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EXTRA : Worried over his loss of communication with Meng Wu's group, (0:00:03.04)
EXTRA : Wang Qi hurried forward with his subordinate troops and finally captured the enemy's headquarters! (0:00:06.80)
EXTRA : But there was no sign of Meng Wu's group nor the enemy whatsoever. (0:00:14.45)
EXTRA : Meanwhile, Meng Wu's group that had followed Pang Nuan into the mountains (0:00:23.60)
EXTRA : was put in desperate straits when they were met with an enemy ambush. (0:00:27.76)
EXTRA : Wang Qi, aware that the Zhao Army had abandoned their headquarters in order to try to finish off Meng Wu's group, (0:00:34.10)
EXTRA : immediately followed after him. (0:00:40.74)
EXTRA : But despite what a critical situation it was, Wang Qi had a certain feeling of discomfort. (0:00:52.05)
Ki Ou : I do indeed faintly sense a plan. (0:00:59.45)
Ki Ou : But if I consider the Zhao Army's current position and method of fighting, (0:01:05.68)
Ki Ou : there is no way for this situation to develop into anything on a large scale. (0:01:10.06)
Ki Ou : Even so, if it poses a threat to me... (0:01:15.60)
Ki Ou : the strategy they've laid out is phenomenally deep. (0:01:20.24)
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:01:26.20)
EXTRA : Xin, the boy that came from obscurity to become the general of a Hundred-Man Unit (0:01:29.24)
EXTRA : continued to prove himself in the height of battle and led the State of Qin Army to dominance. (0:01:33.22)
EXTRA : But now the enemy Supreme Commander has finally shown himself (0:01:38.51)
EXTRA : and is a being beyond imagination. (0:01:42.06)
EXTRA : The name of that man, whom is linked by fate to Wang Qi, is Pang Nuan. (0:01:44.85)
EXTRA : The state of the war has finally started to really shake up. (0:01:49.05)
EXTRA : Central Performers (0:03:23.34)
Ying Zheng : What is the thing that you must tell me, Yang Duan He? (0:03:32.15)
You Tanwa : Zheng, it has been approximately one year since I fought alongside with you to quell your brother Chengjiao's rebellion. (0:03:36.98)
You Tanwa : We have returned to the Mountain World and have spent all our time fighting wars. (0:03:44.58)
You Tanwa : The result of those wars is that my power is greater than it has ever been. (0:03:48.65)
You Tanwa : And the range of that power has expanded to collide with the Northern equestrian tribe. (0:03:52.98)
Ying Zheng : Northern equestrian tribe? The Xiongnu? (0:03:58.09)
You Tanwa : Yes. (0:04:01.92)
You Tanwa : The Xiongnu, the Northern equestrian tribe, are a far greater enemy than any Mountain People tribe we have fought in the past. (0:04:09.16)
You Tanwa : Their high level of fighting ability, their deep understanding of the art of war, the large scale of their army... (0:04:16.79)
You Tanwa : Whichever you pick, they are an incomparably stronger fighting tribe. (0:04:23.98)
Ying Zheng : I understand. (0:04:27.71)
Ying Zheng : That is why the states that border their sphere of influence, (0:04:29.21)
Ying Zheng : Qin, Zhao, and Yan, (0:04:32.71)
Ying Zheng : are endlessly building castles in an attempt to form a defense. (0:04:35.62)
You Tanwa : In an attempt to defeat those Xiongnu, (0:04:40.19)
You Tanwa : we raised an army totaling 80,000 soldiers and invaded their land. (0:04:42.27)
Ying Zheng : But you are here now. (0:04:47.87)
Ying Zheng : Does that mean you defeated the Xiongnu? (0:04:51.12)
You Tanwa : No, we could not. (0:04:55.46)
Changwenjun : You couldn't? (0:04:58.30)
Changwenjun : Then are you saying you were defeated? (0:04:59.92)
You Tanwa : Nor were we defeated. (0:05:01.55)
You Tanwa : We moved our troops to the place that was said to be where the Xiongnu Army's main force was gathered... (0:05:03.75)
You Tanwa : but there was no enemy there. (0:05:07.86)
