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Mea Kurosaki : Guess what, Master! (0:01:35.65)
Mea Kurosaki : I made my very first friend today! (0:01:37.61)
Mea Kurosaki : Isn't that wonderful? (0:01:41.24)
Nemesis : I hope your lax lifestyle didn't cause you to forget your true goal. (0:01:44.05)
Mea Kurosaki : Of course not! (0:01:51.84)
Mea Kurosaki : How could I ever forget? (0:01:53.17)
Mea Kurosaki : I need to return Yami-oneechan to her old self. (0:01:55.38)
Mea Kurosaki : Right? (0:01:58.64)
Nemesis : Indeed. (0:02:00.22)
Nemesis : Golden Darkness is of no use to me in her present state. (0:02:01.82)
Nemesis : It's essential that she returns to how she is meant to be. (0:02:07.44)
Nemesis : There is but one way to achieve that. (0:02:10.90)
Momo Belia Deviluke : The murder of Yuuki Rito by Golden Darkness herself. (0:02:13.61)
Rito Yuuki : You're kidding... (0:02:18.57)
Rito Yuuki : Is that really what they want? (0:02:20.03)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Yes. I can't think of anything else. (0:02:22.03)
Momo Belia Deviluke : The enemy is definitely out to provoke Yami-san. (0:02:25.29)
Momo Belia Deviluke : They clearly want her to return to being the assassin she once was. (0:02:28.92)
Rito Yuuki : But who? And why? (0:02:33.29)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I don't know. (0:02:36.05)
Momo Belia Deviluke : We don't know anything about Yami-san's past. (0:02:37.72)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I'm only worried that (0:02:41.33)
Momo Belia Deviluke : the enemy might actually succeed at provoking her into switching sides. (0:02:43.40)
Rito Yuuki : Would Yami... (0:02:49.31)
Rito Yuuki : Would Yami really try to kill me? (0:02:51.10)
Rito Yuuki : You really think she'd do it? (0:02:52.98)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Well, I don't think she would the way she is now. (0:02:54.23)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Why don't we cheer up over some coffee? (0:03:04.12)
Golden Darkness : Excuse the intrusion, Yuuki Rito. (0:03:10.33)
Rito Yuuki : Yami?! Why are you holding a knife?! (0:03:12.38)
Rito Yuuki : Is she really going to try to kill me? (0:03:15.21)
Mikan Yuuki : Yami-san! (0:03:17.84)
Mikan Yuuki : I brought you an apron. (0:03:19.30)
Mikan Yuuki : Here. (0:03:21.02)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Mikan-san, what's Yami-san doing here? (0:03:23.68)
Mikan Yuuki : Oh, I promised her before that she could stay over, (0:03:28.49)
Mikan Yuuki : so I thought I'd use this chance to teach her about how we cook on Earth. (0:03:32.53)
Golden Darkness : When I asked Mikan about Earthling culture, (0:03:36.42)
Golden Darkness : she suggested that I start with cooking. (0:03:40.19)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Cooking? (0:03:42.78)
Mikan Yuuki : All right, let's start by chopping the veggies up! (0:03:43.95)
Golden Darkness : Okay. (0:03:46.49)
Rito Yuuki : What do you think, Momo? (0:03:48.75)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I don't know what to make of this. (0:03:50.20)
Mikan Yuuki : Just make sure you don't let your guard down. (0:03:51.66)
Mikan Yuuki : You mustn't forget that she's a legendary assassin. (0:03:53.71)
Golden Darkness : Excuse me. I'm not used to this and my hand slipped. (0:03:57.78)
Rito Yuuki : Seriously?! (0:04:00.30)
Mikan Yuuki : You have to grip it properly, Yami-san! (0:04:01.60)
Mikan Yuuki : Let me show you first! (0:04:04.64)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Mikan looks like she's having fun. (0:04:06.93)
Lala Satalin Deviluke : Doing stuff with your friends is always fun. (0:04:09.14)
Nana Astar Deviluke : By the way, I managed to make a friend at school. (0:04:13.94)
