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Ichika Orimura : Who are you? (0:00:03.88)
Madoka Orimura : My name is Madoka Orimura. (0:00:05.21)
Madoka Orimura : I'll take your life! (0:00:08.96)
Madoka Orimura : I wonder how long this will last. (0:00:16.68)
Ichika Orimura : Laura! (0:00:24.08)
Laura Bodewig : You've got some nerve,
messing with my bride!
Laura Bodewig : Silent Zephyrus! (0:00:38.24)
EXTRA : What a pain. (0:00:44.71)
Laura Bodewig : Did she get away? (0:00:55.15)
Ichika Orimura : Are you okay, Laura? (0:00:57.43)
Laura Bodewig : That's what I should be asking you. (0:00:59.47)
Laura Bodewig : It was you she was after.
Do you know why?
Ichika Orimura : No, I don't know. (0:01:04.35)
Laura Bodewig : What's the matter? (0:01:07.98)
Ichika Orimura : You've got beautiful eyes. (0:01:10.74)
Laura Bodewig : What? (0:01:13.08)
Ichika Orimura : They look like gemstones. (0:01:15.03)
Laura Bodewig : What are you talking about?
You just got attacked for God's sake!
Ichika Orimura : I don't usually get to see them, so... (0:01:21.12)
Laura Bodewig : Beautiful... Ichika said
that I look beautiful...
Ichika Orimura : At any rate, you showed
up at the perfect time.
Laura Bodewig : Well, that's because I was looking for
a chance to be alone with you.
Laura Bodewig : I can't believe you
just made me say that!
Ichika Orimura : What was that for? (0:01:42.89)
EXTRA : The Secret Base (0:03:14.77)
Ichika Orimura : Escort the IS equipment? (0:03:22.03)
Charlotte Dunois : Yeah. Supposedly some
countries have asked us
Charlotte Dunois : to test their prototype equipment. (0:03:28.16)
Charlotte Dunois : But... (0:03:30.29)
Houki Shinonono : Sorry, but I have to help my family. (0:03:32.46)
Cecilia Alcott : There's this meeting that I must attend. (0:03:35.50)
Huang Lingyin : Actually I'm assigned
to a different duty.
Laura Bodewig : Clarissa, about the
stuff we talked about...
Charlotte Dunois : Everyone seems busy.
Well, I guess I'll do it alone.
Charlotte Dunois : You didn't have to come, Ichika.
You got ambushed just the other day.
Ichika Orimura : But that doesn't mean I should let you
take on everything by yourself.
Ichika Orimura : I'll be fine. (0:03:59.19)
Charlotte Dunois : Oh boy... (0:04:00.82)
Ichika Orimura : What was that? (0:04:03.62)
Ichika Orimura : I'll go check it out, too! (0:04:08.08)
Charlotte Dunois : Wait, Ichika! (0:04:09.08)
Ichika Orimura : Who are they? (0:04:42.57)
Charlotte Dunois : No nationality or ID code! (0:04:43.82)
Ichika Orimura : Let's go, Charl! (0:04:46.24)
Charlotte Dunois : Okay, Ichika! (0:04:47.58)
Charlotte Dunois : They're so fast. (0:04:55.71)
Charlotte Dunois : Just let us catch you,
so you won't get hurt.
EXTRA : IS pilots? (0:05:04.55)
EXTRA : That doesn't matter. Get rid of them! (0:05:05.68)
EXTRA : Damn! (0:05:24.17)
Charlotte Dunois : You're pretty good. (0:05:36.58)
Ichika Orimura : I won't let you get away! (0:05:42.96)
Charlotte Dunois : You're making my Revive cry
with your poor handling!
EXTRA : Shut up! (0:05:51.85)
Charlotte Dunois : Ichika! (0:06:01.77)
Ichika Orimura : Give up already. You have
no chance against us.
Ichika Orimura : Charl! (0:06:29.64)
Cecilia Alcott : Are you okay, Ichika? (0:06:45.71)
Ichika Orimura : I'm okay. (0:06:48.61)
Huang Lingyin : Could you be any slower? (0:06:49.91)
Houki Shinonono : You should never let
your guard down, Ichika.