Ying Zheng : There was no... enemy there? (0:05:10.08)
You Tanwa : We saw a dreadful sight. (0:05:13.31)
You Tanwa : It was... (0:05:17.03)
You Tanwa : Xiongnu corpses numbering far over 100,000. (0:05:20.34)
Ying Zheng : Over 100,000... corpses?! (0:05:24.96)
Changwenjun : So before you Mountain People had arrived, they had been killed by someone else? (0:05:29.35)
Changwenjun : But who? Another equestrian tribe? (0:05:35.44)
EXTRA : {\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H68609E&\bord3\fs60\pos(640,201)\frx7}Northern Equestrian Tribe (0:05:38.98)
Changwenjun : We call them the Northern equestrian tribe. (0:05:39.51)
Changwenjun : But I have heard there are actually several tribes called Yuezhi, Donghu, Xiongnu and others that are struggling for supremacy. (0:05:42.24)
EXTRA : {\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H5A7DB0&\bord3\fs50\pos(640,231)}Yuezhi (0:05:44.49)
EXTRA : {\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H7A9B8C&\bord3\fs50\pos(1116,495)}Donghu (0:05:44.49b)
You Tanwa : At first, I thought so as well, (0:05:49.03)
You Tanwa : but that was incorrect. (0:05:51.52)
You Tanwa : What defeated over 100,000 Xiongnu was (0:05:54.06)
You Tanwa : the Zhao Army forces. (0:05:57.99)
Changwenjun : What?! (0:06:01.84)
EXTRA : {\fade(0,500)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H685F9D&\bord3\fs50\frx34\fry346\pos(650,151)}Xiongnu (0:06:02.75)
You Tanwa : The place we saw the Xiongnu corpses (0:06:03.36)
You Tanwa : was nearby a strategic cornerstone protecting the Northern Zhao border, a castle called Yanmen. (0:06:05.93)
EXTRA : {\fade(300,500)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H4F5A86&\bord3\fs50\frx42\fry10\frz359.1\pos(1158,481)}Yanmen (0:06:07.01)
EXTRA : {\fade(300,1000)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H4E5A85&\bord3\fs50\pos(1076,429)}Yanmen (0:06:11.76)
EXTRA : {\fade(300,1000)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H69619E&\bord3\fs50\pos(234,195)}Xiongnu (0:06:11.76b)
You Tanwa : In other words, the Zhao Army forces that had been sent northward (0:06:11.85)
You Tanwa : invaded Xiongnu land and defeated them... (0:06:14.79)
You Tanwa : That is what I am saying. (0:06:17.95)
Changwenjun : Impossible! (0:06:20.95)
Changwenjun : We have many intelligence operatives sent into Zhao's capital, Handan. (0:06:22.65)
Changwenjun : Even if it was at their northern tip, if Zhao sent enough of an army to fight a war against 100,000, (0:06:27.27)
Changwenjun : then we would be aware of it here in Xianyang! (0:06:32.19)
You Tanwa : Indeed... but the fact is that you didn't know. (0:06:35.64)
You Tanwa : Don't you think that is a frightening revelation, Zheng? (0:06:40.47)
You Tanwa : Why do you think you did not know? (0:06:44.52)
Ying Zheng : Because Zhao has a blockade on information getting out. (0:06:47.52)
You Tanwa : For what reason? (0:06:50.62)
Ying Zheng : In order to hide the fact that they have an army strong enough to defeat the Xiongnu at the North. (0:06:52.56)
You Tanwa : And by hiding it, what will they do? (0:06:57.43)
Ying Zheng : By hiding it... (0:06:59.58)
You Tanwa : What will they do, knowing that fact is hidden, Zheng? (0:07:05.15)
Ying Zheng : With it hidden... (0:07:09.00)
EXTRA : {\fade(300,800)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H4E5A85&\bord3\fs40\pos(936,126)}Yanmen (0:07:10.74)
Ying Zheng : They'll introduce it into the war going on between Qin and Zhao. (0:07:11.29)
You Tanwa : If the Qin and Zhao armies are currently struggling for supremacy, (0:07:16.98)
EXTRA : {\fade(400,0)\c&H1C1E2B&\3c&HCCDBEA&\bord3\fs50\pos(264,552)}Qin (0:07:17.24)
EXTRA : {\fade(0,0)\c&H1C1E2B&\3c&HCCDBEA&\bord3\fs50\move(264,552,386,508)}Qin (0:07:20.00)
