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Shin : Qiang Lei! (0:00:02.89)
Ten Karyou : Who's that? (0:00:03.73)
Shin : He's a guy who fought in the same Wu as me. (0:00:05.44)
Ten Karyou : But this person is... (0:00:10.42)
Shin : He's got some mysterious techniques and he's crazy strong. (0:00:12.12)
Shin : He took out ten huge opponents at once! (0:00:16.78)
Ten Karyou : This person did...? (0:00:21.13)
Shin : What're ya doin' here? (0:00:22.28)
Kai Kyou : A walk. (0:00:24.68)
Shin : You liar! (0:00:25.98)
Kai Kyou : I was just in the neighborhood... (0:00:27.88)
Kai Kyou : and came to tell you something. (0:00:30.45)
Kai Kyou : If you keep up with what you've been doing, you're going to end up dead. (0:00:33.92)
Kai Kyou : See ya. (0:00:38.85)
Shin : That's all?! (0:00:39.51)
Shin : Hold on, dammit! (0:00:41.89)
Shin : I've got a whole bunch of stuff I wanna ask, myself! (0:00:43.13)
Kai Kyou : What? (0:00:46.61)
Shin : Th-The other day, uh... (0:00:48.57)
Shin : When you were... behind me... (0:00:52.12)
Shin : Anyhow, you're... (0:00:58.18)
Shin : a woman, aren't you? (0:01:00.88)
Kai Kyou : Yeah. So what? (0:01:03.12)
Shin : Why's a woman fighting together with a bunch of men?! (0:01:06.54)
Kai Kyou : None of your business. (0:01:10.62)
Ten Karyou : Hang on! (0:01:12.12)
Ten Karyou : You must be hungry. (0:01:14.68)
Ten Karyou : I'll whip something up for you, so come eat with us! (0:01:17.13)
Kai Kyou : There is no need for... (0:01:20.35)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:01:27.29)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:01:29.20)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:01:31.05)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years (0:01:34.34)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:01:37.02)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the State of Qin in the far West. (0:01:40.29)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:01:46.50)
EXTRA : Night Tale (0:03:24.26)
Ten Karyou : Now then, eat all you want. (0:03:32.17)
Shin : Let's chow down! (0:03:34.91)
Kai Kyou : Yum! (0:03:48.97)
Ten Karyou : Somebody like this was living among a bunch of men? (0:03:52.10)
Ten Karyou : By the way, how the hell'd you not realize she was a woman when she's this cute? (0:03:55.87)
Shin : She had her face covered the whole time! (0:04:00.00)
Shin : There was no way I'd notice! (0:04:02.27)
Ten Karyou : C-Can I ask something? (0:04:12.08)
Kai Kyou : What is it? (0:04:14.32)
Ten Karyou : Why would you say "So what?"? (0:04:15.94)
Ten Karyou : That's a pretty big deal! (0:04:19.31)
Ten Karyou : A woman pretending to be a man...! (0:04:21.60)
Shin : What're you biting her head off all of a sudden? (0:04:24.12)
Ten Karyou : Shut up! (0:04:27.16)
Kai Kyou : It would've caused me a little trouble, so I didn't reveal myself as a woman. (0:04:29.03)
Kai Kyou : That's all. (0:04:32.72)
Ten Karyou : You sure have a lot of self-confidence... (0:04:34.88)
Ten Karyou : In your own skill. (0:04:37.41)
Kai Kyou : There is no human stronger than me in this world. (0:04:39.41)
Shin : Hey, you! Now you're going too far! (0:04:43.08)
Kai Kyou : Would you like to see for yourself? (0:04:46.84)
Shin : But, I'm a little relieved. (0:04:52.28)
Shin : I thought you were a cold guy who didn't like other people. (0:04:54.82)
Shin : But it looks like that wasn't really it. (0:04:58.24)
Kai Kyou : What.. do you mean by that? (0:05:01.40)
Shin : I don't totally get it, but you went out of your way to come see me. (0:05:04.04)
Kai Kyou : That was... (0:05:09.22)
Shin : I was thinkin' I'd like to continue fighting together with you. (0:05:10.43)
