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Minami Shimada : W-Well, that one wasn't a joke! (0:00:02.49)
Mizuki Himeji : Minami really does feel... (0:00:06.19)
EXTRA : W-Well, that wasn't a joke! (0:00:10.90)
EXTRA : We're seriously gonna kill you! (0:00:13.81)
Mizuki Himeji : Minami... (0:00:16.70)
Mizuki Himeji : She really... (0:00:18.15)
Mizuki Himeji : does feel that way. (0:00:19.29)
Shin Fukuhara : A week after the training camp, the second year boys have returned from suspension. (0:01:52.44)
Shouko Kirishima : Yuuji. (0:01:57.22)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Hm? (0:01:58.01)
Yuuji Sakamoto : What is— (0:01:59.56)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Whoa, scary! (0:02:00.14)
Shouko Kirishima : Don't dodge. (0:02:02.51)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Of course I'm gonna dodge if you try to headbutt me! (0:02:03.80)
Shouko Kirishima : It was a kiss, not a headbutt. (0:02:06.22)
Yuuji Sakamoto : All right, don't move from there. (0:02:07.69)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Put your hands behind your head and slowly explain. (0:02:10.77)
Shouko Kirishima : Touching lips, smooching, (0:02:13.54)
Shouko Kirishima : something that's only natural for two who have vowed to spend their future together. (0:02:15.58)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Wait, I know all about kissing. (0:02:19.07)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm asking why— (0:02:21.10)
Shouko Kirishima : When, where, and with whom? (0:02:23.03)
Yuuji Sakamoto : No, I'm saying I know the definition, not that I have experience. (0:02:24.91)
Shouko Kirishima : I see. That's fine then. (0:02:29.02)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I thought I'd die. (0:02:30.58)
Yuuji Sakamoto : What brought this on? (0:02:32.26)
Shouko Kirishima : Those two were kissing just now. (0:02:34.38)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Seriously?! (0:02:37.24)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Jeez, Akihisa's being an idiot, as always. (0:02:38.97)
Yuuji Sakamoto : He should've known that's what a kiss would get him. (0:02:42.04)
Shouko Kirishima : I'm sorry. (0:02:45.32)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Huh? (0:02:46.43)
Shouko Kirishima : Actually, when you were asleep... (0:02:47.06)
EXTRA : All right! (0:02:49.39)
EXTRA : We've located another heretic! (0:02:50.30)
EXTRA : All right, take him away. (0:02:52.27)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Stop! I didn't do anything! (0:02:53.73)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm sorry! Please, stop! (0:02:55.61)
Shouko Kirishima : Though I could only kiss your cheek
because you rolled over in your sleep.
EXTRA : Brethren, where are we? (0:03:00.79)
EXTRA : The courtroom where we deliver final judgment! (0:03:03.12)
EXTRA : The heretics will face... (0:03:05.96)
EXTRA : the Iron Hammer of Death! (0:03:07.16)
EXTRA : Good. We now commence the heretic's hearing. (0:03:09.04)
Yoshii Akihisa : Huh? Yuuji, what are you doing here? (0:03:12.67)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I got dragged in because of you! (0:03:14.82)
EXTRA : Read them their charges. (0:03:16.25)
EXTRA : Defendant, Yoshii Akihisa, (0:03:18.48)
EXTRA : will henceforth be referred to as The First Party, (0:03:20.83)
EXTRA : and in a similar fashion, Shimada, as Flat Chest. (0:03:22.47)
EXTRA : The defendant has been charged with an act of treason for opposing our doctrine. (0:03:25.34)
EXTRA : Early this morning, The First Party performed a coercive act of indecency on Flat Chest, (0:03:29.38)
EXTRA : and one of our brethren secured him. (0:03:34.91)
EXTRA : We intend to perform a thorough investigation of the relationship between The First Party and Flat Chest, (0:03:36.89)
EXTRA : after which we will outline the proper measures to be taken against The First Party and the watch to place on Flat Chest... (0:03:41.64)
EXTRA : State the conclusions only. (0:03:45.95)
EXTRA : I'm jealous that they were kissing! (0:03:47.62)
EXTRA : Verdict: death penalty. (0:03:51.16)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Wait, Akihisa, what's going on? (0:03:52.54)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's what I'd like to know. (0:03:54.63)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Does anything ring a bell? (0:03:56.51)
