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EXTRA : Qin Army Supreme Commander Wang Qi (0:00:01.23)
EXTRA : Zhao Army Supreme Commander Pang Nuan (0:00:08.23)
EXTRA : {\fs60\move(828,429,1230,-55)\1c&H000000&\3c&HFFFFFF&\bord3\blur2}Qin Army (0:00:12.24)
EXTRA : {\fs60\1c&H000000&\3c&HFFFFFF&\bord3\blur2\move(30,720,522,150)}Zhao Army (0:00:14.22)
EXTRA : Versus the Zhao's 120,000 troops led by Pang Nuon. (0:00:15.96)
EXTRA : The two armies encounter each other at Bayang. (0:00:19.92)
EXTRA : The battlefield moved to a plain not far off from there, the Qian Plain, (0:00:22.70)
EXTRA : and they are now arriving at the moment of confrontation. (0:00:27.26)
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, (0:00:40.32)
EXTRA : in the State of Qin during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:00:41.64)
EXTRA : The nameless boy Xin met with the young King Zheng, (0:00:44.40)
EXTRA : distinguished himself in war, and finally become a Hundred-Man General. (0:00:48.14)
EXTRA : Among those events, the neighboring State of Zhao suddenly invaded, (0:00:52.94)
EXTRA : presenting an unprecedented crisis. (0:00:56.52)
EXTRA : What kind of war will Supreme Commander Wang Qi wage? (0:00:58.92)
EXTRA : And what kind of growth with Xin achieve? (0:01:02.72)
EXTRA : Birth of the Feixin Unit (0:02:37.26)
Ten Karyou : Woah! This is incredible, Yi Meng! (0:02:43.28)
Ten Karyou : This many people are really gonna fight each other? (0:02:46.96)
Mou Ki : There's no room for spacing out. (0:02:50.24)
Mou Ki : Get a good grasp of the battlefield while we have the chance. (0:02:52.30)
Mou Ki : The Zhao Army's principal axis will be (0:02:56.78)
Mou Ki : the three left units of 60,000 splitting off the main army. (0:02:59.14)
EXTRA : State of Zhao General She Meng (0:03:02.53)
EXTRA : State of Zhao General Wan Ji (0:03:04.53)
EXTRA : State of Zhao General Gongsun Long (0:03:06.54)
Mou Ki : With around 20,000 soldiers in each of those major units, (0:03:09.04)
Mou Ki : they're aiming to pierce through the Qin Army's right flank. (0:03:11.22)
Mou Ki : Against that, the Qin Army's right army, totaling 40,000, will play defense. (0:03:15.36)
Mou Ki : And I have a feeling that in the meantime, Qin's left army and Zhao's right army will separate from the rest of the armies. (0:03:20.78)
Mou Ki : That's while they're being surrounded by obstacles. (0:03:25.72)
Ten Karyou : So you're saying that victory and defeat (0:03:29.48)
Ten Karyou : will ride on the attacking and defense on the right side, rather than the center? (0:03:32.18)
Mou Ki : Exactly. (0:03:36.16)
Mou Ki : The Zhao Army's main force is the 60,000 of the left army, (0:03:37.34)
Mou Ki : while the Qin Army's main force (0:03:40.16)
Mou Ki : is the Meng Wu army of 20,000, led by Vice General Meng Wu, and 1st Army of 20,000, (0:03:42.40)
Mou Ki : adding up to a central army of 40,000. (0:03:46.98)
Ten Karyou : Meng Wu...? Meng? (0:03:49.76)
Mou Ki : My father. (0:03:55.62)
Li Bai : So that is Meng Wu? (0:04:00.84)
Li Bai : Son of Qin's White Elder, Meng Ao, (0:04:02.76)
Li Bai : that man is Lü Buwei's most trusted general, Meng Wu. (0:04:06.04)
Gang Luan : According to rumors, his offensive power is something to be reckoned with. (0:04:10.02)
Li Bai : Gang Luan? (0:04:14.64)
