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The people fighting here will need a general, after all.

- En

Kingdom - Episode 26

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Changwenjun : Why did you respond to Changpingjun's invitation? Line ID
Changwenjun : You were so fervently against leading the Qin Army before, Line ID
Changwenjun : what brought on this change of heart? Line ID
Wang Qi : Were you surprised? Line ID
Changwenjun : Of course! Line ID
Changwenjun : What caused you to want to fight, Wang Qi?! Line ID
Wang Qi : It's Mayang. Line ID
Changwenjun : I see... Line ID
Changwenjun : So that was why... Line ID
Changwenjun : Mayang was... Line ID
Changwenjun : the place where you, Great General Liao, and I Line ID
Changwenjun : took a castle from Zhao. Line ID
Changwenjun : And... Line ID
Changwenjun : the place where Liao was defeated. Line ID
Changwenjun : That was a nightmare. Line ID
Changwenjun : To think that Liao could ever be beaten... Line ID
Changwenjun : Pang Nuan... Line ID
Changwenjun : Who was that man? Line ID
Changwenjun : No, never mind. Line ID
Changwenjun : We don't need to talk about a dead man... Line ID
Changwenjun : But are you saying that you refuse to hand over Mayang as it is the place Liao died? Line ID
Wang Qi : Well, something like that. Line ID
Wang Qi : Changwenjun, I've been thinking I should perhaps soon bid farewell Line ID
Wang Qi : to my self that was one of the Six Great Generals under King Zhao. Line ID
Wang Qi : In order to settle this fight. Line ID
Changwenjun : Settle?! Line ID
Changwenjun : So you've finally decided to move forward, as well? Line ID
Wang Qi : If I can. It's an expectation I have for myself. Line ID
EXTRA : Shi Huang Year 3, Month 3, Line ID
EXTRA : Supreme Commander of the State of Qin Army, Wang Qi departed. Line ID
EXTRA : Meanwhile, the soldiers heading to Mayang... Line ID
EXTRA : We'll now form Wu! Line ID
EXTRA : Wuchang, gather! Line ID
Bi Hei : Aw, man! Line ID
Bi Hei : They've already started forming Wu! Line ID
Bi Tou : But Xin isn't even here yet! Line ID
Bi Hei : That goddamn idiot! Line ID
Xin : Hey! Line ID
Xin : Is everybody here?! Line ID
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, Line ID
EXTRA : in the State of Qin during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Line ID
EXTRA : The nameless boy Xin met with the young King Zheng, Line ID
EXTRA : distinguished himself in war, and finally became a Hundred-Man General. Line ID
EXTRA : Among those events, the neighboring State of Zhao suddenly invaded, Line ID
EXTRA : presenting an unprecedented crisis. Line ID
EXTRA : What kind of war will Supreme Commander Wang Qi wage? Line ID
EXTRA : And what kind of growth with Xin achieve? Line ID
EXTRA : War God Pang Nuan Line ID
He Liao Diao : But are you sure about this? Going on our own to see the battlefield? Line ID
Meng Yi : It'll be fine. Line ID
Meng Yi : I got Teacher's permission. Line ID
Meng Yi : That's the authorization of the State of Qin Commander-in-Chief. Line ID
He Liao Diao : State of Qin Commander-in-Chief?! Line ID
He Liao Diao : A-Are you saying that your teacher is... Line ID
Meng Yi : Yes. One of Chancellor Lü Buwei's Four Pillars, Line ID
Meng Yi : Changpingjun. Line ID
He Liao Diao : Th-Then, he's on the side of Zheng's enemies... Line ID
Meng Yi : Don't worry. Line ID
Meng Yi : The relationship between the king and the chancellor is totally unrelated to me. Line ID
Meng Yi : I just want to see a battlefield and feel the wind there. Line ID
He Liao Diao : H-Hey, Meng Yi, Line ID
He Liao Diao : We'll win, right? This war? Line ID
