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Sadao Maou : Who could that be this early? (0:00:04.40)
Shiro Ashiya : I don't know. (0:00:06.06)
Shiro Ashiya : It's too early to be a newspaper salesman. (0:00:07.02)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Salutations! (0:00:11.36)
Sadao Maou : Salutations? (0:00:12.82)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord, could it be... (0:00:13.82)
Sadao Maou : That girl who fell down the stairs yesterday? (0:00:23.37)
Shiro Ashiya : Probably. (0:00:25.17)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Salutations! (0:00:27.38)
Sadao Maou : Y-Yeah? (0:00:28.96)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I'm sorry to trouble you at this hour. (0:00:31.21)
Suzuno Kamazuki : My name is Kamazuki Suzuno. I have taken residence in the dwelling abreast your own. (0:00:33.38)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Please accept my sincere contrition for the disturbance yestereve. (0:00:37.62)
Sadao Maou : C... Contrition? (0:00:42.77)
Sadao Maou : Er, welcome to the building. (0:00:44.44)
Sadao Maou : Nice to meet you. I'm Maou Sadao. (0:00:47.61)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I offer you this gift, though 'tis but a trifling token of my gratitude. (0:00:50.82)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I was advised that noodles were the most fitting offering in these circumstances. (0:00:55.45)
Sadao Maou : O-Okay. (0:00:59.16)
Sadao Maou : Thanks for your— (0:01:00.45)
Shiro Ashiya : A-Are you okay, my lord? (0:01:03.29)
Sadao Maou : Yeah... (0:01:05.92)
Shiro Ashiya : Excuse me. (0:01:07.75)
Shiro Ashiya : My name is Ashiya. I'm an old friend of Maou's. (0:01:09.84)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I was told of you. (0:01:13.84)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I have yet to meet the owner of this establishment, (0:01:16.38)
Suzuno Kamazuki : but she advised me in a recent missive to seek you out should I encounter difficulties. (0:01:19.51)
Suzuno Kamazuki : There was also a photograph enclosed within— (0:01:27.31)
Shiro Ashiya : Yes, that must be the landlady. No doubt about it. (0:01:32.69)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It eases my heart to have neighbors upon whom I may depend. (0:01:37.61)
Suzuno Kamazuki : May we cultivate a long and fulfilling relationship together. (0:01:41.16)
Hanzou Urushihara : "Cultivate"? Seriously? (0:01:45.12)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Is there someone else? (0:01:48.08)
Sadao Maou : Yeah, another roommate who moved in recently. (0:01:49.58)
Hanzou Urushihara : I'm Urushihara. Cheers! (0:01:51.84)
Sadao Maou : He's a shut-in. (0:01:54.51)
Hanzou Urushihara : Not like I've got any say in it! (0:01:56.22)
Sadao Maou : And whose fault is that? (0:01:58.43)
Hanzou Urushihara : I... just... (0:02:00.26)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Of course. I understand. (0:02:03.43)
Hanzou Urushihara : You understand what?! (0:02:04.97)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I shall take my leave. (0:02:07.10)
Suzuno Kamazuki : May we meet again upon the morrow. (0:02:09.15)
Sadao Maou : Right. The morrow. (0:02:10.44)
Shiro Ashiya : Right. The morrow. (0:02:10.44)
Emerada Etuva : Hello! This is Emerada Etuva. (0:03:50.79)
Emi Yusa : I know. (0:03:54.54)
Emi Yusa : I'm Yusa— I mean, Emilia. (0:03:55.92)
Emi Yusa : I got this package that says it's from you. (0:03:58.96)
Emi Yusa : What is it? (0:04:01.59)
