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Zechs Doltrake : I'm referring to... (0:00:01.17)
Zechs Doltrake : your skill. (0:00:04.15)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Zechs! (0:00:05.48)
Phil Barnett : It's only natural he cares. (0:00:07.13)
Phil Barnett : Indeed, it's important that he have faith in my skill. (0:00:09.73)
Phil Barnett : I'll give you a taste then. (0:00:14.66)
Phil Barnett : Oh, very impressive. (0:00:23.62)
Phil Barnett : I gave off as much bloodlust as an enraged Dragon Kin. (0:00:26.48)
Phil Barnett : But if that didn't satisfy you... (0:00:31.79)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : That's more than enough. (0:00:36.28)
Baram Dy Alon Disdia : Our enemy is elsewhere. (0:00:39.25)
Phil Barnett : Very well. If you'll excuse me... (0:00:42.85)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Akatsuki... (0:00:56.33)
Motoharu Kaidou : Yo, Akki. (0:02:34.55)
Motoharu Kaidou : You seem in good form! (0:02:36.76)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, I didn't notice your presence, Kaidou. (0:02:38.30)
Motoharu Kaidou : Hey now, everyone's gotta participate in the ranking matches, y'know. (0:02:40.47)
Motoharu Kaidou : Why wouldn't I be here? (0:02:44.22)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I didn't even sense you at all until just now. (0:02:46.60)
Motoharu Kaidou : Just your imagination. (0:02:50.88)
Motoharu Kaidou : Anyway, I'm betting there'll be loads of people just itching to beat you and make a name for themselves. (0:02:52.53)
Motoharu Kaidou : I'd be careful if I were you. (0:02:57.82)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sounds good to me! (0:02:59.57)
Akatsuki Ousawa : If I destroy every single person who comes at me, (0:03:00.91)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll be part of Class A by the time the dust settles. (0:03:04.53)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So, are you one of these guys who wanna beat me and make a name for themselves? (0:03:08.62)
Motoharu Kaidou : I do wonder. (0:03:14.84)
Motoharu Kaidou : Personally, I'd rather not participate in a losing fight. (0:03:16.12)
Akatsuki Ousawa : That's not much of an answer, you know. (0:03:19.64)
Motoharu Kaidou : Unlike you, I prefer not to stand out from the crowd. (0:03:22.27)
Motoharu Kaidou : I'm gonna take it nice and easy. (0:03:27.13)
Miu Ousawa : Oh! Over here! (0:03:31.06)
Motoharu Kaidou : Oh! Your pal's callin' you, Akki! (0:03:32.60)
Miu Ousawa : Sheesh! What took you so long?! (0:03:38.40)
Miu Ousawa : I told you we should've chosen a meeting spot! (0:03:40.47)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Huh? Why are you in a bad mood? (0:03:43.61)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Everyone's been staring at her. (0:03:46.41)
Akatsuki Ousawa : How come? (0:03:49.75)
Kuzuha Doumoto : She jumped straight to Class B just like you. (0:03:50.64)
Kuzuha Doumoto : She always had everyone's attention. (0:03:55.08)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Plus... (0:03:57.26)
Miu Ousawa : I-I'm not dressed like this because I want to be! (0:03:59.29)
Motoharu Kaidou : It's not just her chest. (0:04:02.72)
Motoharu Kaidou : It's her looks. (0:04:04.22)
Motoharu Kaidou : She's really popular among some of the guys. (0:04:06.06)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Really? (0:04:09.10)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Strange that none of 'em talks to her. (0:04:10.85)
Chikage Izumi : Of course they don't. (0:04:13.35)
Chikage Izumi : Not when she has this scary big brother looming over her. (0:04:15.35)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So I'm like, what, bug spray? (0:04:21.94)
Motoharu Kaidou : The only students who dare to mess with you are those in Class A or the student council. (0:04:25.65)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I can fight the student council? (0:04:33.21)
Motoharu Kaidou : Yep. (0:04:35.08)
Motoharu Kaidou : They're helping run the exams like regular faculty members, but they're students too. (0:04:36.71)
