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Yoshii Akihisa : What the hell is this?! (0:00:10.91)
Shin Fukuhara : The anomaly appeared without warning. (0:01:45.97)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'd never expect to see Akihisa's Summoned Being wearing such fancy armor. (0:01:50.88)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : It's more or less human height now, too. (0:01:54.67)
Yoshii Akihisa : C'mon guys! (0:01:57.80)
Yoshii Akihisa : Aren't you missing something a little more important? (0:01:59.21)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yeah, I got it already, so can you and the head quit staring at me? (0:02:00.97)
EXTRA : It won't be much use in that state. (0:02:04.89)
Yoshii Akihisa : How about a little compassion here?! (0:02:07.48)
Minami Shimada : Morning! (0:02:09.65)
Mizuki Himeji : Good morning. (0:02:10.78)
Yoshii Akihisa : Good... morning, girls. (0:02:12.06)
Mizuki Himeji : I'm sorry, we were a little hasty. (0:02:20.03)
Yoshii Akihisa : No, I'm sorry for surprising you like that. (0:02:22.25)
Minami Shimada : Th-That's right! It's your fault for surprising us, Aki! (0:02:25.33)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Is anything weird going on with anyone else's beings? (0:02:28.71)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Let's check it out. (0:02:32.33)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Summon! (0:02:35.02)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Summon! (0:02:35.02)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Summon! (0:02:35.02)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : They... (0:02:47.60)
Yuuji Sakamoto : It seems they've taken the form of fictional creatures that reflect defining traits of their summoner. (0:02:48.89)
Yoshii Akihisa : I see. So mine turned into a knight because I'm so gallant and chivalrous- (0:02:53.15)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Akihisa, quit lying to yourself. (0:02:58.43)
Yoshii Akihisa : Or maybe the armor shows my masculinity, and the sword, my strength. (0:03:00.95)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Since he's got no head, it more likely reflects how mindless you are. (0:03:05.14)
Yoshii Akihisa : He said it! He revealed the truth I didn't want to face! (0:03:08.24)
Shin Fukuhara : At times, the truth can be cruel. (0:03:13.54)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Yuuji's being looks pretty much the same as him. (0:03:17.55)
Kouta Tsuchiya : A doppelganger? (0:03:20.67)
Yoshii Akihisa : What are you guys saying?! (0:03:22.22)
Yoshii Akihisa : This is demonic Sakamoto Yuuji! That ugly mug and bad attitude- (0:03:23.76)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Aim for the Olympics! (0:03:27.93)
Yoshii Akihisa : Nadeshiko Japan! (0:03:29.68)
Yoshii Akihisa : You kicked it! How dare you use my head as a soccer ball! (0:03:32.23)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Don't get so worked up, Akihisa! It's like that saying, right? (0:03:37.53)
Yuuji Sakamoto : "Your friend is the ball." (0:03:40.72)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wasn't it "The ball is your friend"?! (0:03:42.28)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Wow! (0:03:52.31)
Yuuji Sakamoto : A werewolf! (0:03:53.44)
Mizuki Himeji : B-But why did it transform without a full moon? (0:03:54.93)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Did it see something round? (0:03:58.95)
Yuuji Sakamoto : He really is the ball. (0:04:03.32)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Why don't you girls summon yours as well? (0:04:05.19)
Mizuki Himeji : I guess I will. Well then... (0:04:07.16)
Mizuki Himeji : Summoned Being: (0:04:09.74)
Mizuki Himeji : Summon! (0:04:13.84)
Mizuki Himeji : Please, don't look! (0:04:26.13)
Yuuji Sakamoto : It's pretty clear what your defining trait is. (0:04:28.70)
Mizuki Himeji : No! I know I'm curvaceous, (0:04:31.62)
Mizuki Himeji : but I never thought that... (0:04:35.67)
Yoshii Akihisa : Stop, Himeji! Or you'll crush the feelings of someone here with the opposite pro- (0:04:37.54)
Minami Shimada : Aki, just say what you like; I'm listening. (0:04:43.92)
Minami Shimada : But really, Mizuki, what did you expect with a figure like yours? (0:04:47.12)
Mizuki Himeji : Please don't say that, Minami! (0:04:53.43)
Minami Shimada : I'm sure mine will be just perfect. (0:04:55.38)
Minami Shimada : It'll be so cute, just you watch! (0:04:57.85)
Minami Shimada : Summon! (0:05:01.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : Not good, if I laugh now
she's going to kill me.
