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Muta : I aimed to graze your cheek on purpose. (0:00:03.12)
Muta : That was more than enough. (0:00:06.94)
Muta : Muta's poison arrows are menaces! (0:00:09.58)
EXTRA : That will do, Muta. (0:00:12.78)
Muta : Yuh! (0:00:16.03)
EXTRA : I know your power well. Hurry, go. (0:00:17.34)
Muta : Yuh! (0:00:22.34)
Muta : I'll find the youngsters, kill them with poison arrows, (0:00:23.14)
Muta : and use this axe... (0:00:26.54)
Muta : to take three heads! (0:00:29.86)
Muta : Yuh! Yuh! Yuh! (0:00:32.55)
Muta : Yuh! (0:00:36.30)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:00:42.17)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:00:44.04)
EXTRA : human ambitions were unleashed. (0:00:46.15)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years... (0:00:49.06)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:00:52.03)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the state of Qin in the far West. (0:00:55.24)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:01:01.30)
EXTRA : The King and the Sword (0:02:39.30)
Ying Zheng : Let's take a little rest. (0:04:04.46)
Ten Karyou : Xin, after taking a good look at you, you're covered in wounds, aren't you? (0:04:16.41)
Shin : Am I? (0:04:21.33)
Ten Karyou : Yeah, you are! (0:04:22.28)
Ten Karyou : Put you arm out. (0:04:24.32)
Shin : What are you doing? (0:04:28.68)
Ten Karyou : Hold still! I'm just wrapping the bigger wounds. (0:04:29.91)
Shin : It's fine, I don't need that! (0:04:33.85)
Ten Karyou : Yes, you do! (0:04:35.66)
Ten Karyou : What're you gonna do if your wounds start rotting and your arm falls off? (0:04:36.64)
Shin : Shut up! Leave me alone! (0:04:41.17)
Shin : What the hell is with you? (0:04:43.42)
Ten Karyou : I'm He Liao Diao! (0:04:45.27)
Shin : Like I said, what the hell...? (0:04:47.44)
Shin : What're you still doing, tagging along with us in the first place? (0:04:50.79)
Ten Karyou : There's no way I'm leaving you empty handed! (0:04:55.06)
Ten Karyou : And there might be something with some value at the rendezvous point. (0:04:58.12)
Ten Karyou : Are you okay, Xin? Your complexion kinda looks really bad. (0:05:04.07)
Shin : Shut up! Arguing with you's what tired me out! (0:05:08.75)
Ten Karyou : What?! (0:05:12.24)
Ten Karyou : What kinda attitude is that? Somebody's worried about you! (0:05:13.36)
Ying Zheng : Let's get going. (0:05:16.58)
Ten Karyou : All right! (0:05:17.58)
Ten Karyou : I'll show you the leg strength of the Mountain People! (0:05:19.15)
Ten Karyou : Don't fall behind, Xin! (0:05:22.38)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:05:28.59)
Muta : Still fresh... (0:05:49.91)
Ten Karyou : Wh-What do we do?! (0:05:57.62)
Ten Karyou : Did I put the bandages on wrong or something?! (0:05:59.86)
Ying Zheng : No. His pulse is stable. (0:06:02.42)
Ying Zheng : His mind and body have just most likely reached their limits of fatigue. (0:06:05.95)
Ying Zheng : I can't say I blame him... (0:06:11.43)
Ying Zheng : In one night, he lost a friend, got revenge, (0:06:12.88)
Ying Zheng : and came all the way here without rest. (0:06:16.16)
Ten Karyou : Xin... (0:06:19.03)
Ying Zheng : Let's head out. (0:06:22.10)
Ten Karyou : But we can't yet! (0:06:24.46)
Ten Karyou : We need to let him rest a while! (0:06:26.17)
Ying Zheng : We can't. We don't have the time. (0:06:30.13)
Ten Karyou : What?! (0:06:32.16)
Ten Karyou : You're just gonna leave Xin behind?! (0:06:33.57)
Ying Zheng : I believe I said he's "just a sword" and "if he breaks, I'll throw him away". (0:06:35.56)
Ten Karyou : So all you care about is yourself?! (0:06:39.47)
Ten Karyou : Cut the crap! (0:06:42.17)
Ten Karyou : I thought you were better than that! (0:06:43.18)
Ten Karyou : Hey, Zheng, (0:07:08.15)
Ten Karyou : is Changwenjun the only one we can rely on? (0:07:10.63)
Ying Zheng : That's right. (0:07:14.17)
