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EXTRA : (0:00:00.00)
Shin : You're...! (0:00:07.60)
Ten Karyou : I know a way through. (0:00:17.37)
Ten Karyou : Come with me. (0:00:19.24)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:00:22.22)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:00:24.14)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:00:25.94)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years... (0:00:29.10)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:00:32.00)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the state of Qin in the far West. (0:00:35.35)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:00:41.29)
EXTRA : Friend! (0:02:19.24)
Ying Zheng : A way through?! (0:02:24.74)
Ying Zheng : You know a way to sneak past the army's encirclement? (0:02:28.59)
Ten Karyou : Of course! (0:02:31.84)
Ten Karyou : This is a village of wanted men. (0:02:33.23)
Ten Karyou : There are so many escape routes underground that you could easily get lost. (0:02:35.53)
Shin : Hold on! We can't trust this kid! (0:02:39.25)
Shin : It's his fault that this place is surrounded! {It's a plot point that Xin doesn't realize she's a girl. He finds out in volume 23.} (0:02:46.08)
Shin : Let's get rid of him first! (0:02:49.74)
Ying Zheng : Why would you help us? (0:02:54.00)
Ten Karyou : I overheard what you guys were saying. (0:02:57.87)
Ten Karyou : You're the king, right? (0:03:00.27)
Ten Karyou : Which means you're loaded. (0:03:02.82)
Ying Zheng : So it's money you want? (0:03:05.74)
Ten Karyou : Something wrong with that? (0:03:06.93)
Ying Zheng : Not at all. That actually makes you more trustworthy. (0:03:08.79)
Shin : Hey, hey, hey! (0:03:12.35)
Shin : We don't even know this guy's name! (0:03:14.51)
Shin : What the hell is trustworthy about a weirdo brat like this? (0:03:16.47)
Ten Karyou : My name is... (0:03:22.40)
Ten Karyou : My name is He Liao Diao! (0:03:24.67)
Ten Karyou : There, I've given you my name. (0:03:35.10)
Ten Karyou : What's your choice? (0:03:37.10)
Ten Karyou : There's no time left. (0:03:38.84)
Ying Zheng : Okay. Guide us, He Liao. (0:03:40.83)
Ten Karyou : Diao is fine. (0:03:43.06)
Shin : H-Hey! (0:03:44.78)
Shin : Are you really sure about this? (0:03:45.55)
Ten Karyou : Over this way! (0:04:01.96)
Ten Karyou : It's dark, but you can feel your way along the walls. (0:04:03.55)
Ten Karyou : I'll light a flame on the way. (0:04:06.19)
Shin : Hey, brat! What about that flame?! (0:04:09.47)
Ten Karyou : It's not "brat", it's Diao! (0:04:12.23)
Shin : Hey, man. (0:04:31.23)
Shin : Are you hurt? (0:04:33.43)
Ying Zheng : It's not my blood. It fell from up above. (0:04:35.05)
Shin : Above? (0:04:38.34)
Shin : This is awful. Are those army jerks trying to slaughter the entire village!? (0:04:44.01)
Shin : Hey, Diao! Aren't you worried about your parents and family? Everyone's getting killed! (0:04:50.16)
Ten Karyou : I haven't got any. (0:04:55.14)
Ten Karyou : By the way, are you part of the royal family, Xin? (0:04:57.20)
Shin : Course I ain't! (0:05:00.07)
Ten Karyou : You can say that again! (0:05:02.33)
Ten Karyou : You can tell just by looking at you that you're as common as they come. (0:05:03.37)
Ten Karyou : And one with a lot of spunk. (0:05:06.13)
Shin : Well, excuse me! (0:05:08.29)
Ten Karyou : Then why're you talking to him so casually? (0:05:10.38)
Ten Karyou : Plus, you've got a pretty bad attitude. (0:05:12.93)
Ten Karyou : Are you stupid or something? (0:05:14.87)
Shin : Well, aren't you doing that, too?! (0:05:17.21)
