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EXTRA : (0:00:00.00)
Changwenjun : Go, Xin. (0:00:03.73)
Changwenjun : Please, follow the king! (0:00:06.77)
Heki : Lord is... bowing his head to someone other than the king. (0:00:10.58)
Heki : And what's more... it's to a nameless servant boy. (0:00:17.31)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:00:23.98)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:00:25.96)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:00:28.00)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years... (0:00:30.92)
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. (0:00:33.96)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the State of Qin in the far West. (0:00:37.09)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:00:43.58)
EXTRA : Each One's Dream (0:02:21.07)
Shin : But man, Young Master Bi, (0:02:42.19)
Shin : why're you tagging along? (0:02:44.58)
Heki : I'd be worried if you two were on your own. (0:02:46.77)
Heki : And don't call me Young Master! (0:02:50.02)
Shin : I don't really care, but if you don't hurry it up, we're leaving you behind! (0:02:53.03)
Heki : Shit! Shit! (0:03:00.74)
Heki : Don't underestimate nobles! (0:03:05.38)
Ten Karyou : Hey, hey. (0:03:18.18)
Ten Karyou : What sorta place do you think the Mountain King's country is? (0:03:19.62)
Ten Karyou : There's gotta be a huge castle or something there, right? (0:03:22.91)
Heki : No, honestly, I doubt it'll be anything great. (0:03:25.46)
Heki : Just by looking at their clothing, (0:03:30.08)
Heki : they definitely don't have a high standard of living. (0:03:32.38)
Heki : And even if they call it a country, (0:03:35.06)
Heki : it's probably nothing more than a slightly larger than average country village. (0:03:36.52)
Heki : If we can sneak in, I don't think a rescue would be difficult to pull off. (0:03:39.38)
Shin : I get it! (0:03:44.05)
Shin : So it'll be an easy victory! (0:03:45.26)
Heki : What is it? (0:04:07.62)
Shin : How the hell is this a country village? (0:04:26.25)
Shin : How the hell are we gonna rescue Zheng from this place, (0:04:29.02)
Shin : Brother Bi!? (0:04:32.18)
Heki : Th-This is... insane...! (0:04:36.46)
Ying Zheng : I am the 31st king of the State of Qin, Ying Zheng. (0:05:13.84)
You Tanwa : I am the Mountain King, Yang Duan He. (0:05:25.67)
EXTRA : Mountain King Yang Duan He (0:05:26.63)
Shin : It's so tough! (0:05:34.80)
Ten Karyou : All right! Now's my time to shine! (0:05:39.46)
Ten Karyou : That's the guy you suddenly hit out of the blue before, Xin! (0:06:09.77)
Shin : You bastard! Are you here to get back at me?! (0:06:19.39)
Shin : Wh-What's with you guys?! (0:06:32.64)
Ten Karyou : Y-You're kidding, right? (0:06:34.51)
Ten Karyou : Xin! Xin! (0:06:37.03)
Shin : Don't cry, Diao! (0:06:38.07)
Shin : These guy's aren't anything special! (0:06:39.46)
Shin : Look! (0:06:41.63)
Shin : When they come to stab us, (0:06:43.07)
Shin : I'll tangle one of their legs in a rope and then I'll go wild! (0:06:44.62)
Ten Karyou : Can you really do that? (0:06:48.68)
Shin : Yeah, just leave it to me! (0:06:50.80)
Shin : I even had special training for this sorta thing with Piao! (0:06:52.72)
Ten Karyou : Seriously?! (0:06:55.57)
Ten Karyou : Was this in your special training, too?! (0:07:00.74)
Shin : Shit. (0:07:03.31)
Shin : Y-You! (0:07:10.99)
Shin : You... helped us? (0:07:22.35)
Bajiou : Tajif is just protecting you on the king's orders. (0:07:27.57)
Ten Karyou : It's that captain-looking guy! (0:07:31.88)
Bajiou : It may seem like there are no borders between the Mountain World and the Flatland World, (0:07:33.75)
Bajiou : but many things happen in that area. (0:07:39.58)
Bajiou : Some of those people have had family members killed by the Flatland People. (0:07:43.03)
