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Emi Yusa : So basically, you're not confident enough? (0:00:01.18)
Chiho Sasaki : If I lose, I won't get a second chance. (0:00:03.27)
Emi Yusa : Hey, now— (0:00:05.86)
Chiho Sasaki : The meal itself might have been totally off-season, (0:00:07.19)
Chiho Sasaki : but it was a very delicately prepared lunchbox. (0:00:09.28)
Chiho Sasaki : Not to mention that if it was poisoned, they would be in grave danger. (0:00:12.71)
Emi Yusa : Though, if she was an assassin from Ente Isla, the deed would be done by now. (0:00:17.83)
Chiho Sasaki : Right... (0:00:21.10)
Emi Yusa : Chiho-chan, you really shouldn't use me as an excuse. Just confront them head-on. (0:00:22.87)
Chiho Sasaki : R-Right. (0:00:29.09)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Greetings! (0:00:32.92)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Oh, my. Sadao-dono, you have guests. (0:00:37.43)
Sadao Maou : Huh? Who's it? (0:00:40.56)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It is Emi-dono. (0:00:43.39)
Emi Yusa : Chiho-chan?! (0:00:44.06)
Chiho Sasaki : S-Sadao?! (0:00:45.40)
Sadao Maou : Not again! (0:00:45.65)
Chiho Sasaki : So Ashiya-san got knocked out by the summer heat, and you're cooking in his place? (0:02:24.33)
Chiho Sasaki : I see! (0:02:27.96)
Chiho Sasaki : Whoa, you've cut the perilla up so fine! It's gorgeous! (0:02:30.29)
Suzuno Kamazuki : It must first be cut in twain, then brought together and chopped finely. A simple method. (0:02:34.59)
Chiho Sasaki : How do you make the lettuce so crisp? (0:02:39.13)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Wash it thoroughly in cold water, then shake off every last drop. (0:02:41.84)
Chiho Sasaki : Suzuno-san, I totally respect you! (0:02:45.44)
Sadao Maou : The population density sure is high here. (0:02:48.60)
Sadao Maou : Hope we've got enough chopsticks and bowls. (0:02:50.94)
Chiho Sasaki : Oh, I brought my own! (0:02:52.98)
Sadao Maou : I see. Well, shall we eat? (0:02:55.90)
Shiro Ashiya : Sorry to cause you so much trouble, Kamazuki-san. (0:02:59.28)
Hanzou Urushihara : Is it breakfast time already? (0:03:03.49)
Hanzou Urushihara : Huh? Where should I sit? (0:03:06.16)
Hanzou Urushihara : You can't be serious. (0:03:09.96)
Hanzou Urushihara : Wait, why do I get treated worse than Yusa?! (0:03:12.13)
Sadao Maou : She's a guest. (0:03:15.04)
Hanzou Urushihara : Aren't these bowls from Sugiya?! (0:03:16.59)
Sadao Maou : Let's eat! (0:03:18.92)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Let's eat! (0:03:20.09)
Emi Yusa : Let's eat! (0:03:20.09)
Chiho Sasaki : Let's eat! (0:03:20.09)
Shiro Ashiya : Let's eat! (0:03:20.09)
Hanzou Urushihara : Hey! (0:03:20.88)
Chiho Sasaki : I wish I could cook as well as you, Suzuno-san. (0:03:22.34)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I am sure you could improve most rapidly, Chiho-dono. (0:03:26.68)
Chiho Sasaki : You mean it? (0:03:28.89)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Granted, it may sound impressive that I cooked all this myself, (0:03:30.31)
Suzuno Kamazuki : but in truth I am merely offloading my excess food. (0:03:34.19)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Until I am able to secure a job, I wish to minimize my food expenses, (0:03:39.11)
Hanzou Urushihara : Hey, wasn't there some fried chicken? (0:03:41.36)
Suzuno Kamazuki : but these ingredients are bound to spoil in the summer heat. (0:03:42.86)
Hanzou Urushihara : Wasn't there? There wasn't? (0:03:43.66)
Emi Yusa : What kind of job are you looking for? (0:03:45.41)
Hanzou Urushihara : Hey, there was some fried chicken, right? (0:03:48.29)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Considering a full-time job may be ideas above my station, (0:03:48.29b)
Suzuno Kamazuki : so for now I would be happy with some kind of servitor's position. (0:03:51.25)
Hanzou Urushihara : Wasn't there some fried chicken? There was, right? (0:03:51.83)
