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Akatsuki Ousawa : You were ordered to bring me back, not to kill me! (0:00:31.37)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Did you really think a few hundred arrows are enough to take me down? (0:00:46.60)
EXTRA : We got him! (0:00:58.85)
EXTRA : No way... (0:01:03.35)
EXTRA : This is as far as you go! (0:03:04.67)
EXTRA : Please return to the castle, Akatsuki-sama! (0:03:07.27)
EXTRA : Akatsuki-sama! (0:03:10.49)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What a tasty-looking earlobe. (0:03:15.15)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Here , you can have it back. (0:03:30.63)
EXTRA : Y-You damned rogue hero! (0:03:36.95)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Rogue hero, huh? (0:03:42.05)
Akatsuki Ousawa : "Rogue hero". It fits me like a glove. (0:03:50.31)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Anyway... (0:03:54.83)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Just show yourself, Valkyria. (0:03:56.35)
Valkyria : I beseech you once more. (0:04:04.83)
Valkyria : Please return to the castle, Akatsuki-sama the Brave. (0:04:07.02)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Man, this is one fancy send-off. (0:04:10.60)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You wouldn't even see this many maids on the streets of Akiba these days. (0:04:13.93)
Valkyria : You're dead set on returning to your world, then? (0:04:19.25)
Valkyria : That's too bad. (0:04:24.75)
Valkyria : Up there! (0:04:27.53)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Catch this ! (0:04:29.01)
Valkyria : Your distractions won't work! (0:04:31.45)
Valkyria : What are you—?! (0:04:34.31)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, did you all sprain your legs or something? (0:04:40.87)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll take a look. Let me see under your skirts. (0:04:44.04)
Valkyria : Akatsuki-sama. (0:04:50.73)
Valkyria : You're filthy. (0:04:52.31)
Valkyria : Do you intend to leave behind stories (0:04:54.32)
Valkyria : of a monster with a penchant for assaulting women in Shellfeed Forest?! (0:04:56.32)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Wouldn't stories of maids who attack travelers come first? (0:05:01.97)
Valkyria : These are Princess Listy's orders! (0:05:07.07)
Valkyria : I cannot allow you to pass through the Otherworld Gate up ahead! (0:05:09.44)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sorry, but you can't stop me. (0:05:14.95)
Valkyria : Prepare yourself! (0:05:17.65)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Fine by me. Bring it on. (0:05:19.14)
Listy El Da Sherfied : It looks like not even Valkyria could stop you. (0:05:39.29)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Hold on! (0:05:46.87)
Listy El Da Sherfied : You moron! Wait! (0:05:48.73)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Quit joking around! I told you to wait! Hey! (0:05:50.80)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What's gotten into you, Listy? (0:05:58.25)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What's a princess doing sneaking out of her own castle? (0:06:00.30)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Not to mention sending the Maid Brigade after me. (0:06:02.80)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Are you really leaving? (0:06:07.39)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Now that I've defeated the Dark Lord Garius,
there's no place for me in this world anymore.
Akatsuki Ousawa : The hero who defeated the Dark Lord
will only spark new conflicts.
Akatsuki Ousawa : Especially a rogue hero from another world. (0:06:21.41)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Surely you understand that too. (0:06:25.46)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Plus, there's something I have to do back home. (0:06:29.35)
Listy El Da Sherfied : I'm sorry. (0:06:37.21)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Wh-What are you doing?! You jerk! (0:06:46.07)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I just couldn't resist; you were crying. (0:06:52.01)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sorry. (0:06:54.99)
Listy El Da Sherfied : You'll pay for stealing the lips of a princess! (0:06:55.93)
Akatsuki Ousawa : As long as you remember me,
I'll always remember you too.
Listy El Da Sherfied : Don't get the wrong idea! (0:07:06.44)
Listy El Da Sherfied : I'll forget you soon enough! No doubt about it! (0:07:08.64)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, really? (0:07:11.34)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Then, as much as it pains me, this is goodbye. (0:07:13.34)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll be over here, and you'll be over there. (0:07:15.98)
Listy El Da Sherfied : I couldn't be happier! (0:07:18.96)
Listy El Da Sherfied : So long, Akatsuki. I absolutely hated your guts! (0:07:21.06)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't forget what I said that day. (0:07:28.97)
Akatsuki Ousawa : If anything happens, call for me. (0:07:32.22)
Akatsuki Ousawa : As long as you have faith in me,
I will rush to your aid!
Akatsuki Ousawa : No matter how far apart we are,
I'll always be there for you!
