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Once in a while, I get to
show I can be serious!

- Rivalz Cardemonde

Kingdom - Episode 11

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Xin : That hurt, dammit! Line ID
Bi : He-He made it! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Kill that little monkey! Line ID
Xin : Ooh, here they come. Line ID
Xin : This is also my battle to avenge Piao, so I'm not going easy on you. Line ID
EXTRA : Ancient China. Line ID
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, Line ID
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. Line ID
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars, lasting a monumentally long 500 years, erupted all across China. Line ID
EXTRA : Desire, pleasure, pain, fear. Line ID
EXTRA : With such relentless despair filling the world, it was as though a dragon had invaded. Line ID
EXTRA : A dragon called the "era". Line ID
EXTRA : And as if burned by the flames of a dragon, Line ID
EXTRA : over one hundred states were destroyed, one by one, until only seven were left standing. Line ID
EXTRA : Yan, Qi, Zhao, Wei, Han, Chu... Line ID
EXTRA : and Qin. Line ID
EXTRA : The seven great powers, in order to devour each other, Line ID
EXTRA : took up their swords of desire and continuously pierced the throats of enemy states. Line ID
EXTRA : The world knew it as the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Line ID
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the state of Qin in the far West. Line ID
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! Line ID
EXTRA : The Fierce Fighting Begins Line ID
EXTRA : Protect the gate! Line ID
EXTRA : They're breaking through the Zhugui Gate! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Bastards... Line ID
Xin : Ta-da. Line ID
Bi : Well done, Xin! Line ID
Xin : Piece of cake. Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Go! Go! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Target the coach! That's Chancellor Jie! Line ID
Xin : Chancellor Jie...? Line ID
Xin : That's one of the frickin' enemy generals! Line ID
Xin : Tell us that stuff sooner! Line ID
Kyou Sei : What is it, Lankai? Line ID
EXTRA : Faster! Faster! Line ID
EXTRA : Drat! They're catching up! Line ID
EXTRA : Wh-What're you doing?! Line ID
Xin : What's with that bastard?! Line ID
Xin : He threw his own freaking subordinate! Line ID
He Liao Diao : That's terrible! Line ID
He Liao Diao : That old man is an ass! Line ID
Bi : It's not just Chancellor Jie... Line ID
Bi : All the ministers serving in the royal palace apart from Lord are like that! Line ID
Xin : Those guys've got a horse...! Line ID
Xin : They're gonna overtake him first! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : What?! Line ID
He Liao Diao : It looks like they're not actually gonna make it. Line ID
Bi : We've lured Jie Shi this far! Line ID
Bi : His Highness and Lord's strategy was a success! Line ID
Xin : It's frustrating that they're able to protect one of the enemy generals, but that old man is done for! Line ID
You Tanwa : Stop! Line ID
Bi : Shi Shi! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Th-They've got more people than they had before... Line ID
He Liao Diao : And they're kinda scarier. Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Well done, Shi Shi. Line ID
Shi Shi : Yes, sir! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : But Shi Shi, you dog... How did you see through their deception? Line ID
Shi Ketsu : When they appeared at the capital... Line ID
Shi Shi : I saw someone among them hiding something glimmering underneath their straw coat. Line ID
Shi Shi : It's likely... that was armor. Line ID
Shi Ketsu : There are Flatland People among them? Line ID
Shi Shi : It is probable that the reason the Mountain People descended from the mountains on this occasion... Line ID
Shi Shi : was that someone from the flatlands prompted them to. Line ID
Shi Shi : However, there are not many people who could cause the Mountain People to act. Line ID
Shi Ketsu : You don't mean...?! Line ID
Shi Shi : He's keeping his head down. Line ID
Shi Shi : But I'm sure of it. Line ID
Shi Shi : Show yourself! Line ID
Shi Shi : King Ying Zheng! Line ID
Ying Zheng : The soldiers Shi Shi is leading are stalwarts with long military services. Line ID
Ying Zheng : The difference in numbers is becoming apparent. Line ID
