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Yoshii Akihisa : Huh? Where am I? (0:00:07.98)
Yoshii Akihisa : Am I... (0:00:15.36)
Yoshii Akihisa : at the River Styx? (0:00:17.02)
EXTRA : Come here! Come here! (0:00:19.29)
EXTRA : It's great over here! (0:00:22.86)
EXTRA : You can have so much fun! (0:00:25.64)
Yuuji Sakamoto : No need to be afraid, Akihisa. (0:00:29.13)
Yuuji Sakamoto : This place is packed with fun! (0:00:31.85)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yuuji? Why are you over there? (0:00:34.26)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Relax, Akihisa. (0:00:36.80)
Yuuji Sakamoto : As you can see, I'm doing just fine. (0:00:38.81)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You don't have to worry. (0:00:40.76)
Yuuji Sakamoto : So just... (0:00:43.25)
Yuuji Sakamoto : come over here! (0:00:45.47)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wh-Where... (0:02:26.63)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I can't really remember much, (0:02:27.96)
Yuuji Sakamoto : but I feel like I've been to Hell and back. (0:02:29.54)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : We really thought you guys were goners
when you started murmuring in your sleep.
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm amazed we're alive. (0:02:36.09)
Shin Fukuhara : Akihisa and Yuuji tried to vindicate themselves by picking up chicks. (0:02:41.43)
Shin Fukuhara : The girls found out about it and punished them. (0:02:44.93)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Really though, they sure went to town on you two. (0:02:48.36)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I can't believe the all the things they did to you. (0:02:51.79)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm not surprised. (0:02:55.48)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yeah, we were pretty out of line. (0:02:57.41)
Kouta Tsuchiya : It's pretty rude to flirt with other girls
when you're already with a bunch of them.
Yoshii Akihisa : I still think we got off pretty easy, right? (0:03:06.55)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Most people wouldn't call having
a near-death experience "easy".
Yuuji Sakamoto : I doubt that's all they had planned;
there might be more coming.
Yoshii Akihisa : What should we do, Yuuji? Run? (0:03:17.70)
Minami Shimada : Run from what? (0:03:19.34)
Mizuki Himeji : Tada! (0:03:28.34)
Minami Shimada : Tada! (0:03:28.34)
Shouko Kirishima : Tada! (0:03:28.34)
Aiko Kudou : Tada! (0:03:28.34)
Akira Yoshii : Tada! (0:03:28.34)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Oh, you've all changed into your yukatas! (0:03:33.23)
Akira Yoshii : Yes, it's for the festival! (0:03:36.59)
Mizuki Himeji : What do you think, Akihisa? (0:03:42.74)
Yoshii Akihisa : Y-Yeah, it looks good on you. (0:03:44.82)
Minami Shimada : I think this is my first time wearing a yukata. (0:03:47.20)
Mizuki Himeji : Oh yeah, you did grow up overseas after all! (0:03:50.15)
Minami Shimada : Wh-What? (0:03:58.90)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, uhh... it's nothing. (0:04:02.60)
Aiko Kudou : Were you enamored with Minami just now? (0:04:05.37)
Aiko Kudou : She's especially cute in a yukata, isn't she? (0:04:07.92)
Yoshii Akihisa : What are you— (0:04:10.27)
Aiko Kudou : Kimonos are great because they flatter even a modest bust. (0:04:11.39)
Yoshii Akihisa : I don't really get what you mean. (0:04:16.03)
Aiko Kudou : Jeez, if you don't understand; then let me teach you. (0:04:17.69)
Aiko Kudou : Watch this. (0:04:21.53)
Aiko Kudou : Flap. (0:04:24.28)
