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EXTRA : It has been four months since Xin, the boy trying to become greatest general under the heavens, (0:00:08.44)
EXTRA : fought in a war with the State of Wei as his first campaign. (0:00:12.47)
EXTRA : The State of Qin now sorties a force of 200,000 (0:00:18.13)
EXTRA : towards their neighbor to the East, Han. (0:00:21.51)
EXTRA : The ladder is set! (0:00:28.08)
EXTRA : Under the Commander Meng Ao, (0:00:34.89)
EXTRA : State of Qin Army General Meng Ao (0:00:34.97)
EXTRA : a collection of noted military commanders in the Qin Army (0:00:37.86)
EXTRA : Han (0:00:38.89)
EXTRA : are felling Han castles one after another. (0:00:41.19)
EXTRA : And after being notified of the successive victories, (0:00:44.09)
EXTRA : the people of Qin also became greatly excited. (0:00:46.09)
EXTRA : Dad! Look at all the flags! (0:00:54.77)
EXTRA : Ain't there? (0:00:58.99)
EXTRA : But in the midst of that great joy (0:01:00.08)
EXTRA : the State of Qin was about to be gripped by an unprecedented crisis! (0:01:08.18)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:01:15.18)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:01:17.13)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:01:19.08)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years (0:01:22.24)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:01:25.00)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the State of Qin in the far West. (0:01:28.32)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:01:33.96)
EXTRA : Appointment (0:03:12.23)
EXTRA : Emergency report! (0:03:19.34)
EXTRA : Open the gate! (0:03:21.40)
Changwenjun : Zhao forces are invading?! (0:03:24.60)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:03:27.33)
Ying Zheng : Zhao... (0:03:29.85)
Changwenjun : Where have they invaded?! (0:03:31.98)
EXTRA : It's in the Northeast, Mayang! (0:03:33.44)
EXTRA : How many soldiers?! (0:03:34.89)
EXTRA : 100,000! (0:03:35.94)
Shi Ri : 100,000...?! (0:03:37.27)
EXTRA : It disappeared soon in the rain, (0:03:38.93)
EXTRA : but we have a report that there was a signal fire coming from Mayang seeking reinforcements! (0:03:40.46)
Changwenjun : There's nothing we can do... (0:03:44.01)
Changwenjun : General Meng Ao is leading an army of 200,000 to attack Han right now, (0:03:45.01)
EXTRA : Changwenjun (0:03:48.24)
Changwenjun : we have no group inside the country to send as reinforcements. (0:03:49.41)
Shi Ri : If the front line nearby the border with Zhao falls, (0:03:52.66)
EXTRA : Li Shi (0:03:55.29)
Shi Ri : the Zhao forces would surge into central Qin immediately. (0:03:58.64)
Changwenjun : What's the best course to take? (0:04:03.83)
Changwenjun : There is no time to call back Meng Ao, with his army attacking deep within Han! (0:04:05.87)
Ying Zheng : This is no time to be sitting here with our arms folded! (0:04:14.76)
Ying Zheng : Raise an alarm for emergency recruitment in the center of Qin for those that were exempt from this war with Han (0:04:17.48)
Ying Zheng : to gather up 100,000 soldiers! (0:04:23.03)
Ying Zheng : We'll send them to the front line as reinforcements! (0:04:25.13)
Fui Ryo : Please wait, your majesty. (0:04:27.31)
Fui Ryo : Such an important matter should be decided by the war council. (0:04:30.18)
Fui Ryo : First we need Commander-in-Chief Changpingjun here. (0:04:34.23)
Ying Zheng : Then hurry! (0:04:38.26)
Ying Zheng : Our opponent is Zhao! (0:04:40.25)
EXTRA : Right Chancellor of Qin
Lü Buwei
Ying Zheng : That same Zhao that buried alive 400,000 members of our Qin Army in the Battle of Changping! (0:04:43.19)