Ten Karyou : But him and his guys didn't show up at Heibei Village. (0:07:15.83)
Ten Karyou : Couldn't he be already dead? (0:07:20.12)
Ying Zheng : All we can do is pray that that isn't so. (0:07:23.25)
Ten Karyou : Quite a heavy sword, isn't it? (0:07:30.06)
Ying Zheng : Truly. (0:07:32.42)
Ten Karyou : Moron! (0:08:02.25)
Shin : What the hell, bastard?! (0:08:03.74)
Ten Karyou : What kinda commoner gets carried by a king?! Idiot! (0:08:05.50)
Shin : Carried? By whom? (0:08:09.82)
Ten Karyou : When you were out cold, the king ran all the way here, carrying you on his back! (0:08:11.88)
Ten Karyou : A whole day and night! (0:08:16.83)
Shin : What'd... you say...?! (0:08:20.83)
Ying Zheng : Let's go. (0:08:25.68)
Ten Karyou : You should sleep a little more! (0:08:27.02)
Ten Karyou : You were just sitting awake the whole time, weren't you? (0:08:28.85)
Ying Zheng : I've had plenty of rest. (0:08:31.89)
Shin : Hey! (0:08:42.51)
Shin : I didn't ask you to carry me or anything, but thanks to that, I'm totally revitalized! (0:08:48.91)
Shin : It's my turn now. (0:08:54.11)
Shin : Just get on my back and tell me which way to go! (0:08:56.04)
Shin : We'll get to our destination before ya know it! (0:08:58.68)
Ying Zheng : I refuse! (0:09:01.06)
Ying Zheng : A man cannot do such an unsightly act! (0:09:02.42)
Shin : What?! (0:09:10.69)
Shin : Quit laughing! (0:09:12.23)
Ten Karyou : You're so lame! (0:09:13.49)
Ying Zheng : Hurry up. (0:09:16.29)
Ying Zheng : Or would you rather I carry you again? (0:09:17.66)
Shin : Shut up! Diao! (0:09:19.45)
Shin : You bastard, how long are ya gonna keep laughing?! (0:09:22.01)
Ten Karyou : Hey, Zheng. About how much farther do we have to the rendezvous site? (0:09:24.78)
Ying Zheng : Just a little further. (0:09:32.73)
Shin : I ain't tired or anything, (0:10:32.44)
Shin : but when the hell are we gonna get there?! (0:10:35.27)
Shin : I thought you said it was just a little further?! (0:10:37.94)
Ten Karyou : W-We've been running for three days already! (0:10:40.52)
Shin : Hey! Don't tell me you're lost, are ya?! (0:10:52.29)
Shin : If I think about it, there's no way somebody raised in a royal palace (0:10:56.05)
Shin : could know their way around mountains like these without any landmarks! (0:11:00.77)
Ten Karyou : Th... That's true! (0:11:03.64)
Shin : This guy's ignoring us! (0:11:16.36)
Shin : You lost jackass! Wait the hell up! (0:11:18.86)
Shin : Y-You bastard! (0:11:31.31)
Ten Karyou : But you stopped all of a sudden like that! What was I supposed... (0:11:34.07)
Shin : That hurt, you bastard! (0:11:35.33)
Shin : What is with him?! (0:11:53.64)
Shin : H-Hey, Zheng! (0:12:01.49)
Shin : Zheng... Is this it...? (0:12:29.62)
Ying Zheng : Yes. This is the rendezvous spot to meet Changwenjun. (0:12:34.72)
Ten Karyou : We made it! (0:12:39.32)
Ten Karyou : What an incredible building! (0:12:55.28)
Ying Zheng : It was made 400 years ago as a summer retreat for the ruler at the time, Duke Mu. (0:13:01.14)
Shin : Nobody's here... (0:13:18.09)
Ying Zheng : We just arrived here early. (0:13:20.96)
Ten Karyou : There's so much food! (0:13:24.06)
Ten Karyou : It looks like you could make anything with all that! (0:13:25.97)
Ten Karyou : I can't wait to show you guys my skill! (0:13:28.66)
Ying Zheng : Changwenjun must have prepared that in advance. (0:13:30.97)
Shin : You can cook? (0:13:34.24)
Ten Karyou : Don't make fun of me! (0:13:37.05)
Ten Karyou : When you eat my stuff it'll blow you away! (0:13:38.56)
Ying Zheng : There should be rooms prepared as well. (0:13:44.59)
Ying Zheng : Let's get some decent rest. (0:13:47.30)
Shin : A sword... huh? (0:13:58.43)
Shin : Piao... (0:14:04.03)
Ten Karyou : Just watch this, Xin! (0:14:11.13)
Ten Karyou : I'll make something so delicious you won't be able to stand up! (0:14:13.17)
Ten Karyou : But... It's surprisingly clean for a summer resort made for a king 400 years ago. (0:14:18.57)
