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Emi Yusa : Huh? Aren't there more people here than usual? (0:00:04.94)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Apparently there's a local celebration called the Sasahata Tanabata Festival that begins today. (0:00:07.94)
Rika Suzuki : Now then. (0:00:13.82)
Rika Suzuki : We're here at Hatagaya, (0:00:14.86)
Rika Suzuki : but it seems that the MgRonald's is running short on customers at the worst possible time. (0:00:17.15)
Rika Suzuki : We can't have a proper lover's quarrel here. (0:00:21.75)
Rika Suzuki : The shop needs to be crowded, or things are really gonna go south if the mood takes a turn for the worse. (0:00:23.41)
Rika Suzuki : And if the guy ends up being in the right,
we'll be ruining things for him at work.
Rika Suzuki : But look, here's a Sentucky right where we need it! (0:00:33.76)
Rika Suzuki : Let's have a strategic meeting there first. (0:00:38.18)
Emi Yusa : You're totally enjoying this, aren't you? (0:00:40.60)
Rika Suzuki : First, tell me all about this "Maou" guy. (0:02:19.58)
Rika Suzuki : The more we know, the more clues we have to resolve this conflict. (0:02:23.99)
Emi Yusa : He's a Dark Lord, and I'm a Hero.
There's nothing
but conflict between us.
Emi Yusa : But will this girl realize this is just Rika's misunderstanding? (0:02:32.78)
Rika Suzuki : I'll have an ice coffee. How about you two? (0:02:38.51)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I'll have a maple biscuit set with an ice tea. (0:02:41.43)
Suzuno Kamazuki : With milk, please. (0:02:45.90)
Emi Yusa : Ice coffee, please. (0:02:47.20)
Rika Suzuki : My treat, okay? (0:02:48.27)
Rika Suzuki : That's it. (0:02:51.52)
Mitsuki Sarue : Certainly. (0:02:52.48)
Mitsuki Sarue : Would you like a coupon for our grand opening sale? (0:02:54.23)
Rika Suzuki : Thanks. (0:02:58.53)
Mitsuki Sarue : We'll now put our hearts into preparing your orders. (0:02:59.57)
Mitsuki Sarue : Our products will be overjoyed to have been bought by such beauties. (0:03:02.24)
Mitsuki Sarue : Here, your change. (0:03:07.50)
Rika Suzuki : Thanks. (0:03:09.50)
EXTRA : All yours. (0:03:13.54)
Mitsuki Sarue : I have committed the gravest of sins: making a lady wait. Please accept my most sincere apologies. (0:03:16.67)
Mitsuki Sarue : Here is your order. (0:03:21.80)
Rika Suzuki : Guys who act like that around girls are pain in the ass. They're so lame. (0:03:24.85)
Rika Suzuki : His cologne is gross too, and don't get me started on those sunglasses. (0:03:29.64)
Emi Yusa : What're you talking about? (0:03:32.15)
Rika Suzuki : Never mind. Let's go. (0:03:33.44)
Rika Suzuki : First things first. (0:03:38.23)
Rika Suzuki : Let's hear the whole story from the beginning. (0:03:39.61)
Rika Suzuki : Maou Sadao-san, was it? (0:03:42.49)
Rika Suzuki : I wanna hear the whole story from you. (0:03:44.41)
Suzuno Kamazuki : To me, he is simply my new neighbor. (0:03:48.24)
Suzuno Kamazuki : We get along pretty well, though. (0:03:51.16)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Really now? (0:03:53.50)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I want you to defeat the Dark Lord Satan with my help and return to Ente Isla with me. (0:03:54.75)
Emi Yusa : She said that just a while ago! (0:03:59.51)
Emi Yusa : And now she has the gall to say they get along well? (0:04:02.13)
Rika Suzuki : What about you, Emi? (0:04:05.68)