Ten Karyou : Me? It doesn't matter for me. He's not my king. (0:05:21.05)
Ten Karyou : I'm not from Qin. (0:05:27.56)
Ten Karyou : I'm from the mountain people of the far West. (0:05:29.80)
Ten Karyou : I don't know why, but my tribe got exiled from the mountains (0:05:33.69)
Ten Karyou : and they ended up drifting to Heibei Village. (0:05:37.28)
Ten Karyou : They're pretty much all dead now, though. (0:05:39.56)
Shin : You're one of those mountain people? I've never seen one before! (0:05:41.81)
Shin : So that's why you're wearing that weird getup! (0:05:44.90)
Ten Karyou : Hey, you were looking down on me a bit there, weren't you!? (0:05:48.52)
Shin : Huh?! What? You wanna fight?! (0:05:51.45)
Ten Karyou : Don't go around making fun of mountain people! (0:05:54.28)
Ten Karyou : Let me hit you, just once! (0:05:57.08)
Ying Zheng : Stop playing around. We're in a hurry. (0:06:02.68)
Shin : Dammit! What the hell am I doing? (0:06:09.82)
Shin : It's all this guy's fault! (0:06:13.57)
Shin : It's because of him... that Piao is dead! (0:06:16.28)
Shin : It's nothing! (0:06:25.81)
Shin : Later... (0:06:34.52)
Shin : Once we give those guys up above the slip, (0:06:36.15)
Shin : and everything else is out of the way, I'll settle things with this guy! (0:06:39.25)
EXTRA : We searched every corner of the village, (0:06:49.22)
EXTRA : but we did not find a boy that matches the one your orders described. (0:06:51.69)
EXTRA : What do you mean?! (0:06:55.90)
EXTRA : It would seem that before we arrived, he escaped to the back mountains (0:06:58.20)
EXTRA : or escaped along the river. (0:07:01.68)
EXTRA : Or perhaps there's a secret tunnel hidden somewhere. (0:07:03.41)
EXTRA : Then order all units to divide up and search for him! (0:07:08.00)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:07:11.82)
EXTRA : It sure has turned into a troublesome situation. (0:07:14.08)
EXTRA : As it stands, we may need to utilize that man's strength. (0:07:17.42)
EXTRA : That man?! Do you mean...?! (0:07:21.46)
EXTRA : Call Muta. (0:07:24.92)
Ten Karyou : Huh? (0:07:27.61)
Ten Karyou : By the way, your highness, why are you being chased by soldiers in a place like this? (0:07:29.52)
Shin : His little brother started a rebellion. (0:07:34.83)
Shin : What cruddy siblings! (0:07:37.41)
Ten Karyou : But isn't that odd? (0:07:42.65)
Shin : What? (0:07:44.81)
Ten Karyou : I mean... (0:07:46.54)
Ten Karyou : If he knew enough in advance to know that there would be a rebellion and to put a double in his place, (0:07:48.28)
Ten Karyou : why would he hide in Heibei Village? (0:07:52.46)
Ten Karyou : If you knew it was gonna happen, why not just quash it before it got big?! (0:07:58.56)
Ten Karyou : Why were you so gung-ho about running away? (0:08:05.62)
Ten Karyou : Aren't you supposed to be a king?! (0:08:08.75)
Shin : He's got a point. (0:08:11.44)
Ying Zheng : Diao! (0:08:14.81)
Ten Karyou : What is it?! (0:08:18.36)
Ying Zheng : The reason I couldn't stop the rebellion before it happened (0:08:19.76)
Ying Zheng : was that I lacked the power to do so. (0:08:21.94)
Ying Zheng : Nothing more. (0:08:25.15)
Ying Zheng : My grandfather, King Xiaowen, left the world after reigning for only three days. (0:08:29.50)
Ying Zheng : The one who succeeded him, my father, King Zhuangxiang, died in three years. (0:08:35.80)
Ying Zheng : Thanks to that, I took the position of king at the age of only 13 last year. (0:08:42.19)
Ying Zheng : Of course, that did not result in a child being truly in the position of king. (0:08:57.72)
Ying Zheng : I became nothing more than a decoration on the throne. (0:09:01.95)