Yuuji Sakamoto : When was the last time you met Shimada? (0:04:00.04)
Yoshii Akihisa : The last night of the training camp, I guess. (0:04:01.89)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Oh, back then. (0:04:04.09)
Yoshii Akihisa : Minami sneaked in when you were all fast asleep. (0:04:05.51)
Yuuji Sakamoto : And you didn't think that was strange? (0:04:09.64)
Yoshii Akihisa : I thought for sure that she came to assassinate me. (0:04:12.01)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Then what were you talking about before that? (0:04:14.40)
Yoshii Akihisa : Let's see... (0:04:16.73)
Yuuji Sakamoto : What's the matter, Akihisa? (0:04:23.78)
Yoshii Akihisa : No, never mind. (0:04:25.26)
Yuuji Sakamoto : So what were you talking about? (0:04:26.87)
Yoshii Akihisa : Something like a confession of love. (0:04:28.83)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shimada to you? (0:04:30.71)
Yoshii Akihisa : No... me to Shimada. (0:04:32.15)
Yuuji Sakamoto : That should've totally set bells ringing! (0:04:34.08)
EXTRA : Heretic Yoshii Akihisa, will you accept the sentence and repent for your sins? (0:04:37.13)
Yoshii Akihisa : The sentence? (0:04:42.63)
EXTRA : Special bungee jump penalty. (0:04:44.08)
Yoshii Akihisa : What is that, exactly? (0:04:46.43)
EXTRA : I can only give you a hint to save you unnecessary anxiety. (0:04:49.43)
EXTRA : It's like skydiving without a parachute. (0:04:54.27)
Yoshii Akihisa : It's totally obvious! No bungee?! Will I be doing a bungee jump without the bungee?! (0:04:57.86)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, it's Himeji! Save me, Himeji! (0:05:03.90)
Mizuki Himeji : Minami does love Akihisa... (0:05:06.83)
Mizuki Himeji : Minami... (0:05:09.48)
Yoshii Akihisa : Eh, you're still on that? (0:05:10.57)
EXTRA : Yoshii and Shimada made eye contact! (0:05:35.27)
EXTRA : I thought I'd have a chance with Flat Chest! (0:05:37.95)
EXTRA : If he took Shimada on top of Himeji and Kinoshita, (0:05:40.10)
EXTRA : Miss Aki would be the only hope left! (0:05:43.36)
Minami Shimada : G-Good morning, Aki. (0:05:46.28)
Yoshii Akihisa : Y-Yeah, good morning. (0:05:48.16)
Minami Shimada : Um, can I share your table? (0:05:49.77)
Yoshii Akihisa : Eh? (0:05:52.62)
Minami Shimada : Mine broke. (0:05:53.33)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, no choice then. (0:05:55.35)
Yoshii Akihisa : Go ahead. (0:05:57.18)
Minami Shimada : Thanks! (0:05:57.75)
Minami Shimada : Why have you gone all quiet? (0:06:01.04)
Yoshii Akihisa : Well, aren't we a little close? (0:06:03.16)
Minami Shimada : There isn't much room, though. (0:06:05.34)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're right. (0:06:07.88)
Minami Shimada : Say, Aki, um... I'm not forcing you, (0:06:09.30)
Minami Shimada : but do you want to have lunch together? (0:06:12.94)
Minami Shimada : I packed a boxed lunch fo— (0:06:15.02)
Miharu Shimizu : What are you doing, Darling? (0:06:16.72)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sh-Shimizu?! (0:06:18.64)
Miharu Shimizu : I won't let this pig get close to you, Darling! (0:06:19.81)
Minami Shimada : I-I've got no choice! My table broke, after all. (0:06:22.65)
Miharu Shimizu : But you don't have to share with this pig! (0:06:25.76)
Mizuki Himeji : Minami does love Akihisa... (0:06:28.40)
Minami Shimada : But Mizuki and the rest are hard at work studying. (0:06:31.71)
Minami Shimada : I don't want to disturb them. (0:06:34.08)
Minami Shimada : Aki's grades are going to be poor either way. (0:06:35.81)
Yoshii Akihisa : I feel like you just said something bad about me. (0:06:38.84)
Miharu Shimizu : Unforgivable! Your handmade boxed lunch would be wasted on this disgusting pig! (0:06:41.75)
Miharu Shimizu : The fries you seasoned with your handmade sauce at four in the morning! (0:06:45.96)
Miharu Shimizu : The Salisbury steak made with the ground meat you bought especially for it! (0:06:49.30)
Miharu Shimizu : The potato salad made with pesticide-free vegetables! (0:06:51.76)
Minami Shimada : How do you know about all that?! (0:06:54.21)
Miharu Shimizu : Not to mention the rice with the heart on it! (0:06:56.56)
