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EXTRA : After going on the offensive thanks to the Feixin Unit, led by Xin, (0:00:03.06)
EXTRA : Wang Qi lost no time in giving Meng Wu custody over the entire army (0:00:08.04)
EXTRA : with the goal of felling the enemy headquarters in one mighty blow. (0:00:11.15)
EXTRA : First Army, sortie! (0:00:14.67)
EXTRA : Second Army, go! (0:00:17.23)
EXTRA : Third Army, let's go! (0:00:19.28)
EXTRA : Fifth Army, charge! (0:00:22.02)
Wan Ji : The State of Qin guys are also... (0:00:25.07)
Li Bai : They changed their battle strategy?! (0:00:27.63)
Kan Ou : Fourth Army, charge! (0:00:30.33)
EXTRA : But when Xin's group was a step away from invading the headquarters, (0:00:33.74)
EXTRA : the battle suddenly underwent a massive change! (0:00:37.78)
Shin : Wh-What?! (0:00:44.76)
Shin : What's going on? (0:00:46.88)
Shin : The Zhao guys... (0:00:50.52)
Shin : are retreating? (0:00:52.46)
Ten Karyou : What's going on here? (0:00:57.30)
Ten Karyou : The mountain where the Zhao headquarters is located has gone quiet? (0:00:58.72)
Mou Ki : The Zhao central army! (0:01:04.70)
Ten Karyou : Hey, hey! What's with this all of a sudden?! (0:01:08.56)
Ten Karyou : They're leaving the headquarters completely exposed, aren't they?! (0:01:14.08)
Mou Ki : Perhaps... (0:01:21.04)
Riboku : It looks like the Zhao Army has already disappeared, hasn't it? (0:01:24.59)
Kaine : Lord Li Mu... (0:01:28.31)
Kaine : There are visitors here already. (0:01:29.80)
EXTRA : Li Mu (0:01:32.78)
Riboku : Hey there! (0:01:33.51)
Riboku : I am Li Mu, and this is my outstandingly beautiful guard, Kaine! (0:01:35.37)
EXTRA : Kaine (0:01:35.90)
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, (0:01:48.17)
EXTRA : the State of Qin during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:01:49.52)
EXTRA : The nameless boy Xin met with the young King Zheng, (0:01:52.35)
EXTRA : distinguished himself in war, and finally become a Hundred-Man General. (0:01:56.02)
EXTRA : Among those events, the neighboring State of Zhao suddenly invaded, (0:02:00.86)
EXTRA : presenting an unprecedented crisis. (0:02:04.40)
EXTRA : What kind of war will Supreme Commander Wang Qi wage? (0:02:06.88)
EXTRA : And what kind of growth will Xin achieve? (0:02:10.82)
EXTRA : Disaster (0:03:45.12)
EXTRA : Lower the Zhao flag! (0:03:56.54)
EXTRA : Raise our flag! (0:03:58.55)
Kou : We... took the headquarters, didn't we? (0:04:01.95)
Kou : So does that mean... (0:04:04.35)
EXTRA : Ang (0:04:05.14)
Kou : we won? (0:04:05.67)
Den Ei : Idiot. (0:04:06.74)
Den Ei : They moved the damn headquarters someplace else (0:04:08.99)
Den Ei : To preserve their war capability. (0:04:12.19)
Bi Hei : Then... do we chase after them again? (0:04:14.35)
Shin : Of course we do! (0:04:17.78)
Shin : We ain't gonna turn back after coming this far! (0:04:19.81)
Shin : Geez. What the hell is that combat commander thinking? (0:04:21.88)
Shin : If we don't hurry, they're gonna reform over there! (0:04:25.16)
Kan Ou : So they moved the battlefield to between the mountains, did they? (0:04:31.82)
EXTRA : So now we don't know where they are, huh? (0:04:34.67)
EXTRA : No. Because of how large the mountains are, (0:04:37.31)
EXTRA : there is only one very narrow place where an army can be stationed. (0:04:39.43)
