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Akatsuki Ousawa : You really pushed yourself to the limit. (0:00:01.75)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You did great. Now leave the rest to me. (0:00:03.71)
Miu Ousawa : It's no use! Neither direct attacks nor magic work on it! (0:00:07.34)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Then I guess it's time to go for broke with this! (0:00:13.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : All right! (0:00:33.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Bring it on! (0:00:37.65)
Miu Ousawa : Here it comes! (0:02:17.74)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Now, then. Guess it's time to finish this. (0:02:26.13)
Miu Ousawa : I'll help! (0:02:30.17)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No time for that, unfortunately. (0:02:31.79)
Akatsuki Ousawa : See? (0:02:34.39)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Stay back! (0:02:37.88)
Akatsuki Ousawa : One! (0:02:42.89)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sorry, gotta borrow this! (0:02:46.18)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Two! (0:02:49.17)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Give it here! You can always get another! (0:02:50.10)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Three! (0:02:53.35)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Screw this shit! Hand them over! (0:02:54.32)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Four! Five! (0:02:56.40)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Six! (0:02:59.07)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Seven! (0:03:00.15)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This should be enough! It better be enough! (0:03:01.37)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'm gonna use this sword to pour my energy directly into it! (0:03:06.46)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's over. (0:03:18.75)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This worked like a charm. (0:03:25.79)
Chikage Izumi : H-Huh? (0:03:35.19)
Kuzuha Doumoto : What happened to the Cockatrice? (0:03:36.42)
Miu Ousawa : Thank goodness! Oh, thank goodness! (0:03:38.09)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Did you save us, Ousawa-kun? (0:03:41.67)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No. If it hadn't been for her obstinance, (0:03:45.57)
Akatsuki Ousawa : you'd both be a pile of rocks by now. (0:03:49.68)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Great job. (0:03:54.17)
Haruka Nanase : I see. I understand. Thank you. (0:03:58.50)
Haruka Nanase : Keep me posted. I wish to question him later. (0:04:02.15)
Ryouhei Uesaki : He reprogrammed it as revenge for getting embarrassed. (0:04:03.17)
Ryouhei Uesaki : The jealousy of a man is a terrifying beast. (0:04:08.01)
EXTRA : I need to hurry and be rid of it... (0:04:10.37)
Minami Aihara : Did he not realize we could just check the system logs (0:04:12.73)
Minami Aihara : and see who was the last one to use the master key? (0:04:15.56)
Haruka Nanase : Such incompetence is befitting of class B. (0:04:20.91)
Ryouhei Uesaki : That said, Ousawa's one hell of a fighter. (0:04:24.11)
Haruka Nanase : It was only a Cockatrice! (0:04:28.12)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Jeepers! (0:04:29.70)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Still, with skill like that, I could see him joining Class A. (0:04:31.26)
Minami Aihara : He is nowhere near our level. (0:04:36.67)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yeah. When you borrow something,
you gotta put it back where you got it.
EXTRA : What do you mean by that, Ousawa-kun? (0:05:03.93)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'm guessing you planned to slip it into Onizuka's pocket (0:05:06.81)
Akatsuki Ousawa : during the confusion with the Cockatrice. (0:05:09.77)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Unfortunately for you, he has already been taken to the infirmary (0:05:13.73)
Akatsuki Ousawa : and the Cockatrice has bit the dust. (0:05:18.48)
EXTRA : I don't know what you're babbling about. (0:05:21.53)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This is your doing, Tanaka. (0:05:24.59)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I actually grew a certain fondness for you (0:05:29.55)
Akatsuki Ousawa : when I first saw you take Onizuka's abuse without saying a word. (0:05:34.32)
EXTRA : Bullying only gets worse if you stand up to it. (0:05:41.33)
EXTRA : It's better to just shut up and take it in stride. (0:05:45.02)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Maybe that is true about bullying. (0:05:48.61)
Akatsuki Ousawa : However, we both know you are far stronger than Onizuka. (0:05:50.90)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I knew your strength. (0:05:55.71)
Akatsuki Ousawa : That is why I said what I said to Onizuka. (0:05:59.77)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You know how some idiots think they're better than others? (0:06:02.46)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I just love crushing those bastards' egos. (0:06:04.66)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Onizuka was ordered to clean the stadium as punishment for causing trouble in the classroom. (0:06:09.23)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So, using a master key, he broke into the programming room (0:06:14.84)
Akatsuki Ousawa : and tampered with the Cockatrice's data. (0:06:18.73)
EXTRA : Y-You shouldn't be tampering with
the program like this, Onizuka-kun!
