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EXTRA : Training Camp (0:00:00.82)
Shouyou Hinata : Okay... I'm going! (0:00:05.53)
Natsu Hinata : Bye. (0:00:08.16)
Shouyou Hinata : It's four days until our practice game with Nekoma. (0:00:19.67)
Shouyou Hinata : In the upcoming game, that spiker and that receiver will be my allies! (0:00:22.64)
Shouyou Hinata : This is kind of amazing! (0:00:29.32)
Shouyou Hinata : Okay, it's time for training camp! (0:00:31.89)
EXTRA : The heat shimmers, the sweat slides down (0:00:41.50)
EXTRA : Voices echo back and forth, slaps on the shoulders (0:00:46.23)
EXTRA : I asked the sky through an open window (0:00:50.91)
EXTRA : What's gonna happen to our summer? (0:00:55.71)
EXTRA : Tell me, Mr. Future (0:00:59.38)
EXTRA : C'mon, c'mon, c'mon (0:01:02.02)
EXTRA : A slight chance is still a chance (0:01:03.42)
EXTRA : C'mon, c'mon, c'mon (0:01:06.82)
EXTRA : Connect! (0:01:08.22)
EXTRA : No matter when, no matter who, they all wanna be there (0:01:12.09)
EXTRA : We make mistakes, we get ticked off, we keep struggling (0:01:16.83)
EXTRA : Never give up, I do not want it to end like this (0:01:21.54)
EXTRA : I'll keep going, holding onto my imagination (0:01:26.21)
EXTRA : I collide, I fall, wanting so much to be stronger (0:01:33.21)
EXTRA : I get stubborn, get back up, and repeat the process (0:01:37.95)
EXTRA : Never give up, please let me keep on running (0:01:42.69)
EXTRA : I'll keep going beyond my imagination (0:01:47.46)
EXTRA : Year 1 Class 1 (0:02:06.82)
EXTRA : Hinata, you need to settle down. (0:02:11.82)
EXTRA : Need to pee? (0:02:14.99)
EXTRA : Episode 11: The Decision (0:02:18.33)
Yuuji Terushima : You're all here. (0:02:20.16)
EXTRA : Yessir! (0:02:21.43)
Keishin Ukai : The practice game against
Nekoma takes place in four days.
Keishin Ukai : After that, it'll be time for the Interscholastic preliminaries. (0:02:25.63)
Keishin Ukai : There's no time, and you guys are full of weak spots. (0:02:29.47)
Keishin Ukai : There is only one thing to do in order for you slobs to win. (0:02:33.34)
Keishin Ukai : Practice! Practice! Practice! (0:02:36.98)
Keishin Ukai : Keep retrieving that ball until you throw up! (0:02:41.02)
Shouyou Hinata : Yessir! (0:02:43.52)
EXTRA : This guy has already thrown up. (0:02:44.52)
Keishin Ukai : Forward! Forward! (0:02:48.62)
Keishin Ukai : Come on, how many balls are gonna be your last one?! (0:02:52.49)
Keishin Ukai : Focus! (0:02:55.86)
Tadashi Yamaguchi : One more! (0:02:57.77)
Keishin Ukai : Here comes! (0:02:59.17)
Shouyou Hinata : Nice receive! (0:03:01.00)
Kiyoko Shimizu : He's made five! Time to switch. (0:03:02.47)
Keishin Ukai : Next! (0:03:04.94)
Daichi Sawamura : Here, sir! (0:03:05.61)
Koushi Sugawara : Good work. (0:03:06.01)
Keishin Ukai : Okay. Next, spike practice! (0:03:12.18)
EXTRA : Yessir! (0:03:14.88)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Right on! Take that! (0:03:17.72)
EXTRA : Nice kill! (0:03:19.62)
EXTRA : Nice kill! (0:03:22.39)
Keishin Ukai : This is looking real good! (0:03:32.23)
Tadashi Yamaguchi : May I go next? (0:03:36.67)
Koushi Sugawara : Sure. Sorry! (0:03:38.64)
Daichi Sawamura : Okay, we're moving out. (0:03:43.98)
EXTRA : Yessir! (0:03:46.71)
Shouyou Hinata : So, this is the training camp! (0:03:51.55)
Tobio Kageyama : You have got to chill out. (0:03:58.69)
Shouyou Hinata : I can't help it! I've never done a training camp before! (0:04:00.43)
Kei Tsukishima : What's so great about having a bunch of guys that smell like armpit (0:04:03.26)
Kei Tsukishima : in your face all day long? (0:04:06.77)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Tsukishima, you turd! (0:04:08.17)
Yuu Nishinoya : All air within a quarter mile radius of Kiyoko does not smell like armpit! (0:04:09.50)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Can you not tell that this air in here is as fresh and clear as the Ou Mountain spring?! (0:04:14.41)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : I pity you. (0:04:19.61)
Koushi Sugawara : Shimizu lives nearby, so she goes home when the day's done. (0:04:21.08)
Ittetsu Takeda : What are you guys doing? (0:04:30.12)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Take, it's hopeless. We're done for. (0:04:32.79)
EXTRA : Thank you for the food! (0:04:48.54)
Kiyoko Shimizu : Does anyone want seconds? (0:04:53.72)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Yes, thank you! (0:04:55.75)