Emi Yusa : I'd gladly kill him without a second's thought. (0:04:06.93)
Rika Suzuki : Quite the difference of opinion there. (0:04:09.85)
Rika Suzuki : But you're not being honest, Emi. (0:04:12.02)
Emi Yusa : Listen now, Rika. (0:04:14.31)
Emi Yusa : There's nothing between Maou and me! (0:04:15.73)
Emi Yusa : I have another reason for not wanting Suzuno to fall into his grasp! (0:04:19.36)
Emi Yusa : We're not fighting over Maou or anything! (0:04:22.82)
Rika Suzuki : See, that's what I meant. You're even lying to yourself. (0:04:25.99)
Emi Yusa : Why do you keep trying to bring Maou and me together? (0:04:29.33)
Emi Yusa : The very thought disgusts me! (0:04:33.00)
Emi Yusa : He's cruel, he's sly, he's greedy, (0:04:34.46)
Emi Yusa : he's thoughtless, he's miserly, he lacks common sense, (0:04:37.42)
Emi Yusa : and he acts like giving away a cheap umbrella is some huge favor! (0:04:40.06)
Shiro Ashiya : I can't just sit here and listen to your slander! (0:04:44.47)
Emi Yusa : Ashiya? (0:04:47.09)
Emi Yusa : Why are you here? (0:04:48.18)
Sadao Maou : What's taking Ashiya so long? (0:04:52.81)
Shiro Ashiya : You want me to carry out a thorough consumption of Sentucky Fried Chicken? (0:04:57.02)
Sadao Maou : Uh, you can just eat it normally. (0:05:01.65)
Shiro Ashiya : Had you told me to visit the Saifu Supermarket by the station during discounts hour (0:05:03.69)
Shiro Ashiya : and thoroughly consume the fried chicken available there for mere 88 yen per 100g, I might have accepted. (0:05:07.70)
Shiro Ashiya : But considering the dire state of our finances as they are, (0:05:11.91)
Shiro Ashiya : we cannot afford to have them line the coffers of Sentucky, your mortal enemy! (0:05:14.08)
Sadao Maou : Just listen to me! (0:05:18.79)
Sadao Maou : We need to do this precisely because of the whole mortal enemy thing. (0:05:21.05)
Sadao Maou : To win in battle, you must know your opponent. (0:05:23.30)
Sadao Maou : Don't tell me my master strategist forgot that. (0:05:25.93)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord... (0:05:28.55)
Sadao Maou : I'm not telling you to go there just to eat. (0:05:30.05)
Sadao Maou : When you're there, I want you to learn everything you can of their strengths and weaknesses. (0:05:31.60)
Sadao Maou : These are necessary expenses for my own social climb. (0:05:37.48)
Sadao Maou : Please. (0:05:40.77)
Shiro Ashiya : If you insist to this degree, I shall not go against your wishes. (0:05:43.40)
Shiro Ashiya : I, Ashiya Shirou, shall investigate them at the lowest possible cost. (0:05:48.45)
Sadao Maou : Ashiya! (0:05:55.41)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord! Just leave it to me! (0:05:56.50)
Sadao Maou : Ashiya! (0:05:58.42)
Hanzou Urushihara : Those boneheads. (0:05:59.13)
Shiro Ashiya : My lord! (0:05:59.33)
Sadao Maou : Ashiya! (0:06:00.17)
Sadao Maou : I told him to investigate thoroughly, but this is taking forever. (0:06:01.63)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san? (0:06:05.42)
Sadao Maou : What's wrong, Chi-chan? (0:06:07.51)
Chiho Sasaki : We finished everything that needed to be done. (0:06:09.34)
Sadao Maou : I see... Right. (0:06:12.97)
Sadao Maou : Morale's at an all-time low. (0:06:16.64)
Sadao Maou : That's hardly surprising, though. (0:06:19.60)
Sadao Maou : The Tanabata Festival's brought record crowds outside, (0:06:22.32)
Sadao Maou : and compared to our arch enemy, Sentucky, it's like a funeral in here. (0:06:27.24)