Ten Karyou : Water! Water! Wateeer! (0:14:34.14)
Ten Karyou : Food's ready! (0:14:42.49)
Shin : Wh-What the hell is this?! It's so friggin' delicious! (0:14:56.04)
Shin : Diao! (0:15:00.46)
Shin : You made all this yourself?! (0:15:01.29)
Shin : You're pretty good, man! (0:15:03.34)
Ten Karyou : Y-Yeah... (0:15:04.42)
Shin : Wh-What's wrong with you two? (0:15:07.58)
Shin : You're not eating much. You guys not hungry? (0:15:09.70)
Ten Karyou : We're losing our appetites from looking at you, moron! (0:15:12.38)
Ten Karyou : By the way, Zheng... (0:15:17.48)
Ten Karyou : You said this was the summer resort of a 400 year old king, but... (0:15:20.96)
Ten Karyou : Things 400 years old shouldn't still be left here all tidy like this. (0:15:24.81)
Ten Karyou : I think somebody had to have been carefully maintaining it (0:15:30.20)
Ten Karyou : in order for it to be like this. (0:15:32.89)
Ying Zheng : The ruler from 400 years ago, Duke Mu, was a rarely-seen wise ruler. (0:15:37.80)
Ying Zheng : Duke Mu was a king who loved people unconditionally more than anyone else. (0:15:43.78)
Ying Zheng : He showed respect even to the slaves of enemy countries (0:15:49.24)
Ying Zheng : and is said to have even studied under one. (0:15:52.44)
Ying Zheng : One day, there was a matter where one of Duke Mu's war horses was killed by Mountain People (0:15:55.57)
Ying Zheng : and eaten by them. (0:16:00.06)
Shin : War horse? (0:16:03.02)
Shin : That's terrible! (0:16:04.41)
Shin : Diao, ain't those guys relatives of yours? (0:16:06.22)
Shin : So did he kill all of the Mountain People? (0:16:10.38)
Ying Zheng : No. Duke Mu treated them to liquor. (0:16:13.55)
Ying Zheng : A good liquor that goes well with horse meat... (0:16:18.55)
Shin : Wha?! R-Really?! (0:16:20.54)
Shin : Why'd he do that?! (0:16:23.48)
Ying Zheng : That was who the king known as Duke Mu was. (0:16:25.15)
Ying Zheng : He loved people and didn't discriminate between the people of Qin and the Mountain People... (0:16:27.89)
Ying Zheng : But this act brought about good fortune to the people of Qin. (0:16:33.69)
Ying Zheng : He had deeply moved the Mountain People by doing this. (0:16:43.77)
Ten Karyou : Mountain People... (0:16:46.56)
Ying Zheng : The State of Qin is located in the Westernmost part of China. (0:16:48.77)
Ying Zheng : Further West is the vast world of deep mountains. (0:16:53.00)
Ying Zheng : That's the world of the Mountain People who never interact with the people on the flatlands. (0:16:58.65)
Ying Zheng : And the king of those mountains joined hands with Duke Mu, forming an alliance. (0:17:04.99)
Ying Zheng : When a dispute was going on over a 1 li sized territory in China, with hundreds of thousands of people dying, (0:17:10.78)
Ying Zheng : Duke Mu opened up a land 100 li in size. (0:17:15.97)
Shin : I-Incredible! (0:17:19.12)
Ying Zheng : But in the end, it was only Duke Mu alone that loved them indiscriminately. (0:17:21.57)
Ying Zheng : After the king's death, the alliance was lost from the Qin side. (0:17:27.69)
Ying Zheng : And the interaction with the Mountain People ceased. (0:17:31.45)
Ying Zheng : This was a place made for Duke Mu to interact with the Mountain People, (0:17:35.25)
Ying Zheng : but after Duke Mu's death, it was forgotten. (0:17:40.07)
Ten Karyou : Th-Then who's been keeping it up? (0:17:44.20)
Ying Zheng : The Mountain People. (0:17:48.70)
Ying Zheng : Even after 400 years, they haven't forgotten Duke Mu. (0:17:51.55)
Ying Zheng : They revere the places with memories tied to Duke Mu as holy ground. (0:17:57.78)
Ying Zheng : On the occasions where they come down from the mountains, they've protected this place. (0:18:01.15)
Ying Zheng : For 400 long years... (0:18:06.50)
Ten Karyou : That's such a nice story! (0:18:09.43)
Shin : Awesome! I'm moved! (0:18:17.17)
Shin : Dukmu, Dukmu! (0:18:22.62)
Shin : Having your name going down in history means being like Dukmu! (0:18:23.99)