Lala Satalin Deviluke : What? Already?! (0:04:17.40)
Lala Satalin Deviluke : That was quick! (0:04:18.97)
Nana Astar Deviluke : She thinks it's awesome how I'm able to get along with animals. (0:04:20.40)
Lala Satalin Deviluke : I see. (0:04:29.49)
Lala Satalin Deviluke : Good for you, Nana. (0:04:30.68)
Nana Astar Deviluke : I'll introduce her to you all when I get a chance. (0:04:33.08)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Not you though, Rito. (0:04:35.25)
Nana Astar Deviluke : You're a beast. (0:04:38.07)
Mikan Yuuki : Looks like it was a good idea for them to transfer to Sainan High. (0:04:40.46)
Golden Darkness : Yes, it does. (0:04:44.55)
Mikan Yuuki : You should transfer too! (0:04:46.59)
Mikan Yuuki : You could learn a lot about Earth's culture there. (0:04:50.01)
Mikan Yuuki : I'm sure you'd have lots of fun. (0:04:53.43)
Golden Darkness : Really? (0:04:56.23)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Nice going, Mikan-san! (0:04:57.73)
Momo Belia Deviluke : For the sake of Rito-san's well-being, I want to have her in my sight at all times! (0:04:59.69)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Even Mikan-san thinks you should transfer. Why not just do it? (0:05:04.82)
Momo Belia Deviluke : There's still room in my class. (0:05:08.74)
Golden Darkness : Yes... (0:05:11.97)
Golden Darkness : Becoming a student there would give me more chances to target Yuuki Rito too. (0:05:13.41)
Momo Belia Deviluke : It backfired! (0:05:17.25)
Mikan Yuuki : Oh, come on, Yami-san. (0:05:18.71)
Mikan Yuuki : Okay, it's ready! (0:05:22.11)
Lala Satalin Deviluke : This tastes great, Yami-chan! (0:05:28.09)
Golden Darkness : I just did as Mikan instructed me. (0:05:30.43)
Lala Satalin Deviluke : Celine-chan, do you like it too? (0:05:33.35)
Rito Yuuki : Why did she put taiyaki in my miso soup? (0:05:42.78)
Rito Yuuki : Does she really expect me to eat this?! (0:05:47.41)
Rito Yuuki : She'll kill me if I don't! (0:05:51.27)
Lala Satalin Deviluke : Thanks for the meal! (0:05:57.25)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Rito-san, hold it in! (0:05:59.73)
Rito Yuuki : Uh, I've gotta run to the convenience store. (0:06:04.71)
Rito Yuuki : I just realized I'm out of facial cream. (0:06:07.55)
Mikan Yuuki : Pick up the kind of milk we usually get too! (0:06:10.55)
Rito Yuuki : Sure thing. (0:06:13.46)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Rito-san, let me tag along. (0:06:15.36)
Mikan Yuuki : Momo-san's back to clinging onto Rito. (0:06:19.27)
Momo Belia Deviluke : This is the facial cream you use, right? (0:06:24.93)
Rito Yuuki : Yeah... (0:06:28.61)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Don't worry. (0:06:31.80)
Momo Belia Deviluke : If push comes to shove, I'll protect you. (0:06:34.16)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I'll risk my life to do so. (0:06:37.91)
Rito Yuuki : Momo... (0:06:39.92)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I can't just let my dear Rito-san die. (0:06:42.25)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I need you for my harem plan. (0:06:45.53)
Rito Yuuki : Don't just say "harem" in public like that! (0:06:49.93)
Rito Yuuki : Are you really serious about that? (0:06:53.55)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Of course! (0:06:57.06)
Momo Belia Deviluke : It's the perfect solution to a lot of our problems, (0:06:58.31)
Momo Belia Deviluke : including the issue of who'll inherit Deviluke's throne. (0:07:01.23)
Rito Yuuki : But I'm— (0:07:04.76)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Remember what I told you? The king is free to have as many concubines as he desires. (0:07:06.15)