Onizuka : Shut up! Go take this back to the key room! (0:06:25.40)
Onizuka : Get a move on! (0:06:27.88)
Tanaka : Are you suggesting I modified Onizuka-kun's program (0:06:31.88)
Tanaka : and made the Cockatrice go even more out of control just to spite you? (0:06:36.44)
Tanaka : Looks like you're not all brawn after all.
You have some brains, too.
Tanaka : It's no use! My attacks are flawless and unstoppable! (0:07:08.43)
Tanaka : I risk being caught if I keep this up. (0:07:16.70)
Tanaka : How surprisingly pathetic. (0:07:23.57)
Tanaka : Your blackout was just an act,
including the A.D. weapon deactivation?!
Akatsuki Ousawa : I figured if your attacks are unbeatable, (0:07:37.83)
Akatsuki Ousawa : it'd be quicker to throw you off guard instead. (0:07:39.82)
Tanaka : How can this be? (0:07:42.98)
Tanaka : How can you still stand after all the damage you took?! (0:07:45.29)
Akatsuki Ousawa : My Linked Energy Manipulation is a handy skill to have. (0:07:48.99)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's not just useful for offense, but for defense as well. (0:07:52.82)
Tanaka : My techniques cannot penetrate your defenses, huh? (0:07:56.31)
Tanaka : In that case... (0:08:00.11)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Bastard! (0:08:02.77)
Tanaka : That's right. This attack spell isn't directed at you. (0:08:03.67)
Tanaka : It's directed at this very BABEL building. (0:08:08.16)
Tanaka : You might be able to withstand it, but will everyone else? (0:08:11.87)
Akatsuki Ousawa : The barrier field is in place. (0:08:18.43)
Akatsuki Ousawa : They'll just pass out, regardless of how much damage you cause. (0:08:20.08)
Tanaka : BABEL's barrier field only protects against magic and weapon-based damage that people inflict on each other. (0:08:23.35)
Tanaka : It doesn't protect against rubble and debris from a collapsing building. (0:08:30.67)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What is it you're after, Tanaka?! (0:08:35.21)
Tanaka : The students trained at this academy will be deployed (0:08:38.03)
Tanaka : to battlefields around the world when the need arises. (0:08:41.70)
Tanaka : BABEL is nothing more than a merchant of death. (0:08:44.87)
Tanaka : It is my duty to destroy it. (0:08:47.30)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You don't care how many students will die?! (0:08:50.38)
Tanaka : Revolutions always have a price. (0:08:54.51)
Tanaka : Your sword and my magic... (0:08:57.97)
Tanaka : Let us see which is faster. (0:09:00.93)
Kyouya Hikami : That's enough. (0:09:04.77)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Why are you here? (0:09:32.03)
Kyouya Hikami : Likely for the same reason as you, Ousawa Akatsuki-kun. (0:09:34.38)
Kyouya Hikami : I didn't want to interfere, but my hand was forced. (0:09:38.53)
Kyouya Hikami : I couldn't allow any collateral damage, you see. (0:09:43.71)
Kyouya Hikami : I hope you aren't offended. (0:09:47.21)
Kyouya Hikami : Oh? (0:09:51.43)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Trust me, I'd love to fight. (0:09:52.56)
Akatsuki Ousawa : But I'm more worried about my sister and her pals. (0:09:57.36)
Akatsuki Ousawa : We can save it for some other time. (0:10:01.49)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Take the critically injured to the ICU! Hurry! (0:10:06.93)
Miu Ousawa : Prez! I brought the first-aid kits! (0:10:10.70)
Kuzuha Doumoto : All able-bodied students are to help Ousawa-san! (0:10:15.57)
