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Sadao Maou : What're these? (0:00:01.39)
Shiro Ashiya : I believe they are pickles. (0:00:02.10)
Shiro Ashiya : She may be trying to thank us for letting her stay. (0:00:04.48)
Shiro Ashiya : Let me taste them first. (0:00:07.36)
Sadao Maou : How are they? (0:00:14.11)
Shiro Ashiya : She is indeed a formidable enemy. (0:00:15.82)
Shiro Ashiya : Why are the keys on the floor? (0:00:18.95)
Sadao Maou : I guess she locked the door from the outside then threw them back in. (0:00:22.66)
Shiro Ashiya : That's just the kind of goody-two-shoes thing I'd expect a hero to do. (0:00:29.30)
Sadao Maou : What would you have done? (0:00:33.01)
Shiro Ashiya : Isn't it obvious? (0:00:34.64)
Shiro Ashiya : I would lock the door, then take the key home with me. (0:00:35.76)
Sadao Maou : You're evil. (0:00:40.56)
Shiro Ashiya : I am a demon. What of it? (0:00:41.85)
Emi Yusa : I don't even want to remember that disgrace. (0:02:25.33)
EXTRA : Now for our next story. (0:02:32.38)
EXTRA : Last night, several shots were fired before dawn in a residential area of Shibuya. (0:02:33.92)
EXTRA : The police have found multiple bullet holes at the scene, (0:02:38.13)
EXTRA : as well as an abandoned bicycle nearby that appears to have been shot multiple times. (0:02:40.76)
Emi Yusa : I-It's them! (0:02:44.48)
EXTRA : The police believe it may be related to the incident,
and are currently searching for the owner of the bicycle.
Emi Yusa : Those morons... (0:02:46.60)
Emi Yusa : Oh well, whatever. (0:02:48.10)
EXTRA : There have also been a number of convenience store robberies and muggings in the area as of late. (0:02:50.56)
EXTRA : The police are investigating any possible connections to last night's shooting. (0:02:55.84)
EXTRA : Oh no, isn't that close to you? (0:02:59.90)
EXTRA : That happened right by where you work, didn't it? (0:03:02.57)
EXTRA : There has also been an earthquake in the Kanto region. (0:03:05.12)
Chiho Sasaki : I'm not making this up or imagining it.
I'm sure an earthquake's gonna happen.
Chiho Sasaki : I'd like to ask for your advice. If you don't mind, could we meet sometime? (0:03:15.29)
Sadao Maou : Okay! How about tomorrow evening? (0:03:26.14)
Sadao Maou : I've got the day off work. You do too, right? (0:03:28.97)
EXTRA : Chiho, are you working today? (0:03:35.23)
Chiho Sasaki : Huh? Ah... No, I've got... um... some other plans for tonight. (0:03:37.90)
EXTRA : Make sure you play it safe, okay? (0:03:43.66)
Chiho Sasaki : Wh-What could you possibly be talking about? (0:03:45.78)
EXTRA : There's been a lot of nasty business in the neighborhood lately. (0:03:48.66)
Chiho Sasaki : Oh, you meant that? (0:03:51.25)
EXTRA : "That"? What else did you think I meant? (0:03:52.58)
Chiho Sasaki : Never mind! (0:03:54.42)
EXTRA : Chiho! (0:03:56.75)
Rika Suzuki : Hey, did you hear about that shooting on the news? Wasn't that near your place? (0:03:58.13)
Emi Yusa : Nah, it was three stations away. (0:04:03.01)
Rika Suzuki : Oh, okay then. (0:04:05.09)
Rika Suzuki : Anyway, how about lunch today? (0:04:06.34)
Rika Suzuki : We should go to that curry shop we talked about the other day. (0:04:08.35)