Minami Shimada : Hey, Aki... (0:05:23.05)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wh-What is it, Minami? (0:05:24.22)
Minami Shimada : Which of my traits do you think this being represents? (0:05:26.13)
Yoshii Akihisa : I-I'm not sure... (0:05:30.55)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'll just have to try and avoid saying anything about it being flat . (0:05:36.56)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh yeah! (0:05:41.52)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'd say that big wall is as sturdy as you are! (0:05:42.98)
Minami Shimada : Who are you calling "sturdy"?! (0:05:47.22)
Yoshii Akihisa : The truth is indeed cruel. (0:05:51.16)
Miharu Shimizu : Get off of my darling, you pig! (0:05:53.54)
Minami Shimada : M-Miharu... (0:05:57.74)
Miharu Shimizu : Repent for your sins, for drawing my darling's affections even though you're a lowly pig! (0:06:00.13)
Yoshii Akihisa : Ouch! (0:06:05.01)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Shut the hell up! (0:06:06.42)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Shut the hell up! (0:06:06.42)
Yoshii Akihisa : You guys are... (0:06:13.28)
Yoshii Akihisa : Who were you again? (0:06:17.70)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Ya tryin' to make fools of us?! (0:06:19.19)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : We're Tsunemura and Natsukawa of Class 3-A! (0:06:20.96)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Oh, it's just the Eversummer pair. (0:06:23.36)
Yoshii Akihisa : Eversummer? Sounds familiar... (0:06:25.51)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Don't ruin our entrance! (0:06:28.65)
Shin Fukuhara : The Eversummer pair first appeared in the Refresh Festi... (0:06:30.11)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : We can hear you dumbasses whining all the way over in the third-year classes. It's distracting us! (0:06:36.08)
Yuuji Sakamoto : That's such a load of bull. (0:06:40.79)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Huh? (0:06:42.66)
Yuuji Sakamoto : This is Class F on the third floor. (0:06:43.29)
Yuuji Sakamoto : It's on a different floor, and in a different block from your class! (0:06:46.23)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : It's hard to believe that you could hear us. (0:06:49.51)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You guys were probably sick of studying and just slacking off in the halls, (0:06:51.97)
Yuuji Sakamoto : then you got worked up from hearing Aki's dumb voice and wanted someone to take it out on, right? (0:06:55.48)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're making it sound like it's all my fault. (0:06:59.98)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Cut the crap! (0:07:02.40)
Shunpei Natsukawa : You guys are god damn annoying either way! (0:07:04.10)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Last time, you guys all got suspended for peeping! (0:07:06.73)
Shunpei Natsukawa : How are you gonna make it up to us if our admission chances are blown 'cause the school's rep nosedived? (0:07:10.82)
Yoshii Akihisa : You heard him, Yuuji. Apologize to them. (0:07:15.14)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Come on, Akihisa. Go ahead and apologize. (0:07:17.48)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : We want both of you to! (0:07:20.12)
Shunpei Natsukawa : We want both of you to! (0:07:20.12)
Yuuji Sakamoto : That's ridiculous. (0:07:21.79)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's ridiculous. (0:07:21.79)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Don't screw with me! (0:07:23.29)
Shunpei Natsukawa : We'll beat some backbone into you wimps! (0:07:24.21)
EXTRA : The math teacher is here, eh? (0:07:27.21)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Great! (0:07:28.70)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Summon! (0:07:29.55)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Summon! (0:07:29.55)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Go to hell! (0:07:35.39)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Go to hell! (0:07:35.39)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : What?! (0:07:40.73)
Shunpei Natsukawa : What?! (0:07:40.73)
Miharu Shimizu : I'm first in line to teach that pig a lesson! (0:07:42.10)