Ichika Orimura : I'm sorry to make you guys worry. (0:06:54.20)
Houki Shinonono : What do we do with you? (0:06:58.00)
Cecilia Alcott : Yeah, no kidding. (0:06:59.96)
Ichika Orimura : I'm sorry. (0:07:01.29)
Maya Yamada : I don't see any problem
with Orimura's body,
Maya Yamada : but I detected some abnormalities
in Byakushiki's quantum shift.
Maya Yamada : Orimura? (0:07:18.21)
Ichika Orimura : Yes. (0:07:19.44)
Ichika Orimura : Draw sword: Yukihira! (0:07:20.81)
Maya Yamada : He's unable to deploy the equipment. (0:07:24.90)
Chifuyu Orimura : What's the cause? (0:07:26.99)
Maya Yamada : I can't say without further tests. (0:07:28.61)
Chifuyu Orimura : Orimura, hand over your Byakushiki. (0:07:33.62)
Ichika Orimura : But we don't know when
Phantom Task might show up.
Chifuyu Orimura : That's exactly why I want
you to hand it over.
Chifuyu Orimura : What would you do if you get to where you're
unable to deploy Byakushiki itself?
Ichika Orimura : But... (0:07:47.55)
Chifuyu Orimura : You're better off not relying on
an incomplete power.
Chifuyu Orimura : Or do you feel scared
without Byakushiki?
Ichika Orimura : I'm not scared, Big Sister Chifuyu. (0:08:01.67)
Chifuyu Orimura : That's good to know. (0:08:08.57)
Chifuyu Orimura : Now the problem is...
"what if the girls find out about it"?
Maya Yamada : I know they're going to panic, (0:08:14.57)
Maya Yamada : but from a security
perspective it is essential
Maya Yamada :
to inform the candidates at least.
Chifuyu Orimura : This is giving me a headache... (0:08:24.46)
Charlotte Dunois : Please don't let them
know. I'll protect Ichika!
Charlotte Dunois : I must protect Ichika... (0:08:33.80)
Laura Bodewig : Ichika, which one do you like? (0:08:36.89)
EXTRA : Striped is Best! (0:08:38.62)
Ichika Orimura : What is this? (0:08:40.52)
Houki Shinonono : Hey, Laura! (0:08:41.85)
Huang Lingyin : What are you doing,
showing that all of a sudden?!
Cecilia Alcott : Close your eyes, Ichika. (0:08:44.85)
Laura Bodewig : I'm just trying to find
out my bride's tastes.
Houki Shinonono : "Your bride's tastes"? (0:08:50.03)
Huang Lingyin : "Your bride's tastes"? (0:08:50.03)
Cecilia Alcott : "Your bride's tastes"? (0:08:50.03)
Laura Bodewig : Yeah, Clarissa told me... (0:08:52.03)
Clarissa Harfouch : When a girl is in love, (0:08:55.31)
Clarissa Harfouch : this thing called "the panty
flash event" arises occasionally.
Clarissa Harfouch : It's when a boy accidentally
catches a glimpse of her panties.
Clarissa Harfouch : Therefore you must always
wear panties that
Clarissa Harfouch : you wouldn't mind showing
to Ichika Orimura!
Laura Bodewig : And these striped panties
are supposedly the absolute best
Laura Bodewig : when it comes to boosting
your likability!
Houki Shinonono : The absolute best... (0:09:17.10)
Cecilia Alcott : The absolute best... (0:09:17.10)
Huang Lingyin : The absolute best... (0:09:17.10)
Houki Shinonono : The design isn't bad. (0:09:20.60)
Huang Lingyin : Right. I have the same kind myself. (0:09:23.60)
Cecilia Alcott : Chelsea, I want to order new underwear. (0:09:26.35)
Cecilia Alcott : I want the design to have
horizontal stripes...
Laura Bodewig : No, no, no, it's not like that at all. (0:09:31.46)
Laura Bodewig : Is he flustered because it was the truth?
My bride is so modest.
Ichika Orimura : That's not it! (0:09:39.45)
Laura Bodewig : What kind of underwear
do you like, Charlotte?
Charlotte Dunois : Laura, you're not supposed to talk about
stuff like that in front of a boy.
Charlotte Dunois : I'm sorry, but I have to go. (0:09:54.51)
Charlotte Dunois : No way... (0:10:04.10)
Charlotte Dunois : What just happened to
my underwear all of a sudden?