Motoharu Kaidou : They don't start participating until the second day, though. (0:04:42.59)
Miu Ousawa : What are we going to do? (0:04:45.72)
Miu Ousawa : Those guys are really strong and they have their eyes on you. (0:04:47.72)
Miu Ousawa : I don't want us to get caught in the collateral damage! (0:04:49.93)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, there's nothin' to worry about. (0:04:51.89)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I won't let anyone get in the way. (0:04:54.60)
Motoharu Kaidou : Oh, speak of the devil. Here they come. (0:04:57.53)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Yo, V.P.! (0:05:02.03)
Akatsuki Ousawa : We had a great time that day! (0:05:03.69)
Haruka Nanase : How dare you make such a remark?! (0:05:05.53)
Kyouya Hikami : Is something the matter, Haruka-kun? (0:05:08.45)
Haruka Nanase : N-No. (0:05:10.37)
Kyouya Hikami : Why hello there, Ousawa-kun. (0:05:12.13)
Kyouya Hikami : How are you feeling? (0:05:13.91)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Just perfect, Mr. President, Sir. (0:05:15.33)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Ranking matches or whatever– I'm not gonna lose. (0:05:17.83)
Kyouya Hikami : Glad to hear it. (0:05:21.44)
Kyouya Hikami : I'm sure you'll earn high marks. (0:05:23.20)
Kyouya Hikami : It would seem you are blessed with good teammates as well. (0:05:26.34)
Kyouya Hikami : Oh, (0:05:29.84)
Kyouya Hikami : if it isn't Kaidou-kun. (0:05:30.81)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Huh? The prez knows you? (0:05:34.48)
Motoharu Kaidou : Seems so. (0:05:38.02)
Motoharu Kaidou : What do you say, Akki? (0:05:39.58)
Motoharu Kaidou : Think better of me now? (0:05:40.80)
Haruka Nanase : Everyone knows who you are. (0:05:42.73)
Haruka Nanase : You're the problem child in Class A who constantly skips class. (0:05:45.01)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Finally, a chance to take you on. (0:05:50.79)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Once the exam starts, all fighting is acceptable. (0:05:53.45)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Nothing will get in the way. (0:05:56.96)
Kyouya Hikami : I'm sorry for getting your hopes up, (0:06:00.13)
Kyouya Hikami : but unfortunately, I'm not scheduled to participate in these ranking matches. (0:06:03.02)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What? (0:06:07.32)
Kyouya Hikami : As a member of COCOON, I must attend the upcoming summit meeting. (0:06:07.97)
Kyouya Hikami : The other three student council members will be participating, however. (0:06:12.35)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Summit? (0:06:16.52)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh yeah, it's still going on, isn't it? (0:06:17.73)
Kyouya Hikami : All COCOON members are gathering for this meeting. (0:06:19.69)
Haruka Nanase : That's how important of a summit it is. (0:06:23.77)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Still, it's not like you have to stick with 'em the entire time, right? (0:06:26.24)
Ryouhei Uesaki : A summit isn't just some friendly get-together or class reunion. (0:06:29.98)
Ryouhei Uesaki : He can't just slip out when it suits him. (0:06:35.58)
Minami Aihara : Plus, Japan is the host country this time. (0:06:38.49)
Minami Aihara : There are lots of preparations to make. (0:06:41.58)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So what? (0:06:43.38)
Haruka Nanase : You! (0:06:44.82)
Kyouya Hikami : My presence is only necessary until tomorrow night. (0:06:46.14)
Kyouya Hikami : If things end as scheduled, (0:06:50.08)
Kyouya Hikami : then I should be in time for the end of the ranking matches. (0:06:52.48)
Kyouya Hikami : Is that to your liking? (0:06:56.93)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You know it. Where shall we meet? (0:06:58.27)
Kyouya Hikami : Only so many members will make it to the end of the last day. (0:07:00.97)
Kyouya Hikami : The desire to fight each other will naturally bring us together. (0:07:05.02)
Haruka Nanase : You needn't ponder about fighting the president, Ousawa Akatsuki. (0:07:09.53)