Kiyoko Shimizu : Okay. (0:04:57.75)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : The freshmen are up next for the showers. (0:05:02.06)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : What's up, Hinata? (0:05:07.33)
Shouyou Hinata : S... (0:05:10.73)
Shouyou Hinata : Someone I've never seen before... (0:05:12.30)
Shouyou Hinata : here. (0:05:14.57)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Huh? That's impossible. (0:05:18.44)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : We're the only ones using this place today. (0:05:21.91)
Shouyou Hinata : It looked like... a child. (0:05:23.34)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Y-you're seeing things. (0:05:29.08)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : You probably saw yourself in a mirror or something. (0:05:31.65)
Shouyou Hinata : You're probably right. (0:05:35.49)
Shouyou Hinata : I'm seeing things, right? (0:05:37.46)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Uh-huh. (0:05:40.63)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : You're seeing things. (0:05:42.43)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Just seeing things. (0:05:44.03)
Shouyou Hinata : A ghost! (0:05:52.54)
Yuu Nishinoya : What's all the noise?
You'll make Daichi flip out!
Ryunosuke Tanaka : What? (0:06:01.02)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : It's only Noya! (0:06:02.28)
Shouyou Hinata : What? It's Noya? (0:06:04.62)
Shouyou Hinata : B-but... (0:06:06.65)
Shouyou Hinata : He shrank! (0:06:08.02)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : He's right! You're only as tall as your hair! (0:06:12.89)
Yuu Nishinoya : Ryu, you rat! (0:06:15.96)
Yuu Nishinoya : Stop laughing! (0:06:18.23)
Asahi Azumane : Keep it down. You'll make Daichi mad. (0:06:21.64)
Asahi Azumane : It's me, Asahi! (0:06:26.01)
Daichi Sawamura : Shut up, you guys! (0:06:27.91)
Keishin Ukai : Keep moving your legs!
Stop waving your arms around!
Shouyou Hinata : Yessir! One more! (0:06:38.55)
Keishin Ukai : Nice, Hinata! (0:06:43.19)
Kiyoko Shimizu : He's made five. (0:06:44.69)
Keishin Ukai : Okay, that's one time around for everyone. Next up is running! (0:06:46.09)
EXTRA : Thank you! (0:06:50.23)
Tobio Kageyama : Get moving, moron. (0:06:52.03)
Ittetsu Takeda : They sure are energetic. They even practice during the lunch break. (0:06:52.83)
Shouyou Hinata : Be quiet. (0:06:53.50)
Keishin Ukai : I saw Kageyama running early in the morning too. (0:06:56.50)
Ittetsu Takeda : Yeah, Hinata does that too. (0:07:00.01)
Ittetsu Takeda : He said it's because he didn't have to go over the hills while he's at camp. (0:07:02.94)
Keishin Ukai : Over the hills? (0:07:06.41)
Keishin Ukai : That explains his stamina. (0:07:08.25)
Ittetsu Takeda : Let me guess. Are you worrying about the game lineup? (0:07:12.22)
Keishin Ukai : I can't decide on the setter. (0:07:17.46)
Keishin Ukai : For raw power, I'd use Kageyama. (0:07:21.56)
Keishin Ukai : Even though Sugawara has built up his abilities playing (0:07:24.37)
Keishin Ukai : alongside the ace since he was a freshman. (0:07:26.90)
Keishin Ukai : Kageyama has the kind of talent that can skip over that in the blink of an eye. (0:07:30.54)
Keishin Ukai : However, because Sugawara has been playing all this time, (0:07:37.25)
Keishin Ukai : he most likely has the trust of his teammates. (0:07:41.05)
Ittetsu Takeda : Is the real reason you're having a tough time deciding... (0:07:44.95)
Ittetsu Takeda : due to the fact that Sugawara is in his third year of high school? (0:07:48.99)
Ittetsu Takeda : Being in Year Three means that this year is your last, so it's special. (0:07:53.49)
Ittetsu Takeda : I'm sorry! I shouldn't interfere. (0:08:00.27)
Keishin Ukai : No, you may be right. (0:08:02.50)
Keishin Ukai : The only time I got to be in the starting lineup in all three years of high school (0:08:05.91)
Keishin Ukai : was when the official setter, who was my junior, couldn't play due to an injury. (0:08:10.34)
Keishin Ukai : Back then, it was simply frustrating that they didn't put me in the game. (0:08:15.02)
Keishin Ukai : But now that I've taken on a coach job, even temporarily, (0:08:20.52)
Keishin Ukai : I can't allow myself to feel like a player. (0:08:24.59)
Daichi Sawamura : Hinata! Don't waste your breath shouting!
