (1:24:47.27)
Nanoha Takamachi : This is what Raising Heart and I came up with. (1:24:53.28)
Nanoha Takamachi : With some wisdom and tactics, my final ace! (1:24:55.70)
Nanoha Takamachi : Let's see if you can take this! (1:25:02.00)
Nanoha Takamachi : This is me going all out at full power! (1:25:04.25)
Nanoha Takamachi : Starlight Breaker! (1:25:14.55)
Nanoha Takamachi : Fate-chan! (1:26:19.57)
Nanoha Takamachi : I'm so sorry. Are you okay? (1:26:54.78)
Nanoha Takamachi : Can you move? (1:27:01.74)
Precia Testarossa : That's enough, Fate. (1:27:13.00)
Precia Testarossa : I'm done with you! (1:27:16.96)
Amy Limietta : High order magic detected. (1:27:26.72)
Amy Limietta : Magic wavelength is Precia Testarossa! (1:27:28.98)
Amy Limietta : Dimension skipping bombardment is being directed into the combat area! (1:27:32.06)
Amy Limietta : Nanoha-chan, Yuuno-kun. (1:27:35.86)
Fate Testarossa : Mother? (1:27:57.55)
Nanoha Takamachi : Fate-chan! (1:28:14.06)
Amy Limietta : Spell firing location has been pinpointed! (1:28:28.20)
Amy Limietta : Spatial coordinates... confirmed! (1:28:30.87)
EXTRA : Teleportation coordinates set. (1:28:35.04)
Lindy Harlaown : Boarding squads, move out from transference ports! (1:28:39.84)
Lindy Harlaown : Your mission is to take Precia Testarossa into custody. (1:28:43.13)
Precia Testarossa : It can't end yet... (1:29:05.24)
Precia Testarossa : I have to keep my promise to my daughter... (1:29:10.54)
EXTRA : Move out! (1:29:22.13)
EXTRA : Precia Testarossa, you are under arrest for violations of Time-Space Administration Law, (1:29:45.40)
EXTRA : as we have suspicion of attacks against DAB vessels. (1:29:50.66)
EXTRA : What the-? (1:30:09.85)
Precia Testarossa : Stay away from my Alicia! (1:30:11.68)
Fate Testarossa : Alicia. (1:30:35.16)
Precia Testarossa : I don't know if I'll be able to make it there with just nine Jewel Seeds. (1:30:38.96)
Precia Testarossa : But I don't care; I'm putting an end to it. (1:30:46.92)
Precia Testarossa : To the time I've had to endure since losing my little girl, (1:30:51.18)
Precia Testarossa : and of treating that doll replacement as my daughter. (1:30:54.52)
Precia Testarossa : Are you listening? (1:30:59.73)
Precia Testarossa : I'm talking about you, Fate. (1:31:01.31)
Precia Testarossa : I went through all the trouble of giving you her memories... (1:31:04.53)
Precia Testarossa : ...but you are only identical to her on the outside. (1:31:08.40)
Precia Testarossa : You're useless and utterly worthless, my little doll. (1:31:11.07)
Amy Limietta : At the time of the first accident, (1:31:16.83)
Amy Limietta : Precia lost her biological daughter Alicia Testarossa. (1:31:19.79)
Amy Limietta : There was a magic reactor meltdown, which was caused by safety management lapses. (1:31:27.92)
Amy Limietta : Alicia was caught in the blast. (1:31:40.81)
Amy Limietta : Ever since, Precia's research has focused on... (1:31:45.19)
Amy Limietta : ...the creation of artificial life more advanced than Familiars. (1:31:48.28)
Amy Limietta : And technology to resurrect the dead. (1:31:53.62)
Chrono Harlaown : Special clone technology designed to imprint memories. (1:31:57.08)
Chrono Harlaown : Project Fate. (1:32:00.83)
Precia Testarossa : You're right. You're exactly right. (1:32:03.17)
Precia Testarossa : But it was no replacement for what I had lost. (1:32:06.38)
