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Kingdom - Episode 20

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Fu Hushen : So we finally meet, Gong Yuan! Line ID
EXTRA : Ancient China. Line ID
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, Line ID
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. Line ID
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years Line ID
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. Line ID
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the State of Qin in the far West. Line ID
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! Line ID
EXTRA : Wang Qi Intrudes Line ID
Changwenjun : Your majesty, Line ID
Changwenjun : I've just received a report. Line ID
Changwenjun : Our Qin Army, led by General Biao Gong Line ID
Changwenjun : has clashed directly with General Wu Qing, leading the Wei Army, at the Shegan Plain. Line ID
Changwenjun : But against the fierce attack by the State of Wei's chariot corps, many of our soldiers have been lost Line ID
Changwenjun : and the enemy has also created a formation atop a hill. Line ID
Changwenjun : The state of the battle is extremely grim. Line ID
Ying Zheng : I see... Line ID
He Liao Diao : The state of battle is grim... Line ID
He Liao Diao : Could it be...? Line ID
He Liao Diao : You're okay, right, Xin? Line ID
He Liao Diao : Get some big achievements and come back, okay? Line ID
Ying Zheng : If we were to lose this battle, Line ID
Ying Zheng : no path towards uniting all of China will open. Line ID
Ying Zheng : I'm counting on you! Line ID
Gong : I see. Line ID
Gong : By a string of miracles, you managed to reach this place, have you...? Line ID
Gong : Meaningless. Line ID
Gong : Miracles are good fortune that descend on the powerless. Line ID
Gong : Because you relied on such things, tens of thousands of soldiers will die meaningless deaths. Line ID
Gong : Fools. Line ID
Xin : Bastard! Line ID
Fu Hushen : They were not meaningless deaths. Line ID
Fu Hushen : I crossed the bridge of corpses Line ID
Fu Hushen : to reach this place! Line ID
Gong : Those who bring heart-warming tales of their comrades' sacrifices into battle Line ID
Gong : are the type that disgust me more than any other. Line ID
Gong : Unit captain of the State of Qin, albeit a miracle, the fact that you are here is the truth. Line ID
Gong : But what do you hope to accomplish from it? Line ID
Gong : Unless you defeat me and capture this hill, there will be no change in the state of this battle. Line ID
Gong : In the end, being unable to do that, yours will simply be... Line ID
Gong : a meaningless death! Line ID
Xin : Thousand Man General! Line ID
Gong : Did you think I was merely a strategist? Line ID
Gong : Long ago, I fought alongside Lord Wu Qing, devastating the front lines as a warrior! Line ID
Fu Hushen : I'm astounded to hear you're a warrior! Line ID
Fu Hushen : If you actually came with a sword to stab me, Line ID
Fu Hushen : even as corpse that loses his sight, Line ID
Fu Hushen : what do you think now, Gong Yuan? Line ID
Fu Hushen : Is my power a mere miracle? Line ID
Fu Hushen : If that's what you believe, your lot will never defeat Lord Biao Gong! Line ID
Fu Hushen : Vice General of Wei, Wu Qing, Line ID
Fu Hushen : I've beaten you! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Fu Hushen! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Gong Yuan! Line ID
EXTRA : What the hell is this brat?! Line ID
Bi Tou : Man, Qiang Lei's incredible. Line ID
Bi Tou : Do you think that, Line ID
Bi Tou : he can cut down all of the Wei soldiers? Line ID
Qiang Hui : I'm out of breath. Line ID
Qiang Hui : I'm leaving the rear guard to you until I get back. Line ID
