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Shin Fukuhara : Fumizuki Academy's Academic Training Camp: Day 2, Class A- (0:00:01.04)
Shin Fukuhara : Ehh?! (0:00:04.38)
Shin Fukuhara : It's a joint camp between Class A and Class F. (0:01:36.11)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji, I'm glad we can study together. (0:01:40.03)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shouko, that's not your seat! (0:01:43.51)
Yoshii Akihisa : Did we really come all the way here just to have study hall? (0:01:46.29)
Yoshii Akihisa : Aren't the teachers going to give us lectures? (0:01:50.10)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Of course not. (0:01:51.84)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We won't be able to understand a thing if they taught us Class A's materials. (0:01:53.62)
Yoshii Akihisa : That might be for you, but Class A and F's materials aren't really that much different to me. (0:01:57.61)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Oh, that's pretty amazing. (0:02:02.89)
Yoshii Akihisa : I don't understand a thing either way. (0:02:05.43)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : That's a whole different kind of amazing. (0:02:07.48)
Shouko Kirishima : The goal of this training camp is to motivate the students. (0:02:09.90)
Yuuji Sakamoto : By studying in the same classroom, (0:02:14.15)
Yuuji Sakamoto : it's hoped that Class F's students will be inspired by Class A's diligence. (0:02:17.04)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Conversely, it'll help Class A's students continue to perform for fear of becoming like Class F. (0:02:20.78)
Yoshii Akihisa : I don't know about Class A, but I'm
pretty sure that won't work for Class F.
Aiko Kudou : Oh, Rep, I didn't know you were here! (0:02:29.87)
Aiko Kudou : Maybe I'll study over here too. (0:02:32.25)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Kudou Aiko! (0:02:35.60)
Aiko Kudou : Hello, hello. (0:02:36.67)
Aiko Kudou : I heard you guys tried to peep
into the girls' bath last night.
Aiko Kudou : You could've just asked if you
wanted to see that badly.
Aiko Kudou : If you'd like, I can show you my underwear. (0:02:45.51)
Shouko Kirishima : X. (0:02:50.35)
Yoshii Akihisa : Huh? What's wrong, Voyeur? (0:02:53.39)
Yoshii Akihisa : Your love for erotica is usually pretty obvious, (0:02:56.04)
Yoshii Akihisa : but you seem to be calm. (0:02:58.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : Even my heart is beating fast. (0:02:59.77)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Don't be fooled, Akihisa. (0:03:02.49)
Kouta Tsuchiya : She's wearing shorts underneath. (0:03:04.66)
Yoshii Akihisa : What?! (0:03:06.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's so cruel, Kudou! (0:03:06.95)
Yoshii Akihisa : I want my innocence back! (0:03:08.55)
Aiko Kudou : My bad, Yoshii. (0:03:10.65)
Aiko Kudou : Let me show you something interesting instead. (0:03:12.35)
Yoshii Akihisa : What is it? (0:03:14.59)
Kouta Tsuchiya : A compact recorder. (0:03:15.86)
Yoshii Akihisa : Huh? What's wrong, Voyeur? (0:03:17.69)
Aiko Kudou : Here's the interesting part. (0:03:20.25)
Yoshii Akihisa : Kudou! I want your love. My heart is beating fast. (0:03:24.22)
Yoshii Akihisa : Huh? (0:03:28.22)
Minami Shimada : That's extremely interesting! (0:03:31.15)
Mizuki Himeji : It's a very interesting line indeed. (0:03:32.77)
Minami Shimada : Mizuki, give me a hand. (0:03:35.06)
Mizuki Himeji : Sure. (0:03:37.59)
Mizuki Himeji : Of course. (0:03:38.36)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Akihisa! (0:03:40.28)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Run quick, before they come back with their torture gear. (0:03:41.53)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait, Hideyoshi! (0:03:45.31)
Yoshii Akihisa : I didn't do anything wrong, did I? (0:03:46.77)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hey, Akihisa. (0:03:48.51)
Yoshii Akihisa : What is it, Yuuji? (0:03:49.66)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Kudou might be the one responsible for the eavesdropping. (0:03:50.81)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're right! (0:03:54.62)
Yoshii Akihisa : Her skills were amazing. (0:03:55.65)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Akihisa, figure out if she's really the culprit. (0:03:57.84)
Yoshii Akihisa : Got it. (0:04:00.09)