You need that energy for later!
Tobio Kageyama : Hey! Where are you going?! (0:08:39.94)
Shouyou Hinata : Nobody's following. (0:08:48.92)
Shouyou Hinata : Did I go the wrong way? (0:08:51.05)
Shouyou Hinata : A bright red jersey.
That jersey isn't from these parts.
Shouyou Hinata : What'cha doing? (0:09:05.53)
Kenma Kozume : Um... (0:09:08.50)
Kenma Kozume : I'm lost. (0:09:11.07)
Shouyou Hinata : What? Are you from another town? (0:09:12.34)
Kenma Kozume : Yeah. (0:09:15.01)
Shouyou Hinata : Is that fun? (0:09:17.65)
Kenma Kozume : What? Not really.
This is just a time waster.
Shouyou Hinata : Oh. (0:09:23.02)
Shouyou Hinata : Hey, do you play volleyball?! (0:09:27.16)
Kenma Kozume : Huh? (0:09:29.59)
Shouyou Hinata : Your shoes! Volleyball shoes! (0:09:30.32)
Kenma Kozume : Oh, yeah. (0:09:32.73)
Shouyou Hinata : I'm in a volleyball club too! I'm Shoyo Hinata! (0:09:34.86)
Kenma Kozume : Kozume. (0:09:39.87)
Shouyou Hinata : Kozume? Is that your name? (0:09:41.00)
Kenma Kozume : Kozume... (0:09:43.77)
Kenma Kozume : Kenma. (0:09:47.48)
Shouyou Hinata : Kenma, huh? You in high school? (0:09:48.44)
Kenma Kozume : Yeah. (0:09:50.88)
Shouyou Hinata : What year? I'm a freshman! (0:09:51.45)
Kenma Kozume : Year Two. (0:09:53.75)
Shouyou Hinata : Oh, shit! An upperclassman! I'm so sorry! (0:09:54.55)
Kenma Kozume : It's fine. I don't really like... all that sports-minded, superiority stuff. (0:09:57.42)
Shouyou Hinata : Oh, really? (0:10:03.26)
Shouyou Hinata : Um, do you like volleyball? (0:10:07.13)
Kenma Kozume : Not really. I play it 'cause it's there. (0:10:10.57)
Kenma Kozume : I don't mind it, I guess... but I don't like getting tired out. (0:10:13.63)
Kenma Kozume : But... a friend of mine plays it... and he probably needs me to play with him. (0:10:18.47)
Shouyou Hinata : I think once you start to like it, you'll find it's way more fun. (0:10:25.51)
Kenma Kozume : That's okay. I'm only doing it for the duration of high school. (0:10:28.92)
Shouyou Hinata : What position do you play? (0:10:32.62)
Kenma Kozume : Setter. (0:10:35.12)
Shouyou Hinata : Wow! You're nothing like our setter. (0:10:36.06)
Shouyou Hinata : Ours is a more "grr"-ing kind of guy. (0:10:39.59)
Kenma Kozume : ...Oh. (0:10:43.23)
Shouyou Hinata : By the way, I'm a middle blocker! (0:10:44.77)
Kenma Kozume : ...Really? (0:10:47.17)
Shouyou Hinata : Do you think that's strange too? (0:10:50.61)
Shouyou Hinata : Usually taller guys play my position. (0:10:53.07)
Kenma Kozume : Yeah... well, I guess so. (0:10:55.81)
Kenma Kozume : But not really. (0:10:59.11)
Kenma Kozume : They say stuff about me a lot when I go to games. (0:11:01.28)
Kenma Kozume : Like, "The setter is supposed to have the greatest ability in the team... (0:11:04.45)
Kenma Kozume : why him?" Stuff like that. (0:11:09.09)
Kenma Kozume : I'm not all that athletic. (0:11:12.16)
Shouyou Hinata : Okay, so is your high school's team good? (0:11:17.27)
Kenma Kozume : Um... I'm not so sure.
