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Zhao Zhuang : 2nd and 3rd units, charge! (0:00:03.54)
Zhao Zhuang : Bite through the side of the Wang Qi Army's foot soldier unit! (0:00:06.28)
En : Lord Xin, this is...! (0:00:39.70)
Shin : Yeah. It's all going according to General Wang Qi's plan! (0:00:41.17)
Ki Ou : Their formations have gotten considerably disordered, haven't they? (0:00:58.12)
Ki Ou : I'll be taking your headquarters, Mr. Zhao Zhuang. (0:01:01.43)
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:01:06.21)
EXTRA : Xin, the boy that came from obscurity to become the general of a Hundred-Man Unit (0:01:09.31)
EXTRA : continued to prove himself in the height of battle and led the State of Qin Army to dominance. (0:01:13.29)
EXTRA : But now the enemy Supreme Commander has finally shown himself (0:01:18.55)
EXTRA : and is a being beyond imagination. (0:01:22.09)
EXTRA : The name of that man, whom is linked by fate to Wang Qi, is Pang Nuan. (0:01:24.95)
EXTRA : The state of the war has finally started to really shake up. (0:01:29.06)
EXTRA : Confrontation of
Supreme Commanders
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang! (0:03:09.31)
EXTRA : It's Wang Qi! Wang Qi is charging here himself! (0:03:10.76)
Zhao Zhuang : What?! (0:03:14.70)
EXTRA : It's Wang Qi! Wang Qi is coming! (0:03:18.98)
EXTRA : Foot soldiers, forward! (0:03:21.81)
EXTRA : Have your spears at the ready! (0:03:23.23)
EXTRA : Kill him! (0:03:24.91)
EXTRA : When Wang Qi was personally cutting through the vanguard (0:03:31.44)
EXTRA : his entire army turned into fierce deities! (0:03:34.25)
EXTRA : And for the Zhao Army, whose formations had been thrown into disorder, (0:03:41.60)
EXTRA : they had all the less ability to stop their charge. (0:03:44.41)
Shin : Incredible! Check out the Wang Qi Army's mounted unit! (0:03:47.69)
Bi Hei : Hooray for General Wang Qi! (0:03:51.93)
EXTRA : Meanwhile, Meng Wu and the others that were saved by the appearance of Wang Qi (0:03:54.50)
EXTRA : stayed where they were and watched over the battle. (0:03:59.43)
Long : No... (0:04:05.61)
EXTRA : What's wrong, Lord Long Guo? (0:04:07.16)
Long : This is not Lord's usual method of fighting. (0:04:09.26)
Long : What is going on...? (0:04:12.94)
Long : Why is Lord forcibly accelerating the war like this? (0:04:15.08)
Zhao Zhuang : Change formations! (0:04:20.83)
Zhao Zhuang : Send the headquarters back! (0:04:23.03)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Retreat! We're retreating! (0:04:25.35)
Zhao Zhuang : That Wang Qi... At the opening of the battle, you're cutting through the vanguard yourself? (0:04:28.72)
Zhao Zhuang : We won't panic and with our rear surrounded by cliffs, we will not run away. (0:04:33.53)
Zhao Zhuang : Why is he rushing so much...? (0:04:38.39)
Zhao Zhuang : Could it be?! (0:04:42.13)
Zhao Zhuang : He's realized?! (0:04:43.20)
Riboku : Anyhow, once you've entered the mountains, (0:04:50.50)
Riboku : call the Wang Qi Army here. (0:04:52.48)
Riboku : If you do that, the troops I've prepared for an ambush will head there. (0:04:55.94)
Riboku : It's a simple plan. (0:05:00.20)
Zhao Zhuang : Great General Li Mu... (0:05:05.20)
Riboku : Ah, yes? (0:05:07.45)
Riboku : I'm not really used to being called that. (0:05:09.30)
Zhao Zhuang : I understand everything you have said, general. (0:05:11.42)
