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Godou Kusanagi : What? The station? (0:00:03.74)
Godou Kusanagi : I don't see it. (0:00:05.21)
Godou Kusanagi : Okay. I'll ask someone. (0:00:07.67)
EXTRA : Ask someone? How do you expect to do that if you don't speak Italian? (0:00:11.09)
Godou Kusanagi : I'll manage somehow. (0:00:14.96)
Godou Kusanagi : I'm hanging up, then. (0:00:17.26)
Godou Kusanagi : Being an ethnologist, my grandfather has
traveled all over the globe since his childhood.
Godou Kusanagi : Unsurprisingly, he has a bunch of stone tablets (0:00:30.65)
Godou Kusanagi : and strange pots collected from his travels. (0:00:34.02)
Godou Kusanagi : This stone tablet is one of them. (0:00:38.09)
Godou Kusanagi : He was holding onto it for a
woman who lives on this island,
Godou Kusanagi : and he's making me, his grandson, (0:00:44.23)
Godou Kusanagi : come out here to return it. (0:00:46.82)
Godou Kusanagi : But man, this is one weird tablet. (0:00:49.86)
Erica Brandelli : Tu sei lì! (0:00:53.48)
Godou Kusanagi : Me? (0:00:58.15)
Godou Kusanagi : U-Um... (0:00:59.29)
Erica Brandelli : Passami subito quella guida diabolica! (0:01:02.07)
Godou Kusanagi : My name is Kusanagi Godou. (0:01:07.61)
Erica Brandelli : You don't speak Italian? (0:01:13.12)
Erica Brandelli : Then, I'll tell you again in Japanese. (0:01:15.97)
Erica Brandelli : Hand over that grimoire immediately! (0:01:18.29)
Godou Kusanagi : Grimoire? (0:01:20.81)
Erica Brandelli : I am a knight of the Copper-Black Cross. (0:01:22.10)
Erica Brandelli : Did you think I wouldn't recognize it? (0:01:25.07)
Godou Kusanagi : Th-This? (0:01:26.70)
Godou Kusanagi : I can't! I was asked to deliver this to— (0:01:28.11)
Erica Brandelli : Now. (0:01:31.63)
Godou Kusanagi : Are you... a robber? (0:01:32.53)
Erica Brandelli : A robber? (0:01:35.53)
Erica Brandelli : Don't insult me! You are the one who— (0:01:36.99)
Godou Kusanagi : What the hell? (0:01:41.71)
Erica Brandelli : Oh no! (0:01:46.13)
Godou Kusanagi : What is that noise? (0:01:50.76)
Godou Kusanagi : Wh-What the hell? (0:01:57.55)
Erica Brandelli : It's a Heretic God! (0:01:59.18)
Godou Kusanagi : A "Heretic God"? (0:02:01.97)
Godou Kusanagi : Forty-eight hours later, I, Kusanagi Godou, became the seventh king of the world. (0:02:09.82)
Godou Kusanagi : Wh-What do you mean by "god"? (0:02:23.12)
Erica Brandelli : You get away from here. (0:02:25.28)
Godou Kusanagi : H-Hey! (0:02:26.45)
Erica Brandelli : Arianna! (0:02:28.95)
Arianna Hayama Ariarudi : Yes, ma'am! (0:02:29.76)
Arianna Hayama Ariarudi : Erica-sama, where shall we go? (0:02:36.01)
Erica Brandelli : It's still at the harbor. (0:02:37.80)
Erica Brandelli : Go south on Rome Avenue! (0:02:39.29)
Arianna Hayama Ariarudi : Got it! (0:02:40.61)
Erica Brandelli : I have to stop it soon! (0:02:49.81)
Erica Brandelli : This is far enough! You go somewhere safe! (0:02:54.69)
Arianna Hayama Ariarudi : Erica-sama! (0:02:57.07)
Erica Brandelli : Soar, Sandals of Hermes! (0:02:58.32)
Erica Brandelli : O' lion of steel and your forebear, the lion-hearted king, (0:03:10.66)
Erica Brandelli : please accept this knight's, Erica Blandelli's, oath. (0:03:17.38)
Erica Brandelli : Time for a showdown. (0:03:28.18)
Erica Brandelli : Cuore di Leone! (0:03:31.13)
Erica Brandelli : As I thought... it's a divine beast. (0:03:39.57)
Erica Brandelli : An omen of an impending
battle between gods nearby!