Sadao Maou : What should I do? We can't just sit on our asses. (0:06:32.49)
Chiho Sasaki : Should we stand out the front to attract customers? (0:06:36.50)
Sadao Maou : Attract customers... (0:06:41.25)
Sadao Maou : That's one option, but I'd rather do that after Ashiya returns. (0:06:42.54)
Sadao Maou : How can we attract customers without knowing our enemy? (0:06:46.38)
Sadao Maou : Should we act now? (0:06:50.76)
Sadao Maou : But wait! (0:06:52.43)
Sadao Maou : If we act now... (0:06:53.76)
Sadao Maou : No idea. Not a single idea! (0:06:55.56)
Sadao Maou : I never thought a clash between fast food giants could be this complicated! (0:06:57.68)
EXTRA : Maou-kun, you okay? (0:07:02.52)
EXTRA : You shouldn't try to solve everything yourself just because you're the shift manager. (0:07:04.48)
Sadao Maou : That's true! (0:07:07.94)
Sadao Maou : I'm a squad leader now! (0:07:08.90)
Sadao Maou : If I falter here, the unease will spread to my men! (0:07:10.66)
Sadao Maou : Now is not the time for us to move. (0:07:13.95)
Sadao Maou : At the moment, the tide favors the enemy. (0:07:15.79)
Sadao Maou : But it is bound to turn in our favor before long! (0:07:18.62)
Sadao Maou : That is the moment we must wait for! (0:07:21.54)
Sadao Maou : And as we prepare for that glorious opportunity... (0:07:23.04)
Sadao Maou : Let the windows be cleaned! (0:07:27.51)
Chiho Sasaki : Roger! (0:07:29.76)
Sadao Maou : Ashiya, hurry up! (0:07:31.47)
Emi Yusa : What are you doing here? (0:07:34.35)
Emi Yusa : Or rather, where were you hiding until now? (0:07:36.97)
Shiro Ashiya : I saw you enter the premises, (0:07:38.93)
Shiro Ashiya : and wished to avoid needless conflict. (0:07:41.81)
Shiro Ashiya : However, I cannot stand idly by while you crush my lord's honor underfoot! (0:07:43.77)
Emi Yusa : Yeah, whatever. (0:07:48.82)
Emi Yusa : Oh right, Ashiya! This is your chance to help us out! (0:07:50.49)
Emi Yusa : This is about you and Maou, after all. (0:07:53.82)
Shiro Ashiya : What? Why would I help you? (0:07:56.08)
Emi Yusa : You're here to research this shop, aren't you? (0:08:00.04)
Emi Yusa : I'll treat you to whatever you want. (0:08:03.50)
Shiro Ashiya : If you need my help that badly, I guess I can't refuse. (0:08:05.29)
Emi Yusa : We all have a price, but I didn't expect yours to be that low. (0:08:07.50)
Shiro Ashiya : Don't get me wrong. (0:08:10.63)
Shiro Ashiya : My top priority is to preserve the finances of our household. (0:08:12.01)
Shiro Ashiya : To that end, there is no depth to which I will not lower myself to. (0:08:15.55)
Emi Yusa : That's just sad. (0:08:19.89)
Shiro Ashiya : Anyway, I have not yet looked into salads or desserts due to budgetary limitations. (0:08:21.43)
Shiro Ashiya : Let's order those later. (0:08:26.36)
Emi Yusa : I don't really get it. (0:08:28.94)
Rika Suzuki : Are you two friends? (0:08:32.32)
Emi Yusa : Absolutely not! (0:08:33.07)
Shiro Ashiya : Perish the thought! (0:08:33.07b)
Shiro Ashiya : I don't know you. To introduce myself in terms relative to the people present, (0:08:34.44)
Shiro Ashiya : I am Kamazuki-san's neighbor. (0:08:38.78)
Shiro Ashiya : My name is Ashiya Shirou. (0:08:40.45)
Rika Suzuki : Ah, my pleasure. (0:08:42.46)
Rika Suzuki : I'm Emi's colleague, Suzuki Rika. (0:08:43.91)
Rika Suzuki : If you're neighbors with Suzuno-chan,
does that mean you live with Maou-san?