Meng Yi : We won't know unless we actually see the war. Line ID
Meng Yi : But... I do hope we do. Line ID
He Liao Diao : Xin... Line ID
Xin : I'll say this first! This unit is no ordinary Hundred-Man Unit! Line ID
Xin : It's a Special Hundred-Man Unit! Line ID
Bi Hei : S-Special Hundred-Man Unit? Line ID
Xin : That's right! Line ID
Xin : We're not attached to any large battalion, Line ID
Xin : I heard from General Wang Qi himself that we're a special unit working directly under him! Line ID
Xin : Having said that, what exactly is a Special Unit, you may ask? Line ID
Xin : What our unit will be doing, even I don't know! Line ID
Xin : But I can say this! Line ID
Xin : The fact that the general has classified this unit differently from the others Line ID
Xin : means that we will see a more important battlefield than the others! Line ID
Xin : We may be sent to assault someplace really huge! Line ID
Xin : But in return... Line ID
Xin : the distinguishment we'll receive will undoubtedly be gigantic! Line ID
Xin : The majority of this unit is made up of the stalwarts that survived the Shegan Plain! Line ID
Xin : If we combine our strengths, we can stand against any enemy! Line ID
Xin : Got that, guys?! Line ID
Xin : We'll crush that Zhao Army that carelessly strolled in here in an attempt to attack us Line ID
Xin : and get our hands Line ID
Xin : on even greater glory Line ID
Xin : than in the war with Wei! Line ID
En : Lord Xin really is something. Line ID
En : In his first speech, he immediately captured everyone's hearts! Line ID
EXTRA : Awesome! Is that guy really Xin?! Line ID
EXTRA : What's going on here?! Line ID
Bi Hei : Xin... You... Line ID
EXTRA : That kid, something must've happened to him in these past six months. Line ID
Hairou : Yeah. Line ID
Xin : Moving on, I've been allowed to assign two vice generals to this unit! Line ID
Xin : The first is Mr. Yuan! Line ID
En : Greetings! Line ID
Hairou : And the other vice general?! Line ID
Xin : Yeah... It looks like he's not here yet. Line ID
Xin : Don't worry! Line ID
Xin : Even if he doesn't come, this unit is strong! Line ID
EXTRA : Xiangyang Line ID
EXTRA : For General Wang Qi, Line ID
EXTRA : the journey from Xiangyang to Mayang would take 15 days. Line ID
EXTRA : Meanwhile, Xin and his group marched from a location that would take 9 more days to reach Mayang. Line ID
EXTRA : {\fade(500,0)\bord4\fs30\3c&HA8A7A8&\pos(210.667,563.001)}Xiangyang Line ID
EXTRA : {\fade(500,0)\bord4\fs30\3c&HAD478B&\pos(622.667,397.666)}Wang Qi
Line ID
Bi Tou : Ow! What was that? Line ID
Bi Tou : What're you grinning about alone in the middle of the night? Line ID
Xin : Hey, I wasn't grinning. Line ID
Bi Tou : Don't play dumb. Line ID
Bi Tou : I knew you'd be excited about being a Hundred-Man General. Line ID
Xin : Of course I am. Line ID
Bi Tou : Being a captain that leads a hundred people... Line ID
Bi Tou : And to think, a year ago, you were Li Dian's servant and were called the stupidest guy in the village. Line ID
Bi Tou : But now you're leading the guys from that village. Line ID
Bi Tou : This really is incredible. Line ID
Xin : You didn't need that "stupid" part! Line ID
Xin : What's more, Wei Ping was the stupidest in the village! Line ID
Bi Tou : But, I'm happy for you, too. Line ID
Bi Tou : It's true. Line ID
Bi Tou : Somebody from our wretched lot in that country village Line ID
Bi Tou : actually became a Hundred-Man General. Line ID
Bi Tou : Even Big Brother was boasting like crazy to the guys in the neighboring village. Line ID
Bi Tou : "One of my followers became a Hundred-Man General". Line ID
Xin : That bastard. Who the hell's a follower?! Line ID