Bajiou : Tajif the Warrior pays you respect because you were able to break his horns. (0:07:49.25)
Shin : Tajif the Warrior? (0:07:54.95)
Bajiou : Tajif feels sorry for you. (0:07:57.41)
Bajiou : Because very soon, you shall be judged by our king, and may be killed. (0:08:00.27)
Heki : Wh-What did you say?! (0:08:06.75)
Shin : What'll happen to Zheng?! (0:08:08.31)
Bajiou : The King of Qin will suffer the same fate. (0:08:11.29)
You Tanwa : King of Qin, Ying Zheng? (0:08:18.40)
You Tanwa : A boy king with no political power... (0:08:24.04)
You Tanwa : whose little brother is chasing after his throne, (0:08:27.13)
You Tanwa : has few reliable retainers, (0:08:29.56)
You Tanwa : and has been running around on his own. (0:08:32.47)
You Tanwa : And he has stepped into this Mountain Country to meet me. (0:08:35.64)
You Tanwa : Would you let me hear your reasons? (0:08:41.16)
Ying Zheng : I came to borrow your strength. (0:08:45.63)
You Tanwa : It would seem things will not be meeting your expectations. (0:08:56.96)
You Tanwa : We brought you here in order to judge you. (0:09:00.13)
Ying Zheng : Judge me for what? (0:09:04.12)
You Tanwa : You cannot say you do not know! (0:09:06.08)
You Tanwa : What the people of the State of Qin did to us! (0:09:09.11)
You Tanwa : 400 years ago, when the King of Qin, Duke Mu, made an alliance with our Mountain Countries, (0:09:17.21)
You Tanwa : when our ancestors held him as a friend, (0:09:26.19)
You Tanwa : we saw the signs that a new country would be established. (0:09:29.36)
You Tanwa : But... (0:09:34.56)
EXTRA : Go back to the mountains, you monkeys! (0:09:39.73)
EXTRA : Go home! Go home! Go home! (0:09:41.43)
You Tanwa : But we realized that it was an illusion. (0:09:52.21)
You Tanwa : Our people that lived and interacted with the Flatland People were on their way back to the mountains, (0:09:58.31)
You Tanwa : but they were still met with relentless torment. (0:10:04.60)
You Tanwa : The tragedies they endured were unimaginable. (0:10:09.40)
You Tanwa : Do you understand? (0:10:14.88)
You Tanwa : In order to appease the malice of our ancestors, (0:10:17.11)
You Tanwa : we must sever the head of the current King of Qin, you. (0:10:20.17)
You Tanwa : Do you have anything to say for yourself? (0:10:25.38)
Ying Zheng : We are the ones at fault. (0:10:29.37)
Ying Zheng : As a representative of the State of Qin, I sincerely apologize for our past foolishness. (0:10:31.28)
Ying Zheng : But that is not enough of a reason to take my head. (0:10:36.49)
You Tanwa : And why is that? (0:10:44.37)
You Tanwa : If your response does not satisfy us, we'll lop off your head immediately. (0:10:46.33)
Ying Zheng : In the 400 years since Duke Mu, (0:10:51.33)
Ying Zheng : and furthermore, in the 1,000 years of history leading up to his reign, (0:10:53.27)
Ying Zheng : countries, people, culture, faith... (0:10:57.74)
Ying Zheng : though different things have been exchanged, (0:11:00.66)
Ying Zheng : has blood stopped spilling at all? (0:11:03.16)
Ying Zheng : Have the discrimination, scorn, and grudges that have built up over the long years... (0:11:06.77)
Ying Zheng : disappeared from people's hearts? (0:11:09.84)
Ying Zheng : If you look at the people's history, you'll soon understand... (0:11:14.48)
Ying Zheng : why getting rid of those is a nearly impossible task. (0:11:17.32)
Ying Zheng : To think that the appearance of one person, Duke Mu, would make hundreds of years of discord disappear, is naive. (0:11:21.60)
You Tanwa : You bastard! (0:11:27.82)
You Tanwa : Do you label our ancestors, who sought the dream of peace and were betrayed, as fools?! (0:11:28.97)
Ying Zheng : That is not what I say. (0:11:33.88)
Ying Zheng : What I am saying is that the problem here is deeply ingrained. (0:11:35.41)
Ying Zheng : And if you say that simply cutting off my head will resolve it, you are mistaken. (0:11:37.91)