Godou Kusanagi : Jesus, where did she go? (0:03:59.42)
Verethragna : Is this yours, boy? (0:04:06.75)
Godou Kusanagi : Y-Yeah, you should run away too. (0:04:08.31)
Godou Kusanagi : A monster appeared. (0:04:12.00)
Verethragna : How delightful. (0:04:14.67)
Godou Kusanagi : "Delightful"? (0:04:15.78)
Godou Kusanagi : Who are you, anyway? (0:04:17.27)
Godou Kusanagi : Your Japanese is a little strange. (0:04:18.81)
Verethragna : I am the victorious one, (0:04:20.65)
Verethragna : the mightiest being who
vanquishes his every enemy.
Godou Kusanagi : The victorious one? (0:04:26.23)
Verethragna : As I have become a bit curious about the taste of defeat, (0:04:27.59)
Verethragna : I have been reviving the olden kings of gods and challenging them to matches, (0:04:32.15)
Verethragna : but I have yet to be overcome. (0:04:36.68)
Godou Kusanagi : Feels like I'm talking to Gramps again. (0:04:38.42)
Godou Kusanagi : Hey! (0:04:44.59)
Verethragna : Did you come all this way in pursuit of that witch? (0:04:45.85)
Godou Kusanagi : "Witch"?{this clueless protagonist sure likes repeating people's words!} (0:04:49.60)
Godou Kusanagi : No, I just came to deliver that
because my grandpa asked me to.
Verethragna : "Deliver"? (0:04:55.79)
Verethragna : How amusing ! (0:05:02.59)
Verethragna : It seems you are a good boy, an honorable warrior! (0:05:04.40)
Verethragna : This thief hath told me so! (0:05:07.58)
Verethragna : Will you be going, warrior? (0:05:11.95)
Godou Kusanagi : Yeah. Sorry, but I need that back. (0:05:14.21)
Verethragna : Very well. I entrust it to thee. (0:05:18.44)
Godou Kusanagi : Entrust it? This was mine to begin with— (0:05:20.79)
Godou Kusanagi : What? (0:05:25.38)
Godou Kusanagi : What was that? (0:05:31.22)
Godou Kusanagi : Are you okay? (0:05:48.03)
Erica Brandelli : You again? (0:05:49.37)
Godou Kusanagi : A tornado?! (0:05:53.41)
Erica Brandelli : No. (0:05:54.69)
Erica Brandelli : That's an incarnation of a god! (0:05:55.29)
Godou Kusanagi : Gods, as in the ones people worship? (0:06:06.10)
Erica Brandelli : Yes. Heretic Gods are the ones that bring disaster to the human world. (0:06:08.18)
Godou Kusanagi : "Heretic Gods"? (0:06:12.81)
Erica Brandelli : They're gods that slip out of the realm of
mythology and assume corporeal forms on Earth...
Erica Brandelli : bringing with them calamities
corresponding to their characteristics.
Erica Brandelli : The land upon which a sun god appears
might turn into a hell with scorching heat.
Erica Brandelli : The arrival of a sea god could herald great floods. (0:06:29.55)
Erica Brandelli : War becomes a real possibility
when a god of war shows himself.
Erica Brandelli : Heretic Gods have existed since prehistoric times. (0:06:37.01)
Erica Brandelli : However, as they are gods, only those who
possess magical powers can recognize them.
