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Ying Zheng : The point of this war is not obtaining victory by killing Wang Qi. (0:00:02.74)
Ying Zheng : Their primary goal is Wang Qi's head. (0:00:07.40)
Ying Zheng : That is why they are fighting. (0:00:10.62)
Changwenjun : But... (0:00:12.90)
Ying Zheng : Don't die, Wang Qi. (0:00:14.87)
Changwenjun : My king... (0:00:17.65)
Changwenjun : I have fought alongside Wang Qi in many battlefields. (0:00:19.92)
Changwenjun : His strength knows no end. (0:00:24.61)
Changwenjun : Wang Qi, the Mystery Bird of Qin, (0:00:27.37)
Changwenjun : will not be defeated by a something such as this. (0:00:30.79)
Ying Zheng : I think so as well. (0:00:33.99)
Ying Zheng : But if... (0:00:36.25)
Changwenjun : If? (0:00:37.91)
Ying Zheng : If... (0:00:40.74)
Ying Zheng : the man known as Li Mu is an even more remarkable man than Wang Qi, (0:00:43.21)
Ying Zheng : then the circumstances will be different... (0:00:47.50)
Changwenjun : Unthinkable... Such a thing could not... (0:00:49.72)
Ying Zheng : That's why it's just a supposition. (0:00:54.60)
Ying Zheng : I believe in Wang Qi's strength. (0:00:57.34)
Ying Zheng : But Xin... if something does happen, protect Wang Qi... (0:01:00.47)
Ying Zheng : I still need Wang Qi. (0:01:06.31)
Ying Zheng : I'm counting on you... Xin... (0:01:09.62)
Shin : It's a new enemy... (0:01:15.58)
En : Lord Xin, what in the world is this...? (0:01:17.69)
Shin : It's a trap...! (0:01:21.88)
Ki Ou : It seems the enemy moved faster than I predicted. (0:01:36.32)
EXTRA : Wang Qi's prediction was that it would take another half a day before the Li Mu Army would arrive. (0:01:43.02)
EXTRA : And in fact, the Li Mu Army was indeed hidden in the place that Wang Qi had predicted. (0:01:49.94)
EXTRA : So why was it that the Li Mu Army arrived so much sooner? (0:01:55.02)
EXTRA : It was because of the characteristic of the State of Zhao's mounted soldiers that Li Mu led. (0:02:00.72)
EXTRA : For them, whom had been positioned at the state's ancient and mountainous northern border, and fought equestrian tribes like the Xiongnu, (0:02:06.23)
EXTRA : mountain valleys and such were no obstacle whatsoever. (0:02:12.51)
EXTRA : Because of that, the Li Mu Army did not have to take a detour around the mountains, (0:02:15.89)
EXTRA : and were able to hurry directly to the area of the decisive battle. (0:02:19.65)
EXTRA : In other words, the Li Mu Army's speed (0:02:23.94)
EXTRA : far surpassed that of what was generally known for usual mounted armies. (0:02:25.92)
EXTRA : And Li Mu even judged that Wang Qi would misread the speed of his army's march. (0:02:30.87)
EXTRA : This is because he had investigated that Wang Qi had never once personally fought with the armies of the northern region of Zhao. (0:02:38.01)
EXTRA : And with Wang Qi having mainly only fought in the central region, he had of course never fought the Xiongnu either. (0:02:45.24)
EXTRA : Wang Qi, whom had never witnessed the leg power of the northern mounted units, (0:02:51.77)
EXTRA : whether it be the northern state of Zhao's or the Xiongnu's, (0:02:55.00)
EXTRA : was not able to surmise that power. (0:02:58.15)
EXTRA : When Wang Qi realized that fact, he let out a small bead of sweat for the first time. (0:03:02.63)
EXTRA : Meanwhile, unable to swallow what was going on around them, (0:03:09.38)
EXTRA : the Wang Qi Army merely watched in astonishment. (0:03:12.40)
EXTRA : Raise the Great Deva Flag! {It was supposed to be Deva, not Diva. I wish someone would check these things but I guess I can't expect anyone to...} (0:03:18.21)
Ki Ou : So the one that sprung this trap on me was one of the Three Great Devas? (0:03:40.31)
Ki Ou : There are about 40,000 new enemies (0:03:46.38)
Ki Ou : and my army has 6,000 remaining. (0:03:49.21)
Ki Ou : The enemy has sallied out quite a large challenge. (0:03:52.23)