Minami Shimada : Miharu! (0:06:59.02)
Minami Shimada : Um, Miharu, I've been putting off saying it, but you need to stop doing things like this. (0:07:03.02)
Minami Shimada : I mean... (0:07:08.49)
Minami Shimada : I'm going out with Aki. (0:07:10.35)
Yoshii Akihisa : Tatami Flip! (0:07:14.03)
Minami Shimada : So, Miharu, please understand. (0:07:18.20)
Miharu Shimizu : I don't want to! We'll get married and call our daughter Mirai, taking the "Mi" from your name! (0:07:20.41)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait, Shimizu! (0:07:26.33)
Yoshii Akihisa : What will you do if you get a son? (0:07:27.41)
Miharu Shimizu : "Namihei" would do for a boy! (0:07:28.96)
Minami Shimada : Never mind all that, we couldn't have a child! (0:07:30.91)
Souichi Nishimura : Class is about to begin. (0:07:33.89)
Souichi Nishimura : Why are you here, Shimizu? Go back to your own class. (0:07:36.23)
Miharu Shimizu : I have important business! (0:07:39.32)
Miharu Shimizu : Please overlook me being here! (0:07:40.97)
Souichi Nishimura : Important business? (0:07:43.05)
Miharu Shimizu : Yes, the very important business of
annihilating all the pigs from this classroom!
Souichi Nishimura : You are forbidden from entering this classroom from now on. (0:07:48.28)
Miharu Shimizu : That pig! (0:07:52.55)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : You're in trouble all the time. (0:07:54.20)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Always the talk of the town. (0:07:56.65)
Yoshii Akihisa : Don't say that. It isn't really my fault. (0:07:58.30)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Actually, thanks to you, this is
gonna be a real pain in the ass.
Yoshii Akihisa : Huh? (0:08:04.58)
Yuuji Sakamoto : There's been a movement within Class D to begin an ESB. (0:08:05.45)
Yoshii Akihisa : It doesn't really matter to us whether Class D
begins an ESB with another class, does it?
Yuuji Sakamoto : Even if they're coming after us? (0:08:14.71)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : What?! (0:08:16.94)
Kouta Tsuchiya : What?! (0:08:16.94)
Yoshii Akihisa : What?! (0:08:16.94)
Yoshii Akihisa : But we have the worst facilities in the school! (0:08:17.60)
Yoshii Akihisa : They won't gain anything. (0:08:21.11)
Yoshii Akihisa : Don't tell me... (0:08:22.71)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yes. Shimizu's taking it out on us. (0:08:23.52)
Yuuji Sakamoto : In order to get Shimada off of your table, (0:08:26.68)
Yuuji Sakamoto : she's trying to force us back to using the orange boxes again. (0:08:28.88)
Yoshii Akihisa : But the whole of Class D won't just blindly follow Shimizu... (0:08:31.62)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We were the main culprits in the group peeping; (0:08:35.16)
Yuuji Sakamoto : all girls consider us their enemies. (0:08:38.03)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Class D's rep is Hiraga Genji, (0:08:40.70)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : but I doubt he can keep Shimizu's jealousy and the girls' thirst for revenge in check. (0:08:42.87)
Yoshii Akihisa : No way! (0:08:47.30)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Because of last week's suspension, us guys still haven't recovered our points. (0:08:48.19)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We'll be overpowered, even with Himeji on our side. (0:08:52.28)
Kouta Tsuchiya : There's only one other way: to avoid the battle. (0:08:54.80)
Yoshii Akihisa : Is that really possible? (0:08:57.68)
Yuuji Sakamoto : It's up to you and Shimada. (0:08:59.17)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I want to confirm one thing. (0:09:01.56)
Yoshii Akihisa : What is it? (0:09:03.70)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Are you and Shimada really going out? (0:09:04.44)
Yoshii Akihisa : As best as I can remember, probably not. (0:09:08.52)
Yoshii Akihisa : It's probably because of the mix-up with the texts. (0:09:11.25)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : The mix-up? (0:09:14.11)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I see now. (0:09:17.95)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Akihisa aside, you couldn't have
chosen worse timing, Yuuji.