Momo Belia Deviluke : And my sister isn't the only one whose happiness depends on you. (0:07:11.11)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Just think of... (0:07:17.04)
Haruna Sairenji : I wonder what Yuuki-kun's doing right now. (0:07:19.96)
Yui Kotegawa : Yet another week of Yuuki-kun causing me nothing but trouble. (0:07:24.00)
Yui Kotegawa : Why do I have to put up with him? (0:07:27.92)
Yui Kotegawa : What are you grinning about, Onii-chan? (0:07:32.78)
Yuu Kotegawa : Huh? (0:07:35.35)
Yuu Kotegawa : Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that Yuuki is all you seem to talk about. (0:07:36.42)
Momo Belia Deviluke : You're surrounded by girls who love you, (0:07:41.89)
Momo Belia Deviluke : though some of us may feel more strongly about you than others. (0:07:46.15)
Momo Belia Deviluke : You could have us all to yourself, you know. (0:07:51.18)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Even Yami-san! (0:07:54.78)
Rito Yuuki : That's insane! (0:07:56.24)
Momo Belia Deviluke : You have nothing to worry about. (0:07:58.40)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I'll deal with any obstacle that gets in your way. (0:08:00.96)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Nothing smells better than a bouquet of girls. (0:08:04.40)
Rito Yuuki : I'm back. (0:08:11.52)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Yami-san is staying in Mikan-san's room? (0:08:14.39)
Rito Yuuki : I need to wash my face. (0:08:18.14)
Rito Yuuki : Why does Momo have to be so enthusiastic about this? (0:08:22.48)
Mikan Yuuki : Learn to knock, perv! (0:08:34.20)
Rito Yuuki : Sorry! (0:08:35.53)
Mikan Yuuki : Jeez... (0:08:36.73)
Rito Yuuki : The day's finally over. (0:08:42.93)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Oh, but the night is just beginning. (0:08:45.62)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Mikan-san will come barging in if you make too much noise. (0:08:55.11)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I'm only here as your bodyguard tonight. (0:08:58.26)
Momo Belia Deviluke : There's a chance that Yami-san will try to attack you during the night. (0:09:03.64)
Rito Yuuki : H-Hey! You're supposed to be my bodyguard, right?! (0:09:07.69)
Momo Belia Deviluke : That's right. Nothing but a bodyguard. (0:09:10.86)
Momo Belia Deviluke : So please don't worry about me, (0:09:13.71)
Momo Belia Deviluke : and sleep tight. (0:09:16.11)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Rito-san... (0:09:34.97)
Momo Belia Deviluke : He still won't give in? (0:09:54.42)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Does he still see me as a kid? (0:09:59.03)
Momo Belia Deviluke : After all the effort I put into fixing my hair to look more mature? (0:10:01.74)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Well... that won't be enough to stop me! (0:10:05.82)
Rito Yuuki : Yami?! (0:10:27.27)
Golden Darkness : Can we talk? (0:10:28.80)
Rito Yuuki : Did she call me out here to kill me? (0:10:36.13)
Golden Darkness : Today... (0:10:39.42)
Golden Darkness : Mikan taught me how to cook. (0:10:42.24)
Mikan Yuuki : When you cook, you should think about who it is that you're cooking for. (0:10:45.53)
Mikan Yuuki : That's the most important part about making delicious food. (0:10:50.11)
Golden Darkness : I couldn't really understand what she meant. (0:10:55.34)
Golden Darkness : Chopping vegetables with a knife while thinking of someone... (0:10:58.98)
Golden Darkness : Is that really... (0:11:02.43)
Golden Darkness : any different from chopping up an enemy with my transformation ability? (0:11:07.40)
Rito Yuuki : Momo! (0:11:17.36)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I won't let you lay a finger on Rito-san! (0:11:17.86)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I bet you let some shady person talk you into killing him, (0:11:20.53)
