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EXTRA : Warrior from another world... (0:00:25.49)
EXTRA : I entrust my daughter to you. (0:00:30.51)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Will you come along? (0:00:42.85)
Miu Ousawa : Dad... It hurts so much... (0:00:48.85)
Miu Ousawa : Dad did say I could kill the man who defeated him if I did not find him good enough for me... (0:02:41.09)
Miu Ousawa : I'll stand by your side and assess your worth. (0:03:22.79)
Miu Ousawa : He can see in the dark with his eyes closed?! (0:03:31.90)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Smooch... (0:03:45.81)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, look at you, all bashful. How charmingly innocent... (0:03:47.77)
Akatsuki Ousawa : But it's okay, my precious princess. (0:03:50.88)
Miu Ousawa : Wh-What's gotten into you?! (0:03:53.56)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You really are cute. (0:03:56.29)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Tell me, what's your name? (0:03:58.57)
Miu Ousawa : Wait, is he... (0:04:02.07)
Miu Ousawa : sleep-talking?! (0:04:04.27)
Miu Ousawa : N-No! It's not like that! I'm not being bashful! (0:04:07.26)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't feel embarrassed. Just be yourself. (0:04:10.92)
Miu Ousawa : I am myself! (0:04:13.22)
Miu Ousawa : Hey! Don't take my clothes off! You idiot! (0:04:15.20)
Miu Ousawa : What to do? (0:04:22.61)
Miu Ousawa : Think... I gotta think! (0:04:24.02)
Miu Ousawa : S-Sister! (0:04:28.15)
Miu Ousawa : Your sister! (0:04:30.79)
Miu Ousawa : I'm your sweet little sister! (0:04:32.02)
Miu Ousawa : Don't do this to me, Brother! (0:04:33.90)
Miu Ousawa : It worked? (0:04:40.01)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What are you babbling about? (0:04:42.17)
Akatsuki Ousawa : My sister is long dead. (0:04:43.74)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? (0:04:47.59)
Miu Ousawa : W-Wait! Stop! Quit it! (0:04:54.51)
Miu Ousawa : My body... feels wonderful! (0:05:00.33)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Ugh, my head's killing me... (0:05:10.75)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Must be a cold. Or maybe depression. (0:05:14.19)
Miu Ousawa : Nothing! It's nothing! (0:05:19.23)
Miu Ousawa : Hey, is it just me or is everyone...? (0:05:34.93)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yeah, they're looking at us. (0:05:38.14)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't worry. (0:05:45.97)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No matter when or where, transfer students always draw unwanted attention. (0:05:47.52)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't let it get to you. (0:05:52.82)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Just take it in your stride. (0:05:54.42)
Akatsuki Ousawa : All you have to do is be yourself. (0:05:55.98)
Miu Ousawa : It's okay to just sit down anywhere? (0:05:59.04)
Akatsuki Ousawa : New students usually just sit
wherever there's an open seat.
Chikage Izumi : You're funny! (0:06:07.21)
Chikage Izumi : Wow, this's great. (0:06:09.53)
Chikage Izumi : It looks like the new students really are as amazing as the rumors say. (0:06:11.33)
Chikage Izumi : Everyone's talking about you rookies! (0:06:15.75)
Chikage Izumi : Like how a certain girl used a magic trick to kick an instructor's butt during her entrance exam... (0:06:18.48)
Chikage Izumi : and how some guy with serious skills was endorsed by Student Council President Hikami himself. (0:06:24.77)
Chikage Izumi : You guys certainly made an impression. (0:06:30.25)
Miu Ousawa : Oh... (0:06:33.92)
Chikage Izumi : You might not know this, (0:06:35.72)
Chikage Izumi : but jumping straight into class B is a pretty big deal. (0:06:37.84)
Chikage Izumi : Me and most everyone else
ground our way up from class E.