Yuuji Sakamoto : I see. (0:09:24.47)
Yuuji Sakamoto : My bad, Akihisa. (0:09:25.83)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Then, clear that up with Shimada and get your relationship back to normal. (0:09:27.47)
Yuuji Sakamoto : That'll settle down Shimizu as well. (0:09:32.28)
Yoshii Akihisa : That's... (0:09:34.09)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Voyeur, is one of Shimizu's surveillance bugs here? (0:09:42.60)
Kouta Tsuchiya : I did find one. I removed it, simulating device failure. (0:09:45.99)
Minami Shimada : What did you want to talk about? (0:09:48.52)
Yoshii Akihisa : The thing is, that text I sent you
during the training camp...
Yoshii Akihisa : That was actually... actually a misunderstanding. (0:09:55.11)
Minami Shimada : Huh? (0:09:58.29)
Yoshii Akihisa : Well, misunderstanding as in
I sent it to the wrong person.
Minami Shimada : Who was it for? (0:10:02.50)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sugawa, I guess. (0:10:03.20)
Minami Shimada : What?! You were going to confess to Sugawa?! (0:10:05.12)
Mizuki Himeji : No way! I thought you were only interested in girls! (0:10:08.41)
Yoshii Akihisa : No, no, that's not it. (0:10:13.90)
Mizuki Himeji : That's awful on so many levels. (0:10:19.30)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sorry! (0:10:21.24)
Yoshii Akihisa : Anyway, like I said, I messed up. (0:10:22.01)
Minami Shimada : I see! I thought something was
off, too. Now it makes sense!
Yoshii Akihisa : Minami, you were a bit careless too. (0:10:29.79)
Minami Shimada : Jeez, I don't want to hear that from someone who sends texts to the wrong people! (0:10:31.73)
Minami Shimada : What are you going to do about my first kiss?! (0:10:37.53)
Yoshii Akihisa : Sorry! I didn't mean to! (0:10:40.46)
Minami Shimada : Saying sorry isn't gonna cut it! (0:10:42.70)
Yoshii Akihisa : Th-Then... (0:10:45.18)
Minami Shimada : What is it? (0:10:46.12)
Yoshii Akihisa : I-It was... (0:10:47.29)
Yoshii Akihisa : my first too, so we're even. Okay? (0:10:49.32)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Of course it's not! (0:10:51.96)
Minami Shimada : Eh? I-I see. (0:10:53.88)
Minami Shimada : That's... Well... I guess since I took yours... (0:10:56.04)
Yuuji Sakamoto : She's okay with it?! (0:10:58.39)
Yoshii Akihisa : Um, Minami, I want you to answer
me without getting angry.