Aiko Kudou : You see that? His reaction was much quicker than usual! (0:04:27.41)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : What's wrong?! Pull yourself together, Voyeur! (0:04:31.75)
Kouta Tsuchiya : This isn't at all bad. (0:04:37.00)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji. (0:04:43.59)
Shouko Kirishima : How does my yukata look? (0:04:46.51)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Pretty good, I guess. (0:04:48.97)
Shouko Kirishima : Then... will you... marry me? (0:04:51.87)
Yuuji Sakamoto : No way. (0:04:55.56)
Shouko Kirishima : Then, would you like to get engaged? (0:04:56.48)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Not in the least. (0:05:00.19)
Shouko Kirishima : Then, Yuuji— (0:05:01.46)
Yuuji Sakamoto : No thanks! (0:05:03.03)
Shouko Kirishima : —want to stay alive? (0:05:04.96)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shouko, you're so damn cute! (0:05:07.62)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji, you really should be honest like that more often. (0:05:10.73)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I was threatened! (0:05:13.11)
Shouko Kirishima : Mother said that all was fair in love and war. (0:05:15.02)
Yoshii Akihisa : What's going on with the girls? (0:05:20.50)
Yoshii Akihisa : I thought they'd all be angry. (0:05:24.81)
Akira Yoshii : Well then, everyone; (0:05:29.26)
Akira Yoshii : let's head out to the festival! (0:05:31.61)
Mizuki Himeji : Let's go, Akira! (0:05:35.56)
Mizuki Himeji : We don't want to be late. (0:05:38.02)
Minami Shimada : This is only my second ever Japanese festival. I'm so excited! (0:05:40.52)
Shouko Kirishima : It'd be bad if we're late. (0:05:45.03)
Aiko Kudou : Let's get going! (0:05:48.28)
Yoshii Akihisa : S-Sure. (0:05:50.01)
Mizuki Himeji : It's pretty lively! (0:05:56.98)
Minami Shimada : It all looks so fun! (0:05:58.48)
Akira Yoshii : Oh, they have doner kebabs. (0:05:59.88)
Yoshii Akihisa : They look delicious! (0:06:02.39)
Akira Yoshii : Don't they? Let's try one. (0:06:03.87)
Akira Yoshii : As part of your punishment, they're your treat! (0:06:07.51)
Yoshii Akihisa : I shouldn't have said anything. (0:06:14.96)
Akira Yoshii : Do you want one, Aki? (0:06:17.49)
Akira Yoshii : I'll go get it. (0:06:19.41)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sure, I don't min— (0:06:20.76)
Yoshii Akihisa : What?! You're treating me? (0:06:23.53)
Akira Yoshii : Is something the matter? (0:06:26.65)
Yoshii Akihisa : No! Not really... (0:06:28.40)
Yoshii Akihisa : But why? (0:06:33.03)
Yoshii Akihisa : I don't think she's forgiven me yet. (0:06:34.12)
Akira Yoshii : Why don't you just split it with me? (0:06:38.44)
Akira Yoshii : I'd like to try some other stuff as well. (0:06:42.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sure, you go ahead first. (0:06:45.64)
Akira Yoshii : Oh, you don't mind? All right then— (0:06:49.14)
Akira Yoshii : It seems the Japanese ones don't use lamb. (0:06:53.41)
Akira Yoshii : Here, Aki, you try it! (0:06:56.53)
Yoshii Akihisa : Man it's good! (0:07:02.12)
Akira Yoshii : Oh, Aki? (0:07:03.65)
Akira Yoshii : You've got sauce on your cheek. (0:07:06.16)
Yoshii Akihisa : Th-Thanks, Sis. (0:07:09.94)
Mizuki Himeji : Akihisa, I bought some takoyaki. Would you like one? (0:07:13.16)
Yoshii Akihisa : Thanks, Himeji. I'll take one. (0:07:17.75)
Mizuki Himeji : Here! (0:07:22.25)
Mizuki Himeji : Open up! (0:07:23.58)
Mizuki Himeji : Is something wrong, Akihisa? (0:07:25.63)
Yoshii Akihisa : No, it's nothing. (0:07:29.63)
Mizuki Himeji : Then, open up! (0:07:32.79)
Yoshii Akihisa : The hot, sticky filling and chewy octopus is just— (0:07:38.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : This isn't what you think, Sis!
