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Introducing Akade

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

Shin : What's there to be "glad" about?! (0:00:03.43)
Shin : You... and you... and you...! (0:00:05.18)
Shin : Cut the shit! (0:00:07.68)
Shin : Hey, old man! (0:00:10.73)
Shin : Piao is... Piao is... (0:00:13.55)
Shin : Piao is dead! (0:00:18.80)
Shin : Hey! Say something! (0:00:31.92)
Changwenjun : It isn't just Piao. A great amount of other people also died... (0:00:39.90)
Changwenjun : This is a war! (0:00:45.05)
Shin : Wh... What did you say? (0:00:47.94)
Shin : You bastard...! (0:00:51.44)
Shin : Cut the bullshit! (0:00:53.44)
Shin : You piece of shit! (0:00:57.20)
Heki : I'm sorry for the disturbance, your highness. (0:01:07.85)
Heki : What shall I do with this one? (0:01:12.03)
Changwenjun : Let him sleep in a corner. (0:01:19.09)
Heki : Sir! (0:01:21.48)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:01:23.90)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:01:25.90)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:01:27.98)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years... (0:01:30.90)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:01:34.15)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the state of Qin in the far West. (0:01:37.15)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought (0:01:43.18)
EXTRA : the warring era to its end! (0:01:47.60)
EXTRA : The Path to Great General (0:03:21.09)
Ten Karyou : Here you go! For while you wait! (0:03:26.05)
Ten Karyou : Could you guys at least say "yum!" if you like it and "yuck!" if you don't? (0:03:37.07)
Ten Karyou : I guess it's not that kinda atmosphere. (0:03:45.07)
EXTRA : Geez... (0:03:49.45)
EXTRA : We're really in a bind... (0:03:50.49)
EXTRA : I never thought something like that would've happened. (0:03:52.65)
EXTRA : Yeah, even our lord, Changwenjun, got put through all that trouble... (0:03:55.08)
Shin : Changwenjun?! (0:04:00.59)
Shin : Hey, Diao! Did you just say "Changwenjun"?! (0:04:02.77)
Ten Karyou : It wasn't me! (0:04:06.92)
Shin : That bastard! (0:04:08.29)
Shin : Where the hell'd he go! (0:04:09.36)
Shin : Ow... (0:04:11.17)
Shin : Dammit, who was it? (0:04:13.26)
Ten Karyou : You shouldn't be moving around yet. (0:04:14.85)
Ten Karyou : Course, you're not the only one in rough shape. (0:04:17.53)
Ten Karyou : Everyone came here for Zheng's sake. (0:04:24.84)
EXTRA : I'm really glad. (0:04:29.66)
EXTRA : Seriously. What's most important is that his highness is all right. (0:04:31.63)
EXTRA : Did you see the Lord's face before? (0:04:35.73)
EXTRA : I've never seen him cry like that! (0:04:38.01)
EXTRA : I'm glad we risked our lives to get here! (0:04:40.88)
Heki : In the escape plan, our biggest miscalculation was the appearance of (0:04:49.05)
Heki : General Wang Qi. (0:04:53.85)
Heki : We never anticipated that he would come. (0:04:56.38)
Heki : Based on his personality, I would've expected the general to be indifferent to the strife going on inside the palace, but...\n (0:05:00.36)
Changwenjun : We may have truly fallen prey to Wang Qi's plan back then. (0:05:09.25)
Ying Zheng : Plan? (0:05:15.02)
Changwenjun : Yes. (0:05:16.04)
Changwenjun : In the middle of that fierce melee, our battle was taking place... (0:05:17.23)
Changwenjun : atop the Shuda Hills... (0:05:22.40)
Changwenjun : And there... (0:05:25.53)
Changwenjun : What?! (0:05:34.90)
Changwenjun : And so, I narrowly managed to escape death, but... (0:05:58.12)
Changwenjun : I was sent far away from the battlefield. (0:06:02.19)
Changwenjun : I made a mistake... (0:06:10.72)
Changwenjun : No, thinking about it now, (0:06:12.46)
Changwenjun : I wonder how it was that I could fight one-on-one with Wang Qi for so long... (0:06:15.29)
Changwenjun : With the ability that man has, (0:06:19.32)
Changwenjun : he could have cut me in two then and there. (0:06:22.33)