Minami Shimada : What is it? (0:11:03.32)
Yoshii Akihisa : You told Shimizu we were going out, remember? (0:11:04.15)
Yoshii Akihisa : Does that mean you... (0:11:07.37)
Minami Shimada : Th-That was... (0:11:09.89)
Minami Shimada : That was, you know, because Miharu was too clingy. I thought she'd give up if I said I've got a boyfriend! (0:11:11.32)
Minami Shimada : It seemed like the perfect time. (0:11:15.69)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : That's a pretty lame excuse. (0:11:17.48)
Kouta Tsuchiya : She's not being honest. (0:11:19.19)
Yoshii Akihisa : You should've told me earlier. (0:11:20.40)
Yoshii Akihisa : I thought you were in love with me there. (0:11:22.40)
Minami Shimada : O-Of course not! (0:11:24.83)
Yoshii Akihisa : I thought something was wrong, too. (0:11:27.01)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're never that sweet— (0:11:28.98)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're dislocating my arm! (0:11:31.29)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : That clears up the misunderstanding. (0:11:33.96)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Once we tell Shimizu this, (0:11:36.32)
Yuuji Sakamoto : everything will be resolved. (0:11:39.01)
Shin Fukuhara : Thus a battle with Class D has been avoided. (0:11:40.67)
Shin Fukuhara : However... (0:11:45.61)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Listen to this. (0:11:55.19)
Kouta Tsuchiya : The situation has worsened. (0:11:57.15)
Mizuki Himeji : Um, is it true that you have
photos of Akihisa in a sailor suit?
Kouta Tsuchiya : They're 100 yen each. No unauthorized reproduction. (0:12:04.25)
Mizuki Himeji : I'll take everything you've g— (0:12:06.80)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Oops, wrong one. (0:12:08.46)
Yoshii Akihisa : What was that?! That sounded pretty bad for me! (0:12:09.29)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shut up, Akihisa. Don't sweat the small stuff. (0:12:12.85)
Yoshii Akihisa : It's not small stuff! (0:12:15.51)
Yoshii Akihisa : Why is there a black market for
my photos just like Hideyoshi's?
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Stop right there, Akihisa! (0:12:19.48)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : In that case, things are even worse for me! (0:12:20.71)
Kouta Tsuchiya : This is the right one. (0:12:24.01)
EXTRA : How's it going in Class F? (0:12:25.89)
EXTRA : They haven't noticed our moves at all. (0:12:28.19)
EXTRA : Good. Let's use this chance to rebuild our points. (0:12:30.49)
EXTRA : We'll declare an ESB against them
immediately if they find out about it.
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait, I thought Class D wouldn't attack us! (0:12:36.53)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You've got it wrong. (0:12:39.94)
Yuuji Sakamoto : This ain't Class D. (0:12:41.43)
Kouta Tsuchiya : It was the guys from... (0:12:42.82)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Class B. (0:12:44.52)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Damn that sneaky bastard Nemoto! (0:12:45.41)
Yoshii Akihisa : Why would they start a fight with us? (0:12:48.57)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Nemoto's been in a pretty bad
situation since he lost to us.
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : He also got other boys to
participate in Operation Peep,
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : which failed miserably. (0:12:57.81)
Yuuji Sakamoto : He's probably starting to lose authority in Class B. (0:12:59.29)
Yuuji Sakamoto : That's why, to quell the dissatisfaction of his classmates, (0:13:02.67)
Yuuji Sakamoto : he's going to create a new enemy. (0:13:06.91)
Yuuji Sakamoto : That way he can direct all that dissatisfaction on to us by making us the enemy. (0:13:09.10)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : So he's just using us to sure up his own position, huh? (0:13:13.27)
Yoshii Akihisa : Eh?! If they attacked with our scores as low as they are, our loss would be a dead cert! (0:13:16.77)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Guess we'll just have to create a situation where they can't start an ESB with us. (0:13:22.47)
Yoshii Akihisa : You can do that? (0:13:27.32)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Yeah. We just need some other class to start one before they do. (0:13:28.82)
Yoshii Akihisa : That means... (0:13:33.45)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We're going to make Class D start an ESB with us. (0:13:34.37)
Yoshii Akihisa : You're kidding! Didn't we just clear things up with Shimizu to avoid a fight with them? (0:13:37.29)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We'll be given time to replenish
our scores once the battle starts.
Yuuji Sakamoto : This way we can take it easy and use the time to build up our scores. (0:13:47.74)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I see! Class B would hesitate to attack us when we're at full strength. (0:13:51.09)
Yoshii Akihisa : But Yuuji, as things are, we won't even win against Class D. (0:13:56.73)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I have another plan to deal with that. (0:14:00.37)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Anyway, for now, we'll provoke Class D
into starting a battle with us.
Yoshii Akihisa : How do we do that? (0:14:07.29)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Just do what you did this morning.