Changwenjun : Indeed. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Send off the right flank with Bi. Line ID
Changwenjun : Yes, my king! Line ID
Shi Shi : What's wrong?! Line ID
Changwenjun : Bi! Line ID
Bi : Sir? Line ID
Shi Shi : We know you're there! Line ID
Shi Shi : Do not pretend to hide! Line ID
Bi : Yes, sir. Line ID
Changwenjun : I pray for your fortune in battle. Line ID
Bi : Yes. Line ID
Shi Shi : Come on out! King Ying Zheng! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Ying Zheng! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Have you enjoyed your brief moment of glory, Chancellor Shi? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Has it been enough? Line ID
Shi Shi : Showing himself without any guards... foolish. Line ID
Xin : What's he doing?! Line ID
Xin : They're gonna shoot him! Line ID
Bi : It's all right. Line ID
Bi : Their arrows won't reach from this distance. Line ID
Xin : Brother Bi. Line ID
Bi : Bajiou, we're going to form the right flank into a separate squadron. Line ID
Bi : Come with me. Line ID
Bajiou : Understood. Line ID
Xin : Separate squadron? Line ID
Bi : That's right. Let's go, Xin. Line ID
Xin : Hold on a sec! Line ID
Xin : Those guys don't have the same feel to them as the guards from before! Line ID
Xin : If me and Captain ain't here, Zheng's gonna be in trouble! Line ID
Bi : This is the strategy. Line ID
Bi : While the king draws the enemy's attention, Line ID
Bi : we enter the inner palace and attack Chengjiao! Line ID
Wang Qi : What a courageous king. Line ID
Wang Qi : Things have gotten quite interesting... Line ID
Weixing : Forward! Line ID
Weixing : The enemy has entered the bee's nest! Line ID
EXTRA : Weixing Line ID
Weixing : Knock off the king's head! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Those ones are heading for the corridor! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : There may be few of them, but would it not be dangerous to ignore the inside of the building? Line ID
Shi Shi : No need to worry. Line ID
Shi Shi : Down that corridor... is Zuoci! Line ID
Xin : Do it, Tajif! Line ID
Xin : Ow! Line ID
He Liao Diao : He did it! Line ID
Bi : Okay, let's head in. Line ID
Bi : It'll be all right. Line ID
Bi : The king has Lord and the Mountain People with him. Line ID
Bi : We have our own duty to fulfill. Line ID
Xin : I know. Line ID
Xin : Let's get a move on, Brother Bi! Line ID
Weixing : Prepare to fire! Line ID
Changwenjun : The soldiers under Weixing are even feared by other states as expert archers. Line ID
Changwenjun : Before we enter their range, we should temporarily retreat and construct a new strategy. Line ID
You Tanwa : There is no need! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Yang Duan He? Line ID
You Tanwa : It's raging... the blood of the Mountain People. Line ID
Bi : This way. Line ID
Xin : Hey, Brother Bi, Line ID
Xin : does this really lead to where Chengjiao is? Line ID
Bi : The path from this corridor to the inner palace turns into a complex maze... Line ID
Bi : so one can't normally find their way through it. Line ID
Bi : But rest assured. Line ID
Bi : We broke Lord Piao out of there once before. Line ID
Bi : I have the path to the inner palace perfectly memorized! Line ID
Xin : Man, you're really reliable today, Brother Bi! Line ID
Xin : You must be pretty fired up! Line ID
Bi : Of course I am! Line ID
Bi : Ever since we broke Lord Piao out of here, there have been many sacrifices. Line ID
Bi : As vice captain, that responsibility is heavier than what I can put into words. Line ID
Bi : So that everyone's deaths will not have been in vain, I will risk my life to kill Chengjiao! Line ID
Xin : If you're dead, you can't beat Chengjiao! Line ID
Changwenjun : What's wrong, Lord Yang Duan He? Line ID
Changwenjun : Let us retreat! Line ID
Changwenjun : Against that many arrows, even Mountain People are unable to defend themselves! Line ID
Changwenjun : We must retreat! Line ID
You Tanwa : We Mountain People will not yield to things such as arrows! Line ID
You Tanwa : Prepare to charge! Line ID
Changwenjun : Madness... Stop! Line ID
Weixing : Those monkeys. It seems they truly intend to take on my elite forces. Line ID
Weixing : Interesting! Line ID
Weixing : All units, get as close as possible to the targets... Line ID
Weixing : then feed them arrows without a single miss! Line ID