Bi Tou : You've finally taken your first step to being a great general. Line ID
Bi Tou : Just don't get so full you yourself, sometimes you go too far. Line ID
Xin : Yeah. I'll handle it. Line ID
EXTRA : But as they got closer to Mayang, Line ID
EXTRA : information about the Zhao Army started to spread through the group of the foot soldiers. Line ID
EXTRA : Did you hear? About the Zhao Army? Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah. I heard they gathered together the people from a castle they took and killed them all. Line ID
EXTRA : I heard they killed every last person, down to the elderly, the women, and the infants! Line ID
EXTRA : They went that far...? Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, are we gonna be fighting those guys to the death? Line ID
En : This is bad! Lord Xin, their morale is dropping! Line ID
En : In this state, they can't win any sort of battle... Line ID
Xin : What're they scared of? Line ID
Xin : Listen up, you guys! Line ID
Xin : We're about to face those Zhao guys! Line ID
Xin : We're going to scatter the Zhao Army, Line ID
Xin : and when they're surrounded and waiting for reinforcements, Line ID
Xin : we'll release Mayang from their control! Line ID
Xin : Got that?! Line ID
Xin : These guys... Line ID
Bi Hei : What is this sound? Line ID
Bi Tou : H-Hey! Line ID
Bi Tou : L-Look behind us! Line ID
EXTRA : What is it? What's going on? Line ID
Wang Qi : All units... Line ID
Wang Qi : forward! Line ID
Xin : A-Awesome! Line ID
Xin : He did this with one sentence?! Line ID
Xin : General Wang Qi really is great! Line ID
EXTRA : With the Wang Qi's at the front, the State of Qin Army's spirits are raised... Line ID
EXTRA : but that night, disquieting information was leaked to the capital, Xiangyang. Line ID
EXTRA : State of Qin Xiangyang Line ID
EXTRA : Report! Line ID
EXTRA : We've finally learned who the Supreme Commander of the Zhao Army is! Line ID
Lu Buwei : Who is it? Speak. Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Someone called Pang Nuan! Line ID
Heikun Shou : Pang Nuan...? Line ID
Heikun Shou : I've never heard of him. Who is he? Line ID
Lu Buwei : What's wrong, Changwenjun? Line ID
Changwenjun : P-Pang Nuan?! Line ID
Changwenjun : Impossible... It can't be! Line ID
Changwenjun : He's dead! Line ID
Changwenjun : He was killed nine years ago by Wang Qi... Line ID
EXTRA : Zhao Army
Supreme Commander
Line ID
Hou Ken : Wang Qi... Line ID
EXTRA : Qiang Lei Line ID
Xin : You finish what you had to do? Line ID
Qiang Hui : No. My enemy moved from Wei to Zhao. Line ID
Xin : So you joined the war again in order to go to Zhao, huh? Line ID
Qiang Hui : Yes, that's right. Line ID
Xin : Okay! Now my Hundred-Man Unit is complete! Line ID
Qiang Hui : Glad to have you with us, Qiang Lei. Line ID
Qiang Hui : Lu Sui... Line ID
Qiang Hui : Lu Sui is getting impatient. Line ID
Qiang Hui : This is going to be a brutal battle. Line ID
Xin : You'll get just what you want. Line ID
Xin : Well, now that you've got your sword drawn, why don't you show me that thing? Line ID
Xin : I wanna learn that "tontontaan" thingy, too. Line ID
Qiang Hui : You're as huge a fool as always. Line ID
Xin : Wh-What?! Line ID
Qiang Hui : The Chi You... turns the power of maiden mediums that appeases malevolent gods into fighting techniques. Line ID
Qiang Hui : We dance in an ecstasy and cut apart the enemies around us. Line ID
Qiang Hui : They are secret techniques that makes gods descend at our will. Line ID
Qiang Hui : They are not something that others can imitate. Line ID
Xin : G-Gods? Line ID