Cling onto Shimada and make Shimizu rage.
Yoshii Akihisa : Eh?! (0:14:12.99)
Minami Shimada : No way in hell! (0:14:13.91)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Please! (0:14:15.83)
Minami Shimada : You won't change my mind! (0:14:17.21)
Minami Shimada : Asking me to act like this idiot's girlfriend isn't funny! (0:14:19.13)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Shimada! You're the only person who can do this! (0:14:23.05)
Yuuji Sakamoto : We'll go back to using orange boxes if Class B attacks us now! (0:14:26.26)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Himeji's parents will start worrying again if that happens, (0:14:30.68)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : and this time she might really be transferred out. (0:14:34.31)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I need your help as well, Himeji. (0:14:37.35)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Me too? (0:14:39.39)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Yes. Shimada alone won't be convincing enough. (0:14:40.81)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I want you to act green with envy at their relationship. (0:14:44.79)
Yoshii Akihisa : Is that... too much to ask for? (0:14:51.16)
Mizuki Himeji : Um, Minami, Akihisa! (0:14:57.36)
Mizuki Himeji : I know you're not thrilled about this, but please! (0:14:59.95)
Minami Shimada : Mizuki... (0:15:03.29)
Mizuki Himeji : I'm sorry for being so selfish, (0:15:04.50)
Mizuki Himeji : but I still want to stay at this school. (0:15:07.78)
Mizuki Himeji : So please... (0:15:10.77)
Minami Shimada : I-I got it! I just have to act, right? (0:15:13.34)
Mizuki Himeji : Thank you so much! (0:15:16.22)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Now that's decided, let's get started! (0:15:17.80)
Yoshii Akihisa : Is this the script? (0:15:19.56)
Yoshii Akihisa : Hmm, let's see... (0:15:21.06)
Minami Shimada : Sorry for calling you out so suddenly, Aki. (0:15:21.81)
Minami Shimada : You know, I love you. (0:15:24.55)
Yoshii Akihisa : I always felt that way too, Minami. (0:15:27.72)
Yoshii Akihisa : Wait, what's with these lines?! (0:15:30.28)
Minami Shimada : I can't read this! (0:15:31.78)
Yoshii Akihisa : I know it's an act, but still, it's just too embarrassing! (0:15:33.89)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Oh well, then let me show you how it's done. (0:15:36.50)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Sorry for calling you out so suddenly, Aki. (0:15:48.61)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : You know, I... (0:15:52.47)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I love you, Aki. (0:15:54.47)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I fell for you the moment I laid my eyes on you. (0:15:57.26)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Being "just another friend" has
always been so painful for me.
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : I've always longed to be more than just friends. (0:16:04.42)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Aki, sorry for being so forward, (0:16:11.34)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : but I want you to know that I love you. (0:16:16.27)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Will you go out with me? (0:16:20.33)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : And that's how it's done. (0:16:26.92)
Minami Shimada : I-Incredible. (0:16:29.14)
Mizuki Himeji : That made my heart race. (0:16:30.82)
Yuuji Sakamoto : What's wrong, Akihisa? (0:16:34.21)
Yoshii Akihisa : Will you leave me alone just a while longer? (0:16:35.45)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Huh? (0:16:39.20)
Yoshii Akihisa : There are some dreams that you
just don't want to wake up from.
Yuuji Sakamoto : Jeez. (0:16:42.49)
Yuuji Sakamoto : Voyeur, put that surveillance bug back on the roof. (0:16:43.35)
Kouta Tsuchiya : Got it. (0:16:47.46)
Yuuji Sakamoto : You three will stage your performance there. (0:16:48.23)
Yuuji Sakamoto : I'm sure Shimizu will listen to the act and think exactly what we want. (0:16:51.17)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : The setting will be Shimada and Akihisa having a lovers' rendezvous on the roof. (0:16:54.03)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : You two need to go there arm-in-arm. (0:16:57.54)
Yoshii Akihisa : Arm-in-arm?! (0:16:59.48)
Minami Shimada : But— (0:17:00.49)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Good luck, and clean up your act. (0:17:01.45)
Yoshii Akihisa : F-Fine... (0:17:05.04)
Minami Shimada : I'll send you straight to hell
if you touch anywhere strange.