They said it used to be good.
Kenma Kozume : But then it went downhill. But only recently... (0:11:24.51)
Kenma Kozume : ...I'd say it's a pretty good team. (0:11:29.54)
Shouyou Hinata : Which school is it- (0:11:38.52)
Tetsurou Kuroo : Kenma! (0:11:39.95)
Kenma Kozume : Kuro. (0:11:42.39)
Kenma Kozume : Gotta go. (0:11:44.79)
Shouyou Hinata : See you later, Shoyo. (0:11:47.30)
Tetsurou Kuroo : Don't wander off like that. (0:11:49.76)
Kenma Kozume : Sorry. (0:11:51.67)
Tetsurou Kuroo : You don't know your way around here, so be careful. (0:11:52.37)
Shouyou Hinata : "See you later?" (0:11:55.00)
Koushi Sugawara : Hinata! (0:12:00.47)
Koushi Sugawara : Geez, we've been looking for you. (0:12:02.01)
Shouyou Hinata : I'm sorry! I ran so fast, I went the wrong way. (0:12:03.41)
Koushi Sugawara : You always give every kind of practice your all. (0:12:08.35)
Shouyou Hinata : Yes, but I need more practice. (0:12:12.05)
Shouyou Hinata : I still need to improve. (0:12:16.66)
Shouyou Hinata : It's frustrating that I don't get treated like a real player (0:12:20.16)
Shouyou Hinata : without being a matched set with Kageyama. (0:12:22.63)
Shouyou Hinata : But I still want to be in the game. (0:12:25.10)
Shouyou Hinata : I want to stand on the court. (0:12:28.00)
Koushi Sugawara : Same here. (0:12:35.51)
Koushi Sugawara : I also want to stand on the court. (0:12:37.11)
Koushi Sugawara : That's why I fight using my own methods. (0:12:39.28)
Koushi Sugawara : C'mon. You'll be late for lunch! (0:12:43.38)
Shouyou Hinata : Yessir! (0:12:46.29)
EXTRA : Miyagi (0:12:48.06)
EXTRA : Prefectural (0:12:48.06b)
EXTRA : Say, isn't their setter kind of on the short side? (0:12:50.93)
EXTRA : Yeah, and he's kind of spindly. (0:12:54.46)
EXTRA : You think he's their backup setter? (0:12:57.53)
EXTRA : I've never heard of their school before. (0:12:59.80)
EXTRA : Nekoma (0:13:02.10)
Tetsurou Kuroo : The short, spindly guy you speak of... (0:13:04.31)
Tetsurou Kuroo : the spine and brain of Nekoma's team. (0:13:07.78)
Tetsurou Kuroo : And its heart. (0:13:12.08)
Koushi Sugawara : Mr. Ukai? (0:13:36.90)
Keishin Ukai : What's up? (0:13:39.27)
Koushi Sugawara : Us Third Years don't have a next year. (0:13:41.14)
Koushi Sugawara : That's why I want us to win as many games as possible. (0:13:44.95)
Koushi Sugawara : I want us to get the ticket to the next game. (0:13:48.02)
Koushi Sugawara : If Kageyama is the better choice to get that ticket, (0:13:50.65)
Koushi Sugawara : then I think you should select him without hesitation. (0:13:55.12)
Koushi Sugawara : Daichi and Asahi have been playing together since they were freshmen. (0:13:59.43)
Koushi Sugawara : I want to stand in the same court with them. The more plays the better. (0:14:03.93)
Koushi Sugawara : If Kageyama gets tired or something unavoidable happens... (0:14:08.04)
Koushi Sugawara : ...even if I'm just filling a gap or subbing in... (0:14:11.94)
Koushi Sugawara : ...even if you pity me for being in this position despite my seniority... (0:14:14.68)
Koushi Sugawara : If it means I'll have more chances to play in games, I'll take what I can get. (0:14:18.05)
Koushi Sugawara : Even if I'm not the official setter,
I will never give up on playing.