Gang Luan : Fight fire with fire. (0:04:16.14)
Gang Luan : What do you think, Lord Li Bai? (0:04:17.92)
Gang Luan : Entrust the front-most line to us, the heavily armored mounted unit. (0:04:19.66)
Ki Ou : So the Zhao Army wants it to be a test of strength, eh? (0:04:27.72)
Ki Ou : Well then, go ahead and show me your power... (0:04:31.32)
Mou Bu : Charge! (0:04:38.08)
Shin : Th-They're going! (0:04:45.72)
Bi Hei : It-It's begun! (0:04:47.26)
Gang Luan : Kill them! (0:04:51.72)
Ten Karyou : Meng Yi, is your father gonna be all right?! (0:04:55.39)
Mou Ki : They've taken him too lightly. (0:05:02.50)
Gang Luan : I'll crush you, Meng Wu! (0:05:04.32)
Mou Ki : This is the power of the military commander known as Meng Wu. (0:05:12.92)
EXTRA : Incredible! (0:05:23.55)
EXTRA : He's a monster! (0:05:24.40)
Shin : Th... That bastard... (0:05:25.30)
EXTRA : General Meng Wu! (0:05:26.44)
EXTRA : General Meng Wu! (0:05:28.80)
EXTRA : General Meng Wu! (0:05:30.90)
Ten Karyou : General Meng Wu took control of the flow in an instant! (0:05:34.02)
Ten Karyou : Maybe if he keeps this up... (0:05:36.80)
Mou Ki : No. (0:05:38.66)
Mou Ki : Zhao's vanguard will not stay quiet, either. (0:05:39.54)
Mou Ki : And General She Meng is in Zhao's left army. (0:05:42.22)
EXTRA : Here they come! (0:05:45.90)
Shin : What?! (0:05:56.88)
Bi Hei : The right army! (0:05:58.58)
Hairou : The vanguards are evenly matched. (0:05:59.76)
Den Yuu : Yeah. (0:06:02.00)
Shin : Dammit! Are we still gonna have to wait for our turn?! (0:06:03.09)
EXTRA : Lord Li Bai, Meng Wu's momentum is not stopping. (0:06:11.66)
Li Bai : Have the heavy infantry move diagonally to take position (0:06:15.44)
Li Bai : and deploy 500 bowmen on the left wing. (0:06:17.88)
Ying Zheng : It should be soon, yes? (0:06:26.80)
Changwenjun : Yes. No information has come in yet. (0:06:27.74)
Changwenjun : But our army led by Wang Qi should make contact with the Zhao Army today. (0:06:30.92)
Ying Zheng : General Wang Qi... (0:06:37.14)
Changwenjun : Frustrated, my king? (0:06:39.60)
Ying Zheng : Yes. (0:06:41.54)
Ying Zheng : If I could have my wish, I would like to see course of events play out in detail with my own eyes. (0:06:42.68)
Ying Zheng : But... (0:06:47.06)
Ying Zheng : All I can do is sit here. (0:06:48.48)
Ying Zheng : I have no choice but to leave the all-important war to the generals. (0:06:52.14)
Ying Zheng : That is what a king is, I suppose. (0:06:55.74)
Changwenjun : Yes, my king. (0:06:58.68)
Ten Karyou : The momentum of Meng Wu Army looks like it's weakening. (0:07:01.50)
Mou Ki : This is Zhao's defensive unit strategy. (0:07:07.36)
Mou Ki : They're firing from only one side (0:07:09.90)
Mou Ki : and having the foot soldiers take a diagonal formation (0:07:11.94)
Mou Ki : thus parrying the mounted unit's momentum. (0:07:13.66)
Zhao Zhuang : Meng Wu's power is greater than the rumors indicated, (0:07:20.00)
EXTRA : State of Zhao Strategist Zhao Zhuang (0:07:22.67)
Zhao Zhuang : but military might alone will not allow him to make it past Li Bai. (0:07:23.48)
Zhao Zhuang : So, what will you do now, Wang Qi? (0:07:27.98)
Ki Ou : The right and central armies have gone according to plan. (0:07:33.48)
Ki Ou : All that's left is the most important element, the left army, is it? (0:07:36.94)