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:03:57.30)
EXTRA : Xin, the boy that came from obscurity to become the general of a Hundred-Man Unit, (0:04:01.36)
EXTRA : is now at the center of a historic battle. (0:04:06.50)
EXTRA : A one-on-one battle between the State of Qin Supreme Commander, Wang Qi, (0:04:11.02)
EXTRA : and the State of Zhao Supreme Commander, Pang Nuan. (0:04:14.00)
EXTRA : Gripped in that deeply personal battle (0:04:17.98)
EXTRA : is the fate of a kingdom. (0:04:20.13)
EXTRA : I am at the Verge of Death (0:05:54.08)
EXTRA : They are allies, yes? (0:06:04.53)
EXTRA : Wh-Whose army is that? (0:06:06.26)
EXTRA : I've never seen an army like that before. (0:06:08.28)
Zhao Zhuang : Good... (0:06:10.92)
Zhao Zhuang : Good job making it here in time. (0:06:12.09)
En : Th-This is bad, Lord Xin. (0:06:14.86)
En : As things stand, our army is going to lose! (0:06:17.80)
Shin : Don't say that, Mr. Yuan! (0:06:20.58)
Shin : But... What're you gonna do, General Wang Qi? (0:06:23.10)
Kaine : This is overkill. (0:06:27.33)
Kaine : All for just one enemy general... (0:06:29.04)
Kaine : We didn't even do something this elaborate against the Xiongnu. (0:06:31.93)
Wei Jia : "It's just one general", eh? (0:06:37.82)
Wei Jia : A young one like you, Kaine, doesn't know Wang Qi I suppose... (0:06:40.55)
Wei Jia : Capturing his head is worth more than 50 castles. (0:06:44.15)
Kaine : 50?! (0:06:48.81)
Riboku : It is just as Lord Wei Jia says. (0:06:50.38)
Riboku : The head of a Great General that represents a kingdom (0:06:53.40)
Riboku : is a symbol of that kingdom's military affairs. (0:06:57.13)
Riboku : If they lose that, the State of Qin's military power will decrease. (0:07:00.86)
Riboku : And conversely, the State of Zhao's military power will become a threat to all of the states. (0:07:04.87)
Riboku : In this turbulent age, people do not gather in weak areas. (0:07:09.19)
Riboku : Losing military might means that talented people will keep away from them. (0:07:13.63)
Riboku : Retreating is connected to weakening a country. (0:07:16.80)
Riboku : Even if it's just one general, (0:07:21.22)
Riboku : the effects that head will bring about are immeasurable. (0:07:23.63)
Riboku : Especially if it's Wang Qi's head... (0:07:28.75)
EXTRA : Li Mu Army, first formation, charge! (0:07:31.26)
EXTRA : D-Don't be daunted! Take your positions! (0:07:38.69)
Bi Hei : G-General Wang Qi's soldiers are being beaten... (0:07:50.40)
Shou Sa : Is this... for real...? (0:07:53.48)
Ryuu Sen : It's practically already... (0:07:55.05)
Taku Kei : A one-sided massacre. (0:07:56.80)
Shin : General Wang Qi... (0:08:00.98)
EXTRA : Protect Lord! (0:08:02.62)
EXTRA : Lord... (0:08:07.34)
EXTRA : Lord... (0:08:09.59)
EXTRA : Even the foot soldiers, like Xin's group sensed, (0:08:13.19)
EXTRA : that they had fallen for the enemy's strategy and defeat before their eyes. (0:08:15.00)
EXTRA : For Wang Qi that could read further ahead, it was all the more so... (0:08:21.68)
EXTRA : But... (0:08:28.33)
EXTRA : Wang Qi laughed! (0:08:35.30)
Ki Ou : Well done. I don't know who you are, but you've completely outdone me. (0:08:37.38)
Ki Ou : I think it's been about 20 years since I was thrown into this deadly a situation. (0:08:45.30)
Ki Ou : It's been so long since I've felt this feeling. (0:08:51.69)
Ki Ou : For the first time in so very long (0:08:54.73)
Ki Ou : my blood is seething. (0:08:58.16)
Ki Ou : While retreating, search for an opening in the enemy to tear apart. (0:09:03.82)
Ki Ou : Xuan Wei, Zhou Yang, take the rear! (0:09:06.91)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:09:09.42)
Ki Ou : Hu Wan Brothers, create a base point behind the left wing of the Zhao Zhuang Army. (0:09:10.63)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:09:14.84)
En : L-Lord Xin! (0:09:15.88)