EXTRA : If we looked from above, we could find them in one glance. (0:04:41.84)
EXTRA : And of course, they would have thought of that before they made their move. (0:04:45.12)
Kan Ou : Do you think we should follow them, Long Guo? (0:04:49.11)
EXTRA : Don't ask me, Gan Yang. (0:04:51.98)
EXTRA : You heard what Lord said in last night's war council. (0:04:54.50)
Ki Ou : Even if the Zhao headquarters takes control of the mountain, (0:04:59.43)
Ki Ou : the headquarters itself will run behind it. (0:05:02.15)
Ki Ou : Whether we follow them or not will depend on the situation at that time. (0:05:05.50)
Ki Ou : The right to decide will go to the general at the actual location. (0:05:08.80)
Ki Ou : In other words, you, Meng Wu. (0:05:12.55)
Ki Ou : A battle between mountains brings with it the danger of being difficult to coordinate with allies. (0:05:16.59)
Ki Ou : Do take the utmost care to keep a cool head. (0:05:23.93)
Ki Ou : Of course, we follow. (0:05:26.67)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:05:28.48)
EXTRA : Just as a precaution, we should confirm our next action. (0:05:30.28)
EXTRA : You remember the promise General Wang Qi spoke of last night, yes? (0:05:32.56)
Ki Ou : However, if you choose to pursue and attack them, promise me one thing. (0:05:39.58)
Ki Ou : Your range! (0:05:46.08)
Ki Ou : The only time you should be attacking the routed enemy (0:05:48.20)
Ki Ou : is when you can still see the mountain where Zhao's headquarters was previously. (0:05:49.71)
Ki Ou : Please be sure not to go against these instructions... (0:05:53.54)
Mou Bu : I understand! (0:05:57.86)
Tou : They seem to have started moving, Lord. (0:06:03.85)
Riboku : Hey, now. I finally get here, (0:06:09.44)
Riboku : and everybody disappears behind the mountains. (0:06:12.91)
Riboku : It seems that the only thing I'll be able to see (0:06:16.68)
Riboku : is the back of the Qin Army headquarters. (0:06:18.88)
Riboku : Well, perhaps it was still worth the trek all the way out here. (0:06:22.89)
Ten Karyou : He-Hey! I said not to ignore me! (0:06:27.73)
Ten Karyou : Who the hell even are you?! (0:06:34.51)
Ten Karyou : Don't just waltz up here without asking! (0:06:36.67)
Ten Karyou : And anyway, put away your swords, you two! (0:06:38.79)
EXTRA : The Qin Army headquarters had completed preparations for relocation. (0:06:43.88)
EXTRA : They took complete control over the mountain that the Zhao headquarters had occupied previously. (0:06:49.22)
EXTRA : And in the process of doing so, they saw neither hide nor hair of the enemy. (0:06:52.46)
EXTRA : The relocation of the Qin Army headquarters was an easy task. (0:06:55.88)
EXTRA : But here, Wang Qi, who had previously been very quick to act, was uncharacteristically silent. (0:07:00.07)
EXTRA : There was an indescribable uneasiness... (0:07:07.20)
EXTRA : That was because Wang Qi had stopped at this location. (0:07:10.31)
Ki Ou : This Zhao Army retreat... (0:07:14.82)
Ki Ou : I sense a well polished plan... (0:07:17.43)
Ki Ou : If that's the case, that would mean the way the Zhao Army lost in the first four days was intentional, (0:07:21.66)
Ki Ou : but that is impossible to begin with. (0:07:28.16)
Ki Ou : It certainly has a suspicious smell to it... (0:07:31.21)
Ki Ou : Teng. (0:07:34.89)
Tou : Yes, sir? (0:07:35.58)