Ying Zheng : The people of Zhao embrace an abnormal hatred for the people of our State of Qin. (0:04:51.77)
Ying Zheng : Unless we hurry, every last citizen of the State of Qin will be erased from that front line! (0:04:57.26)
EXTRA : An order for emergency recruitment was immediately raised, (0:05:02.78)
EXTRA : and men started the journey to the battlefield. (0:05:05.62)
EXTRA : Even here at Chenghu Village. (0:05:09.50)
Bi Hei : Here we go, you guys! (0:05:12.14)
EXTRA : Wei Dao! (0:05:15.72)
EXTRA : Wei Dao (0:05:17.21)
EXTRA : Make sure you earn lots and come back! (0:05:17.74)
Bi Tou : Got it. (0:05:20.56)
EXTRA : Wei Ping. (0:05:21.84)
Bi Hei : D-Dong Mei! (0:05:23.64)
EXTRA : Please come home safely. (0:05:26.52)
EXTRA : Wei Ping (0:05:28.97)
Bi Hei : J-Just wait here for me, Dong Mei! (0:05:30.47)
Shin : Mr. Yaun. About how long's it been since I got pushed off this cliff? (0:05:41.22)
En : Probably about four months. (0:05:46.72)
Shin : Is that right? (0:05:49.53)
Shin : A pretty decent amount of time's passed! (0:05:50.33)
EXTRA : Long live Lord Xin! Long live Lord Yuan! (0:05:53.66)
EXTRA : Long live Lord Xin! Long live Lord Yuan! (0:05:58.44)
Shin : This time I'm gonna get that personal training (0:05:59.54)
Shin : from that big-lipped general! (0:06:02.33)
Shin : Hold on a minute, General Wang Qi! (0:06:11.68)
En : Please don't give orders to a general, Lord Xin! (0:06:13.37)
Shin : What do you meant you're postponing the training? (0:06:16.30)
Shin : We subjugated the stateless area just like you said! (0:06:18.95)
Ki Ou : The situation has changed a little, it would seem... (0:06:24.22)
Shin : The situation changed? (0:06:26.88)
Ki Ou : A war has started. (0:06:28.92)
Shin : What?! (0:06:31.00)
Shin : A war... started...?! (0:06:31.97)
Shin : So are we heading to a battlefield right now?! (0:06:34.96)
Shin : All right! (0:06:41.97)
Shin : Let's do it! (0:06:43.18)
Ten Karyou : An emergency recruitment isn't an ordinary occurrence. (0:06:50.42)
Ten Karyou : What the hell is going on?! (0:06:53.56)
Ten Karyou : I've got to find Zheng and talk to him... (0:06:56.17)
Mou Ki : Please, wait! He Liao Diao! (0:06:58.64)
Mou Ki : If you're going to meet his highness, I'm afraid it's impossible. (0:07:03.10)
Mou Ki : No matter your status, you cannot enter the throne room at this time. (0:07:07.56)
Mou Ki : Be at ease. (0:07:11.75)
Mou Ki : I am not your enemy. (0:07:13.29)
Mou Ki : For now, at least. (0:07:15.16)
Mou Ki : I wanted to listen to today's war council, (0:07:18.90)
Mou Ki : so I came along with my teacher. (0:07:20.93)
Mou Ki : But he told me to wait in this room. (0:07:23.74)
Mou Ki : Even my father scolded me, saying it's not a place for children. (0:07:27.24)
Ten Karyou : Wh-Who are you?! (0:07:31.63)
Mou Ki : How rude of me. (0:07:34.17)
Mou Ki : I still haven't introduced myself, have I? (0:07:35.54)
EXTRA : Meng Yi (0:07:37.52)
Mou Ki : Nice to meet you. (0:07:38.02)
Mou Ki : I am Meng Yi. (0:07:39.44)
Mou Ki : Timid, are you? (0:07:43.97)
Ten Karyou : Something wrong with that? (0:07:45.04)
Mou Ki : No, it's an important quality. (0:07:46.93)
Mou Ki : Here in the palace, or in the battlefield. (0:07:49.82)
Mou Ki : Oh, right. (0:07:52.33)
Mou Ki : The one you live with is called "Xin", is he not? (0:07:54.13)
Mou Ki : I wonder if he's participating in this war with Zhao as well. (0:07:57.05)
Ten Karyou : You even know about Xin? (0:08:01.02)
Mou Ki : You were worried about him, so you came here to get information, did you? (0:08:02.93)
Ten Karyou : Who in the world is this guy...? (0:08:06.97)
