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EXTRA : After being attacked by Pang Nuan, the Feixin Unit fled in all directions. (0:00:03.03)
EXTRA : Meanwhile, the survivors of the Gan Yang Army were picked up by the Lu Wuwei Army. (0:00:07.59)
EXTRA : After one night, the Feixin Unit was cut in half to a total of 36 people, including 13 Wuchang. (0:00:13.43)
EXTRA : With their wounds still open, they took up their weapons once again and began to walk. (0:00:21.05)
EXTRA : And... (0:00:29.85)
Hairou : No doubt about it. That's the State of Qin flag. (0:00:32.03)
Hairou : They're gathering together the scattered troops. Let's go, Captain. (0:00:36.20)
Shin : Okay. (0:00:39.71)
En : Allies! (0:00:46.95)
Shin : No... They're... (0:00:48.90)
Shin : not the Qin Army! (0:00:52.09)
She Meng : Looks like we've ensnared some already. (0:00:56.17)
She Meng : Let's wipe out these State of Qin monkeys! (0:00:58.79)
Shin : Run! (0:01:03.47)
Shin : Claw your way up those cliffs, their horses can't climb them! (0:01:04.82)
Shin : Hurry! Wounded first! (0:01:07.22)
Bi Hei : What's causing this tremor?! (0:01:12.16)
Hairou : Behind us! (0:01:15.28)
Suu Gen : There's an army of mounted soldiers coming from behind us! (0:01:17.20)
Bi Hei : Is that the State of Zhao Army, too?! (0:01:20.70)
Shin : No, that's... (0:01:23.89)
Shin : General Wang Qi! (0:01:26.22)
Shin : Our Great General has finally taken to the field! (0:01:28.65)
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:01:33.88)
EXTRA : Xin, the boy that came from obscurity to become the general of a Hundred-Man Unit (0:01:36.96)
EXTRA : continued to prove himself in the height of battle and led the State of Qin Army to dominance. (0:01:40.94)
EXTRA : But now the enemy Supreme Commander has finally shown himself (0:01:46.20)
EXTRA : and is a being beyond imagination. (0:01:49.74)
EXTRA : The name of that man, whom is linked by fate to Wang Qi, is Pang Nuan. (0:01:52.59)
EXTRA : The state of the war has finally started to really shake up. (0:01:56.73)
EXTRA : Wang Qi Takes to the Field! (0:03:31.06)
Ki Ou : I estimated that foolish behavior like that to be She Meng's doing. (0:03:39.58)
Ki Ou : It seems I was right. (0:03:43.64)
Tou : Yes, sir. Quite a foolish idea! (0:03:45.72)
Ki Ou : It seems that he is not the one who beat the 4th Army, but oh well. (0:03:48.60)
Ki Ou : I will take this sadness we have suffered (0:03:53.60)
Ki Ou : and give it to Mr. She Meng for the moment. (0:03:56.07)
En : General Wang Qi went out in front! (0:04:00.40)
She Meng : The Mystery Bird of Qin, Wang Qi... (0:04:11.56)
She Meng : How I have longed for this day... (0:04:15.03)
She Meng : Wang Qi! (0:04:19.87)
She Meng : He's already one of the legendary Six Great Generals. (0:04:22.76)
She Meng : There's no room for doubting his power. (0:04:24.91)
She Meng : But I wasn't around in that age... (0:04:28.02)
She Meng : I'll teach everyone now... (0:04:31.35)
She Meng : that I am a monster that even surpasses the Six Great Generals! (0:04:33.72)
She Meng : And now, I will control every battlefield on the face of China! (0:04:42.71)
She Meng : Wang Qi! (0:04:48.12)
Tou : She Meng... Someone like you does not even reach the feet of my lord. (0:04:55.21)
En : Th-That is... the power of our... Supreme Commander... (0:05:12.86)