Changwenjun : It's clear that he had a plan to separate me from the battlefield. (0:06:26.25)
Heki : He's a man of many mysteries. (0:06:31.49)
Heki : He flies on his whims. (0:06:34.03)
Heki : The Mystery Bird of the State of Qin, General Wang Qi. (0:06:36.24)
Ying Zheng : The legendary general who served my great-grandfather, King Zhao... (0:06:41.07)
Ying Zheng : Huh...? (0:06:47.68)
Ten Karyou : Um... I thought you might be hungry. (0:06:48.80)
Ying Zheng : Thanks, Diao. (0:06:51.43)
Changwenjun : My king, who is this? (0:06:54.91)
Ying Zheng : He saved my life at Heibei Village. (0:06:57.20)
Ying Zheng : His name is He Liao Diao. (0:06:59.02)
Changwenjun : I see. (0:07:01.02)
Changwenjun : But youngster, those are some odd clothes you have on. (0:07:04.06)
Ten Karyou : That's because I'm one of the Mountain People. (0:07:07.46)
Changwenjun : Oh? So you could say this is your land, as well. (0:07:09.15)
Ten Karyou : Maybe. (0:07:15.07)
Heki : Your Majesty, may I? (0:07:18.32)
Ying Zheng : What is it? (0:07:20.79)
Heki : Her and the other one who helped you in Heibei Village... (0:07:22.52)
Ying Zheng : Yes, (0:07:26.48)
Ying Zheng : his name is Xin. (0:07:27.77)
Ying Zheng : It's thanks to him that I am here right now. (0:07:29.81)
Ying Zheng : And Xin was... Piao's friend. (0:07:32.56)
Heki : He was... Lord Piao's... (0:07:36.05)
Ten Karyou : Lord Piao? (0:07:38.81)
Heki : Your Majesty, if I might have your permission, (0:07:41.39)
Heki : I would like to talk to that young man about Lord Piao's last moments. (0:07:44.79)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:07:50.28)
Ten Karyou : Hey, Xin! (0:07:51.45)
Ten Karyou : Zheng's calling you! (0:07:53.32)
Ten Karyou : He wants to talk to you about something. (0:07:55.50)
Ten Karyou : What's with you? Zheng's calling you. (0:08:00.30)
Ten Karyou : You depressed, Xin? (0:08:05.52)
Shin : Would you quit blabbering?! (0:08:07.88)
Shin : Who cares if Zheng is calling me! (0:08:10.04)
Shin : I'm trying to think right now! (0:08:11.84)
Shin : If he wants me, tell him to come here! (0:08:14.67)
EXTRA : Who's Zheng? (0:08:17.05)
EXTRA : Was there somebody here by that name? (0:08:18.59)
EXTRA : Zheng?! (0:08:20.85)
EXTRA : You're not talking about His Majesty, are you?! (0:08:21.98)
Shin : Yeah. (0:08:24.61)
EXTRA : What do you think you're doing?! (0:08:25.23)
EXTRA : Calling him "Your Majesty" is part of showing respect! (0:08:27.23)
Shin : He said "Zheng" is fine! (0:08:31.54)
EXTRA : You're still saying it?! (0:08:33.76)
Ten Karyou : The king is calling you, Xin! (0:08:35.62)
Ten Karyou : C'mon! (0:08:38.68)
Ten Karyou : That Bi guy wants to tell you something. (0:08:40.17)
Shin : Geez, about what? (0:08:42.63)
Ten Karyou : About Piao's last moments. (0:08:45.01)
Shin : Got it. (0:08:51.45)
Ten Karyou : Wait for me! (0:08:56.26)
Ten Karyou : The blowgun? (0:09:01.17)
Ten Karyou : But where're the darts? (0:09:04.03)
Ten Karyou : Ah, there he is. (0:09:11.65)
Ten Karyou : I got used to seeing corpses in the village, but touching them is so gross! (0:09:20.63)
Ten Karyou : Where are they? (0:09:24.66)
Muta : Not over there. (0:09:26.79)
Muta : Do not make a ruckus. (0:09:29.67)
Muta : If they find out I'm alive, they'll finish Muta off. (0:09:33.18)
Ten Karyou : What the hell, old man, you're still alive? (0:09:38.00)
Muta : Muta's life force is a menace... (0:09:40.68)
Muta : is what Muta would like to say, but Muta will die soon. (0:09:44.18)
Muta : So leave Muta in peace. (0:09:47.72)
Ten Karyou : Okay, but in exchange, you've gotta give me your poison darts. (0:09:51.03)
Muta : Muta's poison darts...? (0:09:55.18)
Ten Karyou : Yeah. I wanna get strong. (0:09:58.56)
Shin : You're Bi? (0:10:23.59)
Heki : I am Changwenjun's retainer and the vice captain, Bi. (0:10:26.10)
Shin : I heard... you wanted to talk about Piao. (0:10:30.48)
Heki : Yes. I wanted to make certain that you know what happened. (0:10:34.48)
Heki : My lord! (0:10:42.74)