Rika Suzuki : Though we might have to wait in line for a while. (0:04:11.27)
Emi Yusa : Sorry. I don't have time to wait in line today. (0:04:12.85)
Emi Yusa : I lost my wallet. (0:04:16.77)
Rika Suzuki : Huh? Seriously? (0:04:18.02)
Emi Yusa : I gotta spend my lunch break filling out the paperwork. (0:04:19.73)
Emi Yusa : Thank you for your calling. (0:04:26.11)
Emi Yusa : This is Emi Yusa. (0:04:28.07)
Hanzou Urushihara : Yusa? (0:04:30.08)
Hanzou Urushihara : I see you've successfully blended into Japanese society, Emilia the Hero. (0:04:31.41)
Emi Yusa : May I ask who's calling? (0:04:36.62)
Hanzou Urushihara : Someone who knows all about the Dark Lord and the Hero. (0:04:38.54)
Hanzou Urushihara : And someone who plans to lead both of you to your demise. (0:04:41.25)
Emi Yusa : I see. That explains the repeated access attempts last night. (0:04:45.64)
Hanzou Urushihara : I didn't expect the Dark Lord and Hero to join forces. (0:04:49.89)
Emi Yusa : I assure you that was not our intended result. (0:04:53.77)
Hanzou Urushihara : I guess so. (0:04:56.98)
Hanzou Urushihara : Either way, it is in Ente Isla's best interests (0:04:58.60)
Hanzou Urushihara : to wipe Dark Lord Satan and Emilia the Hero off the face of this new world. (0:05:02.23)
Emi Yusa : What?! (0:05:06.90)
Emi Yusa : I-I am sorry, but we will need to analyze your issue in greater detail. (0:05:10.78)
Hanzou Urushihara : And how would you analyze the fact that the Hero and Dark Lord had to flee from an attack on their lives? (0:05:15.45)
Hanzou Urushihara : I'd be interested in knowing. (0:05:20.71)
Emi Yusa : His voice sounds as though it echoes from the depths of the abyss itself. He's evil. (0:05:23.75)
Emi Yusa : I thought all of Hell's generals had been struck down, save Alsiel. (0:05:29.89)
Emi Yusa : Who then might you be? (0:05:33.93)
Emi Yusa : I guess you intended to gain my cooperation by stating that your plan was in Ente Isla's interests, (0:05:37.77)
Emi Yusa : but I would never be taken in by the whispers of the dark side. (0:05:41.98)
Hanzou Urushihara : I see. It's a shame you don't believe me. (0:05:45.32)
Hanzou Urushihara : I'll see you soon. (0:05:48.65)
Emi Yusa : There are all kinds of weirdos out there, you know? (0:05:57.75)
Emi Yusa : Let's get something to eat first. (0:06:00.92)
Emi Yusa : The bank'll be way too crowded at lunchtime anyway. (0:06:03.09)
Emi Yusa : Hello? (0:06:08.59)
EXTRA : Hello? Would this be Yusa Emi's cell phone? (0:06:09.84)
Emi Yusa : That's right. (0:06:14.22)
EXTRA : I'm calling from the Yoyogi police station. (0:06:16.18)
Emi Yusa : Huh? (0:06:19.39)
Emi Yusa : The police? (0:06:20.94)
Sadao Maou : So they were able to track us down from the bicycle alone. The Japanese police aren't half bad. (0:06:29.28)
Shiro Ashiya : We were right, though. (0:06:34.38)
Shiro Ashiya : The Hero was lying about her age. (0:06:36.92)
Shiro Ashiya : Wasn't she only 17 or 18 years old in the end? (0:06:39.54)
Sadao Maou : I told you. I was sure she claimed to be over 20 when she got her papers. (0:06:42.75)
Sadao Maou : I guess you could call this
"lamb dressed up as mutton"?