EXTRA : As a fierce battle unfolded with the central and right army, (0:07:41.54)
EXTRA : the State of Qin left army had still not received any orders. (0:07:44.68)
EXTRA : State of Qin Thousand-Man General Bi (0:07:49.19)
Heki : Is there any meaning in protecting this location with such perilous terrain? (0:07:51.02)
Heki : Wouldn't it be more useful for us to go support the central army? (0:07:54.76)
Kan Ou : Thousand-Man General Bi! (0:07:58.44)
Kan Ou : Understand that the cornerstone to our army's attack does not lie with the central army, (0:08:00.45)
EXTRA : State of Qin Army Combat Commander Gan Yang (0:08:00.71)
Kan Ou : it is with us, the left army. (0:08:04.68)
Heki : This left army is the cornerstone to our attack? (0:08:07.86)
Heki : From this location, not only can we not target the enemy's headquarters, (0:08:10.74)
Heki : it's also too late to target the central army. (0:08:13.12)
Kan Ou : The war has only just begun. (0:08:15.58)
Kan Ou : Any attacks on the headquarters now would not reach it. (0:08:18.40)
Heki : But! (0:08:21.06)
Kan Ou : I have a plan given to me by General Wang Qi. (0:08:21.90)
Heki : General Wang Qi's plan? (0:08:25.66)
Kan Ou : It will turn into a severe battle, (0:08:28.20)
Kan Ou : but I, Gan Yang, am most skilled at struggles to the death. (0:08:30.06)
Tou : The left army's charge has begun. (0:08:35.30)
Ki Ou : Then all preparations are in order. (0:08:39.86)
Ki Ou : It is about time "to shoot the arrow", I suppose. (0:08:42.26)
Ki Ou : I'll leave this place to you for a bit. (0:08:45.68)
Tou : Yes, sir. (0:08:47.88)
Bi Hei : The left army charged! (0:08:53.30)
Shin : Looks like it's finally gonna be our time to shine. (0:09:01.98)
Shin : Ain't that right? (0:09:04.88)
Shin : General Wang Qi! (0:09:08.27)
EXTRA : It's General Wang Qi! (0:09:17.30)
EXTRA : General Wang Qi... (0:09:18.88)
Ki Ou : As you can see, (0:09:26.64)
Ki Ou : a moment ago the left army of 10,000 charged on the Zhao right army of 20,000. (0:09:28.14)
Bi Hei : 10,000 versus... (0:09:33.25)
Bi Tou : 20,000? (0:09:35.16)
Ki Ou : The truth of the matter is, (0:09:36.92)
Ki Ou : in this fight, the opening phase is the most important. (0:09:38.68)
Ki Ou : Youngster Xin, it's finally time for you to show off the fruits of your training. (0:09:45.80)
Shin : Just leave it to me! (0:09:50.54)
Ki Ou : Somehow, you seem to be without hesitation. (0:09:52.60)
Ki Ou : Very well, I'll now explain this unit's mission. (0:09:56.54)
Ki Ou : In order for a war to progress efficiently, (0:10:01.78)
Ki Ou : it is an ironclad rule that you must capture land that gives one an advantage in fighting. (0:10:04.56)
Ki Ou : But there is another good way besides that. (0:10:08.26)
Ki Ou : And that is to kill the enemy's skilled military commanders. (0:10:13.08)
EXTRA : State of Zhao General Feng Ji (0:10:20.76)
Ki Ou : is exceedingly proficient at analyzing the state of war. (0:10:24.70)
Ki Ou : The closer you get to the climax of the battle, the more those sorts of military generals (0:10:29.10)
Ki Ou : become a troublesome existence. (0:10:32.37)
Ki Ou : And so, first we'll need to get rid of that Feng Ji, won't we? (0:10:36.00)
Ki Ou : Youngster Xin, (0:10:41.40)
Ki Ou : it's your time to shine as a Hundred-Man General. (0:10:43.40)
Ki Ou : Please slip into the confusion and take Feng Ji's head. (0:10:46.40)