Emi Yusa : "Servitor"? What age are you from? (0:03:55.29)
Sadao Maou : Then how about coming to my shop? (0:03:57.92)
Chiho Sasaki : Chi-chan's there too, so you wouldn't have to worry about starting out on your own. (0:04:01.42)
Hanzou Urushihara : There'd be all kinds of other things to worry about with those two together, though. (0:04:06.22)
Sadao Maou : We're pretty short-handed these days, so it'd be nice to have someone else on board. (0:04:10.06)
Hanzou Urushihara : How can you not notice that high school girl's feelings? (0:04:13.10)
Sadao Maou : Don't you think so, Chi-chan? (0:04:16.56)
Chiho Sasaki : Um... R-Right. (0:04:19.23)
Hanzou Urushihara : It's hopeless. (0:04:22.18)
Emi Yusa : Anyway, you don't have to decide right away. (0:04:23.28)
Emi Yusa : Working at the same place as someone you know has its upsides, (0:04:26.20)
Emi Yusa : but it has its downsides as well. (0:04:29.08)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Thank you, Sadao-dono. I will consider this as one possible means of service, (0:04:31.50)
Suzuno Kamazuki : and I may need to rely on your kindness at a later date. (0:04:35.12)
Sadao Maou : No problem. (0:04:37.88)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I may need to rely on your assistance as well, Chiho-dono. (0:04:39.21)
Chiho Sasaki : S-Sure. (0:04:42.22)
Shiro Ashiya : Finding a job is one thing, (0:04:44.05)
Shiro Ashiya : but couldn't you first help her with clothes and other essentials? (0:04:46.09)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Indeed, my wardrobe is somewhat lacking, and I am bereft of bags and shoes. (0:04:51.31)
Emi Yusa : Don't tell me you've only got traditional clothing? (0:04:56.60)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I have no Western-style garments. (0:04:59.86)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I-Is that queer? (0:05:03.03)
Shiro Ashiya : Er, I wouldn't call it "queer," but... (0:05:05.20)
Hanzou Urushihara : Yusa must know where they sell stuff like this. (0:05:08.95)
Emi Yusa : Hey, don't just touch it like that! (0:05:10.66)
Emi Yusa : I don't wanna catch your NEET! (0:05:12.54)
Hanzou Urushihara : It's not contagious! (0:05:13.84)
Chiho Sasaki : How can you just do stuff like that, Urushihara-san? (0:05:14.62)
Hanzou Urushihara : Come on, why are you all so cold to me? (0:05:18.25)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san, why don't you go shopping for clothes with her? (0:05:21.59)
Emi Yusa : Well, once I'm done at work... (0:05:24.84)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I can simply walk around the area until then. (0:05:27.43)
Chiho Sasaki : That's good. (0:05:31.10)
Emi Yusa : That's good. (0:05:31.10)
Sadao Maou : I'd rather you were more careful though. (0:05:32.27)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Sorry to keep you. (0:05:38.85)
Emi Yusa : Uh... You changed clothes? (0:05:40.73)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Yes. (0:05:44.86)
Emi Yusa : She really does have nothing but traditional clothes... (0:05:46.11)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Is something wrong? (0:05:48.74)
Emi Yusa : No, nothing. (0:05:49.91)
Emi Yusa : Let's go. (0:05:51.78)
Chiho Sasaki : Sorry to barge in so early in the morning. (0:05:54.00)
Chiho Sasaki : Ashiya-san, get well soon. (0:05:57.29)
Shiro Ashiya : Thank you for bringing so much. (0:05:59.96)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord, be sure to walk Sasaki-san home. (0:06:04.46)
Sadao Maou : Are you my mother or what? (0:06:09.39)
Chiho Sasaki : Your bicycle... (0:06:13.26)
Sadao Maou : The Dullahan. (0:06:14.85)
Chiho Sasaki : Yeah. It doesn't have a rear rack, does it? (0:06:16.06)
Sadao Maou : Nope. None of the city-standard ones do, right? (0:06:18.98)
Chiho Sasaki : That's a shame. (0:06:21.81)
Sadao Maou : Riding on the back can get you a 20,000 yen fine, you know. (0:06:23.23)
Chiho Sasaki : Yeah, I know. (0:06:26.28)