Suu Gen : Look! The enemy is retreating! (0:05:18.74)
EXTRA : Retreat! Retreat! (0:05:20.91)
Ki Ou : So the Feixin Unit was cut in half overnight, was it...? (0:05:26.27)
Ki Ou : Is it frustrating, Youngster Xin? (0:05:32.19)
Shin : I'm trying not to think too hard about it right now. (0:05:35.77)
Shin : If I do, I feel like I'll end up crouching down (0:05:38.50)
Shin : and won't be able to make my feet move forward. (0:05:41.78)
Shin : But the guys that died definitely wouldn't want that. I know it. (0:05:45.02)
Shin : So... The only thing I can think about is how I can fight with these 36 (0:05:50.31)
Shin : to render more achievements. (0:05:55.40)
Ki Ou : I thought I would finally give you a compliment, (0:06:01.20)
Ki Ou : but it seems that there is no need for it, is there, Teng? (0:06:03.66)
Tou : Yes, sir. He is a boring kid. (0:06:06.55)
Ki Ou : Your posture isn't bad, Youngster Xin. (0:06:09.78)
Ki Ou : The path to military general is a path of sacrifice. (0:06:13.93)
Ki Ou : Every time they overcome them, people and units become bigger and stronger. (0:06:17.58)
Ki Ou : No, they must do so. (0:06:22.98)
Ki Ou : There was value in me giving you the name Feixin Unit. (0:06:26.55)
Ki Ou : Now then, I must be going. (0:06:33.79)
Ki Ou : The decisive battle is drawing near. (0:06:37.23)
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang! (0:06:44.51)
EXTRA : Lord Pang Nuan has returned! (0:06:45.60)
Zhao Zhuang : More than anything, I am glad you are safe. (0:06:51.95)
Hou Ken : I acted on my own because I thought Wang Qi may have appeared. (0:06:54.17)
Hou Ken : Forgive me. (0:06:56.96)
Zhao Zhuang : No, as long as you are all right, Lord Pang Nuan, (0:06:58.22)
Zhao Zhuang : there has been no impediment to the battle strategy. (0:07:01.55)
Zhao Zhuang : But, if possible, please give me a word of warning about such a thing in the future. (0:07:04.49)
Zhao Zhuang : Otherwise, I fear everything could become spoiled. (0:07:08.74)
Hou Ken : Do not be concerned. I understand. (0:07:13.49)
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang! (0:07:16.61)
EXTRA : A signal fire has been raised in the rear! (0:07:18.46)
EXTRA : It's a signal that Lord She Meng has been killed in battle! (0:07:20.85)
Zhao Zhuang : What?! She Meng was killed?! (0:07:23.76)
EXTRA : Y-Yes sir. (0:07:27.04)
EXTRA : And there was a second signal! (0:07:27.92)
EXTRA : One signifying that Wang Qi has appeared! (0:07:30.11)
Zhao Zhuang : So you've finally come, Wang Qi?! (0:07:34.69)
Zhao Zhuang : As a result of Lord Pang Nuan's night attack (0:07:38.58)
Zhao Zhuang : that highly vigilant man was brought into the mountains? (0:07:41.04)
Zhao Zhuang : The loss of She Meng is a painful blow, (0:07:45.76)
Zhao Zhuang : but it is not a fatal blow for the State of Zhao Army. (0:07:48.45)
EXTRA : {\p1\bord0\shad0\c&HBCD3E0&\fscx175\fscy102.5\pos(476.399,347.734)}m 0 0 l 110 0 l 110 50 l 0 50 (0:07:51.44)
EXTRA : Zhao Army
Zhao Zhuang : Now, each of our armies will attack the State of Qin Army with the goal of stopping their movement. (0:07:52.43)
Zhao Zhuang : If the isolated Wang Qi Army gets close to this headquarters... (0:07:57.92)
EXTRA : {\p1\bord0\shad0\c&HBCD3E0&\fscx175\fscy102.5\pos(316.399,199.734)}m 0 0 l 110 0 l 110 50 l 0 50 (0:08:01.58)
EXTRA : Zhao Army