EXTRA : Lord Bi! Orders! (0:10:51.47)
Heki : Protect the carriage! (0:10:53.46)
Heki : Even if your body is chopped to pieces, don't let them get to that carriage! (0:10:54.98)
Heki : Only the Lord and I knew that it was a double. (0:11:02.31)
Heki : In order to make the plan succeed, I raised my voice to inspire the troops. (0:11:07.10)
Heki : But Wang Qi's army was... (0:11:13.72)
Heki : too strong! (0:11:17.30)
Heki : Don't falter! Stay focused! (0:11:20.15)
Heki : Due to that, our ranks were thrown into disorder and the carriage was left alone. (0:11:23.09)
EXTRA : Lord Bi! (0:11:30.20)
EXTRA : The carriage! (0:11:31.69)
Heki : It's over... (0:11:36.31)
Heki : We're going to lose everything here... (0:11:37.70)
Heki : I had given up on everything. But then... (0:11:40.41)
Hyou : Don't give up! Reform your ranks! (0:11:52.81)
Hyou : Crowd together and we'll attempt to break through! (0:11:55.69)
EXTRA : Gather around the king! (0:11:57.57)
Hyou : Let's break away in one burst! (0:11:58.45)
Heki : With Lord Piao's words, we went from despair to
having the flames of battle in our hearts relit!
Heki : I honestly couldn't believe it! (0:12:12.77)
Heki : In front of the Wang Qi army that was feared throughout the states, (0:12:16.00)
Heki : he lead us without faltering. (0:12:19.21)
Heki : Even though he was just a low-class nameless boy... (0:12:21.02)
Heki : L-Lord Piao! (0:12:27.47)
Heki : That figure was truly... that of a king! (0:12:31.68)
Heki : I had thought that with this push, we would be able to break through! (0:12:43.41)
Heki : I believed that, but... (0:12:46.67)
Hyou : Vice Captain! Split the unit in two and head to rescue Changwenjun! (0:12:49.78)
Heki : But, my king! With this vigor, we can break away! (0:12:54.67)
Hyou : The king needs Changwenjun! (0:12:57.75)
Hyou : Understand?! This is an order! (0:13:02.35)
Heki : Yes, sir! (0:13:04.39)
EXTRA : My king! A fresh supply of troops are coming from the right! (0:13:07.97)
Hyou : They still have that many...? (0:13:11.18)
Hyou : It looks like this won't... (0:13:12.52)
Hyou : be that simple! (0:13:14.58)
Hyou : Xin... Give me strength... (0:13:23.93)
Hyou : Let's go, Xin! (0:13:31.01)
EXTRA : That's the king! Go! (0:13:34.04)
Hyou : Just try to take my head! (0:13:36.54)
Heki : Thanks to Lord Piao, the enemy's pursuit towards us was weakened. (0:13:40.80)
Heki : Okay! Now we can make it through the enemy line! (0:13:46.74)
Heki : He broke though! (0:13:53.58)
Heki : Everyone! The king is all right! Keep moving forward! (0:13:55.18)
Heki : I was sure that I would reunite with Lord Piao here, safe and sound... (0:14:03.12)
Heki : I feel such chagrin... (0:14:12.86)
Shin : Hey, Zheng. (0:14:38.37)
Shin : I have something I want to ask you. (0:14:39.91)
Shin : I'm not too smart, so I want you to be straightforward with me about this. (0:14:41.92)
Ying Zheng : What is it? (0:14:45.77)
Shin : If you get back to the palace safely, what're you going to do with me? (0:14:47.39)
Shin : I guess since you're the king, you can do whatever you want, right? (0:14:53.25)
Shin : My desire is to become a general. (0:14:57.68)
Shin : Could you do something like making me a general? (0:15:00.80)
Ying Zheng : Why bring this up all of a sudden? (0:15:04.83)
Shin : Piao really... was incredible. (0:15:08.04)
Shin : After hearing this guy, Bi, talk about Piao like he was a hero, (0:15:11.84)
Shin : it gave me a firm reminder. (0:15:15.32)
Shin : He always knew... (0:15:19.81)
Shin : what he needed to do to get something... (0:15:23.81)
Shin : But I don't. (0:15:31.30)
Shin : He knew it all, so I just thought that if I hung around with him, I'd be fine. (0:15:34.46)
Shin : But... Piao is gone now. (0:15:39.43)
Shin : And right now, I don't know a thing about it. (0:15:43.43)
Shin : So, please tell me. (0:15:46.74)
Shin : How can I become a general?! (0:15:49.55)
Muta : Poison darts are dangerous, so Muta will give you numbing darts. (0:15:55.98)