Chiho Sasaki : That's not why I asked, though. (0:06:27.99)
Sadao Maou : By the way, don't your parents have anything to say about you heading off to some guy's place on your own? (0:06:31.62)
Chiho Sasaki : Not really. (0:06:38.16)
Chiho Sasaki : I tell them the truth about where I'm going, (0:06:40.92)
Chiho Sasaki : and I think my mom approves of you. (0:06:43.38)
Sadao Maou : What about your father? (0:06:46.30)
Chiho Sasaki : He said, "Oh, so you've got a guy you wanna cook for?" (0:06:48.05)
Chiho Sasaki : Suzuno-san went out today. What are you gonna have for lunch? (0:06:54.76)
Sadao Maou : Uh, I haven't really thought about it yet. (0:06:59.27)
Chiho Sasaki : Then, would you mind if I made lunch for you? (0:07:02.44)
Sadao Maou : Well, I'm sure Ashiya would be happier for me to eat your cooking instead of junk food. (0:07:06.94)
Sadao Maou : I guess I'll take you up on your offer. (0:07:14.28)
Chiho Sasaki : Hooray! (0:07:16.12)
Chiho Sasaki : I'll be sure to make you a well-balanced lunch so Ashiya can put his mind at ease! (0:07:17.16)
Sadao Maou : Chi-chan, aren't you bothered at all? (0:07:22.67)
Chiho Sasaki : About what? That you're demons from another world? (0:07:27.00)
Sadao Maou : Well, yeah. (0:07:29.97)
Chiho Sasaki : I can't say I don't care at all. (0:07:32.05)
Chiho Sasaki : I've been texting Yusa-san, so I've got a rough idea of what you've done. (0:07:36.43)
Chiho Sasaki : But by the time I heard about that,
I'd already fallen for you, Maou-san.
Sadao Maou : Don't make that face! (0:07:48.94)
Chiho Sasaki : How are you gonna conquer the world like that? (0:07:51.15)
Sadao Maou : Uh, but still... (0:07:55.07)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san tried to stop me, of course. She said I'd regret it. (0:07:57.12)
Chiho Sasaki : But I fell for you of my own accord. (0:08:02.58)
Chiho Sasaki : That's why I'll be the one to decide if I still love you or not. (0:08:05.96)
Chiho Sasaki : I don't care if you only see me as your colleague at work. (0:08:09.80)
Chiho Sasaki : I'll love you either way, no matter what I am to you. (0:08:15.64)
Sadao Maou : Geez, you humans really are scary. (0:08:22.23)
Chiho Sasaki : That's right! (0:08:25.60)
Chiho Sasaki : In particular, if you treat us girls lightly,
you'll be lucky to end up in intensive care!
Sadao Maou : I'll keep that in mind. (0:08:32.11)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You're much loved, Sadao-dono. (0:08:33.28)
Chiho Sasaki : S-S-Suzuno-san, when did you get here?! (0:08:35.53)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Around when you declared,
"I'd already fallen for you, Maou-san."
Suzuno Kamazuki : The honesty you show when expressing your feelings, Chiho-dono, (0:08:43.96)
Suzuno Kamazuki : is very pure and cute indeed. (0:08:46.50)
Suzuno Kamazuki : No matter who the object is. (0:08:49.17)
Sadao Maou : Chi-chan?! (0:08:53.30)
Sadao Maou : Geez, I just hope she doesn't crash into something at that speed. (0:08:55.84)
Suzuno Kamazuki : This is surprising. (0:08:59.97)
Sadao Maou : Is it that surprising that I'm worried about someone? (0:09:02.14)
Suzuno Kamazuki : This may be discourteous, but... (0:09:04.98)
Suzuno Kamazuki : How do you feel about being so beloved? (0:09:07.08)
Sadao Maou : Huh? Where did that come from? (0:09:10.57)
Suzuno Kamazuki : There is no deeper meaning behind my question. (0:09:12.44)
Sadao Maou : Well... (0:09:15.03)
Sadao Maou : She confessed so straight and clear that I can't just gloss over it. (0:09:17.28)
Sadao Maou : Not to mention that even her parents— (0:09:22.66)
Sadao Maou : well, her mom at least—trust me, so the least I can do is be sincere. (0:09:25.41)
Sadao Maou : Wait, what's with that face? (0:09:30.00)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Oh, nothing. (0:09:31.88)
Suzuno Kamazuki : That's right, Emi-dono must be waiting for me. (0:09:34.63)
Sadao Maou : You're going to the station,
right? I'll walk you there.