You Tanwa : So we should not kill you because it will not solve anything? (0:11:45.80)
You Tanwa : So we should just forgive the murders of our countrymen? (0:11:49.70)
Ying Zheng : There are a mountain of things that should come before revenge. (0:11:54.90)
You Tanwa : You are quite good at acting the virtuous king. (0:12:00.89)
You Tanwa : So impertinent... (0:12:03.51)
You Tanwa : Young king, you do not seem to have even a rough understanding of the people's pain. (0:12:04.66)
Ying Zheng : Honestly, what are you doing? (0:12:45.61)
Shin : Shaddup! We just messed up a little! (0:12:48.19)
Ying Zheng : A little... huh...? (0:12:51.30)
You Tanwa : Do it. (0:12:57.09)
Ten Karyou : I-I'm first?! (0:13:00.78)
Ten Karyou : No! Stop! (0:13:02.36)
Ying Zheng : There is no need to do that. (0:13:04.41)
Ying Zheng : I'm already well aware of that pain. (0:13:07.00)
Ying Zheng : Mountain King! (0:13:11.85)
Ying Zheng : If a king is driven by malice and contentment to pick up a sword, (0:13:13.88)
Ying Zheng : he will be swallowed by the whirlpool of hatred... (0:13:18.10)
Ying Zheng : and the country will fall to ruin! (0:13:19.69)
Ying Zheng : A king should pick up a sword for the reason of opening the path to preserving life. (0:13:21.61)
You Tanwa : What do you mean? (0:13:26.74)
Ying Zheng : The people of the State of Qin and the Mountain People... (0:13:29.17)
Ying Zheng : it is because they are divided that strife is created. (0:13:31.75)
Ying Zheng : But that happened in the distant past. (0:13:34.62)
Ying Zheng : It has become as though it is natural. (0:13:37.50)
Ying Zheng : It is the same all over China. (0:13:40.53)
Ying Zheng : From their perspectives, even though we're all people of the flatlands, (0:13:42.43)
Ying Zheng : we just eternally steal from and kill each other. (0:13:45.85)
Ying Zheng : The intensification of the violence has brought about the building of long walls around national borders. (0:13:50.15)
Ying Zheng : Inside and outside, who is a friend and who is an enemy has become defined even more strongly. (0:13:54.37)
Ying Zheng : It is true that a rare leader like Duke Mu leads many nations, (0:14:00.10)
Ying Zheng : but in the end, he brought about nothing more than a temporary stretch of stability. (0:14:05.52)
Ying Zheng : That alone is not good enough. (0:14:10.34)
Shin : What's not good enough?! (0:14:13.07)
Shin : What the hell do you know about Duke Mu?! (0:14:15.25)
Shin : Just getting peace for a little while's awesome, ain't it?! (0:14:18.03)
Shin : What's better than that?! (0:14:21.39)
Ying Zheng : The abolishment of all country borders! (0:14:27.67)
Shin : G-Getting rid of the borders? (0:14:32.74)
You Tanwa : King of Qin... Take a good look around you. (0:14:36.71)
You Tanwa : Do you think there's a single country that would accept such an idea? (0:14:41.41)
Ying Zheng : If they won't, we'll use force until they do. (0:14:46.40)
Ying Zheng : As you would in a world of warring states. (0:14:49.53)
You Tanwa : That's the polar opposite of the path of preserving life, isn't it? (0:14:52.95)
Ying Zheng : No! (0:14:57.48)
Ying Zheng : There has been constant war for the past 500 years! (0:14:58.81)
Ying Zheng : So it may continue for another 500 years! (0:15:01.40)
Ying Zheng : The sword I'm taking up... (0:15:04.51)
Ying Zheng : is to prevent there from being victims in another 500 years of war! (0:15:06.31)
Shin : Hold on a second! (0:15:14.79)
Shin : What the hell are you guys talking about?! (0:15:16.05)
Ying Zheng : What it is that I seek. (0:15:18.82)
Shin : I thought you were after the throne your little brother took! (0:15:20.69)
Shin : We came here to ask for reinforcement to help you take back the throne, didn't we?! (0:15:24.95)
Ying Zheng : The throne is nothing but the first step on my path. (0:15:28.74)