Zhao Zhuang : By piling so many hypotheticals upon hypotheticals, I am reluctant to agree. (0:05:15.23)
Zhao Zhuang : To begin with, what exactly is the likelihood that Wang Qi will appear when we invade Qin? (0:05:20.60)
Gongsun Long : Indeed. Even if Wang Qi does come, (0:05:26.50)
Gongsun Long : the certain-victory plan that you are speaking of will work against him, general... (0:05:29.52)
Gongsun Long : But I'm afraid I cannot believe in it. (0:05:33.18)
Gongsun Long : You said they would join the war later on, (0:05:35.58)
Gongsun Long : but if we raise an army of over 100,000 and send them South, (0:05:38.15)
Gongsun Long : Wang Qi is sure to notice. (0:05:42.32)
Riboku : He won't. (0:05:44.81)
Riboku : In reality, even the two of you didn't notice, did you? (0:05:46.61)
Riboku : A few days ago in the North, I gathered together an army of 130,000 (0:05:50.56)
Riboku : and crushed the Xiongnu Army of 200,000. (0:05:55.04)
Gongsun Long : Wh-What?! (0:05:58.06)
Zhao Zhuang : That's ridiculous! I haven't heard anything about such a thing! (0:06:00.00)
Riboku : I'm enacting an information blockade. (0:06:04.19)
Riboku : Or you could call it information manipulation. (0:06:06.99)
Riboku : By the way, I've just leaked the information that Mr. Pang Nuan is Supreme Commander of Zhao to them. (0:06:09.91)
Riboku : That is sure to draw him out. (0:06:17.43)
Riboku : They have a connection, after all. (0:06:20.56)
Gongsun Long : Connection? (0:06:22.48)
Riboku : It's all right, you two. (0:06:24.14)
Riboku : We are sure... to win this war. (0:06:27.29)
Zhao Zhuang : That new Great Deva that appeared out of the blue, the man that calls himself Li Mu... (0:06:33.43)
Zhao Zhuang : Though everything he predicted has indeed come true... (0:06:38.41)
Zhao Zhuang : Just as Li Mu instructed, no one knows of the existence of the northern army (0:06:43.65)
Zhao Zhuang : except for Gongsun Long and I. (0:06:48.21)
Zhao Zhuang : Even Li Bai and Feng Ji, our own commissioned officers, did not know that fact... (0:06:51.51)
Zhao Zhuang : There is no way that the enemy, Wang Qi, would know it! (0:06:57.43)
EXTRA : All foot soldier units, charge! (0:07:01.57)
Bi Hei : The left army went forward! (0:07:13.16)
Shin : What?! Shit! (0:07:14.90)
Shin : With our role as decoys over, are we never gonna get a chance in the spotlight?! (0:07:16.68)
EXTRA : Foot soldiers! (0:07:19.73)
EXTRA : Get in formation! (0:07:20.88)
EXTRA : Are you listening? (0:07:23.48)
EXTRA : This army's target is the enemy headquarters. (0:07:24.67)
EXTRA : Charge! (0:07:28.22)
Shin : Now we're talking! (0:07:33.04)
EXTRA : The enemy foot soldiers just started advancing as well! (0:07:35.05)
EXTRA : The entire Qin Army is in attack formation! (0:07:37.69)
EXTRA : That's insane! (0:07:41.42)
EXTRA : To plunge in with such a big gamble this early in the battle?! (0:07:42.57)
EXTRA : Has Wang Qi gone mad?! (0:07:46.08)
Zhao Zhuang : It's too unnatural. (0:07:48.87)
Zhao Zhuang : I knew it, he has realized it! (0:07:50.70)
Zhao Zhuang : Great Deva Li Mu's strategy... (0:07:52.88)
EXTRA : But Wang Qi had not realized it. (0:07:57.21)
EXTRA : The information blockade that Li Mu had gone so far to put in place was perfect. (0:08:00.95)
EXTRA : But at this point, Wang Qi predicted (0:08:05.68)
EXTRA : that there were troops ready for an ambush somewhere. (0:08:08.01)
EXTRA : He sensed it when he reached this land of the deciding battle. (0:08:12.53)