Yoshii Akihisa : It's hard to walk when you're holding on to me so tightly. (0:17:15.88)
Minami Shimada : It's only normal; we're going out together! (0:17:18.46)
Yoshii Akihisa : But my elbow's touching your... there . (0:17:21.58)
Minami Shimada : Eh? (0:17:24.81)
Minami Shimada : Y-You pervert... (0:17:25.86)
Yoshii Akihisa : Your rib, I mean— (0:17:27.60)
Yoshii Akihisa : Bear it! I need to keep up the act! (0:17:29.69)
Yoshii Akihisa : Hey, Minami! (0:17:31.78)
Minami Shimada : What is it, Aki? (0:17:33.03)
Yoshii Akihisa : Minami, what do you like about me? (0:17:34.14)
Minami Shimada : Isn't that obvious? (0:17:36.21)
Minami Shimada : From the top of your head... (0:17:37.95)
Yoshii Akihisa : From there to where? (0:17:39.70)
Minami Shimada : your eyebrows. (0:17:41.77)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh, my forehead. (0:17:43.37)
Mizuki Himeji : What are you two doing? (0:17:49.88)
Minami Shimada : Mizuki... (0:17:52.46)
Mizuki Himeji : You're arm-in-arm, and so close... (0:17:53.49)
Mizuki Himeji : It makes it look just like you two... (0:17:55.63)
Mizuki Himeji : are going out together! (0:17:58.89)
Yoshii Akihisa : Huh? (0:18:01.10)
Yoshii Akihisa : Was there a line like that in the script? (0:18:02.33)
Yoshii Akihisa : I see! She's ad-libbing! (0:18:04.72)
Minami Shimada : You're right, Mizuki. (0:18:06.48)
Minami Shimada : I'm going out with Aki. (0:18:08.29)
Mizuki Himeji : Is that really true? (0:18:10.59)
Minami Shimada : Yes. (0:18:13.07)
Minami Shimada : Sorry for keeping it from you, Mizuki. (0:18:14.16)
Mizuki Himeji : Minami! (0:18:16.03)
Mizuki Himeji : So you really do like him? (0:18:18.33)
Minami Shimada : Sorry for keeping that from you, too. (0:18:21.41)
Minami Shimada : I knew how you felt about him. (0:18:23.83)
Minami Shimada : Sorry. You'll never forgive me, will you? (0:18:26.29)
Mizuki Himeji : No, I sort of knew already how you felt. (0:18:29.50)
Mizuki Himeji : Actually, I'm relieved now that it's out in the open. (0:18:35.65)
Minami Shimada : So you'll forgive me? (0:18:40.68)
Mizuki Himeji : It's not a matter of forgiveness. (0:18:43.21)
Mizuki Himeji : I believe everyone's free to choose in love. (0:18:46.18)
Mizuki Himeji : That's why I can't hold it against you. (0:18:49.65)
Minami Shimada : Mizuki... (0:18:53.85)
Minami Shimada : Thank you. (0:18:55.83)
Mizuki Himeji : But... (0:18:56.99)
Mizuki Himeji : I won't forgive that kiss you gave him this morning! (0:18:58.40)
Mizuki Himeji : It was criminal! (0:19:00.17)
Mizuki Himeji : And it was his first kiss ! (0:19:01.41)
Minami Shimada : Well, I got those texts from him,
and it just sort of happened...
Mizuki Himeji : Just happened?! Even if God forgives you, I won't! (0:19:06.70)
Yoshii Akihisa : Isn't that the surveillance bug?! (0:19:13.54)
Mizuki Himeji : Minami... you idiot! (0:19:15.67)
Yoshii Akihisa : Oh no! It's all over if Himeji drops out of character with that thing on! (0:19:18.09)
Yoshii Akihisa : Himeji! (0:19:23.60)
Minami Shimada : Wai— Hold it right there, Aki! (0:19:24.93)
Minami Shimada : What are you doing, Aki?!
Are you choosing her over me?