Emerada Etuva : Whoa, it's already there? I only sent it yesterday. (0:04:03.05)
Emerada Etuva : That was fast! (0:04:10.06)
Emerada Etuva : It's sacred power! (0:04:12.35)
Emi Yusa : What? Sacred power? (0:04:14.70)
Emerada Etuva : I converted it to a form that won't stand out in Japan. (0:04:16.31)
Emi Yusa : Holy Vitamin B? (0:04:24.66)
Emerada Etuva : Not B, beta! (0:04:26.62)
Emi Yusa : Who cares? (0:04:29.32)
Emi Yusa : Point is, I can restore my sacred power by drinking these? (0:04:30.62)
Emerada Etuva : Yes. Just be careful with the dosage. (0:04:33.96)
Emi Yusa : There's a recommended dosage? (0:04:39.96)
Emerada Etuva : Yes. Consider two bottles a day to be the maximum. (0:04:42.63)
Emerada Etuva : You're best off having a bottle in the morning and another in the afternoon. (0:04:48.71)
Emerada Etuva : But if you forget your morning dose, for instance, you can't double up in the afternoon. (0:04:52.18)
Emi Yusa : Right... I get it. (0:04:57.60)
Emerada Etuva : Please use them carefully and stick to the recommended dosage. (0:05:00.19)
Emerada Etuva : Later! (0:05:06.16)
Emi Yusa : Where is she? (0:05:08.03)
Emi Yusa : Guess I should give it a try. (0:05:12.62)
Emi Yusa : Why is it so damn hot every day? (0:05:20.50)
Emi Yusa : They're not even doing anything worth watching. (0:05:24.22)
Emi Yusa : I'm gonna sweat myself to death here. (0:05:27.72)
Emi Yusa : Let's just look at this objectively. (0:05:35.02)
Emi Yusa : The Dark Lord just spends his days working and eating like a normal person. A nice, peaceful life. (0:05:36.98)
Emi Yusa : But again, looking at it objectively... (0:05:47.36)
Emi Yusa : that makes me some weirdo who's stalking a couple of regular guys. (0:05:49.70)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Good grief. Are you incapable of hanging out your own laundry? (0:05:57.85)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Your knowledge in the field of housework is limited indeed. (0:06:01.88)
Hanzou Urushihara : Give me a break. (0:06:04.55)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You must smooth out each article before hanging, lest it lose its shape (0:06:06.72)
Suzuno Kamazuki : and fail to dry evenly. (0:06:09.55)
Emi Yusa : Who's that? (0:06:10.64)
Hanzou Urushihara : Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. (0:06:11.72)
Hanzou Urushihara : Why do I feel like we just got another Ashiya? (0:06:13.81)
Emi Yusa : Wait, what's going on? (0:06:17.77)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You should try to be more useful. (0:06:18.06)
Suzuno Kamazuki : As you almost never leave the room, you should at least help with the housework. (0:06:20.52)
Emi Yusa : Is that girl another demon? (0:06:20.90)
Emi Yusa : This is kinda dangerous, but it's all I can do. (0:06:25.23)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It is imperative that you properly fulfill your duties, Hanzou-dono. (0:06:29.70)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Do you follow? (0:06:34.08)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You chop the spring onions on the board like so, and then grate the ginger. (0:06:35.37)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The broth should be diluted with cold water. (0:06:38.04)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Then you need only boil the noodles, and the meal is prepared forthwith. (0:06:40.08)
Suzuno Kamazuki : If you wish to serve chilled noodles, rinse with cold water thereafter. (0:06:43.92)
Suzuno Kamazuki : A raw egg would be the crowning touch. (0:06:48.17)