Yoshii Akihisa : So, Kudou... (0:04:02.12)
Aiko Kudou : What is it, Yoshii? (0:04:03.35)
Yoshii Akihisa : Are you... (0:04:04.92)
Yoshii Akihisa : She won't tell the truth if I just flat-out ask her! (0:04:06.61)
Aiko Kudou : What's wrong? (0:04:11.68)
Yoshii Akihisa : Um... well... that is... you're not really... (0:04:12.52)
Aiko Kudou : What about me? (0:04:16.15)
Yoshii Akihisa : I have no idea how to ask! (0:04:17.29)
Yoshii Akihisa : All I know is that the culprit has a burn mark. (0:04:19.43)
Yoshii Akihisa : Let's see... Let's see... (0:04:22.16)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'd be really grateful if you could show me your ass! (0:04:26.07)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Not bad, Akihisa. (0:04:30.07)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I expected no less from him. (0:04:31.39)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : You sure are daring, Akihisa. (0:04:32.64)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'd be really grateful if you could show me your ass! (0:04:35.36)
Yuuji Sakamoto : This is embarrassing. (0:04:38.88)
Kouta Tsuchiya : It's even the unprocessed recording. (0:04:40.76)
Yoshii Akihisa : Please, Kudou! Delete what I just said! (0:04:42.71)
Yoshii Akihisa : Please, Kudou! (0:04:45.63)
Yoshii Akihisa : Show me your ass! (0:04:47.13)
Minami Shimada : I wonder what that was. (0:04:50.02)
Mizuki Himeji : Yes, I wonder. (0:04:52.06)
Minami Shimada : Could it be that some fool has gone and said something he shouldn't have? (0:04:53.68)
Mizuki Himeji : This is quite the problem. (0:04:58.93)
Mizuki Himeji : Someone like that needs to be disciplined severely, doesn't he? (0:05:00.53)
Yoshii Akihisa : This is a misunderstanding! (0:05:05.06)
Yoshii Akihisa : All I did, was just... (0:05:06.49)
Yoshii Akihisa : try to clear some stuff up (0:05:07.91)
Yoshii Akihisa : and nothing else! (0:05:09.11)
Yoshii Akihisa : Don't do that, Kudou! (0:05:10.58)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Kudou Aiko! (0:05:12.66)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Stop messing around. (0:05:14.35)
Yoshii Akihisa : Voyeur! (0:05:15.45)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I'll counter her. (0:05:17.63)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Leave it to me! (0:05:19.13)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, you're helping me out! (0:05:20.64)
Yoshii Akihisa : All right! (0:05:21.97)
Yoshii Akihisa : Listen, both of you, this is
just a misunderstanding.
Yoshii Akihisa : I was just trying to say I wanted to clear some stuff up! (0:05:25.84)
Yoshii Akihisa : I was just trying to say I wanted to clear some stuff up! (0:05:26.43)
Yoshii Akihisa : I mean, it was a misunderstanding! (0:05:29.07)
Yoshii Akihisa : Whoa, Voyeur! (0:05:30.62)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Kudou Aiko, you're still so naive! (0:05:31.91)
Aiko Kudou : Not too bad, Voyeur. (0:05:34.24)
Shouko Kirishima : Yoshii. (0:05:37.12)
Shouko Kirishima : I won't give you Yuuji. (0:05:38.12)
Yoshii Akihisa : I don't want him! (0:05:39.55)
Minami Shimada : Aki, do you like Sakamoto's ass that much? (0:05:40.87)
Minami Shimada : Isn't mine any good? (0:05:44.18)
Mizuki Himeji : I more or less knew already, but it's still shocking to hear it so plainly. (0:05:45.73)
Yoshii Akihisa : Everyone, this is all a misunderstanding! I don't have such a creepy— (0:05:50.04)
Miharu Shimizu : Don't mock same gender love! (0:05:53.65)
Minami Shimada : Miharu! Why are you here? (0:05:56.58)
Miharu Shimizu : Darling! (0:05:58.78)
Miharu Shimizu : I slipped out of Class D because I wanted to see you so much! (0:06:00.21)
Minami Shimada : Sugawa Barrier! (0:06:04.91)
Miharu Shimizu : You are disgusting! (0:06:09.70)
Miharu Shimizu : Hugging you is like hugging a greased boar! (0:06:11.32)
Miharu Shimizu : Don't be so mean, Darling! (0:06:14.14)
Miharu Shimizu : Miharu loves you so much! (0:06:16.12)
Minami Shimada : Wait, stop it! (0:06:18.98)
Minami Shimada : I'm not interested in girls! (0:06:20.21)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Excuse me, this is study hall. (0:06:22.89)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Could you be a little quieter? (0:06:25.15)
Yoshii Akihisa : S-Sorry, Kubo. (0:06:27.49)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Also, I'm not fond of statements
that mock same gender love.