Erica Brandelli : They appear as natural disasters to the ordinary eye. (0:06:46.68)
Erica Brandelli : You have a very powerful grimoire with you.
Are you telling me you didn't even know that?
Godou Kusanagi : I told you, I'm only here to return it! (0:06:55.38)
Erica Brandelli : To whom? (0:06:57.93)
Godou Kusanagi : Let me see... (0:06:59.02)
Godou Kusanagi : Lucretia Zola. (0:07:01.10)
Erica Brandelli : Lucretia! (0:07:02.56)
Erica Brandelli : The great mage known as the Witch of Sardinia? (0:07:04.43)
Erica Brandelli : Why would she give such an important grimoire to a Japanese man? (0:07:07.85)
Godou Kusanagi : I don't know the details, but I do know that Gramps has always been popular with girls. (0:07:10.78)
Godou Kusanagi : Lucretia-san is probably an ex-girlfriend. (0:07:16.32)
Erica Brandelli : Your grandfather must be quite sociable. (0:07:20.97)
Godou Kusanagi : I'm not my grandfather. (0:07:23.00)
Godou Kusanagi : Anyway... (0:07:25.66)
Godou Kusanagi : the train's not coming. (0:07:28.62)
Erica Brandelli : I told you we shouldn't take the train! (0:07:31.74)
Godou Kusanagi : No, you didn't! (0:07:33.84)
Godou Kusanagi : Actually, why are you even following me? (0:07:35.65)
Erica Brandelli : As a knight of the Copper-Black Cross, I can't just turn a blind eye to your grimoire. (0:07:37.22)
Erica Brandelli : I could easily threaten you with my sword and take it right now. (0:07:42.98)
Erica Brandelli : Be glad that you were lucky enough to meet a well-mannered knight such as myself. (0:07:47.63)
Godou Kusanagi : Weren't you trying to threaten me with a knife and take it back there? (0:07:52.11)
Erica Brandelli : What are you talking about? (0:07:56.61)
Godou Kusanagi : This bitch... (0:07:59.02)
Erica Brandelli : Come. Bring my luggage, too. (0:08:00.33)
Erica Brandelli : We'll drive there. (0:08:03.17)
Godou Kusanagi : Why do I have to carry your stuff?! (0:08:04.65)
Erica Brandelli : Do you need a reason to help a lady with her luggage? (0:08:07.80)
Sasha Dejanstahl Voban : Sardinia, is it? (0:08:15.26)
EXTRA : Yes, sir. (0:08:17.35)
Sasha Dejanstahl Voban : So it has begun. (0:08:19.68)
Sasha Dejanstahl Voban : Interesting. (0:08:21.70)
Godou Kusanagi : I thought I was going to die! (0:08:38.79)
Erica Brandelli : Arianna is a perfect maid, aside
from her cooking and her driving.
Lucrecia Zola : I've never seen you before. (0:08:47.92)
Lucrecia Zola : Who are you? (0:08:49.13)
Godou Kusanagi : A cat? (0:08:52.42)
Erica Brandelli : We're here to make a delivery on behalf of Kusanagi Ichirou, Lucretia Zola-sama. (0:08:54.08)
Lucrecia Zola : Ichirou? (0:08:59.99)
Lucrecia Zola : Excuse my terrible manners. Being able to use magic freely makes one lazy. (0:09:03.05)
Godou Kusanagi : Sh-She looks young! (0:09:08.82)
Lucrecia Zola : What's the matter? (0:09:11.07)
Godou Kusanagi : W-Well, I was told you were my
grandfather's acquaintance, so I thought...