Sadao Maou : Wh-What? (0:09:42.31)
Suzuno Kamazuki : No... Nothing. (0:09:44.35)
Emi Yusa : Did you find your purse? (0:09:52.07)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Ah, yes. I apologize for keeping you. (0:09:54.03)
Emi Yusa : It's okay. (0:09:57.78)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Um... Will we be boarding this "train" vehicle, then? (0:09:59.34)
Emi Yusa : I guess, yeah. (0:10:05.62)
Emi Yusa : Shinjuku's just one station away, but it's still too far to walk there. (0:10:06.71)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Actually, I have never used such a "train" before. (0:10:10.63)
Emi Yusa : Huh? (0:10:17.05)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I am told that it is necessary to pay for passage using "the fruits of one's labor," (0:10:18.22)
Suzuno Kamazuki : but I am unsure as to which grocer would sell such produce. (0:10:21.89)
Emi Yusa : Wait a moment. (0:10:24.89)
Emi Yusa : I have something to ask you before that. (0:10:26.77)
Emi Yusa : How did you get to Sasazuka without the train? (0:10:28.89)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I opened the Gate directly here. (0:10:31.36)
Emi Yusa : Ah, I see. (0:10:35.40)
Emi Yusa : Wait, did you say "Gate"? (0:10:38.24)
Emi Yusa : You're from Ente Isla? (0:10:41.12)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Was that not apparent? (0:10:43.95)
Emi Yusa : You didn't say a word about that! (0:10:57.17)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You asked me yourself whether I was after the Dark Lord too! (0:10:59.70)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You even warned me not to get close to him carelessly, as it would bring only misfortune! (0:11:03.30)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I have had a good deal of experience on the field of battle, (0:11:10.10)
Suzuno Kamazuki : but I could not fail to heed such a warning from the Hero herself! (0:11:13.56)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Not to mention, when I told you I couldn't leave just yet, (0:11:16.40)
Suzuno Kamazuki : you even promised to assist me and provided me with your contact information! (0:11:19.90)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You did all that, not knowing who I was?! (0:11:25.87)
Emi Yusa : How was I supposed to know who you were?! (0:11:29.00)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Did you not find it at all strange (0:11:31.29)
Suzuno Kamazuki : that a pure girl like me who had just moved in to the area (0:11:33.96)
Emi Yusa : You're calling yourself pure? (0:11:36.55)
Suzuno Kamazuki : would go to a man's room like that and even look after him?! (0:11:37.17)
Emi Yusa : It really pisses me off to hear that from you! (0:11:40.72)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Then what did you mean when you asked if I was after the Dark Lord? (0:11:43.89)
Emi Yusa : I... uh... well... I was wondering why you were trying to get close to him. (0:11:49.02)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Because we were tipped off that you might be conspiring with him! (0:11:57.90)
Emi Yusa : That's outrageous! (0:12:01.15)
Emi Yusa : The situation merely forced us to cooperate in order to defeat a common enemy! (0:12:04.07)
Emi Yusa : Conspiring with him?! That's ridiculous! (0:12:08.20)
Emi Yusa : Did you think I'd joined forces with him and planned revenge on the Church? (0:12:11.50)
Emi Yusa : So you were the one who was behind that convenience store attack for real! (0:12:17.50)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Huh? Convenience store packed meals? (0:12:20.92)
Emi Yusa : Someone from Ente Isla attacked me. (0:12:24.68)
Emi Yusa : They had the ability to negate my sacred sword, (0:12:27.85)
Emi Yusa : so I knew it couldn't be a demon. (0:12:30.56)
Emi Yusa : But the only other person it could be is you. (0:12:32.35)
Emi Yusa : Huh? (0:12:34.90)