Precia Testarossa : Imitation life is just an imitation. (1:32:11.38)
Precia Testarossa : Alicia looked sweeter when she smiled. (1:32:16.64)
Precia Testarossa : She could be self-centred sometimes, but she always did as she was told. (1:32:20.64)
Precia Testarossa : Alicia was always kind to me. (1:32:27.19)
Precia Testarossa : Fate, you aren't my daughter. (1:32:35.32)
Precia Testarossa : You're just a failure. (1:32:40.25)
Precia Testarossa : So, I don't need you anymore. (1:32:42.50)
Precia Testarossa : Go wherever you want. Just get out of my sight! (1:32:45.88)
Precia Testarossa : Let me tell you something that might interest you, Fate. (1:32:50.01)
Precia Testarossa : Ever since I made you, every single moment, I've despised you. (1:32:52.97)
Fate Testarossa : Fate-chan! (1:33:09.27)
Yuuno Scrya : Fate... (1:33:10.26)
Amy Limietta : This is bad! Look at this. (1:33:11.69)
Amy Limietta : I'm getting multiple magic signatures from inside the compound. (1:33:14.57)
EXTRA : Magic signatures are all Class A! (1:33:21.83)
EXTRA : Totals 60... 80... Still climbing! (1:33:25.00)
Lindy Harlaown : Precia Testarossa, what in the world are you up to? (1:33:29.21)
Precia Testarossa : We're setting out on a journey! (1:33:33.88)
Precia Testarossa : To the eternal city, Alhazard. (1:33:37.09)
Precia Testarossa : I'll use this power to go there and take it back. (1:33:48.81)
Precia Testarossa : Take it all back! (1:33:54.53)
EXTRA : A dimension quake! (1:33:59.33)
Lindy Harlaown : Anti-quake defences! (1:34:00.92)
EXTRA : Nine Jewel Seeds activated! Intensity is increasing! (1:34:01.83)
EXTRA : Wave coefficient magnifying! (1:34:05.71)
EXTRA : We're looking at a dimensional fissure. (1:34:07.50)
Chrono Harlaown : Alhazard, the forgotten city... A land where secret, forbidden arts are hidden. (1:34:13.92)
Chrono Harlaown : Does she hope to use those secret arts to call the lost soul back to her? (1:34:19.89)
Precia Testarossa : It's not her! It's not! It's just not her! (1:34:30.90)
Precia Testarossa : The memory imprinting worked flawlessly! (1:34:35.19)
Precia Testarossa : She is carrying Alicia's memories, no doubt about it. (1:34:37.32)
Precia Testarossa : But it's not her. (1:34:42.70)
Precia Testarossa : Her dominant hand is the same, her magical ability, and even her personality. (1:34:44.08)
Precia Testarossa : What went wrong? Why isn't she her? (1:34:48.04)
Precia Testarossa : This girl isn't Alicia... (1:34:56.97)
Precia Testarossa : She's just a botched product. (1:35:01.05)
Precia Testarossa : Alicia's body is still perfectly intact. (1:35:05.31)
Precia Testarossa : Her soul has left it, that's all. (1:35:10.31)
Precia Testarossa : A way to retrieve Alicia's soul... that's what I have to find. (1:35:13.65)
Precia Testarossa : I'm about to go down a path that's taboo. (1:35:20.16)
Precia Testarossa : What I need is a tool that I can send out to do my work for me. (1:35:23.41)
Precia Testarossa : Of course, of course that's the answer! (1:35:37.88)
Precia Testarossa : I simply need to raise that girl, that fake, and use her to do what I need. (1:35:42.34)
Precia Testarossa : I'll create an instructor as well. (1:35:55.98)
Linith : Good morning Master. (1:36:15.34)
Linith : Um, have I always been a newborn kitten? (1:36:19.22)
Linith : I have no memories whatsoever about myself. (1:36:25.47)
Precia Testarossa : That doesn't matter. (1:36:30.48)
