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EXTRA : Hey, don't joke like that! (0:00:02.02)
EXTRA : And then... (0:00:05.27)
EXTRA : I have to hurry, or Senpai will get mad! (0:00:11.11)
EXTRA : Wait up! (0:00:13.61)
EXTRA : Whoa, you bought them. (0:00:16.49)
EXTRA : Yep. (0:00:18.44)
EXTRA : Starting today, I have new shoes. (0:00:19.27)
EXTRA : I'll be really fast today. (0:00:21.16)
EXTRA : I'm going to leave you behind! (0:00:23.37)
EXTRA : No way. (0:00:24.96)
EXTRA : Takayama Kate-sensei, (0:00:26.38)
EXTRA : please come to the teacher's lounge as soon as possible. (0:00:28.56)
EXTRA : This one made me cry a lot. (0:00:31.13)
EXTRA : Why is he in the library? (0:00:34.87)
EXTRA : You're late, first years! (0:00:36.82)
EXTRA : Sorry. (0:00:38.22)
EXTRA : Change quickly, and then start running. (0:00:40.08)
EXTRA : OK. (0:00:41.81)
EXTRA : Don't drag out your responses! (0:00:42.76)
EXTRA : OK! (0:00:44.14)
EXTRA : Sena-sama, what are you going to do now? (0:00:45.48)
EXTRA : I brought the film that you mentioned before. (0:00:47.96)
EXTRA : What's wrong, Sena-sama? (0:00:54.16)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I forgot my PE clothes. (0:01:06.61)
EXTRA : How about we stop by that store again today? (0:01:10.63)
EXTRA : Oh, I was just thinking about that, too. (0:01:12.50)
EXTRA : I-I'm sorry! (0:01:17.42)
EXTRA : That was scary! (0:01:23.35)
EXTRA : Are you OK, Miki-chan? (0:01:24.81)
EXTRA : You're always so dramatic, Kyou-kun. (0:03:14.96)
EXTRA : Seriously, it was scary. (0:03:18.09)
Yozora Mikazuki : Don't tease me like that! (0:03:25.10)
Yozora Mikazuki : That's not true! (0:03:26.43)
Kodaka Hasegawa : What? (0:03:27.10)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Who is that? (0:03:28.10)
Yozora Mikazuki : Huh? You say it's my own fault? (0:03:29.14)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Someone talking on the phone? (0:03:30.04)
Yozora Mikazuki : You always say that! (0:03:31.60)
Kodaka Hasegawa : She's... (0:03:35.18)
Yozora Mikazuki : I'm telling you, that's not how it is. (0:03:35.53)
Yozora Mikazuki : But anyway, that teacher... (0:03:38.07)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Mikazuki Yozora, from my class. (0:03:40.24)
Yozora Mikazuki : Yeah, yeah! (0:03:43.28)
Kodaka Hasegawa : But the Mikazuki I know... (0:03:44.58)
Yozora Mikazuki : That really made me laugh! (0:03:46.03)
Kodaka Hasegawa : ...would never talk and laugh with someone like that. (0:03:47.05)
Kodaka Hasegawa : She always looks like she's in a bad mood. You can almost feel it. (0:03:50.87)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I've never seen her with anyone else. (0:03:55.72)
Kodaka Hasegawa : And yet... (0:03:58.68)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Wait, she's not holding a phone. (0:04:00.11)
Kodaka Hasegawa : What's going on? (0:04:07.75)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Who is she talking to? (0:04:09.31)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Is there even anyone there? (0:04:11.15)
Kodaka Hasegawa : A girl, alone in a classroom at sunset, (0:04:14.18)
Kodaka Hasegawa : speaking with something that can't be seen. (0:04:16.34)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Hey, the prologue of the light novel I was
reading earlier was just like this, wasn't it?