Miharu Shimizu : Don't get in my way! (0:07:45.40)
Toshimitsu Kubo : I don't care if you're my seniors; If you mess with Yoshii, you mess with me. (0:07:46.76)
Yoshii Akihisa : Shimizu! Wait, why is Kubo here? (0:07:52.03)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Both of their beings look similar. (0:07:54.39)
Kouta Tsuchiya : The Deities of the Lost. (0:07:56.08)
Kouta Tsuchiya : They try to ensnare those who have strayed from the path of humanity. (0:07:57.20)
Yuuji Sakamoto : How fitting. (0:08:01.21)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Damn it! (0:08:13.84)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Time to end this! (0:08:15.39)
Kaworu Toudou : That's enough. (0:08:18.81)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Principal?! (0:08:25.06)
Miharu Shimizu : Principal?! (0:08:25.06)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Principal?! (0:08:25.06)
Yoshii Akihisa : Principal?! (0:08:25.06)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Principal?! (0:08:25.06)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Principal?! (0:08:25.06)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Principal?! (0:08:25.06)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Principal?! (0:08:25.06)
Kaworu Toudou : Save your remaining points for the event I'm going to have you participate in. (0:08:28.98)
Yoshii Akihisa : Event? (0:08:32.82)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shouldn't returning the Summoned Beings back to normal have priority?! (0:08:34.18)
Yoshii Akihisa : This school's gonna wind up being like a giant haunted house. (0:08:37.37)
Kaworu Toudou : Oh really? That's not a bad idea for an idiot like you. (0:08:40.48)
Kaworu Toudou : I'm organizing an inter-year test of courage using your Summoned Beings! (0:08:44.21)
Kouta Tsuchiya : What?! A test of courage?! (0:08:48.38)
Shunpei Natsukawa : What?! A test of courage?! (0:08:48.38)
Yoshii Akihisa : What?! A test of courage?! (0:08:48.38)
Miharu Shimizu : What?! A test of courage?! (0:08:48.38)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : What?! A test of courage?! (0:08:48.38)
Toshimitsu Kubo : What?! A test of courage?! (0:08:48.38)
Yuuji Sakamoto : What?! A test of courage?! (0:08:48.38)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : What?! A test of courage?! (0:08:48.38)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I bet you just screwed up the examination system again. (0:08:50.30)
Kaworu Toudou : Great, I'm putting you in charge of the second-years. (0:08:53.22)
Kaworu Toudou : Now, will it be the second-years or the third-years playing the ghosts? (0:08:57.09)
Shunpei Natsukawa : We third-years will definitely take the role of scaring them. (0:09:02.39)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : We need to teach them a lesson. (0:09:05.02)
Kaworu Toudou : All right, the third-years will be the ghosts. (0:09:07.23)
Kaworu Toudou : The second-years will take up the challenge and take the test of courage. (0:09:09.86)
Shin Fukuhara : The rules for the Inter-year Test of Courage! Hooo... (0:09:13.69)
Shin Fukuhara : The challengers will enter the haunted house in pairs. (0:09:19.47)
Shin Fukuhara : If the challengers, whilst inside the haunted house, raise their voices or make sounds above a prescribed volume, (0:09:23.40)
Shin Fukuhara : they will be disqualified immediately. (0:09:28.74)
Shin Fukuhara : The challengers will engage in a Summoning Battle with the ghosts at each of the four checkpoints. (0:09:32.02)
Shin Fukuhara : By winning the battle, the challengers clear the checkpoint and move on to the next one. (0:09:38.18)
Shin Fukuhara : The challengers will win if they clear all four checkpoints. (0:09:43.87)
Shin Fukuhara : On the other hand, the ghosts win if all challengers are defeated. (0:09:48.60)
Shunpei Natsukawa : It's pretty dull to leave it at that. (0:09:53.61)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Let's decide on a penalty game in case you lose. (0:09:56.90)
Kaworu Toudou : Hold it! It's an official school event. Don't go making up your own rules! (0:10:00.12)
Shunpei Natsukawa : But it'll be boring- (0:10:04.66)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Don't be so disappointed, my seniors. (0:10:06.81)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Wait for us at the checkpoint and eventually you'll fight us one on one, right? (0:10:09.33)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Interesting. (0:10:16.50)