Ki Ou : Besides Zhao Zhuang, are there any other strategists on their side? (0:07:36.34)
Tou : No. There should not be. (0:07:41.23)
Ki Ou : Well, fine, then. (0:07:48.25)
Ki Ou : Let's move the headquarters, Teng. (0:07:49.58)
Tou : Yes, sir. (0:07:51.73)
Ki Ou : In any event, (0:07:56.32)
Ki Ou : we'll merely need to uncover any plans they have... (0:07:58.30)
Ki Ou : And the one that has yet to show himself is their Great General...! (0:08:01.40)
Riboku : It looks like the Qin Army's headquarters is on the move, too. (0:08:06.19)
Riboku : They're moving the headquarters to the other side of the mountain so they can commanded more easily. (0:08:10.75)
Ten Karyou : Yeah, we know! (0:08:15.70)
Ten Karyou : We're not idiots! (0:08:17.93)
Riboku : But now they're really getting close to each other... (0:08:19.32)
Riboku : The Great Generals of the two armies...! (0:08:24.20)
Riboku : Okay, everyone. Shall we get moving ourselves? (0:08:31.17)
Riboku : We won't be able to see the fight from here. (0:08:34.19)
Ten Karyou : Hold on a second! (0:08:36.87)
Ten Karyou : Why are you in charge all of a sudden?! (0:08:38.46)
Riboku : It's not a problem, is it? (0:08:41.76)
Riboku : We're fellow curious onlookers. (0:08:43.58)
Riboku : Doing it in a group like this is more exciting, isn't it? (0:08:45.39)
Riboku : Would you do us the favor of letting us join you on your carriage? (0:08:49.74)
Riboku : Our horses are pretty far away, you see. (0:08:52.69)
Ten Karyou : You sure are presuming a lot! (0:08:56.10)
Ten Karyou : Do you think we're just gonna... (0:08:58.29)
Riboku : You see, there's another mountain castle ruin a bit past here that we can watch from. (0:08:59.68)
Ten Karyou : What?! (0:09:04.78)
Mou Ki : All right, then. (0:09:07.69)
Mou Ki : But I have one thing to ask in return. (0:09:09.76)
Riboku : And that is? (0:09:12.96)
Mou Ki : Would you let us hold onto your swords? (0:09:14.62)
Mou Ki : You could understand that we might be afraid to ride together with people (0:09:19.34)
Mou Ki : whose background we know nothing of. (0:09:23.37)
Mou Ki : Please understand. (0:09:25.44)
Riboku : All right. We'll let you hold onto them. (0:09:26.94)
Mou Ki : Thank you very much. (0:09:32.62)
Kaine : I'm not giving you mine! (0:09:34.30)
Riboku : Okay, let's get going. (0:09:38.03)
Riboku : The sun is setting. (0:09:40.03)
Kaine : Lord Li Mu! (0:09:41.57)
EXTRA : While the construction of the Qin Army's new headquarters was still in progress, (0:09:44.21)
EXTRA : Wang Qi put foot soldiers on standby at the foot of the far side of the mountain in preparation for any changes. (0:09:47.88)
EXTRA : Meanwhile, the Meng Wu Army, along with Long Guo, were guided to the enemy headquarters. (0:09:55.09)
EXTRA : The other armies advanced, maintaining their formation with the Meng Wu Army as the center. (0:10:01.10)
EXTRA : But as of now, they have yet to confirm an encounter with the Zhao Army. (0:10:06.33)
Ki Ou : Has there been any report regarding Pang Nuan? (0:10:18.57)
EXTRA : No. All military commanders have reported no sign of him. (0:10:21.85)
Ki Ou : You do like to tease, Pang Nuan... (0:10:28.76)
Ki Ou : Did you become more vigilant after those events 9 years ago? (0:10:41.48)
Ki Ou : But if all you do is hide, (0:10:49.66)
Ki Ou : not even you will ever get my head. (0:10:57.05)