Kodaka Hasegawa : After discovering her secret, I committed myself to fighting things that should not exist in this world. (0:04:25.86)
Kodaka Hasegawa : And then, in the end, I'll... (0:04:34.00)
Kodaka Hasegawa : ...fall in love with her... (0:04:36.81)
Yozora Mikazuki : By the way, Tomo-chan, you- (0:04:40.30)
Kodaka Hasegawa : That's her regular expression. (0:05:08.08)
Kodaka Hasegawa : She was really cute when she smiled, though. (0:05:11.07)
Yozora Mikazuki : What? (0:05:14.72)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Um, are you able to see ghosts or something? (0:05:17.24)
Yozora Mikazuki : What? (0:05:20.87)
Yozora Mikazuki : Ghosts don't exist. (0:05:22.05)
Kodaka Hasegawa : But you were talking with someo- (0:05:24.37)
Yozora Mikazuki : You saw?! (0:05:26.44)
Yozora Mikazuki : I-I was simply talking with a friend! (0:05:36.44)
Yozora Mikazuki : With an air friend! (0:05:39.83)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Air friend? (0:05:50.86)
Kodaka Hasegawa : What's that? (0:05:53.07)
Yozora Mikazuki : Just what it sounds like. (0:05:54.67)
Yozora Mikazuki : You know, like air guitar? (0:05:56.66)
Yozora Mikazuki : It's like that, but with friends. (0:05:58.50)
Kodaka Hasegawa : So, you were pretending there was a
friend there that you were talking to?
Yozora Mikazuki : I'm not pretending. (0:06:05.38)
Yozora Mikazuki : Tomo-chan really exists. (0:06:06.84)
Yozora Mikazuki : See, she's right here. (0:06:08.84)
Yozora Mikazuki : We were just talking about a time in middle school, (0:06:10.93)
Yozora Mikazuki : when we went to the amusement park. (0:06:13.15)
Yozora Mikazuki : We were hit on by a group of people, (0:06:15.43)
Yozora Mikazuki : but one of them turned out to be a
newly-appointed and good-looking teacher,
Yozora Mikazuki : it's a setting I made up, and so- (0:06:20.52)
Kodaka Hasegawa : You just said you made it up! (0:06:22.69)
Yozora Mikazuki : I did not! (0:06:24.28)
Yozora Mikazuki : It actually happened! (0:06:25.28)
Kodaka Hasegawa : How much of it actually happened? (0:06:28.03)
Yozora Mikazuki : The part about middle school. (0:06:31.12)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Almost all of it is made up, then! (0:06:32.74)
Kodaka Hasegawa : The part about going to an amusement park should have at least been true. (0:06:35.29)
Yozora Mikazuki : What's fun about going to an amusement park by yourself? (0:06:38.46)
Kodaka Hasegawa : You just admitted you were alone! (0:06:41.33)
Yozora Mikazuki : Ignore that. (0:06:43.50)
Yozora Mikazuki : Tomo-chan is extremely cute. (0:06:44.92)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It's useless. (0:06:46.55)
Yozora Mikazuki : So, if we went to an amusement park, she'd definitely attract strange guys. (0:06:47.26)
Kodaka Hasegawa : She needs help. (0:06:48.42)
Yozora Mikazuki : I was just preventing that. (0:06:50.44)
Yozora Mikazuki : Why are you looking at me like that? (0:06:53.18)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Well, if you want to talk with friends, (0:06:54.31)
Kodaka Hasegawa : why not just make some in real life? (0:06:57.68)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Not air friends, (0:07:00.23)
Kodaka Hasegawa : but real friends. (0:07:02.52)
Yozora Mikazuki : If I could do that, I wouldn't have these problems. (0:07:05.19)
Kodaka Hasegawa : How true. (0:07:08.36)
Yozora Mikazuki : Looking closer, (0:07:12.03)
Yozora Mikazuki : you're that transfer student in our class that's always alone. (0:07:13.73)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I've been here for a month already. (0:07:16.59)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Please don't call me a transfer student. (0:07:18.89)
Yozora Mikazuki : What's your name? (0:07:20.87)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Hasegawa Kodaka. (0:07:22.58)
Yozora Mikazuki : You don't really have the right to say anything about friends, Kodaka. (0:07:25.84)