Akatsuki Ousawa : Well, then. Sounds like you know all about us... (0:06:44.71)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Planning on telling us about yourself? (0:06:48.92)
Chikage Izumi : I'm Izumi Chikage. I'll be one of your classmates. (0:06:53.79)
Chikage Izumi : Nice to meet you! (0:06:59.20)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'm Ousawa Akatsuki. (0:07:00.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This is my sister, Miu. (0:07:02.65)
Miu Ousawa : I-It's nice to meet you! (0:07:04.54)
Chikage Izumi : Anyway, perhaps I should tell you this now. (0:07:07.09)
Chikage Izumi : It's true that new students can usually sit anywhere, (0:07:10.58)
Chikage Izumi : but I wouldn't choose that particular seat if I were you. (0:07:14.30)
Kenya Onizuka : Hey, you! (0:07:18.13)
Kenya Onizuka : Why the hell is your ass in my seat?! (0:07:20.06)
Kenya Onizuka : Outta the way, Tanaka! (0:07:24.01)
Kenya Onizuka : Never seen you before. You new here? (0:07:25.69)
Chikage Izumi : Too late... (0:07:28.00)
Chikage Izumi : That's Onizuka. He dropped down from Class A. (0:07:29.99)
Chikage Izumi : He has a real mean streak
because he considers us beneath him.
Kenya Onizuka : Don't ignore me! (0:07:34.85)
Kenya Onizuka : There are rules to follow
if you wanna survive this class!
Kenya Onizuka : You've got some balls, I'll give you that. (0:07:43.97)
Kenya Onizuka : But I'm gonna slaughter— (0:07:47.40)
Kenya Onizuka : What the hell are you?! (0:07:48.99)
Akatsuki Ousawa : We're pretty similar, you and I. (0:07:51.70)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'm always up for a good fight. (0:07:53.26)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You know how some idiots think they're better than others? (0:07:57.95)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I just love crushing those bastards' egos. (0:08:00.54)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So... how does it feel to get your ego crushed? (0:08:07.00)
Miu Ousawa : Stop! You're taking it too far! (0:08:13.14)
Miu Ousawa : Why are you causing trouble on our very first day?! (0:08:18.97)
Chikage Izumi : Sheesh... (0:08:23.44)
Chikage Izumi : And here they come. (0:08:24.56)
Miu Ousawa : Who are they?! (0:08:27.09)
Chikage Izumi : The Disciplinary Committee. (0:08:29.27)
Chikage Izumi : They're more or less the Student Council's men-at-arms. (0:08:30.50)
Miu Ousawa : He's the one who started it! (0:08:33.85)
Miu Ousawa : This was in self-defense! (0:08:36.96)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No, it's okay. (0:08:38.38)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's fine this way. (0:08:41.87)
Haruka Nanase : Please wait here for a bit. (0:08:43.87)
Haruka Nanase : The executive officers will be here
shortly to discuss this matter.
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hmm... So this's his seat. (0:08:57.21)
Kyouya Hikami : Excellent. Your reflexes are better than I expected. (0:09:02.03)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Bastard! You went after her on purpose! (0:09:05.08)
Kyouya Hikami : I'd rather you think of it as
an act of faith in your abilities.
Haruka Nanase : My apologies for the delay. (0:09:14.29)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Heya. My appreciations for the delay. (0:09:17.33)
Haruka Nanase : Wha—?! Hold on! (0:09:19.74)
Haruka Nanase : Just what do you think you're doing?! (0:09:21.90)
Haruka Nanase : That seat is not for the likes of mere students! (0:09:24.10)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I was told to chill here, so I did. (0:09:28.74)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Besides, it's just a chair. (0:09:32.89)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Standing's for poor people. (0:09:34.58)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Unfortunately, Haruka did not mean it in a physical sense. (0:09:38.05)
Minami Aihara : That is Kyoya's seat. (0:09:41.89)
Kyouya Hikami : Oh? (0:09:47.67)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Oh! Not bad! (0:10:09.54)
Haruka Nanase : Any more of that and we won't hold back! (0:10:20.47)
Kyouya Hikami : What's going on? (0:10:25.45)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Seeing as you called me here, (0:10:27.48)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I figured you wanted to pick up
where we left off the other day.
Kyouya Hikami : Don't be silly. (0:10:35.44)
Kyouya Hikami : I don't even know why you're here. (0:10:36.86)
Haruka Nanase : I'm the one who sent for you. (0:10:39.99)
Haruka Nanase : Ousawa Akatsuki. The Disciplinary Committee filled me in. (0:10:42.65)
Haruka Nanase : How unfortunate that you were caught up in
classroom misconduct so soon after transferring here.
