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What brings you back here?

- Subaru Natsuki

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W - Episode 2

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Episode Transcript

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Nyarlathotep : That's right. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : A lot happened after that, like being Line ID
Nyarlathotep : shut up in a romantic locked
room alone together, but...
Line ID
Tamao Kurei : Wow, you worked real
hard, Nyarko-chan.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Sadly, my relationship with Mahiro-san
did not develop any further.
Line ID
Tamao Kurei : You can't give up! Line ID
Tamao Kurei : To be taken by someone's overwhelming
efficiency is another form of love!
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Tamao-san, your words... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : have pierced me through the
heart with evil deity brain waves!
Line ID
Tamao Kurei : Do your best! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Roger! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : And so... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The Great Library of Celaeno! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What do you mean, "And so..."?! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What's with the sudden
change in events?
Line ID
EXTRA : Haiyore! Line ID
EXTRA : Nyarko-san Line ID
EXTRA : Nyarko-san W Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : So, how about you explain
what's going on?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : In short, there was a book that
I totally forgot the due date on.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The library called saying it was urgent, Line ID
Nyarlathotep : so I came to return it in a hurry. And so! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : And just for that... Line ID
EXTRA : Pleiades Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : You dragged us 430 light
years from Earth?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Going by myself would be so lonely! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : This library is said to have the
most books in the universe:
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The Great Library of Celaeno! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Any and all wisdom can be found here. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : From a grimoire so rare that there's
only one in the universe,
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : to variants of Yiu-th only
handed out at events.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What the heck is wisdom
handed out at an event?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The books here include the rare, very rare, Line ID
Nyarlathotep : super rare, and victory editions as well. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : So please be extremely
thankful for that!
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Don't forget to return a book like that. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Super sorry 'bout that. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : That's bad, Nyarko-chan. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Lately, there have been a lot of
people who don't return their books.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : So, what kind of book
were you borrowing?
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : A grimoire or something? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : No! It was juvenile literature. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Juvenile literature? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Seems like the last thing
you'd be connected to.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : How rude! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I may not look it, but I'm a dreaming,
sky dancing, book girl in love.
Line ID
EXTRA : Land of the End Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : "Land of The End" by A. S. Ridinger? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Why's it written in Japanese? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : See? It's legitimate juvenile
literature, isn't it?
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Well, whatever. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Just hurry up and return it
so we can get home.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : If it gets too late,
Mom will be worried.
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : The book return counter
is further back.
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : I'll lead you there! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I guess he still gets excited coming here,
being a former staff member.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : He worked here until recently. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : I'm so sorry! So sorry! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Was he actually able to do the job? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : You don't know how scary
Hasuta-kun can be, Mahiro-san.
Line ID
Kuuko : Back at Space Elementary, the
fights between Nyarko and me could
Line ID
Kuuko : only be broken up by class
representative Hasuta-kun.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Right... Hasuta, huh? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Mahiro-kun! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Come on! Over here! It's over here! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Hurry! Hurry! Line ID
EXTRA : Celaeno Library War Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Are you all right, Mahiro-kun? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I got a little book-sick... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Let's see what's going
on in world affairs.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : "Breeding of rare deities confirmed." Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Another has been taken off
the endangered deities list.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Good work as always, Space Alliance. Line ID
Kuuko : It's not the size that matters. Line ID
Kuuko : Yes, what's important is the tip. Line ID
Kuuko : It can be said that... Line ID
Kuuko : the world has revolved around
whether or not the tip was visible.
Line ID
Kuuko : Five liters of milk a day. Line ID
Kuuko : No... Line ID
Kuuko : Excessive intake can lead
to swelling of another part,
Line ID
Kuuko : and that itself brought
great joy to some people
Line ID
Kuuko : though she had no way
of knowing that...
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Did you want to borrow
something, too, Mahiro-kun?
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Earthlings are allowed
to borrow books too?
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : As long as you get a library
card, it'll be fine.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : How am I supposed to find
something I want to read
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : in this insane number of books? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Well, there's a search kiosk. Line ID
EXTRA : Free Search Engine
Please input a keyword.