Koushi Sugawara : I want to be given more chances to do that. (0:14:27.82)
Koushi Sugawara : I'm sorry for coming off so snotty. (0:14:32.73)
Keishin Ukai : Sugawara. (0:14:36.40)
Keishin Ukai : I believe I underestimated you. (0:14:38.73)
Keishin Ukai : To be honest, you're freaking me out right now. (0:14:41.74)
Koushi Sugawara : What? (0:14:44.41)
Keishin Ukai : I'm still green as an instructor, (0:14:45.74)
Keishin Ukai : but I'll do everything I can to keep you guys on the winning track. (0:14:48.98)
Koushi Sugawara : Thank you, sir! (0:14:55.08)
Keishin Ukai : Sure. (0:14:56.32)
Daichi Sawamura : We're gonna get motivated.
We're going after that one extra victory.
Asahi Azumane : Yeah. (0:15:01.36)
Shouyou Hinata : Thank you for the food! (0:15:02.72)
Kei Tsukishima : Where do you get that appetite? (0:15:06.39)
Yuu Nishinoya : Hey, eat up! Force it down if you have to! (0:15:09.90)
Yuu Nishinoya : How do you expect to handle the summer if you're choking right now?! (0:15:12.70)
Asahi Azumane : You've got a healthy appetite today, Suga. (0:15:13.97)
Yuu Nishinoya : You're gonna wither up and die! (0:15:15.37)
Koushi Sugawara : Really? (0:15:16.24)
Koushi Sugawara : I need to fill up so I can work my hardest! (0:15:17.24)
Shouyou Hinata : Yamaguchi, not eating that? Can I have it? (0:15:18.37)
Yuu Nishinoya : You! Let Yamaguchi eat his own food! (0:15:20.94)
Keishin Ukai : This is our starting order for the Nekoma game. (0:15:37.36)
Keishin Ukai : You guys haven't had much time to get acquainted. (0:15:46.73)
Keishin Ukai : I don't expect you to function with mechanical precision. (0:15:49.47)
Keishin Ukai : Just because a hotshot libero is in the club and the ace returned, (0:15:52.77)
Keishin Ukai : it doesn't mean that victory is a sure thing. (0:15:56.08)
Keishin Ukai : The winner keeps the ball in play. (0:15:58.98)
Keishin Ukai : We'll see how far this ragtag team can go. (0:16:01.32)
Keishin Ukai : This is Karasuno versus its nemesis, Cat! (0:16:03.65)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:16:06.32)
Yuu Nishinoya : Asahi! (0:16:11.93)
Yuu Nishinoya : Setting Suga aside, don't you feel bad for Ennoshita? (0:16:16.93)
Chikara Ennoshita : What?! (0:16:22.10)
Yuu Nishinoya : The court is only for the strong! This is obvious! (0:16:24.31)
Chikara Ennoshita : Um, Asahi? (0:16:28.81)
Chikara Ennoshita : I haven't always been dedicated to the sport. (0:16:31.28)
Chikara Ennoshita : I ran away from the game once. That's why. (0:16:35.45)
Yuu Nishinoya : Once he becomes tougher than you in body and spirit, (0:16:38.85)
Yuu Nishinoya : he'll take away that regular spot from you, fair and square! (0:16:41.62)
Yuu Nishinoya : Right, Chikara? (0:16:45.03)
Chikara Ennoshita : Don't put words in my mouth... (0:16:45.93)
Yuu Nishinoya : No, wait. You'd have to take
Ryu's regular spot first!