Maya Yamada : ...detected some abnormalities
in Byakushiki's quantum shift...
Maya Yamada : ...therefore he's unable
to deploy the equipment.
Charlotte Dunois : Don't tell me the same thing is
happening with my underwear, too?!
Charlotte Dunois : This time for sure... (0:10:30.21)
Charlotte Dunois : Not again. What should I do? (0:10:38.26)
Ichika Orimura : Charl, are you in there? (0:10:42.93)
Charlotte Dunois : I-Ichika?! What's the matter? (0:10:44.72)
Ichika Orimura : Class has started already. (0:10:48.48)
Charlotte Dunois : What? Oh, sorry. (0:10:50.19)
Charlotte Dunois : I'm sorry, Ichika. (0:10:55.24)
Ichika Orimura : Is something wrong? (0:10:56.69)
Charlotte Dunois : Well, sort of... (0:10:58.15)
Charlotte Dunois : But it's okay now. (0:10:59.91)
Ichika Orimura : Okay, then let's go! (0:11:01.91)
Charlotte Dunois : Wait, Ichika! (0:11:04.29)
Charlotte Dunois : Give me a second. Can you slow down? (0:11:05.43)
Ichika Orimura : What are you talking about?
You know it's my sister's class.
Charlotte Dunois : Yeah... I know, but... (0:11:12.17)
Ichika Orimura : Come on, dash! Dash! (0:11:14.34)
Charlotte Dunois : Whoa, don't pull me like that! (0:11:16.09)
Ichika Orimura : S-sorry... (0:11:22.85)
Charlotte Dunois : I'm okay! (0:11:25.43)
Charlotte Dunois : No! (0:11:33.65)
Charlotte Dunois : How long is this going to last? (0:11:39.24)
Charlotte Dunois : Hey, Houki. (0:11:48.04)
Charlotte Dunois : Can I sit here? (0:11:50.17)
Houki Shinonono : Sure, go ahead. (0:11:51.37)
Houki Shinonono : What's the matter? (0:11:56.05)
Charlotte Dunois : N-nothing. (0:11:57.42)
Charlotte Dunois : The chair feels cold. (0:12:00.38)
Cecilia Alcott : Here, Ling! (0:12:03.01)
Huang Lingyin : Okay, Charlotte! (0:12:04.37)
Charlotte Dunois : Leave it up to me. (0:12:07.31)
Charlotte Dunois : Attack! (0:12:09.10)
Huang Lingyin : What? (0:12:12.65)
Charlotte Dunois : I missed the timing. (0:12:14.48)
Charlotte Dunois : Why do I have to do this
on a day like this?
Ichika Orimura : Hey, Charl. I'll help you. (0:12:24.32)
Ichika Orimura : Charl, there must be something
wrong with you today.
Charlotte Dunois : I'm sorry, Ichika... (0:12:37.67)
Ichika Orimura : The issues with Byakushiki
must have gotten you worried.
Ichika Orimura : I'm sorry. (0:12:43.01)
Charlotte Dunois : It's not like that at all. (0:12:45.72)
Charlotte Dunois : Actually I'm glad to be
of help to you, Ichika.
Ichika Orimura : It's good to hear that, but I don't want you
to push yourself too hard.
Charlotte Dunois : Okay. (0:12:55.15)
Charlotte Dunois : You're so sweet, Ichika. (0:12:57.27)
Ichika Orimura : Did you say something? (0:12:59.07)
Charlotte Dunois : No, nothing! (0:13:00.28)
Laura Bodewig : Hey! (0:13:04.73)
Laura Bodewig : C-Clarissa, it's me!
There's an emergency!
Clarissa Harfouch : Charlotte Dunois has no underwear on?! (0:13:18.00)
Laura Bodewig : I may have opened Pandora's box... (0:13:21.46)
Clarissa Harfouch : Do you remember the "panty flash event"
we talked about?
Laura Bodewig : Of course I do. (0:13:28.81)
Clarissa Harfouch : There are some cases where you can't see (0:13:30.27)
Clarissa Harfouch :
the panties that are supposed to be there.