You Tanwa : with the appearance of this new army, the war will be settled instantly. (0:07:22.24)
EXTRA : {\fade(0,2000)\c&H1C1E2B&\3c&HCCDBEA&\bord3\fs50\pos(386,508)}Qin (0:07:23.75)
You Tanwa : And of course, the result will be... (0:07:27.57)
Changwenjun : That's insane! (0:07:31.30)
You Tanwa : The idea that that army will travel South is nothing but a prediction, (0:07:33.45)
You Tanwa : but if it turns out to be the truth, (0:07:38.35)
You Tanwa : the one who thought of that plan and enacted it is a fearsome strategist. (0:07:40.60)
You Tanwa : And he is also the man that directed the Zhao Army and defeated the Xiongnu. (0:07:45.37)
You Tanwa : When we first discovered them, we were most surprised not by the number of the dead, but how they were killed. (0:07:52.30)
You Tanwa : There was no sign of resistance, they were killed overwhelmingly. (0:07:59.24)
You Tanwa : Their defeat was not the result of "military force", it was the result of "strategy". (0:08:03.97)
Ying Zheng : Do you think it's the work of the same person? (0:08:10.02)
You Tanwa : It is well within reason. (0:08:12.02)
You Tanwa : I heard the from the few that did survive, that man's name is... (0:08:14.39)
You Tanwa : Li Mu. (0:08:27.29)
Riboku : Looks like they're here. (0:08:32.29)
Ten Karyou : What's this sound? (0:08:35.11)
Mou Ki : Could it be...?! (0:08:37.48)
Ten Karyou : That's... (0:08:45.56)
Ten Karyou : a Zhao mounted unit! (0:08:47.61)
Mou Ki : Why are they at a place like this? (0:08:50.76)
Wei Jia : We're here to pick you up, Lord Li Mu. (0:09:02.78)
Ten Karyou : That's... (0:09:09.59)
Riboku : Good work, Lord Wei Jia. (0:09:10.53)
Ten Karyou : You deceived us, Kaine?! (0:09:24.33)
Ten Karyou : I thought you were a pretty good person, but you were an enemy...? (0:09:26.99)
Kaine : Don't talk like this is some kid's spit. (0:09:35.54)
Kaine : What is happening on this land right now is a war. (0:09:38.08)
Mou Ki : Are you going to kill us? (0:09:41.95)
Kaine : Rest easy. Lord Li Mu will not murder people who are not directly related to the war. (0:09:44.50)
Kaine : You two will be released when the war is over. (0:09:50.83)
Kaine : See ya, He Liao Diao. (0:09:54.72)
Kaine : This is goodbye. (0:09:56.17)
Kaine : If you really do become a strategist, (0:09:58.30)
Kaine : perhaps we'll meet again on a battlefield somewhere. (0:10:00.68)
Kaine : Of course, that would be as enemies. (0:10:03.41)
Kaine : Oh, and the food you gave me was delicious. (0:10:07.60)
Mou Ki : Wait! (0:10:12.42)
Mou Ki : Please just tell me one thing, Kaine. (0:10:14.22)
Mou Ki : Who is Li Mu? (0:10:16.95)
Mou Ki : How is he connected to this war? (0:10:18.82)
Kaine : That was two questions. (0:10:21.40)
Kaine : Okay, I'll just answer the first one. (0:10:24.45)
Kaine : Do you know of people called Zhao's Three Devas? (0:10:28.38)
Mou Ki : Of course I know of them. (0:10:31.36)
Mou Ki : Lin Xiangru, Zhao She, and Lian Po. (0:10:33.27)
Mou Ki : They were great heroes that once fought fierce battles against the State of Qin's Six Great Generals. (0:10:36.52)
Mou Ki : But Lin Xiangru and Zhao She have already departed from this world... (0:10:42.92)
Mou Ki : And Lian Po fled to Wei. The "Three Great Devas" should no longer exist... (0:10:46.49)
Mou Ki : Why would you bring up a story of such long past? (0:10:51.71)
Kaine : It's true that the former Three Great Devas are gone... (0:10:55.66)
Kaine : But what if a new Three Great Devas were being born...? (0:10:59.27)
Mou Ki : It can't be! (0:11:04.48)
Mou Ki : Li Mu is...?! (0:11:05.79)
Kaine : That's right. (0:11:10.49)
EXTRA : State of Zhao Three Great Devas Li Mu (0:11:19.32)
EXTRA : Southeast from where the Zhao Army headquarters was left (0:11:24.45)
EXTRA : there was an area with odd terrain. (0:11:28.45)
EXTRA : A large open flatland with sheer cliffs on three sides, (0:11:31.55)
