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Yoshii Akihisa : Don't kick the pear, huh? (0:00:00.00)
Minami Shimada : I need to go (0:00:56.66)
Minami Shimada : to Japan. (0:00:59.03)
Minami Shimada : It was a year ago, on the day of the entrance ceremony. (0:02:36.55)
Minami Shimada : I had just come to Japan and didn't understand Japanese very well. (0:02:41.47)
EXTRA : Nice to meet you! (0:02:47.42)
Minami Shimada : "My first impression will decide whether or not I'll fit into a Japanese school." (0:02:52.17)
Minami Shimada : "I should make sure I don't do anything strange." (0:03:00.27)
Minami Shimada : With those things in mind, I nervously awaited my turn to introduce myself. (0:03:03.76)
EXTRA : Next is, Shimada Minami. (0:03:11.37)
Minami Shimada : I'm Shimada Minami. (0:03:28.12)
Minami Shimada : Nice to meet you. (0:03:30.90)
Minami Shimada : What is it? Did I do something strange? (0:03:36.73)
EXTRA : Ms. Shimada has been living abroad in Germany. (0:03:41.86)
EXTRA : She's only just returned to Japan, so there are a lot of things she doesn't understand just yet. (0:03:45.93)
EXTRA : Everyone, please help her out. (0:03:50.70)
EXTRA : It's all right, Ms. Shimada. (0:03:54.88)
EXTRA : You'll learn kanji little by little. (0:03:57.59)
Minami Shimada : Kanji? (0:04:00.26)
Minami Shimada : Nice to meet you. (0:04:12.44)
Minami Shimada : They could've told me that I made a mistake. (0:04:15.56)
Minami Shimada : It's mean to just laugh without saying anything. (0:04:18.58)
Minami Shimada : My dad told me all Japanese people are nice, but this class is already starting to make me feel uneasy. (0:04:22.03)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm Sakamoto Yuuji from Kannazuki Middle School. (0:04:36.98)
EXTRA : That's the legendary demon of Kannazuki Middle School! (0:04:40.75)
EXTRA : Shit, he's in our class! (0:04:44.17)
Minami Shimada : Is this normal in Japan? (0:04:49.32)
Minami Shimada : No, Dad said Japan is one of
the world's safest countries.
Minami Shimada : I'm sure I'm just getting the wrong impression. (0:04:57.28)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I'm Kinoshita Hideyoshi.
I'm glad to meet you all.
Minami Shimada : Why is she wearing a boy's uniform? (0:05:09.24)
Minami Shimada : I'm sure she's just not used to skirts yet. (0:05:13.21)
Minami Shimada : There's nothing strange about that, right? (0:05:16.92)
Minami Shimada : Dad said there's absolutely
nothing scary or strange in Japan.
Kouta Tsuchiya : Tsuchiya Kouta. My hobby is peep— (0:05:29.95)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Never mind. (0:05:32.31)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I'm good at eaves— (0:05:33.89)
Kouta Tsuchiya : nothing whatsoever. (0:05:34.89)
Minami Shimada : You dropped something. (0:05:40.92)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Forget what you just saw. (0:05:44.90)
Minami Shimada : That's normal, right? (0:05:49.41)
Minami Shimada : He's using it to record lessons, isn't he? (0:05:50.98)
Minami Shimada : I can trust what my dad told me, can't I? (0:05:53.63)
Yoshii Akihisa : My name's Yoshii Akihisa and I'm
from Nagatsuki Middle School!