Laura Bodewig : What did you say? (0:13:34.81)
Clarissa Harfouch : It's a special case, the so-called
"she-has-nothing-on" moment,
Clarissa Harfouch : which occurs due to the angle, (0:13:39.36)
Clarissa Harfouch : the amount of light and
other various conditions.
Laura Bodewig : "She-has-nothing-on" moment?!
That means Charlotte was actually...
Clarissa Harfouch : Most likely, you just couldn't see it. (0:13:46.91)
Laura Bodewig : I see... (0:13:50.54)
Laura Bodewig : So Charlotte was actually
wearing her panties.
Laura Bodewig : Good. That's really good. (0:13:55.17)
EXTRA : I expect nothing less from
the Black Bunny Squad XO!
EXTRA : She doesn't love Japanese anime
and manga for nothing!
EXTRA : That's why I admire her
and want to be like her!
Laura Bodewig : Looks like I didn't have
to lose my war buddy.
Clarissa Harfouch : War buddy...? (0:14:09.01)
Clarissa Harfouch : I'm a little jealous that
she makes you say that.
Laura Bodewig : Did you say something? (0:14:14.43)
Clarissa Harfouch : No, nothing. (0:14:15.81)
Clarissa Harfouch : Leader, we, the Black Bunny Squad,
are always with you.
Clarissa Harfouch : Please don't ever forget that. (0:14:21.11)
Laura Bodewig : I appreciate that, Clarissa. (0:14:23.19)
Charlotte Dunois : Thank you for helping me. (0:14:26.40)
Charlotte Dunois : I'll go tell the teacher, so you can go ahead
and go back to the classroom.
Ichika Orimura : Okay. Don't push yourself too hard. (0:14:32.58)
Charlotte Dunois : Thank God that he didn't find out. (0:14:39.13)
Charlotte Dunois : What happened to Byakushiki
has happened to my underwear...
Charlotte Dunois : I need to do something about this
as soon as possible.
Charlotte Dunois : But that means I'll have to have
Revive inspected, too...
Charlotte Dunois : If that happens I won't
be able to protect Ichika.
Charlotte Dunois : That aside, if Ichika finds out
that I don't have any underwear on...
Ichika Orimura : I had no idea you were
into things like that.
Ichika Orimura : I was more surprised than the time
I found out that you were actually a girl.
Charlotte Dunois : This is not what you think! (0:15:10.37)
Ichika Orimura : To tell you the truth I'm disappointed...
I can't believe you're not wearing anything.
Charlotte Dunois : Listen, Ichika! I can explain! (0:15:15.95)
Ichika Orimura : I'm disappointed in you, Charl. Bye... (0:15:18.87)
Charlotte Dunois : Wait, Ichika! (0:15:21.75)
Charlotte Dunois : That could happen... I don't want that! (0:15:25.51)
Charlotte Dunois : Anyway I need to keep it secret until
Ichika's Byakushiki goes back to normal.
Charlotte Dunois : What a coincidence that I run into
you guys at a place like this.
Charlotte Dunois : I was moving some stuff to
the reference room for a teacher.
Charlotte Dunois : I-I'll see you later. (0:15:44.52)
Houki Shinonono : Hey, Charlotte. (0:15:46.78)
Cecilia Alcott : About what you just said... (0:15:48.28)
Huang Lingyin : We need to know more about it in detail. (0:15:49.99)
Houki Shinonono : Why didn't you tell us that sooner?! (0:15:55.29)
Cecilia Alcott : You shouldn't have hesitated! (0:15:57.37)
Huang Lingyin : Do you realize that
you're being targeted?
Ichika Orimura : Did you guys figure
out about Byakushiki?
Houki Shinonono : Then I have no choice
but to protect you.
Cecilia Alcott : No, it's time for me and
my Blue Tears to step in.
Huang Lingyin : You're a long-distance sniper type.
There's no way you can be his bodyguard.
Huang Lingyin : Just leave it up to me and my Shenlong. (0:16:16.51)
Cecilia Alcott : What did you say? (0:16:18.22)
Huang Lingyin : You've got a problem? (0:16:19.48)
Houki Shinonono : Hey, calm down! (0:16:20.27)
Ichika Orimura : Well...
Hey, calm down!