Shin : Yeah, he's not giving up. (0:09:17.14)
Shin : Our general still hasn't given up! (0:09:19.17)
Shin : Let's go, too! (0:09:21.67)
Kai Kyou : Pang Nuan! (0:09:27.44)
Hou Ken : Where are you going, Wang Qi? (0:09:28.69)
Hou Ken : We have yet to reach a conclusion. (0:09:30.99)
Shin : Wh-What is this intimidating air? (0:09:43.66)
Shin : I've never felt something this incredible! (0:09:46.51)
Shin : Pang Nuan's military might is definitely strong, (0:09:49.68)
Shin : but as Wang Qi is now, he is going far above that! (0:09:52.17)
Shin : Th-This is the Mystery Bird of Qin...? (0:09:57.10)
Hou Ken : Wang Qi, now! (0:10:02.90)
EXTRA : Protect Lord! (0:10:06.52)
EXTRA : Separate Pang Nuan from Lord! (0:10:08.08)
EXTRA : Protect Lord Pang Nuan! (0:10:10.18)
EXTRA : Kill Wang Qi! (0:10:12.34)
Kai Kyou : It's no longer anything like a one-on-one fight. (0:10:24.51)
Kai Kyou : But until one falls, this war won't end! (0:10:27.47)
Shin : I know that! But now... (0:10:31.51)
Shin : If it's a war that won't end until one or the other dies... (0:10:38.14)
Shin : I won't let you kill my general! (0:10:41.73)
EXTRA : Be careful! There's a weird brat there. (0:10:47.38)
EXTRA : First get hi- (0:10:49.92)
Ki Ou : In this situation where every moment is vital, (0:10:55.94)
Ki Ou : I've never had an obstacle as great as this... (0:10:58.80)
Ki Ou : It seems that I really will need for you to die here! (0:11:02.59)
Hou Ken : What's wrong? Your sword strokes are getting disordered. (0:11:15.92)
Ki Ou : So stubborn... (0:11:20.31)
Ki Ou : So we've been swallowed? (0:11:26.45)
Wei Jia : So the Mystery Bird finally falls to earth...? (0:11:36.00)
Wei Jia : I, Wei Jia, am so overjoyed that I'm getting goose bumps. (0:11:40.55)
Kaine : You don't look that happy. (0:11:45.34)
Wei Jia : The death of such a great man does not evoke just a simple emotion. (0:11:48.71)
Wei Jia : Right now, among all of the military generals across China, (0:11:55.52)
Wei Jia : there is no general hated by more people than Wang Qi. (0:11:59.15)
Wei Jia : Nor is there any general whose death is desired more than that of Wang Qi's. (0:12:03.98)
Wei Jia : Long ago, that man continuously crushed all of this enemies on every single battlefield. (0:12:09.06)
Wei Jia : With the way he would appear anywhere, as if he'd flown there and wreak havoc, (0:12:15.42)
Wei Jia : he at some point became called the "Mystery Bird of Qin". (0:12:20.51)
Wei Jia : The death of such a person (0:12:23.98)
Wei Jia : is the desire... no, the dream of all people across the states that are antagonistic towards Qin! (0:12:25.66)
Wei Jia : But at the same time, (0:12:31.49)
Wei Jia : that is also proof recognized by all that Wang Qi is a hero whose name will go down in China's history. (0:12:33.35)
Wei Jia : And that Wang Qi falls today. (0:12:42.02)
Wei Jia : The legendary member of the State of Qin's Six Great Generals, as well as the one rumored to be the strongest of them all, Wang Qi... (0:12:45.67)
Wei Jia : And do you know why that is, Kaine? (0:12:52.79)
Wei Jia : That is because... (0:12:56.02)
Wei Jia : That is because the man right here, Lord Li Mu, is a monster that even surpasses Wang Qi! (0:12:58.32)
Wei Jia : In this war-torn world, great men always appear. (0:13:07.89)
Wei Jia : They create those ages. (0:13:11.99)
Wei Jia : Bai Qi, Wang Qi, and the others of the State of Qin's Six Generals, (0:13:15.27)
Wei Jia : the Lian Po Generals, and the State of Zhao's Three Great Devas. (0:13:18.39)
Wei Jia : And now, a formerly great man will disappear, (0:13:22.10)
Wei Jia : and the curtain on a new age will rise. (0:13:25.75)
Wei Jia : By the power of nameless people... (0:13:29.58)
Wei Jia : One cannot keep their heart from trembling at such a place as this. (0:13:33.25)
Wei Jia : Now then, excuse me. (0:13:42.58)
Kaine : Where are you going? (0:13:44.77)