Ying Zheng : The royal palace soon became nothing more than a battlefield for ministers with their own burning self-interests. (0:09:06.75)
Ying Zheng : But among them was one with great power, the Right Chancellor, Lü Shi. (0:09:13.24)
Ying Zheng : Lü Shi became the shield that protected my back, (0:09:19.52)
Ying Zheng : increasing that power. (0:09:21.38)
Ying Zheng : And next in command was the Left Chancellor, Jie Shi. (0:09:25.31)
Ying Zheng : The royal palace was split in two, revolving around those two, (0:09:29.32)
Ying Zheng : leading to an ongoing war where blood is washed with blood. (0:09:33.22)
Shin : Those ministers are nothing but idiots! (0:09:36.48)
Shin : Hold on a second! (0:09:40.88)
Shin : If there's a battle going on between fellow ministers, (0:09:42.17)
Shin : then why... Why would you, the king, get caught up in it?! (0:09:44.17)
Ying Zheng : My younger brother Chengjiao was secretly seeking the throne. (0:09:49.45)
Ying Zheng : And he joined hands with the second most powerful minister, Jie Shi. (0:09:55.31)
Ying Zheng : Then Chengjiao and Jie Shi (0:10:01.68)
Ying Zheng : aimed for an opportunity when my shield, Lü Shi, was taking his subordinates on a campaign in the neighboring State of Wei, (0:10:04.88)
Ying Zheng : and initiated this rebellion. (0:10:16.70)
Ten Karyou : But ya know, if the only people left in the palace were Chengjiao and Jie Shi's allies, (0:10:21.92)
Ten Karyou : then you did a good job getting away, your highness. (0:10:26.20)
Ying Zheng : It wasn't just me. (0:10:29.00)
Ying Zheng : In that palace swarming with enemies, (0:10:31.88)
Ying Zheng : there is one man who is deeply loyal to me. (0:10:33.37)
Ying Zheng : He's currently positioned as a civil officer in my ministry of education. (0:10:38.88)
Ying Zheng : In his younger days, he became a hero for how he swung his halberd on the battlefield. (0:10:42.76)
Ying Zheng : A man named Changwenjun. (0:10:48.73)
Shin : Changwenjun?! (0:10:51.61)
Shin : The old man that took Piao?! (0:10:53.65)
Ying Zheng : Having decided that he could not suppress Jie Shi with only his own soldiers, (0:10:57.24)
Ying Zheng : Changwenjun devised a plan to escape from the palace. (0:11:02.70)
Ying Zheng : He established several rendezvous points in case we got separated during the escape. (0:11:08.42)
Ying Zheng : Heibei village was one of them. (0:11:15.96)
Ying Zheng : But... (0:11:20.99)
Ying Zheng : On the way back from Heibei village, (0:11:22.57)
Ying Zheng : Changwenjun happened across the boy who was my exact double, Piao. (0:11:24.68)
Ying Zheng : With the appearance of Piao, Heibei village became not only an emergency rendezvous point during an escape, (0:11:35.92)
Ying Zheng : but a hiding place for me, after having changed places with Piao. (0:11:42.20)
Ten Karyou : I get it! (0:11:47.72)
Ten Karyou : I'd heard a rumor going around that there was someone with a terrible contagious disease living in that little hut. (0:11:49.15)
Ten Karyou : So we didn't get close to it, (0:11:53.91)
Ten Karyou : but we had no idea that it was a lie Changwenjun started because a king was hiding there. (0:11:56.93)
Ying Zheng : But from Changwenjun's perspective, having confidence in his escape plan, (0:12:03.52)
Ying Zheng : Heibei village, as well as my shadow, Piao, were all setup for a remote possibility. (0:12:07.36)
Ying Zheng : But it's thanks to that remote possibility that I'm still alive. (0:12:13.68)
Ten Karyou : Well, you didn't have a choice in the matter. (0:12:20.36)
Shin : H-Hang on a second... (0:12:24.01)