Shiro Ashiya : That's correct. Do you know my lord? (0:08:51.30)
Rika Suzuki : I'd like to know about him! I've got lots of questions! (0:08:54.63)
Shiro Ashiya : You want to know about him? (0:08:56.93)
Emi Yusa : Oh, that's nothing you need to concern yourself with. (0:08:58.51)
Rika Suzuki : To cut to the chase, I hear that Emi won't let any other girls get close to him. (0:09:02.56)
Shiro Ashiya : Yusa, could you explain what this is all about? (0:09:08.65)
Emi Yusa : Believe me, I'd like to know myself. (0:09:11.11)
Shiro Ashiya : Yusa won't allow any other girls to get close to him, huh? (0:09:13.61)
Shiro Ashiya : I see. So that's it, Yusa? (0:09:20.45)
Shiro Ashiya : Very well. (0:09:23.79)
Shiro Ashiya : This will also be the first time you've heard this, Kamazuki-san. (0:09:26.25)
Shiro Ashiya : Back in the day, Maou and I headed up a company. (0:09:29.63)
Rika Suzuki : A company? (0:09:32.92)
Emi Yusa : A-Ashiya? (0:09:34.55)
Suzuno Kamazuki : What is he talking about? (0:09:36.38)
Rika Suzuki : Wait a moment. You look about the same age as us! How old are you really? (0:09:38.05)
Shiro Ashiya : Our company specialized in land utilization and staff management. (0:09:42.60)
Shiro Ashiya : We got involved in construction projects as well. (0:09:48.27)
Shiro Ashiya : Our company was called... (0:09:51.40)
Shiro Ashiya : Maou Inc. (0:09:52.73)
Emi Yusa : Maou Inc? (0:09:55.07)
Emi Yusa : Staff management, my ass. (0:09:56.64)
Shiro Ashiya : Yusa was employed by one of our rivals. (0:09:58.74)
Rika Suzuki : Emi, you used to work at a construction company? (0:10:02.70)
Rika Suzuki : Wait, how old are you again? (0:10:06.25)
Emi Yusa : Uh, well... (0:10:08.08)
Emi Yusa : If I recall correctly, you were a temp back then. (0:10:10.46)
Emi Yusa : A temp? (0:10:12.84)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I see, so the Hero's a temp? (0:10:13.96)
Emi Yusa : Don't take him seriously! (0:10:16.51)
Shiro Ashiya : We carried out business extensively, (0:10:17.80)
Shiro Ashiya : even though the company was so small that we, the management, had to work at the sites too. (0:10:20.34)
Shiro Ashiya : Yusa had her own talents, and was backed by a big company. (0:10:24.64)
Shiro Ashiya : We often competed for jobs. (0:10:28.85)
Shiro Ashiya : Back then, we were all young
and lacking in real experience.
Shiro Ashiya : Furthermore, we were right in the middle of an economic crisis. (0:10:36.53)
Shiro Ashiya : A company run by young men is easily ruined if a big corporation snatches all the work. (0:10:38.99)
Shiro Ashiya : In the end, Yusa got the contract. (0:10:44.83)
Shiro Ashiya : We lost, and our company went bankrupt. (0:10:49.50)
Shiro Ashiya : We drifted for a while and ended up in a small apartment in Sasazuka. (0:10:52.38)
Shiro Ashiya : Then, one year later, we ran into Yusa by chance. (0:10:55.25)
Emi Yusa : Takoyaki? (0:10:58.76)
Shiro Ashiya : Yusa must've taken pity on us,
knowing our history as old rivals.