Toshimitsu Kubo : It just means that one thinks
a little differently than others.
Toshimitsu Kubo : If these practically normal people are looked upon with revulsion, I think society is in dire need of reform. (0:06:39.41)
Miharu Shimizu : Exactly, gender doesn't matter! (0:06:45.19)
Minami Shimada : I don't swing that way! (0:06:48.24)
Toshimitsu Kubo : "Gender doesn't matter", huh? (0:06:51.71)
Yoshii Akihisa : For some reason, I'm getting the chills. (0:06:56.22)
Mizuki Himeji : Gender doesn't matter? (0:06:57.88)
Yoshii Akihisa : Why're you taking turns staring at Yuuji and me? (0:07:00.91)
Yoshii Akihisa : You've got the wrong idea! (0:07:03.25)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : You know that I love Hideyoshi! (0:07:04.52)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait a second! (0:07:08.29)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Akihisa, I'm not sure how to respond. (0:07:09.32)
Yoshii Akihisa : Don't misunderstand, Hideyoshi! You know... (0:07:12.59)
Yoshii Akihisa : I love your ass. (0:07:14.95)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait, it's just getting worse! (0:07:16.64)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yuuji and I are taking turns touching asses... (0:07:17.84)
Yoshii Akihisa : Kubo, show me your ass! (0:07:20.71)
Yoshii Akihisa : Kubo, I love you! (0:07:22.50)
Toshimitsu Kubo : I'm troubled, Yoshii. (0:07:24.00)
Toshimitsu Kubo : There's a proper order to things. (0:07:25.69)
Shin Fukuhara : The problem is more fundamental
than just the "proper order".
Yoshii Akihisa : I think Kudou is probably
the person blackmailing us.
Yuuji Sakamoto : Judging from how she uses that
recorder, I'd say it's pretty likely.
Yoshii Akihisa : Should we try and capture her? (0:07:41.02)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I wouldn't recommend it. (0:07:43.01)
Kouta Tsuchiya : We'll only get one chance. (0:07:44.31)
Yuuji Sakamoto : If we're wrong, the real culprit will know we're
on to her and disappear without a trace.
Kouta Tsuchiya : Evidence will be destroyed and
there will be more blackmailing.
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : The situation will become even worse. (0:07:53.73)
Yoshii Akihisa : We can't afford making a risky move
until we're absolutely sure it's her.
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Confirming the presence of a burn
mark would be a good start.
Yoshii Akihisa : Maybe we should risk pissing
her off and flip up her skirt.
Kouta Tsuchiya : She's wearing shorts. (0:08:07.38)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's right. (0:08:08.84)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Peeping into the girls' bath
is the only way to check.
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Now we're back to this again. (0:08:15.19)
Yoshii Akihisa : What should we do though? Getting through
security without a plan is gonna be tough.
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : There's not really much we can
plan; there's only one path.
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : A head-on assault is the only solution. (0:08:26.30)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Actually, there is another way. (0:08:28.18)
Yuuji Sakamoto : If a straightforward attack is our only choice, we
need to gather numbers in order to be successful.
Yoshii Akihisa : So, we should get some allies? (0:08:35.82)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yes. (0:08:37.44)
Yoshii Akihisa : Then let's do it right away— (0:08:38.15)
Ryou Sugawa : What did you want to talk about? (0:08:40.29)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sugawa... everyone! (0:08:42.24)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Thank you for coming, my fellow Class F brothers. (0:08:44.49)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I have a proposal for you all. (0:08:47.76)
Ryou Sugawa : A proposal? (0:08:49.84)
EXTRA : What is it? I'm tired. (0:08:50.61)
EXTRA : I just want to lay around in my room. (0:08:52.11)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Guys, are you interested in
peeping in on the girls' bath?