Kodaka Hasegawa : You've already dropped the honorifics. (0:07:29.26)
Yozora Mikazuki : You're pretty sad, Kodaka. (0:07:31.43)
Yozora Mikazuki : Not being able to make a single friend after a month. (0:07:34.45)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I don't want to hear that from someone who has air friends ! (0:07:37.18)
Yozora Mikazuki : Are you making fun of Tomo-chan?! (0:07:39.89)
Yozora Mikazuki : Tomo-chan is cute, smart, good at sports, (0:07:42.06)
Yozora Mikazuki : kind, good at talking, good at listening... (0:07:44.37)
Yozora Mikazuki : ...and also... (0:07:49.28)
Yozora Mikazuki : ...and also, she'll never betray me. (0:07:51.15)
Yozora Mikazuki : I know, but I can't do anything about it. (0:07:59.20)
Yozora Mikazuki : I don't know how to make friends. (0:08:02.29)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I wonder how people make friends. (0:08:07.29)
Yozora Mikazuki : Didn't you have any at your previous school? (0:08:10.13)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I did. (0:08:12.38)
Yozora Mikazuki : Where are they now? (0:08:14.22)
Kodaka Hasegawa : They said they'd send messages, but... (0:08:15.43)
Yozora Mikazuki : I guess you were the only one who considered them friends. (0:08:18.35)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I don't want to hear it. (0:08:21.73)
Yozora Mikazuki : I know! (0:08:24.85)
Yozora Mikazuki : How about offering someone money to become your friend? (0:08:26.18)
Kodaka Hasegawa : That's so sad. (0:08:29.02)
Yozora Mikazuki : Like, 1000 yen a week to spend their time with you at school. (0:08:31.03)
Kodaka Hasegawa : A lover contract... no, a friendship contract? (0:08:35.36)
Yozora Mikazuki : You have a good point. (0:08:39.58)
Yozora Mikazuki : Yes, it's just like a contract. (0:08:42.04)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Why not just ask them to be your friend normally? (0:08:44.21)
Yozora Mikazuki : I see that often in dramas, but I don't really get it. (0:08:48.34)
Yozora Mikazuki : Do they become friends the moment one asks? (0:08:52.67)
Yozora Mikazuki : Even though they've never spoken before? (0:08:58.01)
Yozora Mikazuki : Do they still consider themselves friends even if they don't talk afterwards? (0:09:00.64)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Well, I feel the same way. (0:09:07.10)
Yozora Mikazuki : Besides, it's not like I really want friends. (0:09:11.90)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Huh? (0:09:15.57)
Yozora Mikazuki : I don't like being looked at with scorn by people, saying, (0:09:17.49)
Yozora Mikazuki : "She has no friends, how sad." (0:09:20.49)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I see. (0:09:23.87)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I can understand that. (0:09:25.69)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Society does seem to think that not having many friends is bad. (0:09:27.46)
Kodaka Hasegawa : That seems a bit wrong. (0:09:33.05)
Yozora Mikazuki : I'm fine on my own. (0:09:35.59)
Yozora Mikazuki : Just having someone act like my friend at school would be enough. (0:09:37.89)
Kodaka Hasegawa : But... I think I'd still like to make a true friend. (0:09:43.02)
Kodaka Hasegawa : What about clubs? (0:09:54.19)
Yozora Mikazuki : No way. (0:09:55.40)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Why? (0:09:56.57)
Yozora Mikazuki : It's June of our second year. (0:09:57.95)
Yozora Mikazuki : The relationships within the club have already been formed. (0:10:00.28)
Yozora Mikazuki : It would be way too embarrassing to join a club by yourself at this point. (0:10:03.95)
Kodaka Hasegawa : That's true. (0:10:07.75)
Yozora Mikazuki : Joining a club you don't really care about just to make friends would ruin the teamwork. (0:10:10.50)
Yozora Mikazuki : You'd be a new member with no skill. (0:10:16.01)
Yozora Mikazuki : Who would accept that? (0:10:19.30)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It's true: my reasons are selfish, and I don't have skill. (0:10:22.25)