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : If you put in three words, it'll do a
fuzzy search for something, too.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Hey, all of the universe's wisdom
is available here, right?
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Yeah, it is. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Okay, find something for me. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Sure. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : The first keyword is "Nyarko." Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Really! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : You don't have to search for that Line ID
Nyarlathotep : to find out everything about me, Mahiro-san. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : In-the-bed... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Oh, stop! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : The second one is "Kuuko." Line ID
Nyarlathotep : You perv— hey! Line ID
Kuuko : I'm sorry, I'll only let Nyarko
know of my precious spot.
Line ID
Kuuko : But your feelings... sort
of make me happy, boy.
Line ID
Kuuko : I don't mind showing you a little bit. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : The third keyword is Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : "age." Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Hey! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Let go! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Hasuta-kun, are there any search
results? There aren't, right?
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Huh? Um... Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : I'm not really sure, but...
the database froze up.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Everyone forgets the flip side of youth! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Not to mention we're at an age
where we can still totally
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : concentrate on chocolate
parfaits and hot guys.
Line ID
Kuuko : Boy, if you want to live long, you'd best
not try to gain unneeded knowledge.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : All right! I got it, so get off of me! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Damn... did you have to
strangle me that hard?
Line ID
Kuuko : Boy, what makes life entertaining is Line ID
Kuuko : a single lie, rather than
a thousand truths.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I have no idea what
you're talking about.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : But... Line ID
EXTRA : Sarkomand of Hell
Everything Other Than R'lyeh Sinks
Deity Manual
I Surat About Things in India Too
The Proper Way of Writing a Grimoire
Livre Blanche
Necrono-Micon Picture Diary
Utsuno Mi-go
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : "Utsuno Mi-go," "Necrono-Micon
Picture Diary,"
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : "Everything Other Than R'lyeh Sinks"? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What is all this? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : You can't judge a book by its cover! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : It's not fair to the book if you
don't actually look at it!
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Really? Line ID
EXTRA : The Deity's
Memo Pad
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Hey... Line ID
EXTRA : Hurry! Line ID
EXTRA : No matter what happens,
keep your cool!
Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Line ID
EXTRA : When the freedom of the
library is threatened,
Line ID
EXTRA : we will band together to
protect that freedom!
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Wh-What the hell? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The Celaeno Library Force. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Library Force? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : There are a lot of books with
value to the universe here,
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : so there are special permissions
for armed deployment.
Line ID
Kuuko : Something may have happened. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The Library Force has been
deployed in full gear,
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : so it must be something serious. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : I'm going to check it out! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Let's go, too! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : We can't let Hasuta-kun be the only
one putting himself in danger!
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : H-Hey! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : You only want to do this out of curiosity! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : We've gone pretty far,
but where are we?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The prohibited book vault: "Stellar Library." Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I see now. I guess there's a reason it's
rumored to be an endless database.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Hasuta-kun! Line ID
EXTRA : So many... Line ID
EXTRA : chamomile flowers... Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What is this? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What happened? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : By the time I got here, they'd... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : What's wrong, Kuuko? Line ID
Kuuko : Over there. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Looks like we have two robbers. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Who are you?! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Why are you ransacking this place? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : So you have no intention of
answering my questions.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Well, then... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : We're gonna start off with the climax! Line ID
Kuuko : I will decide your fate. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : No, you can't! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Please don't damage or burn the books! Line ID
Kuuko : Sniffle. You're robbing me
of my highlight scene...
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : You shouldn't dress up if you're
going to take it all off anyway!
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : It grew! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Be careful, Nyarko-chan! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Nyarko! Line ID
Kuuko : How dare you do that to Nyarko?! Line ID
Kuuko : Out of my way! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : No way... Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Those two... Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : ...were beaten so easily? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Mahiro-kun! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : No! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : I'm going to protect you no
matter what, Mahiro-kun!