Ryunosuke Tanaka : That's fine by me, scumbag! (0:16:51.37)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Come at me, Ennoshita, you scumbag! (0:16:53.80)
Chikara Ennoshita : Nishinoya! Just stop it, okay?! (0:16:56.14)
Shouyou Hinata : All right. (0:17:03.44)
Shouyou Hinata : Say, Ennoshita? (0:17:04.95)
Shouyou Hinata : About what you were saying before practice. (0:17:07.85)
Chikara Ennoshita : You mean how I ran away? (0:17:09.38)
Chikara Ennoshita : Did you hear about how Coach Ukai came out of retirement last year? (0:17:12.79)
Shouyou Hinata : Yes. (0:17:17.22)
EXTRA : That was when, and this is very pathetic, several of us couldn't handle the training. (0:17:18.39)
EXTRA : The club we'd been doing for fun suddenly became all about winning. (0:17:25.37)
EXTRA : It was like our comfort zone was invaded, and we were all scared away. (0:17:31.14)
Shinji Watari : But then we wanted to play volleyball again. (0:17:35.01)
Shinji Watari : By the time we came back,
Coach Ukai was gone.
Chikara Ennoshita : I know we're a bunch of pathetic Second Years, (0:17:42.48)
Chikara Ennoshita : but now that we're back, we plan to work every bit as hard as you guys. (0:17:45.89)
Chikara Ennoshita : So, we're counting on you all over again. (0:17:51.09)
Shouyou Hinata : Yes, sir! (0:17:54.73)
Kiyoko Shimizu : Sir? (0:18:03.27)
Ittetsu Takeda : Hey, are they ready? (0:18:04.91)
Kiyoko Shimizu : Yes. The uniforms have been cleaned and altered. (0:18:06.27)
Shouyou Hinata : I saw this on TV! (0:18:13.95)
Shouyou Hinata : Hey! Noya's the only one who gets orange! That stands out! (0:18:17.89)
EXTRA : Here. (0:18:18.52)
EXTRA : Thank you. (0:18:19.19)
Yuu Nishinoya : Well, duh. That's because I'm the star! (0:18:21.19)
Shouyou Hinata : The star! (0:18:24.22)
Tobio Kageyama : During a game, the libero goes in and out of the court many times, (0:18:26.73)
Tobio Kageyama : so his is different from the others to make it obvious, dumbass. (0:18:30.30)
Shouyou Hinata : I-I knew that! Of course I knew that! (0:18:33.37)
Shouyou Hinata : K-Kageyama's is one number higher. (0:18:42.08)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : I knew he'd say that. (0:18:44.24)
Tobio Kageyama : We're freshman, so be grateful that you're getting a uniform at all. (0:18:46.15)
Shouyou Hinata : I know that! (0:18:49.32)
Daichi Sawamura : I get it. He doesn't remember the number. (0:18:51.22)
Koushi Sugawara : He only saw him on TV that one time. (0:18:54.49)
Shouyou Hinata : Huh? (0:18:56.76)
Daichi Sawamura : The number worn by the Tiny Giant when he played in the Nationals... (0:18:58.06)
Daichi Sawamura : ...was number 10. (0:19:01.23)
Shouyou Hinata : Did you arrange this especially for me, Coach? (0:19:08.17)
Keishin Ukai : No, it was a fluke. (0:19:10.14)
Shouyou Hinata : Then it's destiny! (0:19:11.41)
Tobio Kageyama : It was a fluke. (0:19:12.84)
Shouyou Hinata : Don't be jealous of me, Kageyama. (0:19:14.31)
Tobio Kageyama : Why would I be jealous of you?! (0:19:15.78)
Keishin Ukai : Incidentally, at the time Hinata's hero, the Tiny Giant, played here, (0:19:18.01)
Keishin Ukai : Karasuno was at its best. (0:19:22.68)
Keishin Ukai : But for all that, Karasuno didn't beat Nekoma a single time. (0:19:25.85)
Keishin Ukai : It ended in a losing streak.
I want you to clear our name.
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:19:33.19)
Keishin Ukai : Okay, now let's resume practice! (0:19:34.66)
EXTRA : Thank you! (0:19:37.30)
Ittetsu Takeda : That must mean that Nekoma has a good team. (0:19:39.00)
Ittetsu Takeda : What kind of team do they have? (0:19:42.10)
Keishin Ukai : I don't know their current status, but they've always had good receivers. (0:19:43.77)
Keishin Ukai : They never had any stand-out players. (0:19:49.21)
Keishin Ukai : But they also had no holes in their defense.
They're our opposite.