Shin : Feng Ji's... head! (0:10:50.17)
Ki Ou : This is an extremely important mission, Youngster Xin. (0:10:54.52)
Ki Ou : Can you do it? (0:10:58.45)
Shin : There's something I realized during my training in that stateless area. (0:11:05.87)
Shin : In a huge battle of tens of thousands of soldiers (0:11:10.62)
Shin : one hundred men are truly just a speck in the big picture. (0:11:13.77)
Shin : But a speck has the kind of strength a speck has! (0:11:17.95)
Shin : It has nimbleness of slipping through gaps, (0:11:21.90)
Shin : and when it concentrates, it becomes a stone that will never break! (0:11:23.67)
Shin : This Hundred-Man Unit accepts that mission! (0:11:26.82)
Ki Ou : Let me just say this again, this is a very important battle. (0:11:31.27)
Ki Ou : If by some chance you fail, it will not be tolerated. (0:11:35.12)
Ki Ou : I hope I can count on you, Hundred-Man General Xin. (0:11:38.67)
Ki Ou : I'm relieved. (0:11:46.00)
Ki Ou : It seems you really are growing. (0:11:47.92)
Ki Ou : Very well, I will give you a reward. (0:11:51.17)
Ki Ou : Feixin Unit. (0:11:54.97)
Ki Ou : I am giving your unit that name. (0:11:56.82)
EXTRA : Fei (0:11:59.19)
EXTRA : xin (0:11:59.98)
EXTRA : Unit (0:12:00.69)
EXTRA : {\1c&FFFFFF&\blur4\bord1\fade(100,1000)\pos(644,57.667)}Feixin Unit (0:12:01.48)
Shin : Feixin Unit...! (0:12:06.62)
Mou Ki : You're wasting your time. (0:12:18.77)
Mou Ki : In such a huge army, there's no chance you'll be able to stop Xin. (0:12:20.81)
Ten Karyou : That's... (0:12:27.05)
Ten Karyou : Those guys coming from over there! (0:12:29.80)
Ten Karyou : Look! At the thicket! (0:12:32.30)
Ten Karyou : Yeah, it is! That's Xin! (0:12:40.86)
En : Let's form a plan, Lord Xin. (0:12:48.00)
En : I'll start by explaining the situation, so please listen closely. (0:12:51.27)
En : Our target, Feng Ji, is leading the right Zhao army of 20,000 and is currently engaged with the left Qin army of 10,000. (0:12:55.30)
En : The Zhao Army's attention is sure to be wholly focused on the Qin Army in front of them. (0:13:00.95)
En : That's where we come in. (0:13:05.30)
En : We will cut into the enemy from the side. (0:13:06.77)
En : Our plan is to attack the enemy where they're unguarded and make a push straight towards the headquarters. (0:13:09.97)
Bi Hei : Attack where they're open? (0:13:22.62)
Bi Hei : Do you think that'll work? (0:13:24.30)
En : I have not done it with an army, (0:13:26.47)
En : but I have had similar experiences many times. (0:13:28.82)
En : But there is a big problem with this plan in regards to that first step. (0:13:31.60)
En : It depends on us moving to our point of entry, which is directly beside the enemy, without being seen. (0:13:37.10)
Shin : It'll be okay. (0:13:42.42)
Shin : For that part, the smallness of a Hundred-Man Unit is actually a weapon. (0:13:43.77)
Ki Ou : Well done, Teng. (0:13:57.42)
Ki Ou : How goes the battle? (0:13:59.62)
Tou : Sir. The right army has largely been pushed back. (0:14:01.80)
Tou : The central Meng Wu Army is losing momentum against Li Bai's defense. (0:14:05.17)
Ki Ou : What about the left army? (0:14:10.45)
Tou : The left is... (0:14:12.52)
Tou : fighting a good fight. (0:14:14.72)
Tou : Thanks to the Fourth Army's general, Gan Yang, (0:14:16.55)