Haruka Nanase : The three of us will be able to participate starting tomorrow morning. (0:07:15.28)
Haruka Nanase : When that happens, I'm going straight to you. (0:07:19.56)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Looking forward to it! (0:07:23.42)
Haruka Nanase : Hmph! Act tough while you still can! (0:07:25.04)
Kyouya Hikami : Well, here's hoping we meet again tomorrow. (0:07:29.05)
Haruka Nanase : Ousawa Miu-san. (0:07:35.64)
Haruka Nanase : C-Could I have a word? (0:07:37.52)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? With me? (0:07:39.14)
Motoharu Kaidou : Well, I better get going too. (0:07:42.23)
Motoharu Kaidou : Later, Akki! (0:07:45.38)
Motoharu Kaidou : Look the other way if we run into each other during the exam, okay? (0:07:46.86)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Sorry, can't make any promises. (0:07:51.54)
Motoharu Kaidou : Yikes. (0:07:54.08)
Chikage Izumi : What did the V.P. want? (0:07:57.02)
Miu Ousawa : Oh, no, it was nothing... (0:07:58.66)
EXTRA : I'll now explain the end-of-year ranking match examination. (0:08:05.11)
EXTRA : The exam will last 48 hours. (0:08:10.34)
EXTRA : You'll be evaluated on how long you remain able to fight. (0:08:12.47)
EXTRA : You may sleep if you need to, (0:08:17.03)
EXTRA : but know that the other participants will still be allowed to attack you. (0:08:19.28)
EXTRA : If a lower-ranked participant defeats a higher-ranked participant, (0:08:25.65)
EXTRA : that winner's rank will be increased. (0:08:29.88)
EXTRA : Whether you're conscious or not will determine if you're able to fight. (0:08:32.15)
EXTRA : The moment you're unable to fight, you're disqualified, (0:08:36.42)
EXTRA : and the exam's over for you. (0:08:39.62)
EXTRA : Any wrongful acts towards others will result in disqualification. (0:08:41.93)
EXTRA : Headquarters is monitoring everything in the match area, so that's impossible anyway. (0:08:45.48)
EXTRA : I'll now explain the power delimiting of A.D.s during the exam. (0:08:50.91)
Miu Ousawa : Power delimiting? (0:08:56.26)
Chikage Izumi : Oh, right. (0:08:58.26)
Chikage Izumi : This is the first time for you and Akatsuki. (0:08:59.47)
Chikage Izumi : It makes sense that you've never heard of it. (0:09:02.48)
Kuzuha Doumoto : It's called "delimiting", but it doesn't mean our weapons go up in power. (0:09:03.98)
Kuzuha Doumoto : A.D.s actually have the ability to synchronize with these gym uniforms. (0:09:08.76)
Chikage Izumi : The Orichalcum in an A.D. is designed to respond to the user's mental state. (0:09:13.31)
Chikage Izumi : It reacts with the fabric in these uniforms to transform them into combat suits. (0:09:18.95)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So the combat suits adapt to individual personalities, just like the weapons? (0:09:33.15)
Chikage Izumi : Yep! (0:09:37.38)
Chikage Izumi : Your subconscious also has some effect on it too... (0:09:39.02)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? What's wrong? (0:09:43.27)
Miu Ousawa : Wh-What is this?! (0:09:47.97)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hey, you guys! (0:09:50.85)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Quit gawkin'! (0:09:52.24)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I'll have you know that my sister's at that slightly sexually aware age (0:09:54.89)
Akatsuki Ousawa : where she likes to watch naughty late-night anime and try on sexy swimsuits! (0:09:58.44)
Miu Ousawa : Huh?! (0:10:03.14)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Isn't that so? (0:10:03.70)
Miu Ousawa : N-No! (0:10:04.45)
EXTRA : The ranking matches will now commence! (0:10:12.47)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Unfortunately for you... (0:10:18.01)
Chikage Izumi :'re all too obvious! (0:10:19.72)
Miu Ousawa : Umm... sorry! (0:10:24.01)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No fun for me. (0:10:27.57)
Chikage Izumi : That's one team down. (0:10:29.62)
Chikage Izumi : How many teams are there again? (0:10:32.30)