Lucrecia Zola : I guess I would be old when
compared to normal humans,
Lucrecia Zola : but my youth hasn't faded at all! (0:09:21.44)
Lucrecia Zola : The sun will set soon. (0:09:24.48)
Lucrecia Zola : Would you like to take a peek, young man? (0:09:26.07)
Erica Brandelli : Disgusting. (0:09:30.63)
Godou Kusanagi : Shut up! (0:09:31.60)
Lucrecia Zola : Well, I wouldn't blame him. (0:09:32.71)
Lucrecia Zola : Youngsters don't have any self-control when it comes to certain things. (0:09:34.53)
Godou Kusanagi : I-I do have self-control! (0:09:38.39)
Lucrecia Zola : The Prometheus Grimoire, huh? It brings back memories! (0:09:45.47)
Erica Brandelli : Prometheus! (0:09:49.40)
Erica Brandelli : What do you intend to do with it? (0:09:54.77)
Lucrecia Zola : Well, I'm not sure. (0:09:56.94)
Lucrecia Zola : Something like this can only attract the wrong people. (0:09:59.52)
Lucrecia Zola : I would like him to take it back if possible. (0:10:03.76)
Lucrecia Zola : Young man. (0:10:10.31)
Lucrecia Zola : Did you meet anyone other than her on your way here? (0:10:12.31)
Godou Kusanagi : Well, not really. (0:10:15.80)
Godou Kusanagi : Oh, I met a kid! (0:10:17.78)
Godou Kusanagi : He talked kind of funny. (0:10:19.69)
Lucrecia Zola : Very well. I'll give this to you. (0:10:22.14)
Godou Kusanagi : M-Me?! (0:10:23.93)
Erica Brandelli : Please wait! (0:10:25.64)
Erica Brandelli : He's a complete novice when it comes to magic! (0:10:27.31)
Erica Brandelli : He wouldn't even be able to use it! (0:10:29.77)
Godou Kusanagi : Yeah! I came all the way here to
give this back to you, you know?
Lucrecia Zola : It is God's wish that he should hold onto it. (0:10:34.62)
Erica Brandelli : No way! (0:10:38.29)
Lucrecia Zola : Coincidences are fate, (0:10:39.15)
Lucrecia Zola : and the strings all come together in the end. (0:10:41.18)
Lucrecia Zola : Do you understand? (0:10:43.86)
Erica Brandelli : O-Of course I don't! (0:10:46.16)
Erica Brandelli : It's a precious, ancient grimoire! (0:10:48.74)
Erica Brandelli : This is nonsense! (0:10:50.80)
Athena : I'm bored. (0:11:07.77)
Erica Brandelli : Don't just sit there. Pour me some more wine now! (0:11:14.10)
Godou Kusanagi : No, I think that's enough. (0:11:17.03)
Erica Brandelli : You think that was enough wine to get me wasted? (0:11:19.15)
Godou Kusanagi : Like I told you... (0:11:22.61)
Erica Brandelli : Your face is still blank. Are you that dense? (0:11:25.22)
Erica Brandelli : What are you, a cow? (0:11:28.80)
Godou Kusanagi : For the last time... (0:11:30.25)
Godou Kusanagi : That's not me. (0:11:33.23)
Erica Brandelli : Whatever, just fill 'er up. (0:11:34.88)
Erica Brandelli : Why the silent treatment? (0:11:39.07)
Erica Brandelli : Ow! (0:11:44.30)
Erica Brandelli : You're so thickheaded! (0:11:45.29)
Erica Brandelli : You deserve death for repelling my finger flick! Apologize! (0:11:47.02)
Godou Kusanagi : Arianna-san! (0:11:50.74)
Arianna Hayama Ariarudi : He called me "Arianna-san"! (0:11:53.19)
Godou Kusanagi : Stand up straight, would you? (0:11:59.63)
Godou Kusanagi : She must wear expensive perfume. (0:12:09.21)
Godou Kusanagi : She smells so nice. (0:12:12.00)
Erica Brandelli : Arianna, my back. (0:12:14.71)
Erica Brandelli : Hurry up. (0:12:18.21)
Godou Kusanagi : U-Um, well... (0:12:19.96)
Erica Brandelli : Hurry up! (0:12:22.17)
Godou Kusanagi : Erica? (0:12:36.86)
Godou Kusanagi : Hey, you can't sleep like that. (0:12:37.81)