Akatsuki Ousawa : Never forget that, okay?! (0:07:45.53)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Now, then... (0:08:18.82)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Maybe I should feel her up a bit? (0:08:27.63)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Nah, better not. (0:08:29.39)
Akatsuki Ousawa : C'mon. Wake up. (0:08:31.09)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hey, you okay? (0:08:33.15)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Looks like you aren't hurt. (0:08:40.23)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hold on. Just relax. (0:08:49.63)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I know this comes as a shock
and all, but please calm down.
Miu Ousawa : Don't look at me! (0:08:55.38)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Listen. This is my house, in my world. (0:08:57.22)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Rest easy. (0:09:01.53)
Miu Ousawa : Rest easy... (0:09:03.21)
Miu Ousawa : But why am I naked? (0:09:13.92)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So you could cross dimensions, remember? (0:09:17.47)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Anyway, why don't we introduce ourselves? (0:09:22.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : My name's Ousawa Akatsuki,
but please, just Akatsuki will do.
Akatsuki Ousawa : They called me the Rogue Hero when I was in your world of Alayzard. (0:09:29.40)
Akatsuki Ousawa : How about you? (0:09:35.25)
Miu Ousawa : Miu. My name is Miu. (0:09:36.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Talk about perfect timing. (0:10:22.92)
Akatsuki Ousawa : They came for me the day after I got back. (0:10:25.42)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Let's get our stories straight. (0:10:29.41)
Akatsuki Ousawa : As of today, you're Ousawa Miu,
my long-lost little sister.
Miu Ousawa : A-After I went missing, we reunited in Alayzard... (0:10:36.53)
Akatsuki Ousawa : ...and returned to this world
through the Otherworld Gate.
Akatsuki Ousawa : If anyone asks for more details,
just say you can't recall.
Akatsuki Ousawa : Got it? (0:10:49.04)
Miu Ousawa : Y-Yeah. (0:10:50.22)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Keep your chin up. (0:10:53.01)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Think of the trouble I'd have
to deal with if you got caught.
Akatsuki Ousawa : C'mon! Stick your chest out! (0:10:58.56)
Miu Ousawa : R-Right! (0:11:00.83)
EXTRA : Ever heard of "Summoning Syndrome"? (0:11:08.25)
EXTRA : It's a supernatural phenomenon that began approximately thirty years ago. (0:11:11.79)
EXTRA : To this date, thousands of young men and women worldwide (0:11:18.39)
EXTRA : have disappeared after being summoned to other worlds. (0:11:23.16)
EXTRA : Only about half of them have been able to return (0:11:28.63)
EXTRA : through the so-called Otherworld Gates that exist in these other worlds. (0:11:32.35)
EXTRA : Surprisingly, it appears that special fighting techniques (0:11:37.95)
EXTRA : acquired by the returnees from other worlds can be used here as well. (0:11:42.54)
EXTRA : This, of course, includes magical abilities. (0:11:51.31)
EXTRA : In an effort to give proper guidance to these special cases and help them benefit humankind, (0:11:55.65)
EXTRA : the New United Nations has created a special autonomous state (0:12:05.66)
EXTRA : where it has founded an educational institution known as BABEL. (0:12:08.92)
EXTRA : Now that you've returned from another world, (0:12:14.59)
EXTRA : you're automatically granted the right to enroll in BABEL (0:12:17.14)
EXTRA : and receive free training to expand and master your abilities! (0:12:20.56)
Akatsuki Ousawa : "Right to enroll", my ass. (0:12:26.55)
Akatsuki Ousawa : More like the right to have a bunch of goons knock on my door first thing in the morning. (0:12:29.42)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Like we even had a choice. (0:12:34.18)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Right? (0:12:35.96)
Miu Ousawa : Y-Yes, B-Brother... (0:12:36.90)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hey now, nobody's gonna
be fooled if you act like that.
Miu Ousawa : It's just that... my physical might've
revealed that I'm not from this world.
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't worry about it. (0:12:53.29)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's not like big tits are unique to your world. (0:12:55.20)
Miu Ousawa : That's not what I meant! (0:12:58.98)
EXTRA : I apologize for the wait. There was a bit of trouble, you see. (0:13:03.15)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Stay calm. Stay calm. (0:13:08.51)
EXTRA : Let's see. Ousawa Akatsuki-san. (0:13:10.43)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yeah, that would be me. (0:13:14.39)
EXTRA : You appear to be in perfect health. (0:13:17.03)
EXTRA : Please take this file to the room
at the end of the hall.