Emi Yusa : There are no traces of the paintball. Not even the smell of it. (0:12:36.65)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I did no such thing! (0:12:40.69)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I know full well the power of Emilia the Hero. (0:12:42.78)
Emi Yusa : Then who are you? Why are you at the Dark Lord's stronghold? (0:12:46.24)
Suzuno Kamazuki : My real name is Crestia Bell. (0:12:51.79)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I am the First Interrogator of the Reformation. (0:12:55.29)
Suzuno Kamazuki : If you still intend to defeat the Dark Lord, (0:12:59.25)
Suzuno Kamazuki : we should- (0:13:03.47)
Emi Yusa : Wait! (0:13:03.88)
Emi Yusa : I don't wanna be late to work, so let's talk about the details once we get to Shinjuku. (0:13:05.34)
Emi Yusa : That's how Japan works. (0:13:10.39)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Let me pass! I cannot stop here! (0:13:13.52)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Must you stand in my way at every turn?! (0:13:19.48)
Emi Yusa : I never imagined you'd actually yell (0:13:39.33)
Emi Yusa : "How can these people fit inside such a thin box?!" (0:13:41.21)
Emi Yusa : the first time you saw a television. (0:13:43.26)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Can we not discuss this any further? (0:13:46.13)
Emi Yusa : How exactly did you learn about Japan? (0:13:48.97)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I first learned that kimono is the traditional dress of Japan, (0:13:52.39)
Suzuno Kamazuki : so I studied the "historical dramas" in which they were featured most. (0:13:55.39)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I also learned about modern Japan from "Showa era documentaries." (0:13:59.51)
Emi Yusa : That explains it. (0:14:04.57)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I especially liked the stories of Warmwind Monjirou and the Lone Lion and Cub, (0:14:05.86)
Suzuno Kamazuki : as well as ronin stories like "Three for the Cut!". (0:14:10.03)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I wasn't too impressed by the Vice-Shogun of Mito or the Bold Shogun. (0:14:13.33)
Emi Yusa : That so? (0:14:18.92)
Emi Yusa : Anyway, back to the point. (0:14:20.50)
Emi Yusa : Why would the First Interrogator of the Reformation move in next to the Dark Lord? (0:14:23.13)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I was looking for leads on Orba Meier. (0:14:29.13)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The only information I had was the Dark Lord's address and living arrangements. (0:14:32.47)
Suzuno Kamazuki : So if I figured that if I kept watch on the Dark Lord... (0:14:36.93)
Emi Yusa : ...the Hero would be sure to show up eventually? (0:14:39.14)
Emi Yusa : What do you want from me, then? (0:14:41.81)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Let me start by saying this. (0:14:43.86)
Suzuno Kamazuki : No apology could possibly make up for the disgrace Orba Meier committed against you. (0:14:46.90)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Judging from how you acted before you found out I was from Ente Isla, (0:14:52.41)
Suzuno Kamazuki : it is clear that you do not conspire with the Dark Lord. (0:14:55.91)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Orba's actions were not endorsed by the Church. (0:15:01.88)
Suzuno Kamazuki : At the very least, I'd like to have you on my side. (0:15:04.67)
Emi Yusa : That doesn't matter. What are you getting at? (0:15:08.55)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I want you to defeat the Dark Lord Satan with my help (0:15:11.93)
Suzuno Kamazuki : and return to Ente Isla with me. (0:15:14.76)
Suzuno Kamazuki : You should make it known that you are alive (0:15:17.39)
Suzuno Kamazuki : and set the Church straight as they try to hide the truth about Orba. (0:15:19.31)
Emi Yusa : I don't wanna. (0:15:23.11)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I'm saying you should return to the position and glory you deserve! (0:15:24.81)
Emi Yusa : I don't really care what the Church or the countries think about me. (0:15:28.65)