Godou Kusanagi : Good night. (0:12:49.78)
Godou Kusanagi : Huh? (0:12:55.40)
Godou Kusanagi : Huh? (0:12:57.88)
Godou Kusanagi : Wait, why won't it open? (0:12:58.97)
Lucrecia Zola : Good luck, young man. (0:13:02.48)
Lucrecia Zola : You seem to have the same talent as Ichirou. (0:13:04.25)
Lucrecia Zola : Talent in playing the ladies, that is! (0:13:08.78)
Godou Kusanagi : Seriously! Lucretia-san! (0:13:10.64)
Erica Brandelli : Drop dead, right now! (0:13:19.38)
Godou Kusanagi : I didn't do anything! (0:13:21.23)
Erica Brandelli : Of course! If you did, I would've broken your neck in my sleep! (0:13:23.40)
Godou Kusanagi : R-Really? (0:13:28.66)
Erica Brandelli : However, it's clear that you still saw me, Erica Blandelli, (0:13:30.53)
Erica Brandelli : in a disheveled state and laid your hands on me! (0:13:36.12)
Erica Brandelli : That's reason enough for you to deserve death ! (0:13:37.85)
Godou Kusanagi : It is? (0:13:41.00)
Godou Kusanagi : No, there wasn't anything I could do about it! I just— (0:13:42.79)
Erica Brandelli : What was that? (0:13:46.83)
Erica Brandelli : Rain? (0:13:50.71)
Godou Kusanagi : What's wrong? (0:14:09.57)
Godou Kusanagi : What the hell is that? (0:14:11.82)
Erica Brandelli : Please wait, dearest god! (0:14:13.61)
Melqarth : How insolent for a mere human to interrupt a god's work! (0:14:19.61)
Erica Brandelli : Please excuse my rudeness. (0:14:25.55)
Erica Brandelli : I take it you are the great Melqart-sama, the king of gods that Phoenicians worshiped in ancient times! (0:14:28.03)
Melqarth : Oh, I am impressed there is still a commendable human that remembers my name! (0:14:33.97)
Melqarth : I am Melqart, the god who was once
king of this island— no, the entire ocean!
Godou Kusanagi : Was that thunder? (0:14:52.32)
Erica Brandelli : It rarely rains in Sardinia. (0:14:54.16)
Erica Brandelli : Which probably means... (0:14:57.46)
Melqarth : You're still quite the shape-shifter. (0:15:02.88)
Melqarth : I must make haste. (0:15:07.00)
Erica Brandelli : Melqart manifested. (0:15:08.72)
Erica Brandelli : That means... (0:15:10.99)
Erica Brandelli : You stay here. (0:15:17.72)
Godou Kusanagi : Wait! What are you going to do? (0:15:18.77)
Erica Brandelli : I'll prevent the gods from fighting. (0:15:21.45)
Erica Brandelli : Melqart is one of the strongest gods in the Mediterranean. (0:15:23.93)
Erica Brandelli : If I don't stop him, this island will disappear. (0:15:27.34)
Godou Kusanagi : But how? (0:15:29.59)
Erica Brandelli : It is a knight's duty to protect the people. (0:15:32.32)
Erica Brandelli : Don't expect me to save you if anything happens! (0:15:39.57)
Erica Brandelli : You can still turn back. (0:15:42.71)
Godou Kusanagi : I already know. (0:15:44.28)
Lucrecia Zola : Yes, the trickster who deceived the gods, (0:15:47.04)
Lucrecia Zola : the hero who brought fire and civilization to mankind. (0:15:50.42)
Lucrecia Zola : That was Prometheus. (0:15:53.29)
Lucrecia Zola : His ability resides within this tablet. (0:15:55.01)
Lucrecia Zola : It can steal a god's Authority, so that you may use it as your own. (0:15:58.53)
Godou Kusanagi : "Authority"? (0:16:03.36)
Lucrecia Zola : A god's ability, his power. (0:16:04.27)
Lucrecia Zola : That tablet already possesses the power of the White Stallion, an incarnation of another god. (0:16:07.35)
Lucrecia Zola : I've heard that girl's a prodigy trained by the
Copper-Black Cross, an elite magic institution.