Shiro Ashiya : Why the sheep metaphor, anyway? (0:06:50.84)
Emi Yusa : What the hell does it matter?! (0:06:54.10)
Emi Yusa : Why? Why?! (0:06:57.10)
Emi Yusa : Why did I have to... (0:06:59.70)
Emi Yusa : Why do I, the Hero, have to vouch for the Dark Lord's identity?! (0:07:01.52)
Sadao Maou : What choice did I have? I've got no one else to ask. (0:07:08.57)
Shiro Ashiya : I don't like having to depend on you either, you know. (0:07:13.13)
Emi Yusa : And I don't like having to desecrate my ID card and personal seal for you! (0:07:17.47)
Sadao Maou : I could've called my boss, but well... (0:07:22.42)
Shiro Ashiya : Yeah, you wouldn't want to cause trouble for her. (0:07:25.84)
Emi Yusa : But it's okay to cause trouble for me ?! (0:07:27.84)
Sadao Maou : Of course. It's the Dark Lord's job to cause trouble for the Hero. (0:07:29.61)
Emi Yusa : That's why you dragged me out here? (0:07:34.05)
Sadao Maou : Oh, come on. We gave you a place to stay last night. (0:07:37.12)
Shiro Ashiya : Calm down, Emilia. A hero should always maintain her composure. (0:07:40.35)
Emi Yusa : I don't need to hear that from you , Alsiel! (0:07:43.31)
Emi Yusa : Your fridge was completely empty! (0:07:46.73)
Emi Yusa : How about thinking ahead a bit next time you go shopping? (0:07:48.48)
Emi Yusa : Were you really the greatest general of the Dark Lord's army?! (0:07:50.78)
Shiro Ashiya : That... That wasn't my fault. (0:07:54.39)
Emi Yusa : Listen. (0:07:59.20)
Emi Yusa : I got a threatening phone call at work earlier today. (0:08:00.36)
Emi Yusa : They're targeting you as well, Dark Lord. (0:08:03.75)
Sadao Maou : Huh? (0:08:07.42)
Emi Yusa : Consider yourself warned. (0:08:08.75)
Emi Yusa : But remember: I, the Hero, will be the one to defeat you! (0:08:10.34)
Sadao Maou : And you might want to remember not to yell stuff like that in public. (0:08:15.84)
Emi Yusa : A-Anyway! Just make sure you don't get killed by some random guy before then! (0:08:20.18)
Sadao Maou : Someone's targeting both of us? (0:08:30.44)
Sadao Maou : And they called her. (0:08:33.11)
Shiro Ashiya : It's not my fault... I couldn't do anything about it. (0:08:35.99)
Sadao Maou : Come on, get a grip! (0:08:37.95)
Sadao Maou : Let's get going! I'm meeting Chi-chan later! (0:08:39.37)
Chiho Sasaki : I'm home! (0:08:43.70)
Shiro Ashiya : So tell me, my lord, (0:08:59.10)
Shiro Ashiya : where and when do you plan to meet this Sasaki-san, and when will you be back home? (0:09:01.01)
Sadao Maou : Who are you, my mother? (0:09:05.35)
Sadao Maou : I'm meeting her at five by the east exit of Shinjuku Station. (0:09:07.73)
Shiro Ashiya : You still have plenty of time, then. (0:09:10.65)
Shiro Ashiya : Shall we get going, my lord? (0:09:12.53)
Sadao Maou : Huh? Where? (0:09:14.40)
Shiro Ashiya : Hm... This is most fitting. (0:09:22.74)
Sadao Maou : Where did you get the money to buy clothes, anyway? (0:09:25.37)
Shiro Ashiya : I have reserves of my own for emergencies such as this. (0:09:28.79)
Sadao Maou : An emergency? This? (0:09:33.09)
Sadao Maou : We'll just have a drink, I'll hear her out, and that's it. (0:09:34.63)
Sadao Maou : There's no need— (0:09:37.88)
Shiro Ashiya : How could you possibly say that? (0:09:38.84)
Shiro Ashiya : Girls of that age never, ever open up with their problems to anyone short of their closest confidants! (0:09:40.56)
Shiro Ashiya : Not even their parents! (0:09:46.18)
Shiro Ashiya : And yet, she's willing to confide in you ! (0:09:47.52)
Shiro Ashiya : I very much hope you understand the gravity of this situation! (0:09:49.90)
Sadao Maou : I do. Really. (0:09:52.65)
Shiro Ashiya : That's why I can't allow you to go on a date in that UNISLO outfit. (0:09:54.94)
Sadao Maou : Wh-What? (0:10:01.37)
Sadao Maou : Apologize to UNISLO, front-runner of the apparel industry, and me too while you're at it! (0:10:03.53)
Chiho Sasaki : Oh, Maou-san! (0:10:16.84)
Sadao Maou : Huh? Did you get a haircut, Chi-chan? (0:10:19.63)
Chiho Sasaki : You noticed? (0:10:21.97)
Chiho Sasaki : I thought I'd try a shorter style. How is it? (0:10:23.47)
Sadao Maou : Looks good on you. (0:10:26.31)
Chiho Sasaki : All right! (0:10:27.85)
Chiho Sasaki : And here I thought you'd turn up in an all-UNISLO outfit, yet... (0:10:29.27)
Sadao Maou : Huh? (0:10:33.44)
Chiho Sasaki : N-Not that there's anything wrong with that! (0:10:33.94)
Chiho Sasaki : UNISLO's got its own charm, you know? (0:10:36.98)
Chiho Sasaki : You look even... cooler than usual. (0:10:38.57)
Sadao Maou : My roommate wouldn't let me
"go on a date in that UNISLO outfit."