EXTRA : At a glance, this bell-shaped area seems to have the Zhao Army backed into a corner. (0:08:16.34)
EXTRA : Zhao Army (0:08:19.97)
EXTRA : But if a different Zhao Army came from behind, (0:08:20.86)
EXTRA : Zhao Army (0:08:22.69)
EXTRA : then it would be the Qin Army with nowhere to go. (0:08:23.58)
EXTRA : But as this was happening, the Qin Army military commanders were holding back different Zhao Armies among the mountains. (0:08:26.42)
Heki : Push them back! (0:08:33.88)
Heki : We must protect this ground! (0:08:35.88)
EXTRA : With the hard fights against each military commander, (0:08:40.49)
EXTRA : at a glance, there didn't seem to be any Zhao Army that could attack Wang Qi's group's rear. (0:08:42.44)
EXTRA : But! (0:08:48.34)
EXTRA : There is an enemy invisible to him in these mountains... (0:08:49.77)
EXTRA : When he predicted that someone may appear, (0:08:53.33)
EXTRA : the answers to the suspicions Wang Qi had since the enemy headquarters had entered the mountains (0:08:55.96)
EXTRA : became clear. (0:09:01.28)
EXTRA : From there, Wang Qi's thinking progressed. (0:09:05.53)
EXTRA : After Wang Qi went outside the range of his headquarters' flags, (0:09:10.87)
EXTRA : he investigated the enemy's location as he moved forward. (0:09:13.97)
EXTRA : The Zhao Army's ambush troops were not caught by those search units. (0:09:17.12)
EXTRA : Of course, this is an enemy that was utterly meticulous in their planning. (0:09:21.70)
EXTRA : The reinforcements were all dispersed and lying in wait outside the area of Wang Qi's search. (0:09:26.31)
EXTRA : But here, the mountain location actually backfired against the Zhao Army. (0:09:32.02)
EXTRA : Because Wang Qi had confidence that he could end the war before the ambush troops arrived. (0:09:40.21)
Ki Ou : I don't know who or where they are, (0:09:50.19)
Ki Ou : but this is an interesting setup. (0:09:52.09)
Ki Ou : However, the endgame was taken a bit too lightly. (0:09:54.59)
Ki Ou : If I feel like it... (0:09:58.96)
EXTRA : Wang Qi! (0:10:01.51)
Ki Ou : I can destroy the Zhao Zhuang Army in an instant. (0:10:06.38)
Ying Zheng : With the results of the Zhao Army ambush we learned of through Yang Duan He (0:10:12.94)
Ying Zheng : the aim of the man named Li Mu is most likely something like this... (0:10:18.38)
EXTRA : Zhao Army (0:10:22.01)
EXTRA : Qin Army (0:10:22.01b)
Ying Zheng : If I can predict it here in Xianyang, (0:10:23.20)
EXTRA : Zhao Army (0:10:24.35)
EXTRA : Zhao Army (0:10:24.35b)
Ying Zheng : Wang Qi should have already realized it. (0:10:26.24)
Changwenjun : That man's experience and intuition on the battlefield (0:10:28.35)
Changwenjun : is certainly not inferior to some unheard-of man called Li Mu. (0:10:32.38)
Ying Zheng : But something bothers me... (0:10:36.83)
Ying Zheng : Why is Pang Nuan the Zhao Army's Supreme Commander? (0:10:39.76)
Ying Zheng : Just as you told me earlier, (0:10:44.16)
Ying Zheng : if Pang Nuan is not the kind of military general that leads men, (0:10:46.59)
Ying Zheng : then the title of Supreme Commander is rather unfitting. (0:10:49.93)
Changwenjun : Y-You have a point. (0:10:53.72)
Ying Zheng : Could it be that Li Mu knew all of this, (0:10:55.73)
Ying Zheng : and made Pang Nuan carry the title of Supreme Commander? (0:10:58.85)
EXTRA : What are you doing?! (0:11:02.04)
EXTRA : Stop Wang Qi! (0:11:03.59)
Zhao Zhuang : Move the Great Deva Flag! (0:11:05.63)