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : H-Hasuta! Line ID
EXTRA : All units, surround the enemy! Line ID
EXTRA : Don't let them escape! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Reinforcements from the Library Force! Line ID
Green : We have no choice.
Let us withdraw for now.
Line ID
Green : We'll look for the other bequest first. Line ID
Black : Indeed. We can come back here later, Line ID
Black : since the two will be drawn to each other. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : They disappeared? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Are we saved? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Are you all right? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Yes. How about you, Mahiro-kun? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Y-Yeah... Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I thought I was used to this, Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : but it's still rough. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I totally let my guard down! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The victory condition was
to not harm the books,
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : so I took a risk and held back, Line ID
Nyarlathotep : but I had forgotten that
it puts my ATK at 1.
Line ID
Kuuko : My back hurts. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : You got beat pretty bad. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I wonder who they could have been. Line ID
Kuuko : It looked like they were
looking for something.
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Since they came here... Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Could they have been
looking for a book?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Indeed. But it seems it's going to be
hard to figure out what was stolen.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : It doesn't look like we have
anything left to do here,
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : so let's leave the rest
to the Space Guard.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : The Space Guard? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : An expert team of fighters from the
Land of Light who have received
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : special training, and apprehend criminals. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : That's random as hell. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Are you sure it's okay
to leave it like this?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : It is! I promise you
that I will protect your
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : safety and virtue, Mahiro-san! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : That's not what I'm talking about! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Anyway, let's go home. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I'm weirdly tired now. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Hasuta, Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : thanks for protecting me back there. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Sure. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Mahiro-san... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I tried really hard, too! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Don't I get a pat on the head? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Oh, fine. Here... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Mahiro-san. Line ID
Kuuko : No fair. I tried hard, too,
so pat me on the head.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Sure, fine. Line ID
Kuuko : This isn't bad. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Pat me more! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Me, too! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : All right, all right. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I'll pat you on the head
as much as you'd like!
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Jeez... Line ID
EXTRA : Haiyore!
Nyarko-san W
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : I'm Hasuta. I like books. Line ID
Kuuko : Intellectual... in so many ways. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Man, yesterday sucked. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Ow! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : If you aren't ready soon,
you're going to be late.
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Okay... ow! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Here, let me see it. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : You can do anything, Mahiro-kun. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : You guys can do a lot more than I can. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Does it hurt at all? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : No, I'm fine. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : It feels really nice. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I see... Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : All right, that should be good. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Thanks, Mahiro-kun! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Let's see... huh? Huh? Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Huh, wha, huh? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What are you doing? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : It's like I gained a needy little brother. Line ID
Tamao Kurei : So... Line ID
Tamao Kurei : How far did your relationship
progress yesterday?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : After that... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : We had a little exciting library action where Line ID
Nyarlathotep : if we made a sound, we
would have gotten caught.
Line ID
Tamao Kurei : Really?! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : On top of that, Mahiro-san... Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Stop. Line ID
EXTRA : Dictionary Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Vierres?! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Other than the library, everything
you just said was a lie.
Line ID
Kuuko : You were doing all of that
without my permission, boy?
Line ID
Kuuko : Shall I finale you with a special
ultimate awesome super flame?
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : You were there as well. Line ID
Takehiko Yoichi : Things are lively, as usual. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : It is! It's lunch break! Line ID
Takehiko Yoichi : You're always so full
of energy. I envy you.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : You should go all out, too, Yoichi-san! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : You have the student council
representative attribute!
Line ID
EXTRA : I'm the Student
Council President!
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : So I'd like to see you Line ID
Nyarlathotep : use a student council president's
discretion to push through anything!
Line ID
Takehiko Yoichi : Oh, really? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Yoichi... Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : You really don't have to pay
attention to anything she says.
Line ID
Luhy : All right, here you go. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Thank you, Luhy-san! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Looks like you've gotten used
to running a takoyaki stand.
Line ID
Luhy : Working on the Xoth is all in the past. Line ID
Luhy : Now I'm happy just making takoyaki and
seeing everyone's smiling faces.