Kuzuha Doumoto : There are 39 teams in all, from Class A to Class E. (0:10:34.70)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Then that leaves at least 38 other teams to go! (0:10:38.36)
Miu Ousawa : Well, in that case... (0:10:42.32)
Miu Ousawa : They were hiding in the ground?! (0:10:50.83)
Akatsuki Ousawa : And another team bites the dust. (0:10:53.09)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Also, just as an FYI, I know you guys are there. (0:10:55.60)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Your cheap tricks won't work on us. (0:10:59.97)
Akatsuki Ousawa : If you're gonna bide your time all sneaky-like, (0:11:02.80)
Akatsuki Ousawa : then we'll just eliminate you first! (0:11:05.31)
Miu Ousawa : No way! There's so many...! (0:11:09.31)
Miu Ousawa : Wh-What do we do?! (0:11:10.94)
Chikage Izumi : These numbers sure would pose a challenge... (0:11:13.14)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Indeed. (0:11:15.64)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Nothin' to be afraid of. (0:11:17.37)
Akatsuki Ousawa : These losers are helpless on their own. (0:11:19.72)
Akatsuki Ousawa : We can handle 'em just fine. (0:11:22.80)
EXTRA : Hear that? (0:11:24.83)
EXTRA : That idiot thinks they can beat us all! (0:11:26.24)
EXTRA : That'll be the day— (0:11:30.08)
Miu Ousawa : W-Wow! (0:11:35.29)
Akatsuki Ousawa : See? It's doable, right? (0:11:37.24)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Let's get this party started! (0:11:40.87)
EXTRA : G-Get 'em! (0:11:44.03)
EXTRA : Fighting at Point Delta has ended! (0:11:48.61)
EXTRA : One team has taken out the other 14 teams and 51 people there! (0:11:50.75)
EXTRA : Impossible! (0:11:55.19)
EXTRA : It hasn't even been an hour! (0:11:56.24)
EXTRA : Which team is it?! (0:11:58.42)
EXTRA : Class B, Team 08! (0:12:00.87)
EXTRA : It consists of Class President Doumoto Kuzuha and three others. (0:12:02.74)
EXTRA : Doumoto, Izumi, Ousawa Miu, and Ousawa Akatsuki, huh? (0:12:06.35)
EXTRA : He's definitely on a level all his own. (0:12:11.66)
EXTRA : His combat abilities alone put him above Class A. (0:12:14.82)
EXTRA : I bet he could even take on the student council. (0:12:18.36)
Haruka Nanase : I can't ignore a comment like that . (0:12:21.80)
Haruka Nanase : I'll admit that he possesses tremendous skill. (0:12:24.95)
Haruka Nanase : But I think you overrate him by suggesting he's on par with us . (0:12:29.03)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Really? (0:12:33.96)
Ryouhei Uesaki : I think it'd actually be a pretty good fight, myself. (0:12:36.03)
Haruka Nanase : Uesaki! (0:12:40.06)
Haruka Nanase : Quit acting so weak and timid! (0:12:41.24)
Minami Aihara : He's unfathomable. (0:12:43.57)
Minami Aihara : He has a loud personality that stands out because of how he acts, (0:12:46.12)
Minami Aihara : but he also has the skill to back it up. (0:12:50.29)
Haruka Nanase : Minami! (0:12:52.29)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Yeah, that's pretty much it. (0:12:53.66)
Ryouhei Uesaki : You oughta know him pretty well too by now. (0:12:55.62)
Haruka Nanase : I don't give a care about him! (0:12:58.34)
Minami Aihara : You're all worked up. (0:13:01.38)
Haruka Nanase : I am not ! (0:13:02.48)
Haruka Nanase : In any case, I'm going to settle things with Ousawa Akatsuki once and for all! (0:13:03.34)
Haruka Nanase : Minami, Uesaki. (0:13:07.72)
Haruka Nanase : Let's finish up our work and join the ranking matches by tonight! (0:13:09.10)
Haruka Nanase : Then we'll find out for sure just who's stronger! (0:13:11.27)
Haruka Nanase : We're not ordinary student representatives. (0:13:17.23)
Haruka Nanase : We're the student council – the upholders of rule and order in BABEL! (0:13:19.98)
Haruka Nanase : We can't afford to concede to him so easily! (0:13:22.99)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Whew, I'm stuffed! (0:13:34.58)
Miu Ousawa : Are you sure about this? (0:13:36.67)
Miu Ousawa : Having a fire out in the open like this... (0:13:38.52)
Miu Ousawa : Anyone can spot us! (0:13:40.59)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't worry. (0:13:42.84)