Shin : We're comrades, right?! (0:05:14.18)
Kai Kyou : Stop! (0:05:16.84)
Kai Kyou : I did not join the fighting for a reason like that. (0:05:18.85)
Kai Kyou : It was just a coincidental fight on my way to my goal. (0:05:22.57)
Kai Kyou : That's all. (0:05:25.91)
Shin : Goal? (0:05:28.20)
Kai Kyou : I have no interest in "being together" or "comrades". (0:05:29.81)
Shin : Then what is your goal? (0:05:35.08)
Shin : And how did a woman become that strong?! (0:05:37.44)
Ten Karyou : I wanna know, too! (0:05:41.44)
Ten Karyou : Please, tell me! (0:05:42.58)
Shin : Diao? (0:05:44.65)
Ten Karyou : I want to become strong! (0:05:45.65)
Ten Karyou : Like you... (0:05:48.19)
Shin : Wh-What're you doing?! (0:05:53.88)
Kai Kyou : Stop messing around! (0:05:56.35)
Kai Kyou : The worlds we were born in are completely different. (0:05:59.38)
Kai Kyou : People who say things like "I want to know" and "Tell me"... (0:06:03.06)
Kai Kyou : are taking it so lightly, it makes me sick. (0:06:05.41)
Kai Kyou : I have only one reason for living. (0:06:10.04)
Kai Kyou : Born as a Chi You, my fate was sealed. (0:06:14.09)
Shin : Chi You? (0:06:19.27)
Kai Kyou : A band of assassins that have survived in the shadows of history. (0:06:21.01)
Kai Kyou : That is what our clan is now described as. (0:06:26.40)
EXTRA : (0:06:30.20)
Chi You Ba-san : You will all be food for our larvae... (0:06:35.24)
EXTRA : What're you talkin' about, you old bat? (0:06:40.17)
EXTRA : You picked a bad place to get lost in. (0:06:42.60)
EXTRA : None 'a you guys are gettin' outta here alive. (0:06:44.68)
Chi You Ba-san : What? Do you not recognize the Chi You? (0:06:47.73)
EXTRA : Chi You? (0:06:51.03)
Chi You Ba-san : The sword was not originally something to cut people down with. (0:06:52.82)
Chi You Ba-san : In ancient times, it was born as a sacred treasure for worshiping the heavens. (0:06:55.89)
Chi You Ba-san : The maidens that dance with swords are possessed with the power of the gods... (0:07:00.76)
Chi You Ba-san : They are the Chi You. (0:07:05.18)
EXTRA : I haven't got a clue what you're talking about. (0:07:07.17)
EXTRA : So what? (0:07:08.64)
Chi You Ba-san : The Chi You dance as they cut down their foes with the power of the gods. (0:07:10.34)
Chi You Ba-san : Far beyond the strength of mere humans. (0:07:14.49)
EXTRA : Oh, is that right? (0:07:18.17)
EXTRA : Okay, okay, gotcha, granny. (0:07:19.78)
Chi You Ba-san : Dance, (0:07:22.67)
Chi You Ba-san : our daughters of the Qiang Tribe, Xiang, Lei. (0:07:23.79)
EXTRA : What's that supposed to be? (0:07:31.24)
EXTRA : Are you begging us for forgiveness with a dance? (0:07:33.01)
Kai Kyou : The Chi You are split into clans and live among the mountains. (0:07:39.66)
Kai Kyou : Those with talents are trained from early childhood (0:07:44.29)
Kai Kyou : to produce warriors to take on the name of Chi You. (0:07:48.60)
Kai Kyou : The clans place all value on that alone. (0:07:52.88)
Kai Kyou : That is our law. (0:07:57.50)
Kai Kyou : When I turned 13, I had part of deciding the new Chi You. (0:08:01.94)
Kai Kyou : Two are chosen from each of the 19 clans. (0:08:08.07)
Kai Kyou : My sister, Xiang, whom had been raised the same way as me, (0:08:11.82)
Kai Kyou : as well as myself were chosen from the Qiang Clan. (0:08:13.34)
Kai Kyou : To win the name of Chi You, the candidates had to fight each other (0:08:17.88)
Kai Kyou : until only one remained. (0:08:21.07)
Kai Kyou : Only one! (0:08:25.49)
EXTRA : (0:08:28.38)
Qiang Xiang : That is Lian of the You Clan. (0:08:32.72)
Qiang Xiang : This one is Jing of the Eh Tribe. (0:08:35.74)
Qiang Xiang : Both are considerably skilled. (0:08:38.96)