Hanzou Urushihara : Huh? You want to cook noodles in this heat? (0:06:50.55)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Shirou-dono carries out this duty each day without fail. Do you not feel you should contribute? (0:06:54.18)
Shiro Ashiya : You tell him, Kamazuki-san. (0:06:59.94)
Shiro Ashiya : He just won't listen to me, no matter what I say. (0:07:03.56)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Now, grate the ginger. You can at least use a grater, I trust. (0:07:05.82)
Hanzou Urushihara : Sure thing. (0:07:10.32)
Hanzou Urushihara : Huh? Ashiya, we're out of ginger? (0:07:15.09)
Shiro Ashiya : Oh, right. I used the last of it yesterday. (0:07:17.66)
Shiro Ashiya : I'm sorry, Kamazuki-san, but let's make it spring onions only today. (0:07:21.00)
Shiro Ashiya : Urushihara, close the fridge already! (0:07:24.88)
Emi Yusa : That's all? Really? (0:07:25.96)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Oh, there is some ginger within my quarters. I shall retrieve it. (0:07:27.84)
Emi Yusa : Crap! (0:07:31.30)
Sadao Maou : Can't you just walk down the stairs for once in your life?! (0:07:41.19)
Emi Yusa : D-Dark Lord! (0:07:43.90)
Sadao Maou : Seriously, what kind of hero can't handle a few stairs? (0:07:45.61)
Hanzou Urushihara : What on Earth are you two doing? (0:07:54.41)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Sorry. I am to blame for opening the door so suddenly. (0:08:00.08)
Emi Yusa : Not at all. (0:08:03.51)
Emi Yusa : It's my fault I lost my footing so easily. (0:08:05.75)
Sadao Maou : Yeah. Can you even still call yourself a hero? (0:08:09.42)
Hanzou Urushihara : Yusa, I picked up the stuff you dropped outside. (0:08:13.22)
Emi Yusa : Ah, thanks. Just put it down there. (0:08:16.89)
Hanzou Urushihara : Your arrogance kinda pisses me off sometimes. (0:08:20.39)
Hanzou Urushihara : What is this, anyway? (0:08:23.23)
Hanzou Urushihara : You're chugging energy drinks now? (0:08:25.49)
Emi Yusa : Hey! (0:08:27.06)
Hanzou Urushihara : Drink too many of these and you'll get all dehydrated and tired out like Ashiya. (0:08:29.09)
Emi Yusa : Huh? You're tired out from the heat? (0:08:32.03)
Shiro Ashiya : There are days when even I'm not in peak condition. (0:08:34.95)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It is my fault for cooking such light food. (0:08:38.37)
Suzuno Kamazuki : If only I had prepared something more nutritious... (0:08:41.37)
Shiro Ashiya : No, I don't blame you at all, Kamazuki-san. (0:08:44.42)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I must introduce myself. I moved into the adjacent quarters last week. (0:08:48.09)
Suzuno Kamazuki : My name is Kamazuki Suzuno. (0:08:53.34)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I hail from a distant land and a family deeply steeped in tradition. (0:08:56.59)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I have yet to grow accustomed to contemporary manners. (0:09:00.26)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I would be deeply grateful for any assistance you can render in helping me acclimate to the city. (0:09:03.39)
Emi Yusa : Just like me, huh? (0:09:06.10)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I'm Yusa Emi. Nice to meet you. (0:09:09.98)
Sadao Maou : Thanks for the meal. (0:09:12.74)
Sadao Maou : Geez, I've got so much to do and remember. It's really tiring. (0:09:16.36)
Emi Yusa : But your work's just the same as always, isn't it? (0:09:20.99)
Sadao Maou : While you've been spending your days in a gloomy, gray haze, I've continued to grow as a human! (0:09:24.75)