I'm not doing anything improper!
Akira Yoshii : What's the matter, Aki? (0:07:47.80)
Mizuki Himeji : It didn't taste good? (0:07:50.49)
Minami Shimada : Are you being an idiot again, Aki? (0:07:53.65)
Minami Shimada : Don't get too worked up just because it's a festival. (0:07:56.62)
Minami Shimada : You're such a child! (0:07:59.03)
Yoshii Akihisa : You say that, but you're pretty
excited as well, Minami!
Minami Shimada : Th-They gave me these as a bonus! (0:08:03.89)
Mizuki Himeji : You've been in Germany for a long time. It's okay to get carried away! (0:08:06.65)
Minami Shimada : Oh, right! Want to try some cotton candy? It's delicious! (0:08:10.76)
Yoshii Akihisa : S-Sure... (0:08:20.88)
Minami Shimada : Here, open up! (0:08:22.27)
Minami Shimada : Is it good? (0:08:26.26)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yeah, it's great. (0:08:27.59)
Minami Shimada : I'm glad to hear it. (0:08:29.74)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji. (0:08:32.24)
Shouko Kirishima : Would you like some yakisoba? (0:08:33.95)
Yuuji Sakamoto : S-Sure, that'd be great. (0:08:35.05)
Shouko Kirishima : I have okonomiyaki too. (0:08:37.62)
Yuuji Sakamoto : That's very nice of you. (0:08:39.33)
Shouko Kirishima : Here's some ramune. (0:08:41.66)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Th-Thanks! (0:08:43.00)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm glad to see Yuuji's been forgiven too. (0:08:44.79)
Yoshii Akihisa : It is a festival after all! We just want to get along and enjoy ourselves! (0:08:48.38)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Akihisa! (0:08:52.30)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : There are dyed chicklets over there! (0:08:54.18)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I thought they'd become extinct! (0:08:56.80)
Yoshii Akihisa : No, the colors are just painted on. (0:08:59.10)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Oh, they aren't a separate breed? (0:09:02.06)
Aiko Kudou : Of course not! Right, Voyeur? (0:09:07.01)
EXTRA : I'll stain you with my color! (0:09:17.91)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Th-That's common sense. (0:09:21.60)
Akira Yoshii : Aki, are you enjoying the festival? (0:09:23.87)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yep! (0:09:26.67)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji, is it fun? (0:09:27.88)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Y-Yeah. (0:09:30.04)
Mizuki Himeji : Oh, Akihisa, this looks like a fun event! (0:09:31.84)
Yoshii Akihisa : The First Annual Miss Yukata Beauty Pageant, huh? (0:09:36.93)
Yuuji Sakamoto : A beauty contest? (0:09:40.74)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : That looks fun! (0:09:42.05)
Kouta Tsuchiya : A photo op. (0:09:43.59)
Minami Shimada : Why don't we all go? (0:09:45.62)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yeah, how about everyone participates? (0:09:46.89)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh! I'm not trying to force anyone. (0:09:51.18)
Yoshii Akihisa : I just thought we could make
some lasting summer memories.