Tou : the soldiers' morale has been raised. (0:14:19.00)
Ki Ou : However... It's in quite a precarious position, that left army. (0:14:21.50)
Tou : So then, it is indeed to entice Feng Ji, sir? (0:14:26.57)
Ki Ou : Unless the "arrow" reaches its target soon, the left army will be facing quite some peril. (0:14:30.40)
Den Yuu : We'll be right next to them pretty soon. (0:14:37.81)
EXTRA : It went off without a hitch. (0:14:39.75)
Shin : Tell the back, (0:14:41.62)
Shin : "We're going to charge soon. Ready your hearts and minds." (0:14:43.06)
EXTRA : Right. (0:14:47.02)
EXTRA : Vermin... (0:14:56.27)
Shin : Damn, the thicket is thinning out. (0:15:05.60)
Shin : Stop, Feixin Unit! (0:15:08.40)
Shin : All right! (0:15:11.50)
Shin : We're directly to the side of them! (0:15:12.62)
Heki : Forward! Forward! (0:15:20.48)
Heki : The enemy is faltering! (0:15:22.73)
Shin : All right! (0:15:23.98)
Shin : The Qin Army is pushing forward! (0:15:25.47)
Ki Ou : Half of the left army's momentum is actual ability. (0:15:27.57)
Ki Ou : And the other half (0:15:30.42)
Ki Ou : is the Zhao Army general Feng Ji's trap. (0:15:32.45)
Feng Ji : Move the front line back. (0:15:36.10)
Feng Ji : Have Hei Li and Hei Ling's heavy armored units move forward. (0:15:37.80)
Feng Ji : Deploy both wings. (0:15:42.52)
EXTRA : Wu Fang Unit, retreat! (0:15:44.00)
EXTRA : Wu Ying Unit, as well! (0:15:45.70)
EXTRA : All units, retreat! (0:15:46.25)
Heki : The front line drew back... (0:15:48.30)
Heki : Why? (0:15:50.13)
Heki : It's true we're pushing them, but they shouldn't react to that extent. (0:15:52.01)
Heki : Could it be... (0:15:56.47)
EXTRA : After 'em! Kill 'em! (0:15:57.76)
Heki : Bi Unit, stop! (0:16:00.95)
Heki : This could be an enemy trap! (0:16:02.17)
Heki : All Wu, halt where you are! (0:16:03.62)
EXTRA : Follow 'em! (0:16:05.40)
EXTRA : So they're coming? (0:16:07.90)
EXTRA : You amateurs have made a mistake. (0:16:09.20)
EXTRA : Everyone, it is time for a slaughter! (0:16:11.40)
EXTRA : W-Wait! (0:16:19.32)
EXTRA : Stop! Stop! (0:16:20.41)
EXTRA : Lord Bi! The right! (0:16:29.57)
Heki : Oh no! (0:16:33.76)
EXTRA : Feng Ji's trap has finally been sprung, (0:16:36.20)
EXTRA : the spears of the heavily-armed soldiers and the arrows that pour down like rain. (0:16:38.75)
EXTRA : Against that fierce attack, (0:16:43.72)
EXTRA : nearly half of the left army soldiers fell. (0:16:45.14)
EXTRA : And many foot soldiers fled out of their own personal safety. (0:16:47.52)
Shin : Shit... Shit! (0:16:57.11)
Den Yuu : Th-That's awful. (0:16:59.40)
En : This is bad, Lord Xin. (0:17:04.25)
En : Unless everyone's morale is high, (0:17:06.07)
En : we won't be able to wield the power of a concentrated unit. (0:17:07.97)
Shin : Feixin Unit! Let's get in battle formation! (0:17:12.20)
Shin : In order for a hundred men to get to a great general of 10,000, you can't have any unnecessary battles. (0:17:17.34)
Shin : That's why we're going to be in this oblong formation (0:17:22.27)
Shin : and heading in a straight line for the enemy general. (0:17:24.30)
Shin : The big problem will be the moment we break into them. (0:17:27.57)
Shin : Pretty soon, we can expect the enemy to realize we're here and start defending. (0:17:29.57)
Shin : In order to blast through their defenses and make an entrance for ourselves, (0:17:34.15)