Precia Testarossa : Familiar Linith. Your job is to care for and educate my daughter. (1:36:32.65)
Precia Testarossa : Raise her to be a first class mage. (1:36:39.03)
Linith : Young miss, what's your name? (1:36:47.03)
Fate Testarossa : It's Fate, Fate Testarossa. (1:36:51.50)
Precia Testarossa : So how's the girl- How's Fate doing? (1:37:01.47)
Linith : She's certainly your daughter. (1:37:04.01)
Linith : With the proper training, she will become a mage of the highest calibre. (1:37:07.47)
Precia Testarossa : There's no time. (1:37:11.31)
Precia Testarossa : Raise her so that I can send her to the outside world as soon as possible. (1:37:13.48)
Linith : Precia... (1:37:18.44)
Linith : Are you sure you can't arrange to at least spend a little more time with her? (1:37:19.98)
Linith : Fate never says much herself, but seeing how much she loves you... it's just so sad. (1:37:25.49)
Precia Testarossa : Don't make me repeat myself! Do as you're- (1:37:32.54)
Linith : Precia! (1:37:39.67)
Precia Testarossa : I don't have much time left. (1:37:42.97)
Fate Testarossa : Linith? Is this a- (1:37:52.06)
Linith : Yes, this is your device. His name's Bardiche. (1:37:54.85)
Arf : It's an axe? (1:37:59.82)
Linith : It's an axe, it's a spear, and it's even a flashing blade that will slice through everything. (1:38:01.23)
Fate Testarossa : It's good to meet you, Bardiche. (1:38:08.45)
Linith : Precia? (1:38:27.84)
Linith : Precia, where are you? (1:38:30.89)
Linith : Precia? (1:38:34.98)
Linith : Precia! (1:38:39.02)
Linith : Precia. Are you all right? (1:38:41.36)
Precia Testarossa : So you saw it. (1:38:51.28)
Linith : I know about all the research you've conducted, as well as the technologies you're looking for now. (1:38:52.99)
Linith : Precia, no matter how badly we wish for it, the dead don't come back. (1:39:00.00)
Linith : It's the same with time that's been lost. (1:39:05.46)
Linith : Alicia's accident was a tragedy, (1:39:08.26)
Linith : but here and now, you have Fate to- (1:39:11.10)
Precia Testarossa : What do you know about it? (1:39:16.35)
Precia Testarossa : What do you know about me and Alicia?! (1:39:19.35)
Linith : I don't know anything. (1:39:24.40)
Linith : You were the one who made me forget! (1:39:26.03)
Linith : But, there's one thing that even a familiar that was born a lynx knows! (1:39:28.70)
Linith : It's still not too late to turn back! (1:39:35.95)
Precia Testarossa : I was always absorbed in my work... (1:39:47.05)
Precia Testarossa : I was never able to show Alicia the love she deserved, not even once. (1:39:50.26)
Precia Testarossa : Once I was done with work, once the day I'd promised her finally arrived, (1:39:55.18)
Precia Testarossa : I had always planned to give Alicia all my time and all my love! (1:39:59.56)
Precia Testarossa : But then- (1:40:06.23)
Precia Testarossa : I don't have any love to lavish on that failure! (1:40:08.15)
Precia Testarossa : I don't, do I? (1:40:14.58)
Precia Testarossa : Your duties, as well as your life as a familiar... (1:40:19.66)
Precia Testarossa : ...will end when Fate's training as a mage is complete. (1:40:25.09)
Precia Testarossa : Go complete Fate's training and disappear. (1:40:31.30)
EXTRA : Dimension quake magnitude is steadily increasing! (1:40:46.11)
Amy Limietta : Abnormal activity in the garden's power core! (1:40:54.45)