Shin : For a... remote possibility...?! (0:12:27.47)
Shin : Thanks to that... remote possibility...?! (0:12:31.30)
Shin : Gimme a fucking break! (0:12:44.00)
Shin : What the fuck did you guys think Piao's life was?! (0:12:52.73)
Ten Karyou : Stop it, Xin! (0:12:56.87)
Shin : How could you!? How could you do that to Piao!? (0:13:03.54)
Ten Karyou : Stop, Xin! (0:13:07.09)
Ten Karyou : If you keep that up, (0:13:09.54)
Ten Karyou : the king will die! (0:13:11.33)
Shin : It's revenge for Piao! (0:13:13.77)
Ying Zheng : Would you... stop this madness?! (0:13:25.27)
Ying Zheng : I'm fighting a war. (0:13:29.23)
Ying Zheng : And one with considerably bad odds! (0:13:31.72)
Shin : War?! (0:13:35.02)
Ying Zheng : If it's useful to me, I'll sit idly by or do whatever I have to, (0:13:36.79)
Ying Zheng : utilizing all the options at my disposal. (0:13:40.67)
Shin : Wh-What'd you say?! (0:13:43.23)
Ying Zheng : But he understood that! (0:13:44.47)
Ying Zheng : He understood, and what's more...! (0:13:48.62)
Ying Zheng : Switch places with him? (0:13:54.13)
Changwenjun : There is no reason to worry. (0:13:55.13)
Changwenjun : We expect the escape to go perfectly, such that Jie Shi and the others are none the wiser. (0:13:57.96)
Changwenjun : The blade of rebellion will never reach the king. (0:14:03.90)
Changwenjun : But I would just like to make doubly sure. (0:14:07.83)
Ying Zheng : Don't deceive him, Changwenjun. (0:14:12.28)
Changwenjun : Your highness... (0:14:16.53)
Ying Zheng : Even if we're confident, there are no guarantees, so a shadow is necessary. (0:14:18.70)
Ying Zheng : Be honest with him. (0:14:24.28)
Ying Zheng : It's Piao or something like that, right? Listen closely. (0:14:28.40)
Ying Zheng : There is no guarantee of safety in this plan. (0:14:31.99)
Ying Zheng : It's possible that the blade of the enemy may reach you. (0:14:35.55)
Ying Zheng : If such a thing happens, you'll be mistaken for me and killed. (0:14:40.38)
Ying Zheng : Not even speaking up? (0:14:49.79)
Changwenjun : Piao... (0:14:51.99)
Hyou : Ah, um... Lord Changwenjun. (0:14:53.64)
Changwenjun : Wh... What is it? (0:14:57.61)
Hyou : Might I have permission to speak to the king? (0:15:00.32)
Changwenjun : What are you saying?! (0:15:04.09)
Changwenjun : Understand your place, Piao! (0:15:05.81)
Ying Zheng : I'll allow it. (0:15:07.52)
Ying Zheng : Raise your head and speak without reserve. (0:15:09.71)
Changwenjun : Y-Your highness! (0:15:12.05)
Hyou : As a servant coming from a country village to serve at a royal palace, (0:15:14.76)
Hyou : I was prepared for the fact that a great amount of trouble would be awaiting me. (0:15:17.93)
Hyou : But I never thought that I would be able to accept such an important mission... (0:15:22.35)
Hyou : not even in my dreams! (0:15:28.51)
Changwenjun : Piao! Then, you'll...! (0:15:30.46)
Ying Zheng : You might die, you know! (0:15:33.95)
Hyou : A great general whose name goes down in history. (0:15:36.35)
Hyou : My friend and I have great hopes completely out of proportion with our status. (0:15:39.28)
Hyou : Since the beginning, I've had the resolve to bet everything. (0:15:43.78)
Ying Zheng : Piao accepted while being fully aware of the dangers. (0:15:48.26)
Ying Zheng : He accepted it even being prepared for death! (0:15:52.02)
Ying Zheng : All in order to obtain something... (0:15:55.66)
Ying Zheng : Something great that one could never obtain by living a normal life! (0:15:59.08)
Ying Zheng : But... he... failed! (0:16:06.04)
Ying Zheng : That's all! (0:16:12.30)
Ying Zheng : Wind? Is the exit near? (0:16:31.29)