Momo Belia Deviluke : but I won't let you do it! (0:11:26.11)
Golden Darkness : Your intent to kill is strong. (0:11:29.00)
Golden Darkness : I feel like I'm finally seeing your true side, (0:11:31.71)
Golden Darkness : Princess Momo. (0:11:34.51)
Golden Darkness : But you're misunderstanding me. (0:11:35.88)
Golden Darkness : When I kill Yuuki Rito, it will be at my own discretion. (0:11:37.86)
Golden Darkness : I have no intention of letting someone else sway me. (0:11:42.68)
Golden Darkness : Especially not someone shady. (0:11:45.80)
Momo Belia Deviluke : But just now— (0:11:50.02)
Golden Darkness : I merely wished to ask him something. (0:11:51.23)
Golden Darkness : Yuuki Rito. (0:11:55.69)
Golden Darkness : Was the taiyaki miso soup that I made especially for you delicious? (0:11:57.98)
Golden Darkness : I'm curious. (0:12:05.91)
Golden Darkness : I put quite a bit of effort into making it, after all. (0:12:07.66)
Rito Yuuki : I-It was a l-little on the sweet side, but... (0:12:13.50)
Rito Yuuki : It was delicious... I guess. (0:12:17.80)
Golden Darkness : Is that... so? (0:12:20.71)
Golden Darkness : Now I feel assured. (0:12:23.72)
Golden Darkness : Good night. (0:12:25.43)
Rito Yuuki : What the hell? (0:12:29.80)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Does she... (0:12:32.27)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Does she like Rito-san more than I thought? (0:12:34.19)
Rito Yuuki : You're creeping me out. (0:12:40.07)
Golden Darkness : For a while now, (0:13:06.46)
Golden Darkness : I've been trying to forget my past and start a new life. (0:13:08.31)
Golden Darkness : I don't get it. (0:13:19.67)
Golden Darkness : I... (0:13:21.42)
Mea Kurosaki : Hello, my big sister Yami. (0:13:30.38)
Golden Darkness : "Big sister"? (0:13:33.67)
Mea Kurosaki : Yeah. (0:13:34.75)
Mea Kurosaki : Master told me that you're the only family I have. (0:13:35.71)
Mea Kurosaki : So... (0:13:41.62)
Mea Kurosaki : I'll do my best to help you complete your mission to kill Yuuki Rito-senpai! (0:13:45.98)
Mea Kurosaki : What else is family for? (0:13:52.63)
Mea Kurosaki : Doesn't that sound wonderful? (0:13:55.91)
Golden Darkness : You and I... are family? (0:14:00.00)
Mea Kurosaki : Yup! (0:14:02.75)
Mea Kurosaki : I'm a murder weapon that was created... (0:14:03.82)
Mea Kurosaki : based on your development data! (0:14:08.71)
Mea Kurosaki : This is all the proof you should need. (0:14:11.09)
Mea Kurosaki : I'll help out any way I can, so let's do our best to kill Yuuki Rito-senpai! (0:14:14.82)
Mea Kurosaki : Then we can return to space together! (0:14:19.57)
Mea Kurosaki : I'm sure that'd make Master really happy. (0:14:21.82)
Mea Kurosaki : Oh, class is starting! (0:14:33.93)
Mea Kurosaki : Onee-chan, let's go! (0:14:35.64)
Nana Astar Deviluke : What's up, Mea? (0:14:48.21)
Nana Astar Deviluke : You look pretty happy. (0:14:49.68)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Did something good happen? (0:14:51.53)
Mea Kurosaki : You could say that. (0:14:54.20)
Nana Astar Deviluke : I see! (0:14:55.36)
Nana Astar Deviluke : By the way, I heard from a few people in class that you're a transfer student too. Is it true? (0:14:56.80)
Mea Kurosaki : Yeah, I came here about a month ago. (0:15:01.58)
Mea Kurosaki : But I'm not good at making friends, so I couldn't really fit in. (0:15:04.55)
Mea Kurosaki : So... (0:15:09.53)
Mea Kurosaki : That makes you my first friend, Nana-chan! (0:15:11.27)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Really? You're making me blush. (0:15:14.13)
Nana Astar Deviluke : I only knew my sister's friends from Earth. (0:15:17.06)