Shin : I'm gonna be a man who's talked about 400 years later, too! (0:18:28.83)
Ten Karyou : Pipe down! (0:18:32.79)
Ten Karyou : Do you have to ruin the moment when someone feels touched?! (0:18:34.37)
Shin : But you must be happy. (0:18:40.14)
Shin : If you stay here, you'll eventually be able to see your comrades, right? (0:18:43.57)
Ten Karyou : I guess so. (0:18:48.27)
Ten Karyou : Comrades... huh...? (0:19:30.50)
Ten Karyou : Don't be an idiot. (0:19:35.23)
Ten Karyou : I've lived on the flatlands as far back as I can remember. (0:19:37.17)
Ten Karyou : There's no way I could join the ranks of the Mountain People at this point... (0:19:40.65)
Ten Karyou : And even if I did, it wouldn't be in a village like that. (0:19:45.07)
Ten Karyou : Idiot. (0:19:48.83)
Ten Karyou : It's okay! (0:19:52.30)
Ten Karyou : I'll squeeze a ton of money out of Zheng (0:19:53.61)
Ten Karyou : and live a life of luxury and indulgence! (0:19:55.72)
Ten Karyou : Geez, that Changwenjun guy better get here soon. (0:20:02.59)
Ten Karyou : My dream life is riding on you, ya know. (0:20:07.02)
Ten Karyou : If you don't show up, we'll be stuck here forever... (0:20:10.68)
Ten Karyou : The three of us, here...? (0:20:15.90)
Ten Karyou : No way! Am I a moron? (0:20:21.23)
Ten Karyou : It's all about the money! (0:20:24.40)
Ten Karyou : Money's what's most important! (0:20:26.01)
Shin : What the hell're you doing?! (0:20:45.00)
EXTRA : Hey! I found it! (0:20:58.09)
EXTRA : But... What kind of person is that guy, Muta? (0:21:06.48)
EXTRA : I heard he's a warrior from a country even further South than the State of Chu. (0:21:11.03)
EXTRA : When the Qin army attacked Chu, they sought cooperation from Muta's army. (0:21:15.83)
EXTRA : It seems Muta's fighting style caught their eye, and they brought him back to Qin. (0:21:21.95)
EXTRA : Is he really that strong? (0:21:27.03)
EXTRA : Who knows? (0:21:29.37)
EXTRA : But I've frequently been hearing a rumor about how Muta's strength is beyond the level of a human's. (0:21:32.29)
Ten Karyou : X-Xin! (0:21:42.61)
Ten Karyou : Who is this guy? (0:21:44.74)
Shin : Shut up. (0:21:46.10)
Muta : It was you, wasn' it? (0:21:49.24)
Muta : The one who killed the hooded assassin. (0:21:51.12)
Shin : What if I am?! (0:21:54.64)
Muta : I won't give you an easy death. (0:21:56.37)
Muta : Prepare yourself, youngster. (0:21:59.27)
Shin : What's with this guy? (0:22:07.27)
Shin : He doesn't look strong at all... (0:22:09.08)
Shin : His body's small and he doesn't have a sword. (0:22:12.14)
Shin : But most of all, I don't feel the same pressure from him that I felt from the hooded bastard! (0:22:15.10)
Shin : I thought I felt an odd presence for a second, but it was my imagination! (0:22:19.36)
Shin : This guy's weak! (0:22:23.75)
Shin : I get that you're mad I killed your friend, but you'd better quit. (0:22:25.98)
Shin : You can't beat me, old man. (0:22:29.65)
Muta : You people from the State of Qin know nothing. (0:22:31.98)
Muta : And you're the stupidest of them all by far. (0:22:35.62)
Shin : What?! (0:22:38.58)
Muta : And first, Zhuxiong is not my friend. (0:22:40.94)
Muta : And also, killing you is an extremely easy task for Muta. (0:22:45.43)
Muta : Like this, for example... (0:22:53.93)
Shin : Wh-What the hell?! (0:23:03.19)
EXTRA : Voice of soul (0:24:35.45)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.29)
Shin : I'm stepping back... (0:24:45.82)
Shin : Am I scared? (0:24:47.42)
EXTRA : The fear of death attacks for the first time. (0:24:49.92)
EXTRA : Xin! If you're just a sword, you'll be smashed to pieces! (0:24:52.17)
EXTRA : {\fs120\t(0,1315,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,-20,656,15,0,1315)}An Unbreakable Heart (0:24:54.01)
EXTRA : An Unbreakable Heart (0:24:55.34)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.68)

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