EXTRA : creating a bell-shaped enclosure. (0:11:35.50)
EXTRA : Inside it was an army that had been chased to the foot of a cliff and surrounded. (0:11:38.96)
EXTRA : The side doing the encircling was the Zhao Zhuang Army of 12,000, which made up the core of the Zhao Army. (0:11:45.17)
EXTRA : Of course, in the headquarters of that army was Zhao Zhuang and (0:11:50.96)
EXTRA : Pang Nuan. (0:11:54.61)
EXTRA : And the ones that were being surrounded were the Meng Wu and Long Guo Armies. (0:11:57.84)
EXTRA : After being were continuously divided until they were brought here, (0:12:01.96)
EXTRA : they now only have 1,000 mounted soldiers. (0:12:05.64)
EXTRA : And of those remaining, they are all wounded and exhausted. (0:12:08.22)
Long : I don't see any means of escape. (0:12:13.09)
Long : Behind us is a sheer cliff which we cannot escape up. (0:12:16.33)
Long : And as for trying to break through the enemy, not only are the soldiers exhausted, (0:12:19.57)
Long : but even Meng Wu has no strength left. (0:12:23.60)
Long : Is this... as far as we go?! (0:12:27.93)
EXTRA : This is...! (0:12:38.43)
Zhao Zhuang : He's here... Lord Pang Nuan. (0:12:42.73)
EXTRA : It has been 5 days since the war between the States of Qin and Zhao began. (0:13:03.44)
EXTRA : And now finally, the Great Generals of the two armies have confronted each other! (0:13:07.92)
Ki Ou : It sure took quite a while for us to reach this point, didn't it? (0:13:22.85)
Ki Ou : Liao... (0:13:29.89)
Ki Ou : You've gotten tired of waiting as well, haven't you, Pang Nuan? (0:13:54.59)
Ki Ou : 5 days... (0:13:58.81)
Ki Ou : No, (0:14:00.18)
Ki Ou : 9 years! (0:14:01.60)
Ki Ou : Now, shall we settle this once and for all? (0:14:03.05)
En : The time has finally come, hasn't it, Lord Xin? (0:14:20.46)
Shin : Yeah. (0:14:23.18)
Zhao Zhuang : Raise the Great Deva Flag! (0:14:25.71)
EXTRA : Flag: Great Deva (0:14:27.97)
Shin : What're those guys doing all of a sudden? (0:14:36.37)
Hairou : That flag... It's the Great Deva Flag! (0:14:39.84)
Hairou : Does that mean that one of Zhao's Three Great Devas are there? (0:14:43.33)
EXTRA : State of Zhao Three Great Devas Pang Nuan (0:14:50.53)
Tou : Even if he's just offhandedly been called one of the Three Great Devas, (0:14:54.79)
Tou : that title does seem to have an effect. (0:14:56.53)
Ki Ou : Of course. (0:15:00.30)
Ki Ou : The title of Three Great Devas is etched into people's hearts, (0:15:02.15)
Ki Ou : along with the vibrant battle history of those three being on-par us Six Great Generals of the State of Qin. (0:15:06.51)
Ki Ou : With the memories that the waving of that Great Deva Flag calls back, (0:15:14.66)
Ki Ou : morale is sure to shoot up. (0:15:18.07)
Tou : Then we should raise the flag of the Six Great Generals, the "Six Generals Flag". (0:15:20.98)
Ki Ou : There is no such thing, Teng. (0:15:25.84)
Ki Ou : This really takes me back... (0:15:30.65)
Ki Ou : Fighting an army that has raised that flag... (0:15:32.40)
Ki Ou : While we're being nostalgic.. (0:15:35.67)
Ki Ou : why don't we do that for the first time in quite a while? (0:15:37.96)
Shin : This kinda... looks bad! (0:15:42.86)
Shin : They're completely overwhelmed... (0:15:45.87)
Shin : We need to do something and add out power to them or... (0:15:48.30)
Shin : What're these cheers? (0:15:52.82)
Shin : They're coming from our position! (0:15:54.82)
Ki Ou : It's my first time hearing it in quite a while, these cheers. (0:16:39.83)
Ki Ou : Now then... (0:16:43.20)
Ki Ou : Shall we now get this started? (0:16:45.47)
Ying Zheng : There's a mystery to this war with Zhao. (0:16:55.28)
Ying Zheng : With the Three Great Devas dead, who was it in Zhao that led an army in an attack on our State of Qin? (0:17:00.02)