EXTRA : Tell us more! (0:08:56.97)
Ryou Sugawa : Tell us more! (0:08:56.97)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Last night, we tried to sneak a look at the girls' bath,
but we were stopped by the teachers' ambush.
Ryou Sugawa : So? (0:09:07.14)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Tonight, we'll launch a second assault. (0:09:07.65)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I want you guys to eliminate
the security of the girls' bath.
Yuuji Sakamoto : The reward will be the chance
to catch a glimpse of Agharta!
EXTRA : Deal! (0:09:17.82)
Ryou Sugawa : Deal! (0:09:17.82)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Voyeur, what time is it? (0:09:19.62)
Kouta Tsuchiya : 2010 hours, ten minutes have passed since
the beginning of the girls' bath hours.
Yuuji Sakamoto : The timing's perfect. (0:09:27.29)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We'll divide the unit up into four teams. (0:09:29.11)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'll lead Team A, (0:09:31.17)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Akihisa will lead Team B, (0:09:32.48)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hideyoshi will lead Team C, (0:09:34.11)
Yuuji Sakamoto : and Voyeur will lead Team D, so follow your leaders. (0:09:35.59)
Ryou Sugawa : Roger! (0:09:38.35)
EXTRA : Roger! (0:09:38.35)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Do you understand?! We have
one goal and one goal only:
Yuuji Sakamoto : to reach Agharta! (0:09:42.39)
Yuuji Sakamoto : No matter what happens along the way, imbue your limbs with spirit, (0:09:44.17)
Yuuji Sakamoto : and charge headlong toward your target! (0:09:48.18)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Even gods and demons are mortal; kill all enemies in sight! (0:09:50.09)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Think of this as our final turning point in life! (0:09:52.69)
Fumihiro Fuse : I think we really showed them yesterday. (0:10:00.45)
Fumihiro Fuse : They probably got the point and won't try anything— (0:10:03.09)
Fumihiro Fuse : The perverts are attacking in formation! (0:10:09.59)
Fumihiro Fuse : Summoned Being: Summon! (0:10:13.91)
Fumihiro Fuse : I will not let you pass! (0:10:17.97)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Summon! (0:10:19.72)
EXTRA : Summon! (0:10:21.64)
EXTRA : Summon! (0:10:22.65)
Ryou Sugawa : Kinoshita's Team C has engaged Mr. Fuse! (0:10:24.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : We'll pass by while Hideyoshi's team is distracting him! (0:10:27.31)
Yoshii Akihisa : Everyone, don't fall behind! (0:10:30.51)
Kouta Tsuchiya : All right! (0:10:31.85)
EXTRA : All right! (0:10:31.85)
Yuuji Sakamoto : All right! (0:10:31.85)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Everyone, engage the enemy! (0:10:32.73)
Yoshii Akihisa : Now's our chance! Let's go! (0:10:36.93)
Fumihiro Fuse : Wait, Yoshii! (0:10:38.17)
Yoshii Akihisa : We'll cut through like this! (0:10:39.84)
EXTRA : Yeah! (0:10:41.22)
Miharu Shimizu : That's as far as you go, you disgusting pigs. (0:10:41.82)
Miharu Shimizu : Men are forbidden beyond this
point. Go back to your sty!
Ryou Sugawa : Yoshii, we're outnumbered and outgunned! (0:10:49.04)
Yoshii Akihisa : Please, Shimizu. (0:10:52.38)
Yoshii Akihisa : Make way for us! (0:10:53.53)
Miharu Shimizu : You're going to indulge yourself with a
glimpse of my darling's flat chest, aren't you?
Miharu Shimizu : Absolutely disgusting! (0:10:57.84)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's not it! (0:10:58.59)
Yoshii Akihisa : My goal isn't Minami's flat chest! (0:10:59.77)
Miharu Shimizu : You're lying! (0:11:02.01)
Miharu Shimizu : I'll punish you filthy pigs who are enamored
by my darling's beautiful flat chest!