Keishin Ukai : They're called Cat for a reason. (0:19:55.12)
Keishin Ukai : They're flexible. (0:19:58.69)
EXTRA : What is this? I keep on hitting it, but it just won't fall into their court. (0:20:01.49)
EXTRA : All right! (0:20:12.53)
EXTRA : They don't have any geniuses on attack or defense... (0:20:14.77)
EXTRA : so why are they so good? (0:20:19.21)
Taketora Yamamoto : Does our fateful opponent, Karasuno, have a female manager? Yes or no? (0:20:27.35)
Taketora Yamamoto : My yakisoba bun says no! (0:20:32.42)
EXTRA : What? I want them to have one, so I say yes! (0:20:34.86)
EXTRA : Same here. (0:20:38.76)
Taketora Yamamoto : You idiot! We don't have one, so it would be frustrating if they did! (0:20:39.86)
EXTRA : What? (0:20:44.57)
Taketora Yamamoto : What if it's far worse, and their manager is both female and beautiful?! (0:20:45.93)
Taketora Yamamoto : I would never forgive that! (0:20:50.67)
Taketora Yamamoto : Ever! (0:20:52.94)
Taketora Yamamoto : If that time should come, prepare to meet your fate, Karasuno! (0:20:54.68)
Tetsurou Kuroo : Yamamoto, shut up! (0:20:57.51)
Taketora Yamamoto : Hey! What do you think, Kenma? (0:20:59.38)
Kenma Kozume : It wouldn't... matter either way. (0:21:03.25)
Taketora Yamamoto : Humph. I knew you'd say that. (0:21:05.02)
Kenma Kozume : But... I am looking forward to our game with them... just a little. (0:21:07.35)
Taketora Yamamoto : Mr. Unenthusiastic Kenma is actually looking forward to a game?! (0:21:14.26)
Tetsurou Kuroo : Yamamoto, would you like me to put your excess energy to use by upping your training workload? (0:21:19.07)
Taketora Yamamoto : S-sorry, sir. (0:21:24.27)
Tobio Kageyama : Hey, Hinata. They said it's time to hit the showers. (0:21:37.58)
Tobio Kageyama : Hey, don't tense your gut and puke again. (0:21:43.59)
Shouyou Hinata : I-I'm not gonna puke! (0:21:46.46)
Shouyou Hinata : I know this is obvious, (0:21:49.33)
Shouyou Hinata : but everybody is preparing to play whether they're in the game or not. (0:21:50.90)
Shouyou Hinata : I'm only in the game because of your tosses. (0:21:55.84)
Shouyou Hinata : I hate to say it, but I bet I wouldn't be in the game as a single player. (0:22:00.11)
Shouyou Hinata : I'm taking my shower and going straight to bed! (0:22:07.48)
Tobio Kageyama : You piece of shit! You took a flying start! (0:22:09.48)
Kei Tsukishima : Why do they have to race just to get to the showers? Are they stupid? (0:22:14.02)
Tadashi Yamaguchi : It's exhausting to watch them. (0:22:18.96)
Daichi Sawamura : Hey, you! Who's running?! (0:22:21.06)
EXTRA : If I compared it to something else (0:22:53.73)
EXTRA : Would I really get through to you? (0:22:57.66)
EXTRA : My emotions, this distance (0:23:01.80)
EXTRA : On the lonely court (0:23:09.38)
EXTRA : Where I try to make my deep sighs blend in with the night breeze (0:23:17.72)
EXTRA : I promised so many times to change, see? I made a vow (0:23:26.23)
EXTRA : I was always confused, I fumbled and stumbled (0:23:30.83)
EXTRA : The fact that I cried that day, when I wanted to laugh in the end (0:23:34.74)
EXTRA : It's something I could never waste (0:23:38.74)
EXTRA : There must be lots of dreams that came 100% true (0:23:42.84)
EXTRA : They always get tossed to the side, weak and pointless (0:23:46.85)
EXTRA : For all that, I still grit my teeth, determined to look mean (0:23:50.68)
EXTRA : It's something I could never waste (0:23:54.79)
EXTRA : Our revenge (0:23:58.29)
EXTRA : Next Episode (0:24:12.81)
Daichi Sawamura : It's finally time for our game with Nekoma. (0:24:13.44)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Yeah, but it's like the game is full of guys with weird heads shaped like pudding and roosters. (0:24:15.44)
Yuu Nishinoya : Don't worry! They're not that tall. (0:24:20.31)
EXTRA : Like you can talk. (0:24:22.42)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Episode 12: The Cat and Crow Reunion (0:24:23.92)
EXTRA : The next episode of Haikyu!! is, (0:24:24.25)
EXTRA : "The Cat and Crow Reunion." (0:24:25.45)

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