Emi Yusa : Oh, are you now? (0:09:30.29)
Emi Yusa : I don't recall you being human to begin with! (0:09:32.05)
Sadao Maou : Did you forget, Emi? (0:09:33.92)
Sadao Maou : As of this Sunday, I'll be the shift manager of the MgRonald's at Hatagaya Station! (0:09:35.63)
Sadao Maou : I'll be a deputy boss! (0:09:41.39)
Emi Yusa : Wonderful. (0:09:43.06)
Sadao Maou : You don't believe me?! (0:09:43.89)
Sadao Maou : Shift manager's an important position with lots of extra responsibility and plenty of extra pay! (0:09:46.20)
Emi Yusa : The only part I find unbelievable is that you think this is actually worth boasting about. (0:09:50.43)
Sadao Maou : Just watch! I'll reach heights you can't even imagine! (0:09:54.90)
Emi Yusa : You're nuts. (0:10:00.62)
Shiro Ashiya : Yusa, how dare you speak like that to the lord of this house? (0:10:01.62)
Suzuno Kamazuki : What? (0:10:06.80)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Emi-dono, are you and Sadao-dono in a close relationship? (0:10:08.12)
Emi Yusa : Give me a break! (0:10:13.96)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It is just that your conversation sounded so carefree. (0:10:15.17)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It felt as though you have no need to guard your words against each other. (0:10:20.18)
Hanzou Urushihara : Well, they do go way back... (0:10:23.35)
Emi Yusa : Don't make it worse! (0:10:25.39)
Emi Yusa : We might not have to watch our words, (0:10:27.69)
Emi Yusa : but there's no trust, or friendship, or any kind of positive relationship between us! (0:10:29.14)
Emi Yusa : In all seriousness, I wish he'd just drop dead right now. (0:10:32.86)
Emi Yusa : I hope you understand. (0:10:36.28)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I-I understand. (0:10:38.07)
Emi Yusa : I feel like I've seen this before. (0:10:40.27)
Emi Yusa : Don't tell me you're after him too! (0:10:46.75)
Emi Yusa : Wh-What? (0:10:53.04)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Wh-What if he had heard us? (0:10:55.71)
Emi Yusa : I'm sorry... I hoped I was wrong. (0:10:59.31)
Suzuno Kamazuki : But you're quite impressive. How did you figure it out? (0:11:02.43)
Emi Yusa : That's a tough question to answer. (0:11:06.81)
Emi Yusa : I shouldn't tell her I've seen all this before. (0:11:12.45)
Emi Yusa : It was just a gut instinct, you know? (0:11:16.78)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I see. You're quite something. (0:11:19.40)
Emi Yusa : At first I thought she was an assassin from outside this world, or conversely, a new demon. (0:11:21.57)
Emi Yusa : But it would be weird for an assassin to move in and not make a move for a whole week, (0:11:27.04)
Emi Yusa : and she's way too respectful toward me to be a demon. (0:11:31.58)
Emi Yusa : I should just leave her be. (0:11:34.50)
Emi Yusa : Hey, Suzuno-chan. I know I sound like a huge busybody right now, but please hear me out. (0:11:37.09)
Suzuno Kamazuki : What is it? (0:11:41.97)
Emi Yusa : You shouldn't get too close to him. (0:11:43.05)
Emi Yusa : He'll only bring you misfortune. (0:11:45.68)
Suzuno Kamazuki : What do you mean? (0:11:47.35)
Emi Yusa : He's not a man just anyone can handle. (0:11:49.56)
Emi Yusa : You're better off not getting close to him. (0:11:53.02)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I may not look it, but I'm quite experienced. (0:11:56.11)
Suzuno Kamazuki : But... If you say so, I'll heed your advice. (0:12:01.24)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You must have your own reasons behind those words. (0:12:05.57)