Akatsuki Ousawa : We went all out during the day. (0:13:44.38)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I doubt anyone would want to mess with us now. (0:13:46.76)
Chikage Izumi : Yeah, that's true. (0:13:50.80)
Kuzuha Doumoto : We did go all out. (0:13:52.77)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Now, then. (0:13:54.60)
Akatsuki Ousawa : After food comes a bath! (0:13:55.39)
Miu Ousawa : Huh?! (0:13:57.91)
Chikage Izumi : Huh?! (0:13:57.91)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Huh?! (0:13:57.91)
Akatsuki Ousawa : The prez can use earth magic to make a bathtub, (0:13:59.14)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Izumi can fill it with water, and then we can toss some hot rocks in. (0:14:02.14)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It'll be a great open-air bath! (0:14:06.26)
Miu Ousawa : A bath... with you?! (0:14:08.51)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Nothing beats a bath after working up a sweat! (0:14:12.13)
Kuzuha Doumoto : I agree, but... (0:14:14.66)
Chikage Izumi : Man, I worked up another sweat just making this. (0:14:16.92)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I bet. (0:14:20.30)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So jump right in! (0:14:21.04)
Miu Ousawa : B-But...! (0:14:23.30)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, do you think I'll peek or something? (0:14:24.97)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Don't worry. (0:14:28.40)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I won't do anything like that. (0:14:29.60)
Miu Ousawa : You promise? (0:14:31.99)
Miu Ousawa : Is this really a good idea? (0:14:35.75)
Chikage Izumi : Well, it's true that Akatsuki doesn't lie, so... (0:14:37.81)
Miu Ousawa : What are you coming in for?! (0:14:50.54)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What's wrong? I haven't peeked! (0:14:52.70)
Miu Ousawa : Wh-What are you—?! (0:14:55.54)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Isn't it obvious? A massage. (0:14:57.00)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You're all tired from today's fighting, right? (0:14:59.37)
Miu Ousawa : No, we don't need that! (0:15:02.21)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh, come on! Don't be like that! (0:15:04.25)
Miu Ousawa : Th-That's too dangerous! (0:15:10.18)
Miu Ousawa : E-Even if our chance of getting attacked is low, it's not zero! (0:15:12.10)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Maybe so, but that's no big deal. (0:15:17.10)
Akatsuki Ousawa : We can just fight in our birthday suit if we get attacked. (0:15:19.98)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Get real! (0:15:22.60)
Miu Ousawa : Get real! (0:15:22.60)
Chikage Izumi : Get real! (0:15:22.60)
Kuzuha Doumoto : What was that?! (0:15:24.57)
Chikage Izumi : My wind barrier was broken?! (0:15:25.50)
Haruka Nanase : You certainly seem to be in fine shape. (0:15:28.45)
Chikage Izumi : The student council?! (0:15:34.67)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Oh? (0:15:36.29)
Akatsuki Ousawa : You said you couldn't make it for the first day, (0:15:37.56)
Akatsuki Ousawa : so I wasn't expecting you to show up until the stroke after midnight. (0:15:39.79)
Ryouhei Uesaki : We were gonna come late tomorrow morning, but Haruka insisted... (0:15:43.22)
Minami Aihara : She desired to meet you. (0:15:47.30)
Haruka Nanase : I-I didn't mean it in any weird way! (0:15:49.02)
Haruka Nanase : Ousawa Akatsuki! (0:15:52.77)
Haruka Nanase : Could I have a moment of your time? (0:15:54.63)
Haruka Nanase : I take it I don't have to explain why... (0:15:57.14)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Of course. I can't turn down a pretty girl's invitation. (0:15:59.10)
Miu Ousawa : H-Hold on! You can't fight by yourself! (0:16:02.73)
Haruka Nanase : I don't mind. Either way is fine with me. (0:16:05.20)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No, I'll do it by myself. (0:16:08.83)
Akatsuki Ousawa : We've got more fighting to do tomorrow. (0:16:10.94)
Akatsuki Ousawa : No need for you to take unnecessary damage now. (0:16:12.84)