Kodaka Hasegawa : And messing up the club's relationships... That would be terrible. (0:10:26.73)
Yozora Mikazuki : I see. (0:10:37.82)
Yozora Mikazuki : A club! (0:10:39.02)
Yozora Mikazuki : See you, Kodaka. (0:10:46.54)
Kodaka Hasegawa : You want to know about my hair? (0:11:09.10)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Well, my mother, who's gone now, was English, you see... (0:11:10.77)
Kodaka Hasegawa : A half? (0:11:14.94)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I guess you could call me that. (0:11:16.22)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Thank you. (0:11:18.28)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It was sad, but time has healed it. (0:11:19.63)
Kodaka Hasegawa : My father decided to leave the country. (0:11:25.20)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It was the day I transferred into Saint Chronica Academy in Tooya City. (0:11:27.37)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I mistook the bus routes and was really late. (0:11:31.67)
Kodaka Hasegawa : When I finally reached the school, I was almost crying. (0:11:37.13)
EXTRA : The Crusaders attacked Saladin's Islamic forces- (0:11:43.14)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Hey. I'm a transfer student... (0:11:50.14)
EXTRA : Y-Yes! (0:11:54.31)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Hasegawa... Kodaka. (0:11:55.40)
EXTRA : Asata-sensei...? (0:12:01.95)
EXTRA : He assaulted... (0:12:03.66)
EXTRA : What? Is he a delinquent? (0:12:04.57)
EXTRA : A transfer student? (0:12:06.18)
EXTRA : Look at that hair! (0:12:07.08)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Oh, textbooks... (0:12:19.50)
EXTRA : Take it! (0:12:24.80)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Thank y- (0:12:26.60)
Kodaka Hasegawa : By the evening of the day I transferred in, (0:12:30.43)
Kodaka Hasegawa : a rumour was going around school that I stole a textbook from the girl sitting next to me. (0:12:33.06)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It's been a month since then, (0:12:44.99)
Kodaka Hasegawa : and I still haven't recovered from that mistake. (0:12:46.86)
Yozora Mikazuki : See you, Kodaka. (0:12:51.07)
Kodaka Hasegawa : "Kodaka", huh? (0:12:55.62)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It's been a while since someone has used my name without honorifics. (0:12:59.17)
Kodaka Hasegawa : OK. (0:13:04.21)
EXTRA : In the algebraic formula for energy, there must always exist a root. (0:13:06.18)
EXTRA : As a result, energy... (0:13:09.93)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Mikazuki's... (0:13:14.23)
Kodaka Hasegawa : ...the same as always. (0:13:18.02)
Yozora Mikazuki : Kodaka. (0:13:24.53)
Yozora Mikazuki : Come with me. (0:13:25.57)
EXTRA : Mikazuki spoke to someone! (0:13:26.78)
EXTRA : Huh? To the transfer student?! (0:13:28.45)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Huh? Hey, wait! (0:13:30.03)
Kodaka Hasegawa : What's this so suddenly? (0:13:34.20)
Yozora Mikazuki : I've finished the preparations. (0:13:36.12)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Preparations? (0:13:38.42)
Yozora Mikazuki : For making a new club. (0:13:39.42)
Yozora Mikazuki : If we can't enter an already-existing club, let's just create a new one. (0:13:41.67)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It's true that you could make new
relationships if you start a new club.
Kodaka Hasegawa : But what kind of club did you make? (0:13:52.68)
Yozora Mikazuki : The Neighbour Club. (0:14:02.98)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Neighbour Club? (0:14:05.32)
Yozora Mikazuki : Yeah. (0:14:06.86)
Yozora Mikazuki : The club activities involve following the teachings of the Lord, developing good relationships with our fellow schoolmates, (0:14:10.28)
Yozora Mikazuki : deepening our friendships with them and
devoting ourselves to cultivating our characters.