Chiho Sasaki : So you consider this a date? (0:10:46.41)
Sadao Maou : Yeah... I guess. (0:10:49.46)
Chiho Sasaki : All right! (0:10:51.67)
Sadao Maou : So what now? (0:10:52.92)
Chiho Sasaki : Let's go to Café Toutor.
It's cheap and we can talk in peace.
Chiho Sasaki : Oh, don't worry! Since I'm the one who asked for your advice, it's my treat. (0:10:58.72)
Sadao Maou : Nah, that's okay. It's only fair that the older guy should pay. (0:11:04.09)
Sadao Maou : Let's get going. (0:11:08.60)
Chiho Sasaki : Um, Maou-san? (0:11:10.02)
Sadao Maou : Hm? (0:11:11.98)
Chiho Sasaki : Uh, well... (0:11:13.10)
Sadao Maou : What? Is something wrong? (0:11:15.36)
Chiho Sasaki : Can we... hold hands? (0:11:17.15)
Sadao Maou : Oh, that? Sure, no problem. (0:11:19.90)
Sadao Maou : What's wrong? (0:11:26.33)
Chiho Sasaki : Oh, nothing! (0:11:27.62)
Chiho Sasaki : Thank you! (0:11:30.66)
Sadao Maou : Gotta watch we don't lose each other in this crowd. (0:11:32.12)
Chiho Sasaki : I know, right? (0:11:35.79)
Emi Yusa : What are you doing here? (0:11:49.22)
Shiro Ashiya : Emilia?! (0:11:52.81)
Emi Yusa : Don't call me by my real name. (0:11:53.81)
Emi Yusa : By the way, you're acting extremely suspicious. (0:11:55.77)
Emi Yusa : Are you tailing someone? (0:11:58.90)
Shiro Ashiya : I-It's none of your business! (0:12:01.32)
Emi Yusa : Do you really think a hero like me would let such suspicious activity slide? (0:12:03.03)
Shiro Ashiya : I don't. But please trust me on this! (0:12:08.20)
Emi Yusa : I didn't trust you back when you were a demon. Why should I start now? (0:12:11.16)
Shiro Ashiya : H-Hey! (0:12:15.04)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord, please forgive me! (0:12:20.71)
Emi Yusa : Alsie— Ashiya! (0:12:22.51)
Emi Yusa : What are you planning to do with that girl?! (0:12:25.00)
Shiro Ashiya : You misunderstand! (0:12:26.71)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord is not doing this out of ulterior motives! (0:12:28.18)
Emi Yusa : A demon lord without ulterior motives? Who are you kidding?! (0:12:31.06)
Shiro Ashiya : Please! Just listen to me! (0:12:33.52)
Emi Yusa : I see. So that's what's going on. (0:12:38.11)
Shiro Ashiya : So you understand? (0:12:39.69)
Emi Yusa : I understand that my arch-enemy has sunk to a pathetic new low. (0:12:41.61)
Emi Yusa : But why did he have to go on a date with her? (0:12:46.86)
Shiro Ashiya : I've been wondering the same thing. (0:12:49.87)
Shiro Ashiya : But it's clear that this Sasaki girl harbors feeling of love towards my lord. (0:12:51.75)
Emi Yusa : I agree. (0:12:57.67)
Shiro Ashiya : You have no objections to that? (0:12:59.59)
Emi Yusa : Should I? (0:13:01.59)
Shiro Ashiya : Well... (0:13:02.55)
Shiro Ashiya : I find it outrageous that a lowly human should dare to have feelings for the mighty Dark Lord. (0:13:04.38)
Emi Yusa : On the other hand, I can't imagine what such a cute girl could possibly see in that foul demon. (0:13:10.64)
Shiro Ashiya : How dare you speak ill of my lord?! (0:13:15.69)
Emi Yusa : I'm a hero, you know. (0:13:17.85)
Emi Yusa : But there's no woman alive who wouldn't understand that scene at the slightest glance. (0:13:19.56)