Ying Zheng : We eventually were told that the Zhao Supreme Commander's name is Pang Nuan. (0:17:08.56)
Ying Zheng : But according to what you told me, that Pang Nuan (0:17:13.75)
Ying Zheng : is a pure manifestation of war. Not the kind of person who can lead other people. (0:17:18.02)
Ying Zheng : I do not think such a person would be appointed as Supreme Commander for a whole kingdom's army. (0:17:24.14)
Ying Zheng : But if this Li Mu man that Yang Duan He informed me of is manipulating the army from the shadows... (0:17:30.06)
Changwenjun : Then the mystery is solved... (0:17:37.73)
Ying Zheng : But... If that is correct... (0:17:40.13)
Ying Zheng : Li Mu is not an ordinary man. (0:17:45.12)
Ying Zheng : While he has the power to slay a Xiongnu army of over 100,000, (0:17:49.20)
Ying Zheng : he is hiding himself and looking for an opportune time to attack the Qin Army. (0:17:52.54)
Ying Zheng : Why is he going so far to setup a strategy? (0:17:57.65)
Ying Zheng : Just what in the world is Li Mu's goal? (0:18:00.97)
Ki Ou : Now then, would you mind taking me as your opponent, Mr. Zhao Zhuang? (0:18:05.52)
EXTRA : Mounted unit, depart! (0:18:13.23)
EXTRA : Follow Aide Teng! (0:18:14.76)
EXTRA : The Wang Qi Army's mounted unit is coming! (0:18:19.93)
Zhao Zhuang : Archers, take your positions! (0:18:22.73)
EXTRA : Archers, take positions! (0:18:25.43)
EXTRA : Fire! (0:18:29.55)
Tou : Dodge to the right. (0:18:34.16)
EXTRA : Turn to the right! (0:18:35.69)
EXTRA : They're heading left! (0:18:43.40)
EXTRA : Fire your arrows that way! (0:18:44.73)
EXTRA : They won't make it in time! They're right in our bosom! (0:18:47.58)
EXTRA : Foot soldiers, take positions! (0:18:50.09)
Shin : They're in! (0:19:00.06)
Shin : But that aide got led really astray! (0:19:02.25)
Ki Ou : That's fine. (0:19:06.95)
Ki Ou : That's exactly what Teng was aiming for. (0:19:09.69)
Ki Ou : Now then! Next is time for you foot soldiers to take the spotlight. (0:19:14.99)
Ki Ou : Youngster Xin, I have a big job waiting for you. (0:19:19.44)
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang! (0:19:29.03)
EXTRA : There is a call for reinforcements from the left army! (0:19:30.27)
EXTRA : We cannot stop the momentum of the Wang Qi Army's mounted unit! (0:19:32.92)
Zhao Zhuang : Do not panic! (0:19:36.82)
Zhao Zhuang : A horizontally arranged formation will always block against penetration. (0:19:37.92)
Zhao Zhuang : Side unit, move in front of the enemy and reinforce the defense! (0:19:41.99)
EXTRA : Aide Teng! They've created a dense formation further in! (0:19:46.19)
Tou : Spread out horizontally. (0:19:51.08)
Tou : We are going to deal with the enemy's archers. (0:19:53.24)
Ki Ou : I'm counting on you, (0:19:58.62)
Ki Ou : all of you foot soldiers. (0:20:01.85)
Ki Ou : All units, charge! (0:20:04.39)
Shin : Charge! (0:20:08.65)
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang! Foot soldiers from the formation on Wang Qi's right side are advancing! (0:20:11.87)
EXTRA : {\fade(1000,1000)\pos(414,475)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H4D5984&\bord3\frz7.431}Left Army (0:20:15.98)
EXTRA : Defend (0:20:15.98b)
Zhao Zhuang : That Wang Qi... (0:20:17.03)
Zhao Zhuang : He saw through to the fact that the left side of our army is the cornerstone of our defense and attacked it? (0:20:18.29)
EXTRA : {\fade(0,1000)\pos(734,405)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H4D5984&\bord3\frz6.266\alpha&H80&}Central Army (0:20:20.15)
EXTRA : {\fade(0,1000)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H4D5984&\bord3\frz9.566\pos(1038,335)\alpha&H80&}Right Army (0:20:20.15b)
Zhao Zhuang : He's planning to first take away this headquarters' shield... (0:20:23.58)
Zhao Zhuang : But if he intended to drive a wedge in with that mounted unit, (0:20:27.47)