Kodaka Hasegawa : That club application was accepted? (0:14:21.17)
Yozora Mikazuki : This school is simple. (0:14:23.63)
Yozora Mikazuki : Almost anything is possible if it involves "the teachings of the Lord". (0:14:26.38)
Yozora Mikazuki : Religion is so foolish. (0:14:30.18)
Kodaka Hasegawa : And so what does this Neighbour Club actually do? (0:14:32.14)
Yozora Mikazuki : Of course it's about making friends. (0:14:35.93)
Yozora Mikazuki : Finding people to act as friends to avoid the scornful looks of society. (0:14:38.64)
Yozora Mikazuki : It's also possible to try to find a real friend, like you want, Kodaka. (0:14:42.86)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I hadn't thought of that. (0:14:48.61)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Well, do your best. (0:14:51.20)
Yozora Mikazuki : Why are you talking like it doesn't involve you? (0:14:54.74)
Yozora Mikazuki : You're a club member. (0:14:56.50)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Huh? (0:14:57.70)
Yozora Mikazuki : You left early yesterday, (0:14:58.29)
Yozora Mikazuki : so I filled out your membership application for you. (0:15:00.46)
Yozora Mikazuki : Be grateful. (0:15:03.38)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Like hell! (0:15:04.29)
Yozora Mikazuki : And so, club activities are about to begin, member Kodaka. (0:15:05.25)
Kodaka Hasegawa : W-Wait a minute. (0:15:14.39)
Kodaka Hasegawa : The chapel lounge... (0:15:17.27)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Is it really all right to use it? (0:15:20.60)
Yozora Mikazuki : The advisor said it was OK, so it must be. (0:15:22.77)
Kodaka Hasegawa : And will this advisor teach us how to make friends or something? (0:15:25.57)
Yozora Mikazuki : That's impossible. (0:15:29.32)
Yozora Mikazuki : The advisor is the nun, Maria-sensei. (0:15:31.45)
Yozora Mikazuki : But she doesn't have any friends. (0:15:34.12)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Why did you get that kind of teacher for the advisor? (0:15:36.12)
Yozora Mikazuki : I'm bad at talking to people that have a lot of friends. (0:15:39.02)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Honestly... (0:15:43.28)
Yozora Mikazuki : Well, then. First up is gathering club members. (0:15:44.84)
Kodaka Hasegawa : What's this? (0:15:48.59)
Yozora Mikazuki : A poster. (0:15:49.84)
Yozora Mikazuki : We're going to put this up on bulletin boards around school right now. (0:15:51.09)
Kodaka Hasegawa : This? (0:15:53.76)
Kodaka Hasegawa : This doesn't give any idea what the club does. (0:15:55.10)
Yozora Mikazuki : How naive, Kodaka. (0:15:57.85)
Yozora Mikazuki : Read the words diagonally. (0:15:59.47)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Diagonally? (0:16:01.27)
Kodaka Hasegawa : We are looking for some friends... (0:16:04.06)
Yozora Mikazuki : Do you get it? (0:16:06.48)
Kodaka Hasegawa : That's a pretty simple trick... (0:16:07.44)
Yozora Mikazuki : It's not a trick. (0:16:09.90)
Yozora Mikazuki : A person that is looking for friends should notice the hidden message in this. (0:16:11.61)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Eh? (0:16:16.70)
Yozora Mikazuki : And that's not all. (0:16:17.87)
Yozora Mikazuki : I drew a picture of the scene from that famous song... (0:16:19.70)
Yozora Mikazuki : ...about making 100 friends and eating rice balls on top of Mount Fuji. (0:16:24.29)
Yozora Mikazuki : Even if they don't notice the diagonal words, they should understand from this picture. (0:16:26.88)
Kodaka Hasegawa : A-Are you sure? (0:16:32.05)
Yozora Mikazuki : All right, let's go put up the posters. (0:16:34.22)
Yozora Mikazuki : OK. Next. (0:16:38.97)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Hey, I'm not sure I want to be friends with the kind of pathetic person who would understand this poster. (0:16:42.98)
Yozora Mikazuki : You must be pretty full of yourself, (0:16:49.65)
Yozora Mikazuki : Kodaka, thinking that your views are absolute. (0:16:52.38)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I don't want to hear that from you! (0:16:54.28)
Yozora Mikazuki : This has been bothering me for a while. (0:16:57.62)
Yozora Mikazuki : Stop calling me "you". (0:16:59.53)
Yozora Mikazuki : It pisses me off. (0:17:01.87)
Kodaka Hasegawa : OK. (0:17:03.12)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Mikazuki-san. (0:17:04.75)
Yozora Mikazuki : Yozora. (0:17:07.96)