Yoshii Akihisa : Trust me, a flat chest is just a flat chest! (0:11:07.68)
Yoshii Akihisa : Right now, I have more important business than Minami's completely level che— My right elbow!{Can't remember the right thing you compare flat justed people too} (0:11:11.28)
Minami Shimada : I was listening and you just wouldn't shut up! (0:11:17.36)
Mizuki Himeji : Looks like you still need more punishment. (0:11:19.85)
Aiko Kudou : Hey there, Yoshii. (0:11:22.58)
Aiko Kudou : What did you come here to see? (0:11:24.11)
Aiko Kudou : I wouldn't mind if you came to spy on me. (0:11:25.91)
Shouko Kirishima : X. (0:11:28.58)
Shouko Kirishima : I won't forgive infidelity. (0:11:30.60)
Yoshii Akihisa : Even Kirishima is here?
We didn't account for this!
Aiko Kudou : Yoshii, is this your objective? (0:11:37.18)
Aiko Kudou : There's still one hidden camera
left in the changing room.
Aiko Kudou : It's not mine. I just happened across it. (0:11:45.65)
Yoshii Akihisa : Kudou? (0:11:48.50)
Aiko Kudou : Let's get started, shall we? (0:11:50.25)
Aiko Kudou : Voyeur. (0:11:52.82)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Showdown! (0:11:54.13)
Aiko Kudou : Summon! (0:11:57.06)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Summon! (0:11:57.06)
EXTRA : We're counting on you, Voyeur! (0:11:59.78)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I'll take this one! (0:12:01.46)
Souichi Nishimura : Educational Guidance! (0:12:02.57)
Souichi Nishimura : I knew you'd come, you seasoned idiots! (0:12:08.34)
EXTRA : I-Iron Man?! (0:12:10.62)
EXTRA : We have to go through him unarmed? (0:12:11.93)
EXTRA : That's simply impossible! (0:12:13.90)
Souichi Nishimura : I'll carefully guide you today. (0:12:15.50)
Souichi Nishimura : Prepare yourself, Yoshii! (0:12:18.15)
Yoshii Akihisa : Is this the end?! (0:12:20.58)
Ryou Sugawa : Don't give up, Yoshii! (0:12:21.84)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sugawa! (0:12:24.34)
Souichi Nishimura : Let go of my leg, Sugawa! (0:12:25.39)
Ryou Sugawa : You can't be defeated here! (0:12:26.63)
Ryou Sugawa : Only you... the Punishment Inspector, has a
Summoned Being that can defeat Iron Man!
Ryou Sugawa : So I beg you, run from this place, (0:12:34.30)
Ryou Sugawa : and live on! (0:12:37.36)
Souichi Nishimura : Don't get in the way of my guidance. (0:12:39.02)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sugawa? Sugawa! (0:12:42.57)
EXTRA : Summon! (0:12:44.91)
EXTRA : Support Yoshii's advance! (0:12:49.91)
EXTRA : We'll open up a way out! (0:12:51.98)
EXTRA : Just run through and don't turn back! (0:12:53.26)
Yoshii Akihisa : You guys! (0:12:55.32)
EXTRA : Yoshii is our only hope! Protect him at all costs! (0:12:56.88)
EXTRA : Yoshii! (0:13:01.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : Okay, guys, I'll leave this to you. (0:13:08.85)
Yoshii Akihisa : I will definitely survive and achieve our goal! (0:13:12.19)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm sorry, everyone! (0:13:15.69)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm sorry! (0:13:17.96)
Yoshii Akihisa : I swear... (0:13:23.52)
Yoshii Akihisa : I swear I'll reach Agharta! (0:13:24.77)
Shin Fukuhara : Yoshii Akihisa of Class F, please come to the guidance office immediately. (0:13:30.06)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Well, no surprises there. (0:13:36.71)
Yoshii Akihisa : Man, it's morning already. (0:13:42.49)
Yoshii Akihisa : I didn't sleep much with all those
supplementary lessons Iron Man gave me.
Yoshii Akihisa : A dream?! (0:14:01.48)
Yoshii Akihisa : Damn. (0:14:03.68)
Yoshii Akihisa : Like hell I'd do that! (0:14:12.32)
Yoshii Akihisa : Take this! (0:14:13.96)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : What's wrong? Did Yuuji creep
into someone else's bed again?