Yoshii Akihisa : Nice to meet you! (0:06:08.26)
Minami Shimada : I have been deceived. (0:06:11.93)
Minami Shimada : My dad lied to me! (0:06:13.39)
EXTRA : Shimada, did you really live abroad? (0:06:19.73)
EXTRA : When did you come back to Japan? (0:06:22.15)
EXTRA : Were you born over there? (0:06:23.84)
Minami Shimada : Everyone was looking at me curiously, as if they had never seen someone whom had grown up overseas before. (0:06:25.11)
EXTRA : Are you good at English? (0:06:31.03)
EXTRA : Are you going to join a club? (0:06:33.10)
EXTRA : Do you have a boyfriend overseas? (0:06:35.05)
Minami Shimada : What should I do? (0:06:37.55)
Minami Shimada : I don't understand Japanese all that well, and they're all talking to me at once. (0:06:39.37)
Minami Shimada : How do I tell them to be quiet in Japanese? (0:06:43.92)
EXTRA : What are your hobbies? (0:06:46.67)
EXTRA : What's your favorite food? (0:06:48.17)
EXTRA : What's your bust size? (0:06:49.67)
Minami Shimada : Oh, right! (0:06:52.39)
Minami Shimada : There was a girl this morning who
silenced people with a single phrase.
Minami Shimada : I can use that. (0:06:58.68)
Minami Shimada : Shut... (0:07:02.57)
Minami Shimada : Shut? (0:07:03.11)
Minami Shimada : Shut up, you disgusting pigs! (0:07:04.56)
Minami Shimada : H-Huh? (0:07:09.78)
Minami Shimada : I messed up on my first day. (0:07:16.33)
Minami Shimada : I later asked my dad what I had said, only to discover I'd been extremely rude. (0:07:23.17)
Minami Shimada : After that, there were none who tried to befriend me. (0:07:28.73)
Minami Shimada : Save for one, that is. (0:07:34.01)
Yoshii Akihisa : Um, Shimada, was it? (0:07:36.18)
Minami Shimada : Yes! (0:07:40.26)
Yoshii Akihisa : Huh, what's wrong? (0:07:46.45)
Minami Shimada : Why are you wearing... (0:07:48.26)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, this? (0:07:50.86)
Yoshii Akihisa : This is because, um... (0:07:52.54)
Yoshii Akihisa : I overslept this morning and I was in a hurry. (0:07:54.73)
Minami Shimada : Japanese boys wear sailor shirts
when they're in a hurry?!
Minami Shimada : Maybe what he said was just too complex for me. (0:08:02.58)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hey, idiot. (0:08:06.75)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Quit your moronic babbling and get out of my way. (0:08:08.44)
Yoshii Akihisa : Stop it, Sakamoto. (0:08:11.45)
Yoshii Akihisa : Shimada just isn't used to Japan
yet; don't call her an idiot!
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm talking to you , Yoshii! (0:08:16.97)
Yoshii Akihisa : How am I an idiot?! (0:08:19.06)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Your very existence proves it! (0:08:21.18)
Yoshii Akihisa : What?! You can't just go around judging people based on how they look or act! (0:08:23.21)
Yuuji Sakamoto : What else could I judge someone by?! (0:08:26.53)
Yoshii Akihisa : Well, then you're an idiot too Sakamoto! (0:08:29.43)
Yoshii Akihisa : A hot babe talked to you this morning and you gave her the cold shoulder! (0:08:32.23)
Yuuji Sakamoto : The hell does that have to do with you?! (0:08:36.66)
Yuuji Sakamoto : That dumb ass face of yours
has been pissing me off all day!
Yoshii Akihisa : That's my line! (0:08:42.83)
Yoshii Akihisa : How dare you call someone you just met an idiot, you damn mongoloid! (0:08:44.46)
Yuuji Sakamoto : A guy who wore a sailor shirt his first day of school has no right to lecture me about manners! (0:08:48.38)
Minami Shimada : W-Well then, see you. (0:08:53.15)
Minami Shimada : I didn't quite get what they were
saying, but I instinctively realized
Minami Shimada : I'd forever lose the chance to have a normal school life if I got involved with them. (0:09:03.51)
Minami Shimada : Will I really be okay at this school? (0:09:09.43)
Minami Shimada : I followed dad to Japan in order to stay with my sister, Hazuki, but still... I'm so nervous. (0:09:13.68)
Minami Shimada : The women's restroom is blue
and the men's is pink in Japan?!