Lucrecia Zola : But facing off against a god is a challenge that lies beyond the ability of even the most talented mages. (0:16:18.80)
Lucrecia Zola : She's under pressure, too. (0:16:23.48)
Erica Brandelli : Look! (0:16:26.82)
Godou Kusanagi : There isn't anything! (0:16:32.70)
Erica Brandelli : It's another divine beast, a raptor. (0:16:33.97)
Erica Brandelli : It has appeared so they can become one once again. (0:16:36.38)
Verethragna : Long time no see, Melqart. (0:16:44.58)
Melqarth : I have been waiting for this day, Verethragna! (0:16:47.42)
Godou Kusanagi : ...Verethragna. (0:16:49.23)
Melqarth : ...Verethragna. (0:16:49.23)
Erica Brandelli : You knew? (0:16:51.13)
Godou Kusanagi : The ancient Persian warlord and the god of light. (0:16:52.07)
Lucrecia Zola : The Wind, the Bull, the White Stallion, the Camel, (0:16:56.77)
Lucrecia Zola : the Boar, the Youth, the Raptor, the Ram, the Goat... (0:17:00.08)
Lucrecia Zola : and the Warrior who wields a golden sword. (0:17:04.98)
Lucrecia Zola : These ten incarnations belong to the
invincible warlord, the victorious one.
Lucrecia Zola : One of those ten incarnations, the White Stallion, is in here. (0:17:12.44)
Lucrecia Zola : Verethragna purposely gave you a weapon so as to enjoy the fight. (0:17:17.45)
Godou Kusanagi : Erica! (0:17:25.68)
Erica Brandelli : Cuore di Leone! (0:17:27.96)
Verethragna : It seems the injuries you suffered in our last duel have not yet healed. (0:17:32.25)
Melqarth : You would be so conceited as to revive me just to have a worthy opponent?! (0:17:37.89)
Melqarth : I will not overlook such audacity just because I am wounded! (0:17:43.97)
Verethragna : I am looking forward to it. (0:17:47.72)
Verethragna : With this, I have all but one of the incarnations. (0:18:04.81)
Erica Brandelli : Please wait! (0:18:10.84)
Verethragna : Oh, that witch. (0:18:14.68)
Erica Brandelli : I plead you to kindly cease this battle! (0:18:16.59)
Melqarth : This land is now a stage for our ultimate battle! (0:18:20.75)
Melqarth : End this nonsense, human! (0:18:25.30)
Erica Brandelli : Gods, please have mercy! (0:18:27.25)
Verethragna : Witch, I find your dauntless spirit
against gods admirable. However...
Verethragna : know thy place! (0:18:35.15)
Erica Brandelli : Godou! (0:18:53.31)
Verethragna : The boy from the other day? (0:18:55.13)
Godou Kusanagi : This way! (0:18:56.54)
Lucrecia Zola : You're excited about that mysterious stone tablet (0:18:58.83)
Lucrecia Zola : and the unknown realm
where gods exist, are you not?