Charlotte Dunois : Ichika, this way! (0:16:24.11)
Charlotte Dunois : I'm sorry, Ichika. (0:16:28.11)
Ichika Orimura : You couldn't help what happened. (0:16:29.65)
Charlotte Dunois : I'm really sorry. (0:16:32.03)
Charlotte Dunois : Get down! (0:16:34.53)
Ichika Orimura : That's dangerous! (0:16:37.70)
Cecilia Alcott : The output is reduced so don't worry. (0:16:39.54)
Cecilia Alcott : Now you shall be taken under my wing. (0:16:42.92)
Ichika Orimura : Don't shoot lasers at the person
you're supposed to protect!
Charlotte Dunois : Duck! (0:16:49.01)
Ichika Orimura : It's Ling this time? (0:16:51.30)
Huang Lingyin : Don't worry. I just tapped it. (0:16:53.18)
Ichika Orimura : You totally stabbed it! (0:16:57.18)
Cecilia Alcott : Allow me to protect you! (0:16:59.14)
Huang Lingyin : I'll do it! (0:17:01.41)
Houki Shinonono : I'm the one who will protect Ichika! (0:17:04.19)
Cecilia Alcott : This is the last duty
you'd take away from me!
Huang Lingyin : I'll make it clear to see
who his true childhood friend is!
Charlotte Dunois : Umm, guys? (0:17:15.66)
Tatenashi Sarashiki : Okay, that's enough! (0:17:17.87)
Tatenashi Sarashiki : That's enough IS usage for
private purposes inside the school!
Houki Shinonono : You stay out of this! (0:17:25.75)
Cecilia Alcott : This is our issue! (0:17:27.46)
Huang Lingyin : The outsider needs to step back! (0:17:29.34)
Tatenashi Sarashiki : I get it, I get it. Maybe I
should join you guys, too.
Tatenashi Sarashiki : I'll get Ichika if I
defeat all of you, right?
Tatenashi Sarashiki : I like how obedient you are. (0:17:43.14)
Tatenashi Sarashiki : I want the three of you
to rake the sand on the grounds.
Houki Shinonono : What? (0:17:48.19)
Huang Lingyin : What? (0:17:48.19)
Cecilia Alcott : What? (0:17:48.19)
Tatenashi Sarashiki : What kind of example would I be setting (0:17:49.82)
Tatenashi Sarashiki : if I didn't penalize you at all after
raising such a commotion?
Tatenashi Sarashiki : Okay, thanks! (0:17:53.82)
Ichika Orimura : I feel guilty. (0:18:00.70)
Charlotte Dunois : Yeah... (0:18:02.70)
Ichika Orimura : Well, I guess I'll go, too. (0:18:05.50)
Charlotte Dunois : What? To where? (0:18:07.88)
Ichika Orimura : To go get yelled by my sister Chifuyu. (0:18:09.96)
Ichika Orimura : This wouldn't have happened if it weren't
for Byakushiki to begin with.
Charlotte Dunois : Wait, then I should go... (0:18:16.51)
Ichika Orimura : But you worked hard, Charl. (0:18:19.05)
Ichika Orimura :
Let me take the spotlight for a change.
Charlotte Dunois : But... (0:18:24.43)
Ichika Orimura : Thank you for everything today.
You made me happy.
Charlotte Dunois : Ichika is leaving because of me... (0:18:34.03)
Charlotte Dunois : Ichika didn't do anything wrong... (0:18:38.24)
Charlotte Dunois : Does this mean I should've told him
the truth much earlier?
Charlotte Dunois : That's impossible! (0:18:46.87)
Charlotte Dunois : I won't be able to protect
Ichika if I tell him that,
Charlotte Dunois :
and he's going to hate me!
Charlotte Dunois : But (0:18:54.26)
Charlotte Dunois : what should I do? (0:18:57.13)
EXTRA : Why didn't you tell me about it? (0:19:08.02)
Charlotte Dunois : Because I thought you
would get mad at me.
EXTRA : Are you hurt? (0:19:19.11)
Charlotte Dunois : Aren't you mad at me? (0:19:21.49)
EXTRA : Why would I be? (0:19:22.87)
Charlotte Dunois : Because I broke your favorite mirror. (0:19:25.16)
EXTRA : There's nothing more important
than you, Charlotte.