Kai Kyou : Don't worry. (0:08:41.05)
Kai Kyou : The survivor of tomorrow will be you, Big Sister Xiang. (0:08:42.80)
Qiang Xiang : In that case, you will be dead tomorrow, Qiang. (0:08:45.59)
Qiang Xiang : And you might even be killed by me. (0:08:49.18)
Kai Kyou : If that happened, I wouldn't mind it. (0:08:52.71)
Kai Kyou : We were taught since we were little that our lives would last until the festival. (0:08:54.87)
Qiang Xiang : I... don't like it. (0:08:59.53)
Qiang Xiang : Dying at just 15 years old... (0:09:02.78)
Qiang Xiang : There are still mountains of things I want to do. (0:09:06.17)
Qiang Xiang : I want to see the "states" of the flatlands (0:09:09.37)
Qiang Xiang : and the humans that live there. (0:09:12.26)
Qiang Xiang : I'd like to have a child someday. (0:09:15.11)
Qiang Xiang : And before that, I'd at least like to know the warmth of a man... (0:09:17.54)
Qiang Xiang : That might be a little early for you. (0:09:27.24)
Qiang Xiang : Honestly, I don't want you to die tomorrow, either, Lei. (0:09:31.51)
Qiang Xiang : You need to survive and take on the name of Chi You (0:09:36.16)
Qiang Xiang : and learn all about the outside world. (0:09:38.73)
Kai Kyou : There's no way. (0:09:42.46)
Kai Kyou : Even among the same clan, to team up is forbidden. (0:09:44.07)
Kai Kyou : Only one will remain... (0:09:46.82)
Kai Kyou : That is the law. (0:09:49.98)
Qiang Xiang : That's why, (0:09:51.55)
Qiang Xiang : tomorrow, we have to fight for ourselves! (0:09:53.50)
Qiang Xiang : Even if you and I end up fighting each other! (0:09:56.97)
Qiang Xiang : No matter what, don't hold back, Lei! (0:10:01.78)
Kai Kyou : I understand. (0:10:07.80)
Qiang Xiang : Lu Sui... Make sure you protect Lei tomorrow. (0:10:11.80)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang... (0:10:17.22)
Qiang Xiang : Lei... (0:10:18.92)
Qiang Xiang : I've always thought of you as a little sister. (0:10:20.44)
Kai Kyou : Me, too... (0:10:25.73)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang. (0:10:27.82)
EXTRA : (0:10:28.83)
Kai Kyou : There are 36 candidates besides Big Sister Xiang and me. (0:10:33.49)
Kai Kyou : I'll go all-out as soon as the festival begins. (0:10:38.02)
Kai Kyou : If I can cut down ten strong-looking ones, that'll be plenty... (0:10:41.62)
Kai Kyou : The rest will be up to Big Sister Xiang... (0:10:46.97)
Kai Kyou : Then Big Sister Xiang will become Chi You and venture to the outside world... (0:10:50.48)
Kai Kyou : Got it, Lu Sui? That's what I've decided. (0:10:56.25)
Kai Kyou : Let's go to sleep. (0:11:01.07)
Kai Kyou : We're getting up early tomorrow. (0:11:02.58)
Kai Kyou : Eve...ning...? (0:11:19.58)
Kai Kyou : I overslept?! (0:11:26.17)
Kai Kyou : That can't be! It's impossible! (0:11:27.19)
Kai Kyou : Something happened! (0:11:29.42)
Kai Kyou : Incense?! (0:11:31.40)
Kai Kyou : I was put to sleep?! (0:11:32.87)
Kai Kyou : By whom?! (0:11:34.58)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang?! (0:11:37.90)
Kai Kyou : The festival... (0:11:42.90)
Kai Kyou : What happened with the festival?! (0:11:44.32)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang... What happened to her...?! (0:11:47.06)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang... (0:12:01.15)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang... (0:12:05.40)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang. (0:12:12.19)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang! (0:12:15.02)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang! (0:12:19.90)
Kai Kyou : She's not here... Big Sister Xiang isn't here! (0:12:22.78)