Emi Yusa : But the man who led your organization (0:15:33.12)
Emi Yusa : made an entire underground mall full of innocent people collapse just to kill the Dark Lord and me. (0:15:35.62)
Emi Yusa : How could I trust you unconditionally as you demand? (0:15:43.29)
Emi Yusa : Emerada and Albert know how Orba joined forces with Lucifer, bringing disaster upon this land. (0:15:47.38)
Emi Yusa : You could ask Urushihara himself too. (0:15:55.85)
Emi Yusa : And it is my duty as Hero to defeat the Dark Lord. (0:15:58.93)
Emi Yusa : I won't let you interfere. (0:16:03.60)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Then let me help— (0:16:04.90)
Emi Yusa : How can a member of the Inquisition—pardon me, you call yourselves the Reformation now— (0:16:06.26)
Emi Yusa : sit there and tell me she doesn't understand? (0:16:11.70)
Emi Yusa : Also, I don't know what you're trying to do by providing them with food, but let me warn you. (0:16:15.12)
Emi Yusa : One wrong move, and they'll see right through you. (0:16:21.87)
Emi Yusa : He's still the Dark Lord, despite his looks. (0:16:26.17)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Thank you for the warning. (0:16:29.00)
Emi Yusa : Anyway, I'm sure you've got reasons of your own. (0:16:31.67)
Emi Yusa : I picked this up at the station earier. (0:16:35.76)
Emi Yusa : This too. (0:16:38.06)
Emi Yusa : If you're planning to stay in this world for a while, you should learn more about it. (0:16:39.72)
Emi Yusa : The way you dress and talk is way out of date. (0:16:45.31)
Emi Yusa : I gotta go to work now. Let's continue after I'm done. (0:16:49.86)
Chiho Sasaki : I'm so sorry! (0:16:57.78)
Sadao Maou : About what? (0:17:00.08)
Chiho Sasaki : I took your b-bike. (0:17:01.79)
Sadao Maou : Ah, that? (0:17:03.87)
Chiho Sasaki : I'm sorry! I'm sorry! (0:17:05.12)
Sadao Maou : It's okay. (0:17:06.08)
Sadao Maou : Don't worry about it! (0:17:08.29)
Sadao Maou : We've hardly got any customers today. (0:17:11.80)
Sadao Maou : The new Sentucky next door lured them all away. (0:17:14.80)
Sadao Maou : And Kisaki-san's really scaring me right now. (0:17:19.73)
Mayumi Kisaki : I can't believe this. (0:17:23.52)
Mayumi Kisaki : Customers have dropped by over 80% compared to yesterday. (0:17:25.35)
Mayumi Kisaki : Why does today have to be the day I report to corporate HQ? (0:17:28.77)
Sadao Maou : Yeah. (0:17:32.15)
Mayumi Kisaki : One of my colleagues lost a fierce competition against a rival store and got sent off to Greenland! (0:17:33.40)
Sadao Maou : Are you serious? (0:17:39.99)
Mayumi Kisaki : You don't wanna go to Greenland, do you? (0:17:41.95)
Sadao Maou : Definitely not. (0:17:45.37)
Mayumi Kisaki : You have my permission to use any means necessary. (0:17:46.21)
Mayumi Kisaki : Defeat Sentucky! (0:17:49.88)
Sadao Maou : Yes, ma'am! (0:17:51.30)
Sadao Maou : Oh, geez... (0:17:55.55)
Sadao Maou : What a horrible first day as substitute manager. (0:17:58.09)
Chiho Sasaki : Welcome! (0:18:00.97)
Sadao Maou : Welcome! (0:18:00.97)
Mitsuki Sarue : Please forgive my intrusion at such a busy time. (0:18:04.43)
Mitsuki Sarue : Is the manager present? (0:18:07.81)
Sadao Maou : I'm very sorry, but the manager, Kisaki, isn't in today. (0:18:10.06)
Sadao Maou : However, I would be more than happy to assist you. (0:18:15.03)
Mitsuki Sarue : Are you Maou Sadao? (0:18:18.16)
Mitsuki Sarue : I've heard the rumors about you. (0:18:21.03)
Mitsuki Sarue : Diligent. Social. Adaptive. (0:18:22.86)
Mitsuki Sarue : You are an exceptional human. (0:18:25.91)
Sadao Maou : Thank you. (0:18:29.83)
Sadao Maou : I've got a bad feeling about this. (0:18:32.38)
Mitsuki Sarue : Ah, pardon me. My card. (0:18:33.67)
Sadao Maou : Ah, thanks. (0:18:38.05)
Sadao Maou : The manager of Sentucky Fried Chicken?! (0:18:41.39)
Mitsuki Sarue : My name is Sarue Mitsuki. (0:18:44.27)
Mitsuki Sarue : Pardon me for the late introduction. (0:18:46.80)
Mitsuki Sarue : I've been quite busy, you see. (0:18:50.19)
