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Elkia was once the largest
of all the Imanity nations.

- Stephanie Dola

Kingdom - Episode 2

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Xin : Is this it? Line ID
Xin : It's just a little shack sunken into the ground. Line ID
Xin : It's just a shack, Piao! Line ID
Xin : What the hell is this? Line ID
Xin : Without getting revenge for you... Line ID
Xin : and without knowing what was going on... Line ID
Xin : I came to this place! Line ID
Xin : Tell me... Piao. Line ID
Xin : What did you die for? Line ID
Xin : Why did you lead me... Line ID
Xin : to this broken down shack? Line ID
Xin : What on earth is in here? Line ID
Xin : No way... That can't be... Line ID
Xin : P-Piao...? Line ID
EXTRA : Ancient China. Line ID
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, Line ID
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. Line ID
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years... Line ID
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. Line ID
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the state of Qin in the far West. Line ID
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! Line ID
EXTRA : Fated Meeting Line ID
EXTRA : Damn, that hurts... Line ID
EXTRA : Geez, what a crazy brat! Goddammit! Line ID
EXTRA : I've never seen a kid that insanely strong. Line ID
EXTRA : He broke my damn ribs. Line ID
EXTRA : What a bunch of sorry bastards you are. Line ID
EXTRA : You still call yourselves men of Heibei Village? Line ID
EXTRA : You're one to talk! Line ID
EXTRA : Ya got that right! Line ID
EXTRA : Ow! Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, what's this? Line ID
EXTRA : Somebody... else is coming... Line ID
EXTRA : Who's that guy? Line ID
EXTRA : Ey, ey. What're you doin'... Line ID
EXTRA : H-Hold on... Line ID
EXTRA : His appearance... I've heard about it before... Line ID
EXTRA : Could... Could that be... a Zhuxiong?! Line ID
EXTRA : They're said to have a 200 year long history of assassinations. Line ID
EXTRA : The family of assassins, the Zhuxiongs! Line ID
EXTRA : The ones who it's said that if they target you, you're as good as dead...?! Line ID
Xin : He looks like him, but he's not Piao! Line ID
Xin : But why? Line ID
Xin : I... can't take my eyes off of him! Line ID
Ying Zheng : As I thought... Line ID
Ying Zheng : The fact that you came means that Piao... Line ID
Xin : How do you know Piao?! Line ID
Xin : I don't understand! Line ID
Xin : Who the hell are you?! Line ID
Xin : Why do you have the same face as Piao?! Line ID
Xin : How do you know me and Piao?! Line ID
Xin : Just what the hell is going on?! Line ID
Ying Zheng : It seems that there isn't time to explain. Line ID
Xin : Wh-What's that? An enemy?! Line ID
Xin : Who the hell are you?! Line ID
EXTRA : You can no longer escape. Line ID
EXTRA : Your life is mine, Line ID
EXTRA : King Ying Zheng. Line ID
Xin : K-King...? Line ID
Xin : You're... this state's...? Line ID
Ying Zheng : That's right. Line ID
EXTRA : Hoho. So, kid, you weren't one of the king's subordinates? Line ID
EXTRA : The fact that you're standing here really shows your excellent use of a double... Line ID
EXTRA : to allow you to survive. Line ID
Xin : Double? Line ID
EXTRA : Even I'm surprised that such an identical pair of humans exist. Line ID
EXTRA : There'd have to be in order to fool me. Line ID
EXTRA : Though that was quite an incredible brat. Line ID
EXTRA : He's the first one to ever escape even after I'd dealt them a fatal blow. Line ID
EXTRA : Though, what a cruel twist of fate that his tenacity backfired... Line ID
EXTRA : by allowing me to reach you here. Line ID
Piao : Xin... Our strength and our hearts are alike... Line ID
Piao : We're one in body and soul... Line ID
Piao : If you flap your wings... Line ID
Piao : I'll be... there with you too... Line ID