Kai Kyou : She's not! (0:12:26.51)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang survi...ved! (0:12:27.74)
EXTRA : (0:12:30.05)
Kai Kyou : Don't misunderstand. (0:12:54.68)
Kai Kyou : Big Sister Xiang was not weak. (0:12:56.54)
Kai Kyou : Her strength was exemplary. (0:12:59.00)
Ten Karyou : Then how...? (0:13:01.69)
EXTRA : (0:13:07.26)
EXTRA : (0:13:12.57)
Kai Kyou : Elder... How? (0:13:14.84)
Kai Kyou : How did this happen to Big Sister Xiang...? (0:13:16.47)
Kai Kyou : There's no opponent that could defeat Big Sister Xiang! (0:13:18.60)
Chi You Ba-san : Xiang was targeted from the outset. (0:13:22.89)
Kai Kyou : Targeted? (0:13:28.78)
Chi You Ba-san : As soon as the battle started, she was immediately ambushed by a large group. (0:13:30.36)
EXTRA : And now, in accordance to our laws, the festival will commence. (0:13:36.81)
EXTRA : Begin! (0:13:40.13)
Lian : Hmph... That girl... (0:13:45.60)
Chi You Ba-san : And Lian of the You Clan oversaw it. (0:13:48.02)
Kai Kyou : No! That can't be! (0:13:51.96)
Kai Kyou : In the festival, not even two members of the same clan are allowed to fight in an alliance! (0:13:54.17)
Kai Kyou : That's the law! (0:13:58.90)
Kai Kyou : Isn't it?! (0:14:00.48)
Chi You Ba-san : Lei, (0:14:02.22)
Chi You Ba-san : Xiang's and your power were clearly extraordinary. (0:14:03.29)
Chi You Ba-san : The chiefs of the other tribes all recognized it. (0:14:06.56)
Chi You Ba-san : So they tacitly condoned this. (0:14:10.03)
Chi You Ba-san : Both, that the others all joined forces, and that you did not participate. (0:14:12.84)
Kai Kyou : Condoned? (0:14:17.79)
Kai Kyou : Wait a minute... (0:14:19.90)
Kai Kyou : What about that law? (0:14:21.39)
Kai Kyou : Is the law not absolute?! (0:14:23.36)
Kai Kyou : Was it really something that insignificant?! (0:14:26.09)
Kai Kyou : Elder! (0:14:29.78)
Kai Kyou : Then how... How did this happen?! (0:14:31.82)
Kai Kyou : Why did Big Sister Xiang have to die?! (0:14:34.77)
EXTRA : What is this you're saying, Qiang Chief? (0:14:38.45)
EXTRA : She is already a corpse. (0:14:41.17)
EXTRA : Kill yourself, Qiang girl. (0:14:45.02)
EXTRA : The winner of the festival has been decided. (0:14:47.47)
EXTRA : All losers must die! (0:14:50.12)
EXTRA : It is a law of the Chi You that has gone unbroken these last thousand years! (0:14:52.85)
Kai Kyou : Do you take me for a fool? (0:15:01.14)
Kai Kyou : You bastards? (0:15:03.77)
EXTRA : (0:15:04.96)
Kai Kyou : I was sick of hearing about thousand year long laws. (0:15:07.30)
Kai Kyou : I thought about killing all of the elders and then myself, (0:15:12.15)
Kai Kyou : but I stopped short of that. (0:15:16.45)
Kai Kyou : There is one thing I must do before I die. (0:15:18.67)
Shin : That Lian from the You Clan, or whatever, right? (0:15:22.49)
Kai Kyou : Yes. She is the one that I... (0:15:25.12)
Lian : Go to sleep. (0:15:40.81)
Kai Kyou : She plotted to form a secret alliance and killed Big Sister Xiang, (0:15:45.73)
Kai Kyou : and in the end became the new Chi You and left the village... (0:15:50.69)
Kai Kyou : She is the one I can never forgive! (0:15:54.74)
Kai Kyou : I lost Big Sister Xiang and threw away the Chi You village. (0:15:57.80)
Kai Kyou : Now, my only reason for living is to kill that woman. (0:16:02.45)
Ten Karyou : That must be mortifying... (0:16:09.01)
Ten Karyou : To be manipulated by silly laws, (0:16:11.80)
Ten Karyou : and for Big Sister Xiang to be killed by such cowardly tactics... (0:16:14.86)
Ten Karyou : The one who killed her became Chi You (0:16:18.74)
Ten Karyou : and is living a carefree life now. (0:16:21.08)
Ten Karyou : But more than anything... (0:16:24.43)
Ten Karyou : to not have been there when someone very dear to you was killed. (0:16:28.06)