Shunpei Natsukawa : We'll beat the snot out of you! (0:10:17.42)
Yoshii Akihisa : What? Me? (0:10:22.47)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Okay, so you'll enter the haunted house in pairs. (0:10:36.40)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Since you'll be in pairs, try to match up with the opposite gender if possible. (0:10:40.06)
Aiko Kudou : But the guy would be disqualified along with the girl if she screams. (0:10:43.58)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I think that's fine. That'll just liven things up. (0:10:47.00)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Now, go ahead and pair up! (0:10:51.25)
Yoshii Akihisa : So what's really going on? (0:10:53.88)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I wanted everyone else to suffer with me. (0:10:56.88)
Shouko Kirishima : If you don't pair up with me... (0:11:02.09)
Shouko Kirishima : instant marriage. (0:11:05.21)
Minami Shimada : What's wrong, Mizuki? (0:11:09.70)
Mizuki Himeji : Oh, it's... well... (0:11:11.29)
Yoshii Akihisa : Himeji? (0:11:13.84)
Mizuki Himeji : I've always been very afraid of ghosts. (0:11:14.57)
Mizuki Himeji : I'm afraid I might drag you down by screaming right away. (0:11:18.51)
Yoshii Akihisa : Himeji, you don't have to force yourself if you're that scared. (0:11:26.64)
Minami Shimada : Y-Yeah! (0:11:30.00)
Minami Shimada : You don't have to! (0:11:31.87)
Minami Shimada : Everyone has things they can't... handle... well. (0:11:33.42)
Yoshii Akihisa : We'll do our best so you won't have to enter the haunted house. (0:11:38.05)
Mizuki Himeji : Thanks. (0:11:45.43)
Miharu Shimizu : Damn you, Yoshii Akihisa! (0:11:46.64)
Miharu Shimizu : I swear I'll send you straight to Hell! (0:11:48.81)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Shimizu. (0:11:51.89)
Miharu Shimizu : Wh-What is it? (0:11:53.84)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Will you pair up with me? (0:11:55.31)
Miharu Shimizu : Let's hear what you've got to say. (0:11:59.63)
Shin Fukuhara : Thus, the Inter-year Test of Courage began. (0:12:02.92)
Hiromi Nakabayashi : Wow, this is pretty well done. (0:12:12.00)
Tooru Kurosaki : They're still just props, aren't they? (0:12:14.33)
Tooru Kurosaki : Their scare tactics are at most just- (0:12:17.69)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Disqualified. (0:12:30.27)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : The third-years are going all out for this. (0:12:41.49)
Yuuji Sakamoto : This is going to be tougher than I thought. (0:12:44.01)
EXTRA : Damn! Why did I have to get paired with a guy? (0:12:46.51)
EXTRA : You're unpopular, that's why. (0:12:50.37)
EXTRA : What did you say? You're the one who got rejected by all 22 girls you approached! (0:12:52.31)
EXTRA : I wasn't rejected! It was just a matter of bad timing! (0:12:57.40)
EXTRA : Same here! It's not that I'm unpopular! (0:13:01.30)
EXTRA : Me neither ! I'm not unpopular at all! (0:13:04.47)
EXTRA : Me neither! (0:13:05.95)
EXTRA : Me neither! (0:13:06.45)
EXTRA : Me neither! (0:13:07.13)
EXTRA : Me neither! (0:13:07.74)
EXTRA : Me neither! I haven't tried my best yet! (0:13:08.09)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Disqualified. (0:13:10.81)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Good. This is sure to 1-hit KO those dimwits. (0:13:12.14)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Really? (0:13:16.40)
Shunpei Natsukawa : All right, let's show them a whole new level of terror. (0:13:18.41)
Genji Hiraga : M-Mikami! (0:13:30.74)
Genji Hiraga : Are you all right? (0:13:33.12)
Yoshiko Mikami : Th-Thank you. (0:13:37.09)
Minami Shimada : Hey, something strange flashed past just now. (0:13:42.96)
Minami Shimada : Something strange? (0:13:46.74)
Genji Hiraga : Don't worry. I will protect you, Mikami. (0:13:58.15)
Genji Hiraga : These childish props can't harm- (0:14:07.99)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Th-That bastard's really done it! (0:14:17.75)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's cheap! Not only is that cheap, but he looks cheap! (0:14:20.42)
Mizuki Himeji : It's so scary! (0:14:25.17)