Ten Karyou : Ah, yes. Just over that way. (0:16:34.14)
Ten Karyou : H-Hold on a second! (0:16:39.04)
Ten Karyou : Xin is still... (0:16:41.74)
Ying Zheng : Xin! (0:16:43.04)
Ying Zheng : Conclude your mourning for Piao with those tears. (0:16:44.19)
Ying Zheng : From this point on, it's your path. (0:16:48.39)
Ying Zheng : You have a fork in the road ahead of you. (0:16:52.33)
Ying Zheng : You can return to your village and continue to live as a servant, (0:16:54.70)
Ying Zheng : or help a powerless king and travel the wasteland of a relentless war with him. (0:16:57.83)
Ying Zheng : I shouldn't need to tell you which one will get you closer to that absurd dream of yours! (0:17:02.79)
Ying Zheng : Dawn has broken. (0:17:24.97)
Shi Ketsu : What do you mean, you haven't found the king?! (0:17:27.66)
EXTRA : W-Well, it would seem that there were escape routes running underneath the village... (0:17:31.32)
EXTRA : We're currently using all of our forces to search them. (0:17:35.99)
Shi Ketsu : That bastard, Changwenjun! (0:17:38.24)
Shi Ketsu : He knew what we were going to do, but to prepare even this far ahead?! (0:17:41.32)
Shi Ketsu : The problem is Changwenjun! (0:17:46.37)
Shi Ketsu : We cannot underestimate him! (0:17:48.63)
Shi Ketsu : In addition to the king, locate Changwenjun's whereabouts! (0:17:50.77)
Ki Ou : There is no need! (0:17:53.94)
Shi Ketsu : Where have you been at such a critical time, General Wang Qi?! (0:18:11.16)
Ki Ou : You want to know? (0:18:16.77)
Ki Ou : Just playing around outside a little. (0:18:18.71)
Shi Ketsu : So, what exactly do you mean that we don't need to search for Changwenjun? (0:18:23.93)
Ten Karyou : What do you mean, you don't have any money?! (0:18:36.93)
Ying Zheng : I left it in the hut. (0:18:39.53)
Ten Karyou : Weren't you the one who said, "So it's money you want?" back there? (0:18:41.04)
Ying Zheng : Yes. (0:18:43.98)
Ten Karyou : Then why didn't you say that you didn't have any?! (0:18:44.50)
Ying Zheng : No need to worry. (0:18:47.58)
Ying Zheng : When we get back to the palace, I'll ready a large sum of money for you. (0:18:48.99)
Ying Zheng : When you have a chance, you can come get it. (0:18:51.75)
Ten Karyou : "When we get back to the palace"...? (0:18:53.59)
Ten Karyou : When the hell is that gonna be?! (0:18:56.31)
Ying Zheng : I can't say I know. (0:18:59.45)
Ying Zheng : Try to get by until then. (0:19:01.72)
Ying Zheng : I'm sure you'll find a way. Probably. (0:19:03.15)
Ten Karyou : That's just low! (0:19:07.10)
Ten Karyou : And you call yourself a human being?! (0:19:08.63)
Shin : Hey, Zheng! (0:19:11.50)
Ying Zheng : Zheng? (0:19:13.23)
Shin : How exactly do you plan to get back to the palace? (0:19:14.54)
Shin : They've got an army there. (0:19:17.72)
Shin : And all we have are you and me. (0:19:21.47)
Ten Karyou : Hey, Xin! (0:19:25.94)
Ten Karyou : Are you telling me you're going to... (0:19:27.33)
Shin : Yeah, I'm going with him. (0:19:29.17)
Shin : But don't get the wrong idea. (0:19:30.82)
Shin : I haven't forgotten about Piao. (0:19:32.48)
Shin : And even if you're the king, I ain't kneeling to you or anything like that. (0:19:34.72)
Shin : For the sake of Piao's and my path, (0:19:38.61)
Shin : I'm just using you! (0:19:41.30)
Ying Zheng : The fact that you're abasing yourself after all this time is rather unpleasant. (0:19:44.46)
Ying Zheng : Also, I don't think of you as my retainer or the like, either. (0:19:48.75)
Ying Zheng : You're just a sword for the purpose of keeping me out of danger. (0:19:52.71)