EXTRA : Now! Line ID
Qiang Hui : So they've reached it? Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Fu Hushen. Line ID
EXTRA : We've killed the majority of Wei's soldiers Line ID
EXTRA : and the remainder all fled. Line ID
EXTRA : Our unit has taken Gong Yuan's camp. Line ID
EXTRA : Except for the Wei garrison we burst through to get to the heart of the hill. Line ID
EXTRA : Against a military force of over 1,000, we have less than 10 men. Line ID
EXTRA : It's mortifying, but at least we were able to take down the Wei flag. Line ID
EXTRA : Let's take Gong Yuan's head and retreat from the hill for now. Line ID
Xin : Don't be idiots! Line ID
Xin : Whoever wants to go down, go! Line ID
Xin : I'm gonna stay here and fight. Line ID
EXTRA : What'd you say, bastard?! Line ID
EXTRA : Watch your mouth, infantryman! Line ID
Xin : Thousand Man General said it's because our allies made sacrifices Line ID
Xin : that we were able to make it here. Line ID
Xin : Which means everyone died so we could capture this hill! Line ID
Xin : We can't let go of this hill Line ID
Xin : just because a thousand or so guys are coming to take it back! Line ID
EXTRA : Are you an idiot, bastard?! Line ID
EXTRA : There's a thousand of them! Line ID
Fu Hushen : Kid... What's your name? Line ID
Xin : It's Xin. Line ID
Fu Hushen : Xin... Line ID
Fu Hushen : Listen here, Xin. Line ID
Fu Hushen : Bravery and recklessness are different. Line ID
Fu Hushen : If you mix those up, you'll just all die without leaving anyone left. Line ID
Fu Hushen : Descend the hill with the others... Line ID
Fu Hushen : That's an order...! Line ID
Gong : You fool... Line ID
Gong : Do you think you'd be able to descend this hill alive? Line ID
EXTRA : What an unsightly lie, Gong Yuan! Line ID
EXTRA : You know there are no garrison units on the opposite side of the hill! Line ID
EXTRA : We're going to take your head and have an easy time going down the hill! Line ID
Gong : You fools know nothing... Line ID
Gong : It will be just like what happened at Wan Castle... Line ID
Gong : All of the people of Qin... will be slaughtered... Line ID
EXTRA : What is it, kid?! Line ID
EXTRA : Impossible! Line ID
EXTRA : Where on earth did this huge group come from?! Line ID
EXTRA : That inner mountain! Line ID
EXTRA : There are no soldiers on that hill the main Wei Army was supposed occupy! Line ID
EXTRA : This means... they've been moved by someone else! Line ID
EXTRA : The State of Wei Army Commander General, Wu Qing! Line ID
Xin : Where all those big flags are gathered... Line ID
Xin : That's the Wei General?! Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah, that's right, kid. Line ID
EXTRA : That's the Great General of Wei, Wu Qing! Line ID
Xin : Wei's... Great General! Line ID
Xin : I wanna fight him! Line ID
Shang Lu : What's General Biao Gong thinking?! Line ID
Shang Lu : As things are going, this won't last long! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Shang Lu! Line ID
EXTRA : The Wei flags on top of the hill have been fallen! Line ID
Shang Lu : What?! Line ID
Shang Lu : You did it, Fu Hushen, you damn bastard. Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Shang Lu! Line ID
EXTRA : A red messenger has arrived! Line ID
Shang Lu : An emergency order from the general?! Line ID
Shang Lu : What this time?! Line ID
EXTRA : A report to the 1st, 2nd, and 4th armies! Line ID
EXTRA : An urgent report! Line ID
EXTRA : We're ascending the mountain and forming an encampment! Line ID
EXTRA : I repeat! Line ID
EXTRA : All armies, ascend the mountain and create a battle formation! Line ID
Shang Lu : We're being pushed this much already! That's insane! Line ID
Shang Lu : In the state of this battle, we can't even get close to the foot of the mountain! Line ID