Minami Shimada : I won't be able to sleep tonight. (0:14:27.45)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Damn. (0:14:35.47)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Our assault forces have been obliterated. (0:14:36.49)
Yoshii Akihisa : Damn! They all... (0:14:38.85)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : What should we do? Is there a way to defeat this abomination?! (0:14:40.56)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Leave that to me. (0:14:44.27)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Voyeur! (0:14:47.03)
Aiko Kudou : I'll go with you, Voyeur. (0:14:48.82)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I'll show them what true terror is. (0:14:52.99)
Shunpei Natsukawa : There they are! (0:15:03.44)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Here I go... (0:15:07.30)
Shunpei Natsukawa : What the hell did I just see- (0:15:26.96)
Aiko Kudou : Hey there! Smile for the camera! (0:15:30.49)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I'll upload these to the Internet. (0:15:34.88)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Damn you guys! (0:15:39.14)
Shunpei Natsukawa : I'll get you for this! (0:15:40.50)
Aiko Kudou : Bye bye! (0:15:43.17)
EXTRA : You're finally here. (0:15:48.00)
EXTRA : Let's get started. (0:15:52.94)
EXTRA : Summon! (0:15:54.85)
Aiko Kudou : Voyeur, their Summoned Beings look powerful. (0:16:00.18)
Kouta Tsuchiya : They do, but... (0:16:04.42)
Aiko Kudou : Summon! (0:16:06.44)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Summon! (0:16:11.86)
Kouta Tsuchiya : You guys are no match for us. (0:16:20.43)
Minami Shimada : Yes! (0:16:27.75)
Mizuki Himeji : You two are incredible! (0:16:28.84)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yuuji, what just happened? (0:16:30.42)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I didn't manage to see it clearly, (0:16:32.59)
Yuuji Sakamoto : but the Faceless Demon stripped, thrashed them, and put her Yukata back on all in a split second. (0:16:35.47)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Why did she strip? (0:16:40.77)
Yuuji Sakamoto : In that moment, Voyeur suffered massive blood loss, stopped the blood flow, and completed a transfusion. (0:16:42.68)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's Voyeur for you! They're gonna defeat all of them at this rate! (0:16:47.61)
Yuuji Sakamoto : No. (0:16:51.90)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm sure they'll have a counterattack. (0:16:52.65)
Aiko Kudou : We'll reach the next checkpoint soon. (0:16:55.95)
Aiko Kudou : What's wrong? (0:17:00.41)
Aoi Kogure : Welcome, little ones. (0:17:05.25)
Aoi Kogure : I am Kogure Aoi of Class 3-A's Tea Ceremony Club. (0:17:07.58)
Aiko Kudou : Are you okay, Voyeur? (0:17:16.28)
Kouta Tsuchiya : This is nothing! (0:17:18.24)
Aoi Kogure : How adorable. (0:17:21.11)
Aoi Kogure : However, I'm also wearing the clothing of another club. (0:17:22.79)
Aiko Kudou : Another club?! (0:17:26.98)
Aoi Kogure : Actually, I also... (0:17:28.77)
Aoi Kogure : am a member of... (0:17:31.82)
Aoi Kogure : the gymnastics club! (0:17:36.15)
Aiko Kudou : Voyeur! (0:17:42.66)
Aiko Kudou : I can't... I can't stop the bleeding! (0:17:46.31)
EXTRA : We'll save him! (0:17:49.00)
EXTRA : Gymnastics club! Gymnastics club! Gymnastics club! (0:17:51.42)
Yoshii Akihisa : This is bad! We need to get there fast with a camera! (0:17:55.59)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Sorry, Akihisa. I couldn't really see what happened just now. (0:18:00.51)
Shouko Kirishima : The stimulation would be too much for Yuuji. (0:18:04.43)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I kinda understand the situation. (0:18:07.31)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I've got something to counter that! (0:18:10.00)
Yuuko Kinoshita : This is such a drag. I don't really like this sort of thing. (0:18:14.11)
Aoi Kogure : My, a pair of girls, eh? (0:18:19.03)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sex appeal won't work on them! (0:18:23.08)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yeah! And that sis of his is from Class A, too! (0:18:26.02)
Aoi Kogure : Fights are not really my cup of tea. (0:18:30.06)
Aoi Kogure : So... (0:18:33.60)
Aoi Kogure : I'll leave the rest to you! (0:18:34.21)
EXTRA : Got it! (0:18:36.45)
EXTRA : Summon! (0:18:37.26)