Akatsuki Ousawa : Thanks a bunch. (0:13:23.99)
EXTRA : Ousawa Miu-san. (0:13:26.00)
Miu Ousawa : Y-Yes? (0:13:27.57)
Akatsuki Ousawa : See? There was nothing to worry about. (0:13:44.72)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's common for otherworldly experiences (0:13:47.52)
Akatsuki Ousawa : to cause feedback loops that mess with people's bodies and memories. (0:13:50.12)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, I see... (0:13:57.73)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Good work. I'm glad you got through the exam okay. (0:14:00.69)
Miu Ousawa : Thanks, B-B-Br-Bro— (0:14:07.35)
Miu Ousawa : No, I can't do it! (0:14:12.78)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Just give it some time. (0:14:15.06)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Call me Akatsuki until you get used to it. (0:14:17.60)
Kyouya Hikami : I see. (0:14:22.29)
Kuzuha Doumoto : "True Hero" and "Overlord". (0:14:23.75)
Kuzuha Doumoto : These are unprecedented words, indeed. (0:14:26.12)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Just what does this prophecy mean? (0:14:30.09)
Motoharu Kaidou : Maybe exactly what it says? (0:14:33.24)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Huh? (0:14:35.22)
Motoharu Kaidou : Maybe this Akatsuki guy is a hero who'll someday become an overlord? (0:14:36.16)
Haruka Nanase : If that's the case, he's dangerous. (0:14:41.33)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Absurd! That can't be it! (0:14:44.51)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Where are you going, sir? (0:14:49.33)
Kyouya Hikami : To pay our future overlord a visit. (0:14:51.73)
EXTRA : BABEL has been accommodated with a special barrier field. (0:14:55.01)
EXTRA : Physical and magical attacks will only affect your opponent mentally and cause no actual physical harm. (0:14:59.21)
EXTRA : You'll still feel pain,
so it is possible to pass out,
EXTRA : but the inbuilt safety measures should prevent any serious effects such as dying of shock from intense pain. (0:15:12.97)
EXTRA : Last but not least, I'll need to see if you have the skills to pay the bills. (0:15:21.94)
EXTRA : Use anything you'd like. (0:15:26.93)
EXTRA : Ah. (0:15:34.70)
EXTRA : You should choose a weapon too— (0:15:36.65)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No thanks. Got all I need right here. (0:15:37.60)
EXTRA : I guess you're feeling cocky about
the skills you picked up over there.
EXTRA : Well, suit yourself. (0:15:45.44)
EXTRA : Okay, let's begin! (0:15:47.80)
EXTRA : You're up first. (0:15:49.93)
Miu Ousawa : Um... (0:15:52.41)
Miu Ousawa : Please be gentle! (0:15:53.74)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hold on! (0:15:55.22)
EXTRA : I figured you were a mage type. (0:16:09.61)
EXTRA : Still, you're too slow! (0:16:12.37)
EXTRA : Impossible! How could you cast a spell that strong in just a few seconds... (0:16:18.21)
EXTRA : while channeling a protection barrier at the same time?! (0:16:21.96)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Way to go. (0:16:28.37)
Miu Ousawa : Was that really okay? (0:16:30.41)
Miu Ousawa : It felt like I was cheating by using a dummy barrier to throw him off guard. (0:16:32.02)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't worry about it. (0:16:37.17)
Akatsuki Ousawa : All right. Now it's my turn. (0:16:38.60)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Or not... (0:16:41.05)
Kyouya Hikami : Perhaps I could be your opponent? (0:16:42.34)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Who are you? (0:17:00.51)
Kyouya Hikami : It's a pleasure to meet you, Ousawa Akatsuki-kun. (0:17:02.23)
Kyouya Hikami : I am Hikami Kyoya, JPN BABEL's Student Council president. (0:17:05.33)
EXTRA : Sir. I apologize for bothering you on your day off. (0:17:10.67)
Kyouya Hikami : Not at all. Please take the instructor to the infirmary. (0:17:14.85)
Miu Ousawa : Hey. Why is that doctor being so formal with him? (0:17:18.18)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Beats me. (0:17:22.00)
Akatsuki Ousawa : But only the strongest students can lead BABEL's Student Council. (0:17:23.14)
Akatsuki Ousawa : In other words, he's the top of the heap here. (0:17:27.47)
Kyouya Hikami : Now then. I'm volunteering to be your opponent. (0:17:30.75)
Kyouya Hikami : Is that acceptable? (0:17:34.66)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yeah. Fine by me. (0:17:36.07)
Kyouya Hikami : You're frightening me, Ousawa-kun. (0:17:38.70)
Kyouya Hikami : This is only an exam. (0:17:41.30)
Kyouya Hikami : I said I would be your opponent,
but that doesn't mean I'll fight you.