Minami Shimada : I would've embarrassed myself
if I hadn't paid attention.
EXTRA : Why are two girls in here?! (0:09:33.96)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Wait, I'm not a girl! (0:09:36.51)
Minami Shimada : Come here, Kinoshita! (0:09:38.71)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : This is a misunderstanding! (0:09:41.46)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Why did I have to leave?! (0:09:44.53)
Minami Shimada : What are you doing? (0:09:47.24)
Minami Shimada : That's a toilet for men! (0:09:49.83)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : What's wrong? Why are you so angry? (0:09:51.93)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I'm really a guy. I didn't do anything wrong! (0:09:54.59)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Hey, Shimada! (0:09:57.74)
Minami Shimada : I don't understand Japan very well
yet, but it's only my first day.
Minami Shimada : I'm sure I'll come to understand things as time goes on. (0:10:07.40)
Minami Shimada : Until then, I'll take it easy and
try to get along with every—
Kouta Tsuchiya : I-I can see... (0:10:15.37)
Minami Shimada : I really don't understand Japan. (0:10:18.19)
Minami Shimada : Everyone was a little weird. (0:10:37.47)
Minami Shimada : Friends... (0:10:48.79)
Minami Shimada : huh? (0:10:50.65)
Minami Shimada : A week has passed since that day and classes have actually begun. (0:11:07.16)
Minami Shimada : Since I still wasn't used to Japanese,
I struggled with Modern Japanese class;
Minami Shimada : whereas Classical Japanese may as
well have been from another planet.
EXTRA : Yoshii, what is the conjugated form of "haberi"? (0:11:23.44)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yes! (0:11:28.76)
Yoshii Akihisa : It's "hannari". (0:11:29.95)
EXTRA : I asked for the conjugated form of a classical word, and you replied with something from a modern dialect. (0:11:30.87)
EXTRA : It's refreshing to see someone get something so completely wrong. (0:11:36.38)
Yoshii Akihisa : Eh, what? (0:11:40.00)
EXTRA : Please review what we've learned
today before our next lesson.
Minami Shimada : It had finally ended. (0:11:59.50)
Minami Shimada : But just when I thought I'd be free to leave that dull and tortuous class... (0:12:01.70)
Yoshii Akihisa : Where are you going, Shimada? (0:12:07.20)
Minami Shimada : What is it? (0:12:09.88)
Yoshii Akihisa : U-Uh... (0:12:11.09)
Minami Shimada : I'm going home. (0:12:12.57)
Yoshii Akihisa : Huh, "what a sea"? (0:12:14.21)
Minami Shimada : Wa-shi! (0:12:17.09)
Minami Shimada : Wa-ta-shi! (0:12:17.50)
Minami Shimada : Wa-ta-shi! (0:12:18.13)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, I get it! You're heading home! (0:12:19.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sorry, I didn't quite catch that earlier. (0:12:23.60)
Yoshii Akihisa : I thought you were talking in a foreign language since you just came back from overseas. (0:12:25.98)
Minami Shimada : With my Japanese skills still lacking, I couldn't
keep up with the pace at which he was speaking.
Minami Shimada : Although I tried hard to understand, I felt like my head was about to burst from the effort. (0:12:43.72)
Yoshii Akihisa : I know you want to go straight
home, but you can't just yet.