Nana Astar Deviluke : You're actually the first friend I made on my own. (0:15:21.44)
Golden Darkness : Kurosaki Mea. Like me, she's a a living weapon that was created during the fall of the 6th Galactic System. (0:15:25.47)
Golden Darkness : If what she said is true, her "Master" must be the one who's pulling the strings from behind the scenes. (0:15:33.69)
Golden Darkness : But the organization that created me should've been crushed by its enemy after the war. (0:15:39.78)
Golden Darkness : Did someone survive? (0:15:45.82)
Golden Darkness : I don't have enough data. (0:15:48.76)
Golden Darkness : I can only watch and examine her behavior for now. (0:15:51.00)
Golden Darkness : I doubt we could ever become close like those two. (0:15:59.40)
EXTRA : Yami-san! (0:16:03.06)
EXTRA : I love to read books! (0:16:04.31)
EXTRA : Let's be friends! (0:16:06.51)
EXTRA : You like taiyaki, right? (0:16:07.84)
EXTRA : Don't you think I look like one? (0:16:10.24)
Momo Belia Deviluke : The boys are all over you even though you just got here, Yami-san. (0:16:15.44)
Golden Darkness : I think that applies to you more than it does to me, Princess Momo. (0:16:19.40)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Oh, not at all. (0:16:23.88)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Has anyone tried to approach you since then? (0:16:27.42)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Just come to me if you think I can be of any assistance. (0:16:31.55)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I can help you with not only battles, but with gathering intel too. (0:16:35.24)
Golden Darkness : That sounds wonderful, Princess Momo. (0:16:39.95)
Golden Darkness : But I don't trust you to that extent just yet. (0:16:44.56)
Golden Darkness : Well, I guess you still don't know me as well as you do Onee-sama and Mikan-san. (0:16:51.90)
EXTRA : Look! Momo-chan's talking with Yami-chan! (0:16:56.53)
EXTRA : She must be worried since Yami-chan's so shy! (0:16:59.53)
EXTRA : Momo's so young and pretty! She's like a real princess! (0:17:02.04)
Nana Astar Deviluke : "Young and pretty," my ass. (0:17:07.16)
Nana Astar Deviluke : They'd be so disappointed if they knew what Momo's really like. (0:17:09.62)
Mea Kurosaki : Really? (0:17:12.63)
Nana Astar Deviluke : You bet! She's always putting on an act. (0:17:13.38)
Nana Astar Deviluke : She pretends to be a good girl, but who knows what she's really thinking about? (0:17:17.40)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Be careful around her, Mea. (0:17:20.91)
Mea Kurosaki : You know so much about her! (0:17:23.45)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Well, yeah. We're always together since we're twin sisters and all. (0:17:25.66)
Mea Kurosaki : Sisters... Always together... (0:17:29.31)
Mea Kurosaki : That's wonderful! (0:17:33.33)
Mea Kurosaki : Oh yeah! You're staying at Yuuki Rito-senpai's place, aren't you? (0:17:36.16)
Nana Astar Deviluke : You heard about that, huh? (0:17:43.16)
Mea Kurosaki : What kind of a person is he? (0:17:46.42)
Nana Astar Deviluke : A beast! (0:17:48.96)
Nana Astar Deviluke : He's a terrible pervert! (0:17:50.67)
Nana Astar Deviluke : He's always sniffing our panties, groping our breasts, and grabbing our asses! (0:17:53.00)
Nana Astar Deviluke : He's nothing but a perverted beast! (0:17:57.17)
Mea Kurosaki : A beast... (0:17:59.57)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Lala and Momo like him for some reason. (0:18:01.72)
Nana Astar Deviluke : I have no idea why. (0:18:04.91)
Mea Kurosaki : He's that worthless? (0:18:07.33)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Well, he can be kind every now and then. (0:18:11.56)