Mizuki Himeji : Sounds good. (0:09:58.61)
Yoshii Akihisa : Really? (0:09:59.78)
Minami Shimada : We should participate! (0:10:00.95)
Shouko Kirishima : I'm sure it'll be memorable. (0:10:03.58)
Akira Yoshii : Sure, let's participate! (0:10:06.08)
Akira Yoshii : All of us, that is. (0:10:09.68)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Run! (0:10:11.75)
Minami Shimada : Where are you going, Aki? (0:10:22.01)
Shouko Kirishima : We're all going to participate in the contest. (0:10:25.05)
Yoshii Akihisa : I-I don't understand what you're talking about! (0:10:27.94)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yeah, we don't get it! (0:10:31.81)
Shouko Kirishima : You were hitting on girls. (0:10:34.90)
Mizuki Himeji : Don't tell me you thought... (0:10:37.07)
Minami Shimada : ...we'd let you off the hook that easy! (0:10:39.33)
Aiko Kudou : It's all right! I brought a makeup kit with me! (0:10:43.77)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hold on! I don't have the figure for cross-dressing! (0:10:48.12)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Please, just make-do with Akihisa! (0:10:51.23)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're only trying to save yourself! You traitor! (0:10:54.52)
Shouko Kirishima : It's time for the both of you to give up. (0:10:58.01)
Minami Shimada : Look at Tsuchiya, he's taking it like a real man! (0:11:01.07)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're so cruel, Hideyoshi! (0:11:06.35)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Sorry, I couldn't do it half-heartedly. (0:11:11.23)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Makeup is a useful skill in theater after all. (0:11:14.65)
Yoshii Akihisa : Even still, you didn't have to go all out. (0:11:18.65)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Shame. (0:11:23.43)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I'm Tsuchiya Koumi? This is just... (0:11:25.58)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Voyeur, you're still doing better than me; (0:11:29.96)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm supposed to be a girl and a foreigner! (0:11:32.88)
Yoshii Akihisa : A foreign athlete certainly could have a body like Yuuji's. (0:11:36.86)
Mizuki Himeji : All three of you look really nice! (0:11:42.94)
Minami Shimada : Yeah, you guys look super cute! (0:11:45.51)
Akira Yoshii : Aki, I'm so happy you've become such a beautiful child! (0:11:47.72)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's not something you say to your little brother . (0:11:52.10)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji, you need more sex appeal. (0:11:57.57)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You dressed me like this! So don't complain! (0:11:59.34)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : By the way, (0:12:01.15)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : why am I participating as well? (0:12:03.76)
Shin Fukuhara : That's just standard practice. (0:12:06.62)
EXTRA : The First Annual Miss Yukata
Beauty Pageant will now begin!
EXTRA : Our sponsor, Mr Obata, will the the judge for tonight! (0:12:28.60)
EXTRA : Please say a few words about tonight's event. (0:12:32.12)
EXTRA : I'm looking forward to seeing this summer's new beauties. (0:12:34.56)
Mizuki Himeji : Do your best out there! (0:12:40.33)
Minami Shimada : Don't worry! They'll never know! (0:12:43.76)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji, you can win if you believe in yourself. (0:12:46.58)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Like hell I could! (0:12:49.61)
Aiko Kudou : I'll be making a full record of your cuteness! (0:12:51.81)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Dammit! (0:12:56.04)
Yoshii Akihisa : What should we do, Yuuji? (0:12:59.34)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Let's just lose quickly and get out of these clothes! (0:13:01.18)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait, why don't we just reveal ourselves? (0:13:03.80)
Kouta Tsuchiya : That won't work. (0:13:05.88)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : There might be someone in the audience who knows us. (0:13:07.09)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yeah, if we try that we'll not only be cross-dressing freaks; (0:13:11.86)
Yuuji Sakamoto : but ones that are bold enough to
take part in a contest like this!
Yoshii Akihisa : I'll lose all my credibility if that happens! (0:13:21.71)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : You lost that long ago. (0:13:26.08)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Listen, the only way out of this predicament is to lose this contest fair and square! (0:13:28.32)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Our manhood's on the line here! (0:13:39.92)
EXTRA : All right, entry no. 1, please step on to the stage! (0:13:47.78)
Yoshii Akihisa : What now? (0:13:57.07)
EXTRA : Please tell us your name. (0:13:59.35)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'll hide my face and answer timidly. (0:14:01.24)
Yoshii Akihisa : My name is.... Yoshii Akiko. (0:14:05.62)
EXTRA : Oh, you're quite the shy one. (0:14:08.36)
EXTRA : That elegant look of hers is quite adorable. (0:14:12.52)
EXTRA : She'll score well. (0:14:14.82)
Yoshii Akihisa : Why?! (0:14:16.20)
EXTRA : What kind of things are you good at? (0:14:17.12)
Yoshii Akihisa : If I just lie flat out here, I might get called
out when the audience asks me questions.