Mou Ki : Your prediction is correct. (0:08:09.09)
Mou Ki : Currently taking place in front of the throne (0:08:12.34)
Mou Ki : is a supremely important war council that will affect the state of this war. (0:08:15.32)
Shi Ri : The people of Mayang were all slaughtered down to the suckling children. (0:08:20.32)
Shi Ri : Corpses were strewn about the field and blood flowed like a river. (0:08:24.83)
Shi Ri : This violence committed by Zhao cannot go unpunished! (0:08:29.02)
Mou Bu : How long do you intend to talk about the obvious? (0:08:34.00)
EXTRA : Meng Wu (0:08:37.82)
Mou Bu : Leave everything to me. (0:08:38.30)
Fui Ryo : With the noted military commanders all dispatched to Han, (0:08:45.62)
Fui Ryo : the fact that you remained here at Xianyang (0:08:48.88)
Fui Ryo : cannot be described as anything but a silver lining to a dark cloud, (0:08:51.73)
Fui Ryo : Meng Wu. (0:08:55.12)
Fui Ryo : Well then, my king. (0:08:57.41)
Fui Ryo : We shall appoint Meng Wu as supreme commander of the Qin Army... (0:08:58.47)
Changwenjun : Please, do not. (0:09:01.18)
Fui Ryo : Did you say something, Changwenjun? (0:09:07.38)
Changwenjun : I said that we should not appoint Meng Wu as supreme commander. (0:09:10.15)
EXTRA : Stop, Meng Wu! (0:09:21.29)
Mou Bu : A single civil officer like you should not intervene. (0:09:24.35)
Heikun Shou : He's no ordinary civil officer. (0:09:27.76)
Heikun Shou : Changwenjun has been on the front lines since King Zhao's era, pulling bows and swinging spears. (0:09:30.45)
Heikun Shou : He's a veteran warrior with rich experience. (0:09:36.62)
EXTRA : Changpingjun (0:09:39.01)
Heikun Shou : It would see Changwenjun has some kind of idea. (0:09:39.42)
Heikun Shou : Might I ask what it is? (0:09:43.61)
Changwenjun : There are two kinds of strengths in war. (0:09:47.14)
Changwenjun : Attack, (0:09:50.53)
Changwenjun : and defense. (0:09:52.12)
Changwenjun : General Meng Wu's strength in attack is without shortcomings. (0:09:53.78)
Changwenjun : On that point, he may currently be the greatest in all of the State of Qin. (0:09:57.16)
Changwenjun : But General Meng Wu has no strength of defense. (0:10:01.06)
Changwenjun : And being shorthanded on manpower and the front line crumbling, (0:10:07.40)
Changwenjun : this war is unmistakably one that requires strength of defense. (0:10:09.92)
Changwenjun : Therefore I cannot entrust this war to General Meng Wu. (0:10:17.98)
Fui Ryo : I see. What you say does indeed make sense. (0:10:25.10)
Fui Ryo : But Changwenjun, (0:10:30.97)
Fui Ryo : is there any military commander besides Meng Wu that is capable of leading 100,000 soldiers currently inside the borders of Qin? (0:10:32.44)
Changwenjun : Just one. (0:10:40.46)
Changwenjun : He has left the battlefield for a short while to rest his wings, (0:10:43.49)
Changwenjun : but he excels in both strengths of attack and defense. (0:10:48.50)
Changwenjun : The State of Qin's strongest military commander. (0:10:50.26)
Mou Bu : You bastard... could you mean...?! (0:10:55.40)
Ki Ou : It seems in the long time I've been gone, even this place has gotten exciting. (0:11:08.85)
Ki Ou : Is everyone in high spirits? (0:11:18.41)
Ying Zheng : Xin? (0:11:39.42)
Shin : Uh, hey. (0:11:40.66)
Mou Bu : You are interrupting a war council. (0:11:46.75)
Mou Bu : Begone! (0:11:48.21)
Ki Ou : How odd... (0:11:49.11)
Ki Ou : I am here because I was called on by that war council. (0:11:51.80)
Mou Bu : Don't mess around. (0:11:56.81)
Mou Bu : Who would call on the likes of you?! (0:11:58.93)
Heikun Shou : I called him. (0:12:01.71)
EXTRA : My goodness! (0:12:03.91)