Haruka Nanase : We appreciate your valuable efforts
in handling the situation.
Akatsuki Ousawa : You could've just sent a note or something. (0:10:57.31)
Haruka Nanase : I'm not finished. (0:11:00.74)
Haruka Nanase : Your attitude on your very first day here (0:11:03.17)
Haruka Nanase : has earned you a spot on the Disciplinary Committee's "To-Watch" list. (0:11:05.82)
Haruka Nanase : Should you cause any further trouble at all, (0:11:08.06)
Haruka Nanase : we will utilize full force to subdue and restrain you. (0:11:11.22)
Haruka Nanase : In particular, should you ever act as disrespectfully as you did just now, (0:11:16.29)
Haruka Nanase : know that we will come down
on you without mercy.
Kuzuha Doumoto : I wouldn't go back in there if I were you. (0:11:36.31)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Are you lost? This ain't grade school, girlie. (0:11:42.41)
Kuzuha Doumoto : This "girlie" is in the same class as yours, Ousawa-kun. (0:11:45.26)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I'm our class president, Doumoto Kuzuha. (0:11:53.37)
Kuzuha Doumoto : First period is in a different classroom,
so I came to get you.
Akatsuki Ousawa : You skipped grades, huh?
You must be pretty skilled, then.
Kuzuha Doumoto : Somewhat. (0:12:08.53)
Kuzuha Doumoto : By the way, the student council members
you picked a fight with
Kuzuha Doumoto : are far more skilled than I am. (0:12:14.90)
Kuzuha Doumoto : They can tell exactly what you're thinking. (0:12:17.79)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You don't say? (0:12:21.67)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Then I guess the little fire I set will go to waste. (0:12:22.84)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Oh, you're vicious. (0:12:26.85)
Kuzuha Doumoto : What kind of "fire" did you set? (0:12:31.35)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This kind. (0:12:35.05)
Haruka Nanase : Ousawa Akatsuki! (0:12:37.95)
Haruka Nanase : How dare you?! (0:12:46.79)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I liked the color. (0:12:49.69)
Haruka Nanase : Th-The president may have overlooked your misbehavior, but I won't! (0:12:52.33)
Haruka Nanase : To preserve BABEL's order, I will punish you! (0:12:56.56)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What the hell?! (0:13:04.99)
Haruka Nanase : I'll finish you in the blink of an eye! (0:13:06.95)
Haruka Nanase : Have a taste of my Ghosting Zephyr! (0:13:13.18)
Haruka Nanase : A mere student, baring his fangs at the student council... (0:13:18.83)
Haruka Nanase : What arrogance. (0:13:22.12)
Haruka Nanase : Huh? (0:13:25.11)
Haruka Nanase : Huh?! (0:13:28.93)
Haruka Nanase : Y-You'll regret this, Ousawa Akatsuki! (0:13:32.71)
Haruka Nanase : The student council will make you pay for this! (0:13:35.62)
Haruka Nanase : I will punish you someday! You can count on it! (0:13:38.24)
Kuzuha Doumoto : You know what they say about pissing in the wind... (0:13:44.39)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yeah, that it's hella fun. (0:13:47.07)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, can you even breathe in that outfit? (0:13:57.98)
Chikage Izumi : What's wrong? (0:14:04.41)
Miu Ousawa : Aren't any of you embarrassed? (0:14:06.14)
Chikage Izumi : Just think of them like swimsuits and you won't feel too embarrassed. (0:14:08.71)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Acting embarrassed will only draw more attention to you. (0:14:14.47)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I suggest you try to act normal. (0:14:17.40)
Miu Ousawa : Really? (0:14:20.33)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Should I use my power to help you relax? (0:14:22.16)
Miu Ousawa : Absolutely not! (0:14:24.24)
Miu Ousawa : It caused enough trouble for me last night! (0:14:25.68)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Last night? (0:14:29.10)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, never mind! Never mind! (0:14:30.89)
Miu Ousawa : Let's see... (0:14:38.57)
Miu Ousawa : Should I put it here, Prez? (0:14:39.77)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Yes. Thank you for giving me a hand. (0:14:42.12)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No problem. Let's finish it up. (0:14:45.22)
Miu Ousawa : You've been acting funny! (0:14:55.47)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, like how I popped that ball because I put too much strength into it? (0:14:58.30)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I was just... (0:15:03.08)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Could you two please be quiet? (0:15:04.33)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, sorry... (0:15:07.34)
Miu Ousawa : What is it? (0:15:09.99)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I think I heard someone back there. (0:15:11.53)
Miu Ousawa : Whoa, lesbians?! (0:15:22.11)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Just another weekday for Izumi. (0:15:24.11)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Sheesh. They're going to get expelled. (0:15:25.72)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Just what do you think you're doing here, Izumi? (0:15:30.23)
Chikage Izumi : I dropped my contact in her mouth. Why? {tlc — I have a hard time believing this is even close to what's being said} (0:15:34.11)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Your contact...? (0:15:37.01)
Chikage Izumi : This way, no one bothers me, and I don't bother anyone. (0:15:38.68)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Are you saying you bring a girl
in here during every P.E class?