Shiro Ashiya : She comes to check on us every now and then. (0:11:05.81)
Rika Suzuki : Ah, I see! (0:11:08.85)
Shiro Ashiya : However! (0:11:11.02)
Shiro Ashiya : My boss has not given up on starting a new company and leading it to success! (0:11:11.94)
Shiro Ashiya : He works hard every day at MgRonalds to master management from the basics up. (0:11:15.77)
Shiro Ashiya : In just a year, he was promoted to shift manager. (0:11:21.20)
Shiro Ashiya : On the other hand, I spend my days doing housework. (0:11:24.99)
Shiro Ashiya : It's a huge step back compared to my previous position. (0:11:28.79)
Shiro Ashiya : But under his leadership, we will once again form a company of our own! (0:11:32.07)
Shiro Ashiya : And I will do my best to support him! (0:11:37.59)
Shiro Ashiya : But as you know, every start-up is much like a gamble. (0:11:40.30)
Shiro Ashiya : Who knows what would wait for Kamazuki-san with us? (0:11:42.93)
Shiro Ashiya : So I can understand why Yusa wouldn't want to let her get involved with us. (0:11:47.60)
Suzuno Kamazuki : I'm already way too involved. (0:11:51.81)
Shiro Ashiya : My boss is quite obstinate. (0:11:52.98)
Shiro Ashiya : He still considers Yusa an enemy, and basically despises her. (0:11:55.86)
Shiro Ashiya : That's why I think your image of the situation is somewhat mistaken, Suzuki-san. (0:12:00.11)
Rika Suzuki : Phew, that's quite a story. (0:12:04.53)
Rika Suzuki : You're pretty much the same age as me. (0:12:06.78)
Rika Suzuki : Yet here I was, letting my imagination run wild. I'm embarrassed. (0:12:08.95)
Rika Suzuki : Geez, Emi, you should've told me the details! (0:12:12.62)
Emi Yusa : I tried, but you weren't listening. (0:12:15.88)
Rika Suzuki : My family runs a small factory too. (0:12:18.42)
Rika Suzuki : When times are bad, we all have to work together. (0:12:20.92)
Rika Suzuki : You said it's a step back for you, but Maou's eating your cooking, (0:12:25.05)
Rika Suzuki : sleeping under blankets you aired, and wearing clothes you washed, isn't he? (0:12:30.31)
Shiro Ashiya : Yeah. (0:12:34.44)
Rika Suzuki : Then you're supporting him by taking care of the essentials. (0:12:35.44)
Rika Suzuki : You should be more proud of that. (0:12:38.23)
Rika Suzuki : If you can support each other like that, I'm sure it'll work out in the end! (0:12:40.23)
Shiro Ashiya : You're the first person who's said something like that to me. (0:12:46.24)
Shiro Ashiya : Thank you. Your words have lightened my heart a little. (0:12:49.91)
Emi Yusa : Rika? (0:12:56.04)
Rika Suzuki : What? What? (0:12:57.13)
Emi Yusa : I should be asking you that. (0:12:58.13)
Emi Yusa : What's gotten into you all of a sudden? (0:13:00.42)
Rika Suzuki : Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! (0:13:01.51)
Suzuno Kamazuki : She said it four times. (0:13:04.30)
Rika Suzuki : I see... You guys go way back. (0:13:05.80)
Emi Yusa : Now that we've cleared up the misunderstanding, can we get go— (0:13:09.05)
Rika Suzuki : I wanna see this Maou guy for myself now! (0:13:12.89)
Emi Yusa : Huh? (0:13:15.60)
Rika Suzuki : If he's really talented, it might be profitable to make his acquaintance. (0:13:16.19)
Emi Yusa : What's that supposed to mean? (0:13:20.98)
Rika Suzuki : And you need to report the intel you collected, right? (0:13:22.53)
Rika Suzuki : Then let's go together! (0:13:25.36)
Emi Yusa : Rika! (0:13:26.54)
Shiro Ashiya : Of course you will come too. (0:13:27.70)
Shiro Ashiya : Anyway, order one of those maple biscuits (0:13:29.74)
Shiro Ashiya : and a salad with Thousand Island dressing for take-out. (0:13:32.00)
Emi Yusa : Wh... Wha... Why.... (0:13:35.46)
Shiro Ashiya : Kamazuki-san, I still owe you my thanks. (0:13:35.96)
Shiro Ashiya : If you'd like something, just say the word. (0:13:38.04)
Emi Yusa : Why did it have to come to this? (0:13:41.92)
Emi Yusa : This is getting worse and worse. (0:13:51.47)
Mitsuki Sarue : Now, now, young lady, (0:13:55.31)
Mitsuki Sarue : if you sit down to eat with such a sour expression, your food will sour as well. (0:13:56.94)
Emi Yusa : If you say so. (0:14:02.19)
Mitsuki Sarue : No matter what troubles you shoulder,
remember that in time, things will change.