Yozora Mikazuki : Call me Yozora, without the honorifics. (0:17:09.04)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Fine. (0:17:10.63)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Y... Yozo... ra... (0:17:12.34)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Hey, don't you have a nickname or something? (0:17:15.51)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I'd rather use that. (0:17:18.30)
Yozora Mikazuki : I have one... I had one. (0:17:20.64)
Yozora Mikazuki : I had one, but... (0:17:23.48)
Yozora Mikazuki : I won't tell you, Kodaka. (0:17:24.56)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Why? (0:17:26.10)
Yozora Mikazuki : Because nicknames are something to be used among friends. (0:17:27.60)
EXTRA : Sorry for making you wait! (0:17:32.57)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I'm so worn out. (0:17:39.37)
Yozora Mikazuki : Now then, tomorrow we'll really start our club activities. (0:17:41.41)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I really don't think anyone is going to want to join after seeing that poster. (0:17:44.62)
Yozora Mikazuki : It seems a new member has shown up rather quickly. (0:17:51.96)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Really? (0:17:54.63)
Kodaka Hasegawa : But we only just put up the posters! (0:17:55.42)
Sena Kashiwazaki : This is the Neighbour Club, right? (0:17:59.26)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I'd like to joi- (0:18:01.14)
Yozora Mikazuki : I was wrong. (0:18:02.60)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Yozora... (0:18:04.47)
Yozora Mikazuki : Now, let's start our club activities. (0:18:06.02)
Kodaka Hasegawa : No, wait. (0:18:08.06)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It seemed like she wanted to join. (0:18:09.07)
Kodaka Hasegawa : And it's a girl, so she'd be perfect as a friend for you, Yozora. (0:18:11.19)
Yozora Mikazuki : What is this yellow Yankee saying? (0:18:15.74)
Yozora Mikazuki : I already have a friend of the same sex, right, Tomo-chan? (0:18:19.74)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Hey now. (0:18:22.99)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Hey, why did you close the door? (0:18:30.33)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I just want to join- (0:18:32.13)
Yozora Mikazuki : Die, realfag! (0:18:33.63)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Is she someone you know? (0:18:40.47)
Yozora Mikazuki : I don't know her. (0:18:42.72)
Yozora Mikazuki : Class 2-3, Kashiwazaki Sena. (0:18:44.72)
Yozora Mikazuki : The only daughter of the headmaster of this academy. (0:18:47.43)
Yozora Mikazuki : Always being pampered by the male students. (0:18:50.44)
Yozora Mikazuki : She's a disgusting rich girl. (0:18:53.36)
Kodaka Hasegawa : So that's the headmaster's daughter, huh? (0:18:56.82)
Yozora Mikazuki : I swear, guys are all over large-breasted blondes. (0:18:59.24)
Yozora Mikazuki : Disgusting. (0:19:04.12)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I don't really think that... (0:19:05.08)
Yozora Mikazuki : Aside from that flashy appearance, (0:19:07.70)
Yozora Mikazuki : she's also good at sports, has perfect grades, (0:19:09.92)
Yozora Mikazuki : and she's been the highest-ranked on exams since last year. (0:19:12.36)
Yozora Mikazuki : Such a realfag! (0:19:16.13)
Yozora Mikazuki : She should just die! (0:19:17.42)
Kodaka Hasegawa : She's really no good. (0:19:20.38)
Kodaka Hasegawa : What's that? (0:19:25.85)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Why are you being so mean? (0:19:30.89)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I said I'd join your club! (0:19:32.44)
Yozora Mikazuki : If you're just going to tease, I'll decline. (0:19:36.27)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I'm not teasing! (0:19:38.36)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I came because I saw you were looking for friends on the poster! (0:19:39.89)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I want friends, too! (0:19:43.15)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I'm perfect, you see? (0:19:53.38)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I have brains and am good at sports. (0:19:55.79)
Sena Kashiwazaki : And as you can see, I'm beautiful. (0:19:58.21)
Yozora Mikazuki : Such vulgar milk. (0:20:00.47)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Did you say something, flat-chest? (0:20:02.84)
Yozora Mikazuki : I'm not really that small. (0:20:05.26)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Having breasts that aren't very large is
basically the same as having none at all.