Emi Yusa : One-piece dresses are popular this summer. (0:13:24.28)
Emi Yusa : Her hair looks like she's just visited a salon. (0:13:26.28)
Emi Yusa : Her shoes are brand new as well. (0:13:29.70)
Shiro Ashiya : Huh? Is that so? (0:13:31.33)
Emi Yusa : Men have no eye for such things. (0:13:33.29)
Emi Yusa : She creates an atmosphere of summer freshness while emphasizing her body lin— (0:13:36.04)
Emi Yusa : Whoa, those are big. (0:13:40.63)
Shiro Ashiya : What do you mean? (0:13:42.50)
Emi Yusa : N-None of your business! (0:13:43.55)
Emi Yusa : It's not like being big confers any kind of advantage in battle! (0:13:45.26)
Emi Yusa : You can get your armor made much more cheaply if you're smaller, (0:13:47.98)
Emi Yusa : and they never get in the way either! (0:13:50.55)
Shiro Ashiya : What are you talking about? (0:13:52.47)
Emi Yusa : I said it was none of your business! (0:13:53.56)
Emi Yusa : Anyway, what do you two have to gain from talking with her? (0:13:55.27)
Shiro Ashiya : How should I know? (0:13:59.14)
Shiro Ashiya : I just follow him around to see if anyone suspicious is nearby. (0:14:00.35)
Emi Yusa : You're the most suspicious person here. (0:14:03.73)
Emi Yusa : However, it piqued my interest when she mentioned the earthquakes. (0:14:06.82)
Emi Yusa : If her situation's got anything to do with our world... (0:14:11.62)
Emi Yusa : There's no point in watching over them from here. (0:14:16.08)
Shiro Ashiya : Let's go. (0:14:18.79)
Shiro Ashiya : Go? Where to? (0:14:19.83)
Emi Yusa : Isn't it obvious? (0:14:20.92)
Emi Yusa : To that café. (0:14:22.33)
Shiro Ashiya : What?! (0:14:23.63)
Shiro Ashiya : How could I possibly explain such a bold act to my lo— (0:14:24.76)
Shiro Ashiya : Hey! Wait! (0:14:27.84)
Sadao Maou : So could we go over the details one more time? (0:14:38.06)
Chiho Sasaki : Oh, sure. (0:14:41.23)
Chiho Sasaki : I told you how my ears started ringing really badly ever since I started working at MgRonalds, right? (0:14:43.15)
Chiho Sasaki : At first I thought it was because I wasn't used to the work yet, so I got tired easily. (0:14:50.03)
Chiho Sasaki : But then last night... (0:14:55.20)
EXTRA : C-Can you hear me? (0:14:58.41)
EXTRA : Can you hear me? (0:15:01.38)
Chiho Sasaki : Hello? (0:15:03.09)
EXTRA : Can you hear me? (0:15:03.67)
Chiho Sasaki : Hello? (0:15:05.50)
EXTRA : It's not working. (0:15:05.96)
EXTRA : She can't hear us after all. (0:15:07.59)
Chiho Sasaki : I can hear you! (0:15:09.84)
EXTRA : Oh well, whatever. (0:15:10.01)
EXTRA : Only a few people can receive this signal. (0:15:11.22)
Chiho Sasaki : What? (0:15:14.22)
EXTRA : There must be abnormal phenomena taking place in the other world. (0:15:15.51)
EXTRA : There will probably be a big one soon, so be careful. (0:15:19.60)
Chiho Sasaki : A big one? (0:15:20.94)
EXTRA : Just watch out. (0:15:23.90)
EXTRA : I'm going there. (0:15:25.94)
Chiho Sasaki : I'd never heard that language before, and yet I understood every word. (0:15:28.99)
Chiho Sasaki : I was really confused. (0:15:32.66)
Sadao Maou : And when they mentioned abnormal phenomena,
you concluded he was talking about the earthquakes.