Piao : Xin... take me... with you across the world... Line ID
Xin : Piao! Line ID
Xin : Piao... Line ID
Xin : Piao... Line ID
Xin : Piao! Line ID
Xin : Dammit... It's getting clearer and clearer now! Line ID
Xin : You're the king! Line ID
Xin : And you're the assassin! Line ID
Xin : Piao was a double for the king. Line ID
Xin : The reason he was brought to the palace in the first place was to be one! Line ID
Xin : And he was mistaken for the king and killed! Line ID
Xin : You knew about your younger brother's rebellion, didn't you?! Line ID
Xin : So you switched places with Piao and ran away to hide in a place like this! Line ID
Xin : You switched with Piao even though you knew he would be attacked! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Exactly. Line ID
Xin : You bastaaaard! Line ID
EXTRA : This has become very entertaining. Line ID
EXTRA : Kid, I think I'll allow you to kill the king. Line ID
EXTRA : But I'll be taking his head. Line ID
Xin : Yeah, I'll kill him. I'll fucking kill him! Line ID
EXTRA : That's it, kid. Line ID
EXTRA : Let's have a thorough look at your skill. Line ID
Xin : A thorough look?! Line ID
Xin : Like hell! Line ID
Xin : I'm gonna rip out the guts of the one who killed Piao, Line ID
Xin : you! Line ID
Ying Zheng : His skill with a sword is anything but ordinary. Line ID
Ying Zheng : But... Line ID
EXTRA : Pretty good, kid. Line ID
EXTRA : Your power, speed, technique... Line ID
EXTRA : They're all nearly a perfect match of that of the double you called Piao or whatever. Line ID
EXTRA : But still, it's just a superficial sword that has never tasted blood. Line ID
Xin : H-He's huge! Line ID
EXTRA : You're a hundred years too early to even try to challenge me! Line ID
EXTRA : Damn! Line ID
EXTRA : You've done nothing but waste time. Line ID
EXTRA : Ying Zheng... Line ID
EXTRA : Prepare yourself. Line ID
EXTRA : State of Qin Xianyang Line ID
EXTRA : King's Younger Brother, Chenjiao Line ID
Kyou Sei : Have you yet to take my brother's head? Line ID
EXTRA : Just a little longer, my lord! Line ID
EXTRA : Zhuxiong is in pursuit, Line ID
EXTRA : so he should be back with his head momentarily. Line ID
Kyou Sei : What do you mean, "should"? Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Now, now. Please calm down, my lord. Line ID
EXTRA : Left Chancellor, Jie Shi Line ID
Shi Ketsu : There is no assassin greater than Zhuxiong. Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Please be at ease. Line ID
Kyou Sei : I see. Line ID
Kyou Sei : But Jie Shi, there are still other obstacles besides my older brother. Line ID
Kyou Sei : Are you taking measures for those? Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Without exception. Line ID
EXTRA : Other o-obstacles? Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Are you not aware? Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Changwenjun. I have sent those subordinates that turned Changping to hell in order to dispose of him. Line ID
EXTRA : Th-The battle of Changping? Line ID
EXTRA : In that battle, our Qin army drove the Zheng army into a castle, cutting them off from provisions. Line ID
EXTRA : The Zheng army soldiers suffered from starvation. Line ID
EXTRA : It's said that they started killing each other and eating their flesh. Line ID
EXTRA : And so, our state of Qin won the battle. Line ID
EXTRA : But the supreme commander, General Bai Qi, Line ID
EXTRA : took the heads of the 50,000 soldiers that were taken prisoner Line ID
EXTRA : and buried 400,000 soldiers alive. Line ID
EXTRA : It was the battle of hell, at Changping. Line ID
EXTRA : Th-Those subordinates...? Line ID
Kyou Sei : Slaughter all those that oppose me. Line ID
Shi Ketsu : Understood. Line ID
Kyou Sei : That's my chancellor. Line ID
Xin : Wait! Line ID
Xin : Do you think you've beaten me? Line ID
EXTRA : What? Oh, you're still alive? Line ID
EXTRA : But you've utterly lost your composure. Line ID