Godou Kusanagi : Am I? (0:19:08.58)
Godou Kusanagi : Melqart! (0:19:12.64)
Godou Kusanagi : I hold Verethragna's power of the White Stallion! (0:19:15.04)
Godou Kusanagi : What do you think? Would you team up with me? (0:19:17.96)
Godou Kusanagi : If you protect us, he won't be able to be complete himself! (0:19:20.41)
Melqarth : Are you saying you intend to use me, a god? (0:19:24.43)
Godou Kusanagi : It's my first time negotiating with a god. (0:19:28.97)
Godou Kusanagi : But it's not a bad deal, right? (0:19:32.72)
Melqarth : Fine! You amuse me, human! (0:19:38.71)
Verethragna : It seems my choice was not wrong. (0:19:44.28)
Verethragna : Let's have some fun! (0:19:48.25)
Erica Brandelli : Godou! (0:19:50.17)
Melqarth : Some divine protection for you. Be grateful, human! (0:19:56.52)
Erica Brandelli : What are you going to do now? (0:20:00.92)
Godou Kusanagi : I haven't thought about that yet. (0:20:03.03)
Erica Brandelli : What? (0:20:04.32)
Godou Kusanagi : This is as far as I've thought it through. (0:20:05.01)
Godou Kusanagi : Everything's up to chance from here on out. (0:20:08.01)
Erica Brandelli : How can you still smile? (0:20:10.81)
Godou Kusanagi : Who knows? (0:20:13.38)
Godou Kusanagi : I can't explain why either. (0:20:14.95)
Verethragna : I anticipated no less when I chose you! (0:20:19.63)
Verethragna : However, that is not enough to defeat me! (0:20:21.90)
Godou Kusanagi : What's going on? (0:20:39.99)
Melqarth : That bothersome golden sword! (0:20:41.09)
Erica Brandelli : A golden sword! (0:20:43.97)
Erica Brandelli : If I'm not mistaken, that sword has the ability to cut through divinity itself. (0:20:46.52)
Godou Kusanagi : Cut through divinity? (0:20:49.93)
Erica Brandelli : Yes, the sword that takes away the divinity of a god and reduces him to a mere mortal! (0:20:51.17)
Verethragna : The olden king and the human that seek to defeat me, entertain me further! (0:20:57.11)
Erica Brandelli : Godou, get away from here! (0:21:04.95)
Godou Kusanagi : I'm supposed to be protecting the grimoire. (0:21:08.71)
Godou Kusanagi : I can't run away without using it. (0:21:11.37)
Erica Brandelli : If a human like you uses it, your body will be destroyed and you'll die! (0:21:13.59)
Godou Kusanagi : I'll die even if I don't use it. (0:21:17.71)
Godou Kusanagi : Am I wrong? (0:21:20.71)
Erica Brandelli : You remind me of Epimetheus. (0:21:25.18)
Godou Kusanagi : Epimetheus? (0:21:27.65)
Erica Brandelli : The foolish one, you idiot. (0:21:29.44)
Erica Brandelli : That was a good luck charm. (0:21:34.55)
Erica Brandelli : Break a leg. (0:21:35.86)
Erica Brandelli : Godou! (0:21:59.92)
Verethragna : I shall not be defeated by an incarnation of my own! (0:22:02.37)
Erica Brandelli : Godou! (0:22:09.62)
Godou Kusanagi : I stole it. (0:22:11.00)
Godou Kusanagi : I stole his golden sword! (0:22:13.04)
Erica Brandelli : So that's what you were after! (0:22:18.52)
Godou Kusanagi : It can cut his divinity, right? (0:22:21.68)
Godou Kusanagi : What do I do next? (0:22:23.95)
Godou Kusanagi : What?! (0:22:25.24)
EXTRA : He is a supreme ruler. (0:22:45.66)
EXTRA : He alone holds the capacity to kill Celestial beings, (0:22:48.59)
EXTRA : and thus commands their divine powers. (0:22:51.17)
EXTRA : He is a lord. (0:22:57.31)
EXTRA : A being who holds the ability to kill a deity, (0:23:00.18)
EXTRA : thus dominates the mortals on Earth. (0:23:03.29)
EXTRA : He is a devil king. (0:23:14.83)
EXTRA : Amongst the humans inhabiting Earth, (0:23:17.95)
EXTRA : none have the power to oppose him. (0:23:20.68)
EXTRA : This man is none other than a Campione! (0:23:25.77)

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