Chiho Sasaki : Yeah. (0:15:39.75)
Sadao Maou : There's no doubt about it. (0:15:41.33)
Sadao Maou : That was a technique that allows humans to share ideas with each other, even across worlds. (0:15:42.71)
Sadao Maou : The Idea Link. (0:15:48.09)
Sadao Maou : When you want to use it, you first need to pinpoint your target with a detector spell, the Sonar. (0:15:49.92)
Sadao Maou : The Sonar causes large shock waves of magic that can have various effects. (0:15:55.43)
Sadao Maou : It's easily possible that it could cause earthquake-like phenomena at the target location. (0:16:02.31)
Sadao Maou : It also makes sense if we hypothesize that the Sonar was trying to locate Emilia and us. (0:16:08.28)
Sadao Maou : So there's gonna be a "big one" soon? (0:16:17.45)
Sadao Maou : That means things might be progressing faster than I antici— (0:16:20.50)
Chiho Sasaki : Are you all right?! (0:16:24.17)
Chiho Sasaki : What's wrong? (0:16:25.50)
Sadao Maou : Why? Why is Emi here with Ashiya? (0:16:27.05)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san? (0:16:31.22)
Sadao Maou : Don't worry. (0:16:32.47)
Sadao Maou : I didn't do anything wrong. (0:16:33.51)
Sadao Maou : Sorry, never mind! Anyway! (0:16:36.30)
Sadao Maou : Let's go over everything that you mentioned. (0:16:39.17)
Sadao Maou : I'd say that the ringing in your ears and the voices you're hearing aren't really anything to worry about. (0:16:41.18)
Sadao Maou : The real problem is whether or not this "big one" is actually coming. (0:16:44.65)
Sadao Maou : I think that if it actually comes to that, just warning the people around you would be a great help! (0:16:48.11)
Chiho Sasaki : I'm glad I asked you for advice, Maou-san. (0:16:53.99)
Chiho Sasaki : I feel a bit relieved now. (0:16:57.07)
Sadao Maou : How's that, Emi? I've done nothing wrong! (0:16:59.62)
Sadao Maou : I'm just helping her out as a senior colleague! (0:17:03.41)
Chiho Sasaki : I couldn't tell my friends or family or anyone, (0:17:07.00)
Chiho Sasaki : but I was sure you'd believe me. (0:17:10.67)
Chiho Sasaki : You're really kind, and... (0:17:15.13)
Chiho Sasaki : You're... um... (0:17:17.72)
Chiho Sasaki : M-Maou-san, I— (0:17:19.93)
Emi Yusa : Stop right there! (0:17:26.52)
Emi Yusa : You can't expect anything from this guy. (0:17:28.69)
Sadao Maou : E-Emi? (0:17:31.44)
Emi Yusa : He's not who he seems to be. (0:17:32.86)
Emi Yusa : He's merciless and cruel. (0:17:35.40)
Chiho Sasaki : Don't just barge in here and say such horrible things! (0:17:38.33)
Chiho Sasaki : Wh-Who are you to Maou-san anyway? (0:17:41.81)
Emi Yusa : I'm his enemy. No more, no less. (0:17:45.44)
Emi Yusa : He'll only bring you misfortune. (0:17:49.71)
Sadao Maou : Stop that, Emi. (0:17:52.25)
Emi Yusa : Don't you dare tell me what to do. (0:17:53.46)
Sadao Maou : Calm down, Chi-chan! (0:17:55.42)
Chiho Sasaki : Stay out of this, Maou-san! (0:17:57.14)
Chiho Sasaki : Oh, I remember now! (0:17:59.22)
Chiho Sasaki : You came to our workplace before! (0:18:01.56)
Emi Yusa : So what? (0:18:04.14)
Chiho Sasaki : Are you Maou-san's ex? (0:18:05.58)
Emi Yusa : How could you even say that?! (0:18:09.77)
Chiho Sasaki : I knew it! (0:18:11.65)
Chiho Sasaki : You had your time! It's none of your business how I choose to approach Maou-san now! (0:18:13.44)
Emi Yusa : Spare me your nonsense! (0:18:19.11)
Emi Yusa : There's never been anything like that between us. (0:18:21.58)
Chiho Sasaki : Then why do you keep lurking around him? (0:18:23.66)
Emi Yusa : Our relationship isn't something that can be summed up in a few words! (0:18:27.72)