Chikage Izumi : Same goes for you! (0:16:16.58)
Chikage Izumi : Your reasoning falls flat! (0:16:18.76)
Kuzuha Doumoto : We're a team, you know! (0:16:20.30)
Kuzuha Doumoto : Who we're dealing with doesn't change that fact! (0:16:22.58)
Miu Ousawa : Why are you student council members so intent on going after him?! (0:16:26.37)
Miu Ousawa : What's the actual reason?! (0:16:30.58)
Haruka Nanase : Wh-Why? W-Well... (0:16:32.46)
Miu Ousawa : Huh? What's this strange feeling in the air...? (0:16:35.83)
Miu Ousawa : I've felt it before... (0:16:39.43)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Actually, back at the beach, your brother went and— (0:16:40.77)
Haruka Nanase : Uesaki! (0:16:43.60)
Haruka Nanase : The beach...? (0:16:45.27)
Miu Ousawa : Don't tell me he...?! (0:16:46.77)
Miu Ousawa : You pervert! (0:16:50.86)
Miu Ousawa : Go get your butt kicked, you dummy! (0:16:51.98)
Haruka Nanase : How was your first ranking match? (0:16:55.78)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I dunno. It's kinda like, "Is that it?" (0:16:58.24)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I think it'll be lots more fun once the COCOON summit's over, though. (0:17:01.70)
Haruka Nanase : You needn't wait for the president. (0:17:06.38)
Haruka Nanase : We'll make things fun for you right now! (0:17:08.59)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Spatial magic? (0:17:13.43)
Ryouhei Uesaki : I've created a special barrier two kilometers around. (0:17:14.78)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Sounds and vibrations can neither enter nor leave it now. (0:17:17.63)
Minami Aihara : We can rampage all we want without anyone interfering. (0:17:22.56)
Akatsuki Ousawa : We can fight to our hearts' content, huh? (0:17:25.94)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So, I have a quick question first. (0:17:28.77)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Will the result of this match count towards my grade in the ranking matches? (0:17:30.94)
Ryouhei Uesaki : It sure will. (0:17:35.28)
Ryouhei Uesaki : But I don't think you'll need to worry about that. (0:17:37.36)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Your team already earned high marks during today's fights. (0:17:41.45)
Ryouhei Uesaki : All four of you are going to be promoted to Class A, (0:17:45.58)
Ryouhei Uesaki : even if you lose to us here. (0:17:49.17)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I see. Now I get to be in the same class as him. (0:17:51.95)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I was actually hoping to know what'd happen if I win, but whatever. (0:17:55.92)
Akatsuki Ousawa : For now, I guess I'll set the stage for my fight with Hikami Kyoya by giving you guys a beat-down. (0:18:00.58)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Creating that barrier was a big mistake. (0:18:08.73)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Now that no one can interfere, there's no doubt I'll win. (0:18:11.02)
Haruka Nanase : Such nonsense! (0:18:15.11)
Haruka Nanase : Minami! Uesaki! Stay out of this! (0:18:16.60)
Haruka Nanase : I'm Nanase Haruka, JPN BABEL High School Student Vice President! (0:18:19.19)
Haruka Nanase : Have at you! (0:18:23.68)
Haruka Nanase : An afterimage?! (0:18:25.62)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Bingo. (0:18:26.75)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Such second-rate magic won't work! (0:18:29.50)
Haruka Nanase : Got you! (0:18:33.75)
Haruka Nanase : Huh?! (0:18:35.96)
Haruka Nanase : He's good, all right! (0:18:38.86)
Haruka Nanase : But as long as he's in the air, I have the upper hand! (0:18:40.04)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I wouldn't rest easy just yet! (0:18:43.14)
Akatsuki Ousawa : This is the end, V.P.! (0:18:56.61)
Haruka Nanase : Minami?! (0:19:01.45)
Haruka Nanase : Why did you interfere?! (0:19:04.10)
Haruka Nanase : I told you to stay out of this! (0:19:05.52)
Ryouhei Uesaki : I don't recall us agreeing to that, though. (0:19:07.45)
Minami Aihara : You can't let your personal feelings get you worked up. (0:19:10.83)