Yoshii Akihisa : Again? (0:14:18.32)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : It's a bad habit of his. (0:14:19.04)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : He came into my futon when dawn was breaking. (0:14:22.03)
Yoshii Akihisa : Unforgivable! (0:14:24.46)
Yoshii Akihisa : I won't forgive you for fooling with my innocence! (0:14:25.65)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh yeah, Kudou told me
something strange yesterday.
Yuuji Sakamoto : Strange? (0:14:34.49)
Yoshii Akihisa : "There's still one hidden camera
left in the changing room."
Yuuji Sakamoto : What? (0:14:38.22)
Yoshii Akihisa : Perhaps she really is the culprit. (0:14:38.94)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : No, I don't think we can count on that as proof. (0:14:40.85)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : The perpetrator wouldn't incriminate themselves like that, would they? (0:14:43.21)
Kouta Tsuchiya : We'll just have to verify it ourselves. (0:14:46.60)
Yuuji Sakamoto : If what she says is true then we owe her one. (0:14:48.20)
Yoshii Akihisa : Why? (0:14:50.70)
Yuuji Sakamoto : If we get our hands on that camera,
we'd be able to see the girls changing.
Yuuji Sakamoto : We might be able to spot the culprit. (0:14:56.17)
Yoshii Akihisa : I see. (0:14:57.59)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I'm confident I can find that camera in a matter of seconds. (0:14:58.45)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Can we even be sure the camera's actually there? (0:15:00.87)
Yuuji Sakamoto : The girls found one the day before yesterday. (0:15:04.09)
Yuuji Sakamoto : As a master in the art of spying, I doubt the culprit
would've let their equipment be discovered so easily.
Kouta Tsuchiya : There was a reason for it. (0:15:13.10)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Exactly, the first camera was just a bait
intended to divert the girls' focus on to us.
Yuuji Sakamoto : The other camera remaining in the changing room, the one Kudou discovered, is the real one. (0:15:21.29)
Yoshii Akihisa : So we just need to take out that camera, right? (0:15:25.50)
Kouta Tsuchiya : That won't be possible. (0:15:28.77)
Kouta Tsuchiya : The changing room is locked when not in use. (0:15:29.99)
Yoshii Akihisa : But nothing else has worked so far. (0:15:32.06)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Akihisa, why exactly did we lose yesterday? (0:15:33.82)
Yoshii Akihisa : Reason? (0:15:37.12)
Yoshii Akihisa : I guess because half of the girls
were there to defend against us.
Yuuji Sakamoto : Then we just need to get some new recruits. (0:15:41.99)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We'll ask the other classes for help. (0:15:45.42)
Yoshii Akihisa : The other classes? (0:15:47.33)
Yuuji Sakamoto : It's for more than just increasing our numbers. (0:15:48.67)
Yoshii Akihisa : Hmm? (0:15:52.85)
Yuuji Sakamoto : It's for our own protection. (0:15:53.57)
Yoshii Akihisa : Protection? (0:15:55.61)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Even if we succeed in spying on the girls, we'll be in deep trouble unless we find the real culprit blackmailing us. (0:15:56.54)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, it'll be harder to single out one man in the crowd! (0:16:02.98)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Our name is mud right now though. (0:16:07.51)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Fumizuki Academy is a pretty high-profile school, so
they'll either have to punish everyone or cover it up.
Yoshii Akihisa : All we need to do is gather enough people
so it'd be hard to punish us all, right?