Xin : I don't really get it, but isn't it a little unfair only you guys can use it? Line ID
Xin : Making gods your allies and stuff. Line ID
Qiang Hui : It's not just the Chi You. Line ID
Qiang Hui : Also... there are more fearsome ones. Line ID
Qiang Hui : Ones that do not simply bring down the malevolent gods, Line ID
Qiang Hui : they dwell within their bodies from the start. Line ID
Xin : Within... their bodies? Line ID
Qiang Hui : They are the ones we call the War Gods. Line ID
Xin : War Gods? Line ID
Li Si : Pang Nuan killed Liao of the Six Great Generals? Line ID
Lu Buwei : I had heard that Great General Liao perished by succumbing to illness, Line ID
Lu Buwei : is that incorrect, Changwenjun? Line ID
Changwenjun : The illness was a story Wang Qi and I created. Line ID
Changwenjun : Liao was killed by Pang Nuan. Line ID
Changwenjun : That is the truth. Line ID
Lu Buwei : So he is quite a military commander, Line ID
Lu Buwei : that one called Pang Nuan. Line ID
Changwenjun : He is not a military commander. Line ID
Lu Buwei : What? Line ID
Changwenjun : I know very little about that man, but this much I can say for certain... Line ID
Changwenjun : He is, by no means, the sort of person to lead people like a military general! Line ID
Changwenjun : That man is a complete army himself. Line ID
Changwenjun : No, he is more... Line ID
Changwenjun : To a repulsive degree, he is a pure manifestation of "war" itself...! Line ID
Changwenjun : Nine years ago Line ID
Changwenjun : that man appeared in the middle of a Qin Army of 100,000 soldiers, Line ID
Changwenjun : completely alone. Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, stop! Line ID
EXTRA : This is a Great General's camp! Line ID
EXTRA : Stop right there and state what group you're attached to! Line ID
EXTRA : Everyone, take your positions! Line ID
Lu Buwei : So you're saying that on his own Line ID
Lu Buwei : that man broke through the formation protecting the Supreme Commander? Line ID
Heikun Shou : That is impossible. Line ID
Heikun Shou : Breaking through an army alone...? Line ID
Changwenjun : But it did indeed happen. Line ID
Changwenjun : Pang Nuan broke through everything on his own, Line ID
Changwenjun : ambushed Liao, and killed him. Line ID
Lu Buwei : So what happened to Pang Nuan after that? Line ID
Changwenjun : He was cut down by Wang Qi, who had flew at him in a rage. Line ID
Changwenjun : That was the first and last time I saw Wang Qi so swept into a passionate fury... Line ID
Lu Buwei : Wang Qi cut down Pang Nuan... Line ID
Lu Buwei : But Pang Nuan, whom was thought to be dead, is alive. Line ID
Lu Buwei : And now those two are likely to meet each other again Line ID
Lu Buwei : as leaders of the two opposing armies. Line ID
Lu Buwei : This is a bit more than we expected. Line ID
Changwenjun : Most likely, Wang Qi knew about this from the beginning. Line ID
Changwenjun : That is why he accepted to be the Supreme Commander of the State of Qin Army. Line ID
Changwenjun : This war is a battle that was deeply ingrained in the destinies of the two of them nine years ago! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Wang Qi is sure to have many comrades he lost in war... Line ID
Ying Zheng : but why has he only now moved? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Because they were fellow members of the Six Great Generals? Line ID
Ying Zheng : No, perhaps Liao was someone special to Wang Qi...? {Thought. I'd make a gay joke if it wasn't obvious that Liao is female.} Line ID
Heikun Shou : There is one point I do not understand. Line ID
Heikun Shou : You say that nine years ago, Pang Nuan attacked Liao's troops alone, Line ID