Shin : Your path... (0:15:32.84)
Shin : What the hell is your path?! (0:15:34.82)
Ying Zheng : I will unite China and become its first king! (0:15:39.19)
Shin : Unite... (0:15:43.02)
Heki : China...? (0:15:44.44)
Shin : S-So you're going to destroy the other countries and make Qin the entire country? (0:15:46.13)
Ying Zheng : Yes. (0:15:51.22)
Heki : There's no way that can be... (0:15:52.10)
Heki : If you go back these past 500 years... No. Even further than that... (0:15:54.76)
Heki : such a thing has never been accomplished! (0:15:58.39)
Ying Zheng : That's what I'll do! (0:16:01.59)
Ying Zheng : If the country is united, international fighting will cease... (0:16:03.55)
Ying Zheng : and the people of all lands will see the expanse of a country unlike any seen before. (0:16:07.24)
You Tanwa : Expanse... of a country...? (0:16:13.23)
You Tanwa : Elders... (0:16:22.65)
You Tanwa : Why don't we capture the State of Qin? (0:16:23.90)
EXTRA : Just the kind of question I would expect from you, Lord Yang Duan He! (0:16:27.23)
EXTRA : You have such a magnificent will! (0:16:29.30)
EXTRA : But for now, please be patient. (0:16:31.67)
EXTRA : To capture Qin, the Mountain Countries require further power. (0:16:35.14)
You Tanwa : Then seek peace. (0:16:41.31)
EXTRA : What are you saying?! (0:16:43.48)
EXTRA : Peace with Qin? Our hated enemy? (0:16:45.39)
EXTRA : You must not speak such thoughtless things! (0:16:48.01)
EXTRA : Everyone is happy that the first king uniting the Mountain World in hundreds of years has been born. (0:16:51.09)
EXTRA : Everyone is anticipating that you will clear away our ancestors' sorrow and our malice, Lord Duan He! (0:16:57.78)
You Tanwa : Elders... (0:17:06.29)
You Tanwa : As I get older, (0:17:07.76)
You Tanwa : the defensive walls of the Mountain Countries increase in number and strength. (0:17:10.13)
You Tanwa : And as they do, I sense the narrowness of the countries. (0:17:14.28)
You Tanwa : War, peace, whatever it may be, is fine. (0:17:18.63)
You Tanwa : I just... want the world to expand... (0:17:22.57)
EXTRA : Why do you hesitate, my king? (0:17:34.31)
EXTRA : Now is the time to clear away many years of grudges. (0:17:38.32)
EXTRA : There is no need for any other questions. (0:17:42.37)
EXTRA : Although you know the malice held by the elders towards the people of Qin is deep... (0:17:45.96)
EXTRA : Leave this judgment to us. (0:17:53.17)
EXTRA : Peel off the King of Qin's skin while he's still alive, and dry it in the sun! (0:17:57.92)
EXTRA : And let's chop these three to pieces and feed them to the pigs! (0:18:02.65)
Shin : You bastard! Who're you callin' pig food?! (0:18:07.18)
Shin : I'll friggin' kill you, old man! (0:18:09.31)
Ten Karyou : Me again?! (0:18:15.00)
Ten Karyou : Xin! When did you...? (0:18:25.23)
Shin : No matter the situation, the technique for getting out of ropes... (0:18:27.44)
Shin : is totally within my special training with Piao! (0:18:28.88)
Ten Karyou : Seriously?! (0:18:32.17)
Shin : How about that, Zheng? (0:18:33.61)
Shin : Surprised? (0:18:34.79)
Ying Zheng : Not particularly. (0:18:36.38)
EXTRA : Hey, what are you doing?! (0:18:38.84)
EXTRA : Hurry, capture him! (0:18:40.55)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:18:49.03)
You Tanwa : Just as Bajiou reported, you are an amusing boy. (0:18:52.36)
You Tanwa : So, what will you do next? (0:18:56.84)
Shin : There's no question, really. (0:18:59.32)
You Tanwa : What? (0:19:01.42)
Shin : If you guys won't lend us your strength, (0:19:02.64)
Shin : we're just gonna head down the mountain and try somebody else. (0:19:05.50)
Shin : Not like we'd find anybody... (0:19:08.41)
EXTRA : So foolish! (0:19:10.39)
EXTRA : Do you truly think that you will be able to safely leave this mountain? (0:19:12.39)
Shin : I don't really care if I need to steal a sword and go on a rampage to do it. (0:19:18.00)