Ten Karyou : I'm kinda disappointed, but I guess there's nothing I can do. (0:16:00.38)
Ten Karyou : Mountain Person He Liao Diao's fighting power has risen! (0:16:05.10)
Muta : As thanks for staying quiet, Muta will give you advice. (0:16:09.41)
Muta : You won't be all right just by sticking with that young king. (0:16:14.11)
Muta : From what Muta heard, his only ally is that bearded old man. (0:16:18.83)
Ten Karyou : For now. (0:16:23.62)
Ten Karyou : But apparently we have a strong ally called Lü Shi. (0:16:25.08)
Ten Karyou : He's just on a campaign right now. (0:16:28.64)
Muta : It is unfortunate, but you are very mistaken. (0:16:32.11)
Ying Zheng : Currently, this state's system is one that places achievement above all else. (0:16:39.46)
Ying Zheng : The age where one can become a general merely by being born of a noble or military family has ended. (0:16:44.85)
Ying Zheng : It is a structure where if you appear on the battlefield and continually produce winning results, (0:16:49.84)
Ying Zheng : your rank will rise and you can reach the position of general. (0:16:54.06)
Shin : Piao said that, too. I know that much! (0:16:57.28)
Shin : Could you say it more concretely? (0:17:00.78)
Ying Zheng : Unfortunately, it's impossible for you. (0:17:04.18)
Shin : What?! (0:17:06.72)
Shin : What do you mean?! (0:17:07.29)
Ying Zheng : An army is primarily composed of regular soldiers from noble or military families, (0:17:10.67)
Ying Zheng : and conscript solders collected from commoner families. (0:17:16.66)
Ying Zheng : But as you are now, not only can you not be a regular solder, but you cannot even be a conscript soldier. (0:17:18.84)
Changwenjun : You really don't know a thing, do you? (0:17:24.82)
Changwenjun : Conscripted soldiers are from houses listed in the family register, (0:17:29.33)
Changwenjun : and houses with above-standard amounts of riches. (0:17:33.18)
Changwenjun : But for you, who doesn't even have a house to live in, (0:17:37.04)
Changwenjun : not only can you not gain military achievements, you cannot even set foot on the battlefield. (0:17:41.47)
Heki : Don't get so down. (0:17:46.33)
Heki : The rank of general isn't something even nobles or military families can gain easily. (0:17:48.49)
Shin : I see... (0:17:55.22)
Shin : I understand. (0:17:57.82)
Changwenjun : You understand? (0:18:02.34)
Shin : Yeah, I get it! (0:18:05.00)
Shin : Then somehow, I've just gotta get Zheng back to the palace, (0:18:08.00)
Shin : somehow beat the younger brother and the chancellor, (0:18:10.86)
Shin : get a land, build a house, (0:18:14.63)
Shin : and get some riches! (0:18:17.79)
Ying Zheng : That's the whole of it. (0:18:21.98)
Shin : Then it's a deal! (0:18:24.71)
Ying Zheng : Acknowledged. (0:18:26.68)
Shin : This's gonna be interesting! (0:18:28.74)
Ying Zheng : In exchange, you need to work ten times as hard. (0:18:32.28)
Shin : You've gotta be kiddin'! It'll be a hundred times! (0:18:34.45)
Ten Karyou : Zheng! Is it true that General Lü won't come back until Zheng is killed?! (0:18:38.63)
EXTRA : ( Flag - Lü ) (0:18:59.15)
EXTRA : Chancellor Lü, (0:19:02.86)
EXTRA : a horse has arrived from the capital. (0:19:04.59)
EXTRA : Furthermore, it's telling of Jie Shi's rebellion. (0:19:06.91)
Fui Ryo : Cut off his head. (0:19:10.30)
Fui Ryo : That is a strategy of the Wei Army designed to allow them to escape our Lü Army's encirclement. (0:19:15.17)
Fui Ryo : Cut off that messenger's head. (0:19:20.55)
Heki : Even knowing of Jie Shi's rebellion, Lü Shi won't come back? (0:19:24.97)
Heki : Th-That's ridiculous! (0:19:29.18)
Heki : The one most worried about losing his majesty should be Lü Shi, isn't it?! (0:19:31.89)
Changwenjun : Bi... You still have yet to grasp the true fearsomeness of Chancellor Lü. (0:19:37.27)
Shin : What the hell's he talking about, Zheng?! (0:19:46.38)
Ying Zheng : Lü Shi is waiting for me to be killed and for Chengjiao to take the throne. (0:19:51.23)