Zhao Zhuang : Move the rear army forward, (0:11:07.99)
Zhao Zhuang : create a defensive formation! Retreat! (0:11:09.46)
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang! (0:11:11.68)
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang! (0:11:12.81)
Zhao Zhuang : What?! (0:11:14.48)
EXTRA : L-Lord Pang Nuan... Lord Pang Nuan is missing! (0:11:15.64)
Zhao Zhuang : What?! Jie Shen! (0:11:19.16)
Zhao Zhuang : Where is Lord Pang Nuan?! (0:11:21.25)
EXTRA : I-I do not know! (0:11:23.53)
EXTRA : He was right in front of me a moment ago...! (0:11:24.94)
Zhao Zhuang : Could it be...?! (0:11:28.42)
EXTRA : They're currently changing formations near the headquarters! (0:11:35.79)
EXTRA : We have to stop them here, or...! (0:11:38.65)
EXTRA : I know! (0:11:41.29)
EXTRA : I know... but... (0:11:42.90)
EXTRA : how do we stop that ? (0:11:45.21)
EXTRA : Lord Qing Yu! Wang Qi is coming! (0:11:48.38)
EXTRA : Lord Qing Yu, your orders! (0:11:50.81)
EXTRA : The hated Wang Qi of Qin's Six Great Generals... (0:11:53.70)
EXTRA : He is more of a monster than the rumors foretold! (0:11:56.46)
Shin : Wh-What?! (0:12:40.36)
EXTRA : Lord Teng, this is... (0:12:42.45)
EXTRA : What's going on?! The front lines are shouting! (0:12:44.39)
Zhao Zhuang : It's Lord Pang Nuan. (0:12:47.49)
Changwenjun : Do you think, my king... that Li Mu knows of the connection between Wang Qi and Pang Nuan (0:13:12.75)
Changwenjun : so he went so far as to make Pang Nuan the Supreme Commander...? (0:13:17.23)
Ying Zheng : Most likely he is Supreme Commander in name alone. (0:13:20.62)
Ying Zheng : Pang Nuan is simply bait meant to lure Wang Qi to the battlefield. (0:13:24.04)
Ying Zheng : The last of the Six Great Generals, Wang Qi... (0:13:30.89)
Ying Zheng : He is a man feared as the Mystery Bird of the State of Qin, (0:13:34.50)
Ying Zheng : but was also thought to have given up on war for a time... (0:13:37.12)
Ying Zheng : However, the being known as Pang Nuan was able to bring him back to the battlefield. (0:13:40.84)
Ying Zheng : Just what reason would drive Wang Qi that far...? (0:13:45.76)
Ying Zheng : That must be it. (0:13:49.68)
Ying Zheng : Changwenjun. (0:13:51.07)
Changwenjun : Yes? (0:13:52.22)
Changwenjun : Who exactly was Liao, the member of the Six Great Generals that was defeated by Pang Nuan? (0:13:53.34)
Ying Zheng : Liao was a special person to Wang Qi somehow, is that not true? (0:13:59.09)
Ki Ou : Has it really been 9 years...? (0:14:11.41)
Ki Ou : We finally meat again... Pang Nuan. (0:14:13.40)
Ki Ou : Are you doing well? (0:14:18.47)
Ki Ou : But I'm surprised. (0:14:22.87)
Ki Ou : I had always been certain you were dead, (0:14:25.24)
Ki Ou : but then I see you appearing as a Supreme Commander of over 100,000! (0:14:28.61)
Ki Ou : So when did you become a clown? (0:14:34.97)
Hou Ken : The means are a trifling matter. (0:14:38.11)
Hou Ken : All that matters is my proof of being a War God! (0:14:41.36)
Hou Ken : Wang Qi... (0:14:47.40)
Hou Ken : I will kill you here and show the heavens that I am a War God! (0:14:49.11)
Ki Ou : I am as relieved as ever. (0:14:54.53)
Ki Ou : Now then... (0:14:57.81)
Ki Ou : I believe I will be the one (0:15:14.43)
Ki Ou : to kill you here and declare that I have broken from the fetters of the past. (0:15:18.06)
Ki Ou : Yes? (0:15:26.57)
Hou Ken : Here we go, Wang Qi! (0:15:28.79)
Hou Ken : I will... kill you! (0:15:30.69)