Bi Hei : If we keep this up, we might actually get back to the village pretty soon. (0:11:06.65)
EXTRA : Yeah. And then we'll all be heroes to the whole village! (0:11:11.06)
EXTRA : Man, I wonder what kinds of faces the villagers will make when they hear we took down a general! (0:11:15.72)
EXTRA : Long You (0:11:20.03)
EXTRA : Bang (0:11:20.03b)
EXTRA : Tian Yong (0:11:21.70)
Bi Hei : When I get back... I'm gonna get married to Dong Mei. (0:11:25.09)
EXTRA : Nobody's listening to you, bud. (0:11:29.12)
Kou : Are you sure? You didn't get engaged or anything like that, right? (0:11:31.16)
Bi Hei : I said I am, and I meant it! (0:11:37.34)
EXTRA : Yeah, that's the spirit. Go for it. (0:11:41.62)
EXTRA : We can't have Dao get married before you, what with you being the older one. (0:11:43.71)
EXTRA : So he's gonna keep his woman waiting forever. (0:11:47.67)
Bi Tou : H-Hey, Qing! (0:11:49.97)
Bi Hei : What?! Is that true, Dao?! (0:11:51.83)
Bi Hei : I'm sorry. Just wait a little longer, okay?! (0:11:54.29)
Xie Ci : Your kid is five, right? (0:12:00.88)
Taku Kei : No, six now. (0:12:03.29)
Xie Ci : What? Same as mine. (0:12:05.28)
Xie Ci : A boy? (0:12:07.37)
Taku Kei : Yes, a boy. (0:12:08.01)
Xie Ci : Yeah, thought so. (0:12:10.15)
EXTRA : You idiot. Girls are the cute ones. (0:12:11.47)
EXTRA : No, boys. (0:12:13.83)
EXTRA : Girls, you idiot! (0:12:15.09)
EXTRA : I'll bet Long Chuan's new kid is huge, huh? (0:12:16.82)
EXTRA : Well... it's normal. (0:12:19.36)
Shin : Hey. The war council's finally over. (0:12:32.08)
Shin : Huh? What's up? (0:12:35.99)
Kai Kyou : Nothing. (0:12:38.33)
Kai Kyou : It's just... (0:12:40.51)
Kai Kyou : Everyone has a home to return to. (0:12:43.31)
Shin : You- (0:12:46.43)
Kai Kyou : Don't concern yourself. (0:12:46.78)
Kai Kyou : I didn't mean anything significant by that. (0:12:48.38)
Kai Kyou : What one has varies from person to person. (0:12:50.24)
Kai Kyou : I have my own reason for living... (0:12:52.77)
Shin : Revenge is important. (0:13:02.42)
Shin : But you know, Qiang Lei, it doesn't end with that. (0:13:05.91)
Shin : After you get revenge, you'll still be alive and have a future. (0:13:09.82)
Shin : Even you realized that, don't you? (0:13:15.51)
Shin : What do you mean "huh"?! (0:13:21.69)
Shin : You put aside revenge to participate in this war! And by your own will. (0:13:24.01)
Shin : That means you've got one. (0:13:30.76)
Shin : A great home to return to, the Feixin Unit! (0:13:34.92)
Kai Kyou : Don't decide that for me. (0:13:40.77)
Shin : C'mon. I'm gonna tell everyone what happened in the war council. (0:13:42.56)
Shin : Or do you dislike this place? (0:13:48.18)
Kai Kyou : Not particularly. (0:13:51.89)
Shin : Then that decides it! (0:13:53.42)
Kai Kyou : There's nothing I dislike. (0:13:58.34)
Kai Kyou : No, far from it... (0:14:01.83)
Kai Kyou : I'm actually quite comfortable. (0:14:04.39)
Kai Kyou : That's why I'm a little perplexed... (0:14:07.18)
Kai Kyou : Wh-What is... (0:14:27.00)
Kai Kyou : this presence?! (0:14:30.85)
EXTRA : Hey, who's over there?! (0:14:37.34)
EXTRA : A Zhao soldier? (0:14:40.03)
EXTRA : What're you doing over there?! (0:14:41.34)
EXTRA : What unit are you with? (0:14:43.07)
EXTRA : Stop! Tell us what group you're attached to! (0:14:44.80)
Bi Tou : What's up, Xin? (0:14:57.58)
Bi Tou : Xin?! (0:14:59.91)
Kai Kyou : This presence... (0:15:02.39)