Zhao Zhuang : the State of Zhao Army will be victorious! (0:08:03.30)
Mou Bu : So that's their headquarters...? (0:08:11.55)
EXTRA : Without a hint of uncertainty. (0:08:13.91)
Mou Bu : Your said your name was Long Guo, isn't it? (0:08:15.88)
Mou Bu : You were a magnificent guide. (0:08:18.01)
EXTRA : Thank you, sir. (0:08:20.06)
EXTRA : Right now, the enemy has their guard down. (0:08:21.60)
EXTRA : I think it would be prudent for you to bring your army around to their rear, sir... (0:08:24.12)
Mou Bu : No need. (0:08:27.41)
Mou Bu : After we've gotten this far (0:08:28.44)
Mou Bu : they can no longer escape! (0:08:30.54)
Mou Bu : Let's go! (0:08:32.21)
Ten Karyou : There are signal flares burning... (0:08:36.15)
Ten Karyou : Ya think something happened? (0:08:38.35)
Mou Ki : I'm an outsider, so I can't even tell whose army's those are, (0:08:40.36)
Mou Ki : but I'm sure the battle going on in the mountains is more fierce than anything we could imagine. (0:08:44.58)
Mou Ki : For example, they're in a state where the only way for them to communicate something to scattered friendly troops, (0:08:49.59)
Mou Ki : is to use smoke signals. (0:08:54.13)
Mou Ki : But that also has the adverse effect of letting the enemy know their position. (0:08:56.52)
Mou Ki : Unless they have a very important reason to do so, they won't use those. (0:09:00.70)
Ten Karyou : A very important reason... (0:09:04.80)
Riboku : There do seem to be means of communication besides smoke signals. (0:09:07.27)
Mou Ki : What are they, Lord Li Mu? (0:09:13.17)
Mou Ki : Flags. (0:09:16.96)
Riboku : The flags at the State of QIn Army Headquarters have changed since early this morning. (0:09:18.82)
Ten Karyou : What's that mean? (0:09:23.17)
Riboku : You see, the combination of the flags' colors and locations (0:09:25.15)
Riboku : can send complicated information. (0:09:28.17)
Riboku : However, the disadvantage of that is the limited range for where you can see the flags. (0:09:31.47)
EXTRA : The meaning of the flags: (0:09:38.24)
EXTRA : they are a notification that Wang Qi has entered the mountains. (0:09:40.24)
EXTRA : And at Wang Qi's location... (0:09:44.58)
Ki Ou : Take a look, Teng. (0:09:47.20)
Ki Ou : It's a smoke signal that's telling us the location of the State of Zhao headquarters. (0:09:49.22)
Ki Ou : Most likely it's Long Guo. (0:09:52.72)
Tou : Yes, sir. Just what I'd expect from Long Guo. (0:09:54.62)
Ki Ou : But it's rising from an area much deeper in than I expected. (0:09:57.05)
Ki Ou : It seems that rather than Long Guo being late, Zhao Zhuang's pulling was early. (0:10:01.12)
Tou : Yes, sir. He is quite the tactician. (0:10:06.20)
Ki Ou : The one directing the headquarters is Zhao Zhuang of course, (0:10:08.89)
Ki Ou : but if perhaps Pang Nuan is among them... (0:10:12.75)
Ki Ou : the future will indeed be hard to predict. (0:10:16.26)
Ki Ou : With things in this state, I'm worried for Meng Wu. (0:10:19.84)
Ki Ou : His battle is likely to have already started. (0:10:23.37)
EXTRA : Just as Wang Qi predicted, at that moment (0:10:27.47)
EXTRA : the battle between the Zhao Zhuang Army and the Meng Wu and the Long Guo Armies have turned into huge melee. (0:10:29.08)
EXTRA : In the battle's opening, the Meng Wu and Long Guo Armies that raided their enemy wielded great power, (0:10:35.15)