EXTRA : We're almost out of disinfectant and bandages! (0:10:19.25)
EXTRA : Shit! (0:10:20.61)
Chikage Izumi : Man up, this is nothing. (0:10:21.70)
EXTRA : Hey! Where are those goddamn bandages! (0:10:24.38)
Miu Ousawa : Are you okay? Is it really painful? (0:10:25.13)
EXTRA : Can someone go get some more?! (0:10:27.38)
Miu Ousawa : I will! (0:10:29.99)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I grabbed everything from the nurse's office. (0:10:32.85)
Miu Ousawa : Where have you been?! (0:10:36.00)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Had some stuff to take care of. (0:10:38.26)
Miu Ousawa : Your own left hand was petrified, you know! (0:10:39.53)
Miu Ousawa : If you have time to worry about others— (0:10:42.64)
EXTRA : If allowed, (0:10:53.49)
EXTRA : I ask you to live with the one who defeats me. (0:10:55.77)
EXTRA : But if you ever feel that my vanquisher is unworthy to live with you... (0:11:01.11)
EXTRA : then, and only then, may you kill him. (0:11:05.60)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Feeling any better? (0:11:33.73)
Miu Ousawa : Yeah! I feel fine! (0:11:35.10)
Miu Ousawa : Oww! (0:11:40.67)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You dirty liar. (0:11:41.73)
Akatsuki Ousawa : If you have time to worry about others, you should worry about yourself. (0:11:43.95)
Miu Ousawa : Is this... healing magic? (0:11:52.35)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No, I can't use magic. (0:11:55.86)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's called "Vivification". (0:11:59.81)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It activates and stabilizes your body's internal energy, (0:12:01.76)
Akatsuki Ousawa : increasing your ability to heal. (0:12:05.06)
Miu Ousawa : It gives me a nice and warm feeling... (0:12:07.59)
Miu Ousawa : You aren't doing weird things to my internal energy again, I hope! (0:12:10.63)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Damn girl, won't you drink the milk of human kindness for once? (0:12:17.30)
Akatsuki Ousawa : If you're gonna be like that, then I'll press just the right button for you. (0:12:21.08)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Poke! (0:12:25.90)
Miu Ousawa : Wh-Whoa! What did you do?! (0:12:29.21)
Miu Ousawa : What vulgar button did you press this time?! (0:12:31.08)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Nothing much. Just one to make you loosen up a bit. (0:12:33.64)
Miu Ousawa : Liar! (0:12:37.15)
Miu Ousawa : One of these days you're going to— (0:12:38.86)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? (0:12:42.83)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's okay to cry. (0:12:48.41)
Miu Ousawa : What? (0:12:50.03)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You haven't wept since Garius died, have you? (0:12:51.49)
Miu Ousawa : Stop it... (0:12:57.59)
Miu Ousawa : This is too sudden and cruel. (0:12:59.57)
Miu Ousawa : What do you... What do you want from me? (0:13:02.19)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Man, you're an awkward one. (0:13:06.43)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Still, you don't need to force acceptance on yourself. (0:13:10.67)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You have me to talk to. (0:13:15.47)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hit me with all the feelings you have
bottled up — sadness, hate, everything.