Shin : But there're probably some guys here that don't wanna fight much, either. (0:19:21.11)
Shin : Oh, well! (0:19:24.72)
Shin : I'll just have to take you hostage to get down the mountain, old man. (0:19:26.27)
Shin : Hey! Old man in the general mask! (0:19:30.15)
Shin : You've been talking about complicated stuff this whole time, (0:19:33.08)
Shin : but to make it simple, this guy's in trouble! (0:19:36.44)
Shin : Just think of it as helping someone out and lend him your strength! (0:19:39.99)
Shin : Kay? (0:19:42.50)
Heki : What a weak argument... (0:19:43.60)
Ten Karyou : We're doomed... (0:19:46.01)
Shin : And get this guy in your debt now, (0:19:47.57)
Shin : and later you'll really get paid back and then some! (0:19:50.68)
Shin : Plenty of treasure and delicious food and stuff! (0:19:53.29)
EXTRA : Don't get cocky, you flatland monkey! (0:19:55.88)
EXTRA : You will be ripped limb from limb here as compensation for our ancestors' regret... (0:19:58.85)
Shin : Shut up about your "regret"! (0:20:04.26)
Shin : Anyhow, the most regretful thing there is is when a dream ends as nothing but an illusion! (0:20:06.50)
Shin : If you really care about the dead, (0:20:15.80)
Shin : then make the dreams they had into a reality! (0:20:20.46)
Shin : Huh...? (0:20:32.18)
Shin : What's with the atmosphere in here? (0:20:33.17)
Ying Zheng : Do not be flustered. (0:20:35.45)
Ying Zheng : For you, that was a good job. (0:20:37.88)
Ying Zheng : Mountain King Yang Duan He, (0:20:57.94)
Ying Zheng : as you have seen, I am currently a powerless, weak king. (0:21:00.91)
Ying Zheng : But the uniting of China is not empty nonsense. (0:21:05.62)
Ying Zheng : It is my sure path! (0:21:09.54)
Ying Zheng : If you join me, you'll see the expanse of a country more vast than any your ancestors could have ever hoped for. (0:21:11.99)
Ying Zheng : Revive the alliance between Qin and the Mountain Countries from 400 years ago. (0:21:19.46)
Ying Zheng : Lend me your strength. (0:21:24.21)
You Tanwa : King of Qin, I have one question. (0:21:34.48)
You Tanwa : We are violent! (0:21:38.52)
You Tanwa : When you take back your throne, (0:21:40.36)
You Tanwa : the royal palace may become a sea of blood. (0:21:42.17)
You Tanwa : Do you not mind? (0:21:45.03)
Ten Karyou : So you mean...?! (0:21:50.44)
Ying Zheng : That's how it was taken from me. (0:21:55.15)
Ying Zheng : Do you have some hesitation? (0:21:57.53)
EXTRA : Don't! Don't, my king! (0:21:59.17)
EXTRA : Our ancestors... (0:22:01.82)
You Tanwa : Silence! (0:22:02.81)
You Tanwa : Do not open your mouth that spouts nothing but old malice again! (0:22:04.56)
You Tanwa : Everyone, listen closely! (0:22:25.36)
You Tanwa : I, Mountain World King Yang Duan He, hereby form an alliance with the King of Qin, King Ying Zheng, stronger than any formed before! (0:22:27.57)
Shin : I-It's a woman! (0:22:33.99)
You Tanwa : For the sake of that alliance, (0:22:35.08)
You Tanwa : we will now go to take back the King of Qin's throne that was unjustly taken! (0:22:36.62)
You Tanwa : Gather the soldiers from the neighboring mountains! (0:22:41.21)
You Tanwa : All armies, depart to the field with the preparedness to fight to the death! (0:22:44.61)
You Tanwa : Our goal is the capital of State of Qin, Xianyang! (0:22:48.23)
Ying Zheng : It begins here... (0:23:08.42)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.08)
Shin : It's 3,000 VS 80,000! (0:24:46.32)
Shin : We haven't got nearly enough! (0:24:48.43)
EXTRA : At an overwhelming disadvantage, (0:24:50.59)
EXTRA : the only thing that dwells in their hearts is unshakable preparedness. (0:24:52.23)
EXTRA : Now, to Xianyang! (0:24:53.34)
EXTRA : Now, to Xianyang! (0:24:55.14)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.47)

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