Shin : at the helm will be the four most superhumanly strong Wuchang. (0:17:36.77)
Shin : Zhong Tie, Shan He, Tian You, (0:17:40.00)
Shin : and Wuchang of the 16th Wu, Long Chuan! (0:17:43.02)
EXTRA : Long Chuan (0:17:45.16)
Shin : Long Chuan. I know this is your first time, but I've got high expectations for you! (0:17:46.57)
Shin : Like Tian You said, (0:17:50.17)
Shin : "You have the animal strength of two people." (0:17:52.00)
Den Yuu : Long Chuan! (0:17:57.07)
Den Yuu : What's going on, man? (0:17:58.42)
Den Yuu : Don't tell me you're getting cold feet? (0:17:59.90)
Shou Sa : You can't blame him. (0:18:03.85)
EXTRA : Song Zuo (0:18:05.43)
Shou Sa : His child was born last month. (0:18:05.87)
Shou Sa : And it's his firstborn. (0:18:08.00)
Shou Sa : Try to understand, if he dies here, he'll never be able to see that cute kid's face again. (0:18:10.12)
Shin : Let's get back on topic. (0:18:15.53)
Shin : We, the Feixin Unit are like a single arrow. (0:18:17.60)
Shin : If we can fly to that enemy general, we can take his head. (0:18:21.60)
Shin : But if we break there, everyone dies. (0:18:25.25)
Shin : And if we fail, (0:18:28.96)
Shin : the left army in front of us will all die as well. (0:18:31.82)
Shin : And all of the people back at the village waiting for you will die! (0:18:34.96)
Shin : Did you forget?! (0:18:40.22)
Shin : If we lose this battle, the Zhao Army will surge into Qin borders! (0:18:41.85)
Shin : And if that happens, there could be a huge slaughter like there was at Mayang! (0:18:46.42)
Shin : Those guys are serious! (0:18:50.10)
Shin : Long Chuan! (0:18:51.85)
Shin : If we don't win, your kid will be killed! (0:18:53.90)
Shin : Drill that into your skulls! (0:18:57.11)
Shin : That's the kind of battle this is! (0:19:00.15)
Ryuu Sen : Let's go, captain. (0:19:14.72)
Ryuu Sen : Let's get our first victory together. (0:19:16.57)
EXTRA : Enemy attack! (0:19:31.27)
EXTRA : Enemy attack from the left! (0:19:32.22)
Bi Hei : They noticed us already?! (0:19:34.52)
Shin : It doesn't matter! The only place we can go is forward! (0:19:35.52)
EXTRA : Heavy soldiers, forward! (0:19:41.20)
EXTRA : Form a wall! (0:19:42.82)
EXTRA : Shit! (0:19:46.41)
Shin : Long Chuan! (0:19:49.50)
Shin : Long Chuan, wait! You're going too far by yourself! (0:19:50.87)
Den Yuu : Long Chuan! (0:19:53.32)
Den Yuu : You're not going to...?! (0:19:54.20)
Den Yuu : Tian You... (0:20:00.87)
Ryuu Sen : You were wrong about one thing. (0:20:02.07)
Ryuu Sen : My animal strength (0:20:06.51)
Ryuu Sen : is that of three men! (0:20:10.25)
Shin : You really brought someone great along, Tian You! (0:20:12.68)
Shin : Let's go, guys! (0:20:16.02)
Shin : Feixin Unit, charge! (0:20:17.40)
EXTRA : Attack them from both sides! (0:20:22.22)
EXTRA : Divide them and break them to pieces! (0:20:23.82)
EXTRA : They're closing in on us! (0:20:26.57)
EXTRA : Faster! (0:20:27.87)
EXTRA : At this speed, the path we opened is gonna close! (0:20:28.83)
Shin : Go! (0:20:32.08)
Shin : Chong Wan Wu members! (0:20:33.40)
EXTRA : Chong Wan (0:20:33.96)
EXTRA : Bastard! (0:20:39.47)
EXTRA : For such a dainty-lookin' guy he's pretty good! (0:20:40.40)
EXTRA : And the other guys in his Wu are pretty strong, too! (0:20:42.97)
Bi Hei : Okay, let's go! (0:20:45.57)