Akatsuki Ousawa : It doesn't matter what the reason was. I killed your dad. (0:13:24.19)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'm his murderer. His life-ender. (0:13:28.95)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It must've been so sudden. It probably didn't make any sense. (0:13:33.53)
Akatsuki Ousawa : But you don't have to hold it in. (0:13:37.71)
Akatsuki Ousawa : There is no weakness in admitting that you're hurting inside. (0:13:39.61)
Akatsuki Ousawa : And... (0:13:43.55)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's okay to look directly at the one you hate and say so. (0:13:46.89)
Akatsuki Ousawa : If you ever want to cry, but cannot cry on your own, (0:13:51.07)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll give you something to cry about. (0:13:55.82)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Because I'm the only one who can do that now. (0:13:59.63)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So, it's okay for you to cry now. (0:14:04.33)
Akatsuki Ousawa : That's why I made it so you'll be honest with yourself. (0:14:07.59)
Akatsuki Ousawa : That's it. (0:14:16.37)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Good girl, just let it all out. (0:14:17.80)
Miu Ousawa : I feel like they've gotten even bigger. Maybe it's just my imagination... (0:14:42.44)
Miu Ousawa : Or not. (0:14:46.92)
Miu Ousawa : Maybe I'll have him take me shopping on our next day off. (0:14:48.62)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, right. (0:15:00.27)
Miu Ousawa : Maybe I should have Chikage and the prez take me instead... (0:15:01.87)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh? Are you going somewhere? (0:15:05.04)
Miu Ousawa : Yeah. I'd like to pick up some clothes and underwear... (0:15:06.98)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? (0:15:12.51)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, this? (0:15:18.21)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This is a Linked Energy Manipulation exercise. (0:15:20.13)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You send energy to the bottom of your feet and stand orthogonal to the plane of the wall. (0:15:23.63)
EXTRA : In other news, (0:15:43.92)
EXTRA : in response to the recent attempted terrorist attack on JPN BABEL... (0:15:45.56)
Miu Ousawa : I know he isn't trying to be mean, but... (0:15:48.41)
Miu Ousawa : Is this really how siblings get along? (0:15:52.81)
EXTRA : ...COCOON members have begun arriving in Japan. (0:15:55.32)
EXTRA : Secret talks between certain countries... (0:16:00.05)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? What's wrong? (0:16:02.65)
Chikage Izumi : Oh? (0:16:18.69)
Chikage Izumi : I spy a breach of the school rules. (0:16:19.79)
Kuzuha Doumoto : This is one of my privileges as class president. (0:16:22.19)
Chikage Izumi : Huh?! (0:16:24.82)
Chikage Izumi : Miu! Will you get a load of this?! (0:16:25.98)
Miu Ousawa : Hey... Miu? (0:16:29.25)
Miu Ousawa : Sorry! (0:16:30.44)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Is something wrong? (0:16:31.93)
Miu Ousawa : Um... Do you mind if I ask what "COCOON" is? (0:16:33.65)
Chikage Izumi : What brought that on? (0:16:39.65)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, it was on the news this morning and it's been on my mind ever since... (0:16:41.64)
Chikage Izumi : Ah. (0:16:46.70)
Chikage Izumi : Oh, I almost forgot that the shock of being summoned into another world (0:16:48.35)
Chikage Izumi : made you forget almost everything about this world. (0:16:52.58)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Simply put, COCOON members help run the world. (0:16:56.91)
Kuzuha Doumoto : "Children Of Cross Over Other Nations". (0:17:03.37)
Kuzuha Doumoto : "COCOON" for short. (0:17:07.15)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Each member is more powerful than their entire nation's military. (0:17:09.21)
Kuzuha Doumoto : As the top leaders of BABEL,
they strive for the ideal of world peace
Kuzuha Doumoto : and supervise and educate children who have immigrated from other worlds. (0:17:22.70)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Partly to prevent their special abilities from being misused, (0:17:27.34)
Kuzuha Doumoto : and partly so BABEL can intervene in regional conflicts and wars with an army of super-powered child soldiers. (0:17:30.58)
EXTRA : Why is there need for such a gathering merely because some "hero" has appeared? (0:17:43.13)
EXTRA : And why an unofficial one? We'll see each other at the summit anyway... (0:17:50.23)
EXTRA : So the Norn Check said this guy is a "True Hero"? (0:17:55.84)
EXTRA : You have got to be kidding me. (0:18:00.32)
EXTRA : That almost makes us sound like false heroes or something. (0:18:02.24)
EXTRA : Do you really think so? (0:18:06.93)
EXTRA : Does that... (0:18:09.01)
EXTRA : Does that mean I'm a fraud? (0:18:10.12)
EXTRA : Come, now. (0:18:12.98)
EXTRA : All that matters is that we follow what we believe is just. (0:18:14.92)
EXTRA : So, what is your actual assessment? (0:18:20.96)
Kyouya Hikami : I caught a small glimpse of his true power, (0:18:23.21)
Kyouya Hikami : but unfortunately I have yet to see it in its full glory. (0:18:25.88)
Kyouya Hikami : For now, I intend to keep an eye on him in Class B... (0:18:30.45)
Kyouya Hikami : and from there, decide if he's worthy of joining us or not. (0:18:35.95)
Miu Ousawa : I see. (0:18:45.19)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I'm concerned about your brother. (0:18:47.29)
Kuzuha Doumoto : He seemed a little on edge today. (0:18:50.27)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Does it have something to do with COCOON? (0:18:53.84)
Miu Ousawa : Probably. (0:18:57.32)
Miu Ousawa : His mood suddenly changed when he heard that name on the news. (0:18:58.44)
Chikage Izumi : I guess he has some strong feelings about COCOON. (0:19:02.86)
Chikage Izumi : Akatsuki seems so frank, big-mouthed, and self-indulgent, (0:19:07.26)
Chikage Izumi : but I guess even he has things he rather hides. (0:19:14.26)
Chikage Izumi : I think I can see why you're so focused on him, Miu! (0:19:18.27)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? What do you mean? (0:19:22.80)
Chikage Izumi : You have no memory of Akatsuki either, right? (0:19:25.14)
Chikage Izumi : Yet you live under the same roof,
under the pretense of being siblings.