Mitsuki Sarue : You shouldn't blame yourself when things don't go your way. (0:14:08.82)
Emi Yusa : I've never seen a Sentucky cashier so keenly interested in my personal affairs. (0:14:13.87)
Mitsuki Sarue : Please, forgive my presumption. (0:14:18.50)
Mitsuki Sarue : But allow me to say this. (0:14:21.00)
Mitsuki Sarue : When a lady shows a moment of weakness, that is when men make their move. (0:14:23.21)
Mitsuki Sarue : Please be careful. (0:14:26.76)
Emi Yusa : What do you mean? (0:14:28.97)
Mitsuki Sarue : Only what I said and nothing more. (0:14:30.72)
Mitsuki Sarue : Thank you very much. Please come again. (0:14:33.60)
Sadao Maou : Coupons for the grand opening sale? (0:14:43.07)
Shiro Ashiya : And as far as I was able to tell, (0:14:45.61)
Shiro Ashiya : their signature fried chicken (0:14:47.69)
Shiro Ashiya : is so good you could even eat the bones. (0:14:50.20)
Sadao Maou : Even the bones? (0:14:53.62)
Sadao Maou : Wait, who eats the bones? (0:14:55.29)
Shiro Ashiya : Not to mention, they apparently serve organic coffee. (0:14:56.92)
Sadao Maou : What? Coffee made from ogre meat? (0:15:00.83)
Shiro Ashiya : Organic. Made without artificial ingredients. (0:15:03.04)
Sadao Maou : I see. Ogres are known for their artifice and greed. (0:15:05.63)
Shiro Ashiya : It doesn't seem to differ much in other aspects. (0:15:08.17)
Shiro Ashiya : The service was nothing exceptional either. (0:15:11.72)
Shiro Ashiya : I can only conclude that it attracts passersby solely out of novelty. (0:15:14.01)
Sadao Maou : I see. (0:15:18.14)
Sadao Maou : Time for us to make our move. Good work. (0:15:20.27)
Shiro Ashiya : I am not worthy of your praise. (0:15:24.57)
Shiro Ashiya : However, please allow me to make a contribution to your sales, however insignificant. (0:15:26.53)
Shiro Ashiya : Two Big Mag sets with a large drink and fries each. (0:15:32.11)
Shiro Ashiya : Urushihara might complain,
but tonight we shall dine on fast food.
Sadao Maou : If he does, you have my
full permission to smack him one.
Shiro Ashiya : As you wish. (0:15:45.04)
Shiro Ashiya : Also, you can expect great things from those three. (0:15:47.34)
Sadao Maou : Okay, though I don't really get it. (0:15:50.92)
Shiro Ashiya : I'll be praying for your success. (0:15:53.22)
Rika Suzuki : They're quite close, aren't they? (0:15:58.18)
Rika Suzuki : And they conduct themselves so professionally.
There are so many capable people around you, Emi.
Rika Suzuki : Can I count myself as one too? (0:16:05.06)
Emi Yusa : Whatever you like. (0:16:07.90)
Suzuno Kamazuki : The chairs here are harder than Sentucky's. (0:16:09.40)
Sadao Maou : Excuse me, dear customers. (0:16:12.32)
Emi Yusa : What? (0:16:15.91)
Sadao Maou : Would you be so good as to order before taking your seats? (0:16:16.95)
Emi Yusa : I'll have an small ice coffee, then. (0:16:20.41)
Sadao Maou : We're a self-service restaurant, so if you could kindly make your way to the counter— (0:16:24.08)
Emi Yusa : Then if you could kindly throw in an apple pie as well, you may have the honor of delivering it to my table. (0:16:27.71)
Sadao Maou : Ma'a— (0:16:32.09)
Rika Suzuki : You're Maou-san, aren't you? (0:16:32.59)
Rika Suzuki : You're nowhere as charismatic as I thought you'd be. (0:16:34.51)
Rika Suzuki : The store sure seems empty with you at the counter. (0:16:37.35)
Sadao Maou : Ma'am, who do you think you are?! (0:16:40.10)