Heki : Don't retreat! That's the enemy's trap! (0:20:57.77)
Heki : Even if you retreat, everyone will just be killed! (0:21:00.02)
Heki : Our path to survival is forward! (0:21:01.85)
EXTRA : Thousand-Man General Bi. (0:21:03.75)
EXTRA : Thousand-Man General... (0:21:05.40)
EXTRA : Our path to survival is forward? (0:21:06.42)
Heki : That's right! (0:21:07.86)
Heki : If we make it to the Zhao soldiers in front of us, (0:21:09.20)
Heki : the arrows will stop falling! (0:21:11.37)
Heki : We need to gather people together and break through! (0:21:12.95)
EXTRA : I get it! (0:21:14.87)
EXTRA : Sun Hundred-Man Unit, gather! (0:21:16.10)
EXTRA : Guo Unit, too! (0:21:17.57)
Heki : Commander Gan Yang! (0:21:24.13)
Heki : He's trying to pierce through the enemy formation! (0:21:26.22)
Heki : Bi Unit, forward! (0:21:28.32)
Heki : Follow the commander! (0:21:29.50)
EXTRA : Lord Feng Ji! (0:21:33.00)
EXTRA : There's advancing towards us head-on! (0:21:33.97)
EXTRA : Feng Ji was not shaken. (0:21:38.25)
EXTRA : Currently, there were only about 1,500 in the center that showed themselves to be advancing. (0:21:40.97)
EXTRA : The rest were showing their backs and retreating. (0:21:45.95)
EXTRA : First, he sent out a clean-up unit of 3,000 as he had planned to combat it. (0:21:49.60)
EXTRA : With that, the Qin left army would in essence be destroyed. (0:21:54.35)
EXTRA : Then all that remained were the 1,500 enemy soldiers. (0:21:58.54)
EXTRA : Of course, that was not a difficult enemy to overcome. (0:22:02.12)
EXTRA : But here, the aesthetics of Feng Ji's war is made to show its face. (0:22:05.77)
EXTRA : How to leave out the unnecessary, (0:22:09.97)
EXTRA : and find the most efficient way to attack the enemy? (0:22:11.50)
EXTRA : For a brief period, Feng Ji's mind was searching for a way too cook the remaining 1,500 soldiers. (0:22:14.10)
EXTRA : Therefore, that consciousness was not able to grasp (0:22:19.56)
EXTRA : the existence of the Feixin Unit attacking from the side. (0:22:23.25)
EXTRA : Emergency report! (0:22:27.37)
EXTRA : An enemy attack from the left! (0:22:28.17)
EXTRA : It's about 100 men! (0:22:29.70)
EXTRA : They've already progressed to the second formation! (0:22:31.17)
EXTRA : Second formation?! (0:22:33.37)
EXTRA : Are there signs of any other enemies? (0:22:34.50)
EXTRA : There are not. (0:22:36.05)
EXTRA : A Hundred-Man Unit seems to be acting on its own. (0:22:36.92)
EXTRA : A Hundred-Man Unit alone? (0:22:39.62)
EXTRA : What do you mean? (0:22:41.42)
Feng Ji : I see. (0:22:44.92)
Feng Ji : So that's what it is...? (0:22:46.21)
Feng Ji : Wang Qi, (0:22:53.92)
Feng Ji : your target is my head? (0:22:55.27)
Feng Ji : Interesting. If you think you can get it, go ahead and try! (0:22:58.82)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.25)
Shin : The unit is... getting separated?! (0:24:46.54)
EXTRA : For the sake of victory... (0:24:49.75)
EXTRA : Xin, the way for you to move is forward! (0:24:51.76)
EXTRA : {\fs90\t(0,1960,\fs75\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,656,45,0,1960)}Wang Qi's
Flying Arrow
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.00)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.18)
EXTRA : Wang Qi's
Flying Arrow

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