Yozora Mikazuki : If I kill all of the women with breasts larger than mine, (0:20:11.14)
Yozora Mikazuki : from a relative point of view, I'd be big-breasted. (0:20:14.44)
Yozora Mikazuki : Shall I make you the first sacrifice in my great plan? (0:20:17.07)
Kodaka Hasegawa : You said you want friends. (0:20:21.49)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Yeah. (0:20:24.78)
Yozora Mikazuki : But you're always surrounded by boys. (0:20:26.45)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Those are just servants. (0:20:29.20)
Sena Kashiwazaki : What I want are friends . (0:20:31.29)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Especially ones of the same sex. (0:20:33.00)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Someone who would partner with me
during home economics or on a school trip.
Sena Kashiwazaki : "You're really popular with the guys, so why not pair with one of them?" (0:20:40.42)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I need a friend that won't say something annoying like that. (0:20:44.01)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I've heard that girls who are too popular and good-looking are shunned by other girls. (0:20:48.47)
Sena Kashiwazaki : You understand, despite being a delinquent. (0:20:54.89)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Kneel down and I'll step on you. (0:20:57.86)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Why do I have to be stepped on by you?! (0:21:00.02)
Sena Kashiwazaki : It makes the guys in my class happy. (0:21:03.15)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Or do you possibly want something even more than that? (0:21:06.61)
Sena Kashiwazaki : You pervert! (0:21:09.62)
Kodaka Hasegawa : I'm neither a delinquent nor a pervert! (0:21:10.74)
Yozora Mikazuki : What are you looking at? (0:21:18.46)
Kodaka Hasegawa : But isn't this just perfect? (0:21:20.96)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Now the two of you can be friends. (0:21:23.01)
Yozora Mikazuki : Why do I have to become friends with this ? (0:21:27.51)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I don't want to be friends with this , either. (0:21:31.14)
Yozora Mikazuki : What are you saying, juggy? (0:21:34.39)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Why are you two getting along so
poorly from the moment you meet?
Sena Kashiwazaki : What are you saying, slanty-eyes? (0:21:37.10)
Yozora Mikazuki : Your eyes are slanted, too. (0:21:39.48)
Sena Kashiwazaki : My slanted eyes are cute, but yours are like a fox. (0:21:41.15)
EXTRA : Want to go eat something today? (0:21:42.53)
EXTRA : How about the store in front of the station? (0:21:44.19)
Yozora Mikazuki : Just go die. (0:21:45.65)
Sena Kashiwazaki : You're the one that should die. (0:21:46.90)
Yozora Mikazuki : Actually, get out. (0:21:48.62)
Kodaka Hasegawa : The day of the Neighbour Club's founding. (0:21:57.46)
Kodaka Hasegawa : One person joined, making a total of three members. (0:21:59.83)
Kodaka Hasegawa : It really bothers me that, if I just write the end result, it almost sounds good. (0:22:02.46)
EXTRA : Hey, I watched the drama I rented yesterday. (0:22:07.59)
EXTRA : It was so weird. (0:22:10.27)
EXTRA : What happened? (0:22:11.36)
EXTRA : All of the people that the heroine thought were her friends turned out not to be. (0:22:12.77)
Kodaka Hasegawa : Their argument continued after that. (0:23:50.99)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Your rotten personality is the problem! (0:23:53.24)
Yozora Mikazuki : Better than having a rotten head, like you! (0:23:55.45)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I have the best grades in the school. (0:23:57.41)
Yozora Mikazuki : Oh, yes, Miss Cow is good at studying, how admirable. (0:23:59.29)
Sena Kashiwazaki : I could get you expelled if I asked my daddy. (0:24:03.12)
Yozora Mikazuki : Aren't you embarrassed saying things
like "daddy" and "mummy" at your age?
Sena Kashiwazaki : Why don't you just leave the club? (0:24:09.96)
Yozora Mikazuki : This is my club. (0:24:11.26)
Kodaka Hasegawa : When did it become yours? (0:24:12.68)
Sena Kashiwazaki : Next episode: There Are No Gods In the Cyber World. (0:24:14.93)
Yozora Mikazuki : Next episode: There Are No Gods In the Cyber World. (0:24:14.93)
Kodaka Hasegawa : You're able to do that in unison? (0:24:17.60)

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