Shang Lu : Right, Bi?! Line ID
Shang Lu : What's wrong, Bi? Line ID
Shang Lu : You're facing the opposite direction. Line ID
Bi : What is this? Line ID
Bi : Why is here?! Line ID
EXTRA : State of Qin General Wang Qi Line ID
Bi : General Wang Qi! Line ID
Shang Lu : Hey, Bi! Line ID
Shang Lu : We've got no choice, so we're heading for the hill, too! Line ID
Bi : Wait, Shang Lu! Line ID
Bi : That General Wang Qi has appeared... Line ID
Bi : Something big... is going to happen! Line ID
Wang Qi : You've got the same imprecise fighting style as always, Biao Gong. Line ID
EXTRA : Teng Line ID
Tou : Yes, sir! But... Line ID
Tou : that is what's terrifying about Biao Gong. Line ID
Wang Qi : As for Wu Qing... Line ID
Wang Qi : That hill over there looks like it'll have a good view. Line ID
Wang Qi : Don't you think, Teng? Line ID
Tou : Yes, sir! Undoubtedly! Line ID
Tou : But Lord, it is a crime to joining a battle without expressed permission. Line ID
Tou : Unfortunately, this is the furthest we are able to set foot. Line ID
Wang Qi : Who said anything about joining a battle? Line ID
Wang Qi : I simply want to climb that hill. Line ID
Wang Qi : Though I'll be removing anyone who obstructs me on the way. Line ID
Tou : Brilliant, Lord. Line ID
Tou : A perfect excuse. Line ID
Wang Qi : Now, then. Line ID
Shang Lu : They're running down the side of that steep cliff?! Line ID
Shang Lu : What mounted unit is that?! Line ID
Bi : It's General Wang Qi and his subordinate soldiers. Line ID
Shang Lu : General Wang Qi?! That's insane! Line ID
Shang Lu : He was supposed to have retired as a general many years ago! Line ID
Shang Lu : General Wang Qi! Line ID
Shang Lu : I see... Line ID
Shang Lu : So he's returned to the battlefield once again, Line ID
Shang Lu : the Mystery Bird of Qin! Line ID
Bi : Bi Unit! Follow the reinforcements that just broke through with all your strength! Line ID
Shang Lu : Shang Lu, the same! Let's go! Line ID
EXTRA : Lord Fu Hushen, Wu Qing's main army has descended the hill on the opposite side. Line ID
EXTRA : We'll clash with Wei's garrison unit, but please try to endure it. Line ID
Fu Hushen : You idiots, leave me. Line ID
EXTRA : We can't leave you in a place where the enemy is coming! Line ID
EXTRA : If you're going to die... do it on our shoulders. Line ID
Xin : I'll give you a shoulder... Line ID
EXTRA : You're needed here. Line ID
Xin : This is... the enemy Vice General's head? Line ID
EXTRA : Yes. Line ID
EXTRA : That's the military gain the Fu Hushen Unit made! Line ID
EXTRA : No matter what happens, bring it back to the Qin Army camp! Line ID
EXTRA : Failure will not be tolerated! Line ID
Xin : Are you okay with me doing it? Line ID
EXTRA : It is Lord Fu Hushen's order. Line ID
EXTRA : We have no objections either. Line ID
Xin : Got it. Line ID
Xin : All right, let's all make a quick descent! Line ID
Xin : Going down'll be way easier than going up. Line ID
Wang Qi : Going already? Line ID
Wang Qi : Things were finally getting interesting. Line ID
EXTRA : My legs... can't take it anymore! Line ID
EXTRA : At this rate, they'll catch us! Line ID
Bi Hei : We're screwed! Line ID
Bi Tou : A-A mounted unit? Line ID
Bi Tou : We're saved! Line ID
Taku Kei : Everyone! Line ID
Taku Kei : Look, there! Line ID
Bi Tou : We did it... We finally did it... Line ID
Bi Hei : We... Line ID
EXTRA : ( Flags - Qin ) Line ID
Bi Hei : took those Wei guys' hill! Line ID
EXTRA : Our flags are standing on the hill Gong Yuan was encamped on. Line ID
EXTRA : Your valor has opened a path for us! Line ID
Shang Lu : I don't believe it... Line ID
Bi : I feel like I still had things to learn from you. Line ID
Bi : It's unfortunate, Fu Hushen. Line ID