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm good at cooking things such as: carbonara and paella. (0:14:23.42)
EXTRA : Do you cook at home? (0:14:28.50)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yes, I do. Everyday. (0:14:30.23)
EXTRA : That's quite rare for a girl nowadays. (0:14:32.97)
EXTRA : Do you have a boyfriend? (0:14:36.02)
Yoshii Akihisa : I don't! (0:14:38.31)
EXTRA : That's a good news for the guys out here. (0:14:40.23)
EXTRA : Any comments, Mr. Obata? (0:14:42.90)
EXTRA : I'll give you some "pocket money" if
you give me your cell phone number! {ok, slight awk, by pocket money he means the kind of young girls who prostitutes themselves and the ojiisan will pay them 'pocket money'}
EXTRA : If you weren't the sponsor, I'm quite sure you'd have been dealt with by now. (0:14:49.65)
EXTRA : So, what precautions do you take when putting on your yukata? (0:14:53.37)
Yoshii Akihisa : I try not to show off my curves. (0:14:57.45)
EXTRA : I see, any comments on that, Mr. Obata? (0:15:01.45)
EXTRA : I would like to know if you're wearing any underwear! (0:15:07.17)
Yoshii Akihisa : Underwear?! Like panties and bras?! (0:15:10.98)
Yoshii Akihisa : Of course I'm not! (0:15:13.51)
EXTRA : Thank you for that shocking answer. (0:15:19.56)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Nice high score. (0:15:28.42)
Yoshii Akihisa : Damn it! (0:15:30.67)
EXTRA : Please tell us your name. (0:15:34.72)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I am Tsuchiya Koumi. (0:15:37.24)
EXTRA : Did you swim today? (0:15:40.24)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Yes. (0:15:41.58)
EXTRA : Do you always wear a yukata? (0:15:42.75)
Kouta Tsuchiya : No. (0:15:45.21)
EXTRA : Did you come here with your friends? (0:15:46.79)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Yes. (0:15:48.76)
EXTRA : Are they here? (0:15:50.34)
Kouta Tsuchiya : No. (0:15:52.09)
EXTRA : Other than yukatas, what sort of clothes do you like? (0:15:55.39)
Kouta Tsuchiya : China dress', kimonos, leotards, lady suits, sailor suits,
school uniforms, sports wear, race queen, cheerleader,
nurse, stewardess, waitress, policewoman, shrine maiden,
maid outfits, and similar clothes— I'm sorry, forget that.
EXTRA : A shocking revelation by Koumi indeed. (0:16:14.66)
EXTRA : Allthough she looks collected on the
outside, she's quite the avid cosplayer.