Yoshii Akihisa : There's still home room after this. (0:12:53.39)
Minami Shimada : That's why you can't leave. (0:12:57.00)
Minami Shimada : What's he grinning at? (0:13:03.25)
Minami Shimada : Is teasing me about my poor Japanese really that funny? (0:13:05.89)
Minami Shimada : Huh? (0:13:12.77)
Minami Shimada : Is he asking what clubs I was in during middle school? (0:13:20.82)
Minami Shimada : No, it doesn't sound like it. (0:13:25.84)
Minami Shimada : Is he even using correct grammar to begin with? (0:13:28.23)
Minami Shimada : I DON'T KNOW! (0:13:41.88)
Minami Shimada : What should I do? (0:13:52.69)
Minami Shimada : Why won't anyone try to understand me? (0:13:55.48)
Minami Shimada : I'm trying as best I can. (0:14:00.40)
Minami Shimada : Maybe they all hate me. (0:14:04.04)
Minami Shimada : Maybe this place isn't for me. (0:14:10.33)
Minami Shimada : I... (0:14:18.67)
Minami Shimada : I couldn't fit into the class. (0:14:37.34)
Minami Shimada : I couldn't understand Japanese, which meant I couldn't make friends; I had no one to talk to. (0:14:42.28)
Minami Shimada : It was a catch-22. (0:14:47.53)
Minami Shimada : It was all because I messed up my name's kanji that first day, ever since then... (0:14:51.32)
Minami Shimada : Huh? (0:15:04.14)
Minami Shimada : I thought this was written incorrectly. (0:15:06.27)
Minami Shimada : Why... (0:15:09.76)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hey, the guys from Akemono Middle are betting their lunch on a game of basketball. You in? (0:15:13.72)
Yoshii Akihisa : Totally, my lunch budget is really tight this month! (0:15:19.93)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I'll help. (0:15:23.27)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Guess I'll join in too. (0:15:24.56)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : It sounds kinda fun. (0:15:26.86)
Minami Shimada : When did those guys become such good friends? (0:15:28.40)
Yoshii Akihisa : Tu ne voudrais pas devenir mon amie? (0:15:35.12)
Yoshii Akihisa : Tu ne voudrais pas devenir mon amie? (0:15:38.95)
Minami Shimada : What's wrong with this guy?
He's spouting nonsense again.
Minami Shimada : I don't understand Japanese! (0:15:48.44)
Minami Shimada : What the hell's "mon amie"? (0:15:51.57)
Minami Shimada : I'm not Monami, I'm Minami! (0:15:53.57)
Minami Shimada : You can't even remember my name, and you're still trying to get close to me?! (0:15:56.14)
Yoshii Akihisa : Tu ne voudrais pas devenir mon amie? (0:16:00.45)
Yoshii Akihisa : Tu ne— (0:16:06.65)
Minami Shimada : Don't talk to me you idiot! (0:16:07.57)
Yoshii Akihisa : I am a man. Are you? (0:16:15.02)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm a guy, but... (0:16:18.31)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait, don't tell me she's a guy too?! (0:16:20.54)
Minami Shimada : He doesn't understand English?! (0:16:23.00)
Yuuji Sakamoto : She means you're annoying. (0:16:27.50)
Yoshii Akihisa : Really? (0:16:29.13)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Calling a pissed off girl a man,
you've sure got guts Akihisa.