EXTRA : but before the Zhao Zhuang Army's clever counterattack, (0:10:39.83)
EXTRA : their momentum was halted and both armies struggled for supremacy. (0:10:42.38)
EXTRA : However, with Meng Wu at the lead, (0:10:47.14)
EXTRA : the Meng Wu and Long Guo Armies were able to slowly push back the Zhao Zhuang Army. (0:10:49.82)
EXTRA : This is a report to the Meng Wu and Long Guo Armies! (0:11:13.07)
EXTRA : That long-haired man is Pang Nuan! (0:11:15.71)
EXTRA : The Zhao Army Supreme Commander has brazenly entered come onto the field! (0:11:18.40)
EXTRA : Surround him and take his head! (0:11:21.73)
Mou Bu : So as I thought, that man is Pang Nuan? (0:11:23.92)
Mou Bu : Indeed, I did not think he would be an ordinary man... (0:11:26.60)
Mou Bu : This is the first time I've met a man who exudes such an intense smell of battle. (0:11:29.54)
Mou Bu : I'm breaking out into a cold sweat?! (0:11:38.60)
Mou Bu : Interesting! (0:11:42.63)
Mou Bu : Wh-What?! (0:11:58.45)
EXTRA : H-He ran?! (0:12:01.48)
Mou Bu : You bastard... (0:12:05.73)
Mou Bu : Do you perhaps think that I am lacking in power...? (0:12:07.87)
Mou Bu : Do not expect to get away! (0:12:12.06)
EXTRA : Follow Lord Meng Wu! (0:12:14.05)
EXTRA : No... What is this...? (0:12:16.50)
EXTRA : Something is odd. (0:12:18.99)
EXTRA : However, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity to slay Pang Nuan. (0:12:21.54)
Zhao Zhuang : Not quite like a fish caught in a net, (0:12:29.82)
Zhao Zhuang : but this will do for our purposes. (0:12:32.93)
EXTRA : I highly doubt they would expect us to use our own Supreme Commander as a decoy. (0:12:34.62)
Zhao Zhuang : Wang Qi... In the end, you will be forced to show yourself. (0:12:39.37)
EXTRA : No, this is bad! (0:12:49.39)
EXTRA : This is clearly a trap! (0:12:51.17)
EXTRA : General Meng Wu! (0:12:53.08)
EXTRA : Lord! (0:13:10.05)
EXTRA : General Meng Wu! (0:13:10.83)
Mou Bu : The damage? (0:13:12.59)
EXTRA : Just at an estimate, half were beaten. (0:13:13.73)
Mou Bu : Half, eh...? (0:13:17.42)
Mou Bu : We still have plenty. Let's go. (0:13:18.94)
EXTRA : Please wait! (0:13:21.28)
EXTRA : The enemy strategist Zhao Zhuang (0:13:22.58)
EXTRA : is trying to lure you in with Pang Nuan as bait! (0:13:24.37)
EXTRA : We should make a temporary retreat and seek to regroup! (0:13:27.44)
Mou Bu : That would be a big mistake. (0:13:31.59)
Mou Bu : No strategy can stop me! (0:13:34.07)
EXTRA : Just as Meng Wu was falling for Zhao Zhuang's trap, (0:13:44.45)
EXTRA : Wang Qi split up his mounted unit and infantry unit. (0:13:48.29)
EXTRA : The mounted unit took detour paths that the horses could travel on. (0:13:51.24)
EXTRA : Foot Soldiers (0:13:51.85)
EXTRA : The foot soldiers made use of their maneuverability (0:13:55.02)
EXTRA : and sprinted their way in a straight line, (0:13:57.62)
EXTRA : going at about the same speed towards the State of Zhao Army headquarters. (0:13:59.94)
Shin : Wei Ping, Chong Yuan, don't push yourselves too hard. (0:14:07.44)
Shin : General Wang Qi said he doesn't mind if people who can't keep up break away from the group. (0:14:10.90)
Bi Hei : Don't talk nonsense, Xin! (0:14:16.24)
Bi Hei : You want us to take a break and sleep after coming this far? (0:14:19.51)
Bi Hei : Y-You've got to be joking. (0:14:22.32)
Bi Hei : I'm going. (0:14:24.48)