Mou Bu : What for, Changpingjun?! (0:12:06.23)
Mou Bu : Answer me! (0:12:08.44)
Heikun Shou : In order for him to accept the position of Supreme Commander of the Qin Army. (0:12:09.85)
EXTRA : What?! (0:12:15.34)
Shin : General Wang Qi... Supreme Commander?! (0:12:20.05)
Shin : The only one still active from of the wars of the Six Great Generals... (0:12:24.15)
Shin : and I'm seeing him with these eyes?! (0:12:29.22)
Mou Bu : Changpingjun. Do you think that will make me accept this? (0:12:35.49)
Heikun Shou : I must insist that you do. (0:12:42.38)
Heikun Shou : The reason being exactly what Changwenjun just expressed. (0:12:44.01)
Mou Bu : There is no attack or defense in war! (0:12:48.28)
Mou Bu : All there is is destroying the opponent in front of your eyes, nothing else! (0:12:51.21)
Heikun Shou : Enough, Meng Wu. (0:12:56.98)
Heikun Shou : This is my decision as Commander-in-Chief. (0:12:59.49)
Heikun Shou : It cannot be overturned. (0:13:03.26)
Mou Bu : You are nothing more than a relic of a past age! (0:13:16.18)
Mou Bu : I do not approve! (0:13:18.92)
Ki Ou : I approve of you... (0:13:22.23)
Ki Ou : To an extent... (0:13:27.17)
Ki Ou : It seems we've gotten that subject out of the way. (0:13:44.27)
Ki Ou : Now, would the rest of you please leave for me? (0:13:47.54)
EXTRA : What?! (0:13:52.17)
Fui Ryo : What is this, General Wang Qi? (0:13:54.18)
Ki Ou : In accordance with an old etiquette, before an official indictment can take place, (0:13:57.70)
Ki Ou : the appointment ceremony must be performed with the king and I alone. (0:14:02.49)
Ki Ou : Without that, I will not lead the Qin Army. (0:14:08.88)
Ying Zheng : Why are you staying silent, Wang Qi? (0:14:31.22)
Ying Zheng : I went along with that obvious lie and cleared everyone out. (0:14:35.34)
Ying Zheng : You must have something you wish to talk with me about. (0:14:40.06)
Ki Ou : Well, then... (0:14:47.75)
Ki Ou : When your highness's little brother, Chengjiao, rebelled and turned the royal palace into a battlefield, (0:14:50.77)
Ki Ou : do you remember what it was I said? (0:14:58.18)
Ying Zheng : "Gain enough power to match that big talk.", wasn't it? {He's paraphrasing, I checked the original line from episode 15.} (0:15:02.28)
Ki Ou : It looks like it will take a little more time. (0:15:10.93)
Ying Zheng : I don't deny it. As I am now, I cannot do a single kingly thing. (0:15:14.60)
Ying Zheng : Wang Qi, at that time (0:15:23.20)
Ying Zheng : I told you to accept King Zhao's death. (0:15:26.02)
Ying Zheng : Does the fact that you now say you'll lead the State of Qin Army (0:15:30.28)
Ying Zheng : mean you've broken free of that? (0:15:33.80)
Ki Ou : King Zhao was a great king. (0:15:39.77)
Ying Zheng : I understand fully. (0:15:44.61)
Ki Ou : My king, your one piece of misfortune (0:15:47.09)
Ki Ou : is that one cannot see the form of a king that should set an example. (0:15:51.12)
Ki Ou : Up until you were nine years old, you spent your life as a hostage in the kingdom of Zhao. (0:15:56.57)
Ki Ou : It was another four years after you came back before you took the throne. (0:16:00.29)
Ki Ou : Your father, King Zhuangxiang, which you saw before your eyes was Lü Buwei's puppet. (0:16:03.08)
Ki Ou : If you had seen one glimpse of the form of King Zhao, (0:16:11.10)
Ki Ou : this situation may have been a bit different. (0:16:16.01)
Ying Zheng : You may be correct, but that is already a moot point. (0:16:21.31)
Ying Zheng : All I can do is fumble my way forward. (0:16:25.15)
Ying Zheng : What is it, Wang Qi? (0:16:31.60)