Chikage Izumi : Well, maybe not every class. (0:15:48.31)
EXTRA : I can't stand this! (0:15:50.51)
Chikage Izumi : Oh, no! (0:15:54.15)
Miu Ousawa : Can't we just open it again? (0:15:55.68)
Chikage Izumi : No, these doors were specifically made not to open from the inside! (0:15:58.06)
Chikage Izumi : I always leave a handkerchief to keep it from shutting completely, but... (0:16:03.79)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Step aside, Prez. (0:16:11.59)
Kuzuha Doumoto : The punishment for purposely destroying BABEL facilities is severe. (0:16:13.95)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Besides, that isn't necessary. (0:16:18.74)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh? (0:16:21.48)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Once lunch break is over, (0:16:22.33)
Kuzuha Doumoto : one of the other class officers will use
their master keys to come in here.
Kuzuha Doumoto : We just need to wait. (0:16:28.42)
Kuzuha Doumoto : In fact, that's our only viable option. (0:16:29.54)
Kuzuha Doumoto : All because of her. (0:16:31.55)
Chikage Izumi : You should've just ignored me! (0:16:33.09)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I can't really ignore that kind of stuff. (0:16:36.77)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Are you implying I'm to blame for this? (0:16:38.90)
Chikage Izumi : I'm not blaming you. (0:16:41.48)
Chikage Izumi : Wrong place, wrong time, I guess. (0:16:44.25)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Do you honestly not feel you're to blame in any way?! (0:16:46.59)
Miu Ousawa : I'm so jealous! I wish I could have a friendly relationship like you two! (0:16:51.17)
Kuzuha Doumoto : "Friendly"?! (0:16:55.12)
Chikage Izumi : "Friendly"?! (0:16:55.12)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, are you cold, Prez? (0:17:14.39)
Miu Ousawa : Are you okay? (0:17:17.02)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Yes... I'm all right. (0:17:18.51)
Chikage Izumi : Oh? Need to use the bathroom? (0:17:20.58)
Kuzuha Doumoto : No! (0:17:23.67)
Chikage Izumi : Oh, really? (0:17:25.21)
Kuzuha Doumoto : If you say so. (0:17:26.86)
Miu Ousawa : Say, are you really okay? (0:17:33.85)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I-I'm fine! (0:17:36.61)
Miu Ousawa : I think I saw some sandbags in that corner! (0:17:38.91)
Miu Ousawa : If one of us knew how to use earth magic... (0:17:42.38)
Chikage Izumi : ...we could make a toilet out of dirt and go there! (0:17:46.07)
Chikage Izumi : Lucky for us, Prez's specialty
just happens to be earth magic!
Miu Ousawa : We'll stand far away and cover our ears! (0:17:55.37)
Miu Ousawa : Okay, Izumi-san? (0:17:58.72)
Chikage Izumi : Yeah, I like that idea! (0:18:00.35)
Chikage Izumi : Let's do that, Prez! (0:18:03.00)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I don't want to! (0:18:05.55)
Chikage Izumi : O-Oh, I wasn't trying to tease you
or anything just now.