Rika Suzuki : Is that any way to talk to a customer? (0:16:43.64)
Rika Suzuki : I've half a mind to file a complaint with the company. (0:16:46.52)
Sadao Maou : Gimme a break. (0:16:49.82)
Sadao Maou : Even the customers need to follow certain rules. (0:16:50.94)
Sadao Maou : Who are you, even? (0:16:54.40)
Rika Suzuki : I'm Suzuki Rika, Emi's colleague. (0:16:55.99)
Rika Suzuki : I've heard all about you from Ashiya-san and the girls. (0:16:59.12)
Sadao Maou : Even Ashiya? (0:17:03.66)
Sadao Maou : When? What did he tell you? (0:17:05.00)
Rika Suzuki : Ashiya-san and Emi both told me a rather one-sided tale about you. (0:17:08.38)
Rika Suzuki : I came to take a look at you myself. (0:17:12.71)
Sadao Maou : I don't really see what you're getting at. (0:17:15.55)
Sadao Maou : Are you the kind who has to meddle in other people's affairs? (0:17:17.43)
Sadao Maou : Oh geez. The one customer we get, and it's Emi. (0:17:20.51)
Chiho Sasaki : Don't say that, Maou-san. (0:17:23.89)
Chiho Sasaki : Yusa-san's as important a customer as any other. (0:17:26.81)
Chiho Sasaki : Here, your freshly-made ice coffee and apple pie. (0:17:29.86)
Emi Yusa : Sorry, Chiho-chan. (0:17:33.19)
Emi Yusa : I got carried away talking to Maou. (0:17:34.95)
Chiho Sasaki : It's okay. I get it. (0:17:37.07)
Suzuno Kamazuki : Chiho-dono, you seem most gay today. (0:17:39.32)
Chiho Sasaki : Hello, Suzuno-san. (0:17:41.58)
Chiho Sasaki : Are you a friend of Yusa-san's? (0:17:43.37)
Rika Suzuki : Yeah. I'm Emi's colleague, Suzuki Rika. (0:17:46.12)
Chiho Sasaki : I'm Sasaki Chiho. Yusa-san's taken good care of me. (0:17:48.75)
Rika Suzuki : So cute... (0:17:53.96)
Chiho Sasaki : Excuse me? (0:17:54.84)
Rika Suzuki : So cute! What's with this girl? She's too cute! (0:17:55.88)
Emi Yusa : Hey, what're you doing? (0:17:58.97)
Rika Suzuki : Emi, there are just too many great people around you! (0:18:00.85)
Rika Suzuki : She's well-mannered, enthusiastic, and so damn cute! (0:18:03.77)
Rika Suzuki : It's not fair! (0:18:08.00)
Emi Yusa : Cut it out, Rika! Quit acting like some drunken old lecher! (0:18:09.48)
Rika Suzuki : Yeah, yeah. (0:18:12.11)
Rika Suzuki : Sorry, Chiho-chan. I got too excited. (0:18:13.32)
Chiho Sasaki : S-Sure... I don't really get it, though. (0:18:16.53)
Rika Suzuki : So, what about you? (0:18:21.12)
Sadao Maou : Huh? (0:18:23.49)
Rika Suzuki : You told Ashiya-san you were going to make your move now, didn't you? (0:18:24.12)
Rika Suzuki : Let me make this clear: I want to see you in action. (0:18:27.75)
Sadao Maou : What's up with you? (0:18:32.21)
Rika Suzuki : Look at Ashiya-san and Chiho-chan. (0:18:34.09)
Rika Suzuki : There are so many talented people around Emi. (0:18:36.67)
Rika Suzuki : I sure hope you're not as thickheaded as you look. (0:18:39.22)
Sadao Maou : So you're saying I look thickheaded? (0:18:43.43)
Rika Suzuki : It's more than just looks, huh? (0:18:47.23)
Sadao Maou : Perfect! (0:18:50.69)
Sadao Maou : Sentucky goes with coupons? We'll use flyers! (0:18:52.15)
EXTRA : Would you like some MgRonald's hamburgers? (0:18:56.61)
EXTRA : Please do stop by! (0:18:58.57)
EXTRA : It's not working. (0:19:02.32)
Sadao Maou : What?! (0:19:03.37)
Sadao Maou : In that case... Unlike SFC, our burgers don't have bones! Let's use "easy to eat" as our selling point! (0:19:04.53)
Chiho Sasaki : Would you like to try a Big Mag burger? (0:19:08.29)
Chiho Sasaki : It's 100% bone-free and super easy to eat! (0:19:11.00)