Suzuno Kamazuki : But even so, I cannot simply leave this place. (0:12:09.24)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I know this is presumptuous of me, but I hope I can count on your assistance. (0:12:13.29)
Emi Yusa : Sure. I'll do anything I can to help. (0:12:17.09)
Suzuno Kamazuki : That's reassuring. (0:12:19.63)
Emi Yusa : Oh, right! Just a sec. (0:12:22.47)
Emi Yusa : I hope you didn't try any funny business while I was gone. (0:12:27.72)
Hanzou Urushihara : I'm not quite that daring. (0:12:31.31)
Emi Yusa : Here's my phone number, email, and postal address. (0:12:34.65)
Emi Yusa : If they cause you any trouble, just call me for help. (0:12:38.77)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Thank you. I am in your debt. (0:12:42.74)
Sadao Maou : Don't make us look like criminals. (0:12:44.99)
Emi Yusa : You're bloodthirsty demons, lower than cockroaches. (0:12:47.87)
Emi Yusa : I doubt you'd try anything now, but if you hurt Suzuno-chan, (0:12:51.12)
Emi Yusa : I'll chop off your head and leave it on the windowsill to dry. (0:12:53.79)
Sadao Maou : Are you some tyrant or what? (0:12:57.00)
Emi Yusa : I should get going. (0:12:58.88)
Emi Yusa : Don't worry. They're as law-abiding as it gets. (0:13:01.96)
Emi Yusa : See you! (0:13:06.72)
Emi Yusa : I'm fine! I made it this time! (0:13:14.14)
Sadao Maou : Is she past the K-point? (0:13:21.57)
Suzuno Kamazuki : She managed to stop midway. (0:13:22.61)
Hanzou Urushihara : Seems so. (0:13:25.40)
Sadao Maou : All right, I'm off. (0:13:39.08)
Shiro Ashiya : Take care, my lord. (0:13:40.84)
Sadao Maou : You don't have to see me off. Get some rest. (0:13:43.42)
Sadao Maou : Having to put up with Emi's rants tires me more than anything. (0:13:46.59)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Sadao-dono! (0:13:49.80)
Sadao Maou : Ah, Kamazuki-san. (0:13:51.72)
Sadao Maou : Sorry about earlier. (0:13:53.22)
Sadao Maou : Did she tell you anything rude? (0:13:55.56)
Suzuno Kamazuki : No, nothing of the sort. (0:13:58.44)
Sadao Maou : All right. I gotta head to work, so... (0:14:00.90)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Please take this, if you'd like. (0:14:04.32)
Sadao Maou : Huh? (0:14:06.70)
Emerada Etuva : And how is the Holy Vitamin Beta working? (0:14:08.66)
Emi Yusa : Well, I've been drinking them, but I haven't really had a chance to see if it works. (0:14:13.72)
Emi Yusa : I haven't exactly been in any battles lately. (0:14:19.41)
Emerada Etuva : Then how are you and the Dark Lord getting on? (0:14:23.38)
Emi Yusa : Same as always. (0:14:27.58)
Emi Yusa : We butt heads every time we meet, (0:14:29.38)
Emi Yusa : but we're both so busy working that worrying about private matters is out of question. (0:14:32.01)
Emerada Etuva : That makes you sound like lovers who are so busy at work that they hardly get to see each other. (0:14:35.81)
Emi Yusa : Wh... Wh... Wh... (0:14:42.44)
Emi Yusa : What are you saying, Eme?! (0:14:44.53)
Emi Yusa : In Ente Isla, I was a hero and he was the Dark Lord! (0:14:46.07)
Emi Yusa : We'll be enemies no matter what happens! (0:14:48.70)
Emi Yusa : How could we ever be l-lovers? That's completely unthinkable! (0:14:51.24)
Emi Yusa : I was just keeping tabs on him this morning, just like now! (0:14:55.29)
Emi Yusa : You've got no idea! Don't say stuff like that! (0:14:58.21)
Emerada Etuva : All right, all right. (0:14:59.68)
Emerada Etuva : But please, (0:15:01.92)