Ki Ou : I accept the position of Supreme Commander of the Qin Army, (0:16:33.53)
Ki Ou : and will now depart for the front lines. (0:16:35.85)
Ki Ou : I remembered the thing I had to tell you. (0:16:38.64)
Ying Zheng : What is it? (0:16:44.58)
Ki Ou : A message to you that was entrusted to me by King Zhao. (0:16:47.37)
Ying Zheng : A message... from King Zhao? (0:16:54.86)
Ying Zheng : Due to the sudden invasion by the Zhao Army, (0:17:09.85)
Ying Zheng : the castle at Mayang has already fallen, the people have been slaughtered, and the region destroyed! (0:17:12.09)
Ying Zheng : And now, at the vital front defensive line, (0:17:18.53)
Ying Zheng : Mayang is being attacked! (0:17:20.86)
Ying Zheng : If Mayang falls, this tragedy will spread all across our State of Qin! (0:17:23.64)
Ying Zheng : This crisis and this knowledge will determine the life or death of the State of Qin! (0:17:28.97)
Ying Zheng : General Wang Qi! (0:17:35.15)
Ying Zheng : You have been appointed as Supreme Commander of the State of Qin Army of 100,000! (0:17:37.89)
Ying Zheng : Save Mayang, (0:17:42.36)
Ying Zheng : and annihilate the State of Zhao Army (0:17:43.44)
Ying Zheng : that dares trample on our land! (0:17:46.59)
Ki Ou : Orders firmly understood. (0:17:56.92)
Mou Ki : General Wang Qi is the Supreme Commander? (0:18:05.01)
Mou Ki : Father must be dissatisfied... (0:18:07.59)
Mou Ki : But Teacher's decision was correct. (0:18:10.04)
Mou Ki : The one most fit to entrust this war to truly is General Wang Qi. (0:18:12.76)
Ten Karyou : I'm not sure I totally understand, (0:18:17.50)
Ten Karyou : but if such a great general is Supreme Commander, (0:18:19.31)
Ten Karyou : does that mean we can relax about this war, too...? (0:18:21.65)
Mou Ki : We don't know that yet. (0:18:25.32)
Ten Karyou : What do you mean by that? (0:18:28.59)
Mou Ki : There are still aspects of Zhao's current military force we cannot see. (0:18:30.74)
Mou Ki : Those are... Oh? (0:18:35.54)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:18:40.33)
En : Lord Xin, (0:18:42.98)
En : will you be returning home first? (0:18:44.27)
En : Perhaps we should notify Lord Diao of the departure... (0:18:46.56)
Shin : No need. That guy'll know without anyone telling him. (0:18:49.46)
Ying Zheng : Xin! (0:18:53.54)
En : Your highness! (0:18:55.22)
Ying Zheng : Are you going? (0:18:57.37)
Shin : Yeah. (0:18:58.33)
Shin : I'm the only one getting a late start. (0:18:59.33)
Shin : I'm gonna work more with General Wang Qi later, apparently. (0:19:02.02)
Ying Zheng : I never would've thought you'd be training under Wang Qi. (0:19:06.13)
Shin : I haven't actually been taught anything from the general himself yet, though. (0:19:10.69)
Shin : What? (0:19:15.24)
Shin : Did the king come here in person just to say that? (0:19:16.50)
Ying Zheng : Just be careful, Xin. (0:19:21.14)
Shin : No need to tell me that! (0:19:23.17)
Shin : Well, I'd like it if that was all... (0:19:25.74)
Shin : But what's up, Zheng? (0:19:28.40)
Shin : You're making an awfully gloomy face, ain'cha? (0:19:30.29)
Ying Zheng : This invasion by Zhao was completely unforeseen. (0:19:33.68)
Shin : I guess unpreparedness is the greatest enemy, huh? (0:19:37.39)
Ying Zheng : True. (0:19:40.26)
Ying Zheng : In the past, Zhao was a mighty foe... (0:19:40.90)
Ying Zheng : But that's only since the Three Great Devas. (0:19:44.09)
Shin : Three Great Devas? (0:19:46.90)
Ying Zheng : Lin Xiangru, Lian Po, and Zhao She. (0:19:49.72)
Ying Zheng : They were great Prime Ministers and Generals that spread war equal to those of our Six Great Generals. (0:19:53.44)
Shin : Equal to the Six Great Generals? (0:20:00.20)