Kouta Tsuchiya : P-Please forget what I said! (0:16:21.04)
Kouta Tsuchiya : O-Oh no... (0:16:25.93)
EXTRA : Take a look at this huge response! (0:16:27.84)
EXTRA : She might just win the contest! (0:16:29.82)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Ugh.. it'd bother me... (0:16:32.55)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Nice own-goal! (0:16:40.93)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Why did I blurt that out? (0:16:43.29)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hong Shuu Ri here, nice to meet ya! (0:16:47.02)
EXTRA : Hmm, another tall contestant? (0:16:51.65)
EXTRA : What do you think, Mr. Obata? (0:16:54.84)
EXTRA : Wonderful, I love tall girls! (0:16:56.29)
Yuuji Sakamoto : WHAT?! (0:17:00.83)
EXTRA : The judge has given high praise for this contestant! (0:17:02.45)
EXTRA : Are further questions— (0:17:05.37)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:17:06.61)
EXTRA : Why don't we go for a honeymoon in Cambodia? (0:17:07.38)
Yuuji Sakamoto : My nationality would cause trouble! (0:17:10.71)
EXTRA : It'll be fine as long as there's love, "my honey". (0:17:14.94)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I ain't your honey! (0:17:18.39)
EXTRA : You'll come to love me! (0:17:20.70)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I totally hate you! (0:17:23.02)
EXTRA : I don't mind starting out as friends! (0:17:26.19)
EXTRA : I'll treasure you forever! (0:17:28.75)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shut up man or I'll pound you! (0:17:32.36)
EXTRA : I'll gladly accept anything! (0:17:34.69)
Shouko Kirishima : I won't forgive two-timing. (0:17:39.70)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shouko?! (0:17:41.95)
Yuuji Sakamoto : How did it turn out like this?! (0:17:43.54)
Kouta Tsuchiya : That was a scarring experience. (0:17:53.67)
Yuuji Sakamoto : This is an unforgettable summer in so many ways. (0:17:55.71)
Yoshii Akihisa : Now I can never marry. (0:17:58.40)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Good thing the contest was forced to stop. (0:18:00.53)
Aiko Kudou : Too bad for the contestants though. (0:18:03.30)
Mizuki Himeji : We went a little overboard. (0:18:05.73)
Minami Shimada : Should we leave it at that? (0:18:07.85)
Shouko Kirishima : Considering what they went through. (0:18:09.77)
Akira Yoshii : It seems they've reflected on their
mistakes; so let's forgive them.
Aiko Kudou : I wonder who would've won if the contest had gone on. (0:18:17.95)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hmm, Hideyoshi would've made a fine winner. (0:18:22.08)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Do you really think it would be "fine" for a man to win? (0:18:25.29)
Aiko Kudou : Voyeur was pretty cute in that yukata. (0:18:30.04)
Aiko Kudou : What do you think, Ms. Akihisa? (0:18:33.69)
Akira Yoshii : Let me see, (0:18:35.26)
Akira Yoshii : I'm used to Aki's crossdressing; so seeing the others do it is quite refreshing. (0:18:36.58)
Yoshii Akihisa : Stop right there! (0:18:41.72)
Yoshii Akihisa : I don't crossdress! (0:18:43.31)
Akira Yoshii : What do you mean, Aki? (0:18:45.10)
Akira Yoshii : You were sleeping with a skirt on yesterday. (0:18:48.19)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait! What have you been doing to me in my sleep?! (0:18:52.77)
Akira Yoshii : Don't worry, half of it was a lie. (0:18:56.02)
Yoshii Akihisa : Lie? (0:18:59.24)
Yoshii Akihisa : How can half of it be a lie?! (0:19:00.30)
Akira Yoshii : Because you only wore it up to your knees. (0:19:03.95)
Yoshii Akihisa : So I was half-dressed?! (0:19:06.62)
Akira Yoshii : No, in doujin terms, you were half-naked.{i took the liberty to put doujin here, though imma not sure if that's actually a doujin term}{you're half-naked. It seems to be a term, hannugi, google that out if you ne (0:19:08.04)
Yoshii Akihisa : Half-naked?! (0:19:11.68)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Ok guys, it's done! (0:19:12.83)
Mizuki Himeji : Let's eat! (0:19:16.09)
Mizuki Himeji : It's delicious! (0:19:18.55)
Minami Shimada : Sakamoto's really good at this. (0:19:20.21)
Shouko Kirishima : I'm so proud of my husband. (0:19:22.90)
Mizuki Himeji : I wanted to help out, but Akihisa wouldn't let me even
though I told him I wouldn't hurt anybody with the knives.