Wei Jia : On this grand stage that the whole nation has their eyes on, (0:13:46.44)
Wei Jia : I, Wei Jia, want to leave my mark if even only a little. (0:13:49.21)
Wei Jia : Even if it is for doing a dirty job. (0:13:53.16)
Wei Jia : No matter how it happened, Lord Pang Nuan is one of the Three Great Devas. (0:13:57.34)
Wei Jia : As we're going into a new age, I cannot allow him to lose his life here. (0:14:00.31)
Riboku : I greatly appreciate it. (0:14:09.35)
EXTRA : Wang Qi! (0:14:11.04)
Ki Ou : I am truly at the verge of death. (0:14:17.03)
Shin : Don't give up to the very end! (0:14:25.22)
Shin : Got that?! (0:14:27.29)
Kai Kyou : Xin. (0:14:31.98)
Kai Kyou : A strange group is coming. (0:14:33.47)
EXTRA : Keep moving forward without breaking the circle! (0:14:37.70)
EXTRA : Don't leave too big of a gap! (0:14:39.66)
Wei Jia : I will now perform a great deed. (0:14:41.40)
Wei Jia : Do not let a single soldier get close to me. (0:14:43.55)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:14:45.96)
Shin : He's heading toward General Wang Qi. (0:14:47.07)
Shin : Is he going to go after the general?! (0:14:49.58)
Kai Kyou : Most likely. (0:14:52.07)
Shin : Like hell I'll let him. (0:14:53.15)
Shin : A horse! Qiang Lei! (0:14:54.54)
Shin : Feixin Unit, charge straight through! (0:14:57.25)
Zhao Zhuang : Finally... This moment has finally come... (0:15:02.80)
Zhao Zhuang : That living legend, Six General Wang Qi will sink to the earth. (0:15:07.28)
Zhao Zhuang : That man, Wang Qi, that made all of China tremble! (0:15:11.61)
Zhao Zhuang : In the battle where I fought as substitute Great General, Wang Qi will die. (0:15:17.73)
Zhao Zhuang : I cannot help but laugh! (0:15:23.72)
Zhao Zhuang : My only regret... (0:15:27.26)
Zhao Zhuang : is that it would seem I will not be able to see his end with my own eyes. (0:15:30.95)
Zhao Zhuang : I'll be going ahead and waiting for you, Wang Qi! (0:15:36.33)
EXTRA : What?! (0:16:01.28)
EXTRA : Pang Nuan's power! (0:16:02.06)
Ki Ou : He lost consciousness for moment and the fetters have been broken, have they? (0:16:03.92)
Riboku : As one who seeks military might, his entire self was captured by revenge. (0:16:08.45)
Riboku : Now that that has disappeared, Pang Nuan has returned to being a pure manifestation of military might. (0:16:13.31)
EXTRA : Lord! (0:16:27.51)
Ki Ou : Honestly. (0:16:34.38)
Ki Ou : Opposing both a powerful strategist and warrior at once (0:16:36.69)
Ki Ou : is really quite a chore. (0:16:40.09)
Ki Ou : I have been thinking about various things in opposition to the strategist, (0:16:42.71)
Ki Ou : but there does not seem to be even one plan that I can enact now. (0:16:47.46)
EXTRA : He's given up! (0:16:54.87)
EXTRA : Wang Qi has just given up! (0:16:56.67)
EXTRA : Then we'll be taking possession of that head! (0:16:59.76)
Ki Ou : No one said anything about giving up. (0:17:05.74)
Ki Ou : If I have no plan, it'll be a matter of strength. (0:17:09.60)
Ki Ou : I am announcing this to all soldiers of the Wang Qi Army that can hear! (0:17:13.81)
Ki Ou : The enemy's number is approximately 10 times ours! (0:17:17.91)
Ki Ou : So I am obligating 10 kills per man! (0:17:20.66)
Ki Ou : I will not forgive you for falling before killing 10 men! (0:17:25.28)
Ki Ou : Everyone, please become mere beasts and fight! (0:17:30.04)
Ki Ou : Understand?! (0:17:33.54)
Ki Ou : Now the Wang Qi Army will show its true worth! (0:17:35.25)
Ki Ou : With strength, we will wrench open a means of escape from being on the verge of death! (0:17:38.33)
Ki Ou : And I, Wang Qi, will always be at your back! (0:17:42.58)
Shin : Out of the way! (0:17:56.12)
Shin : Just a little... (0:17:57.66)
Shin : Just a little further! (0:17:59.16)
EXTRA : Stop that man! (0:18:02.78)
EXTRA : He is one of China's Ten Bows, Wei Jia! (0:18:04.47)