Kai Kyou : Could it be... a Chi You?! (0:15:03.88)
Kai Kyou : No, that's not it... (0:15:05.66)
Kai Kyou : It's similar, but something is different... (0:15:07.68)
Kai Kyou : Could this be...? (0:15:10.56)
EXTRA : E-Enemy attack! (0:15:12.97)
EXTRA : It's an enemy attack...! (0:15:15.51)
Shin : I knew it...! (0:15:21.00)
Shin : Hey, which unit got attacked? (0:15:25.70)
Shin : How many enemies are there?! (0:15:28.13)
EXTRA : It's going on over that hill! (0:15:29.69)
EXTRA : The lookouts were apparently wiped out so fast that they didn't even have time to signal! (0:15:31.31)
Shin : What?! (0:15:35.62)
Shin : There's no enemy army? (0:15:41.56)
Shin : That defensive unit was totally wiped out. But where'd the enemy go? (0:15:43.91)
Shin : Did they run away after the other units gathered? (0:15:48.42)
Kai Kyou : No. He's still here... (0:15:52.29)
Kai Kyou : I lost track of his presence in all this commotion, (0:15:54.61)
Kai Kyou : but he's still somewhere on this campsite. (0:15:56.98)
Kai Kyou : But where?! (0:16:00.49)
Bi Hei : Maybe it was a false signal? (0:16:02.63)
En : I'll take a look at their condition. (0:16:06.11)
Bi Tou : It's totally quiet, don't you think? (0:16:08.35)
EXTRA : Wh-Who the hell are you?! (0:16:23.51)
Bi Hei : No way... (0:16:30.50)
Bi Hei : Shan He and the others are... (0:16:32.31)
Bi Hei : This isn't real, right? (0:16:34.70)
Bi Hei : What the hell is that guy...?! (0:16:38.40)
Suu Gen : Everyone, run! (0:16:41.81)
En : I have to go save them... (0:16:46.94)
En : I have to... (0:16:49.13)
En : I'm a Vice General! What am I doing? (0:16:50.68)
En : Everyone... (0:16:53.87)
En : Everyone's dying! (0:16:56.02)
En : Lord Xin! (0:16:58.76)
Shin : Until a minute ago, everyone was fooling around and having a great time together. (0:17:01.02)
Shin : This can't be happening, right?! (0:17:04.55)
EXTRA : What the hell is this guy...? (0:17:08.54)
Bi Tou : Just from looking at him... (0:17:10.83)
Bi Tou : I can't stop shivering...! (0:17:12.91)
Hou Ken : I am a calamity from the heavens. (0:17:16.59)
Hou Ken : You people simply... (0:17:19.93)
Hou Ken : had no luck. (0:17:28.65)
EXTRA : E-Everyone, run! (0:17:33.80)
Bi Hei : You Yi! (0:17:41.22)
EXTRA : Help us! (0:17:52.18)
En : Everyone... Run in every direction. (0:17:59.94)
En : Just get away from him... (0:18:02.70)
En : I can't speak... (0:18:04.39)
En : My legs won't move... (0:18:05.80)
En : Lord Xin... Lord Xin... (0:18:07.92)
En : At this rate, the whole Feixin Unit will die...! (0:18:11.66)
Den Yuu : What're you guys doing?! (0:18:16.56)
Den Yuu : Stand up! (0:18:18.28)
Taku Kei : Please stand, Mr. Wei Ping! (0:18:19.53)
Bi Hei : It's no good. I can't stand up! (0:18:22.21)
Bi Tou : Big Brother, quick! (0:18:24.11)
Bi Hei : R-Run, you two! (0:18:27.38)
Bi Hei : Xin! (0:18:44.85)
Shin : You bastard... what did you do...? (0:18:59.06)
Shin : Don't think death will be enough to make up for this! (0:19:04.38)
EXTRA : He's gonna fight. (0:19:08.44)
Den Yuu : Well, it's Xin, after all. (0:19:10.41)
Hairou : But... (0:19:12.97)
EXTRA : Stop, Captain! (0:19:14.26)
EXTRA : You're no match for that guy! (0:19:15.57)
Bi Hei : I-Incredible... (0:19:30.68)
Bi Hei : Xin, he's... (0:19:32.08)
Hou Ken : Stand. (0:19:56.26)
Shin : Looking down on me... (0:19:58.08)
Bi Hei : X-Xin... (0:20:00.75)