Yoshii Akihisa : I'm sorry! I need to do this! (0:19:31.08)
Minami Shimada : Aki! Stay with me! (0:19:34.90)
Minami Shimada : I... (0:19:37.31)
Minami Shimada : Aki, I... (0:19:38.57)
Minami Shimada : love you. (0:19:42.84)
Minami Shimada : So that's... how it is. (0:19:46.97)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Calm down, Shimada. (0:19:53.58)
Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Don't say anything careless— (0:19:55.37)
Minami Shimada : It's all right. (0:19:57.91)
Minami Shimada : I'm done with the act. (0:19:58.96)
Minami Shimada : Aki prefers proper girls like Mizuki anyway. (0:20:01.19)
Yoshii Akihisa : Himeji. (0:20:09.08)
Mizuki Himeji : Akihisa! (0:20:14.50)
Yoshii Akihisa : Thank you. (0:20:25.97)
Mizuki Himeji : I hadn't noticed it. (0:20:27.79)
Yoshii Akihisa : What's wrong, Himeji? (0:20:30.08)
Yoshii Akihisa : You don't look well. (0:20:31.66)
Mizuki Himeji : You can tell? (0:20:33.65)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yeah, you look kinda lonely. (0:20:35.28)
Mizuki Himeji : Lonely, huh? (0:20:37.88)
Mizuki Himeji : That must be the sadness (0:20:40.36)
Mizuki Himeji : from having someone you love taken away from you, (0:20:43.92)
Mizuki Himeji : even if it was just an act. (0:20:48.91)
Yoshii Akihisa : Don't worry about it. It was just pretend. (0:20:51.98)
Mizuki Himeji : You're right. (0:20:56.25)
Mizuki Himeji : It was pretend. (0:20:58.00)
Yoshii Akihisa : I'd get a little jealous too. (0:20:59.86)
Mizuki Himeji : Eh? (0:21:01.76)
Yoshii Akihisa : That is, if there were some other guy you two fell in love with, even if it was just an act. (0:21:02.88)
Mizuki Himeji : Huh? (0:21:07.05)
Mizuki Himeji : If that really were to happen, (0:21:09.53)
Mizuki Himeji : what would you do, Akihisa? (0:21:12.98)
Yoshii Akihisa : Eh? (0:21:14.96)
Yoshii Akihisa : Let's see... (0:21:15.94)
Yoshii Akihisa : I guess I'd just think as hard as I could.{think of a way to get rid of that guy? not explicitly stated tho} (0:21:18.38)
Mizuki Himeji : You'd... think hard? (0:21:21.05)
Yoshii Akihisa : Yeah. I'd think hard, in my own way. (0:21:23.97)
Yoshii Akihisa : And then I'd lay it all bare. (0:21:26.94)
Mizuki Himeji : What I meant was who you'd choose... (0:21:29.60)
Yoshii Akihisa : Eh? (0:21:33.02)
Mizuki Himeji : It's nothing! Don't worry about it! (0:21:33.68)
Yoshii Akihisa : But boy was I surprised! (0:21:35.89)
Mizuki Himeji : By what? (0:21:37.77)
Yoshii Akihisa : It really didn't seem like an act just now! (0:21:39.00)
Yoshii Akihisa : Don't tell me, you... (0:21:42.63)
Mizuki Himeji : Eh? (0:21:44.19)
Mizuki Himeji : Eh?! (0:21:45.70)
Yoshii Akihisa : ...have some acting experience? (0:21:46.70)
Mizuki Himeji : Oh. (0:21:50.54)
Yoshii Akihisa : Ah. (0:21:52.59)
Yoshii Akihisa : Himeji...? (0:21:53.88)
Mizuki Himeji : Idiot. (0:21:56.06)
Minami Shimada : Idiot. (0:22:00.08)
Shin Fukuhara : Question 10: Give examples of ingredients that are added to
miso soup as a supplement for the nutrients that miso lacks.
Mizuki Himeji : Vitamin C - Oranges, hydrochloric acid. (0:23:42.36)
Shin Fukuhara : Would that still be food? (0:23:44.61)
Yoshii Akihisa : Next episode: Me, Romance, and the Art of Love! (0:23:45.93)
Shin Fukuhara : This will be on your test. (0:23:48.22)

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