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Was that good? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : So good! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Okay, Mahiro-san, say "aah." Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : No thanks. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I don't even want to
know what's in takoyaki
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : made by someone with any
relation to Cthulhu...
Line ID
EXTRA : Takoyaki Stand Buti Kuti Line ID
Luhy : Ia, ia! Line ID
Luhy : Don't say weird things like that.
We only use Earth products.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : You heard the lady! Now, "aah!" Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Do you want to lower my
sanity points that much?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : My first "aah" tastes like tears... Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : You're so cute, Shanta-kun. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Anyway, it appears we found the identities of Line ID
Nyarlathotep : the intruders that were in the Celaeno Library. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Unfortunately, they haven't been arrested yet. Line ID
Luhy : Oh, are you caught up in
some sort of trouble again?
Line ID
Kuuko : Our troubles are always darkness. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : So, who were they? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : It was a Zharian and a Lloigorian. Line ID
Kuuko : Boy, retort on what I just said. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Lloigor... you mean the one from before? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Oh, that's a Lloigorian, too, Line ID
Nyarlathotep : but this one was a different tribe. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : How about here? Does that feel good? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Why haven't they been caught yet? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Well, apparently rebels have
emerged in the Land of Light,
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : where the Space Guard headquarters is. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Rebels? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Apparently, they're causing riots
with other space deities.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : So it's not just Zhar and Lloigor, then? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The Space Guard dedicates themselves
to vanquishing monsters,
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : so they probably can't ignore
what's going on at home.
Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Right here? How about here?
It's right here, isn't it?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Oh? Pardon me. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Hello? Boss? Line ID
Kuuko : Hello? Boss? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : What is it? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I'm working hard like I should be. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Oh, would it be okay to put
in my maternity leave now?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I think he'll let me have a child soon. Line ID
Kuuko : I might have to quit my job
for marriage soon, too.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Stop reporting selfish life plans! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : And are you two talking to the same person? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Huh? Seriously? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Understood. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : What happened? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Mahiro-san, Boss said
he'd be our go-between.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Karaba! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : So, what was the call about? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Well, you see... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : The satellite that gently watches over
the Earth, "The Champion of Love,"
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : apparently caught sight of
Zhar and Lloiger's shadows.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : It seems they landed Line ID
Nyarlathotep : in Myanmar. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : By Myanmar, you mean that Myanmar? Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Yes! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : I don't know what they're up to, Line ID
Nyarlathotep : but if they're going to enter Earth
illegally, I can't just stand by.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : So... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Let's go! Mahiro-san! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Put on some clothes! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Le...prechaun! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : You can do it, Shanta-kun! Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : So somehow I have to tag along again? Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I'm just going to be in
the way if you take me.
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Not at all! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : You should be more aware
of the support you provide
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : to your surrounding hexagons. Line ID
Kuuko : When you're around me, boy, Line ID
Kuuko : my targeting and evasion
rates are adjusted to 100%.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : I doubt it's to the level of
adjusting ability points.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Hey, are you sure no
one else can see us?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Not to worry! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : There's an opportunistic barrier around us. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Oh, I can see it! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Please hang on tight! Line ID
Nyarlathotep : We're going in! Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : Say, Mahiro-kun. Line ID
Hasuta / Hastur : You can hold on tighter if you need to. Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : No, this is plenty. Actually,
this is more than enough.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : That's... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Yes, the Isle of Stars within
the Lake of Dread...
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : This is the ancient city of Alaozar. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : That's where they're hiding. Line ID
Green : The great bequest... Line ID
Green : Now... Line ID
Green : In our hands... Line ID
Nyarlathotep : On next week's "Nyarko-san W": Line ID
Nyarlathotep : It's me, Nyarko! We're now in
the prime baby-making season!
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Hey, wait, what the hell
are you talking about?
Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Next time is "Super Deity
Apocalypse" and two others.
Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : There aren't two others. Line ID
Nyarlathotep : Bik, bik, bikkuri rock paper sci— Line ID
Mahiro Yasaka : Hey! Line ID
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