Heikun Shou : but what was his goal? Line ID
Heikun Shou : No matter how powerful Pang Nuan is, Line ID
Heikun Shou : those actions seem considerably reckless for a Zhao Army strategy. Line ID
Changwenjun : That had nothing to do with the Zhao Army. Line ID
Li Si : What? What do you mean? Line ID
Changwenjun : Pang Nuan did not do that as a Zhao Army soldier, Line ID
Changwenjun : he attacked Liao for his own, personal reasons. Line ID
Heikun Shou : A grudge? Line ID
Changwenjun : Not exactly. Line ID
Heikun Shou : How can you say for sure? Line ID
Changwenjun : Because I heard it from the man himself. Line ID
Hou Ken : Soldiers, armies, Zhao, Qin, Line ID
Hou Ken : they are all inconsequential, mere trifles. Line ID
Hou Ken : There are only two people on this land that make even heaven and earth tremble. Line ID
Hou Ken : Me, and one other... Line ID
Hou Ken : Even if it causes heaven and earth to be destroyed, I cannot allow that! Line ID
Hou Ken : I am War God Pang Nuan! Line ID
Hou Ken : Show yourself, my enemy! Line ID
Li Si : What does that mean? I have no idea... Line ID
Li Si : That man is completely insane! Line ID
Changwenjun : It's true, he was abnormal. Line ID
Changwenjun : But that's the kind of man Pang Nuan is! Line ID
Lu Buwei : I see. He sounds like an interesting fellow. Line ID
Lu Buwei : But as Changwenjun said earlier, Line ID
Lu Buwei : he does not seem like the kind of man that leads people. Line ID
Lu Buwei : After all this time, why would he now have become the Zhao Army's Supreme Commander? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Wang Qi... Line ID
Ying Zheng : Could it be... that so he could kill Wang Qi...? Line ID
Heikun Shou : I think it's well worth considering. Line ID
Xin : Hey! There it is! Line ID
Xin : Hey, guys! It's Mayang! Line ID
EXTRA : Send a soldier to get reinforcements! Line ID
EXTRA : At this rate... Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, look! Line ID
EXTRA : There! That's... Line ID
EXTRA : Yes! Reinforcements! Line ID
Meng Yi : Diao, hurry! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Where in the world are we?! Line ID
Meng Yi : Good, we made it in time! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Awesome! Line ID
He Liao Diao : I can see the whole battlefield! Line ID
Meng Yi : The two armies have started to arrange formations! Line ID
Wang Qi : All units... Line ID
Wang Qi : advance to the right. Line ID
EXTRA : Advance right! Line ID
Bi : Leave no openings! Line ID
Bi : Stand close by neighboring Wu! Line ID
EXTRA : ( Flag - Zhao ) Line ID
Zhao Zhuang : All units, spread into a line formation! Line ID
EXTRA : With the calm flowing, there is a moment of quietness... Line ID
EXTRA : Each one's emotions overlap with their lives, and they blend together. Line ID
EXTRA : Wang Qi and Pang Nuan. Line ID
EXTRA : After nine years of time, these two have confronted each other once again. Line ID
EXTRA : Is what dwells in their hearts hatred? Ambition? Or perhaps... Line ID
EXTRA : The fated battle now begins. Line ID
EXTRA : Preview Line ID
Xin : This Hundred-Man Unit accepts its mission! Line ID
EXTRA : Without hesitation, they merely plunge forward. Line ID
EXTRA : That is their strength! Line ID
EXTRA : {\fs90\t(0,1550,\fs75\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,656,45,0,1529)}Birth of the
Feixin Unit
Line ID
EXTRA : Birth of the
Feixin Unit
Line ID
EXTRA : End Line ID
EXTRA : Next time, Line ID
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The people fighting here will need a general, after all.

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