EXTRA : Doesn't it go without saying that burgers don't have bones? (0:19:13.21)
EXTRA : She says the darndest things. (0:19:16.46)
EXTRA : But she sure is cute! (0:19:18.26)
Chiho Sasaki : It didn't work. (0:19:19.42)
Sadao Maou : Don't worry. (0:19:20.88)
EXTRA : Kawachi! At this point, maybe we should even let people who don't buy anything use the restrooms! (0:19:23.10)
EXTRA : Why would we do that? (0:19:28.56)
Rika Suzuki : This is hopeless. (0:19:32.23)
Nabe : Maou-chan, you in? (0:19:35.40)
Sadao Maou : Nabe-san, thank you for coming! (0:19:37.15)
Nabe : I could never say no to you, Maou-san. Sorry for taking so long. (0:19:40.07)
Sadao Maou : No problem at all! You're a lifesaver! (0:19:44.74)
Sadao Maou : C'mon, have something to eat! On the house! (0:19:47.33)
Nabe : Nah, I'm here on delivery duty only. Thanks for the offer, but my wife's already making dinner. (0:19:50.05)
Nabe : See you at the next neighborhood cleanup! (0:19:55.67)
Nabe : Say hi to Kisaki-chan for me! (0:19:57.55)
EXTRA : Wow, it's amazing! (0:20:03.39)
EXTRA : Let's decorate it in time for the dinner rush! (0:20:06.01)
EXTRA : Yeah, let's! (0:20:08.77)
EXTRA : Maou-kun, I brought the stuff! (0:20:10.56)
EXTRA : Will these decorations be enough? (0:20:12.06)
Sadao Maou : All right, let's use the flyers too. (0:20:14.40)
EXTRA : Are you sure we can just use these to make decorations? (0:20:16.94)
Sadao Maou : I'll allow it as shift manager! (0:20:20.07)
Emi Yusa : What's going on? (0:20:22.99)
Chiho Sasaki : Maou-san came up with the idea of participating in the Sasahata Tanabata Festival (0:20:24.32)
Chiho Sasaki : by having customers write their wishes and decorate the bamboo themselves. (0:20:29.95)
Chiho Sasaki : He asked the manager to request permission from the higher-ups (0:20:34.21)
Chiho Sasaki : so that we could give a complimentary small drink to everyone who wrote a wish. (0:20:39.55)
Chiho Sasaki : And he got to know Watanabe-san, who dropped by earlier, (0:20:44.59)
Chiho Sasaki : through volunteering at the neighborhood cleanups (0:20:48.93)
Chiho Sasaki : and asked him for a bamboo plant from his garden. (0:20:52.48)
Emi Yusa : Maou volunteers in the neighborhood cleanups? (0:20:54.69)
Chiho Sasaki : There's no way of knowing if it's actually gonna work, (0:20:58.44)
Chiho Sasaki : but it sure gave the shop a whole new atmosphere, didn't it? (0:21:02.03)
Rika Suzuki : Hey, that ain't half bad! (0:21:09.99)
Emi Yusa : He sure is enthusiastic about his work. (0:21:13.79)
Rika Suzuki : Huh? (0:21:16.96)
EXTRA : So pretty! (0:21:18.88)
EXTRA : They've got a cute girl too! This is awesome! (0:21:20.21)
EXTRA : Gotta tweet this! (0:21:22.92)
Chiho Sasaki : What's going on? (0:21:24.59)
EXTRA : Mom, let me hang a wish too! (0:21:25.68)
Rika Suzuki : You're kidding me! (0:21:30.43)
Rika Suzuki : They brought in this many customers just by putting out a bamboo plant? (0:21:32.64)
Rika Suzuki : What kinda feng shui is this?! (0:21:34.73)
Rika Suzuki : It's unbelievable! (0:21:36.06)
Sadao Maou : All personnel to battle positions! (0:21:38.36)
Sadao Maou : It's time for battle! (0:21:41.57)
EXTRA : Yeah! (0:21:42.57)
Sadao Maou : Welcome, welcome! (0:21:44.82)
Sadao Maou : Once you've decided on your order, please queue over here! (0:21:46.99)
Sadao Maou : Welcome. There are open seats over there... (0:21:52.95)

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