Ying Zheng : At that moment, Lü Shi will be able to loudly extol Jie Shi and Chengjiao's injustice. (0:19:57.77)
Ying Zheng : And, leading 200,000 soldiers, he will launch a grand attack on Xianyang. (0:20:03.21)
Ying Zheng : With Xianyang becoming a battlefield, (0:20:07.87)
Ying Zheng : the royal family will be caught up in the battle, and possibly all die. (0:20:10.11)
Ying Zheng : With the entire royal family wiped out, who do you think the citizens will push to be the next king? (0:20:16.71)
Heki : Lü Shi...! (0:20:25.93)
Shin : What the hell?! Quit messing around! (0:20:30.24)
Shin : Didn't you say Lü Shi was your ally? (0:20:33.99)
Shin : With that, it sounds like you had nothing but enemies in the royal palace! (0:20:36.81)
Ying Zheng : I told you, didn't I? (0:20:41.94)
Ying Zheng : "I am a powerless king walking the wastelands of a relentless war." (0:20:44.42)
Shin : B-But there must be something we can do, right?! (0:20:50.79)
Shin : Hey! Changwenjun! (0:20:54.52)
Changwenjun : Unfortunately. With our current forces, we cannot even get close to the capital. (0:20:59.48)
Changwenjun : All we can do is watch over the movements of Lü Shi and Jie Shi here, and wait for an opportune time to recover. (0:21:07.03)
Ying Zheng : No, Changwenjun. (0:21:17.24)
Ying Zheng : I want to return to the palace at the earliest possible opportunity. (0:21:19.97)
Changwenjun : But, my king! (0:21:23.25)
Ying Zheng : Regardless of whether I am alive or dead, (0:21:26.49)
Ying Zheng : as soon as Jie Shi is prepared for all-out war with Lü Shi, (0:21:29.45)
Ying Zheng : he'll forcibly place Chengjiao on the throne. (0:21:32.45)
Ying Zheng : The battle between Jie Shi and Lü Shi is something big enough to divide... (0:21:36.20)
Ying Zheng : this country in two. (0:21:41.83)
Ying Zheng : Before a civil war breaks out, (0:21:43.98)
Ying Zheng : I must take the throne and return the capital to normalcy. (0:21:45.75)
Changwenjun : That... That's impossible, my king! (0:21:50.23)
Changwenjun : Our forces are feeble! (0:21:53.23)
Changwenjun : And now, without joining forces with Lü Shi or Jie Shi, (0:21:56.18)
Changwenjun : there is no army in Qin that can help us! (0:22:00.02)
Ying Zheng : Is that right? (0:22:04.86)
Shin : Do you have an idea, Zheng? (0:22:07.27)
Shin : That blowgun! (0:22:13.29)
Shin : Doesn't that belong to that old man?! (0:22:14.73)
Ten Karyou : It doesn't matter! I got it now! (0:22:16.52)
Shin : Lemme see it for a sec! (0:22:18.83)
Ten Karyou : No! It's mine! (0:22:20.25)
Shin : I ain't taking it from ya, I just wanna see it! (0:22:22.40)
Ten Karyou : No! (0:22:24.93)
Shin : Let me see, dammit! (0:22:26.02)
Changwenjun : There is a way. (0:22:28.84)
Heki : Did you say something, my lord? (0:22:31.75)
Changwenjun : Th-There is a way! (0:22:36.35)
Changwenjun : Just one... (0:22:37.92)
Changwenjun : A great army not joined with Lü Shi or Jie Shi! (0:22:39.20)
Ying Zheng : I've been thinking about that since I arrived here. (0:22:43.74)
Changwenjun : B-But it's been 400 years since we've allied with them... (0:22:50.63)
Ying Zheng : The chances are low, but we have no choice but to go meet with them, (0:22:55.86)
Ying Zheng : the Mountain People. (0:23:02.10)
Ying Zheng : And the one who governs them, the Mountain King! (0:23:06.02)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.08)
Heki : I see... You all didn't know... (0:24:45.62)
Heki : the story of the Majiu Soldiers. (0:24:48.55)
EXTRA : Xin and the others shudder. (0:24:50.46)
EXTRA : Wriggling in a bottomless darkness... (0:24:52.05)
EXTRA : The Terrifying Mountain People (0:24:53.38)
EXTRA : will they find a people who were once friends? (0:24:53.72)
EXTRA : The Terrifying Mountain People (0:24:55.13)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.17)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.59)

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