Mea Kurosaki : Didn't you say he was worthless? (0:18:14.28)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Y-Yeah, but I didn't mean completely! He's just... (0:18:16.88)
Nana Astar Deviluke : What was I even trying to say?! (0:18:21.32)
Haruna Sairenji : Are you looking for someone? (0:18:38.21)
Mea Kurosaki : I'd like to talk to Yuuki Rito-senpai. (0:18:43.31)
Haruna Sairenji : I saw him going up to the roof a little earlier. (0:18:45.85)
Mea Kurosaki : The roof? (0:18:49.82)
Mea Kurosaki : Thanks a lot, Senpai! (0:18:51.13)
Haruna Sairenji : I wonder who she is. (0:18:54.89)
Rito Yuuki : I'm so tired. (0:19:01.96)
Rito Yuuki : I've been losing sleep lately because of Momo and Yami. (0:19:05.33)
Rito Yuuki : I'm supposed to become the next king of Deviluke, (0:19:11.07)
Rito Yuuki : assemble a harem, and make Lala, Haruna-chan, and all the others happy too? (0:19:13.89)
Rito Yuuki : This could turn into a horrible scandal if Kotegawa finds out. (0:19:20.91)
Momo Belia Deviluke : You two get along so well. (0:19:27.65)
Ryoko Mikado : She's such an honest child. (0:19:31.77)
Ryoko Mikado : She probably takes after whoever's been raising her. (0:19:34.84)
Momo Belia Deviluke : I'm sure she does. (0:19:38.09)
Ryoko Mikado : By the way, how is she? (0:19:39.75)
Ryoko Mikado : The transfer student Yami-chan. (0:19:42.62)
Ryoko Mikado : Is she fitting in well? (0:19:44.35)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Well, it's like she's built a wall around herself. (0:19:45.83)
Momo Belia Deviluke : She's making it very difficult for anyone to talk to her. (0:19:49.84)
Ryoko Mikado : I thought so. (0:19:52.66)
Ryoko Mikado : She can be awkward at times. (0:19:54.02)
Momo Belia Deviluke : You've known her before you came to Earth, right? (0:19:56.51)
Ryoko Mikado : Sort of. (0:20:01.59)
Ryoko Mikado : Assassins and witch doctors move around in the same circles. (0:20:02.88)
Ryoko Mikado : Personally, I'm hoping she can continue to lead a peaceful life. (0:20:07.25)
Ryoko Mikado : She's been through so much and only knows what it means to fight. (0:20:12.39)
Ryoko Mikado : Please look after her, Momo-san. (0:20:19.91)
Momo Belia Deviluke : Sure. (0:20:24.44)
Yui Kotegawa : Yami-chan! (0:20:30.29)
Yui Kotegawa : I heard you transferred in as a first-year student. (0:20:33.79)
Yui Kotegawa : The uniform looks great on you! (0:20:37.51)
Yui Kotegawa : What's wrong? (0:20:41.51)
Yui Kotegawa : You seem down. (0:20:42.82)
Golden Darkness : Unsettling as it is, (0:20:45.20)
Golden Darkness : I'm struggling to understand myself at the moment. (0:20:46.82)
Golden Darkness : Isn't that weird? (0:20:49.96)
Golden Darkness : It's just my own heart. (0:20:51.35)
Yui Kotegawa : It must be really bothering you. (0:20:55.98)
Yui Kotegawa : I think that not understanding yourself is a pretty normal feeling. (0:20:58.26)
Yui Kotegawa : I'm the same. (0:21:04.25)
Yui Kotegawa : I'm pushed around by feelings
I don't really understand myself.
Golden Darkness : Is that really normal? (0:21:12.45)
Yui Kotegawa : I think so. (0:21:15.02)
Yui Kotegawa : So I say you shouldn't think too hard about it. (0:21:16.93)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Look, it's Yami and Kotegawa! (0:21:23.07)
Yui Kotegawa : What's up, Nana-chan? (0:21:26.71)
Nana Astar Deviluke : I'm looking for a friend! (0:21:29.06)
Nana Astar Deviluke : Yami, have you seen Mea around? (0:21:31.56)
Nana Astar Deviluke : I saw her just a few minutes ago. (0:21:34.71)
Mea Kurosaki : Are you dreaming, Senpai? (0:21:45.98)
Mea Kurosaki : That's perfect. (0:21:48.87)
Mea Kurosaki : I can find out what kind of person you are once we're connected. (0:21:50.15)

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