Emerada Etuva : don't do anything that'd leave us on opposite sides, okay? (0:15:04.80)
Emi Yusa : Don't worry. I'm a hero. (0:15:09.84)
Emi Yusa : I swear on my parents' names that I will not waver. (0:15:12.59)
Emi Yusa : So, how is it over there? (0:15:16.56)
Emerada Etuva : Well, no countries are openly taking action. (0:15:18.73)
Emi Yusa : But they could be moving in secret, right? (0:15:24.94)
Emerada Etuva : Yes, that's a fair assumption. (0:15:27.19)
Emerada Etuva : I hear things, but it's all still just rumors. (0:15:30.20)
Emerada Etuva : Also... (0:15:36.39)
Emi Yusa : Also what? (0:15:37.48)
Emerada Etuva : The Church Mission is investigating the truth behind Orba's disappearance. (0:15:38.58)
Emerada Etuva : Someone might be looking for you too. (0:15:45.09)
Emerada Etuva : In other words, please be careful. (0:15:50.72)
Emerada Etuva : They might send people after you who'll get carried away and cause trouble for Japan. (0:15:55.05)
Emi Yusa : They just can't give me a break, can they? (0:16:01.44)
Emerada Etuva : Yeah. (0:16:05.23)
Emerada Etuva : Anyway, it'll cost a fortune if we talk too long, so I'll just hang up. (0:16:07.11)
Emi Yusa : Okay, later! (0:16:14.41)
Mayumi Kisaki : As you well know, our soon-to-be arch enemy, (0:16:17.20)
Mayumi Kisaki : Sentucky Fried Chicken, will open a new store in the area tomorrow. (0:16:21.25)
Mayumi Kisaki : I'll be gone tomorrow afternoon. I'll leave the place in your hands, Maou-kun. (0:16:24.37)
Sadao Maou : Yes, ma'am! (0:16:30.67)
Mayumi Kisaki : I'll make sure you can contact me in case of an emergency, of course, (0:16:31.63)
Mayumi Kisaki : but unless it's something of really grave importance, I'll leave the decisions up to you. (0:16:36.01)
Mayumi Kisaki : It's important for your
professional development as well.
Sadao Maou : I understand. (0:16:43.19)
Mayumi Kisaki : You're working an easy shift today, but stay sharp. (0:16:44.19)
Mayumi Kisaki : Think of it as though your job as shift manager has already begun. (0:16:47.19)
Mayumi Kisaki : You should take your break now. (0:16:51.36)
Mayumi Kisaki : You can get something to eat if you can make it back before six. (0:16:54.74)
Mayumi Kisaki : Or did you want to eat here? (0:16:58.28)
Sadao Maou : Yeah, I brought my food with me today. (0:17:01.16)
Chiho Sasaki : Taking a break, Maou-san? (0:17:05.53)
Sadao Maou : Yeah. I'd better eat something. (0:17:08.04)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san, what's that? (0:17:12.97)
Sadao Maou : This? It's a lunch box. (0:17:14.80)
Chiho Sasaki : Lunch? It looks pretty fancy. (0:17:16.76)
Chiho Sasaki : Did Ashiya-san get it for you? (0:17:21.47)
Sadao Maou : Nah, it's not ours. (0:17:23.93)
Sadao Maou : It actually belongs to our new neighbor. (0:17:25.39)
Chiho Sasaki : Neighbor? In that building? (0:17:29.48)
Sadao Maou : Yeah. It's a young girl— (0:17:32.86)
Chiho Sasaki : A girl?! (0:17:35.70)
Sadao Maou : Don't shout like that! (0:17:37.16)
Chiho Sasaki : A girl? And you have her lunch box? (0:17:40.45)
Chiho Sasaki : What's the meaning of this? (0:17:43.41)
Sadao Maou : Chi-chan, stop shaking me! (0:17:44.87)
Chiho Sasaki : D-Did your neighbor pack this for you? (0:17:47.08)
Sadao Maou : Yeah! Please, just stop shaking me! (0:17:51.63)
Chiho Sasaki : I hope I'm wrong about this, I really do, (0:17:54.84)
Chiho Sasaki : but is it... hand-made?! (0:17:59.18)
Sadao Maou : I... think it is. (0:18:01.76)
Chiho Sasaki : C-C-C-Can I take a look at it?! (0:18:04.77)
Sadao Maou : Yes! Just stop shaking me! I'm begging you! (0:18:09.06)