Changwenjun : We'll be wiped out! Line ID
Changwenjun : Draw back, Lord Yang Duan He! Line ID
Ying Zheng : No. We will continue with the Mountain People! Line ID
Changwenjun : My king?! Line ID
Weixing : All units, fire a volley! Line ID
You Tanwa : Charge! Line ID
Changwenjun : What?! Those three were alive?! Line ID
Weixing : Death-dodging bastards! Line ID
Weixing : What are you doing?! Line ID
Weixing : Forward group, fire a volley! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Wh-What is this?! Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Shi Shi! Don't just stand there! Can't you come up with some plan?! Line ID
Shi Shi : Messenger! Line ID
EXTRA : Sir! Line ID
Shi Shi : Gather all of the palace's guards! Line ID
Shi Shi : We'll settle this here! Line ID
EXTRA : Zuoci Line ID
Zuoci : This is all? Line ID
Bi : Zuoci! Line ID
Xin : You know him? Line ID
Bi : He's Shi Shi's right hand... and Jie Shi's chief assassin. Line ID
Xin : Chief assassin? Line ID
Bi : In the conflict between Lu Shi and Jie Shi... Line ID
Bi : each camp would continually assassinate the other one's influential men. Line ID
Bi : And the one doing most of the maneuvering behind the scenes for their side was Zuoci. Line ID
Bi : Many of my friends also met their end by his hand. Line ID
Xin : So he's a hitman? Line ID
Xin : Relax. I'll take care 'a that bastard. Line ID
Bi : Don't make light of Zuoci! Line ID
Bi : You can see the face of an assassin in his shadow. Line ID
Bi : He's a true-blue warrior. Line ID
Bi : And the soldiers he leads are strong as well. Line ID
Bi : But inside the royal palace, Line ID
Bi : besides Zuoci and Weixing, Line ID
Bi : there's no one who can lead a front of soldiers. Line ID
Bi : If we get through here, it'll be a short distance to the inner palace! Line ID
Bi : This is the critical moment! Line ID
Xin : Ya hear that, Captain?! Line ID
Bajiou : Let's kill... them all. Line ID
EXTRA : That's our line! Line ID
Changwenjun : So this is the power of the Mountain People? Line ID
Changwenjun : I thought I understood, but... Line ID
Changwenjun : to think it was this great... Line ID
Changwenjun : Lord Yang Duan He, it seems I underestimated your people's power. Line ID
Changwenjun : It was rude of me to call for retreat. Line ID
You Tanwa : You have nothing to apologize for. Line ID
You Tanwa : Your judgement was correct, as well. Line ID
You Tanwa : But... Line ID
You Tanwa : We have our own way of fighting! Line ID
EXTRA : A woman? Line ID
EXTRA : The Mountain King, Yang Duan He is... Line ID
EXTRA : It was a woman?! Line ID
EXTRA : If we cut down Yang Duan He, it'll be a big achievement for us! Line ID
EXTRA : We'll get all the rewards and eminence we could want! Line ID
EXTRA : Let's cut off that white head! Line ID
You Tanwa : Don't leave a single enemy alive! This is a bloodbath! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Awesome... Line ID
He Liao Diao : Beyond awesome... Line ID
He Liao Diao : Get 'em, guys! Line ID
EXTRA : He's not here. Line ID
EXTRA : Where is he? Line ID
Zuoci : Right here. Line ID
Zuoci : Next. Line ID
Zuoci : You bastards... are too cocky. Line ID
Bi : Th-That's insane... Line ID
Bi : In just two swings, he changed the entire flow of the battle. Line ID
Bi : Th... This is Zuoci?! Line ID
Bi : What am I doing? Line ID
Bi : As our leader, now's the most important time... Line ID
Bi : for me to step out in front of him to boost our morale! Line ID
Bi : But... even knowing that... my body won't move. Line ID
Bi : It just won't! Line ID
Xin : Hey, hey. Line ID
Xin : You're the one who's too cocky! Line ID
Xin : With that stupid face of yours! Line ID
Bi : Xin! Line ID
EXTRA : This presence... Line ID
EXTRA : Is it Bajiou? Line ID
You Tanwa : No. Most likely, it's that boy. Line ID
You Tanwa : The true battle seems to be starting in there. Line ID
EXTRA : Preview Line ID
Xin : This is the sword I inherited from Piao! Line ID
EXTRA : Now that all the blood has been drained from it, Line ID
EXTRA : only one thing can be drawn out! Line ID
EXTRA : The Ultimate Blade Line ID
EXTRA : The Ultimate Blade Line ID
EXTRA : End Line ID
EXTRA : Next time, Line ID
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Once in a while, I get to
show I can be serious!

Rivalz Cardemonde
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