Bi Hei : I might not be able to fight anymore, but... (0:14:26.05)
Bi Hei : I want to see this through to the end with my own eyes! (0:14:28.53)
Bi Hei : This war! (0:14:31.16)
Suu Gen : He's right. (0:14:33.34)
Shou Sa : But, man... (0:14:35.80)
Shou Sa : Is it really a good idea for us to be running so fast? (0:14:37.36)
Shou Sa : We're far too defenseless. (0:14:39.97)
Shou Sa : If we ran into an enemy ambush, we would get beat in a second. (0:14:41.54)
Shou Sa : I can understand why the general's rushing, but I don't know about us. (0:14:46.46)
Kai Kyou : General Wang Qi knows that there are no enemies here. (0:14:50.79)
Shou Sa : How can he tell that out here in the mountains? (0:14:55.77)
Kai Kyou : I don't know that much. (0:14:58.21)
Shou Sa : As blunt as always, our Vice General. (0:14:59.87)
Kai Kyou : Shut up, hurry up and get running. (0:15:03.75)
Shou Sa : Sure, sure. (0:15:05.75)
EXTRA : Just as Qiang Lei said, (0:15:09.63)
EXTRA : Wang Qi knew that the State of Zhao Army would not be at his destination. (0:15:11.33)
EXTRA : The reason was, as one would expect, the flags. (0:15:15.67)
EXTRA : As Wang Qi moved forward flags would occasionally be raised towards the direction of the State of Qin headquarters. (0:15:18.00)
EXTRA : That was a signal to each army combat commander scattered throughout the mountains. (0:15:24.11)
EXTRA : The subordinates that remained at the headquarters in turn raised the same flags at the headquarters. (0:15:29.21)
EXTRA : By seeing those, the commanders could send information back and forth. (0:15:35.36)
EXTRA : Of course, Wang Qi was also notified of the commanders signals via the headquarters. (0:15:41.45)
EXTRA : In other words, as long as he was within view of the headquarters, (0:15:47.44)
EXTRA : {\fade(0,500)\p1\bord0\shad0\c&HB9CFE0&\fscx175\fscy102.5\pos(85.542,81.448)}m 0 0 l 55 0 l 55 50 l 0 50 (0:15:48.80)
EXTRA : Zhao Zhuang (0:15:48.80b)
EXTRA : Wang Qi could grasp the arrangement and status of the State of Qin and State of Zhao. (0:15:50.58)
EXTRA : However, they did not know the condition (0:15:57.73)
EXTRA : of the Meng Wu and Long Guo Armies that had made contact with State of Zhao Headquarters. (0:16:01.20)
EXTRA : {\fade(600,0)\p1\bord0\shad0\c&HBAD6E6&\fscx175\fscy102.5\pos(882.876,405.258)}m 0 0 l 100 0 l 100 80 l 0 80 (0:16:03.02)
EXTRA : {\fade(600,0)\p1\bord0\shad0\c&HBAD6E6&\fscx175\fscy102.5\pos(845.163,238.401)}m 0 0 l 105 0 l 105 87 l 0 87 (0:16:03.02b)
EXTRA : That is because both armies gave no reply to Wang Qi. (0:16:05.05)
EXTRA : Therefore, Wang Qi's advanced was quickened even further. (0:16:09.07)
Riboku : Looks like the positions of the flags changed again. (0:16:15.77)
Mou Ki : That means the state of battle is changing, doesn't it? (0:16:18.82)
Riboku : Yep, it does. (0:16:21.62)
Ten Karyou : Kaine. (0:16:25.46)
Ten Karyou : Here, some food. (0:16:27.76)
Ten Karyou : This is your share. (0:16:29.42)
Riboku : Tasty, isn't it? (0:16:33.04)
Mou Ki : Yes. (0:16:34.70)
Kaine : Sure. (0:16:37.89)
Ten Karyou : Kaine. (0:16:43.94)
Ten Karyou : I guess you're a woman, huh? (0:16:45.85)
Kaine : Obviously. (0:16:47.86)
Ten Karyou : Yeah, totally. (0:16:49.22)
Ten Karyou : Uh, but, um... (0:16:50.44)
Ten Karyou : You don't really give off the sensation of a girl, so I thought maybe you were a man... (0:16:51.61)