Ki Ou : That is my line, Pang Nuan! (0:15:36.82)
EXTRA : It-It's finally begun... (0:15:41.63)
EXTRA : The one-on-one fight between Supreme Commanders! (0:15:44.15)
EXTRA : Lord Pang Nuan! (0:15:46.44)
EXTRA : Lord Wang Qi! (0:15:47.43)
EXTRA : What?! (0:15:58.94)
EXTRA : H-He was... (0:16:07.07)
Ki Ou : You're surprisingly light, Mr. Pang Nuan. (0:16:10.08)
Shin : What's this uproar?! (0:16:18.57)
Den Yuu : Do you think it's General Wang Qi and Pan Nuan?! (0:16:20.64)
Shin : No doubt about it! (0:16:22.79)
Shin : Shit! Why do we have to be doing this?! (0:16:24.04)
EXTRA : Foot soldiers, do not stop! (0:16:26.27)
EXTRA : Our goal is the Zhao Army headquarters alone! (0:16:28.86)
EXTRA : We will kill the one directing all units, Zhao Zhuang! (0:16:32.82)
EXTRA : All units, march! (0:16:36.42)
En : Lord Xin! (0:16:42.13)
Bi Hei : Xin! (0:16:43.48)
Shin : Qiang Lei! (0:16:45.86)
Shin : Which do you think is stronger, General Wang Qi or Pang Nuan? (0:16:47.16)
Kai Kyou : Pang Nuan. (0:16:54.20)
Kyo Gai : Quit screwing around, you! (0:16:55.53)
Bi Hei : How could you say that? And you call yourself a member of the Qin Army? (0:16:57.15)
Kai Kyou : Then don't ask. (0:17:01.58)
Hairou : Because of him... (0:17:03.42)
Hairou : we lost quite a few comrades... (0:17:05.56)
Kyo Gai : That's right. We are plenty qualified to see Pang Nuan's end for ourselves. (0:17:10.38)
Bi Hei : Yeah. (0:17:16.15)
Shou Sa : We are a special unit working directly under General Wang Qi, aren't we? (0:17:17.85)
Den Ei : The only orders we were given by the general was to cause a diversion. (0:17:22.96)
En : Meaning now, we're free. (0:17:26.74)
Shin : All right! (0:17:37.98)
Shin : Feixin Unit! Follow me! (0:17:39.52)
EXTRA : He's strong. General Wang Qi is even stronger than Pang Nuan! (0:18:07.76)
EXTRA : Our lord is unparalleled! (0:18:11.12)
EXTRA : Lord Huang Nou, this is... (0:18:13.44)
Huang Nou : It's like I'm seeing the battle between Lord Liao and Pang Nuan from 9 years ago... (0:18:16.30)
Huang Nou : It was like this then, too. (0:18:22.03)
Huang Nou : Pang Nuan thoroughly brought out his enemy's power, and then... (0:18:23.93)
Huang Nou : he got... serious! (0:18:29.12)
Hou Ken : Holding back will get you nowhere... Wang Qi. (0:18:40.83)
Hou Ken : This should not be all you are. (0:18:43.94)
Ki Ou : Of course! (0:18:47.66)
EXTRA : Wh-What an incredible battle! (0:19:02.98)
EXTRA : I can't even see their lances' movements! (0:19:05.27)
EXTRA : Does Pang Nuan have a slight advantage...?! (0:19:16.35)
Huang Nou : Lord! (0:19:18.69)
EXTRA : Look! The hated Wang Qi is bleeding! (0:19:19.49)
EXTRA : Yes! Lord Pang Nuan is strong! (0:19:23.51)
EXTRA : He truly is! (0:19:26.12)
EXTRA : Continue to send the headquarters backwards! (0:19:32.45)
EXTRA : Do not break rank! (0:19:35.20)
Zhao Zhuang : If Wang Qi is accepting this one-on-one match, then... (0:19:37.24)
EXTRA : Lord Zhao Zhuang! (0:19:41.20)
EXTRA : Lord Pang Nuan is currently engaged in a one-on-one battle with Wang Qi! (0:19:43.21)
EXTRA : Are you sure we should send the headquarters back? (0:19:46.70)
EXTRA : The winner of their match will determine the winner of this war! (0:19:49.15)
EXTRA : Is there still meaning in drawing the headquarters back? (0:19:53.09)
Zhao Zhuang : It's not that simple... (0:19:55.29)
Zhao Zhuang : The top of our army is not Lord Pang Nuan, (0:19:57.62)