Charlotte Dunois : Mom... (0:19:33.09)
Charlotte Dunois : I'm sorry! (0:19:34.71)
EXTRA : I'm proud of you because you said
you were sorry.
EXTRA : Can you promise me that you're
going to be honest from now on?
Charlotte Dunois : Yes, I won't tell a lie again, Mom! (0:19:42.51)
Charlotte Dunois : That's right... He's not
going to hate me over this.
Charlotte Dunois : If I'll be honest with him...
As long as I'm honest with him!
Charlotte Dunois : Wait! (0:19:59.78)
Charlotte Dunois : There's something that
I need to tell you.
Charlotte Dunois : What is it all of a sudden? (0:20:06.20)
Charlotte Dunois : Well, I... (0:20:08.66)
Ichika Orimura : H-hey, what do you think you're doing? (0:20:12.21)
Charlotte Dunois : Please! (0:20:13.84)
Ichika Orimura : Charl? (0:20:14.67)
Charlotte Dunois : Look... This is my... (0:20:17.05)
Charlotte Dunois : ...secret! (0:20:21.01)
Laura Bodewig : Charlotte. (0:20:23.47)
Charlotte Dunois : What... What was I doing just now? (0:20:26.89)
Charlotte Dunois : Hey, Laura, what's up? (0:20:30.23)
Laura Bodewig : Hmm... (0:20:35.02)
Laura Bodewig : Oh! (0:20:36.11)
Laura Bodewig : So you do wear underwear. (0:20:37.15)
Charlotte Dunois : Of course I do! (0:20:38.86)
Charlotte Dunois : Underwear?! (0:20:40.78)
Charlotte Dunois : I do! Look, Ichika! Look! (0:20:45.12)
Charlotte Dunois : You lech, Ichika. (0:20:53.75)
Ichika Orimura : Why?! (0:20:54.96)
Chifuyu Orimura : Have you figured out the cause of it? (0:20:57.71)
Maya Yamada : I found out that one of the prototypes (0:20:59.92)
Maya Yamada :
we had been planning to import
Maya Yamada : had an option to quantum
shift more effectively.
Chifuyu Orimura : It must be the one that was destroyed
during the attack.
Maya Yamada : It went out of control then (0:21:09.81)
Maya Yamada : and that had some kind
of impact on Byakushiki.
Maya Yamada : Luckily, the impact was only temporary
and it's back to normal already.
Chifuyu Orimura : What a troublemaker
we've got on our hands.
Maya Yamada : I'm glad Orimura is okay. (0:21:22.61)
Chifuyu Orimura : But his carelessness was the
cause of this to begin with.
Chifuyu Orimura : He got what he deserved. (0:21:28.14)
Chifuyu Orimura : What? (0:21:30.43)
Maya Yamada : Nothing. (0:21:31.66)
Chifuyu Orimura : By the way, have you found out
who's behind the attack?
Maya Yamada : There's no connection with Phantom Task. (0:21:37.13)
Maya Yamada :
They were just spies sent by the corporation.
Laura Bodewig : Only your underwear was forced
into quantum shift, huh?
Charlotte Dunois : What a day this has been. (0:21:48.26)
Laura Bodewig : Then you should've put on something that (0:21:51.06)
Laura Bodewig : couldn't be recognized as underwear. (0:21:53.79)
Laura Bodewig : Look. (0:21:56.15)
Charlotte Dunois : Bloomers... (0:21:57.61)
Charlotte Dunois : Why didn't I think of that? (0:21:59.77)
Laura Bodewig : Long ago, a princess in France said: (0:22:02.61)
Laura Bodewig : "If they don't have panties,
let them wear bloomers!"
Charlotte Dunois : No, she didn't! (0:22:09.33)
Laura Bodewig : It is a time of civil war. (0:23:45.05)
Laura Bodewig : We're in the great
civil war over Ichika.
Laura Bodewig : We, the Black Bunny Squad,
may only have a small territory,
Laura Bodewig : but our spirits are
higher than Mt. Fuji!
Laura Bodewig : Now it's time for us to move out! (0:24:01.77)
Laura Bodewig : Instructor Orimura?! (0:24:06.65)
EXTRA : "Sisters" (0:24:08.07)
Chifuyu Orimura : Next time on Infinite
Stratos 2, "Sisters"

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