Minami Aihara : We're not ordinary student representatives. (0:19:13.71)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Just accept it, Haruka. (0:19:16.85)
Ryouhei Uesaki : He's powerful. (0:19:18.40)
Ryouhei Uesaki : You're our vice president. (0:19:19.76)
Ryouhei Uesaki : If by some fluke you had lost, (0:19:21.84)
Ryouhei Uesaki : the rule and order we've maintained all this time within JPN BABEL would've come crashing down! (0:19:23.60)
Haruka Nanase : Even if we did win, it was three against one! (0:19:29.78)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Ousawa Akatsuki is a problem child! (0:19:32.73)
Ryouhei Uesaki : You even kept saying how you were gonna punish him someday! (0:19:35.47)
Ryouhei Uesaki : So we punished him together! (0:19:39.15)
Ryouhei Uesaki : There's no problem with that, is there? (0:19:41.70)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Nope, no problem at all. (0:19:43.40)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I assumed it would be three-on-one from the start. (0:19:46.83)
Ryouhei Uesaki : Oh, man, you can't be serious... (0:19:50.33)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I can create an anti-magic barrier if I feel so inclined... (0:19:51.92)
Ryouhei Uesaki : I see. (0:19:55.36)
Ryouhei Uesaki : It would seem direct, weapon-based attacks are more effective, then. (0:19:56.81)
Haruka Nanase : Indeed, it appears this is no time to be fixated on fighting one-on-one. (0:20:02.80)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Infusing your weapons with magic... (0:20:09.39)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Nice. You're finally starting to get serious. (0:20:11.14)
Akatsuki Ousawa : In which case... (0:20:14.19)
Akatsuki Ousawa : I won't hold back! (0:20:15.06)
Haruka Nanase : It seems you've finally accepted your fate. (0:20:17.36)
Haruka Nanase : Here we come! (0:20:19.76)
Haruka Nanase : He's overpowered us...?! (0:20:25.47)
Haruka Nanase : No, is this...?! (0:20:29.04)
Haruka Nanase : That's not possible...! (0:20:33.63)
Akatsuki Ousawa : So long... (0:20:36.71)
Akatsuki Ousawa : student council! (0:20:38.38)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Hey, now. I'm in the middle of a fight. (0:20:44.93)
Akatsuki Ousawa : What do you think you're doing... (0:20:47.04)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Kaidou? (0:20:48.89)
Motoharu Kaidou : No, I didn't mean to interrupt... (0:20:50.36)
Motoharu Kaidou : It looks like the V.P.'s already noticed. (0:20:53.65)
Motoharu Kaidou : We have an emergency situation on our hands. (0:20:55.78)
Akatsuki Ousawa : Akki. Have you noticed that small cut on your cheek that's bleeding? (0:20:57.84)
Akatsuki Ousawa : It's just a scratch. So what? (0:21:01.64)
Motoharu Kaidou : There's a special field covering all of BABEL that makes all damage just in the mind. (0:21:04.97)
Motoharu Kaidou : Yet you've been hurt. (0:21:11.87)
Akatsuki Ousawa : The field's gone?! (0:21:14.50)
Motoharu Kaidou : And there's been no announcement of this serious situation at all. (0:21:18.25)
Motoharu Kaidou : Something's up. (0:21:22.88)
Motoharu Kaidou : Something bad. (0:21:24.58)
Haruka Nanase : Miu-san and the others are in that direction! (0:21:28.66)
Haruka Nanase : Ousawa Akatsuki! (0:21:32.06)
Listy El Da Sherfied : When I confronted Phil Burnett, I could sense (0:23:10.82)
Listy El Da Sherfied : that he wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve his goals. (0:23:13.99)
Listy El Da Sherfied : And not just Garius's daughter and Akatsuki. (0:23:18.90)
Listy El Da Sherfied : He might bring harm to anyone who gets in his way. (0:23:21.29)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Of course, I'd like to believe that Garius's daughter isn't in the other world, (0:23:24.84)
Listy El Da Sherfied : but if what Lord Baram said is true... (0:23:29.80)
Listy El Da Sherfied : Next episode: "On Such a Beautiful Moonlit Night". (0:23:33.69)
Listy El Da Sherfied : I have a bad feeling about this... (0:23:37.19)

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