Kaine : What?! (0:16:54.28)
Kaine : What? You're also a wo- (0:16:58.19)
Kaine : I see. (0:17:03.84)
Kaine : Well, in this era (0:17:04.97)
Kaine : it's not uncommon for woman to survive by disguising themselves as men. (0:17:06.72)
Kaine : So, are you pushing your luck and mixing in with men to try to become a strategist or something? (0:17:10.97)
Kaine : Is that not it? (0:17:16.08)
Ten Karyou : I still don't know... (0:17:20.14)
Ten Karyou : I just kinda feel like... if I don't do something, I'll get left behind. (0:17:22.63)
Ten Karyou : Though I really don't know what I should do. (0:17:28.18)
Ten Karyou : After coming here, I kinda feel like I could see that a little... (0:17:30.98)
Kaine : Quit thinking like that. (0:17:35.45)
Kaine : You don't understand anything. (0:17:38.63)
Kaine : If you do intend on becoming a strategist, (0:17:41.19)
Kaine : you have to understand the true nature of that. (0:17:43.03)
Ten Karyou : True nature? (0:17:46.32)
Kaine : That's right. (0:17:47.70)
Kaine : Being a strategist is far more painful and difficult than being a soldier that sees bloodshed right in front of him. (0:17:48.92)
Kaine : And... (0:17:55.42)
Kaine : it's even more terrifying. (0:18:00.44)
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang, they've come. (0:18:07.80)
EXTRA : It's the Wang Qi Army! (0:18:12.67)
Shin : That's the State of Zhao headquarters... (0:18:24.73)
En : But what on earth... (0:18:27.16)
Shin : Yeah... (0:18:29.40)
Shin : There are no enemies here! (0:18:35.14)
Zhao Zhuang : This is fine. (0:18:40.18)
Ki Ou : For now, we'll stop right here. (0:18:47.94)
Ki Ou : Let's gather information. (0:18:50.07)
Tou : Yes, sir! (0:18:52.54)
EXTRA : Report! Report! (0:18:57.54)
EXTRA : That's insane! (0:19:00.96)
EXTRA : He was caught in a trap and lost half his army, but he followed in deeper?! (0:19:01.93)
EXTRA : How could he do this, and with Long Guo with him?! (0:19:05.78)
EXTRA : No, he had no choice but to keep pursuing. (0:19:08.68)
EXTRA : With the Supreme Commander in front of his eyes, (0:19:11.21)
EXTRA : any general would follow him. (0:19:13.24)
EXTRA : But more pressing is the disappearance of Zhao Zhuang. (0:19:15.37)
EXTRA : They abandoned this headquarters with defensive fences set up. (0:19:18.95)
EXTRA : Where would they have gone? (0:19:21.58)
Ki Ou : They went to finish off Meng Wu. (0:19:23.83)
EXTRA : My lord... (0:19:26.89)
Ki Ou : Most likely, Zhao Zhuang... (0:19:28.35)
EXTRA : {\fade(0,0)\p1\bord0\shad0\c&HD5DFEB&\fscx175\fscy102.5\pos(538.878,613.259)}m 0 0 l 140 0 l 140 60 l 0 60 (0:19:29.52)
Ki Ou : has positioned several units to ambush Meng Wu on his path. (0:19:29.96)
Ki Ou : To carve away at his army little by little. (0:19:33.75)
Ki Ou : And once it's been thinned out, the main army would come around the bend and finish them off. (0:19:36.68)
EXTRA : So if we follow the Zhao Zhuang Army, (0:19:42.56)
EXTRA : we'll naturally be able to come to the aid of the Meng Wu Army, yes? (0:19:45.14)
EXTRA : But if we continue on this path, we'll lose track of our own main army. (0:19:48.58)
EXTRA : Not only that, but we'll lose sight of this full map of this wide battlefield. (0:19:53.47)
Ki Ou : There is no choice, is there? (0:20:00.03)