Xin : Wh-Who is this guy...?! Line ID
Xin : From the reaction around here, he doesn't seem like an enemy... Line ID
Xin : But he doesn't feel like an ally, either...! Line ID
Xin : I can't tell... Line ID
Xin : I'm feeling both strength... and fear... from this guy... Line ID
Xin : He's too gigantic! I can't tell! Line ID
Wang Qi : Oh? Line ID
Wang Qi : Are you the youngster Changwenjun mentioned? Line ID
Wang Qi : I do believe your name is... Line ID
Wang Qi : Xin. Line ID
Xin : You're old man Changwenjun's comrade? Line ID
Wang Qi : I'm not so much a comrade... Line ID
Wang Qi : as a lover! Line ID
Wang Qi : That was a joke. A Wang Qi joke. Line ID
Wang Qi : Is that right? Line ID
Wang Qi : By the way, I saw you from far away. Line ID
Wang Qi : But it was a different story from the youngster Changwenjun implied to me. Line ID
Wang Qi : If I'm being honest, I'm disappointed. Line ID
Xin : What, old man? Line ID
Xin : Are you sayin' I'm weak? Line ID
Wang Qi : Exactly. Line ID
Xin : Then why don't you try me?! Line ID
Xin : You big-lipped giant! Line ID
Wang Qi : Big-lipped giant, eh? Line ID
Wang Qi : What a comeback. Line ID
Wang Qi : But among those who have pointed a sword at me, Line ID
Wang Qi : every last one of them was split in half with this treasured sword. Line ID
Wang Qi : Are you prepared for that? Line ID
Xin : Like something that big could hit! Line ID
Xin : I'm fast as all hell! Line ID
Wang Qi : Now, now. Line ID
Wang Qi : Do you think you have the lead in momentum? Line ID
Wang Qi : Didn't you know? Line ID
Wang Qi : You've been standing at the precipice of death for quite a while now. Line ID
Xin : Y-You bastard! Line ID
Bi : Don't lose control of yourself, Xin! Line ID
Xin : Bi! Line ID
Bi : Now's the time to be exhausting every ounce of our strength to fight the State of Wei! Line ID
Bi : This isn't the time to be swinging your swords around without discerning who is really your foe! Line ID
Bi Hei : You're okay, Xin! Line ID
Bi Hei : It's incredible that you're even still alive! Line ID
Xin : You, too. Line ID
Xin : I'm so glad you guys are all okay. Line ID
Xin : Where's Qiang Lei? Line ID
Taku Kei : Well, young Qiang Lei is... Line ID
Qiang Hui : Over here. Line ID
Bi Tou : Qiang Lei... Line ID
Bi Tou : When did you get there? Line ID
Bi Hei : And hey, where did you go in the first place? Line ID
Bi : General Wang Qi! Line ID
Bi : We are indebted to you for your reinforcements. Line ID
Bi : That you arrived here in this state of war was truly an act of heaven. Line ID
Bi : And now, I offer the right to command on this hill to you, to act as general. Line ID
Bi : Then, us included, the whole army will be led under your eyes to attack the Wei Army! Line ID
Bi : With the added advantage of the high ground on this hill Line ID
Bi : with an army led by you, General Wang Qi, we will surely be victorious! Line ID
Wang Qi : You're far too serious as usual, Aide Bi. Line ID
Wang Qi : But unfortunately, we did not come here to be your reinforcements. Line ID
Wang Qi : We only wished to come to this hill. Line ID
Wang Qi : Isn't that right, Teng? Line ID
Tou : Yes, sir! Line ID
Tou : It is a spectacular view. Line ID
Wang Qi : And Aide Bi, you said you're sure to be victorious, Line ID
Wang Qi : but that shows too much contempt to General Wu Qing. Line ID
Go Kei : 9-layer spear wall! Line ID
Wang Qi : Oh, what's this? Line ID
Wang Qi : Look at his appearance over there. Line ID
Wang Qi : Without a moment's delay, he changed his formation. Line ID
Wang Qi : He's made a delicate judgement of the changes in the state of the battle Line ID
Wang Qi : and taken a cautious and bold action. Line ID
Wang Qi : In terms of talent for strategy, the State of Wei is superior. Line ID