Chikage Izumi : Not thinking about it would be impossible. (0:19:32.94)
Miu Ousawa : H-Hold on! I don't think anything like that! (0:19:34.90)
Miu Ousawa : Th-There's nothing going on at all! (0:19:41.32)
Miu Ousawa : Plus, I'm pretty sure he likes someone else! (0:19:43.60)
Miu Ousawa : He has no feelings for me whatsoever! (0:19:46.90)
Miu Ousawa : Anyway, would you like to go shopping with me on our next day off? (0:19:50.98)
Chikage Izumi : Sure, okay. (0:19:57.37)
Kuzuha Doumoto : What are you shopping for? (0:19:58.90)
Miu Ousawa : Umm, underwear. (0:20:00.65)
Chikage Izumi : Ooh, that's great! I'll pick out something that's super-sexy for you! (0:20:03.09)
Miu Ousawa : Something normal is fine. (0:20:07.18)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Are you that dense? Ousawa-san is
having a "containment issue".
Chikage Izumi : Yikes! For someone who is as flat as a board, you sure talk big! (0:20:13.52)
Miu Ousawa : J-Just stop! Everyone's watching! (0:20:19.48)
Miu Ousawa : I'm not really sure why, but my heart hurts just a little... (0:20:25.03)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's him, all right. (0:20:36.37)
Akatsuki Ousawa : He's there... (0:20:39.95)
Motoharu Kaidou : Oh? (0:20:45.91)
Motoharu Kaidou : Aww, someone beat me here? (0:20:46.64)
Motoharu Kaidou : That's my favorite spot, too. Someone else already came and occupied it... (0:20:48.94)
Motoharu Kaidou : I feel like I've seen you before... (0:20:56.13)
Motoharu Kaidou : Not just in passing, but from somewhere else... Y'know? (0:20:58.84)
Akatsuki Ousawa : How the hell should I know? (0:21:04.74)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You sure you aren't just imagining things? (0:21:07.94)
Motoharu Kaidou : Oh! Now I remember! (0:21:10.95)
Motoharu Kaidou : You're Ousawa Akatsuki, aren't you?! (0:21:12.58)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yeah. So what? (0:21:15.71)
Motoharu Kaidou : Ah! I see! (0:21:17.20)
Motoharu Kaidou : So you're the big-shot hero everyone's been talking about? (0:21:19.08)
Motoharu Kaidou : I read all about your great exploits in the paper! (0:21:21.44)
Motoharu Kaidou : Put it there, pal! (0:21:25.45)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I guess you could call this a handshake. (0:21:31.27)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Akatsuki is strangely popular with girls. (0:23:11.91)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Once, when he helped protect a brothel, (0:23:15.98)
Listy El Da Sherfied : he got on really friendly terms with the girls working there. (0:23:18.34)
Listy El Da Sherfied : As I recall, that idiot not only helped the girls pick out undergarments, (0:23:21.54)
Listy El Da Sherfied : but even helped them put them on! (0:23:25.04)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Just remembering it makes me angry! (0:23:27.80)
Listy El Da Sherfied : I hope someone teaches Akatsuki a lesson! (0:23:30.25)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Next episode: "Just a Short Repose". (0:23:33.89)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Just so we're clear, he never did that with me! (0:23:36.64)

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