Yoshii Akihisa : You're a pro when it comes to these dirty tactics! (0:16:21.16)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Oh please, I'm just resourceful. (0:16:25.50)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We need to gather forces during the day! (0:16:27.80)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We'll approach Kubo for Class A. (0:16:30.22)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Akihisa, go convince him. (0:16:33.64)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : You're the best man for the job. (0:16:35.14)
Kouta Tsuchiya : We're counting on you. (0:16:36.63)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sure, but why me? (0:16:37.30)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Use this to protect yourself if something happens. (0:16:41.02)
Yoshii Akihisa : Eh? (0:16:43.44)
Yoshii Akihisa : Hey Kubo, got a minute? (0:16:46.21)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Of course, come and sit right here. (0:16:49.00)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm fine here. (0:16:52.82)
Toshimitsu Kubo : I guess that's fine too... (0:16:54.57)
Yoshii Akihisa : I've got a favor to ask of you. I want to— (0:16:56.74)
Toshimitsu Kubo : I'll do it! (0:16:59.41)
Yoshii Akihisa : So fast! (0:17:00.49)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Oh, sorry. (0:17:01.55)
Toshimitsu Kubo : I got overexcited. (0:17:02.71)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Let's hear it. (0:17:05.50)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, okay. (0:17:07.00)
Yoshii Akihisa : I need you to help peep in the girls'— (0:17:08.56)
Toshimitsu Kubo : I refuse! (0:17:10.59)
Yoshii Akihisa : So fast! (0:17:11.17)
Yoshii Akihisa : Why?! (0:17:12.22)
Toshimitsu Kubo : I'm disappointed, Yoshii. (0:17:13.11)
Toshimitsu Kubo : There are ground rules for human interactions. (0:17:14.99)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Whole societies are founded on such principles. (0:17:17.53)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Today you'll be breaking those rules. (0:17:21.18)
Toshimitsu Kubo : Are you really okay with that? (0:17:26.99)
Toshimitsu Kubo : In the first place, trying to peep at girls' naked bodies is disgusting! (0:17:29.11)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sorry, I failed. (0:17:36.25)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Oh... (0:17:38.03)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Well, at least you're okay. (0:17:39.53)
Yoshii Akihisa : I don't see how it was dangerous. (0:17:41.03)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Since we've struck-out with Class A, I guess
we'll just need to try the other classes.
Minami Shimada : You're up to no good again, aren't you? (0:17:47.12)
Yoshii Akihisa : N-No way, of course I'm not. (0:17:50.16)
Minami Shimada : Well, I can't really be bothered
to reprimand you right now.
Mizuki Himeji : I can't believe you'd try to peep at us girls. (0:17:56.95)
Minami Shimada : I'd be compared with the other girls during bath time. (0:17:59.84)
Minami Shimada : I can't wear pads and there's
nothing I can do to give them a lift.
Mizuki Himeji : I wasn't expecting someone to peep at me, so I didn't have a chance to diet! (0:18:06.43)
Mizuki Himeji : You're so mean, Akihisa! (0:18:11.00)
Yoshii Akihisa : I told you, what I want to see are the girls' asses. (0:18:13.02)
Yoshii Akihisa : I told you, what I want to see are the girls' asses. (0:18:15.49)
Yoshii Akihisa : I didn't say that! (0:18:17.20)
Shin Fukuhara : Again, it's the night before D-Day- (0:18:19.26)
Yoshii Akihisa : Not again... (0:18:21.99)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm on bad terms with Class B's Nemoto Kyouji, and Class C's rep is that Koyama Yuuka. (0:18:25.66)
Yuuji Sakamoto : The guys of her class wouldn't dare go against her. (0:18:33.33)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : It can't be worse than yesterday. (0:18:35.38)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : The girls can only send out half their forces. (0:18:37.92)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : We'll be able to pull it off if we
can hold the teachers down.
Kouta Tsuchiya : I've informed the two classes of the
operation start time and insertion point.
Yuuji Sakamoto : Good, preparation is vital here. (0:18:48.96)
Ryou Sugawa : Bad news! (0:18:50.90)
Ryou Sugawa : The enemy has ambushed us by the canteen! (0:18:52.23)
Yuuji Sakamoto : What?! (0:18:55.32)
Ryou Sugawa : Our forces have been divided and are scattered throughout each floor! (0:18:56.97)
Yoshii Akihisa : They made the first move... (0:19:00.66)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Our movements were read by the enemy. (0:19:02.36)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Was it Shouko?! (0:19:04.13)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : She really can't forgive you for trying to peep. (0:19:05.41)
Kouta Tsuchiya : We have to act now! (0:19:08.18)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We'll rally the troops. (0:19:09.90)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Now, let's roll out! (0:19:11.92)
EXTRA : I won't let you peep! (0:19:13.13)
EXTRA : Damn, why are the girls here?! (0:19:14.70)
EXTRA : Like I know! Just fight back! (0:19:16.65)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Follow my lead! (0:19:19.71)
EXTRA : Got it! (0:19:21.01)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yuuji, the enemy's forces are
highly concentrated at the front!