Wang Qi : And as shown at Wan Castle, Line ID
Wang Qi : he possesses the bravery to travel with the vanguard. Line ID
Wang Qi : The General of Wei, Wu Qing, is undoubtedly Line ID
Wang Qi : an excellent general that will become a threat to many countries. Line ID
Bi Hei : No way... Line ID
Bi Hei : Not only do they have better numbers, they have a great general. And we... Line ID
Wang Qi : Numbers don't matter. Line ID
Wang Qi : From its start, this was not that sort of battle, you see. Line ID
Wang Qi : I believe there are two types of military generals. Line ID
Wang Qi : The first is the resourceful type, like Wu Qing. Line ID
Wang Qi : And the other is the instinctual type that fights with wild intuition. Line ID
Wang Qi : Youngster Xin, would you like to make a bet with me? Line ID
Wang Qi : Will resourceful win? Line ID
Wang Qi : Or will instinct win? Line ID
Xin : Instinct? Line ID
Wang Qi : Of course, I mean the commander of the State of Qin Army, Biao Gong. Line ID
Xin : You wanna bet whether or not our general or the Wei general will win? Line ID
Wang Qi : Exactly. Line ID
Bi : Please, enough jokes, General Wang Qi! Line ID
Wang Qi : I wouldn't dream of joking about this. Line ID
Wang Qi : Resourcefulness vs instinct. Line ID
Wang Qi : Among generals, this is an eternal theme. Line ID
Xin : Eternal Theme?! Line ID
Bi : But now is the time to be thinking about how to attack the enemy before our eyes with our own hands! Line ID
Bi : This is surely not the time to be discussing about Biao Gong, who is not even here! Line ID
Wang Qi : Isn't he? Line ID
Shang Lu : Bi! Line ID
Shang Lu : Our Qin Army's mounted unit are making dash around this hill! Line ID
Shang Lu : And they're being led by General Biao Gong! Line ID
Bi : What?! Line ID
Xin : Where?! Line ID
Xin : I can tell with one look. Line ID
Xin : That's General Biao Gong! Line ID
Xin : The general is leading the unit himself, Line ID
Xin : and he's going to rush right into that huge Wei Army! Line ID
Wang Qi : As always, unless he's in the center of a huge fire Line ID
Wang Qi : that Biao Gong is never satisfied. Line ID
Wang Qi : In the course of this long war, the scope of the armies have grown. Line ID
Wang Qi : It is now a war of hundreds of thousands. Line ID
Wang Qi : But the larger an army gets, Line ID
Wang Qi : the more the war is influenced by the talent of the general leading it. Line ID
Wang Qi : Ultimately, war is its generals. Line ID
Go Kei : Biao Gong, eh? Line ID
Go Kei : A surprise attack will never work against my army. Line ID
Wang Qi : Wu Qing has changed his battle formation again. Line ID
Wang Qi : He's assumed a stance to catch Biao Gong's assault. Line ID
Wang Qi : Wu Qing is treating the war as a game board of logic. Line ID
Wang Qi : On the other hand, Biao Gong's war is one big blazing flame. Line ID
Wang Qi : And now that that flame is burning at its maximum, Line ID
Wang Qi : Biao Gong will be sure not to let it slip away. Line ID
Wang Qi : Don't understand? Line ID
Wang Qi : Wu Qing cannot understand Biao Gong's way of war either. Line ID
Wang Qi : But neither can Biao Gong Line ID
Wang Qi : see all of Wu Qing's strategy. Line ID
Wang Qi : Which is right? Line ID
Wang Qi : Which is wrong? Line ID
Wang Qi : We won't know unless one of their heads goes flying. Line ID
EXTRA : Preview Line ID
Xin : Have I been talking with a general this whole time? Line ID
EXTRA : Xin saw his future there. Line ID
EXTRA : And learned the burden of the thing he seeks. Line ID
EXTRA : The Meaning of General Line ID
EXTRA : The Meaning of General Line ID
EXTRA : End Line ID
EXTRA : Next time, Line ID
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