Zhao Zhuang : then he's too optimistic! (0:20:31.14)
Zhao Zhuang : All left units, defensive positions! (0:20:33.39)
Zhao Zhuang : Without retreating one step, deflect the enemy! (0:20:36.00)
EXTRA : Incoming! (0:20:40.13)
EXTRA : Front foot soldiers, crowd together and prepare for the enemy's charge! (0:20:41.30)
EXTRA : Rear archers, ready your bows! (0:20:45.74)
Shin : Arrows are gonna be coming! (0:20:48.80)
EXTRA : Fire! (0:20:51.20)
Shin : Now, Feixin Unit! (0:20:53.02)
Shin : Turn to the left! (0:20:54.52)
Shin : Don't stop for a second! (0:20:58.67)
Shin : Run! Run! (0:20:59.98)
EXTRA : Those foot soldiers... they're heading towards the headquarters! (0:21:04.45)
EXTRA : {\fade(1000,0)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H4D5984&\bord3\pos(166,615)}Left Army (0:21:08.49)
EXTRA : {\fade(1000,0)\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&H4D5984&\bord3\pos(628,613)}Headquarters (0:21:08.49b)
EXTRA : So Wang Qi's goal was the headquarters from the beginning? (0:21:09.09)
EXTRA : But showing your side to your enemy makes you quite a target for arrows. (0:21:12.75)
EXTRA : There are so few arrows... (0:21:17.41)
EXTRA : What are the left army's archers doing?! (0:21:18.70)
Zhao Zhuang : Are you making fun of me, Wang Qi? (0:21:26.86)
Zhao Zhuang : If you could just suddenly attack the headquarters from the start and be successful, (0:21:29.83)
Zhao Zhuang : then anyone would do so. (0:21:32.61)
Zhao Zhuang : It is because that it's difficult that you start your attack from the surrounding armies? (0:21:34.28)
Zhao Zhuang : He may be trying to catch us off guard by attacking the headquarters, (0:21:38.07)
Zhao Zhuang : but with the speed of foot soldiers, that surprise attack will not get through! (0:21:42.07)
Zhao Zhuang : The left army is the cornerstone of our defense (0:21:46.58)
Zhao Zhuang : but simply lying in wait is not defense! (0:21:48.74)
Zhao Zhuang : Foot soldier unit, charge! (0:21:52.45)
Zhao Zhuang : Bite through the side of the Wang Qi Army's foot soldier unit! (0:21:54.61)
EXTRA : Good! We've divided the enemy foot soldier unit apart! (0:22:03.70)
En : Lord Xin! (0:22:09.65)
En : The enemy has moved! (0:22:11.60)
Shin : Yeah... (0:22:14.45)
Shin : It's all going according to General Wang Qi's plan! (0:22:15.73)
Shin : Big job? (0:22:19.87)
Ki Ou : A diversion. (0:22:21.12)
Ki Ou : Perhaps the word "decoy" would be more easy to understand here... (0:22:22.98)
Ki Ou : The quickest way to destroy an enemy's formation (0:22:28.19)
Ki Ou : is to have the enemy move for you on their own. (0:22:31.92)
Shin : So you want us to be decoys and lure out the enemy? (0:22:35.43)
Ki Ou : I think quite a bit of blood will be spilled, (0:22:40.05)
Ki Ou : but unless we do, the enemy will not budge either. (0:22:43.39)
Shin : A lot of blood... (0:22:47.33)
Shin : I'm not scared of shedding blood now after all we've been through, (0:22:49.03)
Shin : but if all of us foot soldiers become decoys (0:22:52.27)
Shin : who exactly is actually going to attack the enemy headquarters? (0:22:54.61)
Ki Ou : Isn't it obvious? (0:23:00.50)
Ki Ou : I am! (0:23:11.75)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.38)
Hou Ken : Wang Qi, I will kill you! (0:24:46.23)
Ki Ou : That's my line, Pang Nuan! (0:24:48.75)
EXTRA : At the moment they clash (0:24:51.58)
EXTRA : all that gushes out (0:24:52.97)
EXTRA : {\fs100\t(0,1960,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,659,55,0,1960)}Confrontation of Supreme Commanders (0:24:53.17)
EXTRA : is merciless intent to kill! (0:24:54.22)
EXTRA : Confrontation of Supreme Commanders (0:24:55.30)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.47)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:56.12)

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