Ying Zheng : But those Three Great Devas are already gone (0:20:03.56)
Ying Zheng : and no one who can succeed them in power has been seen. (0:20:06.32)
Ying Zheng : We had predicted that the current Zhao would not be able to move an army to attack Qin. (0:20:09.00)
Shin : But those Zhao guys came anyway. (0:20:15.18)
Ying Zheng : I've heard King Dao Xiang is very cautious... (0:20:19.14)
Ying Zheng : I doubt he would send his army unless he had considerable confidence. (0:20:23.49)
Shin : Don't worry about it! (0:20:30.58)
Shin : We've got General Wang Qi! (0:20:31.89)
En : Lord Xin! (0:20:33.60)
Shin : And we've got me, too! (0:20:37.00)
Shin : You must be glad about what happened back there, Zheng. (0:20:41.38)
Shin : The appointment ceremony. (0:20:45.14)
Shin : In that huge room with all the ministers watching, (0:20:47.07)
Shin : he got appointed by you. Not bad. (0:20:50.16)
Shin : Okay, I'm going! (0:20:58.28)
En : Wait, please! Lord Xin! (0:21:01.58)
Ying Zheng : I pray for your good luck in battle! (0:21:06.07)
Mou Ki : They're gone, aren't they? (0:21:14.58)
Ten Karyou : Yeah. (0:21:16.25)
Mou Ki : He Liao Diao. (0:21:18.30)
Mou Ki : Do you want to go try your hand at the battlefield as well? (0:21:20.93)
EXTRA : Meanwhile, the soldiers gathered by the emergency recruitment (0:21:32.29)
EXTRA : marched north without any formation as a military unit. (0:21:39.13)
Bi Hei : There! Over there! (0:21:42.61)
EXTRA : Ze Gui (0:21:44.57)
Taku Kei : Oh, Mr. Wei Ping, Mr. Wei Dao. (0:21:44.79)
Bi Hei : Wuchang Ze! (0:21:48.27)
Bi Tou : Wuchang Ze! (0:21:48.27)
Bi Tou : It's been a while! (0:21:49.94)
Bi Hei : It's been a while! (0:21:49.94)
Taku Kei : You two seem to be doing well. (0:21:51.38)
Bi Hei : You could tell? (0:21:54.34)
Hairou : Those weaklings are here again! (0:21:56.64)
EXTRA : Shan He (0:21:59.83)
EXTRA : Zie Ci (0:21:59.83b)
Bi Hei : Oh, you guys are here, too?! (0:22:00.11)
Xie Ci : Of course. (0:22:03.28)
Xie Ci : We've been itching for a fight! (0:22:05.14)
Xie Ci : Look. (0:22:08.61)
Xie Ci : Tien You (0:22:10.09)
Xie Ci : Tien You and Zhong Tie are here, too. (0:22:10.80)
Bi Hei : All of our comrades we fought with through the fierce battle against Wei are here! (0:22:15.57)
Bi Hei : No matter who the enemy is this time, there's no way we'll lose! (0:22:19.23)
Xie Ci : By the way, that kid... (0:22:23.12)
Xie Ci : Wasn't he with you? (0:22:25.71)
Bi Hei : Oh? You mean Xin? (0:22:28.15)
Xie Ci : We were looking all over for him on our way here... (0:22:30.17)
Hairou : Don't tell me that kid... isn't coming? (0:22:33.91)
Bi Hei : You've got nothing to worry about! (0:22:39.17)
Bi Hei : With everyone else coming, there's no way that guy would stay behind! (0:22:41.92)
Bi Hei : I dunno where he's loitering around, but you can bet he'll be here! (0:22:46.00)
Bi Hei : Because that guy's our Hundred-Man General! (0:22:50.70)
En : Lord Xin! (0:22:55.55)
En : You don't need to rush so much! (0:22:56.93)
Shin : I ain't rushing, Mr. Yuan! (0:22:58.98)
Shin : I just wanna see them soon! (0:23:02.43)
Shin : Everybody, (0:23:06.90)
Shin : wait for me! (0:23:09.64)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.25)
Changwenjun : Impossible... It can't be! (0:24:46.21)
Changwenjun : He's dead! (0:24:48.22)
EXTRA : That man is not a human. (0:24:49.74)
EXTRA : The heavens fear him and the earth trembles! (0:24:52.06)
EXTRA : War God Pang Nuan (0:24:53.88)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.17)
EXTRA : War God Pang Nuan (0:24:55.34)

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