Amy Limietta : Is she trying to overload the reactor to make up for the output she's missing? (1:40:56.74)
Chrono Harlaown : You know what that is, right, Yuuno? Watch out for these holes. (1:41:11.92)
Yuuno Scrya : Imaginary space. It's a region where you can't cast spells. (1:41:15.47)
Yuuno Scrya : Flying spells won't work, either. (1:41:19.22)
Yuuno Scrya : If you fall, you'll plunge head over heels forever. (1:41:21.39)
Nanoha Takamachi : Roger. (1:41:25.52)
Chrono Harlaown : We'll split into two teams. (1:41:41.83)
Chrono Harlaown : You seal the reactor on the top level. (1:41:43.37)
Nanoha Takamachi : What about you, Chrono-kun? (1:41:46.83)
Chrono Harlaown : I'm going to stop Precia! (1:41:48.42)
Chrono Harlaown : I'm going to carve a path to her right now! (1:41:51.09)
Lindy Harlaown : I'll head out too. (1:41:53.72)
Lindy Harlaown : I'll try to control the progress of the dimension quake in the garden. (1:41:55.26)
Arf : I'm worried about those kids so I'm going to go help them for a bit. (1:42:02.81)
Arf : I'll be back soon, okay? (1:42:10.52)
Fate Testarossa : Mother never paid... (1:42:26.00)
Fate Testarossa : ...any attention to me... (1:42:29.25)
Fate Testarossa : ...not even once. (1:42:31.92)
Fate Testarossa : It was Alicia whom she missed, not me. (1:42:35.42)
Fate Testarossa : I'm nothing but... (1:42:40.72)
Fate Testarossa : ...a failure to her. (1:42:43.43)
Fate Testarossa : Maybe I should have never been born. (1:42:46.60)
Fate Testarossa : Arf... and this girl... (1:42:58.91)
Fate Testarossa : What was her name again? (1:43:03.79)
Fate Testarossa : I'm sure that she told me... (1:43:07.62)
Fate Testarossa : We fought again and again. (1:43:14.21)
Fate Testarossa : I... did some terrible things to her. (1:43:17.13)
Fate Testarossa : And in spite of that, she spoke to me... She even called me... by my name. (1:43:23.31)
Fate Testarossa : Again. (1:43:31.52)
Fate Testarossa : And again. (1:43:34.48)
Fate Testarossa : Bardiche. (1:43:49.12)
Fate Testarossa : My story. Our story. (1:43:50.67)
Fate Testarossa : They haven't even begun yet? (1:43:54.21)
Fate Testarossa : I hadn't thought of that. (1:44:13.56)
Fate Testarossa : You've been at my side this whole time. Haven't you, Bardiche? (1:44:15.44)
Fate Testarossa : You hate the idea of things ending like this, too, don't you? (1:44:21.53)
Fate Testarossa : I don't know if we'll be able to pull it off... but let's both give it our best. (1:44:37.59)
Fate Testarossa : Our story hasn't even begun. (1:44:53.19)
Fate Testarossa : So to show you the real me... (1:45:03.07)
Fate Testarossa : ...let's put an end to the person I've been until now. (1:45:08.79)
Arf : Damn! They just keep coming and coming! (1:45:32.10)
Yuuno Scrya : Nanoha! (1:45:45.49)
Fate Testarossa : Thunder Rage! (1:46:01.34)
Arf : Fate? (1:46:13.39)
Fate Testarossa : It's a jumbo mode. It's got heavy defences. (1:46:35.29)
Fate Testarossa : But... if we work together... (1:46:42.63)
Fate Testarossa : Bardiche! (1:47:30.93)
Nanoha Takamachi : Raising Heart! (1:47:34.43)
Fate Testarossa : Thunder Smasher! (1:47:42.57)
Nanoha Takamachi : Divine Buster! (1:47:50.57)
Nanoha Takamachi : One. Two... (1:47:58.79)
Fate Testarossa : One. Two... (1:47:58.79)
Nanoha Takamachi : Fate-chan... (1:48:23.40)
Arf : Fate! Fate. (1:48:28.61)
Fate Testarossa : Arf... I'm sorry that I worried you. (1:48:34.12)
Precia Testarossa : Just a little more. (1:48:52.34)