Zhao Zhuang : it is this headquarters with me at the center. Do not forget that. (0:20:00.74)
Zhao Zhuang : And even if Lord Pang Nuan defeats Wang Qi, (0:20:05.62)
Zhao Zhuang : if this headquarters falls after that, we will not be able to adapt to the Qin Army's movements. (0:20:08.57)
Zhao Zhuang : The opposite is equally true. (0:20:14.19)
Zhao Zhuang : If Lord Pang Nuan is killed, (0:20:15.92)
Zhao Zhuang : as long as this headquarters lives, we can plan a regroup. (0:20:17.70)
Zhao Zhuang : In order for them to win this war, they need to defeat the headquarters. (0:20:20.96)
Zhao Zhuang : Wang Qi knows that as well. (0:20:26.83)
Zhao Zhuang : That is why that mounted unit is not headed to Wang Qi, (0:20:30.19)
Zhao Zhuang : it is coming towards us. (0:20:34.03)
Zhao Zhuang : Be careful. They are strong. (0:20:36.82)
Bi Hei : Ah, thanks. (0:20:43.54)
Bi Hei : I feel bad for the other foot soldiers... (0:20:46.08)
Bi Hei : We're the only just observing instead of fighting. (0:20:49.34)
Den Ei : Don't be stupid. (0:20:51.77)
Den Ei : If shit hits the fan, this place will become the most blood-splattered battlefield. (0:20:53.16)
Bi Hei : I-I guess so. (0:20:57.49)
Shin : That doesn't matter! (0:20:59.34)
Shin : What's important now (0:21:01.41)
Shin : is General Wang Qi and Pang Nuan's one-on-one fight! (0:21:02.94)
Shin : General Wang Qi is being pushed back?! (0:21:15.94)
Shin : Pang Nuan! (0:21:20.18)
Hou Ken : The pain from wounds suffered by the body eventually disappear with time... (0:21:25.85)
Hou Ken : But pain from wounds suffered by the soul will never disappear. (0:21:30.51)
Hou Ken : No matter how many years go by... (0:21:35.59)
Hou Ken : Wang Qi, it should be the same for you. (0:21:38.37)
Hou Ken : That is why you are here. (0:21:41.52)
Hou Ken : Anger is power. (0:21:44.63)
Hou Ken : You must remember... (0:21:46.76)
Hou Ken : the sight of that one's death 9 years ago... (0:21:48.49)
Bi Hei : He cut him! (0:21:57.09)
EXTRA : Lord Pang Nuan! (0:21:58.24)
EXTRA : Long live General Wang Qi! (0:22:02.46)
Shin : That one? (0:22:07.75)
Ki Ou : Rest easy, Pang Nuan. (0:22:11.51)
Ki Ou : Just like you, my wounds have not healed. (0:22:14.49)
Changwenjun : Understood. (0:22:21.61)
Changwenjun : I will tell you everything. (0:22:22.98)
Changwenjun : There is a reason why Liao's background is so unnaturally not known. (0:22:25.77)
Changwenjun : King Zhao forbid it. (0:22:31.86)
Ying Zheng : King Zhao? (0:22:33.94)
Changwenjun : The secrets that person held were incredibly complex... (0:22:35.38)
Changwenjun : But now what's important is that Liao was an extremely important person to Wang Qi. (0:22:39.50)
Changwenjun : Liao of the Six Great Generals... (0:22:57.25)
Changwenjun : was a woman. (0:23:00.66)
Changwenjun : And Liao was... (0:23:04.07)
Changwenjun : going to be Wang Qi's wife. (0:23:09.31)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.42)
Ki Ou : Liao... This is finally the last one, isn't it? (0:24:46.52)
EXTRA : A trampled future... (0:24:50.22)
EXTRA : The bloody tears have dried up (0:24:52.10)
EXTRA : and eventually turned into carnage. (0:24:53.57)
EXTRA : {\fs100\t(0,1960,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,659,55,0,1880)}Wang Qi and Liao (0:24:53.59)
EXTRA : Wang Qi and Liao (0:24:55.47)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.59)

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