Yuuji Sakamoto : They'll have planted traps on the
ground where their forces are thin!
Yuuji Sakamoto : We'll have to outwit them! (0:19:27.77)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji, I've been waiting. (0:19:33.12)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shouko?! (0:19:35.15)
Yuuji Sakamoto : She outwitted my counterplan! (0:19:37.09)
Shouko Kirishima : I told you, I won't forgive infidelity. (0:19:38.32)
Shouko Kirishima : I'll teach your body a lesson. (0:19:40.78)
Yoko Takahashi : You guys really need a lot of guidance. (0:19:45.16)
Yoshii Akihisa : It's the second year Head Teacher, Ms. Takahashi! (0:19:48.93)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yuuji, order a retreat— (0:19:51.11)
Aiko Kudou : Sorry, but that's not going to happen. (0:19:52.47)
Yoshii Akihisa : Kudou and Mr. Ooshima! (0:19:54.38)
Minami Shimada : You didn't learn your lesson. (0:19:56.34)
Yoshii Akihisa : Why didn't you just ask me if
you wanted to see so badly?
Yoshii Akihisa : We have no choice but to fight! (0:20:03.79)
Yoshii Akihisa : Summon! (0:20:07.30)
Yoko Takahashi : Summon! (0:20:09.67)
Yoshii Akihisa : Go! (0:20:13.61)
Yuuji Sakamoto : It's fast! (0:20:18.27)
Yoshii Akihisa : OUCHHHHHHHH! (0:20:25.74)
Akihisa Summon : OUCHHHHHHHH! (0:20:25.74)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : What the heck?! (0:20:28.28)
Yuuji Sakamoto : OVER 7000 POINTS?! (0:20:30.29)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : That's overpowered! (0:20:31.83)
Yoshii Akihisa : So, what do we do now? (0:20:36.14)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Isn't it obvious? (0:20:36.96)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We're gonna put everything we have on the line! (0:20:38.70)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yuuji! (0:20:41.71)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Everyone, listen! (0:20:42.89)
Yuuji Sakamoto : No more plans, no more strategies! (0:20:44.28)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Do what you think is right! (0:20:46.61)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Believe in yourself! (0:20:48.93)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You guys can do it! (0:20:50.85)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Feel with your heart, think with your
head, and do what you think is right!
Yuuji Sakamoto : You hear me? I'm counting on
each and every one of you!
Yuuji Sakamoto : Ready?! LET'S GO! (0:20:59.73)
EXTRA : We're terribly sorry! (0:21:02.99)
Yoko Takahashi : The two of you won't bow down? (0:21:07.90)
Yoko Takahashi : Is that the pride of a leader? (0:21:11.23)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You're wrong. (0:21:13.33)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We already knew. (0:21:15.07)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yes, it's just as he said. (0:21:17.07)
Yoshii Akihisa : We already knew that we didn't need to bow down and beg. (0:21:19.80)
Yoko Takahashi : Are you expecting reinforcements? (0:21:24.68)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You think you know everything? (0:21:27.94)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's not what... (0:21:29.85)
Yoshii Akihisa : we meant at all. (0:21:32.20)
Shin Fukuhara : Yes, they knew perfectly well that begging would have granted them no reprieve. (0:21:36.70)
Shin Fukuhara : Thus ends the third night of the camp, (0:21:43.96)
Shin Fukuhara : with Akihisa and Co. still not knowing the identity of the blackmailer. (0:21:48.83)
Shin Fukuhara : Can Akihisa and Yuuji change their fa— (0:21:52.38)
Shin Fukuhara : Arghh! (0:21:57.48)
Shin Fukuhara : Question 7: (0:23:35.81)
Shin Fukuhara : What do we call an act of inflicting physical and/or mental pain upon others in order to make them compliant? (0:23:36.89)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm sorry, Shouko! (0:23:42.23)
Shin Fukuhara : I won't pry too deeply into this. (0:23:43.75)
Yoshii Akihisa : Next episode: Me, a Peeping Tom, and the Distant Utopia. (0:23:45.32)
Shin Fukuhara : This will be on your test. (0:23:47.95)

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