Kai Kyou : Why do you say that? (0:16:34.73)
Ten Karyou : That's what I'm afraid of the most. (0:16:37.18)
Shin : Diao... (0:16:41.89)
Shin : Man, it really got late. (0:16:45.25)
Shin : You can stay here if you want, Qiang Lei. (0:16:47.88)
Kai Kyou : All right. (0:16:50.50)
Shin : What's up? (0:16:59.81)
Ten Karyou : I kinda can't sleep. (0:17:01.34)
Ten Karyou : I'm gonna go get some fresh air. (0:17:03.21)
EXTRA : (0:17:04.85)
Ten Karyou : When I lived in Heibei Village, (0:17:11.34)
Ten Karyou : I thought about how I could sneak away from there every day. (0:17:12.91)
Ten Karyou : But then I met Xin, Zheng and the others (0:17:18.15)
Ten Karyou : and got wrapped up in the battle to retake the capital. (0:17:20.54)
Ten Karyou : I don't really understand it, (0:17:24.01)
Ten Karyou : but I've been enjoying it. (0:17:26.31)
Ten Karyou : Even though it seems like we could die every day... (0:17:28.88)
Ten Karyou : when I calm down and think about things, (0:17:33.82)
Ten Karyou : somehow, I understand it. (0:17:36.63)
Ten Karyou : Xin, it's probably because I've been with you. (0:17:39.86)
Ten Karyou : I haven't said anything about it since we started living together, (0:17:45.41)
Ten Karyou : but I've been really happy. (0:17:49.29)
Ten Karyou : The first fun days I've ever had... (0:17:52.18)
Ten Karyou : I thought they would keep going forever. (0:17:56.34)
Ten Karyou : But I was wrong. (0:18:00.10)
Ten Karyou : Xin keep moving forward. (0:18:04.87)
Ten Karyou : And it's not just him. (0:18:08.10)
Ten Karyou : Zheng, Bi, and Changwenjun are, too... (0:18:09.89)
Ten Karyou : Everyone is moving forward, risking their lives. (0:18:13.86)
Ten Karyou : The moment I realized it, I was all alone facing the wrong direction, sitting in the wrong place. (0:18:17.24)
Ten Karyou : This is just the same as before. (0:18:24.51)
EXTRA : (0:18:26.32)
Ten Karyou : What am I supposed to do? (0:18:28.34)
Kai Kyou : I can't sleep! (0:18:41.45)
Kai Kyou : Quit staring at me like that. It's suffocating. (0:18:43.53)
Shin : Sorry, sorry. (0:18:46.61)
Shin : But getting a good look at you, you've really got a cute face. (0:18:48.16)
Kai Kyou : Are you an idiot? (0:18:52.81)
Shin : I had someone, who was like a sibling to me, that was killed too, his name is Piao. (0:18:56.94)
Shin : To me, that guy was... (0:19:02.44)
Kai Kyou : You don't need to tell me. (0:19:04.24)
Kai Kyou : I heard about it (0:19:07.17)
Kai Kyou : from talking with Wei Ping and the others. (0:19:09.56)
Shin : Oh, then fine. (0:19:11.93)
Shin : I just kinda felt bad only listening to your story. (0:19:14.35)
Kai Kyou : Xin... (0:19:19.44)
Kai Kyou : You're... a strange person. (0:19:22.26)
Shin : Huh?! What's with you all of a sudden?! (0:19:25.27)
Kai Kyou : So I'm strange, too. (0:19:28.50)
Kai Kyou : You were just lucky. (0:19:31.93)
Kai Kyou : In that battle against Wei, (0:19:35.70)
Kai Kyou : the people stronger than you were scattered all over. (0:19:38.22)
Shin : I know that. (0:19:41.49)
Shin : I thought I would be getting a lot of experience with that battle. (0:19:43.69)
Shin : If you just rush in on momentum and emotion (0:19:48.20)
Shin : you can't win a real fight. (0:19:50.83)
Shin : Don't worry, I've been... thinking about all that. (0:19:55.26)
Kai Kyou : Good, then. (0:20:00.54)
Shin : So what're you gonna do next? (0:20:03.76)
Kai Kyou : I'm going to head for Wei alone. (0:20:07.14)
Kai Kyou : That's... all I have. (0:20:12.13)
Shin : Well, when that's over, make sure you hurry back! (0:20:16.81)
Shin : You said you've got nothin' besides getting revenge, (0:20:20.64)