Chikage Izumi : I'm sorry! This is all my fault, okay? (0:18:15.70)
Miu Ousawa : See? Izumi-san said she's sorry. (0:18:18.49)
Miu Ousawa : I promise I won't tell anyone. (0:18:21.24)
Chikage Izumi : I won't do anything mean, either. (0:18:23.59)
Chikage Izumi : Don't worry. Go on. (0:18:26.14)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I can't... I can't stand up... (0:18:28.36)
Kuzuha Doumoto : If I move in the slightest... (0:18:30.50)
Kuzuha Doumoto : i-it'll come out... (0:18:33.71)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Are you cryin', Prez? (0:18:38.37)
Miu Ousawa : D-Do you have any good ideas? (0:18:39.97)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I wouldn't necessarily call it a "good" idea, (0:18:42.64)
Akatsuki Ousawa : but I make it a rule never to ignore
fluids coming out of a girl.
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll need you two to help, though. (0:18:48.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Can I count on you? (0:18:52.73)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Then stand on either side of her. (0:18:57.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Huh? We just need to stand here? (0:19:00.62)
Chikage Izumi : H-Huh? I-I can't stand up... (0:19:18.03)
Miu Ousawa : H-Hey! Wh-What is this?! (0:19:22.03)
Miu Ousawa : What did you do to us?! (0:19:24.90)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I didn't pick up any magic in my other world, (0:19:27.07)
Akatsuki Ousawa : but I did learn Linked Energy Manipulation, a technique for controlling internal energy. (0:19:30.18)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Simply put, I fiddled with the energy that flows inside you. (0:19:34.83)
Miu Ousawa : But why?! You said this was for the president's sake! (0:19:42.17)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's bad to hold it in, you know. (0:19:46.58)
Akatsuki Ousawa : There's nothing to be embarrassed about if you all have to go, y'know? (0:19:49.22)
Miu Ousawa : That's crazy! (0:19:51.92)
Chikage Izumi : Miu! I... can't hold it in... (0:19:53.99)
Miu Ousawa : No, Izumi! Don't let this brute have his way! (0:19:56.82)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll make it all better now. (0:20:01.01)
Haruka Nanase : Oh, what are you doing in here? (0:20:18.13)
Haruka Nanase : Wh-What's with them? (0:20:23.36)
Miu Ousawa : Well I guess that answers my questions about his morality. (0:20:34.83)
Chikage Izumi : Miu. Don't tell anyone about this, okay?! (0:20:42.35)
Miu Ousawa : Right! (0:20:45.18)
Miu Ousawa : You too, Prez! (0:20:46.47)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Yeah. (0:20:48.39)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I'm sorry. It's my fault. (0:20:49.89)
Chikage Izumi : Why are you apologizing? (0:20:52.40)
Chikage Izumi : It's all fault. (0:20:55.15)
Chikage Izumi : So let's put our past differences aside and fight him together, Prez! (0:20:58.15)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Yes! All three of us! You, me, and Ousawa-san! (0:21:03.53)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? You want me to be your friend too?! (0:21:07.28)
Chikage Izumi : Of course! (0:21:10.88)
Kuzuha Doumoto : You don't want to? (0:21:12.30)
Miu Ousawa : No, I do! (0:21:13.04)
Miu Ousawa : Thanks! (0:21:15.55)
Chikage Izumi : What's wrong? (0:21:18.41)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, nothing! It's nothing! (0:21:19.42)
Miu Ousawa : Did he play the role of the villain to foster our friendship? (0:21:23.55)
Miu Ousawa : No, that's crazy. (0:21:30.11)
Haruka Nanase : Oh! You again?! (0:21:32.18)
Haruka Nanase : What have you done this time?! (0:21:34.43)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Come to think of it, Akatsuki mentioned he was a student back home. (0:23:11.91)
Listy El Da Sherfied : He's going to drag everyone around him into trouble. I feel bad for them. (0:23:15.69)
Listy El Da Sherfied : I can just see the catastrophes now. (0:23:19.58)
Listy El Da Sherfied : What makes it even worse is that he doesn't mean harm. (0:23:21.55)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Still, Akatsuki does have his good points, right? (0:23:25.46)
Listy El Da Sherfied : He does. That jerk has some serious spine! (0:23:28.63)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Next episode: "To Become an Adult." (0:23:33.18)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Huh? How can you become an adult if you're still underage? (0:23:35.01)

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