Yoshii Akihisa : That's not it Himeji. The problem is your ability to kill without them. (0:19:32.19)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Her food is lethal. (0:19:38.34)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Killer food indeed. (0:19:40.64)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We can't let her make something so deadly. (0:19:42.12)
Minami Shimada : Why don't us girls have a cooking competition? (0:19:44.87)
Minami Shimada : The guys can be the judges. (0:19:48.94)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Don't give her a chance! (0:19:50.12)
Yoshii Akihisa : Don't give her a chance! (0:19:50.12)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Don't give her a chance! (0:19:50.12)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Don't give her a chance! (0:19:50.12)
Mizuki Himeji : How would the competition be decided? (0:19:52.04)
Yoshii Akihisa : By techinical knockout. (0:19:58.30)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : That was quite a feast. (0:20:05.82)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm not quite full yet though. (0:20:09.67)
Yoshii Akihisa : We ran out of food already. (0:20:11.56)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Oh well, we'll just need to get something fresh. (0:20:13.44)
Yoshii Akihisa : Something fresh? (0:20:16.19)
Yuuji Sakamoto : The sea is right in front of you!
Fresh clams taste great grilled.
Yoshii Akihisa : You're right! (0:20:21.86)
Mizuki Himeji : Now that you mention it... (0:20:25.07)
Mizuki Himeji : I made a madeleine cake at home. (0:20:29.16)
Yoshii Akihisa : Let's go get those clams, Yuuji! (0:20:33.21)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yeah, let's get enough to last us the whole night!{lit let's get enough for us to eat that we wont be able to eat anything else} (0:20:35.84)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : The night sea looks quite enticing, right Voyeur? (0:20:40.57)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Clams are my favorite! (0:20:43.68)
Minami Shimada : What's up with them? (0:20:45.64)
Mizuki Himeji : God only knows. (0:20:47.80)
Aiko Kudou : So, what happened to the madeleine? (0:20:48.56)
Mizuki Himeji : Well I made it, but I left it on
the table and forgot to bring it.
Akira Yoshii : That's too bad. (0:20:56.40)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm too young to die! (0:21:00.89)
Minami Shimada : Jeez, they're sleeping like kids as soon as we hit the road. (0:22:38.58)
Shouko Kirishima : Guys will always be children at heart. (0:22:41.88)
Aiko Kudou : Look at those innocent sleeping faces. (0:22:44.78)
Mizuki Himeji : How cute! (0:22:47.94)
Akira Yoshii : They must be exhausted from fooling around like that. (0:22:49.13)
Akira Yoshii : I'm glad they had a lot of fun. (0:22:52.22)
Minami Shimada : I'm still surprised they fell asleep so quickly. (0:22:54.06)
Shouko Kirishima : They were staggering before they got in the van. (0:22:57.66)
Aiko Kudou : They ate so much for breakfast; it must've made them sleepy. (0:22:59.94)
Mizuki Himeji : They must've been starving. (0:23:04.48)
Minami Shimada : You don't say! They didn't even leave anything for us! (0:23:07.03)
Akira Yoshii : It's really a shame, Mizuki. (0:23:10.96)
Mizuki Himeji : Yeah, (0:23:13.58)
Mizuki Himeji : I didn't get to ask them if they liked the breakfast I made. (0:23:17.18)
Yoshii Akihisa : Come, join us! (0:23:27.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : It's great over here! (0:23:30.42)
Shin Fukuhara : Question 3: Give some examples of items that are forbidden in school. (0:23:35.09)
Yoshii Akihisa : Do snacks count as bananas? (0:23:39.31)
Shin Fukuhara : Are you bananas? {Ok, this is hard, I believe there's a pun here, (sonna bakana! [which i guess can take the meaning of WTF?! Ridiculous! etcetc] ::301 sonna banana!) anyway, the lit tl is something like ::301 [banana pun here]... would that be enough to s (0:23:41.38)
Yoshii Akihisa : Next episode, "Me, That Girl, and the Stuffed Doll!" (0:23:44.30)
Shin Fukuhara : This will be on your test. (0:23:46.40)

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