Shin : but that must be a big lie. (0:20:22.97)
Shin : Somebody like that would not be risking their life for those around them in a big battle. (0:20:25.34)
Shin : Understand, Qiang Lei? (0:20:31.72)
Shin : As a comrade who fought in the same Wu as me, (0:20:33.92)
Shin : I've counted you as one of the people in my hundred man unit a while ago! (0:20:37.03)
Shin : So make sure you get your ass back here by the next war. (0:20:41.99)
Shin : Got it? (0:20:45.76)
Kai Kyou : Don't decide that on your own. (0:20:48.05)
Shin : Cut that out! What's your answer?! (0:20:49.91)
Kai Kyou : I'll think about it. (0:20:52.08)
Shin : Aw, fine. (0:20:55.36)
Shin : I'll be waiting the whole time, okay? (0:20:58.16)
Shin : Qiang Lei, you're glad you joined that war, aren't you? (0:21:03.46)
Kai Kyou : Yeah, I guess. (0:21:16.38)
Shin : Then be damn sure you come back! (0:21:17.40)
Kai Kyou : You're so persistent. (0:21:20.36)
Ten Karyou : Oh, you're up? (0:21:28.92)
Shin : So she... left, huh? (0:21:31.57)
Ten Karyou : Yeah. (0:21:33.72)
Ten Karyou : Hey, let's eat breakfast! (0:21:34.34)
Ten Karyou : Xin, listen for a sec. (0:21:38.54)
Shin : Hm? What? (0:21:40.66)
Ten Karyou : Do you remember my ambition? (0:21:42.47)
Ten Karyou : To become super-rich and live the rest of my life enjoying myself. (0:21:44.76)
Shin : Oh, right. You did say somethin' like that, right? (0:21:48.43)
Ten Karyou : I haven't got the least bit of interest in living in this cheap-ass broken down shack. (0:21:51.62)
Shin : I know. (0:21:55.78)
Shin : I'm gonna make it big soon and we'll have a giant mansion. (0:21:57.00)
Ten Karyou : I thought I'd rely on you for it, (0:22:00.02)
Ten Karyou : but I'm not doing that anymore! (0:22:02.27)
Ten Karyou : I've got no idea when you might die. (0:22:04.00)
Shin : Wh-What's with that attitude? (0:22:06.58)
Ten Karyou : That's why I've decided to head to the battlefield, too, and earn some big money. (0:22:09.06)
Shin : You're gonna fight? (0:22:13.84)
Ten Karyou : I know I can't do anything about my physical strength! (0:22:16.61)
Ten Karyou : I'm not sure about it... but... (0:22:19.91)
Ten Karyou : there's got to be something I can do! (0:22:22.93)
Ten Karyou : So... (0:22:27.20)
Ten Karyou : You're going to leave when a new war starts, right? (0:22:29.35)
Shin : Yeah. (0:22:32.89)
Ten Karyou : When that happens, I'm leaving, too. (0:22:33.71)
Ten Karyou : So I can find where I belong. (0:22:36.33)
Shin : Is that right? (0:22:38.88)
Ten Karyou : We may not see each other for a while, (0:22:40.70)
Ten Karyou : but I'll definitely come back. (0:22:43.12)
Ten Karyou : To where you are. (0:22:46.06)
Shin : I'll be waiting! (0:22:48.82)
Shin : All right! (0:22:52.35)
Shin : Let's get fired up today, too! (0:22:53.40)
Ten Karyou : Right! (0:22:55.22)
Ten Karyou : Then, help clean up! (0:22:55.84)
Shin : Yeah, you do that. (0:22:57.41)
Ten Karyou : What?! (0:22:58.52)
Ten Karyou : You've gotta do it once in a while, too! (0:22:59.59)
Shin : Didn' I tell you? (0:23:01.41)
Shin : I'm shit at making food and cleaning up! (0:23:02.41)
Shin : So all I'm gonna do is eat! (0:23:05.01)
Ten Karyou : And who decided that, you moron?! (0:23:06.72)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.29)
Shin : In order to be greatest general under the heavens, (0:24:46.20)
Shin : I've gotta train! (0:24:48.16)
EXTRA : The path to the future. (0:24:50.28)
EXTRA : For the path that you seek, (0:24:51.81)
EXTRA : seek further evolution! (0:24:53.33)
EXTRA : A New Trial (0:24:54.30)
EXTRA : A New Trial (0:24:55.38)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.77)

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