Ki Ou : They're luring us to a place where I can't see the State of Qin headquarters. (0:20:04.29)
Ki Ou : That is Zhao Zhuang's plan. (0:20:09.26)
Ki Ou : Even if I remain here, their armies will not move. (0:20:12.12)
Ki Ou : And the trap that Meng Wu is falling into (0:20:16.07)
Ki Ou : is certain to have a secret plan meant to defeat me. (0:20:18.53)
Ki Ou : If we are careless, Meng Wu will lose his life here. (0:20:23.04)
Ki Ou : Everyone, let's take to the field! (0:20:29.13)
Mou Bu : How many men did we lose? (0:20:42.74)
EXTRA : Approximately 2,000! (0:20:43.95)
Mou Bu : Bastard! (0:20:45.18)
Mou Bu : Pang Nuan! (0:20:54.01)
EXTRA : Do it, General Meng Wu! (0:20:57.21)
EXTRA : You really did it, General Meng Wu! (0:21:12.44)
Mou Bu : No. (0:21:14.90)
Mou Bu : This man is not Pang Nuan. (0:21:17.28)
Mou Bu : He is a fake. (0:21:19.78)
EXTRA : Wh-What?! (0:21:21.76)
Mou Bu : Everyone, be careful. (0:21:23.25)
Mou Bu : They're coming. (0:21:25.22)
Ying Zheng : A night attack?! (0:21:34.56)
Heikun Shou : According to a smoke signal that was recently raised, it seems so... (0:21:36.06)
Heikun Shou : And also... it seems Pang Nuan appeared. (0:21:39.48)
Changwenjun : Pang Nuan?! (0:21:44.99)
Changwenjun : But why?! (0:21:46.53)
Heikun Shou : The idea of a night attack is not the kind of plan a large army should be enacting. (0:21:48.13)
Heikun Shou : It's probable that something unexpected occurred. (0:21:53.45)
Changwenjun : And that is the appearance of Pang Nuan?! (0:21:56.42)
Heikun Shou : Yes. (0:21:58.91)
Ying Zheng : A few days ago, you said about Pang Nuan (0:22:00.74)
Ying Zheng : "He is not a military general. He is a complete army. A manifestation of war." (0:22:03.21)
Ying Zheng : Did you not? (0:22:07.68)
Changwenjun : Yes. (0:22:08.85)
Ying Zheng : Would such a man be hired as a Supreme Commander? (0:22:10.18)
Ying Zheng : But currently, Pang Nuan is on the battlefield as acting Supreme Commander. (0:22:14.96)
Ying Zheng : This war is odd. (0:22:19.62)
Ying Zheng : No! (0:22:22.28)
Ying Zheng : Perhaps... (0:22:23.84)
EXTRA : Your highness! (0:22:26.06)
Changwenjun : What's wrong? (0:22:28.00)
EXTRA : It's an emergency situation! (0:22:29.33)
Ying Zheng : That is... (0:22:40.67)
Changwenjun : Changwenjun, let's go. (0:22:42.16)
Changwenjun : Yes, my king. (0:22:43.86)
Ying Zheng : I'm delighted to see you again after so long, but... (0:22:51.52)
Ying Zheng : why arrive so suddenly? (0:22:53.74)
Ying Zheng : Yang Duan He? (0:22:56.85)
You Tanwa : You seem healthy, Qin King Zheng. (0:22:58.56)
You Tanwa : Sorry for coming at such a critical time, but... (0:23:01.67)
You Tanwa : there is something concerning the current war (0:23:03.68)
You Tanwa : that I absolutely must tell you, and so I came here. (0:23:05.70)
Ying Zheng : Something you must tell me? (0:23:11.48)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.08)
Ki Ou : Now, shall we settle this once and for all? (0:24:46.12)
EXTRA : Shrouded in murderous intent, (0:24:50.39)
EXTRA : the path opens to the smile of a fierce god! (0:24:52.37)
EXTRA : {\fs100\t(0,1960,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,659,55,0,1960)}Central
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.18)
EXTRA : Central
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.98)

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