Lindy Harlaown : Precia Testarossa. (1:48:57.47)
Lindy Harlaown : It's over. I'm suppressing the dimension quake. (1:49:00.60)
Lindy Harlaown : Your reactor will be sealed any moment now. (1:49:05.23)
Lindy Harlaown : My officer is bearing down on your location. (1:49:07.65)
Lindy Harlaown : Alhazard, the forgotten city... The technology that lies hidden there. (1:49:11.15)
Lindy Harlaown : All those things should have been lost for ages. (1:49:16.20)
Precia Testarossa : You're wrong. Alhazard exists to this day. (1:49:20.66)
Precia Testarossa : And the lost path to it is in the gaps between dimensions. (1:49:24.88)
Lindy Harlaown : Let's say that the path does exist. (1:49:30.13)
Lindy Harlaown : What would you do there? (1:49:32.84)
Precia Testarossa : I'll get her back. (1:49:37.81)
Precia Testarossa : I'll take back my Alicia's past and future. (1:49:39.68)
Precia Testarossa : I'll take back... (1:49:44.06)
Precia Testarossa : ...everything that went wrong in this world! (1:49:46.15)
Chrono Harlaown : Don't act like you don't know this! (1:49:55.91)
Chrono Harlaown : No matter what spell you cast, you can't regain the past! (1:49:58.28)
Fate Testarossa : Mother! (1:50:18.55)
Precia Testarossa : What did you come here for? (1:50:20.93)
Precia Testarossa : Get out of my sight. (1:50:24.69)
Precia Testarossa : You're of no more use to me. (1:50:26.35)
Fate Testarossa : I came here because there's something that I wanted to tell you. (1:50:30.32)
Fate Testarossa : Maybe it's true that I'm just a failure and a fake. (1:50:37.53)
Fate Testarossa : I'm sorry that I couldn't be Alicia or live up to your expectations. (1:50:44.62)
Fate Testarossa : If you tell me to go away, I'll go far, far away. (1:50:50.17)
Fate Testarossa : But ever since you gave me life, to this day... and for the rest of my life, one thing is certain. (1:50:54.30)
Fate Testarossa : I want to make you smile, Mother. (1:51:01.89)
Fate Testarossa : My desire to make you happy is real. (1:51:04.43)
Fate Testarossa : Those are my real feelings. The feelings of Fate Testarossa. (1:51:12.57)
Precia Testarossa : Pathetic. (1:51:20.91)
Amy Limietta : Captain, it's no use! The garden is crumbling! (1:51:39.14)
Amy Limietta : Chrono-kun, you and the others have to escape. (1:51:43.26)
Amy Limietta : It'll collapse any second. There's no time! (1:51:45.10)
Chrono Harlaown : Roger that! (1:51:47.69)
Chrono Harlaown : Fate Testarossa! Fate! (1:51:49.56)
Precia Testarossa : I'm going. I'm going with Alicia. (1:51:56.78)
Fate Testarossa : Mother... (1:52:01.45)
Precia Testarossa : I told you already, right? (1:52:03.45)
Precia Testarossa : I told you that I hate you! (1:52:05.08)
Fate Testarossa : Mother! Alicia! (1:52:10.79)
Precia Testarossa : Alicia. (1:52:21.30)
Precia Testarossa : Alicia, is there anything that you want for your birthday? (1:52:26.22)
Alicia Testarossa : Let me think... I want a baby sister. (1:52:31.48)
Alicia Testarossa : If I had a sister, I wouldn't be lonely while you're away, and we could do all sorts of stuff to help you. (1:52:37.99)
Precia Testarossa : Well that's true, but... (1:52:44.70)
Alicia Testarossa : I want a sister. Promise me, Mama. (1:52:46.83)
Precia Testarossa : I've always been this way, haven't I? (1:52:55.38)
Precia Testarossa : I never notice things until it's too late. (1:53:00.38)

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