Yoshii Akihisa : That's not what I meant, Shimada! (0:16:35.51)
Yoshii Akihisa : It's not like I think you're a guy because you've got such a flat chest, it's just th— (0:16:37.18)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're breaking my arm! (0:16:40.42)
Minami Shimada : I don't understand Japanese, but I heard that 'flat chest' part loud and clear. (0:16:44.44)
Minami Shimada : This totally sucks. (0:16:56.20)
Minami Shimada : I shouldn't have come to Japan. (0:16:59.09)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hey, Shimada! (0:17:01.20)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I don't know much about that guy since we just met; but that idiot's pretty interesting, don't you think? (0:17:04.29)
Minami Shimada : Id-iot? (0:17:11.34)
Minami Shimada : Id-iot? (0:17:12.17)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You should look up what he's been saying to you. (0:17:15.43)
Minami Shimada : Idiot, huh... (0:17:40.78)
Minami Shimada : I know he's an idiot. (0:17:43.33)
Minami Shimada : "Tu ne voudrais pas devenir mon amie?" (0:17:46.58)
Minami Shimada : What does that even mean? (0:17:49.97)
Minami Shimada : I'm sure he was just making fun of me again. (0:17:52.10)
Minami Shimada : Fine, I'll look it up and get you back! (0:17:57.43)
Minami Shimada : Tu ne voudrais pas... Tu ne voudrais pas... (0:18:04.15)
Minami Shimada : Tu ne voudrais pas... (0:18:07.21)
Minami Shimada : That's not even in this dictionary! (0:18:09.17)
Minami Shimada : Just what was he saying? (0:18:13.64)
Minami Shimada : Is that even Japanese? (0:18:15.84)
Minami Shimada : He even got my name wrong. (0:18:18.01)
Minami Shimada : I'm not Monami, I'm Minami! (0:18:20.31)
Minami Shimada : Monami...? (0:18:23.16)
Minami Shimada : I got it! (0:18:43.14)
Minami Shimada : It's in French! (0:18:48.58)
Minami Shimada : Tu ne voudrais pas devenir mon amie? (0:19:16.38)
Minami Shimada : It's not Japanese at all! (0:19:19.66)
Minami Shimada : It's not German either! (0:19:21.61)
Minami Shimada : That guy got it wrong and used French instead! (0:19:23.55)
Minami Shimada : He really is an idiot. (0:19:26.36)
Minami Shimada : There weren't any German to
French dictionaries in the library.
Minami Shimada : I could only translate it to English, and then to German. (0:19:35.98)
Minami Shimada : I didn't know how it was spelled, so I'm not sure I got all the words right. (0:19:40.74)
Minami Shimada : But... (0:19:51.24)
Minami Shimada : "Tu ne voudrais pas" means "could you" in English. (0:19:55.64)
Minami Shimada : "Devenir" is "become". (0:20:01.28)
Minami Shimada : It's not Monami, but rather "mon amie", which means "my friend". (0:20:05.38)
Minami Shimada : If you put them all together... (0:20:14.44)
Minami Shimada : Tu ne voudrais pas devenir mon amie? (0:20:22.24)
Minami Shimada : Tu ne voudrais pas devenir mon amie? (0:20:25.16)
Minami Shimada : I'm sure he had to piece it together too. (0:20:37.13)
Minami Shimada : Even though it was in an foreign language... (0:20:41.31)
Minami Shimada : Even though he could hardly grasp the classical form of his own language... (0:20:44.58)
Minami Shimada : Even though he's an idiot... (0:20:50.64)
Minami Shimada : Such a big idiot... (0:20:52.93)
Minami Shimada : I'm the idiot... (0:20:55.75)
Minami Shimada : Will you be friends with me? (0:21:01.61)
Minami Shimada : With me... (0:21:09.61)
Minami Shimada : Morning, Yoshii! (0:21:25.22)
Yoshii Akihisa : Morning, Shimada. (0:21:29.26)
Yoshii Akihisa : What's wrong, Shimada? (0:21:33.07)
Minami Shimada : You know, Yoshii... (0:21:35.81)
Yoshii Akihisa : Um? (0:21:37.66)
Minami Shimada : Wa-shi... (0:21:38.40)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wa-ta-shi... (0:21:39.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wa-ta-shi... (0:21:40.00)
Yoshii Akihisa : What a shit? (0:21:40.82)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sorry, did I make you mad again? (0:21:43.03)
Minami Shimada : No! What I... (0:21:45.95)
Minami Shimada : Hey, Yoshii... (0:21:59.54)
Minami Shimada : Let me... (0:22:02.61)
Shin Fukuhara : Question 9: What is the term for the activity in which an organization solicits politicians to influence government policy? (0:23:35.76)
Minami Shimada : Dinner parties? (0:23:43.18)
Shin Fukuhara : Who's the king? (0:23:44.08)
Yoshii Akihisa : Next episode: Me, Romance, and Diplomacy! (0:23:45.52)
Shin Fukuhara : This will be on your test. (0:23:47.78)

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