Chiho Sasaki : So you think you're closer to him than I am? (0:18:31.50)
Emi Yusa : Why the hell would you think that? (0:18:34.88)
Chiho Sasaki : What else am I supposed to think?! (0:18:36.63)
Sadao Maou : Please, just calm down... (0:18:39.01)
EXTRA : An earthquake! (0:18:46.81)
EXTRA : It's a big one! (0:18:47.64)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san! (0:18:54.07)
Chiho Sasaki : What... happened? (0:18:59.57)
Emi Yusa : I'm glad you woke up. (0:19:01.45)
Chiho Sasaki : You... (0:19:04.24)
Emi Yusa : This is a mess. We're completely trapped. (0:19:05.62)
Chiho Sasaki : What about Maou-san? (0:19:09.79)
Emi Yusa : He doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby. (0:19:11.21)
Chiho Sasaki : That's not it. (0:19:14.29)
Emi Yusa : Ah, you're worried he might have been crushed by debris? (0:19:16.59)
Emi Yusa : Many would rejoice if he died here, you know. (0:19:20.59)
Emi Yusa : But he's definitely still alive. (0:19:26.51)
Emi Yusa : I'll be the one to kill him. (0:19:29.35)
Emi Yusa : He can't just die on me like this. (0:19:32.37)
Chiho Sasaki : Right... He must be fine. (0:19:37.44)
Emi Yusa : Yeah, he's fine. (0:19:41.97)
Emi Yusa : I'm Yusa Emi. (0:19:44.99)
Emi Yusa : There's really nothing like what you think between Maou and me. (0:19:46.62)
Chiho Sasaki : I'm Sasaki Chiho. (0:19:51.96)
Chiho Sasaki : And for now, I'll take your word for it. (0:19:53.83)
Emi Yusa : So, what do you like about him? (0:19:56.29)
Chiho Sasaki : Wh-Where'd that come from?! (0:19:58.96)
Emi Yusa : You yelled at me because you like him, right? (0:20:01.59)
Chiho Sasaki : I... like... what... how... (0:20:04.80)
Chiho Sasaki : Is it that obvious? (0:20:09.89)
Emi Yusa : Anyone could tell just by looking at you. (0:20:12.27)
Chiho Sasaki : H-How do you feel about him? (0:20:17.23)
Emi Yusa : Me? (0:20:22.07)
Chiho Sasaki : You acted like you were really close even though you said he was your enemy. (0:20:23.39)
Emi Yusa : Being close to him is the last thing I'd want. (0:20:29.33)
Emi Yusa : We've known each other for quite some time, that's for sure. (0:20:34.00)
Emi Yusa : But if you fall for him, you'll get hurt. (0:20:38.55)
Emi Yusa : Consider yourself warned. (0:20:42.72)
Chiho Sasaki : I don't really get it. (0:20:44.55)
Emi Yusa : You'll understand one day. (0:20:47.22)
Emi Yusa : Though you might be better off not knowing. (0:20:49.18)
Emi Yusa : Anyway, you should sleep for now. (0:20:52.93)
Emi Yusa : You're close by, aren't you? (0:21:03.28)
Chiho Sasaki : I put Chiho-chan to sleep. (0:21:05.16)
Sadao Maou : This is such a pain! (0:21:09.78)
Emi Yusa : Maou?! Why do you look like that? (0:21:12.87)
Sadao Maou : How would I know? It just happened. (0:21:16.16)
Emi Yusa : He got his magic back! (0:21:20.34)
Sadao Maou : Dammit, how am I going to explain this? (0:21:22.80)
Emi Yusa : This is my chance. (0:21:27.59)
Emi Yusa : If I can muster what's left of my sacred power, (0:21:29.85)
Emi Yusa : I can summon a holy sword strong enough to kill him. (0:21:33.68)
Sadao Maou : Take care of Chi-chan. (0:21:37.35)
Sadao Maou : We're getting out of here. (0:21:39.23)
Sadao Maou : The damage looks worse than it actually is, (0:21:41.02)
Sadao Maou : but we can't just sit here waiting for help. (0:21:43.19)
Sadao Maou : I'll handle this. (0:21:46.24)
Emi Yusa : He'll... handle this? (0:21:49.07)
Sadao Maou : Here we go! (0:21:54.87)
Emi Yusa : Why? (0:21:57.12)
Emi Yusa : Why... is the Dark Lord saving people? (0:21:58.79)

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