Yuuko Kinoshita : It may look horrendous, but with that score... (0:18:42.89)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Summon! (0:18:46.10)
Yuuko Kinoshita : Summon! (0:18:47.33)
Yuuko Kinoshita : Why do you get a cat-eared being while I get a normal cat?! (0:18:52.66)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Because you're always so catty. (0:18:56.01)
Yuuko Kinoshita : WHAT did you say? (0:18:59.32)
EXTRA : An opening! (0:19:02.24)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Sis! (0:19:09.16)
Yuuko Kinoshita : You needn't worry; I'm not that weak. (0:19:10.19)
Yuuko Kinoshita : I also... (0:19:16.80)
Yuuko Kinoshita : really hate bugs. (0:19:20.76)
Yuuko Kinoshita : That was easy. Let's move on. (0:19:26.57)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Understood. (0:19:28.88)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Hold on, Kinoshita Hideyoshi. (0:19:29.85)
Yoshii Akihisa : Who's that? (0:19:35.67)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Kinoshita Hideyoshi, I've been waiting for you. (0:19:37.15)
Yuuko Kinoshita : I don't know what business you have with him, but finish it quick. (0:19:41.36)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : I'll just get to the point. (0:19:45.08)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : What... do you want? (0:19:46.74)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Kinoshita Hideyoshi, I'm really... (0:19:49.16)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : truly... (0:19:56.25)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : love with you! (0:19:58.51)
Yoshii Akihisa : That was the first time in my life... (0:20:10.24)
Yoshii Akihisa : that I heard Hideyoshi scream. (0:20:13.59)
EXTRA : Everyone's Songs! (0:21:49.99)
EXTRA : "The Sun and the Sunflower." (0:21:52.23)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Before I knew it, I was always chasing after you. (0:21:55.36)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : When I think about it, I was always yearning for your smile. (0:22:01.69)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : I don't know how to express my feelings with words, (0:22:05.42)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : but I still want to tell you how I feel. (0:22:07.80)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : I love you, Kinoshita! Everything about you! (0:22:10.85)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : I love you from the bottom of my heart! (0:22:15.21)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : S-Sorry. I screamed like a little girl. (0:22:17.89)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Don't worry about that, Hideyoshi. (0:22:23.78)
Yoshii Akihisa : Exactly. It'd be worse not to scream in that situation. (0:22:25.39)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I can't believe he'd actually write and recite a poem for this. (0:22:30.97)
Yoshii Akihisa : It blew me away too. (0:22:37.80)
Yuuji Sakamoto : It's time we do something about this. (0:22:41.75)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Hey! You losers watching this? (0:22:48.84)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Damn them! (0:22:53.47)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Come get us if you can! (0:22:55.01)
Shunpei Natsukawa : Hey, say something too, Tsunemura. (0:22:58.58)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Kinoshita, I- (0:23:02.66)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Yoshii! Sakamoto! You're watching this, right?! (0:23:12.67)
Shunpei Natsukawa : How long are you gonna make us wait?! Get your asses over here! (0:23:17.29)
Yuusaku Tsunemura : Try to make it fun for us, okay?! (0:23:19.86)
Yoshii Akihisa : Damn them! (0:23:26.21)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Those bastards! (0:23:27.63)
Yuuji Sakamoto : They're on! (0:23:29.41)
Shin Fukuhara : Question 13: Review the questions we've done until now and comment on how you feel about your answers. (0:23:34.97)
Yoshii Akihisa : I always get my name right! (0:23:42.55)
Shin Fukuhara : It'd be harder to get it wrong. (0:23:44.13)
Yoshii Akihisa : Next episode: Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beings! (0:23:46.07)
Shin Fukuhara : This will be on your test. (0:23:48.38)

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