Mitsuki Sarue : Hatagaya is a great town, is it not? (0:18:52.69)
Mitsuki Sarue : It lies on the border of the residential and the office districts, so the customer base is diverse. (0:18:55.53)
Mitsuki Sarue : The ladies are rather pretty as well. (0:18:59.40)
Sadao Maou : Indeed. Well, let's strive to do our best as fellow station-area businesses. (0:19:02.03)
Mitsuki Sarue : It's a shame I couldn't meet the famously beautiful manager in pers— (0:19:09.21)
Mitsuki Sarue : Stunning! (0:19:16.05)
Mitsuki Sarue : Please, prepare a take-out meal just for me with those graceful hands of yours, (0:19:18.88)
Mitsuki Sarue : young lady! (0:19:26.89)
Sadao Maou : Sorry, Chi-chan. I should've done something about that creep. (0:19:32.48)
Chiho Sasaki : It wasn't your fault, Maou-san! (0:19:36.94)
Chiho Sasaki : That midget of a manager just pissed me off! (0:19:39.49)
Chiho Sasaki : How can he work in the service trade wearing those tacky sunglasses and reeking of cologne? (0:19:42.66)
Chiho Sasaki : There's no way I'm gonna lose to him! (0:19:47.62)
Sadao Maou : That's the spirit! (0:19:49.33)
Sadao Maou : We're gonna get more and more intel on the enemy now. (0:19:51.37)
Sadao Maou : I've pulled a few strings. (0:19:53.71)
Chiho Sasaki : Strings? (0:19:55.04)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord has bestowed this mission upon me. (0:19:58.17)
Shiro Ashiya : I will investigate this "Sentucky Fried Chicken" to the utmost of my ability! (0:19:59.71)
Rika Suzuki : I'm so hungry. (0:20:08.10)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Emi-dono! (0:20:09.68)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Have you completed your work for today? (0:20:12.35)
Emi Yusa : You bought even more traditional clothes? (0:20:16.19)
Emi Yusa : Where did you get the money? (0:20:18.98)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I had some marketable assets which I converted to money at this shop called Mugi-hyo. (0:20:21.40)
EXTRA : G-Good lord... (0:20:27.99)
Emi Yusa : I hope you didn't get ripped off too badly. (0:20:30.37)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Look! I got this smart card too! (0:20:34.25)
EXTRA : Please confirm the amount and insert money. (0:20:40.09)
EXTRA : If you require a receipt, please push the Receipt button. (0:20:47.51)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Wh-What else do you demand of me?! (0:20:51.48)
Emi Yusa : Wonderful. (0:20:54.19)
Rika Suzuki : Is she your friend, Emi? (0:20:55.65)
Emi Yusa : Yeah, I guess you could say that. (0:20:58.23)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I waited here because I had a request for you, Emi-dono. (0:21:01.99)
Emi Yusa : What? (0:21:05.91)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I want to visit Sadao-dono's workplace. Would you come with me? (0:21:07.07)
Emi Yusa : Hey, what... (0:21:10.95)
Rika Suzuki : Sadao? I think I've heard that before. (0:21:11.92)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I understand that you don't want to let me get close to him, (0:21:14.58)
Emi Yusa : Hey, stop... (0:21:16.17)
Suzuno Kamazuki : but I can't just back off at this point. (0:21:17.46)
Rika Suzuki : Huh? What? Is it a lover's quarrel? (0:21:19.34)
Emi Yusa : I knew it was gonna end up like this. (0:21:21.63)
Rika Suzuki : I know this is none of my business, really, (0:21:24.01)
Rika Suzuki : but the only way you can resolve fights like these is to speak to the other side too. (0:21:27.39)
Rika Suzuki : You might need a neutral mediator! (0:21:30.64)
Emi Yusa : I'm telling you Rika, you've got it all wrong! (0:21:31.06)
Rika Suzuki : Well then, looks like I'm coming with you! (0:21:33.64)
Rika Suzuki : Where's this Sadao guy, then? (0:21:36.02)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The MgRonald's at Hatagaya. (0:21:38.06)
Emi Yusa : Hey, wait! (0:21:39.86)
Rika Suzuki : Ah, it's just a minute by train! (0:21:40.32)
Emi Yusa : I'm totally not going! (0:21:44.11)

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