EXTRA : I doubt you can stand back up. Line ID
Xin : H-He's strong. Ridiculously strong. Line ID
Xin : He's the one Piao lost to. Line ID
Xin : If I really think about it, I'm no match for someone like him. Line ID
Xin : I can't win. Line ID
Xin : P-Piao... I'm sorry...! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Xin! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Don't think at all. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Just keep the idea of avenging Piao in your mind. Line ID
Xin : Avenging Piao? Line ID
Xin : You... You... Line ID
EXTRA : So you could still stand? Line ID
Xin : Never speak Piao's name! Line ID
Xin : Piao... Line ID
Xin : Piao had everything ahead of him! Line ID
Xin : And he got caught up in your meaningless brother's quarrel! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Meaningless? Line ID
Xin : Yeah, meaningless! Line ID
Xin : Us humans at the base of society don't give a damn who the king is! Line ID
Xin : And yet... how could you... how could you?! Line ID
Xin : Shit! Line ID
Xin : He's dead, ain't he?! Line ID
Xin : He's never... Line ID
Xin : coming back! Line ID
Ying Zheng : That was fast! And it was heavier! Line ID
EXTRA : K-Kid! Line ID
Piao : It's true that in terms of raw power, Xin and I are equals. Line ID
Piao : But he is probably stronger. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Xin is stronger? Line ID
Piao : Yes. Line ID
Ying Zheng : What an odd thing to say. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Didn't you just say you were equal? Line ID
Piao : When we have matches, we're perfectly equal. Line ID
Piao : But if there's some stalwart opponent that even I can't win against, Xin can. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Are you saying he goes easy on you when you fight? Line ID
Piao : No. Line ID
Piao : Xin is always serious. Line ID
Piao : For some reason, he's usually equal to me. Line ID
Piao : But if I get even one win against him in a match, Line ID
Piao : Xin will definitely win the next day. Line ID
Ying Zheng : He sounds bothersome. Line ID
Piao : I guess so. Line ID
Piao : He may be, but... Line ID
Piao : Xin is truly strong. Line ID
EXTRA : You little brat! Die! Line ID
EXTRA : The truly terrifying part has only just begun! Line ID
Ying Zheng : No... Line ID
Ying Zheng : He's started to give up. Line ID
EXTRA : What? Line ID
Xin : Is that all you've got, red old man?! Line ID
EXTRA : Shut your mouth! Line ID
EXTRA : What an incredible kid... Line ID
EXTRA : But if all he does is dodge my sword... Line ID
Ying Zheng : Then he won't win. Line ID
Ying Zheng : What will you do now, Xin? Line ID
EXTRA : This is the end! Line ID
Ying Zheng : You've gotten impatient, assassin! Line ID
Xin : Got you! Line ID
EXTRA : You brat! Line ID
EXTRA : M-Me? C-Cut?! Line ID
EXTRA : He disappeared! Line ID
Piao : My king, if I were to fall, Line ID
Piao : please take care of Xin. Line ID
Piao : I'm sure that he... Line ID
Piao : will fly higher than anyone else! Line ID
EXTRA : Th-This can't be! Line ID
EXTRA : Me...? By this kid...?! Line ID
Ying Zheng : This is Xin's power... Line ID
Xin : D... Did you feel Piao's vengeance?! Line ID
Xin : Did you feel it, you stupid bastard! Line ID
Xin : Now I'll finish it! Line ID
EXTRA : W-Wait! Line ID
EXTRA : Please wait! I have a family! Line ID
EXTRA : I've got four kids! Line ID
EXTRA : If I die, they'll be orphans! Line ID
EXTRA : And they'll be slaves for their whole lives! Line ID
EXTRA : Please, just spare my life! Line ID
EXTRA : For my children's sake, not my life! Line ID
Xin : Orphans...? Line ID
EXTRA : Th-Thank you. Line ID
EXTRA : Thank you so much! Line ID
EXTRA : Thank you so much! Line ID
EXTRA : Than... Line ID
Ying Zheng : Your crimes have nothing to do with your children. Line ID
Ying Zheng : What will you do next? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Kill me? Line ID