Chiho Sasaki : New Year's delicacies? (0:18:14.94)
Sadao Maou : Are they? (0:18:15.94)
Sadao Maou : Wanna see the lower compartment? (0:18:18.78)
Chiho Sasaki : Wait! (0:18:20.16)
Chiho Sasaki : I'm not ready yet! (0:18:21.66)
Sadao Maou : O-Okay. (0:18:23.12)
Chiho Sasaki : I've got a really, really bad feeling about this. (0:18:24.16)
Chiho Sasaki : I came all this way without really thinking, (0:18:26.20)
Chiho Sasaki : but maybe this is time to bail out. (0:18:29.52)
Chiho Sasaki : But... But! (0:18:32.15)
Chiho Sasaki : I can't turn back now that I've come this far! (0:18:34.17)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san! Open it! (0:18:37.38)
Sadao Maou : S-Sure. (0:18:39.71)
Nakayama : Welcome. (0:18:52.23)
Emi Yusa : And once again, I spent today being a stalker. (0:18:55.03)
Emi Yusa : And once again, I grabbed the same food. (0:18:59.45)
Nakayama : Thanks. Please come 'gain. (0:19:03.66)
Nakayama : What's goin' on here? (0:19:10.96)
Nakayama : Are you all right, ma'am? (0:19:14.54)
Emi Yusa : Watch out! (0:19:17.25)
Emi Yusa : Stay inside! (0:19:24.14)
Emi Yusa : Call the police right away! (0:19:25.44)
Emi Yusa : I don't know if you're human or demon, (0:19:36.94)
Emi Yusa : but what are you thinking,
attacking here with people around?
Emi Yusa : Coming after me is one thing, but if you cause trouble to these people too, (0:19:45.33)
Emi Yusa : I'll make you pay! (0:19:49.82)
Emi Yusa : Huh? What's this? (0:20:02.51)
Nakayama : Hey! (0:20:14.15)
Nakayama : Where d'ya think you're goin'? (0:20:17.44)
Nakayama : Are you okay, ma'am? (0:20:19.82)
Emi Yusa : How about you? Are you all right? (0:20:22.53)
Emi Yusa : Sorry to shove you like that. (0:20:24.11)
Nakayama : Don't worry 'bout it. (0:20:25.95)
Nakayama : Jus' hit my forehead. (0:20:27.58)
Emi Yusa : Did you call the police? (0:20:30.25)
Nakayama : I rang the alarm, so the police and security guards oughta be on their way. (0:20:31.91)
Nakayama : But you see... (0:20:37.09)
Emi Yusa : Yes? (0:20:38.80)
Nakayama : Sorry, but 'ccording to procedure we gotta keep customers in the shop durin' emergencies. (0:20:39.38)
Nakayama : Could you please wait here 'til the police come? (0:20:46.64)
Emi Yusa : It did work. (0:20:58.15)
Emi Yusa : This time, when I called forth Better Half, (0:21:00.57)
Emi Yusa : it was much more powerful than when I fought Lucifer two months ago. (0:21:03.49)
Emi Yusa : Now I might be able to summon my Crusader Armor too. (0:21:09.70)
Emi Yusa : But still, I have no idea what that purple light was. (0:21:14.25)
Emi Yusa : I've never faced an enemy who could nullify my sacred sword or powers. (0:21:19.23)
Nakayama : Um, are these yours, ma'am? (0:21:24.80)
Emi Yusa : Yeah, sorry. Thanks. (0:21:28.05)
Emi Yusa : I-I kinda like this song, you know? (0:21:34.60)
Nakayama : Ah, that so? (0:21:36.74)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san! (0:21:38.02)
Emi Yusa : Huh? Chiho-chan? (0:21:39.06)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san! This is bad! (0:21:40.77)
Emi Yusa : Chiho-chan, what's wrong? (0:21:42.82)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san... Maou-san... (0:21:44.69)
Emi Yusa : What did he do?! (0:21:47.82)
Chiho Sasaki : He... He brought... (0:21:49.82)
Emi Yusa : Wh-What? (0:21:54.54)
Chiho Sasaki : A-A-A... (0:21:55.96)
Chiho Sasaki : A hand-made with a lunch box on the heart shape! (0:21:57.21)
Chiho Sasaki : A double-decker from a girl! Double-decker girl! (0:21:59.58)
Emi Yusa : Huh? (0:22:03.63)

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