Shin : Don't worry, you guys. (0:20:02.97)
Shin : The one who's gonna die... is him! (0:20:05.73)
Shin : What?! (0:20:15.35)
Shin : He dodged Qiang Lei's sword with that giant body?! (0:20:18.66)
Hou Ken : Oh. It seems it was you who called me. (0:20:24.03)
Shin : What the hell is going on?! (0:20:31.60)
Hou Ken : You may be a child... (0:20:34.24)
Hou Ken : but I'll be taking your life. (0:20:36.52)
Shin : I don't know what that bullshit you're spouting is... (0:20:38.82)
Shin : And who the fuck are you, anyhow?! (0:20:42.04)
Shin : You plunged into our campsite of over 20,000 soldiers alone, and started killing... (0:20:45.99)
Shin : Are you a Zhao soldier? (0:20:51.65)
Shin : Then what are you trying to achieve with this night attack?! (0:20:53.35)
Shin : No, wait... (0:20:57.65)
Shin : This guy said it was Qiang Lei who called him... (0:20:59.03)
Kai Kyou : I don't remember calling anyone like you. (0:21:02.88)
Hou Ken : It was not by your will. It was your existence that called me. (0:21:06.48)
Hou Ken : The wild god that dwells within me cannot allow for the existence of any other strong beings. (0:21:11.48)
Kai Kyou : Who the hell are you? (0:21:19.58)
Hou Ken : I... am the War God, Pang Nuan. (0:21:22.23)
Shin : War God? (0:21:26.20)
Shin : The thing Qiang Lei was talking about before... (0:21:27.40)
Bi Tou : Pang Nuan? (0:21:32.19)
Bi Tou : Did that man say he was Pang Nuan?! (0:21:33.55)
En : Pang Nuan? (0:21:36.17)
EXTRA : Pang Nuan? (0:21:37.83)
Ro En : Did he say Pang Nuan? (0:21:39.66)
Den Yuu : Isn't Pang Nuan... (0:21:41.61)
Den Yuu : the name of the Zhao Army Supreme Commander? (0:21:44.08)
Shin : It doesn't matter! (0:21:47.62)
Shin : I don't care if you're a War God or whatever! It doesn't matter! (0:21:50.01)
Shin : This guy killed Shan He, Zie Ci, Fa Jian, and a ton of others! (0:21:53.62)
Shin : There's no way in hell I'll forgive him! (0:21:57.88)
Shin : We're going to avenge them, Qiang Lei! (0:22:00.18)
Kai Kyou : Of course. (0:22:03.63)
Bi Hei : They're attacking in a pincer formation. (0:22:07.61)
Bi Hei : They're gonna take him on together? (0:22:09.02)
Den Ei : Damn. Then let's go too... (0:22:11.50)
Suu Gen : No. We'll only get in their way. (0:22:12.86)
Suu Gen : All we can do to back them up is stay here and watch over them. (0:22:15.34)
EXTRA : But can they win with just the two of them?! (0:22:21.28)
EXTRA : Their opponent is a monster! (0:22:23.30)
Bi Hei : No. This is Xin and Qiang Lei. I know they'll find a way... (0:22:26.86)
EXTRA : Xin! (0:22:50.48)
Bi Hei : You're kidding me, right? Even Qiang Lei... (0:22:58.51)
Kai Kyou : Ton... Tantan... (0:23:12.82)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.08)
Shin : If I run away here... (0:24:46.02)
Shin : becoming the greatest general under the heavens will be just a dream within a dream! (0:24:47.50)
EXTRA : His target is a single moment of opportunity. (0:24:50.78)
EXTRA : A hundred blades are thrust at the invincible man. (0:24:52.84)
EXTRA : {\fs100\t(0,1960,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,659,85,0,1960)}The Power of a Group (0:24:53.17)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.14)
EXTRA : The Power of a Group (0:24:55.30)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:56.00)

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