Shin : I won't let you die, General Wang Qi! (0:18:08.17)
EXTRA : There's a kid coming in! (0:18:12.24)
Shin : Zheng needs you! (0:18:14.04)
EXTRA : Kill him! Don't let him get close to Lord Wei Jia! (0:18:16.50)
Shin : And most of all, I haven't gotten what I promised with you! (0:18:20.21)
Ki Ou : Just as I expected of you, Pang Nuan. (0:18:30.96)
Ki Ou : But with that exhausted body... (0:18:35.53)
Ki Ou : you cannot defeat me. (0:18:41.46)
Ki Ou : Pang Nuan, now the curtain falls! (0:18:45.59)
EXTRA : Lord! (0:19:15.54)
Wei Jia : His life was taken by Lord Pang Nuan's strike, (0:19:19.11)
Wei Jia : but what allowed it was none other than the arrow of I, Wei Jia. (0:19:22.77)
Wei Jia : I, Wei Jia! (0:19:27.34)
Wei Jia : Even if you are deprecated by people all across China, none can call you a coward, Wang Qi. (0:19:29.77)
Shin : Fuck you, bastard! (0:19:37.30)
Hou Ken : A damper has been put on our fight. (0:19:45.43)
Hou Ken : That is why things such as war are uninteresting. (0:19:49.17)
Hou Ken : But this is your arena. (0:19:53.04)
Hou Ken : I will hear no complaints. (0:19:55.91)
Hou Ken : This is your defeat, Wang Qi. (0:19:58.15)
EXTRA : They threw down their weapons. (0:20:08.12)
EXTRA : Now it's over. (0:20:09.99)
EXTRA : Let's slaughter all of the Qin sol- (0:20:11.26)
Ki Ou : Wait! (0:20:12.48)
Ki Ou : I am quite vexed you would allow defeat to be pushed upon you. (0:20:16.71)
Ki Ou : Even my subordinates must know of anger... (0:20:21.84)
Ki Ou : What are you doing dropping your weapons? (0:20:25.35)
Ki Ou : No matter what happens, (0:20:28.93)
Ki Ou : it has always been the Wang Qi Army's pride to never to give up, even in death. (0:20:31.32)
EXTRA : Lord! (0:20:36.87)
Shin : General Wang Qi... (0:20:40.92)
EXTRA : Th-That's unsightly! (0:20:42.59)
EXTRA : It is already obvious that all of you will die! (0:20:44.68)
EXTRA : You death-dodging bastard! (0:20:47.96)
Ki Ou : I have long placed myself on battlefields, (0:20:55.61)
Ki Ou : and piled up many intense struggles for my life. (0:20:57.79)
Ki Ou : Perhaps for that reason, I somehow know (0:21:01.50)
Ki Ou : that this is still not the place of my death. (0:21:05.14)
Ki Ou : It seems you don't believe me... (0:21:12.86)
Ki Ou : Then allow me to prove it to you. (0:21:16.48)
Ki Ou : First, I will cut down Pang Nuan. (0:21:20.13)
Hou Ken : What is this? (0:21:44.05)
Ki Ou : A full general is... (0:21:59.84)
Ki Ou : like a Hundred-Man General or a Thousand-Man General. (0:22:03.36)
Ki Ou : They are only different names for positions and ranks. (0:22:06.67)
Ki Ou : But there are only a handful of humans that can reach that level. (0:22:11.24)
Ki Ou : It is a place that only those, that can overcome many points of death and render numerous achievements, can reach. (0:22:17.92)
Ki Ou : As a result, gaining the title of full general (0:22:24.78)
Ki Ou : is the immense honor of being responsible for and controlling thousands and tens of thousands of lives. (0:22:28.63)
Ki Ou : Therefore, that existence is heavy! (0:22:36.01)
Ki Ou : Therefore, it shines with a dazzling light! (0:22:39.07)
Hou Ken : Madness... (0:22:52.66)
Hou Ken : What are you...? (0:22:53.76)
Hou Ken : W-What in the world are you?! (0:22:56.35)
Ki Ou : Isn't it obvious? (0:23:06.85)
Ki Ou : The greatest general under the heavens! (0:23:09.38)
Shin : We are the king and the sword that have been entrusted with the future of all of China! (0:24:45.96)
Shin : Now a new light is born. (0:24:50.92)
Shin : Shining onto a yet-unseen turbulent age! (0:24:53.18)
EXTRA : {\fs110\t(0,1710,\fs90\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,659,55,0,1710)}Succession (0:24:53.38)
EXTRA : Succession (0:24:55.09)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.26)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:56.14)

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