Kyouya Hikami : This is simply to determine your skill level. (0:17:48.14)
Kyouya Hikami : Excellent. Your reflexes are better than I expected. (0:17:55.37)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Bastard! You went after her on purpose! (0:17:58.26)
Kyouya Hikami : I'd rather you think of it as
an act of faith in your abilities.
Kyouya Hikami : Anyway, Ousawa-kun... (0:18:05.93)
Kyouya Hikami : I hear you intended to take this exam unarmed. (0:18:08.10)
Kyouya Hikami : How about it, then? (0:18:12.71)
Kyouya Hikami : Can you break that ice pillar with those prized fists of yours? (0:18:14.25)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You sure? That sounds like a piece of cake. (0:18:19.27)
Miu Ousawa : Don't! That's no ordinary ice! (0:18:22.34)
Miu Ousawa : It's brimming with magic power! I'll bet it's rock solid! (0:18:26.20)
Miu Ousawa : If you were to hit it with your bare hands... (0:18:30.02)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So, if I can smash this gigantic thing into little pieces, (0:18:33.01)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I take it you'll agree to be my opponent, (0:18:37.87)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Mr. Student Council President? (0:18:41.47)
Kyouya Hikami : Very well. That sounds fair to me. (0:18:43.95)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll hold you to those words. (0:18:46.73)
EXTRA : Warrior from another world... (0:19:03.86)
EXTRA : I entrust my daughter to you. (0:19:06.97)
Miu Ousawa : I-It didn't work? (0:19:21.97)
Kyouya Hikami : It did. He's really something. (0:19:24.44)
Kyouya Hikami : With skill like yours, (0:19:27.17)
Kyouya Hikami : I'm sure the day will soon come when I square off with you. (0:19:28.93)
Kyouya Hikami : Your entrance examinations are now complete. (0:19:34.05)
Kyouya Hikami : Congratulations, and welcome to BABEL. (0:19:38.85)
EXTRA : I'll take my leave now. (0:19:47.19)
Kyouya Hikami : I appreciate your help. (0:19:50.02)
Kyouya Hikami : "Let's fight one-on-one to our hearts' content somewhere where my sister won't get hurt." (0:20:00.09)
Kyouya Hikami : I take it that's what this means, Ousawa Akatsuki-kun. (0:20:04.85)
Miu Ousawa : Cheer up. (0:20:11.43)
Miu Ousawa : You're lucky you didn't hurt your hand. (0:20:12.92)
Kyouya Hikami : "True Hero", huh? (0:20:19.17)
Kyouya Hikami : I want... (0:20:21.77)
Kyouya Hikami : that power. (0:20:24.35)
Miu Ousawa : Wow! (0:20:27.27)
Miu Ousawa : Look at all this food! (0:20:28.99)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I guess it's our reward for
making it through the first day.
Akatsuki Ousawa : Let's chow down before it gets cold! Okay? (0:20:36.50)
Miu Ousawa : Yeah! (0:20:38.86)
Miu Ousawa : Let's eat! (0:20:40.61)
EXTRA : Warrior from another world... (0:20:44.25)
EXTRA : I entrust my daughter to you. (0:20:47.21)
EXTRA : Despite her appearance, she is the daughter of a Dark Lord. (0:20:56.07)
EXTRA : Whether slain by man or revered as a new Dark Lord, (0:21:00.01)
EXTRA : her final fate lies in destruction. (0:21:06.05)
EXTRA : So I ask... (0:21:08.83)
Miu Ousawa : Hey! (0:21:10.48)
Miu Ousawa : I said, hey! (0:21:12.29)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, sorry. (0:21:14.62)
Miu Ousawa : Aren't you going to eat? (0:21:16.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No, I am! (0:21:18.46)
Akatsuki Ousawa : "I entrust my daughter to you", huh? (0:21:24.61)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Man. Don't blame me for whatever happens. (0:21:28.11)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Akatsuki really left. (0:23:11.79)
Listy El Da Sherfied : He had some nerve, saying goodbye by swiping the maids' underwear and stealing a kiss from me! (0:23:14.75)
Listy El Da Sherfied : He said to call him if anything happens, (0:23:19.51)
Listy El Da Sherfied : but he's in for a world of pain if he shows his face around here again! (0:23:21.68)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Still, I wonder what it was
that he had to do back home.
Listy El Da Sherfied : Nothing perverted, I hope! (0:23:29.53)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Next episode: "Bonds of Holy Water". (0:23:32.97)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Holy water? Does that mean a ceremony or something? (0:23:35.01)

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