Ying Zheng : If you do, Line ID
Ying Zheng : I won't just stay silent and let you do me in. Line ID
Ying Zheng : A considerable number of people died in order to keep me alive. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Piao being one of them. Line ID
Xin : You bastard! If you knew that this guy was going to attack him, Line ID
Xin : why did you let Piao die?! Line ID
Ying Zheng : People's lives don't belong to anyone. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Anyone except themselves. Line ID
Xin : W-What? Line ID
Ying Zheng : But people have a path. Line ID
Ying Zheng : The path of how... to use that life. Line ID
Xin : Don't try to confuse me with crap I don't understand! Line ID
Ying Zheng : You may not understand now, Line ID
Ying Zheng : but Piao took my place so that he would become a great general. Line ID
Ying Zheng : That is the path that Piao chose at that point in time. Line ID
Ying Zheng : It seems that you have yet to find your own path. Line ID
Xin : My... path...? Line ID
Xin : Piao entrusted this state's king to me. Line ID
Xin : But this guy practically killed you with his own hands, Piao! Line ID
Xin : Dammit...! What am I supposed to do? Line ID
Xin : Tell me, Piao! Line ID
Xin : Wh-What're you doing?! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Be quiet. Line ID
Ying Zheng : This is bad... Do you not see? Line ID
Xin : I just... felt the ground shake a little. Line ID
EXTRA : Fire! Line ID
EXTRA : Anything that moves is a target! Line ID
EXTRA : Fire! Line ID
Xin : Wh-What? What's going on? Line ID
Ying Zheng : An army. Quite a large one. Line ID
Xin : An army? Line ID
EXTRA : What's all that noise this late at night...? Line ID
Xin : From over here, too! Line ID
Xin : And from over there! Line ID
Xin : W-We're surrounded! Line ID
Xin : The only way out's through the river! Line ID
Ying Zheng : That's impossible. Line ID
Xin : When did they...?! Line ID
Xin : What's going on here?! Line ID
Ying Zheng : All of my forces seem to have joined my younger brother. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Even though I sensed the rebellion coming, Line ID
Ying Zheng : the moment I no longer had the forces to suppress it, was the battle already over? Line ID
Xin : Dammit! Line ID
Xin : Then I guess I'll go another round! Line ID
Ying Zheng : You're intending to fight an army? Line ID
Xin : Of course! Line ID
Xin : Like hell I'm dying in a place like this! Line ID
Ying Zheng : If you give them my head, that may grant you a path to survival. Line ID
Xin : No way! Piao wouldn't want me to do something like that! Line ID
Ying Zheng : I see. Line ID
Xin : I don't have enough strength to run up the hill, Line ID
Xin : so we'll have to slip through along the river! Line ID
Xin : Make sure you stay with me! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Madness. There's no way you can break through the army's encirclement... Line ID
Ying Zheng : Stay with you? Line ID
Xin : I'll take my time to figure out whether to kill you or not after I've broken through this encirclement! Line ID
Xin : So don't leave my side! Line ID
Ying Zheng : I've got no choice. I suppose I'll go with you. Line ID
Xin : Okay, let's go! Line ID
Xin : You're! Line ID
He Liao Diao : I know a way through. Line ID
He Liao Diao : Come with me. Line ID
EXTRA : Preview Line ID
Ying Zheng : Piao knew the risks when he accepted my offer. Line ID
Ying Zheng : He accepted knowing full well it might mean his death! Line ID
EXTRA : Beyond endlessly flowing tears, Line ID
EXTRA : will you discover a new light, Xin? Line ID
EXTRA : Friend! Line ID
EXTRA : Friend! Line ID
EXTRA : End Line ID
EXTRA : Next time, Line ID
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Elkia was once the largest
of all the Imanity nations.

Stephanie Dola
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