Ying Zheng : If you break, I'll throw you away. (0:19:55.39)
Shin : No problem, bastard! (0:19:57.85)
Ten Karyou : Hey, hey, hey! (0:19:59.51)
Ten Karyou : So, how do we get back to the palace? (0:20:02.04)
Ying Zheng : The final rendezvous point is at the edge of this forest. (0:20:05.88)
Ying Zheng : Our only option is to meet up with Changwenjun there. (0:20:09.51)
EXTRA : There's a report from Heibei village. (0:20:15.46)
EXTRA : "It would seem that the king is alive, has escaped the army's encirclement, and has disappeared." (0:20:18.38)
Shi Ketsu : That stubborn king! (0:20:25.63)
Shi Ketsu : Very well. We no longer have our biggest problem, Changwenjun. (0:20:27.83)
Shi Ketsu : He was a dangerous man. (0:20:33.51)
Shi Ketsu : It was because of him that this rebellion almost ended in failure. (0:20:35.56)
EXTRA : He's a military man known for his prowess on the battlefield. (0:20:39.74)
EXTRA : We would've done well to have kept stricter observance of him. (0:20:42.54)
EXTRA : So, who is it you say caught Changwenjun? (0:20:45.90)
Shi Ketsu : That man! (0:20:50.30)
EXTRA : General Wang Qi! (0:20:57.81)
EXTRA : That legendary general is assisting us? (0:20:59.97)
Shi Ketsu : He entered this battle on the condition that he be given Changwenjun's territory. (0:21:03.71)
Shi Ketsu : To get that man as our ally, that land was a cheap price to pay. (0:21:10.23)
EXTRA : General Wang Qi is quite an ambiguous man. (0:21:16.02)
EXTRA : Trusting him too much will lead to great injury. (0:21:18.93)
Shi Ketsu : Great injury? (0:21:23.59)
Shi Ketsu : Perhaps you should think about your own neck more so than you do about the necks of others? (0:21:25.69)
EXTRA : Please leave the king to me. (0:21:33.55)
EXTRA : We have a suitable assassin in pursuit of him as we speak. (0:21:35.65)
Shi Ketsu : I heard Zhuxiong was killed by one of his intended victims. (0:21:38.48)
Shi Ketsu : Are you sure about this one? (0:21:41.16)
EXTRA : Fear not! (0:21:43.25)
EXTRA : The one pursuing the king is Muta. (0:21:45.04)
EXTRA : It seems your turn has come, Muta. (0:21:53.76)
Muta : Pursuit, correct, master? (0:21:57.43)
EXTRA : Yes. (0:22:00.48)
Muta : Muta's nose is a menace. (0:22:01.65)
Muta : There are three youngsters fleeing. (0:22:04.03)
EXTRA : Three?! (0:22:07.14)
Muta : Muta's legs are menaces. (0:22:08.50)
Muta : I'm sure to reach them soon. (0:22:10.85)
EXTRA : This guy's really an assassin? (0:22:14.08)
EXTRA : He goes off like that and misses. (0:22:22.66)
Muta : I did not miss. (0:22:25.20)
Muta : I aimed to graze your cheek on purpose. (0:22:36.36)
Muta : That was more than enough. (0:22:40.18)
Muta : Muta's poison arrows are menaces! (0:22:42.64)
EXTRA : That will do, Muta. (0:22:45.79)
Muta : Yuh! (0:22:49.04)
EXTRA : I know your power well. Hurry, go. (0:22:50.35)
Muta : Yuh! (0:22:55.39)
Muta : I'll find the youngsters, kill them with poison arrows, (0:22:56.08)
Muta : and use this axe... (0:22:59.66)
Muta : to take three heads! (0:23:03.02)
Muta : Yuh! Yuh! Yuh! (0:23:05.78)
Muta : Yuh! (0:23:09.31)
Ying Zheng : I'm sure I told you that you're just a sword. (0:24:45.23)
Ying Zheng : And that if you break, I'll just throw you away. (0:24:48.49)
EXTRA : Repellant souls have achieved resonance. (0:24:49.91)
EXTRA : And the gears of fate begin to turn! (0:24:52.49)
EXTRA : {\fs120\t(0,1315,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,-20,656,15,0,1315)}The King and the Sword (0:24:54.01)
EXTRA : The King and the Sword (0:24:55.34)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.91)

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